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Week In Review

Mar 18, 2011|

Kansas City, Missouri Mayoral Candidates Mike Burke and Sly James join Kansas City's Morning News to answer questions from listeners and hosts preceding the March 22nd election.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- NBC on demand ex K. It is 803 on news radio 980 KMB easy next Tuesday Kansas City will go to the polls to select a new mayor and with that. Decide the direction this city and to a certain degree the region will take the next 4 years good morning along with -- -- I'm EJ -- And we're thrilled to be able to continue the tradition of hosting a mayoral candidate forum on Kansas city's morning news again this year. A special thanks to all -- for presenting this special roundtable with limited commercial interruption take the one week all the challenge this week all the honest to goodness savings. And joining us at the roundtable this morning. -- candidates for mayor of Kansas City. Attorney Mike -- an attorney slide James gentlemen good morning good morning good morning -- We're doing very well we're glad to see you witness here good -- and I have a variety of topics we'd like touch on this morning we also have questions from our listeners your constituents. And and some other voices to mix in as well we'll present questions to you as time permits and will allow you both to respond so will begin with a question from one of our listeners this morning. And that was Bob who writes for both -- you obviously. I'm not the mayor mark -- -- fan but he (%expletive) what he showed it was in this town that the mayor has no clout to really change anything. When the City Council works against him the school board undermines established neighborhoods. And the police department is not accountable to the city or mayor how're you going to bring effective change to bring growth in consolidate the power base of this city. For the people. Star would like. Well -- -- city manager council form of government. Our government works best when we have mayor and manager and council that are on the same page. I think. Head knowing most of the council candidates and certainly news and having having good rapport with them. This is going to be a breath of fresh air. -- I think we'll have a manager mayor. And council that can work together. Certainly I want to with the consent of the council to retain Troy -- as the city manager. We've talked at length I've talked at length with the council. We're ready to get in there and start changing this city. And it's not about canning a strong mayor form of government it's about having him -- management council that worked together. We'll just because you have a week rare form of government doesn't mean -- you have have to have weak mayor. Of the raiders have managed to get things done and to give an agenda completed. The differences in the nature and that type of leadership that used by the mayor in working with the council and -- manager. Now sure enough there are number of cities that are really on the move and they have a different form of government strongly reform of government or otherwise. But the bottom line is is that the leadership that's exerted by the mayor. Clearly determines how much you're able to get done. Secondly. Of the leadership passed -- not only be with regards to the of the council and the manager but to put the citizens in the city as well. Let's continue talking about leadership since you brought it up -- and we'll start with you. There's been a lot of talk about leadership styles during this campaign can you describe your leadership style in your own words explain why it's best for Kansas City. Well much solid leadership is collaborative. I like to bring people to the table all the stakeholders at the beginning. I like to have diversity of opinion and diversity of people. And as we talk about issues like to work through those issues and find a collaborative. Solution to those issues primarily because in my experience as a mediator. Parties who formulate the wrong conclusions and and solutions to problems live by them a lot better secondly. In order for us to move together -- move forward as a city we have to move together. In in order to do that we have to have people at the table talking about how we're gonna do that. What our vision is -- -- what plan evolves out of that vision so I like to work with people will bring people together in order to solve problems and a common way. And to move forward as a unit as opposed to imposing a position or leader or solution on Mike -- -- and I am very inclusive style of leadership cannot I'll give you quick example. I was chair in the public improvement advisory committee for five years. And I found that Dan that the members of the advisory coming in news their own council districts. And it's it's structured similarly to the -- -- -- -- from each council. District. But they didn't know the entire city. So I -- folks we're gonna take hold they were gonna get on Abbas we're gonna tour. The entire city. In that that was a a great exercise because the people in this urban part of town. Thought the streets in the suburbs were paved with gold found that many of them weren't paved at all the people from the suburbs had no idea of the of the deterioration. In in the central -- That's that's enabled. That public improvement advisory committee to really do things by consensus. And I think