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President Obama honors MLS Champions, Sporting Kansas City

Oct 1, 2014|

Event at the White House on October 1, 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and -- the president of the United States accompanied by -- Peter permeates. Our money now. Okay absolutely nobody -- Welcome while the little white out give it up to the MLS champs sport again the senate. Okay. Now my Press Secretary Josh Earnest is from Kansas and he has made the observation. That. The royals are advancing. The chiefs. Maybe patriots look out of -- on Monday night. And soul. Clearly something's going on Kansas City. But apparently because the ones who got it all start. Got the ball -- Have a pretty good -- to be from Kansas City. -- -- -- We've got just members of congress we're here today from Kansas City who. You know obviously loves sports. It's a great sports town we've got. The sporting Casey's owners and family I wanna congratulate. -- manager. Peter Burmese for becoming the first person in MLS history to win titles both as a player and a coach in the same morning. That is not the only history that sporting history made this season. After beating new England and Houston in the playoffs to win the Eastern Conference. They were rewarded with the coldest title game ever played a Major League soccer. When the game started the temperature was just twenty degrees. By then there was less than ten degrees. I'm sure the program. That was after a 120 minutes of soccer in the longest penalty shoot out ten rounds in MLS cup history. But finally or really -- Column kicked the winning penalty shot and Casey raised their second cup. And the thing about Kansas City fans is that even in below freezing temperatures the seats were filled. Sporting part was -- Is a city that loves soccer they sold out 51 straight games. In a section of seats called the cauldron. Thousands of fans came up to stand and channel anymore. And this past summer when Americans pass threat packed restaurants stadiums city parks are in the World Cup the fans and Kansas City with the way. Seem like -- ten minutes couldn't pass without seeing live shots of thousands of fans crowding the power light district century on team USA. I know pictured extra hard for -- Before and -- who's losing who represented. Sporting KC and their country. In Brazil. So as soccer continues to grow here in the United States. It does so in large part because of the great example of dedicated fans in Kansas and so congratulations to all of you. In the same way that Kansas city's embraced his soccer team this optimism -- -- -- A brilliant as a fashion line and men's clothing shop in Kansas. Our. You want to model them. Not it's got pocket square. The hearings. I'm gonna look like him after I get on offense and. He looks pretty sharp. You know you've got to. -- it's not a businessman and assistant coach. A carrier. As a violent. And goalkeeper Jimmy Nelson who all made their debuts. In the Kansas city ballet last year. That's impressive. They got to bring that trophy went on states to distract. The audience from there. Limited ballet skills. And through the victory projects -- in case he works to raise money for kids. In the region with cancer in special needs and life threatening medical commission. Commission Serbia make make a wish foundation. They've opened new practice fields are hosting soccer clinics all over Missouri. And Kansas. So there is an organization that knows that being a champion isn't just about what you do on the field it's also what you do off the field. I know that the entire city is very very proud of we -- -- you. And I want to congratulate all the fans the cancer the great to have you -- -- -- so -- -- they -- -- of -- Okay. So. So little background. Fourteen years ago as you stated earlier it when the Hamlet cup. I'm with team as a player and and fortunately I get a chance come the the White House so I figured I'd go back -- coach. To win it so that I can get here so here I am sorry. Pretty excited about that aspect. Well like to say is from from the entire organization. Thank you very much for hosting us we we greatly appreciate -- incredible honor for all of us. And more importantly hopefully we can do it again. And now we can show up here again and not see -- year from now so. I'm like the first was they would dismantle we also have a amateur which side. Is there is a and aside. We have a certain might wanna go to a little a little program. So thank you are really friendly and up -- thank restricted. Let's break down the podiums or get a good vote. --