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Newtown School Shooting 911 Calls

Dec 4, 2013|

Calls to 911 from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, December 14th, 2012.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You cannot lung association -- -- being Cox school I think there's somebody tuning in here. Continue to look cool but at what makes you think that's because it's something that's iconic got a glimpse -- -- -- they're running down the hall actually get. There aren't ridiculous you didn't. Created a difficult played. Well. It's not a lot of -- locations insurgency deductible. I think there's somebody shooting didn't hear. It because all it what makes you think that. Because let me -- they've got a glimpse at somebody they're running out all right but it is built around ridiculous shooting. He would be political please. -- -- -- Among us location emergency there and elementary school -- a public defender I can't got what's going on down. I believe that you have different at different grass on national. I got I want you stand on where you in the school. And the caller. Elegy take cover yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- -- there -- other debt kept going on and get. It's happening. -- But what about the students in the front of -- did everything black I don't have a client and I cannot down. They're not there -- did you see anything out the window no credible. And I can't get -- weird okay ideological and actually I -- know what's happening was a student so along that front corner assisted in the front parking lot. -- I'm not in the front. I'm actually down the other car car but unquote. Speech seating area anymore I keep hearing you appeared in the heat your copy. Of. -- -- And development and Roland. -- always possible crime and yeah. And I just look at what let's get one caller I'll take my quality -- it yeah. If I didn't invite you know like -- right now. Obstacles in the right let me know. What you think we are born rich still all right Rick. What is your position of the school I think there are currently acting at the Philippine government. Now and yet visible -- all connected -- that's. The -- in the packet -- or call eight. And hang up I began to get up that column and I record again. -- -- Correctly guess I'd like a year now. It's balanced parliament okay. There -- certainly. -- -- what he's at a school in lockdown use. Well a little. Bit during where some of that. Says it's time you're defending English or play I think. OK and has done all the -- a lot. Did you see anything else but of course -- start. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- Now are they running on the outside the inside. But -- would clearly outside. -- -- It's built to mangalore please yeah yeah. What about injury to touch the thing what about injuries at this stunt I don't know that there's greater effects. That's. Yeah. It. What you're really feel -- Janet -- to themselves. -- Google aren't. Vehicle. It's not a one look at -- He can change and should be whacking -- -- can't get out Haywood got an agenda consider -- -- think I cannot play I think teachers in the okay where are you -- escort them. In the trunk and can't okay yeah everyone in the concert when the door -- -- -- get into that darn lucky I think I have to go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wearing when the -- -- I am in this hot lately in the but there are locked down the book I English I am sorry I -- Yeah. Okay. -- -- -- -- yeah. And -- Yeah yeah it. Yeah. -- Some. -- you're. -- -- And it it. That. And it. -- everything I hear. -- I don't know -- Can come on come on let's get Smart take. As soon as they please forget. But didn't look a little bit and career yet. You can -- it. Before she shot -- an apology tonight and whatever kind of look at how I -- courtroom number one through number one just one shot through the one. Yeah couple hundred guys who -- -- -- plus. Some posters seen Osama. In the via a single party shot the sort of Jesus but -- unions -- about it let it -- a quarterfinal that. OK well. Where are you are you okay now work outside. Where where where someone in the school. -- -- -- Fortunately blemish on the playground they. Did not include the program that I usually right now. I feel a little lock company is there anything that you want to -- and you could be. You say you know they could step -- -- ninety yards. OK okay let you know are there certain -- and -- -- apply pressure at. So it's okay we have people coming -- -- she saw her right. And is there any other G-8 teacher if you went there just. -- no -- -- you looking. -- they are being right next do you where they aren't. Yeah they're they're over on me -- the -- the bookshelves are pretty. Are are -- OK right now. For now hopefully the -- Just keep try to keep pressure on it okay we have people -- -- -- -- -- public. It's not not no one -- get short I think. I might undercut thinking that the any. And that turned into a position where we're. Okay thank you can compare -- hooked up right about okay. -- Yeah. Yeah. -- -- Hello. Hello hello. Mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. All of -- want. It -- and hey it's for a particularly down our debt that -- -- here what's going on that coming out that the idea is you've got action. Help them. All right thanks Craig. W I imagine it. And I -- that we -- also -- It what you and I -- going. Cook out in the building -- and -- cannot -- I could get out and I have to thank. Yeah. -- -- Yeah yeah I got here people. I don't get. It's. Your arms -- yeah. Marriage it's. Better. OK you're this. It got an anonymous location gamers it. Nine on why you're. -- He cannot run on -- location the emergency. -- hello yeah. Critical to the thing that I -- -- it. -- -- direct quote quote that isn't there are bailout directed at impact. Here okay look back -- to get. That I had made up by eating. What was -- -- out where -- now that we delicate. Subject. -- Well not less than a minute let it. Around. -- -- and where you. Don't -- don't or -- aware of ramadi where issue in the school. -- got him back and I had no. It gets better earnings. This kind of unknown to me we believe there is shooting going on fiscal digital lock down I don't have any other information and unfortunately it's -- -- Ramon because I -- most -- don't. -- -- I don't let me move. I don't want. Rick -- a -- status bottleneck in the dirt. -- I published this afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- You know rather than I do believe there has been a shooting at the school here in the in the middle of multiple -- Pakistan. Directives -- let me get. What are you -- up. -- -- record that is what you are -- right you're watching your corner -- okay pop. -- Yeah. It. -- -- -- -- Our guys shooting at students who didn't have to talk to -- like I've already talked to Janet Robinson and oh. Yeah. Very. At this point I would maintain your post your short. All right that it. And it. All right Richard conservatives who. Left the party we had a lot. I really can't. Here it police -- such as direct. I'm here uncle didn't come out -- anybody. Earlier -- took a different obviously in the middle part of. Brady can tell yeah. Yeah. And could only an excuse to -- People custodians. Backlog on the politics among the all important back. And in the building. -- -- and how many. Don't so it -- its. -- and so I know what is. And it. -- -- I can't I think it. Yeah. Yeah. It is like. Here. It won't -- it's. -- little. Yeah oh. Okay. -- -- Clock. Quote. The critical here. -- -- -- Reckon it'll let you go you go at them for the -- political analysts at -- have been notified that they notified about American accent Becky can witness. Okay. Clock. You can fire during not at all. I'm quite a bit ago he and see. It and you know yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. It -- Yeah. Yeah. -- want a politician ever. Thought but the guard can't read and so what. And you can't -- nineteen crab apple. Reckon that by general from a. Mean. John I'm not marvelous location of emergency. But it I don't know unless the location of the Americans. Aren't any jobs or okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It.