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Psychic Rebecca Foster does readings for listeners

Sep 7, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Psychic Rebecca Foster as she takes calls and does readings for the listening audience. 9/7/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Our stirs them last Friday on the east many are stuck somewhere in between well going to be on reality radio myself Jason Bosnia always arson GP Johnson a you know that a full moon comes just once a month right. Me via that's right I'm not really greater Tampa. Is you say so I agree actually I said that knowing full well that sometimes there's been taken twice a month which is a bloom loan. We have the second full moon and a month but. What I was going to say is would also comes once a month is readings was Rebecca here I'm beyond reality radio Rebecca Foster psychic medium will be on with the snide taking your phone calls. And doing readings for free for you on air and it is. Awesome the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. So you wanna reading with Rebecca then we're gonna be opening up the phone line so make sure you start calling because. I mean a lot of people want remains with the America. Yet and the phone lines will be very very busy and it is so just be prepared that you if you wanna get three gonna have to keep calling we will be doing this for the full show. So other will be plenty of opportunity hop however it will be tough to get through a time so just be persistent and offer your persistence pay off for you tonight. Occasionally you may UGV and I snoring. That but the concern and it just trying to keep ourselves away but. Now in all seriousness say if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com. We defined our station list all the stations we are down across the country Telesis constantly being updated to check in Austin. You can also download the Smartphone apps which allows it to catch the show lives touchpad shows on the go and more. You can also just listener from web site. Click the listen lifetime in the upper hand corny to listen from the website can also hang out now generally agree community of people in waltzing into the shell. Yes and if you were are are trying to get through now on the phone to someone a very very quickly. And what would be doing here is will take a break in just a few moments and then we'll bring Rebecca in after the break we're gonna chat a little bit in the most are taking your phone calls so if you're already on hold just be patient we will get to those calls. Was it hot with C where you are today I'll tell you what he it was although it's cooled off this evening but my studio is which is generally very very cool is approaching eighty degrees and down my headphones are sliding off my head because of some of sweat and has just really really disgusting. It was ninety something here in Rhode Island and with the heat index it was a 104 degrees and they can't they shut down schools about Walt actually three hour early delay I Mena early release. And they also Chantal all sports activities and wherever else but it blows. Brutal I AM. From my mother in the last few years or life is to say that you know in recent fighter my lake house whatever size can't come out there it's just too high so much what's wrong what's wrong with you why why it's nice beautiful summer day. On starting to understand who's turning get the point in my life practiced and Emma and kind of heat fold Hedo fold. He a phobia I don't know what it is but whatever it is that's what I am and again you can you complain when it's the winter to while I can complain all time I mean there's about forty easier I don't complain. And I'm hoping we'll have one of those soon. In honor and someone on some items in the meeting of Milwaukee. So but again the phone numbers 84468776692. Freed 446877669. Weren't we doing readings with Rebecca Foster. And Colin if you wanna reading and she'll give you rethink its it kinda makes the night easy yes it's really simple for us tonight which we like it's kind of we kind of sit back regardless why do we think we should just have her back its host the show host the show she just won't let us take the mantle. Now with to talk to back about that I think she's she's probably not going to be agreement. And we can talk program. Which is psychics and she probably knows and I shared an office are necessary playing the old conversation between any talent at. All right so let's take a break we'll get Rebecca on the line here we are lining up your phone calls will get to this after after we go to break Terry elicited Jason and dvd on an elegant. It's just because McCain can I forgot to mention this mosque very very talented and influential Hollywood. Personality in the form Burt Reynolds today DD two years old. You know he's he's had some troubles in his life it was it was obviously very very successful men went through lol where he couldn't find work. Make your had a resurgence. I think it may even have even started with a movie boogie nights he was in which was would just kind of a cult hit if you will has a lot of links to that movie literally and featured thought it. Death they kind of brought him back to that to the mainstream and you look back in news. Looking at the end date Campbell run. All those movies many did one side and remember the name there was some light scifi movie where of these little robotic creatures pro an important target Omar. Poppy fields actually be mess and chips from arm I am one of his best was. Was deliverance which was a great films well. Leo yeah just quick pick here just the line everybody remembers for sure and we will mission Burt Reynolds and so yeah one more angels so anyway we've been some kind of beating around the bush here it's time to bring in our guest the guest of the night and certainly the celebrity of the hour. Rebecca Foster he Rebecca thanks for being with us again tonight. Today they eat you for having me I love being on the big guys. Powell welcome to the show again will