that's how the mayor council and manager need to work together. It's a consensus building. Sure I have an agenda but it's about building that consensus. Towards that -- you listening to a very special edition of the roundtable this morning with the Kansas City mayoral candidates slide James and Mike Burke. This and sort of described as an insider outsider sort of campaign between the two would you how would you to describe -- -- mr. James. I describe my. So as a citizen who loves Kansas City I have not been in city government in the you know in the way that people would describe an insider. But I know city government of work with people on the council -- -- we should keep quite well. -- had a conversation with him yesterday talked to him about things as we go forward. -- I don't think it inside -- outsiders necessarily accurate although it does have some. Applicability. I guess the problem that I see with it is is that. People often think that an outsider has no knowledge about how city government works and that's simply not true. I do have knowledge about that. I think did I bring a different perspective to the way city government works as a person who has not been entrenched and it. I don't do deals with city government. -- because of that I bring a perspective that's fresh and takes a different look at how city government works and it's not working for the people -- our would be eight. -- -- for example four people who were not entrenched in city government. 810 now on news radio 980 KMB easy good morning it's a Friday morning roundtable with EJ and Allen and this special addition of a Friday morning roundtable featuring Kansas city's mayoral candidates is brought you by all the take the only one we challenge this week and see how much you can really safe all the honest to goodness savings. -- like James and Mike Burke are -- -- and we're in the middle of a question about. Insider and outsider -- right before the break we asked this of of those slide James now it's Mike -- turn. At what this has been described as an insider vs outsider campaign. How would you might describe yourself. Well I I have I spent 25 years since I've been on the City Council so being. Classified strictly as an insider is probably not accurate however I have -- five years of experience. As a volunteer for city government. Everything from -- the public improvement -- advisory committee to helping draft our our city's zoning ordinance that just went into effect. Two drafting -- trails master plan. I've worked with but it's my feeling is that the issues confronting Kansas City. Are so serious that you you can't have time for on the job training you need somebody to get in there. And address the issues of housing in rebuild our our housing department. Address the issues of crime and murder address the issues of jobs and I think canning. Had experience in city government as a volunteer. In addressing those very issues and and working on budgets and doing multi year budgeting. Gives me an advantage to walk -- City Hall. And and no. You know very very quickly how to grab the reins of power and I think that's that's why three of her former mayor's. Mayor mayor Kay Barnes mayor -- Berkeley. Mayor Charles Wheeler have endorsement industry. If you're watching as we stream this on line it came BC dot com you may have noticed that during my Burke's answer so I started to smile and I'm wondering line. Well Mike because Mike is very proud of the fact that three mayors have endorsed him. But those three mayors have been here for the last thirty years. And -- from what -- Nolan from talking to people across this city north south east to west. They're not satisfied where the city years. In considering -- long experience. Working with those -- I wonder why we haven't had some of these changes that he's talking about now implemented in the past. The very fact that he has experiences. Is great I'm honored that experience I think that's a great thing for the city. But I think that we have to be careful when we start talking about experience like that. Oftentimes that type of experience simply means that you've done the same things over and over. And because you've done the same things over and over with the same people that you think did you have the answers. I don't think that those answers or applicable anymore. It's time for something different the city. It's time for different style of leadership in the city it's time for some results in this city that we haven't had in the last thirty years while that's experience is being down. -- -- -- -- Well I -- -- And certainly -- would like to tie me to. Two administrations of the past have not been part of those administrations. I think the reason three former mayors have endorsed me. Is because they recognize. What it takes to run the mayor's office so not a matter then I agree with everything that. Three former mayors have done. It's it's the fact that. They know what it takes to run the mayor's office and they know how difficult it is rarely grab the reins of leadership and in Kansas City. And we cannot afford on the job training. Mike -- slide James Willis here at the roundtable this morning we've been taking questions from you Allen and I of course have questions mixed in here as well and some the other voices -- here. As you hear. Live local talk on news radio 980 KM BZ throughout the day one of those voices is one of the hosts of Shannon and parks weekday