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Aug 27, 2010|

ABC's Alex Stone reports from New Orleans, 5 years after Katrina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- NBC on demand ex K. Right now we go live to New Orleans that's where ABC's Alex Stone is five years after he was there to cover Katrina as well Alex good morning. -- guys good morning and yet depending on where you go in this city now if you you just come to the downtown area that a French Quarter and fly in go down my party go to a convention fly back out they city looks great if it looks like it did before Katrina that at the French Quarter Bourbon Street very much. Back to what it was and that the nightly party but you goal maybe a quarter of a mile half a mile past that. And it's a very different scene and it still looks like. It's frozen in time that the Lower Ninth Ward section now other areas or -- at lake view. That there are sections -- losers still. Have their front doors wide open the windows blown out they're still boldly furniture on the inside we're lower ninth where yesterday they were still hauling away. Moldy drywall out of the neighborhoods. -- and still on many of the buildings. Spray paint left behind by search and rescue teams showing that date that they were searched by whom and how many of bodies were found inside and why is that after five years Alex. Well it's a lot of politics and a lot of money that is it takes. A lot did to determine what they're gonna do with these neighborhoods Mitch Landrieu that the current mayor here. He's now in the fight the mayor Ray Nagin was in over due -- here these neighborhoods down all the homeowners say no that they are fighting. To get enough money from FEMA and from there insurance companies and that that fight is still continuing. And they wanna rebuild their gut and then redo the inside of their homes. Others in the city you're saying knock these things down their public hazard their eyes or that this is not something that an American city should have been at these neighborhoods of destroyed areas. Nonetheless of people who all of those homes say hey give me time I'm still in this fight the how many of them haven't come back Alex how many of these homes are abandoned. Well you go -- -- some of the neighborhoods and -- are a lot governments acted this woman lives -- Lower Ninth -- she's one of the few who has come back and and she says she got ripped off the first time from a contractor who. I took her money and ran with and she was able through her family to get enough money to it to read your home she moved back in. But her neighbors here are nowhere near coming back our -- I must still make them kind of what I am coming back. Do you think they're gone for good I know -- houses. Lleyton -- Yeah you look around her neighborhood and it's like a ghost town that she's the only one there they they -- her husband they of their car and their front the driveway and and there's nobody else around all the other homes it looks like he could -- it yesterday that they all you can look right into -- you can walk into home if you're brave enough with. -- what might be in there at this point five years later of animals and whatnot but I -- he looks like nobody has. Touched them since the storm Alex one of the interesting new angles to the story is how the former FEMA director Michael Brown is presenting themselves these days. Yeah he is coming out in that we had to have a fairly rare opportunity sit down one on one with a man now he is now defending himself saying that that he was predicting this was going to be a bad storm and that. The White House wouldn't listen he says I was the scapegoat according to M. For the Bush Administration because. He was relatively speaking the low man on the the totem pole but he says hey I was doing my job. -- tried to kill the president and everybody else who screwed up things war. But they do it just wasn't so Kenya and I wish I'd gone public with. He says now he he wishes he would have come out and said what was really going on he says he would have been fired anyway for doing that -- at least he'd have his. Credibility but he now admits it as he was saying things during that recovery effort on camera on the radio. That he didn't believe them when it was coming out of -- -- believe himself when it was coming out of his mouth and that he says you know Larry I should've spoken up here's a bit more audience and the -- House told me that they were going to start following a new chain of commend him in the middle of the crisis. What do you that when I was aluminum total -- So version of -- fire tradeoff for the screw ups don't fire me. And you listen to a -- fire their guys up until now it's always been that he resign the White House always insisted that -- came to them and said. You know listen there's so much negative publicity I I -- back down and he has said that as well but now he admits he was in fact fired. ABC's Alex Stone joining us live from New Orleans this morning what are the other big personalities of the Katrina disaster in the Katrina saga. Appears to go on the way of Rudy Giuliani face. It did I hear correctly when I heard a story that Ray Nagin asserted adding to his says the former mayor of of of New Orleans is adding to his resume as. Portraying himself as sort of a disaster expert. -- Betty is as far as we know what he's doing we try to get an interview -- Nagin Nagin and never liked us from the beginning gay was impossible to get an interview with them. And boy did we drive back win that. He was in office and that's where it's very different now the current mayor makes land drew. He -- mr. media the current police chief is mr. media and we sat down with the police chief yesterday and they admit they have a corrupt police department here and it needs be -- well. The old administration never wanted to say award never wanted to talk about anything. So it's it's hard to get Ahold of -- we got about as close as his administrative assistant and then she -- down into the white didn't wanna talk to us. But we understand he's now living in Texas and and really kind of redefining himself as a disaster expert did to be a consultant to help folks out. Two to help meg you know it's another city deals with some sort of major disaster but they could bring him in to open a consultation process somewhat safe. Thanks but no -- others would say this is a guy who has a lot of of history dealing with major city getting ripped apart and that they would definitely uses expertise in BC's Alex don't live from New Orleans the fifth anniversary of Katrina Alex thank you you got -- thanks guys have a good weekend. Kansas city's morning news -- DJ back here and -- -- weekday mornings I tonight on news race. Easy.