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Danielle Dulsky discusses being a witch & the power of the wild feminine

Sep 26, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Danielle Dulsky - witch, author - about the power of the wild feminine. 9/26/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Our style that's the last thing our smaller start somewhere in between welcomed me on reality radio with each case and Hosni always Dawson chief each so what is going on with you folks in Rhode Island. And on top I'm not talking about the weather here army it's really important massive debt and flood in Florida flood warning directing him to program a flood warnings right now us that it. It's been raining. All day that that's when I'm concerned with what I'm concerned really conducive and in my wannabe gets up from me I'm like I'm not let me tell you what I am concerned with. It there's a new study. Done by. Conglomerate of alcoholic beverage company please any further it's who you know I'm originally from new York New York State okay doesn't matter Chernoff. The this this. Group of alcoholic beverage companies they compiled search data. For terms on the Internet. Things like. Bars with hottest girls and other hook up terms and it turns and they did this all over the country and it turns out Rhode Island has more of these types of searches. Per capita. Than any other state in the country. Did in Saint Louis commitments and no there weren't talking about a specific good breakfast and it could have easily find out on the and certainly I mean the smallest the smallest state in the country you wouldn't think I cost per capita sued the size as a matter too much but is just per capita and then. The states that followed were mean Michigan New Hampshire and Massachusetts so there's a real New England the kind of thing there. New York was in nineteenth place just we like to drink and hook up. I guess some I guess you know more power to you and I say it was more males looking or females who additives they didn't get into that but they just said down the least. Interest in place of people looking for sex according to these search terms he noticed a New York City. Really now but I may because it's on every corner I'm not sure really don't have officers say they believe me you know decision space for. So Hollywood at that anyways welcome 200 daily radio everybody it's Jason NGV. If you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash B on that reality radio and like the page forest. And then had to beyond reality radio dot com final season where an across the country can download the Smartphone apps. Or listen live right here from the website we try to make it easy if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and read it for us. It helps push it for me it's easier for people to find and that's what it's all about. Yet we have a really interesting showed good returning guest. Tonight. Daniel dull ski is an author and a which. She was a program just about a year ago she had a book out at that point called woman most wild three keys to liberating the witch with sand and now she's gonna new book coming out. It's called the whole league wild a heathen Bible for the on tamed woman may be she's from non. Maybe should you wanted to search engines that would explain everything. So blunt and hey I wanted to bring this up to you murdered man's body found after a tree. Grows out of this comic. So who yes you heard yeah. So I met her donor that was killed during the conflict between Greek and Turkey. I'm missing men who he was murdered more than forty years ago he's finally been found after recede from a fig that he just prior to dying. Reformist comic. On any was killed during the conflict between increased in Turkey and 74 but his body remained undiscovered for decades. Is eventually discovered because a tree which grew from him was unusual for the area. I'm incredibly the dead man had been taken into a cave with two others in both of them had been killed by dynamite that was then thrown in after them. Yet the dynamite also blew a hole in the side became allowing light to flood into the darkened interior. Which in turn allowed the fig tree grow from the his body up to 200000 people were displaced during that conflict. But think that men and it's a tree growing out your stomach and that's something finally trying to body. Can I suppose is owns the Muncie and they found him but still it's kind of a bit morbid kind of way to. Be found and also kind of a morbid thought that that tree growing based on those nutrients it CA if you think about it stuff lea strange situation but. I'm happy they found a man is still over 2000 people against that are that are missing and to be nice if they were able to locate them all but. Definitely sound just strange death is stranger scenario so I don't. Well we've got a good one tonight as I said Tom we also some pretty cool stuff coming up the next few nights. I'm Robert Bono mall will be with us tomorrow night he's a writer filmmaker and it SO terror assist. We'll talk about that Toro Toro cards and if he does readings are non Amish were few if he or if you just studied them on short. He's got a documentary called the 21 faces of god. And will be talking about the liberty movement and esoteric thoughts. And Thursday the keys mull. McCloskey. Arm. We'll be discussing what he's an author will be discussing the Flynn and ideals which knowing pretty much nothing about you know any amount and he actually I do and I'm really excited to have this discussion because some he was scheduled to be on the program I don't I'm not sure when it was maybe two or three weeks ago. And he's an England whose last minute change in his schedules we couldn't be here we had to actually think that was tonight we got to Joshua Warren filling quickly. And he did this when denials mysteries about three lighthouse keepers on an island just off the coast of Scotland. They disappeared mysteriously always did to her focus yeah. How all that. That's neat yes or Florida is going to be a pretty equal conversation I was excited to have it that night and I'm really glad that he says come back so soon so we can actually have this discussion it's going to be good. Parents don't make gen phone number tonight has every night is a 446877669. Until freely 44687. 7669. Where to take a quick break can get our guest Daniel. Those young. You listened to listen to. The fans Gary Condit is right around the corner scare congress for the celebrities parties vendors panel discussions films brings in so much more scare come is the perfect way to celebrate the spooky this time of year although scare kind of selfish about spooky spirit come will be held at the turning stone resort and casino October 26 and 28 in. Romania or get more information go to scarecrow can't dot com that's scary con dot com. Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson. The phone number for later in the program if you wanna join. Us is 8446877669. We always welcome those phone calls and will open up the phone lines in the second half of the program. Tonight gut Daniel dull ski joining us she's an author into which she's been on the program before her website is Daniel until ski her name dot com. She's got a couple books on the market last year we talked about a book called woman most wild three keys to liberating the which within. And her new book is called the holy wild and he's in Bible for the untamed woman. Daniel welcome back to beyond reality radio great to have you here again. Volunteered apron and they've been very happy to be here. Tower happy to have you back. So what oh yeah what if you've been up to in other than writing a book in the years since you've been on the program witness. At that. Let I've been out there yet they read about it did. That a lot of traveling. I was thinking about it and I think at how my first interview a woman that filed with actually mean we've you guys. Both of them after that I ain't. Went in the UK and the West Coast and I did a Lotto but promotions and and didn't really come down again and Christmas. Little battle. Yeah I moved. It got a letter does a lot of stuff going on world overall leading these very very busy lives so it's not not surprising and it's also hard to account for time isn't it. Yeah yeah. Yeah everything and the Blair especially at midnight. Yeah oh well we're hadn't gotten used to that we know now and everybody else's. So I'm let's get some definitions out a way out of the way here so we all know what we're talking about wrong on the same page. A lot of people use the word which a lot of people. Probably as many people as used the word have a different debt definition for the word watch your definition of the word which. We had idea that Spencer everybody would I don't think they're friends met who for me. Which Hispaniola and that means both of you condition though but for it to land is bad they've practiced witchcraft. And then the second one at that they have kind of claim the name which they themselves but they call themselves a wet. So you can crack it witchcraft. Meeting you can get. Mad Jack. Without being edge because that about the people that practice witchcraft that don't call themselves which is there or don't feel like at most fitting name and I'm. I mean Ellen really about both to thank you practice witchcraft and you call yourself the way it's. Have you met. Did you have is there a group of people that that you. I don't know what I'm trying to find the words here are gonna say consort with pressure that's three words like a covenant if you would you work in a group. Or are you is it more of an independent venture for you. Yeah yeah I usually do you work and a group now. I think that. Didn't like my age my evolution at the which are similar to a lot out of of which is where you kind of start like that aired solitary practitioner. Where your kids. Kind of cat being open your consider your living room or whatever and hoping that your getting it right it should man reading a recipe out of the book. And then eventually you find your people spell. They thought I do both now but there I think there's that natural. Kind of ebb and flow where you feel really called to work and then with other people. And that he wanted to be very solitary and allow well so a lot of which as we'll do both. And simultaneously. And I can imagine when you're starting off first off he really don't know many other individuals that are inherent in the same practice and overtime of course of course you find them by the arm and a lot of people out there. And then it's just it sucks that in this day and age it's it's like does a lot of people out there try to keep. That they practice it to themselves Tuesday that it can get concerned with that with being ridiculed or or just other issues that may arise from. Hung out writing Bakley and I mean now there's the Internet which can think they. And it is though and these are dying to battle like minded people I think valid social media meant there. Out there which is bleak and you can hang circle they might meet up group. And you know so when I act I mean we have the Internet but I didn't have I didn't haven't app that I could go on and it occurred in the eye and other than my area so. It easier now than it used to being. As we continue with these definitions of one thing I noticed in yours description of yourself as you say Yuri Celtic freestyle which what does that mean. I just felt more appropriate or and what are. Race. Oh Celtic it and to work with Celtic. Deity you and that's another thing that and you that you can be a rich and not liquid idiot but I do Eric at Celtic deities and make it free I'll be as. Lou. There and then pagan community got very odd downloads dogma. So I kind of say about it followed defense mechanism to make ends went at any assumptions that people might make a outlet. A Celtic which is. But app so Celtic freestyle meaning that kind of do what I watch and I we're we're back Celtic and beyond. So it is free cell mean no rules is that is that with every hinge. I get. That they can change every eloped and but they yeah I kind of bucking any any system that would be externally imposed by anybody else at. There also a lot of words that we should talk about because there and titles of your books. There in a lot of the B and some of the answers that you going to be giving and again it's just really important that we understand we're talking about here. Words like you used in the and the title of keys then. And things like untamed woman most wild. The witch with then how does all that come together you must have some type of a belief system. That incorporates all those things are you wouldn't be using those words. And yeah how La soul so there is the difference between and even the way I'm in reg is jet. And in any technology is dwell on the he ol' Ed. You know kind of old wave old people just like hey Darryl and having open country actually burst and you've been raining which is their own hate and religious group. So are there at the difference between OJ and I say you and I'm just saying. You know not question a lot of farming and me. I and he had the major college. And that are at wildness goes. And at that great word. That means that you are her you guillotine if Whitney church will you allow your spirituality to cycle just like the beat them to do with the colored vehicle that all of the lunar cycle. Look and that it doesn't mean that you are there any any less which order that you that kind of run away from your crack it because you wake up and you don't really like doing it. Day battered spirituality will cycle just like every other part of the staff as. And so for me that while a lot of the other one is. Well as I mentioned which within their you've kind of -- address that that we have about a minute and half here before we jump to break but that should be a time. And maybe you answered this before but I missed the answer if you did how long have you been a practicing which. As we start they've had a ten point at my age coming out and telling everybody everything went so and are ready by which was thirteen years ago. And but so booked for that I was saying I was maybe eighteen when I was really you know knowing that I let. I read spent practicing witchcraft but we're not. Did you come former religious family. I. Very. Solid and of course those two of those two really don't mix well with the accepting of Edward was there any issues with. If not a little. You know they were not exempting they met and yet there are many issue is bad but not. But many because by the older by the time I was really kind of a running it so. You know I without a house that would. Wouldn't that they can do about it. But did you find that after you explain the religion to them that they were more accepting of it be instead of just what they've heard of or been taught by their religion. Oh. On the left. That definitely it's one of those big barriers where. You know it would get there will never be green and putt. ITunes. That's sad that's idea Ericsson expressly in a Danish like this where people should just be accepted for their beliefs and and respected but. What can you do. Harry's so we're gonna get into a lot more of that now we're gonna be taking a quick break a lot more to come listen Jason GDP. Show it's beyond reality radio Jason Barnes TV Johnson