afternoons from two to six Mike -- mr. -- mr. James is there a big city mayor you would look to as a role model would you takeovers. Might well certainly what. Rudy Giuliani Dan and New York his first solving crime I I think justice excellent. What Richard Daley -- and that in Chicago in terms of of really moving the city hand. Especially in in certain respects him in an an in terms of of rebuilding. Chicago's reputation. As a very competitive says. Like James. Currently Cory Booker New Jersey I think has on some excellent things with his budget leaving people. And -- Tugnutt the famous mayor of Indianapolis who managed to. Consolidate the government to lead his city through a transform this stage. Of finding a vision determining that they would be. The amateur sports capital of the world putting a plan and -- employees in order to achieve that and getting it done. That's the type of leadership that I that I think is important. The ability to work with people in order to decide what we're going to be in the next thirty years and how we're gonna get there. We're talking -- -- James and Mike -- they are the candidates for the Kansas City mayoral election. This question comes to us from Dave we received it via email and I what you think hard about your answer. And we'll start with you sergeant gates or Bryant's. Z. Bryant saw us Bryant -- -- yet which one. There's three the original the -- I love their vinegar based sauce are I -- -- have a special. Love for Bryant's my father used to take me to Bryant's when we will go to ball games -- deal municipal stadium which stand in line. After games and Andy with everybody. That is an emotional time that I have to Brian -- loved it from day one. I'd like gates a lot I'd split I'd probably go to gates more often than Bryant's. Book cause it's much more convenient it has. But I I can't get over the emotional being with my father. -- Bryant's Mike Burke. It -- this may be a turning point select. I am I am going on record I'm gone on record very firmly as a gates person. I'm allowed gates especially their ads I don't think they're any better rams in Kansas. It's 821 on news radio 980 KM BC good morning it's Kansas city's morning news with the Jane Allen a very special edition of the Friday morning roundtable. By the way streaming video online at KN BC dot com joining us in studio Mike Burke and slide James they are the two men. Vying for the position of Kansas City mayor we've talked about leadership coming up. After the bottom of the hour we're gonna talk about business in Kansas City will also talk about basic services this morning but now. We're gonna turn to another election that'll be held just a couple of weeks after we vote for mayor and that issue is the -- On April 5 this is a question from David who lives in Kansas City says the voters of Kansas City will vote on whether -- -- are not keep the text if the voters vote to end the what is your plan to deal with that -- let's start with you. Well first and foremost I don't believe that the voters will vote against their own self interest and their best interest. By a voting to repeal the earnings tax I think to -- will be passed. Our hope is that will be passed by resounding margin. So -- we can then go to Jefferson City and don't be relieved of the five year of our requirement to revote on. In the event that the earnings tax does not pass. Then I think to a couple things are gonna have to happen first we will reconstitute the citizens commission Communist revenue. Who will take a look at this with this one of their task will be to look at ways of are too extreme in revenue stream. But I think in to reality is is that will seek cuts there's no way to replace. 40% of our general revenues and without cutting things and those cuts will be things that people. Currently receive and the benefit. There's no way around it ultimately took place where the cuts are going to be the deepest and artists felt. Will be in personnel costs with regards to police fire and other city services. The bulk of any business in terms of its expenditures. Is in personnel and benefits in those things will be adversely affected by the loss of 40%. Of our tax or Broward general fund Mike -- Well this is an area were in complete agreement. The earnings tax is a very fair tax because it does not tax retirees. Expansions. And does not -- those who are unemployed. And it is a tax falls only on those who earned their livelihood from this great economic engine in Kansas City. Certainly. These things net earnings tax pays for in Kansas City your trash collection of police protection your fire protection. Those are very very basic services and to do with that 40%. Of your operating fund. Those are the areas where a lot of the cuts or -- in key and increases potentially. Would one day it happened I don't think it's realistic to think that if the Kansas and Missouri voters turned down -- tax. That is paid paid for. Almost. In half by people who don't live in this -- That we then turn around and go back to. The city voters and say approve aid in real estate tax increase or approve sales tax increase. Where we're going to be inferred. A huge deal of austerity. In terms of services. For the citizens can't say I honestly think says his pants and a very smart. They know this is in the air self interest and they will renew that we hope to renew an overwhelmingly. Because on I had one thing. The -- threat. Out of