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Jan 25, 2011|

Deputy White House Press Secretarty Josh Earnest previews tonight's State of the Union Address.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- NBC on demand ex K. Joining us for a preview. Is deputy White House director Josh Earnest also local good guy. So you know he's gonna give you the the street digs from what's going on the president Josh is one of those guys who very rarely seems flustered he seems almost unflappable. Does this isn't terribly important speech does he get nervous for this. -- -- -- you know I think you'd have to be. Probably -- percent human if you weren't at least a little nervous and today. As a tremendous opportunity that supported any president the United States to be able to come. For a joint session of congress studio live network overshadowed all the channel on radio stations. Did they can't -- the all across the country. Delivering a message about what the country should be focused on need to spend an hour or so tonight. Talking to the American people wake -- -- should be what he views as our nation's priorities. And you know look I keep creating fielder. David Axelrod says the -- will be winning the future what does that mean. Well I think that means it is simply that that the most important the president point. The most important contest did it in the country. Despite what people watch indeed even technically it's not actually between Democrats and Republicans. Actually between the United States and countries around the world were competing for jobs and industry the future and we want to. Generation of Americans and future generations of Americans. To put in the position where they can compete for the job in the industry and economic opportunity in the president and but -- and I. If it's about competing around the world and I think most regular people realized that. Why is everyone looking ahead to the next election. The president I think -- tremendous point out that the president believed that. -- that particularly in Washington DC it's been so much time look at the latest poll trying to Nader who's up and who's down trying to figure out. What happened today in effect an election that nineteen or twenty months from now. The truth of the matter is we need to put all that aside we need to with our differences between Democrats and Republicans there's no doubt that the president not. You're kidding himself raping the American people can suspend their disbelief which is asking now is to. It's for Democrats and Republicans the people all across this country to knowledge -- remember. That there's a lot that we haven't come into and abide by trying to find -- common ground and stake out the common ground that we can actually worked together to move the country forward I think. President -- that probably more eloquently and I did it tonight. And content talked earlier about this is one of the most trade clipped to White House's when it comes to revealing what's coming on the State of the Union Address because usually we know. Well in advance exactly what's going to be said. Why so -- a quiet on that's. Well I think you know it's a little bit of an old fashioned notion that you know again didn't -- it -- an opportunity for the president it's -- to deliver equipment to the American people want to. And people want to get sent out what he's going today and and -- to enjoy the opportunity to talk to you about that today yeah but in terms of the president -- religion exactly what they indeed killed fashion -- can -- the American people. I would defer to the president attempted to deliver admitted in the waiting he's he's. White House deputy secretary Josh Earnest joining us from the White House it. -- this whole idea of date night as they're calling it does the president find the symbolic or just downright silly. Well the -- Russian indeed the people of the prom night partly. I think oh what the president thinks it definitely would sort of the theatrics of Democrat sitting on one side of the -- and Republican Teddy and the other -- -- the -- and being divided by the -- having. Once I tend to plug person in the daylight and another -- -- an apartment that they liked and two of the matter is that the American people or something a little bit more thoughtful and and so it means Democrats and Republicans -- up to date -- what you did the union I think the president for that. Little off topic as the president weighed in on -- manuals problems with getting on the ballot in Chicago. I have not talking about that I have but I read the news coverage yesterday in obviously this morning. -- sort of -- the Soviet they're still optimistic that will be able to hammer out. That yeah presumably as the challenger here. -- ground to get into civilian life is never easy and I think certainly running for mayor that would fit that category. Probably so hey Josh we'll talk to again tomorrow morning host stated the union address -- don't take care deputy white house Press Secretary Josh Earnest to will be part of our panel evaluating the speech that says it will carry tonight. 8:8 o'clock live on -- BZ. Kansas city's morning news with -- came back here and Ellen -- weekday mornings from five to nine -- new this race. Easy.