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May 10, 2010|

ABC White House Correspodent Ann Compton gives some background on the president's nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NBC on demand -- -- Sporting news right now we're go live to the White House been a busy weekend there. Was Ellen talk -- and I should say talk yesterday briefly with on. Deputy white house Press Secretary Josh Earnest two -- from the Kansas City area he will be very much leading up the communications effort on the part of -- Kagan can you start off by telling us. Why did the White House pick her. President Obama telephoned -- late in Atlantic taken last night you know he interviewed her a year ago I think he's always considered her Supreme Court material. Last year she was confirmed -- To be solicitor general opposition often called the tenth justice because she's the top lawyer for the United States who argues all of the US government. Arguments in front of the court. She's tough she can argue her point she can stand her ground she's only fifty years old which means if confirmed for this lifetime position. She could be on the court for forty years as John Paul Stevens was. The -- -- cake and also bring something unusual should be the first justice. Since. Since William Rehnquist about forty years ago. Who comes to the court having never worn judicial -- she's never been a judge. She will be judged by her years at Harvard Law School where she ran that and did run into some of that the big issues of the day. But she also brings more than anything else what President Obama wanted somebody who knows how judicial. Decisions from the bench affect average American -- -- key he was looking forward when he makes -- official about 9 o'clock our time will he address that what some people considered to be a hole in her resume that she hasn't been a judge. He see he doesn't consider that a hole on -- -- at eight positive. Someone who knows the law he first matter by the way back at the University of Chicago where both he and she taught diet taught law courses. -- she's actually what -- bumped to may be -- ocean two years older than he -- so they're very close in age. And and I think he will consider that a big strength for Atlantic Kagan -- why do when she was young White House -- here during the Clinton Years using the strength and that she doesn't have a judicial paper trail or does she have some other kind of paper trail. She viewed very very good point you'll hear a lot of people say no judicial paper trail all of us late paper trails that. For instance I'll give you one example when she was -- dean at Harvard. There was a movement by heart summit harper took took kick up ROTC recruiters off the Harvard campus. Many of them didn't like the war effort didn't didn't want that military recruiters on campus. She signed a petition a siren call in favor of getting them -- but if you if you bar recruiters and you lose all your federal any federal grant money anywhere in the university. So she's been strong on the issue of gay rights. But and gays in the military but a lot of other things she has made it very careful. But not to be outspoken on abortion or affirmative action -- to -- she thought someday. She might have to answer for that and senate confirmation here in do we know if she was always Obama's first choice. Well last year she was one of several interviewed and he passed over her. Ought to take out to -- Sonia Sotomayor. Who was who was a federal judge. This time I think she's probably always -- -- it's always been considered the front runner. During the process this year shall we know she was interviewed again that I ran into were outside the White House gates may be 313. Maybe four weeks ago. And she was coming in was another young and I said so it. Where's your security detail -- you going to be the next justice on the court shouldn't you have some protection out here on the street she -- but. She would not tell me why she was coming in that northwest gate. And as always appreciate it will be watching later on this morning when the announcement is made a deal. ABC's and count the with a like the White House. Kansas city's morning news -- DJ back here and Allan Jennings weekday mornings I tonight on news right.