every five years renewing our our earnings tax has already adversely impacted -- in the credit -- And we're about to embark on one of the largest public works projects in the city history on combined sewers. In we have to go to the bond markets with the -- less than pristine. Credit rating is is going and adversely impact the people of Kansas. Kansas City mayoral candidates Mike -- and slide James -- Here in studio this morning for a very special edition of the roundtable ahead of Tuesday mornings or Tuesday's election I should say. Another one of the voices you hear on news radio 980 came -- from six to nine every night. Is -- 980 -- with Scarlett. My question to mr. James and mister Burke is this. If these tax passes again how do you intend to show taxpayers the money is being spent properly. Mike will start -- you this time. Well wait we have a number of issues that I call head in the sand issues. Especially with regard to our pensions. And especially with regard to infrastructure. One of those things I've advocated is that we go to multi year budgeting. I did it when I was chair of the public improvement advisory committee. And we need to restore discipline in our city budget we should have. Funded our city pensions. To the tune of thirty million dollars in the current budget year we did not do that. Next year our current pension obligations will be in the seventy million dollar. Those are issues that multi year budgeting would help impose some of the disciplined than is needed. The other the other issue -- and is infrastructure. We are only spending about what we did fifteen years ago in terms of -- city's general fund. On basic maintenance of our infrastructure. And is unacceptable. Again doing multi year budgeting and and being very transparent. In the process we'll bring bring about I think some some restoration of confidence by the voters -- James. What to very specific ways and we'll show voters that the money is being spent properly first is the adoption and the institution. Of the city stat program a program that is designed to streamline services and deliver them quicker and more efficient rate. And keep the budget down in doing so Baltimore instituted in 1999. It is had a great impact on the delivery of city services. And they have saved over 350 million dollar since that time for a service delivery. Secondly in order to comply with think continue with our. With our process of bringing people of the city into the process itself. Well again we will be turning to the citizens commission Communist revenue. That is a commission on which show I was Davis served after he left office in the office of mayor. That is the commission that. First recommended the adoption of a point 5% -- earnings taxed in the sixties. And later recommended that it be increased 1% the seventies. The citizens commission on municipal revenue will be composed of citizens of this city. They will be tasked with looking at our tax strange whether it's fair weather its balance whether it should be changed or altered. And making that recommendation to the councilman -- manager and also looking at the revenue side as well. Take 31 on news radio 980 KMB easy it is a special edition of the round table EJ and -- with you again this morning on Kansas city's morning news and this special addition brought to you with limited commercial interruption. By all the take the only one we challenged this -- C a much you can really say all the honest to goodness savings we're joined this morning at the roundtable. By the candidates for mayor of Kansas City slide James and Mike -- gentlemen once again good morning and thanks for joining us this morning. Get ready here we talked about leadership with talk about the let's talk about business in Kansas City. No city is an island what can you to do with that the past mayors have not done to increase the profile of Kansas City both nationally and internationally. And did the problems with mayor -- cancer and his wife leave any lasting effects or impressions across the country slide James. Well. I don't want to spent a lot of time. Denigrating anything to mayor or council did I think they are -- -- and tried to do the right things for the city. And I'd like to look forward about what we can do in order to take the next step. The first thing that we have to do is we have to form partnerships with with business unnecessarily business relationships. But government and interactive partnerships. We need business to help grow with the city and a lot of aspects and they need our help as well. I believe that Mike and I both met with David curb the director of economic development for the city. I believe that the state is ready to look at the incentive packages that we have. Two make us more competitive. With Kansas and otherwise. But I think that the main thing that we need to do with businesses we need to invite him to the table. Asked him to participate in how we are going to move forward find out what they need in order for us to a work better and more seamlessly. And then we need to strip city hall of those things that impede business growth business development. And I think we can do all of those things in fairly short order and get things turned around fairly quickly. -- -- The first thing and -- can't -- needs do is get its own house in order we have developed a terrible reputation of being business unfriendly. At Kansas City in a recent survey ranked