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Jonathan Weir's Father's Day tribute

Jun 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you think you mean very convenient thing. And -- That contrary it takes him be there are trying to stay. My dad's parrot and I got pregnant Martin Marty. I want my dad because he -- -- -- to make people are saying that. Mixed in Kansas City god. Hey there were clearly grown I have before our very lefty Derek -- great supporter. Here on the guards continued to be have a great day of supporters love you dad I -- I -- happy birthday Abby they kiss my dad. He David. I am in the edge you devalued their true really they're great donors. -- carefully and as we can sign into tonight's hero my dad. John -- it it is a complete -- I could be in trouble anywhere in the world and he would find a way to rescue me so happy father's native John. Willis explains how we stay out of the kuril may have. Standard and a lot of thunder plucked from a kind of their kids and I am. Good thing I'm most thankful for that he's always demand -- has reached in care curt never you might get -- life. And Gary bring -- bit he loved me when I didn't love myself. And believed in me. I didn't believe in myself I'm good bad and I've been there I love ya hey you're a great man I'm blessed to have just like Pollard. -- -- down and -- symmetrical it's gonna Justin Harrison go hey Justin. Hey yeah. Aren't very big in my bed yeah I mean I'm not. Ready there are good. And that's big daddy love you haven't rather stay until we need in -- city -- -- Okay let's just days -- -- my dad Thomas. Just -- -- Boston on Father's Day he doesn't live with me during my. I'm glad you're here it's that -- there you would hate tennis. I am happy hey give -- Bob I have my great. Dana what -- men and I quite happy I have like eight alma happy. All Kansas City Hall are reported this area and you've offered her my father Jim and I wondered if you're from footnote opt out umpire I was a kid. Maybe a well rounded in the business degree any. Eight and a happy Father's Day to my dad he is always been there what I need -- always helps with my kids. I can call any time and see well how about at any given moment. A from the -- -- sanity to make zero. My name is Jordan in my dad's name is Gerry and he's not always at home. But we all appreciate him happy Father's Day and also from -- excellent happy father's stayed on the step dads who don't get the recognition and fifteen. Deserve -- anything. Is I wanted to constellation my father -- these -- -- today and I -- kids you and I hate that thing here is found. He had eight children and he's -- the knowledge and -- yellow line and he's blessed to be alive to see your grandchildren and his great grandchildren. I want to tell my dad and I left him very much. And all of the every wonderful happy thing. 97 years old has he has children. He's doing great still out and is now down about it and he remembered the world's largest -- -- Pearl Harbor and all that good stuff. But you can't unfortunately dorm mother and the way. In 2006. Lately everything getting going. I am I might do with my father of -- -- day. My dad actually died when I was here at all my mom word Greg and does my brother -- three. And when I was eleven that you re married a wonderful man who adopt a ball. I'll let you very much happy Mother's Day David Young lady. From the bench because -- to make zero happy Father's Day to my oldest brother Eric who was forced to become the man of the house when our father abandoned us. Love you brother and David in Dearborn had the last one here David. I get a -- special. Happy Father's Day to my dad is to do anything. -- rebuild our rebuild our house. Is he not -- the good news I'll. -- -- -- he stole money from it and die another another and do them you make an amount of inheriting and very Smart. Let me --