thanks for being here every one appreciate you taking this ride with this every night and if you do this. As a download later on we will need to be should try to join the program YC to participate in phone calls and our chat room all the stuff that we've got going on during the life program makes it did. Extra rich experience. We'll also after it slides and we are able to edit honor dumb statement. And so Russia that you're able to hear them firsthand you'll while listening to era trail all the mistakes coming in had to that point that so tonight we're talking with Daniel -- ski in Daniel is a witch and an author who new her new book is called the holy wild but he isn't liable for the untamed woman. On Daniel again thanks for being here and let's talk about. The who do witchcraft part of of what you do. Because there's again it just is there and so many definitions of which there are a lot of definitions of witchcraft and and what's the sources of what the power isn't what the what the purposes. In the which crashed craft that you practice what are the answers to all those points. It so don't act but I active and very match. The link you nature and stole those that see you and and and you know in witchcraft and they called them that Babbitt what you liked. Equinox and the the old that there is an at bat would be. In the little Allman and Jack in the oh it will build the kind of and those playing in nature that are you know preexisting. They're already there are actually I'm told that kind of touched down or witchcraft. So when I when I do work. And explain the difference between Al crap magic and then we're lull the ritual would be like honoring the don't different. That an at bat and and magic are out. And get as needed at all the working with the lunar cycle should depending on the kind of magic that. You're doing an. Makes that got hit by a magic like I'm trying to create something or invoke something right out that would be during a saying little so in between and you live and the old little much but I like banishing magic are protection magic and obscene between the old man and that the dark matter well the latest bit of battle the language scrapped it very much I'm informed by all of those things on clay and then all. It. And you know and another which would tell you something different but I bet on Apollo we do you try to work with the solar and lunar cycle that much it. How important is the energy from the moon vs the senators at the same. Oh yeah well. Me kind of equal all. The balloon that just you know look at where the mystery as race that we have that Stoller holidays very much NRA all the time. But then in you know I mean the only religion we get an apple in a couple of days ago about both but kind of and it it you can if you can link up the equally with the woman elected captain of that weekend that opt out of so it went though but those that color in there cycle that can happen overlap but real magic map and. One the other things you talk about in your books in on your web site. Is the power of the wild feminine tell us what that is. Hi all and though. Our bodies and our emotions that eventuality. Of art the art and without that are very divorce there. I'm spirituality and a lot of religious system and witchcraft what are really important. Well both of the body being. Holy emotions being wholly sensuality being holed it so all of are. Aspect of the wild salmon and satire kind of socially you denigrate and bad but then in particular denigrated in certain religious that down as though. In which. We tried hard at both the I'm boat back ever album and I knew that. And ordered Q who you know create bad lie that we want and support world that we help the children of the future will live at the. Daniels tell me what what's the biggest misconception from 2004. Towards him pretty much witchcraft and and that whole religion. When they get the camera and send. Oops then there's so many. Well and I ask this ask this because as a kid I grew up in the Catholic household and of course. When you're younger and you and you housing catechism is an all these different things and and you hear that which is there while they're in there and lead with a double which of course I have I found now I've found is far from the truth. But. There's so many misconceptions. When when you talk with somebody who who really really has no idea about witchcraft and other things. It's the religions tends to push negativity towards it when it's really not a negative negative thing by any means. And I I think that that's exactly you know the idea about which is the whole you know in that date with a double who outlining the towel in B. Big activate it I really feel like it it and make our collective by the end of that and dairy cattle that there it may be here. Still it then maybe it's well voted you know the idea that they acted eagle. You and even you kilometers from. I think which scrapped and it still has been hang up and the color of lipstick at age. And child and they have that idea Alec and I comment about the alleged. And a follow our. And a couple little light bulb. Yeah that's probably the biggest misconception. Whether or you know loves what you can't even believe in it at all. Well I don't know how horse and what time. Anytime you hear of awaits the first the first part right amount is holes no lightening in big nose wasn't on the big nose big chin really scary individual which automatically gives that impression of negativity. Moon. Is this something interesting about that in the battle re candidate thank you know that idea. Ugly. Ugly woman and it and figure out banks that are leading men and being held at Allen and Bette has been cast into the dark and com back and so you know that about how you like it. If something interesting jerks for a you know which has the bat like he had that have been the way. That's throwing that's throwing the eyes of the new into the the big cattle yeah I can tell us there are things in history as. Just let me just ask maybe Tikka just not to use a bad pun here but played devil's advocate for hospital. I'm. You know is it a misconception. To who and what we're talking about here with these different definitions or is it simply. It a different definition for example it is the church's definition. Of which someone who could sorts with a double that is their definition I believe doesn't make it bright doesn't mean it's true but I'm just saying isn't that their definition of. Yeah yeah. I think cell. I don't know that they cared that much anymore. I. Died I am I understand it. And I I don't know picture of the disaster but I would Ali. I'll bet she. And being winking gains came out of the same version of the Bible that bird without shelter that upper wedge to let you get through that in. He would Matt is the resident capital that it is to win let him go to war. Or any well you know about that I've heard what you that was written it you don't know beer here which hadn't. About it you know all about it they've done that 13. And well. You know maybe let me get real and what would which urging game with that really get. I can't kick. Area there's there's a lot baton. On traverse. Well that's it's it's pretty striking an amazing to me either so many things in our culture that we take for granted in except as some. Written or unwritten law somewhere along the way that was the whim of a monarch. Or a you know error or some other RR oral clergymen along the way who just decided it was going to be so and we've just accepted it cents you know for them for the for thousand years or whatever spent. Right yeah yeah under the about the people that. Right exact you know it's not a it's Dmitry we're talking