slowest in the region. In terms of issuing building permits so that's that's job number one has to get our house in order so -- process permits quickly that when you walk in to City Hall. It's like walking -- gates barbecue and they say I may help. We are service oriented business and we need to we need to adopt that attitude from the Tony ninth floor all the way down. The second thing is I've served. Six years on the executive committee that greater Kansas City chamber. And have a great understanding. Of the concerns. Of businesses in this community. The one thing that they feel alienated on his is. Is that City Hall doesn't reach out to them I would establish a program of regular visitation. With business leaders in Kansas City. And and not to ask them to him in support this project that project that truly ask him. Has your business doing Harry doing on being able to attract quality employees to your business. How has your relationship with with the state do you have any state issues are federal issues that we can count help out on. In -- city issues that we can help out. I think once business feels welcome. They well. They won't respond better there's a business I know that opened an office in Saint Louis and they told me that and within the first year. They got five phone calls from the mayor of Saint Louis thing we're glad to have you here can you expand this or anything we can do. That's the attitude that well while making huge difference in attracting this. Let's talk about that in light of what's gone on here over the past couple of years when we've seen a number of businesses and at least one sports team packed up across the state line you mentioned the -- they've gone to Kansas. Can Kansas City compete with -- an entire state. How willing and ready is Missouri to help keep businesses or bring businesses to Kansas City and keep them from going to Kansas. And if if Jeff cities not in line what has to be done to get them in line to get them helping in a case like this is it sure seems like there's. It's because there's the city Kansas City and over on the other side it seems like it's just the state of Kansas there's more bureaucracy on one side in the other or so it seems Mike. Well EG I I I I compare it today Indiana Jones movie where Indiana says never bring a knife to gunfight. And if and that's that's where the city of Kansas City is with the state of Kansas and unfortunately. Kansas and we do need help from the state of -- We need comparable tools. To be able to combat what cancer is -- doing because they can simply writing -- check to make Kansas City. Business to move them in that check will be equal to 95%. Of ten years of there employees state income tax and that's a big check 46 million in the case of a embassy. And we as a city cannot compete with that. If we have help from the state what. But really needs to happen. Is it is to end the insanity. Because what what Kansas is doing does not add a single job to the metropolitan region. It it doesn't and to the tax -- matter of fact it detracts from the tax base. So is it it is insanity we needed -- is we need to know poaching agreement. On either side of the state line and and that's what. Will be one of my highest priorities. Is to go to Jefferson City and say hey Kansas city's nominally great economic engine. For the city. It's a great economic engine for the state of Missouri and by golly can't sit by as a state government and allow our businesses to be picked off one by. You know I agree we need a truce but I don't think so weren't positioned to negotiate one. Of first and foremost in order to negotiate a truce the other side has to be in fear that you can actually do damage to them. We are not there yet I believe that we will be there shortly. But I think that there are other things that can be done in order to at least eliminate this and I also think that. And at some point Kansas is gonna find this giveaway program that they started unsustainable. They have their own budgetary problems. It's going to become of interest -- to see how many more millions of dollars thinking give way in order to attract businesses to move five miles. So with that being said. I think the one thing that we can do right now and today and that should have been done in the past is that we should have formed that relationship with -- Missouri and Kansas City businesses so that we knew in advance what -- issues war and we could have dealt with them in a proactive way. As opposed to the reactive way that we deal with them now. And by doing something proactively. We build a relationship with the business where we're able to address those need to minimize their cost while they're here. Minimize the red tape. Create a much better relationship with city and state government and they will stay I think got a much more. Significant rate than they do -- James and Mike -- candidates for Kansas City mayor what -- at the roundtable. We'll talk about attracting a business and in keeping business what are your individual philosophies on tips from the use of those in the city Mike -- Well first thought to TF and the other economic development tools are are very valuable tools I think they have been misused in the past. We need criteria in order to know -- and how to use them. What I would like to do is use them more to. Get and retain jobs in Kansas City most of our tools are -- are are aimed at real estate. Rather than jobs and