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Jun 1, 2009|

The KU poli-sci prof on Tiller, GM and Sotomayor.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

JNBC. On demand -- K. -- All you need to know at thirty minutes on Kansas city's morning news here's what's coming up. -- -- double bill Brady and myself up next what is dev team coverage of the George Tiller for. And we are literally minutes away from a bankruptcy filing from General Motors as we're still monitoring the latest on that plane that went off radar and -- to -- those stories and more coming up at 702 in the next half hour at 720 will talk with reverend Patrick -- he is the director of the Christian defense coalition. They issued a statement immediately after the killing the doctor tiller yesterday in Wichita. We'll talk with him about that statement and where they go from here. Right now though joining us to talk politics on the news line professor of political science from the University of Kansas. -- at Loomis professor Lewis good morning good talked he has always. Bunch of different things to hit on here professor and let's start with the killing of doctor tiller yesterday in Wichita where you surprised that the president issued a statement about that shooting. Now George Tiller and like it or not it's a national figure. And I think it's totally appropriate that the president. Issue a statement. And inspecting it. -- actors you know think hard about dust on the implications here but that certainly there wasn't surprised at the present Obama made the statement. Professor moving on to GM but the AG in their -- about the -- the air but the blurring of the line between corporate and and government. She the president own any part of GM and all. The president is not owning that would mean we are running at. I think that as we move. Into -- The Obama here I do think that this whole question of public private ownership. Becomes increasingly. Won that one of the major issues and and the the notion here is that you can move into public ownership and then move back out we're seeing Chrysler perhaps move out of bankruptcy. But there's no question here. That as time goes on this is this is a reshaping of the American economy and it's something that's happening so quickly. This that we really don't have much time to talk about a politically going in but they'll certainly be I think political ramifications. You know. As time goes on. And I'm wondering -- one of those is is other businesses other industries. Being worried should they be worried that the government will quote unquote. Rescue their business down the road or is this really because we're we're dealing with too big to fail issues. I know I think that that's. The way to find it is crucial that I use look at it as a quote fixing it. And it and it it is defined as two big sale then. Government stepped in as they have in many parts of the world at various times. On the other hand. You know you you -- they look part of the American system is failure. He's got here sitting. -- -- in manufacturing community in Indiana or Michigan or Illinois. The too big to fail argument may be a pretty good one after sitting farther away. If you may not be sort I think. On -- this does is it's where you stand. In to get in the given situation. Professor moving on -- Sonia Sotomayor there. -- the comment she made about a Latina woman being able to make better decisions and -- a white guy asked is this going to go from is it racist is just a poorly worded remark and will this go away during the confirmation hearings. Think it's gonna go away you but it but I think what's interest being here for the most part. Is that. Opponents or perspective opponents are we really don't know. How things are gonna line up exactly how are really focusing on her words. And not really on her decisions. Think I think almost every announcement of the decisions so far. Has chosen -- to be relatively pragmatic relatively limited. Judge I do think there's no question that from her burger time. At Princeton this is a woman who has been. Straightforward and particularly. I even on the bench has has not mince words you want it takes some of those backed. But I mean you got guys like Scalia on the bench -- Have often. Didn't -- very. Oriented toward making -- flamboyant statements so I think that the extent to which we focus on. Decisions rather than than words. I think she's. They'd be confirmed. Professor Loomis a pleasure as always thanks for your insights that. Kansas city's morning news -- DJ back here and -- -- weekday mornings I tonight on news race. Easy.