with Daniel told ski by the way visit her website it's her name Daniel tolls could dot com. We're gonna take a break just a couple minutes here Daniel but before we do. I know it's people go to your website you have a whole bunch of stuff there there's there's users if you're involved a lot of things in other some yoga stuff this classes just give a quick rundown of what people confined if they go to your website. So there is. My training and that some online I'll bring about and a lot of links to articles but they've written and interviews. And all of. And it's all right there on the website against humanity. Daniel Boesky dot com or let's take a break when we come back and continue our conversation we're gonna get into her new book Daniel's new book. Called the holy wild heat and viable for the untamed woman you listen to its GDP on an island. Dan. It's. She talks about 65 elements I think three of those five elements are earth. Wind and fire maybe air. No I tie that into the bumper music hello and welcome. I just don't totally lost it earlier don't want the she's oblivious and welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason NGV again our guest is Daniel dole ski tonight or website is Daniel it'll ski dot com. Daniel the book. The holy riled he's in viable for the untamed woman again if you get to hate getting hung up on words but it's their so important because you've chosen your words are very carefully so tell us how the word Bible fits into that title. Yeah I and that loud and I hadn't. You know Bible as ban and a at a sacred time not because I wrote that but it does bear a lot of different opportunities and the book are. Reader and it kind of write our own story. In a way that makes it. And very important title if that makes sense though thought you know I you'd Bible because I had to bring the leaders story as being holy and Dick and. In all of that it just me but vital to. Right place of the true. Yeah no that's absolutely true I mean it's it's it's become on become you know to have a significant meaning and in Christine. Circles obviously but. We don't words like video log of the doubly auger fee and bib Leo attack in which is he European word for library there is the owner of you know all the same root word it means book. So let's talk about these the five elements what are the five elements and how are they used and how do you present them in the book. But the book is broken and I am different box elders but a but Cabrera. Debacle water but the the fire air and that any direction and and within each of the five book there's three different chapters. The battle the first chapter and verse and not what I would bank before it it be different from bench and poetry and opportunity for their readers think kind of fill in the blanks and and rate our own. Their own story is according to move would at the end of the element. And that and that would be magic chapters. The first eight element there beat these different battled and I and the rituals that ceremony. God are the reader an opportunity to. To crack. Would that elements should and then finally the magic chapters are where guided meditations. Working experience and urge heading into hatch went. A little bit with that element or wind difference Alan divine feminine archetype about it archetypes that I'm relate alum. So Lou will tell me this though of course he's in Bible for the untamed woman is the book. Pretty much only for those who identify as a woman. I hit it about my diet lemon let it. And you know accurate and the person that I interviewed and land and bad end and reviewed it and yeah they've been able to get it. A little less than resonate with the labor tension on the yeah I did it is written for a vote I don't I when. Going back to the elements. And two thirds of the elements themselves a source of power. Four whether it's for witchcraft or whether it's four of the soul. Or something else. Yeah there is sort of how are I think it important. To look at but they're at that hour when they are you very politically and in conjunction with the with one another children and higher in the bucket bringing that term battle. We're England and anger and you've been in a way where it. Move your magic instead in the stagnate next war. It it. All that your practice that book and a hair and you're only working with a higher element that you're seeing that blue thing out by not being Election Day instability occurred eventually could be a lot expo. Don't get it all about and it's all about balance necessarily but it all about working with the I elements. As they relate to one and. And when you say working with them does that mean using them in intend to patients as a means respecting them doesn't mean worshipping them. I'm definitely an a RKO. Worshipping may be Ab and and it is working with him. And it would word so you know a couple of words with jury probe and in poetry and writing. And and that and also working with the typical LAL. And top. The other current account and we're seeing it like (%expletive) you know you're being lighter something until it's established. Kind of guru is can action can grey out the Greek. Crystal there's and there are elements shell. Oh yeah. Not election portion bang but but recognizing. That date they are up and that we are a part of Al. So if you had someone come up to you come I assume a woman. Who said I'm really interested in this but convince me this is for me how would you answer that question. Actually I would day I am not going to do that the F. If you're looking bird you know get a different resource that is searching that really what changed you will take a blower and I would say. You know jet. Go go back to Europe like experience and look at both mullet wearing a bit. And a belt and divinity and president in nature and start bad error. What element do you feel closer to little. And start there and then also ancestry and they open big. You know maybe picking up that. And the book. The coached out of the continent just now that the bookstore in trying to copy everything they're really hat is being. It a personal connection like a real felt kinship with the. Well because it's not about convincing people it's about putting something out there for those who were. Interested and wanna learn about it themselves. Or those who are for more information on the subject. Right yeah I don't like it might convinced. Well that would you know being rains didn't. Born again Christians. As a child at about about witnessing and convincing people and I am just totally over. Or. And I guess my question much less related it convincing someone more than explaining to someone what the benefits they would get out of you know. Making and in that direction because not everybody understands what's this is about I know I don't you're teaching me. Yeah yeah I mean that the Abbott that as are her child left. Are where. I live and let banging it as being able here. Feel like you belong. All you have and we're probably I'm really looking kind of down but I really like you really belong here I've rather bat and you know you're looking of course I'm sort of external. Heavenly validation and we'll. The end it in court ruled out. And and and having that fan vote a personal power and that you do when you're working I'd beg you to believe that you have a right to effect change in your world. And it is a symbolic action and that you do have to you know believe that you have the right to do it battle so all about peaking debt. From apple thing. Actually do it on an out maybe that so much in the beginning but eventually you jail. All right so we are a lot more to come whether our guest Daniel Kowalski you listen Kissinger he kind