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May 17, 2011|

Former Missouri Congressman Kenny Hulshof discusses the decisions of Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee to not pursue a presidential election. Where will the supporters of Trump and Huckabee go? How will their withdrawal affect the campaigns of Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former Speaker Newt Gingrich?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NBC on demand at -- Sporting -- let's talk politics now we've got to a former congressman Kenny hauls off on the line as. The Republican field continues to thin. And I suppose. It look at back on it is certainly not a surprise that Donald -- not gonna run is a congressman. It's not there really isn't. But then you got Mike Huckabee in there and and he's been playing he's been -- with a for years. Is they're just part of -- is it maybe ego part of his ego wants to run but they say he does have the fire in the belly any smart enough to recognize that. -- a decision like that second only imagine EJ what you think this is a life changing experience or course. Mike Huckabee he has undergone that test before. -- was considered. Contender you could -- front runner I'm not sure there is the front runner on the Republican side quite yet but what you think. That he injured right now they'll support from Christian conservatives. Was leading in many of the polls in Iowa that all important caucus state. And yet you too. -- certain balance that against the personal cost that the amount of money again we talked about this and other. Jets that -- had. And only one billion dollars this is what you're anticipating having to do blazer put in the coffers student should be a -- legitimate challenge. All of those things go into this decision matrix and I'm sure a very difficult decision for a former Governor Huckabee he would've been a strong candidate. But now as you mentioned the field continues to Whittle down. It doesn't seem like Huckabee supporters would be Mitt Romney's supporters so where do they ago. At this they're scratching your head right now -- just that. First and when Haley Barbour said no again he didn't have a constituency. Like Huckabee. -- had yet there were that you're on the political side as a political operative Haley barber had a number of high profile. Again -- in the scenes folks who were ready to jump in -- Haley Barbour and so now. If the political insiders are watching to see who they've flocked to creating law and an insult. Again you've got you know who probably is is. Appreciating the fact that the field is clear of course Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney course Newt Gingrich thing -- jumped in the race and there and you roiling the waters a bit by taking on pole fire and conservative Republicans -- -- our budget. Is concerned so. You slowly starting to see the field evolved into those handful of candidates that Republican primary voters will ultimately -- problem. Former congressman Kenny -- up now the law firm of polls and only -- talking politics -- -- this morning congressman pleasure as always thank you. -- morning news with DJ back there and Ellen -- we see five. News radio 98 and now 98 point one SN eight MB EZ.