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Rev. Patrick Mahoney

Jun 1, 2009|

The leader of the Christian Defense Coalition on the shooting death of Dr. Tiller.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

JNBC. On demand -- K. -- All you need you know in thirty minutes on Kansas city's morning news and here's what's coming up. A shocking side day in Wichita with a prayer -- at least right here to the area I'm Jeff felt bill -- -- -- advocate -- to -- coverage. -- -- -- -- Order some new red light cameras go online today we'll tell you where you need to watch out and a mom a daughter and wild Turkey. Anyway you cut it that's not gonna be a pretty story but it's. Probably not what you think we'll have the details coming up at 730 in the next half hour of Kansas city's morning news. We'll check in with a rush of course our top local story this morning is the shooting death of doctor George Tiller yesterday inside his church. In Wichita and soon thereafter the statements began coming out. -- from all sides of the story denouncing that killing but some of those statements have been the little more convoluted and and not as direct as others here to talk about it what is this morning. Is the director of the Christian defense coalition reverend Patrick Mahoney reverend Mahoney good morning thanks for talking -- -- -- thank you haven't you know want to apologize up front I'm actually outside in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC and their. There may be some ambient road noise and things and I'm sorry about that but. It'll give you an NPR casts. For the program ever -- I am assuming you were planning to be their before this happened or maybe now I know one of the things you want to discusses the impact of the shooting on doctor tiller and in this news -- can you give us an idea what you're going to have to say. Sure first of all we are meeting with dyed different pro life organization. National organization who will be making statements in front of the court. It will first be unequivocally condemning what happened in the Wichita church yesterday. It's tragic. It is part -- in we are a pro life movement the reason we are pro life is because we import violent. Violence on every level is tomorrow and -- We're first gonna condemn this fact we're going to offer -- thought and prayer to -- the tiller did the children to the family and extended family. And then. We will put a bid within a political context if you will obviously abortion is one of the most controversial. And forefront issues in the American landscape. And what we are going to be doing is saying this we are going to be calling for a President Obama. Speaker Pelosi. And majority leader Reid dot -- politicized the tragedy that happened in Wichita yesterday. In other words not paint with a broad brush the entire pro life movement for political gain. I've been here in Washington DC for seventeen years and sadly. Over the last. Ten -- twelve what we've seen happen all too often it's people will try to demonize. The messengers. To undermine the message. And so we hope that President Obama true to his word in his speech in Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago. Eight. -- -- Careful approach to date and does not do what President Clinton did in the mid ninety's. When there which the shooting in Pensacola. And that is spent billions of taxpayer dollars on an investigation. Called grand jury cut federal officials show up at pro life leader offices and -- Only to find out -- spending millions of dollars and thousands of man -- that there was no leak. There was no conspiracy. That the shooting that happened in the mid ninety's were isolated event which I'm sure. Is what happened yesterday in the church -- So week we will be calling for the administration to act responsibly. And we also will be -- -- judge Sonia Sotomayor. -- -- -- If I get back summing is -- Sammy said previously you're gonna start off -- an unequivocal statement. About. The shooting yesterday and I'm looking at the PR newswire in a statement from operation rescue which you're familiar with and this -- Former national spokesperson actually back in the late eighties and early ninety's. Right in this is said to be a statement from Randall Terry the founder and Angela gonna -- part of it because it. -- as well you can read that but Randall Terry. In 1991. Had not been. In any official capacity would operation rescue so we're looking at eighteen years but but feel free to read that so it's not. It's not an operation -- you statement it. Randall Kerry statement who was the founder of operation. Okay just might might might concern is it's interesting that he refers to doctor tiller is a mass murderer. Says I grieve for him he did not have the opportunity to properly prepare his soul to face his maker and then two paragraphs later comes in with but even mr. teller. Like other murderers deserve a trial of his peers and illegal execution not vigilante justice and I assume that regardless of of what side the issue you're on EU would agree with that. No absolutely not Randall Terry's comments are pathetic. They reflect a purse will not really bad in involved in the movement for years. I think -- reflect the personality that it's more interest did indeed sound -- any interest did it eight rational. A reasonable response to what happened. Although I admire what -- did in the late eighties and early ninety's Randal has not really band that involved in the pro life movement for years. Reverend does this is statement by Randall Terry and did the murder of doctor charged chiller. Harm the image of pro life groups everywhere. I don't think so and I'll tell you why. First of all Randall Terry is only a prop of the media when he went on its tour before Notre Dame. In Syracuse he had one person in Binghamton at some county at Q and Atlantic yet for. So singletary has dealt -- accept what the media gives him and he's just excuse the language had no other clear away the -- deeper. Either minister using it but. In light of this. To get attention I think today in front of the Supreme Court we will stand shoulder to shoulder. As pro life leaders throughout actual organizations. And condemned -- and I would hope. Dad -- what and goes on in the White House and which speaker Pelosi and majority leader Reid and other pro choice leaders and how can edit that they don't try to treat this. And broad brush eight peaceful prayer book group by the way America. Self identify its themselves as pro life in other words our leadership in at 51% of the American public. According to a Gallup poll -- have to go -- militant extremists. -- -- Which we appreciate each time this morning we thank you so much we have to move thanks for talking with us. Kansas city's morning news with DJ back here and -- Jennings weekday mornings I tonight on news race.