of it's Tuesday on the last. This then start somewhere between the honor you with me Jason Oz and it was arson each so I saw you pumping up those statistics over their during the break you know typing those search as an Iowa team hey it's. You there might be 1 I am here but when looking at you while Rhode Island to be pumped right up there Hedo and anybody. Challenging role that run islands are promising I cannot believe that day I think you really to make that I know I did that Iran it's a news story right so are we talking about it we are in charge we're pretty much running. Looking for. Bar isn't easy hook up. You Rhode Island leads the list of states efforts of people using search terms that indicate they're out looking for hookups. Room in Rhode Island. What are the aunts and parts and knowledge and use my computer in the welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason GG the phone number in the phone lines are open if you wanna join our conversation with our guest tonight. If on a receipt for 46877669. We've got a couple of great shows coming up for you the rest of the week. Like to talk about for just second Robert. But Nomar will be witnessed on from tomorrow night's program he's he writer filmmaker and an SO terrorist system talk about the two row which is a document Terry. That he ray wrote and produced. I'm also the 21 faces of god which is another one and maybe you liberty that liberty movement an esoteric thought that'll be tomorrow night's discussion of Robert. And Thursday against key in keys McCloskey on all the in author will be discussing the plan and idols mystery summation tune and it's going to be great. I'm excited about this Flynn and aisles discussion and soon it's and it's going to be I think it's going to be a great show. And I just and for those you tuning in now Jimmy was telling me earlier. About this whole search engine results thing Rhode Island actually being able do you explain javy Rhode Island OK yes. So it a group of actually beverage companies so bureau of herb liquor and an even sure it doesn't identify the companies. Commission to eighty as studied to see which states. Use the most search words that would indicate they're looking for a drinks and beat. Hooking up I guess they equate those two things and Rhode Island. Led the list. Of states and behind Rhode Island was so New Hampshire Ericsson main and then New Hampshire and then Massachusetts. A New York was nineteenth on the list said. I just want you to know my state is 46. Miles long 38 wide. And we. Well I guess we make Illinois with us per capita you certainly do these numbers or animal synergies are just stay in my mobile and right now are so tonight we're talking with Danielle dole ski about her books. And the fact that she's a practicing which. She's an author. But she's so much more than that and if you check out her website you'll see all the things that she does Danielle I'm again you know I've mentioned your website to mention the fact that you give classes and stuff like that what are the classes that you offer for folks. I bella. A little a workshop and all of a monthly circle I actually don't have any guy I'm. And elect gears now and I'm going out and being bought and but should yeah where we can work shout them and monthly circles on what would scrap iron and then I do read yoga teacher training. Better about. Embodied. It into body movement movement alchemy and kind of blending which we know. Now I think so I remember correctly your down and southeastern. Pennsylvania area. There there's a parrot con there are no long go in spring city which I attended is that something the you do things like that. I don't know clone and a right near me now. I doubt anything but it patent. So yeah I do you during a book tour you're going to places that I apparently carry the book and doing signings. Yeah like a bookstore. Which stores that called sort it out. So you in your new book is called the holy wild heat and viable for the untamed woman. You talk about so feminine archetypes in the book tell us what those archetypes are what they mean. Didn't. Those working with I don't archetypes. The other two that you guys that soul looking at feminine archetype that made me how bad press and and as. As you know the shamed woman's. Light jet the color or worse alum and little. Or merry Mandela told looking boat. Both women story that really. The match a lot of women story. That didn't go when they're at and that's kind of the same glum and ending the books that are called only get better at actually quite damaging you a lot of women into the criminal making it the old boat looking at the archetype as actually being old and power and and allow you or Gigi cat and then also. There's story another quarter net so that it maybe it. And how that relates to our own story her own and. Is this approach or. Belief system. And I know you're not preachy about this at all I mean you've you made that very clear and it's clear way in the it is clear in the way you present the information that you know preachy about it. And another people are preaching about whatever their belief systems are. But is this approach do you think this is approve this approach is appropriate for all women. I think you know I mean our our how whenever the banner that are looking a little cheer for. You get changing deep and their spirituality or maybe find a new level of spiritual up economy where they're kind of in charge of their own spiritual path. Without overly diluting it. We'll tell you know still having it be a little bit different and you know I think I mean you know what the limited delinquent. Oh well away went alert you that may have an out of court where the other at a level of discipline but it but it letting it he. A person all and and not let the barely having rules you know an X. External authority that's telling you exactly what to do and how to. They had. You know an anti woman looking back. Taking care act can absolutely. It would scrap it doesn't require such. King special resource. Or geography. Or anything like oh wooded area at the. Is the new book a continuation. Of your first spoke woman most wild or are they to just separate standalone independent books. Oh yeah out there and not attend the fairly continuation. Let that woman a wild kind of an overview. Which scrapped to. And away at it I did try to make it acceptable to many women as possible so option using language they let the let. It correct that Eric and and and me and then also felt warm and not Gary. Let them holy while the new bucket kind of the kicking a lot of confidence from what it most wild and and and asking them a little bit more. I am and how a lot offering a lot more that that thick practiced there but instead of these kind of general lord general content that. But I did in the first book. I put on a day were Bill Cosby was sentenced for what he did. And this meet too movement. Is there are a lot of voices joining there's a lot of talk that there's a lot of this stuff being you know the the lightest and to shine into corners and it wasn't. Shining before. It is any of what you're talking about here on the help empower women that might be victims of some of the stuff. Yeah. I think that. And our our spiritual. Distant power meant that happens when we're very got looks old old we're being told that. I'll move in that god has been only external to let but he also on the L right so they're there already that kind of spiritual. Passion that starts to happen during trial and for a lot of women and and so yeah it bad but being able you look you know how loud and and I'll. And to stand out is and thank you that are in a way where your stories that completely. Denigrated