we really appreciate you being here of course we do this the first Thursday of every night and are denied every month and down this happens to be the first Thursday September which I can't. Believe we are in September. Of the year twenty. As about a good 2018 for you Rebecca. Yes absolutely as they analyze it and it for filled with lots of blessings and I just. You know it's crazy if things are really trying to find something and few you know few things to be thankful for every day in and just if it is to be. Going in there really opposite directions so how will it go it was that moment on I can't. And all that's important ride that wave. Disarmament you know so this is gonna work we're gonna start taking your calls pretty quickly here these readings will be quick. Rebecca doesn't as quickly she cans we get to as many phone callers as we can. But if you want something more in depth from Rebecca how would do oh. A person do that Rebecca get in touch with the personal leaned gave more in depth reading. Well in all I. When people are taking part in listener listening or they're calling it and they can't reach me I always encourage people before they called buying a reading you know send me a message. Send me an email something in Iowa get back to people Ed and just give it up quick blurted just like they do now but at least it gives them an opportunity to. Just get a question answered instead of paying for reading. My head but if there are people out there that like to have a powerful. That the full time you know fiction as thirty minutes of me they can go to my web site. It's Rebecca fostered dot co CEO and so. Yes a pretty much everybody can just. I have no problem doing that and I may not get too like right now but I will let you know Hank senior message and give me a couple minutes to get back here and maybe a day. All right so I guess what we'll do searching calls and again remind everybody said say the phone lines are going to be very very busy they're full right now sir for trying to get through we're going to be getting a busy signal to just keep trying to is as we take these calls to the lines we'll open up you might be able. Squeeze a cone there. I'm still in the numbers 8446877669. In 8446877669. Or is go to our first caller this is Karen. In Youngstown New York hey Karen welcome to the program great under the program you are good to hear from you. Hi glad to be back around with Rebecca. Aaron Eckhart. Hi. Right so Karen this is really strange but the first thing that I. He then I get chased actually is black licorice and not a black workers person but somebody wants me to mention black licorice. Our patent. They show you will block Kenya. It actually looks secure kind of walking in the stars edit. Pathways. And it it's like a wall here right. And it's darkness is like Starr Polly around you and you're you're kind of feeling a lawless Hugo. Topic it's your Ehrlich on it out or something you know start you can't really agree last year feeling the wall. And get seriously it looks like Europe and the stars. It's period shifting and I've never been shown that before it ever seen that before. Basically what it's saying in the simple. Symbol at any areas that she may be feeling like you know one thing that was due to decrease your round as we can prepare our spirit or soul kind of so that would disconnect or beat we lead we get that tunnel vision or which is still fighting and we certainly been very clearly. If there's a lot of stress going on and so it basically saying it's that you may have not understand where you're walking right now he may not see a passive kind of feel very clearly. And a lot of times don't we can do that kind of feel fairly certain things just continue going that direction are going and it although it may seem. As if again you're uncertain. The pap that kind of laid out front you really can't screw it up it's almost like you're on the conveyor belt right now that he kind of chest. Let go of trying to figure out what to do it how to do it who included how to pay for all the rest if you just take the next couple of weeks. And allowing yourself to just go with the flow. It'll ripples felt much immediate worry instruct basically don't need to do it and that's what they're kind of telling you this right now just. Just keep walking forward she can't screw it up to the wall there at it's like you're guided the whole way and eventually you'll start to feel like you're more in control of things thing you know control it just does. An illusion it's just a how we feel about how things are going right now and animal for you right now just. Stop and smell the roses and just enjoy earlier acts don't worry about it at all kind of gonna take care of itself. All right so hopefully that I keep your little clue as to how to deal with that things that are coming your way right now or at least you're dealing with right now. Thanks for the call Karen let's go to Julie Julie is calling from Washington State he Julie Iran would Rebecca Foster. I say hi Rebecca. I picked a question for you earn it set at my left arm through 2012. I wonder what Mary let me see where we needed it he see any sane to execute your. It's gonna end. Can now. You get what I'm sorry I didn't understand. It wrapped Conde it you know Roscoe out great well. Okay he has had it. Well first stop. Most of the time that I read for people the first thing I do with ankle looked for peach peaches we're like I'd talked to me in the between present safety security grounding. And so the first thing that they're doing for you it's official means that you are on your speech and I you're wearing that little foot washes. Effort flax signed. Top. Pretty much else that looks speech authority so it really has until. Erring on the reading. And as you blocking new kind of had your hand you're holding your hand behind your back is surveying everything that a lot of contemplation in your stance and it near. The weight that you're just looking around at everything you look like you're contemplating and then enjoying the beach. And