everywhere I go in this city I here. Please find -- jobs -- the unemployment especially in parts of town is totally unacceptable. The under employment is unacceptable. We need to gear up this economic engine of Kansas City. And where it is appropriate. I would certainly use any of the economic development tools that are appropriate. And that I I have person very specific areas especially like truce avenue where we've we've lost a lot of our mom and pop business. And we need to re generate that business. I liked the way incentives have been used particularly the Glover plan which did midtown redevelopment and torn down. Probably the worst slum area in Kansas City. That's the way our economic development. Tools need to be -- it's 841 on Israel 980 KMB easy very special edition of the Friday morning roundtable with EJ and -- we -- joined by Mike Burke and slide James the other candidates. For mayor in Kansas City the election of course is on Tuesday and this special edition of the roundtable is brought you with limited commercial interruption by all the honest to goodness saving. And the retirement tips with Mike -- like James your philosophy should they or how should they be used for the setting. What -- -- to be used in a targeted strategic way in order to accomplish the of the results that the city wants one of the problems that I think we struggled from -- that we do not have. An active plan. That will tell us how late this city out what goals were trying to achieve. Are we trying to stimulate business are we trying to stimulate neighborhoods are we trying to build jobs all of those things were important but the way that we use to if it's a tool that can help us accomplish those things. And I think that we're going to have to use -- in a targeted way in order to achieve specific purposes as opposed to letting the circumstances -- But that's only one tool and -- is nothing but a tool can be used for good or for ill depending on how to deal was put together. But the real thing that I think that we need to do and that we really need -- have a need for another tool this is on small business development. We need to the truth is great for larger projects but we need to use tiff in order to develop small businesses are. An incentive to develop and sustain small businesses and -- -- nor should -- in this city so that they have an opportunity to grow into larger businesses. In in that way we will stimulate jobs which is absolutely critical in this city and in this economy. Like James Mike -- witness at the round table something we haven't touched on because. To a certain degree it's it's out of the control of the mayor although the last mayor. But that really put initiative together here as we came close to the after the election to trying get involved in in summing that. A lot of us think is very critical to attracting business Kansas City. And it's Kansas city schools how much does the past reputation even if it is improving of the Kansas City school district. Has an effect on keeping business is away from Kansas City is there anything Mike -- the you can do is mayor. To make a positive impact on schools and therefore bringing people back to the city. It is critical that -- the next mayor taking a role in in promoting all over school districts off fourteen but in particular the Kansas and Missouri public school district. Because they have. Band responsible for I think a lot of young people leaving our city because they they want quality education for their children. There -- numbers things specifically I would do. First and foremost we have thirty plus make it school buildings in our neighborhoods and if we can't re purpose those buildings within a short. Period of time than we we need to help to school district. Find the money to -- those buildings down because they will drag down our neighborhoods will be responsible for police and fire. The other thing I would do and I asked doctor Covington what one thing and the mayor do to help. As Kansas City, Missouri public school district and immediately sent afterschool programs. Out out after school and out of school during the summer. What I wanna do is is -- make our parks facilities maker community senators. And make our volunteers. From city government available to help an afterschool programs that is when our children are most at risk. Is during those critical hours. And I -- afterschool programs -- cultural educational and recreational. In -- valuable time. And finally that the third thing I wanna do with our school districts is and they get beat up in Jefferson saying they get beat up in Washington. I wanna use state lobbying Paris -- city to assist our school districts in getting funding. For important programs like like preschool pre K programs after school programs in summer school programs and and that's one thing the city can really. Help immensely. Well I'm proud to say that since the inception of our campaign well over two years ago. We have had as part of our agenda are for he agenda of the four of them -- the -- of education it's something that we feel very strongly about. It is a deterrent to a lot of things in this city -- a deterrent to neighborhood revitalization. Is deterrent to young people staying in town. It's a deterrent to businesses relocating here. And so in order to attack that program what are that issue what we wanna do more to very specific things to help the fourteen districts that composing