delegates met. And feelings spiritually and Howard you know both I think you really do go hand in hand I think. Pole so yeah I you know they've bill wicket I think it's something that I say and I think that that is as. A very much ended the day by day you know that the banking at Seminole empowerment and and not that it hasn't been there for a long time that there is some kind of news you. Tokyo political awakening all that's happening that is off oh. I think that your question that incredibly occur for the. And I definitely think it's a great time in front for women out there and they they are very empowered in stead of being. We'll do is beat down like they were for so long which is ridiculous just coming from a family with them with enough force sisters and having three daughters myself. It it says proud feeling to be able to see women standing so strong and being so proud these days. Moved out and yes boy. So what about the guys when it comes to. These this discussion and in and Jason I think guest a question earlier saying is and is this appropriate for men as well. We know there are men who I don't know it's appropriate Turner's or war locks I don't know if that is the counter to you know male Conner for which horse they just use the word which. I don't know but I know there are meant to practice these things and you know is disarm assuming that some of your lessons probably are applicable for a time as well. Yeah chart I don't tire iron now melt which hit I think that day and just the house which is. Powell told yeah allow a lot of that ritual and at the he would like a working very symbolic you've got a guided medication hole. Yeah a better in the book and that is battle and it certainly got it working with the solar and lunar cycles followed the same. It doesn't really that bad burst its chapters that are on the book better or more are geared toward and I both like it when it and you things you know dishing out now. So alleged it. On is that Matt Elliott and I don't race it is. Absolutely. I read it and. We're talking with Daniels told ski again visit her website is her name Daniel dole ski dot com the book is called the holy wild he'd been viable for the untamed woman. Where to take a break when we're comeback comeback gonna talk throughout though the magic component office. And phone lines will be open at 8446877669. Until freely 446877669. Analysts in the Jason's. You dvi and relatively little. The numbers 8446877669. It's beyond reality grated cheese and GPS decimate Daniel. Dole ski let's go right to our guests are phone line here or listener line. Let's bring in Victoria from Wisconsin he Victoria welcome to the show. And so I had a hundred face trying to be our guest and I. And that I don't plan and you and a couple questions throw line I have the full and then in my mind that the evening. And then line and see if she has any inside Aaron. What can they Diana that. And the well and my knowledge uninterested in Q which has since I was child even though injuries he Catholic. And I prayed I wonder if there really isn't you know are we just women of witchcraft early against women. You know just to women out of feeling I mean it they're really it was got behind it Arab region being shunned because of the other religion now they're trying at. Into the which tracks and you know. Victoria do you get it do you identify as being which. Come. I mean I don't I don't really illegal and how to bring it on the bridge Red Hat people total that I come off as a wedge and a I don't I mean there's so many apps and other you know she's a letter he's not just depend on the we'll look at it but. Now I mean you are now we know Iowa and daily and a bridge I just parrot in situation. All right well you're on with cell Daniel Siri you're talking to the right person here for trying to get answers so. What was your question what was your question for Daniel specifically. What my main question reminded again. Intuitive and especially when it comes Q impact he's having sympathetic empathetic. Empathetic. Feelings toward people in and like that you can feel things like when there are certain change in the air from the peak but. And things like that. I mean she says she was Christian and I've been there I have been saved a few times. And comment. And Clinton and her perspective on these things are because I've seen him. Christina crediting them. Daniels NS information for you to address. All. A hole so at all or her that aren't and and the ego. I think for gore and that it sort of like a magical remedy our tour order form of protection. Is. I'll look Q. Good anything and where we're at it shielding or a hole. That. That strategic. Building. Shield like on the outside of beer or glad election also carry black normally would Panama. Out both the that you're just not abort any or all of those and drinking and with the old man and I'm not exactly sure how. In effect you let it get a sweet you know. When extra sleeping a lot or are you get that healed by the end leg kind of amplify and look. That is being able to fool paint him. How old I would they channeled back in fuel. Into something else so here is you're able to work magic or the ballot something like I will be using. Energy in order excellent you that your intention. So that it doesn't pay to get stacking new thing and you can keep you awake and I know that might sound kind of but our but. By an advantage and that's what I can hear your hat and their energy on the. I didn't hear everything you answer that Shia. But no that doesn't sound there at all. I definitely feeling in her name sorry change a long time coming. And and a full minute rain now I know I am a little bit time. Honored today in on the harvest in the Stanford. Changed and that's Hemmer is definitely a candidate that and that. Things can then that pretty crazy and I definitely feel the year. Intensity of how their appearance and and I am so already did it take charge. So it out on the field and I think that pressure. Again we add as bad exactly and mean dean scream the hardest. The blood and I am about Jay Leno other than that dream. The odd how much. And that I'm here we have the thirteenth but that we don't get scared so. Both very low but it's a delight crying and I look for her than Apple's saying that your vacation and not letting go. What doesn't work Cherry Hill and then also prime time look for and that's stroll communion. Our Daniel would get a touch just as we have a hard break we'll come right back he can finish answering questions. After the show it's beyond me. Created tastes change beats Fedor gets steamrolled don't speak. Website is Daniel still ski dot com. So and when I see Victoria did you hang onto the brick Victorian. I just wanted to make sure that you had gotten your pit questions answered we had to cut. Daniel lost because of the break so did you have any other questions for Daniel. She was talking about the little man on that plane and how bad aspects certain things during the time. But otherwise is I mean that you don't want that back at school my department. JD. He would then plaque can figure apparently you have not got rid of that are writing this. He read it yet thank you Jason cause to do that in any case you're out of Victoria thank you so much for the phone call we appreciate your participating. In the conversation. Danielle I ask you about this full moon I think can use the word buzz the feeling was that the where are you described it. Do you view because because I know that feeling what is it about the full moon. That gives people that feeling. Yeah I don't exactly outlet is energetic I think yeah Obama and about to pop in it and and apparently a lot of people. We. And