so. As you are walking you've got these. Little packet that slip on shoes so it there's a feeling of being at the shoes of any kind of represent feeling. Held back externally. Or felt. Somebody external or situation externally who kept the perspective that you are being restricted from forward movement. And so that's another thing here that as saying that there might be trust issue around Jill meaning that you're having difficulty trusting people around you right now. And it's not that you can't it's just that I think that Iraq what. The conversations that need to be at around you know and and especially where the issue that is restricted feeling may be concerned is that. More openness and transparency have to be occurring in conversations. With family and loved ones. And more honesty. That that you understand where people are coming from the heels as if maybe you're not getting old old story here in the air from people around you and again I can't that your Knight and intentional water so very quickly basically what that is saying is that. Every can be need right now it has already resource within your aircraft. And he maybe feeling like you're going to think the longer having to finally have to figure something out on your own which may be adding to your pressuring your pain. That normally somebody else to be helping you with something or he would have someone to call and go to a four. Just to talk about something you know that's not appearing more and then now that may be represented and representing. How or why they show you would have contemplated state on your BJ at oracle worrisome state but really. Everything is is is is it your resource is right now. Help quiet everything that you're killing would help fight is already known to use cedar have to worry about something coming out of the woodwork. And your having to deal with fat Q. But again we're family is concerned and really continue to be an open and honest communication. Transparent communication. Is that you are. Not being taken advantage of and also understanding what people are coming from very important for you right now. Actually thinking of it very welcome. Have a great day for calling. Thank you Julie we don't have time here to take another phone call before the break but I do wanna ask you. Rebecca as used to get these visions in these messages what's the source is it spirit guides is it to something deeper or bigger than matter maybe there's nothing bigger than that. You know the only thing I can really put my. When I when I'm doing everything it. I have seen got but he only showed itself collect the shoulders down and Christ's. Relied but my case as well. As very much just human form and I think that's more or less for that I know that I can go to him and says there's human connection merit that. And my information comes true spirit comes from guy comes spirit guide for people who have passed over and so. I just basically. Everything is solid meal or said to me and then I just repeated and it's just you know that the ability that I. They get that train myself to trust and listen I'm not that everybody can do it it's. It's just training yourself to listen and trust which are hearing it not be afraid or embarrassed to learn about be wrong. Now. And our guest tonight is Rebecca Foster and we're doing readings with trek up the phone numbers are 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. Lines may be busy but keep on trying he'll eventually get through. Aren't really take a quick break a lot more to come you listen to Sanjay. Trying to get through the phone lines are. And we're doing with the meetings with the. Rebecca Rebecca fosters or guest psychic medium. And if you want to check out her work she also does gallery readings lives on YouTube. And Rebecca you do those periodically and people just have to go to YouTube channel one kind of I think I know what subscribe to a to be able to get notifications as to when you're gonna hold one of those YouTube sessions. Yes sir and look like once a month for sure. And I'm more I can but definitely want a month. And you knew and you YouTube channels just Rebecca Foster right. So it's easy enough to find the website is Rebecca fosters dot code. NASA makes you checked out though it it automatically direction to God's tool to dart down. Which you gotta read slowly it is if you read it to quicker really looks like it's saying somebody else. The gods to get a lot of I am. I'm a plumber I'm a former by the week that's that's of it said that the GV one primary is that what is the land secede god. Stool and the completely obvious to an early check out that night is that the maturity that is at. And you also do you have the website for the midwest media members did you know he accepted. You know crises hold onto his people to find you. You know how anywhere let's go back to earth moment you've got a lot of people waiting on hold and more waiting to get through. This is cat in Scranton Pennsylvania he can't welcome to the program around with Rebecca Foster. Well well. Armed thank you Rebecca for me give me. I what I would like to ask is you know. Are there any guys around me that are ultimately. At Yale law lately. A lot of weird things have been happening. I thought that they were negative. Thing. And I am I'm looking forward to something good happening. Are where perhaps. It would be out all it you can hang being in. Probably why it would be my lower prices go world I mean that way. You know I get that you're talking and kind of looking around where your around looking around what's happening around you remotely and I don't think that you're about anything negative around you I don't I don't think he's got eight and like leaving your home I don't think that that's the case Sam. Pretty sure you're safely in your only don't have anything going on now both seasonal. Kept up present themselves so that you may feel. It's been. More of like a spiritual kind of an attack and a ghost or something of that sort. However what I am looking to see if there's something going