comprised Kansas City to deliver their product better. And as government we certainly have the ability to work with state and federal government in order to acquire those funds that are necessary for early childhood education. Also philanthropy in business in this city is ready to help on those issues. When you recognize the people who build prison cells. Look at the performance of the third grade class in order to determine how many cells only in 1520 years you understand the direct correlation between education. And incarceration. We need to make the investment education and the best place to make it is in the earliest childhood education possible secondly first steps to graduation war program. Is a program that brings together city services social services. Law enforcement services and and educational resources. On a consistent basis. In a continuing basis to talk about how to deliver. Educational product to people in this city at the most seamless way possible. It's kind of modeled on the Harlem children's -- model were all those services were brought together for the benefit to families and children. -- response. Well certainly those programs there are are excellent. There there is a recent movie called. Waiting for Superman is a documentary that that relays indictment of -- many urban school programs not canceling mr. That we we need. You know that the common wisdom for the past thirty years. For the mayor's office has been just -- to stay away from school district issues and say that's their problem not ours we can no longer stay away. One of the areas that I would engage in ad is. To ensure that we have good candidates. For school board because I think some many of the problems. Over the past thirty years. And then the result of governance issues in the school district. And I think the bully pulpit of the mayor's office can be used to encourage good candidates to brief response like. But very briefly I'd spent the last eight or nine years actually working with schools. And and finding out what they need and I agree we need better candidates for school board. But that's something generic winner west did already and will continue to do so I think that lake is kinda taking care of what I wanna see is us actually engage with our schools and do the things necessary. I know for mark time and working with schools particularly the Genesis school that the earlier you get to a child in their educational life the better off that Charles outcomes are going to be that's world government and education can intercept because at the end of the day. We as citizens are either gonna pay for education or incarceration. In education investments pay at a higher rate of return than incarceration investments. Take 51 on news radio 980 KMB -- is special edition of the Friday morning roundtable brought you by all the honest to goodness savings joining -- at the roundtable this morning. Mike -- and slide James they are the man vying for the position of mayor when we go to the polls in Kansas City on Tuesday. Up. Email from a listener. Steve and he writes Saint Louis has recently been ranked as the most dangerous city in the US by force Kansas City rated third most dangerous on the list. Which is mostly comprised of serious crimes in fatal traffic accidents obviously the state of Missouri has a serious problem. When two of the largest cities are in the top five. What your program to improve Kansas City and get us off this terrible list like James we'll start with you. Well first and foremost I think -- we need to have a police department that is up to full contingent we -- 67 officers down. And we are eighty civilian employees down. It would cost money but I think we need to bring our police department up to full story. Secondly I think we need to change way that we do policing and incorporate more community policing. Instead of officers driving -- all the neighborhoods with their cars. And their windows up which they do now and I'm not certainly not criticizing that. Certainly like to see more officers on the foot on foot in the neighborhoods in the business areas and certain parts of the city. That would then build those relationships with the people who live there work there in home businesses there so that there's a better. Trust factor in a better exchange of information that would help keep crime down that would go also eliminate not think reduced the no snitch. Rule. That people seem to have in certain parts of town. And open things up so that we could solve more crimes and murderers we're solving less than 50% of the murders in the city and that means that you have a better chance of getting off. Doorway with murder then you do of getting caught convicted. -- -- -- -- -- -- AJ last step last week actually an hour with a family who had lost a child murder. It's it's really the last time I am I want to have to do that with any family in Kansas City. We need to address -- murder rate. That's from the the murder rate is is a function of drugs gangs and lack of economic opportunity. -- The way we address it I I agree with slide because I've spent a lot of time working in community policeman placing with westside can center. They dropped crime 50% in their area when they put Spanish speaking of police officers and to engage the community. We need to engage our community starting with the young children. In grade school in the end at middle school. To teach them that Kansas