I held pat Courtney you remedy is always huge and you've got energy and so I think I am not. At Ballard you're casting your ballot and being you know go out. Walking in nature and think I and it's trying. And you all of that energy into something else and well we tell people don't believe that a look back at the bike a little affect the ocean that's. Why it wouldn't attack a. Yes that's true and actually somebody made a point along the way that that struck me was a first army herded a phrase that way but you know them the moon affects the water in the ocean. Human body is made up of the significant significant percentage of water so why don't why wouldn't affect us if for no other reason than just because of that. But there is a do amazing energy that comes from an and I I've never been able to define a but I certainly have felt it let's. Let's move the conversation the talk of a magical little bit we've we've made references to the magic component of all this. Give us an example of something that you would do that would require or maybe and that you would consider using magic for. We have. A those examples would be. Like in Victoria Asia and get ready for something to change right so spell it you're trying to look at the towel you paying. I don't know we hope we're moving to a new. I the example there a so what you think if it is it. And let it out in the sense that not all about and I'll. You limited to do it closed at alt left. Because and our eyes and at that station project she knew they would create that campaign here which isn't. I'll a lot of what you would gain by capping it circled up. I would get my act at Asia clicking college before directions and that element and that and that below. At the container action and and they knew me and I'm thinking get it through the and saying I can't base in order. Or movement under a creative work and the banking unit all of that and are you thinking that olive that energy into it I'm staying out like act. In the ball right so it could be. Garnett would you really took her out of rendering route and gay. Student and all of that energy and it can be like a symbol. Job and it it can't tell me I. About an energetic and all kind of other high. Blame he really you didn't. Quite happened already and I'm able hair. On and call it like that higher remember in the future later manifestation magic about remembering that future. And that you would open the circle in ground energy Leach. Object on your Alter or whatever until that little cycle and hopefully get a little bit of attention. Everyday but every time he kind of remember it'll just spelled and and yet you're. Does end and in my follow up questions to that is if if someone is some a practice or of this type of magic practitioner of this. Can they use this for any purpose can it be selfish purpose or does it have to be some more benign. She. Depending on what you mean I mean entirely an aura. Published her attitude. Nice I can I say I won a million dollars in and cast dispelled help affect batter or not all. Into that it happened down here like you really believe. That you do there have been hit. He deserves what the result would be. Like get iris Chang invoke a million dollars that wouldn't work because I didn't think that I now. It's like if I come down there were you revoke a million dollars for me it's. Okay for. It's a deal on that but what you're saying then is there's gotta be some type of this synergy in the in the elements and in a guess your spirits to make. The magic. Happen and it's got to be something that that you kind of have to deserves. Yeah I don't believe that you experiment and at bat and don't think you're a little late yeah like barrack and that even overspending while they really kicked it out connecting it to something larger that your style though if you had a million dollars I would not make Dick you know your local community batter at a global community better. So bad very bad element of that also whereas not just year rule is if you and where you are. It would make the car I drive community a lot better to tell you that. I'm so when when people are performing these these. Magical rituals. To make this happen to cast these spells. Are there physical components involved or is it is at all spiritual and and you describe the process but you know again getting back to. I'm not talking about the eye of Newt in what all that stuff but I know you used used to gemstone you talked about the precious stone. Crist I guess it was a many of these are the components that are involved. Mean yeah I actually now we're I don't know why you think about an example eloquent but at what stage and yeah they're definitely ethical component to it. Deke and being in your league news. Yeah you think you haven't blade or movements about the critical component in order to raise the energy and then it doesn't. To be assemble like I said crypto than it could be assemble where you're kind of putting that energy should you could just speed and using that energy into that bid. Oh beta have yourself driving that new car. Usually you know kind of dad's church and in order to raise energy that you should look like picture in your movement in the near great at making and vision of your driving and you are more vibrant. And mortar reel. If that makes sense that it would be a physical. Object figure computing energy and they don't have to be a little bit how to do with what you. What about curses is that something and know not every. Practice practitioner of witchcraft or anybody who do identifies themselves over as a which will get involved in any of that. But. Of those suck thing those real do those really happen purses. Don't really ever. And yet and it like you know magic is kind of a tool and stole it and depending on the practitioner can be used for her whenever they want you to bar. Oh yeah I viewed as a weapon. It's huge serve serve good and then hopefully if you're prepared but opt and that into the lab and add that chart person there real. They're real. At all. My our active. It is bad today. I believe which acted on the net religion rule it is. And I've heard a little bit not my place to tell any wedge what they can and cannot. Yes not likely to say what the rule should be. Because I'm not any sort of spiritual look back in and I start creek creek is very ill you can protect yourself. I'm Adam if you feel your going to be Kurt. But and with the principal of the magical kind of the day. The only important that they control not necessarily. Al I think without by the hands of the practitioner. But also isn't that the belief that it'll come back I knew so many fold. Yeah but not bill went into three a so what guys and religion of witchcraft. I am yeah but do whatever you put out there back in time carrying. So it and so wishing us and bad things to happen is somebody's dead in return is also you need to be prepared and that's going to happen to you as well. Right exactly and I can tell you're really putting a lot of kids are in good weather expert undergrad so that you can you think about. All that hair into a hurt so let out a lot of area that's going to come back I think you debate apparently want. So you know which puts us in terms of some how we understand religious practices to go on you know people tended if their church going people they tend to go once a week. They do their thing in church and you know that's kind of how they they practice. What is involved in practicing. What you practice. Is assuming that you would you you do every day is it part of everything you do or do you take certain times out of your week. And focus on this. And I do every day and art but but way I kind of look at the world. I