City, Missouri police -- are there to help -- solve crime. We also need to address the larger issue of our neighbor it's you know when you have 121000. Vacant properties. It is an invitation crime and drug houses we need to address our neighborhoods and we need to do it and comprehensive fashion. We also need to do what I think is the best social program to quote a former mayor cleaver. Is a job in a job is the best social program. We've heard from our talk shows hosts this morning Mike Shannon -- This is chris' question for the mayoral candidates. What is one thing that's positive about your opponent that you would take with -- if you're elected on Tuesday slight -- -- The one thing that's positive about Mike Burke that I would take with me is his enthusiasm for the city. And the fact that I believe that he's running for the right reasons. I think that Mike and I both agree. That will continue to remain friends and that will continue to work in the best interest of this city in I would certainly rely on Mike. To continue with his work on the city. And his knowledge of development to a -- and real estate issues in order to help move the city along our respect his intelligence and I respect his commitment to Kansas City. -- James is my friend and well be my friend and and if I'm elected mayor next Tuesday he will be part in some way of my administration. Because we've we've worked through this campaign we've done some 45 joint appearances. We are friends we share a lot of common concern for the citizens of Kansas City and sly -- Just a wonderful sparkling personality. And he he walks into a room the room lights up and I'm I'm very pleased to have him as my friend. Neither wanna -- has a bracket from India we will not make you name your final four. But we will last year who's gonna win who takes it all at the very end the NCAA tournament President Obama of course has picked Kansas who do you -- Well it won't be Missouri yeah. That's for sure. You know Kansas is a strong team a very strong team. But when your number one a lot of people -- shoot -- But they have a lot of talent a very deep bench in I think they have a real chance to end with the crown this year. -- -- hard for the jayhawks now that the -- out unless and until they play my Georgetown Hoyas and then I'm very divided and in oil what is a -- -- notorious sex well we'll we'll talk about that players let's let's give you both an opportunity to make a closing statement here as we wrap up our mayoral candidate forum here on the Kansas city's morning news. And debts like James we'll start with you. Well first and foremost thank you for the opportunity to talk to people in Kansas City about the city that we all love. Certainly I love it or would not be doing what I'm doing now we have an opportunity. To move this city in the direction that we have not been and and we need to form of vision and we have the opportunity to form a vision of what we wanna be in the next thirty years after we form that vision. Then we can put together a plan that will enable us to get there. At this point we do not have a plan that tells us what we're going to be in thirty years and how we're gonna get there and because we lack that player and we you're wasting resources in getting there it is imperative for us to understand the potential greatness of this city. Build on our strengths whatever the city and the folks in this city decide those torrents are. And move forward in -- way together that accomplishes the goals that we set out. I'm appreciative of the opportunity of had to serve the city. And the opportunity to run for mayor I'd take our responsibility seriously and please vote on March 22. And really please vote for me. Final thoughts are you Mike -- at TJ an ally and thank you for this great opportunity as one of her last stand public debates. It's been a good campaign. I call Kansas City a city of opportunities. The opportunities by the very definition -- thought something that you need to reach out and grabbed. If you're going to take advantage of them. And the reason I'm running for mayors I -- too many opportunities in the last few years pass Kansas City -- Jobs leaving Kansas City people leaving Kansas City and and opportunities to tell Kansas City story on a national basis. I wanna be the mayor. That puts Kansas City back together that gets our act together City Hall restores professionalism. And confidence in city government I think we can do that I think we can do that in a fairly short period of time. And then my vision of Kansas City is is a city of opportunity. For all people in Kansas City I wanna bring jobs back to Kansas City. I wanna fight our our rebuild our neighborhoods. And what I wanna do is go on a national basis and tell the Kansas City story in such a way that Kansas Indians will be proud again. Here's their mayor tells the Kansas City story. To all of you who submitted questions today we say thank you to Chris Scott -- -- Carla who make -- local talks so exciting here every day on KN BC we say thank you all the thank you as well for bringing us this roundtable. With limited commercial in eruption. And on behalf of Elin and myself and everyone here -- KN BC Mike Burke and slide James we say thank you for joining us today and the best of luck to you on Tuesday thank you very much. Kansas city's morning news with -- came back here and Alan Jenkins weekday mornings from five to nine on new this race. Easy.