would have really engineers and everything that I do well diet like expense in the beginning you know you. They knew where practitioners especially you wake up 1 morning and you'll note the Olympic you don't feel like doing any of there is okay. And it doesn't mean. You know that you failed at which. You're paying a political comeback are out in any event which. Yeah both allowing it kind of has been slow but for me it is something that I you. Every day he need instead of you know five minutes herbs you know. Taking a lock and thinking that actually look particularly magical sometimes but. A little bit. Yeah. And it's. I'm someone is listen to this broadcast storm listening to you any point that you're speaking. Or reading when he your books and they want to pursue this what's your advice to them. Yeah. I think. You know looking I'll. And dean and those that relationship but they ill with nature and like a look looking at their ancestry. And that you don't know. That kind of liked it a little piece and that and that looking over. Books and other resource there are a lot. Teachers now all that good that we may be our men were shared that they don't Google and saying you know switched teachers might be in the area actually had a lot of Hague and I'm confident there isn't that doubles but they aren't they could coach bill. But bad not feeling like it could be a huge staying that but I can barely write right away that it's okay to start. Small and let it get bigger actually. And do you have any advice for them to handle what type of resistance they might get from people around you like you did with your family. Yeah I. And by our hands really lit then I mean it is important now that they don't top Q school it cattle every one what they're doing so they're ready batted it can be saying that they hire a bit further bond that they feel like they need. I hit and that doesn't could be added a bit worrying. If they can and be any on it felt protection arched up their patience both all of that would be fine. But yeah I you know justice would. Telling people may be it their state went. Believed like a Wichita eagle or something like that and don't amp acknowledge being aware that I believe I'm out there because the people really look at those doctors say they believe they realize that they are not. They errors. And they are not real. We have just a couple of minutes left with few I know you've got a book tour coming up where you going to be. That people can come CU and get a signed copy for your book. Act as though I am in the yellow during the Ohio. Next week and I can respect. And then match up in that I am. Out in Connecticut and and Burkle and but they've affect me in in November. And I'm in Philadelphia and west just very down here in Pennsylvania. The second weekend in November. Coat and Vancouver Canada. Around Thanksgiving. While K all over the place it's great all you do have to have any other appearances that are non book related to human and talk about or. You know I mostly how book event coming up yeah but I am who I am on line it's them a lot during parent iWeb I. Okay and again the web the web address is your name and it's Daniels all ski and people can go there and it's a nice clean I am a moral stand of simple clean elegant web site designs yours is one of those its release. Easy to navigate but there's a lot of information there. Thank you Arab. But that'll make my web designers so happy it's. All right so. Anything that you wanna add about public your FaceBook page one of folks to know where that is. Balance and that's just my name I'll. I think yeah at well woman's circle if they're trying to exit into the browser app was Linspire golf but that Bennett comes up at my name. And business change. Well Daniel thanks so much for coming and hang in all of us tonight we look forward to talking me into some point. Thank you guys are having made they've been in baby. Yeah right. I'll connect with the on their million dollars we'll get that worked out and yeah. Thanks and Erica are isolated take a break and only come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality radio since June. Internal defense Garrett conned his way around the corner scare columnist for the celebrities parties vendors panel discussions film screenings and so much more scary countries that. Perfect way to celebrate the spooky this time of year. Although scare kind of selfish about spooky scary come will be held at the turning stone resort and casino October 2628. Roman New York get more information go to scare or con. Dot com that's scary con dot com. Are you tired of the costly charges and bombing a loved one doesn't. Pass the meeting with the mortician interfere with your play on the back nine and he oversaw. There's got to be a cheaper way to. Money and do it on your own time went to craft go home and bombing jet. The crap go home and bomb weekend. Consistent all the key instruments needed to start bombing at home today to hide her respirator is the last three years and chemical in chapter operating systems super dream to suture needles and more. Tillman and Apple's passing need to pass a trip to the home white blue. Uncle Dave stroke interfere with your backstroke used to Prague Oklahoma bombing came to start small business. What do you. It showed that not it's who call themselves. Yeah. Cargo craft goes CU money. May not be right Nina theatrical hell may not even be legal what the craft go home and bombings and you'll see you on the way to the the greens Franco helping out the living so you can afford to dock. Teach. Kids to. Look terrific thank you did Daniel dull. -- for being with us tonight terrific -- we appreciate her time and will misconduct on the show -- a year ago issues on behalf solely and -- -- gonna get Macintosh aircraft go I know we've been so busy lately that we just haven't dealt with them on a bunch of their new stuff well I know that the the president of crap goes said that they were they were going into bunker mentality to develop new products and new ideas so I think they've all kind of retrenched they've got their doors locked shut until they come up with new products and then they're gonna release salt to the public I mean I was amazed when they came -- -- that old dvd are you going to. Does a pretty amazing product out there every now and at that I have no idea how many dvds I just have to rely. You've probably been charged for and do when you went red box you did you know Hainan it's it's bad. That some protectors I mean if that's relevant stuff umbrellas great the the home surgery kid is another good one so it's it's a quite an innovative company yes capsule. The rich product goes out to Daniel tells you for government analysis tonight me she tune in tomorrow we've got some great programs coming up getting ahead over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality very elect FaceBook page for us. And had to be under reality radio dot com. And I grab the free Smartphone apps you can listen to show alive any timer more on the Aaron and all sleek and yet just joined chat room so much more to download show from iTunes or any or else just it was a favor and read it for us post pushes for makes it easy of people define. That's what it's all about this in a pretty much do it for us tonight you listen Jason Gigi B on reality real catch Obama and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one held since it's coincidence that the it's only your real ingredients. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello fading centrist because well Jason is slow and it chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be sure to visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.