on in their purpose there is there a reason behind gated there's you know what's happening. And it's interesting because like I look at what I preview on your reactionary move you from Iran based secure energy on your speech. It's actually really nice thing mean that and am trying to look for something negative around you that would be causing it or would be making and you. Field. Negative Leon I'm looking quite like this and I think maybe. Part of that would be perspective. And I mean I'm looking at the beach and it's beautiful and it's funny and the it really just comes down to just deciding that this is how it is and that it's positive and as sometimes. Part of the affliction that plea deal if we don't even realize it's these people that we believe we care for or that they care for. And having a negative energy around this regardless that it. The bad electrical box or something that gives off a lot of fact electricity make he had anxiety or if it's. Just having a negative person around you that can create that same feeling and so it may be that. Right now what you need to do and I and and done. Is this year at this because this is like one of the best tweet to extranet but. Just picture it giant photo a big picture and stepped out as it. And look at it. What does that look quite quick picture at this that your life like legitimate what does that look like Q. And then take everything out of it that is ugly or idiot or unfriendly or toxic that might be a person as well. And then paint that picture the way you want it and then stepped back into it and see how that feels when you do these kind of visual for yourself. You manifest those positive in your life because I'm looking going. No reason right now that they think should have like you look like you've got. You're you know that could help and it looks like you have a strong personality is strong energy. And so it really is gonna come out she's saying you know live from this moment forward. This is all be getting everything from this point. Past is the past and don't allow the past events that ball to define you argue that it decided choose. Right now who you are who you are going to be and anything. A target lessons learned and so you just need to move forward and and really changed that for yourself and just this site you know I'm not bad enough and I'm done with it being like that. I'm done with and having a black cloud and Douglas rain showers whatever it might be and I'm telling you everything around you looks like. It's everything you need to be happy and choose to be happy and to move forward with happiness and positive. England blessings miracles it's solid in your grass is just have to decided. To take a hold of it and and do something with at. Are you are. And the guys there to guide me through it. We all have right now we're past yes we all aspects I think just that she'd do. Look at that little. Jam jar of jelly jar of baby food jar and put on your window and every time you find a penny at other times. If they think here angels and you throw it in there and they will throw parliament from and you looked down if you cooking your meal at the time in on the floor. And the war you'd see these them so that the collection happening ill start really how much are guides are around trying to get your room. Believe it. But I've been getting and eat and I have upon the vote I have bad those who that I collect it out of the yard. I'd say we left the mean. But yes. I'm having trouble and I aren't just Q. And that and I got rock who I guided rock. I picked. That's great cat hey thank you for calling from scratch and we appreciate that let's go to Brenda. Brenda is an organ he Brenda welcome to the program. I. And a high. I feel that I can and got the corner my eyes. And I think it's just my imagination that. Sometimes when I learned my hand those two. Yeah and that's it that's so much fun when that happens. Com you know. I I can't. There's a physical aspect to this and there's also the spiritual aspect you probably are seeing something but I will point out that you know it's something that you the other corner of your idol when you look at it it's not. Not there. And that is actually a typical reason because the way better cold than our eyes were racked light. It's how that anarchy that like it was in its state when you look at something directly you can actually see it so there is a physical aspect of things but. When it comes shadows and seeing things like that. I can tell you. It really depends on make you feel and I would normally tell a person regardless if I see something under currently what I tell myself. I think something out of the corner of my and I I'm gonna look because that's a natural thing to look. But I do not acknowledge it and I do not call attention to it. And sometimes it's just something passing through. And it's it's not I still not going to give it the attention that you're not crazy you're probably not. Seen things I mean it could be an animal to animal to the same things that are passed over. I still. It's basically just you know feeling and trusting and a lot of times. You don't even have to give anarchy any of these things they will just. Move on and it maybe just checking things out. Most of time that is the case. They they don't stay attached for long they don't stay in one place to look at it they really don't unless they're attached to aptly specifically they died there are some. When I. And it's funny because I'm looking for anybody that you would have known that is passed over at that make that this might be who you're seeing. And and nobody is coming through that say it's for me it can't it's like it's anngelle or something there's nobody coming through to say that. Phillip on the semi that you may be catching on the court your eyes just either a residual energy. Or something very different dimension that we don't have enough time nickel entering. But I would not be afraid of it I wouldn't even acknowledging that. I had the cook my guard down. Two years ago it and I'm really miss her and I'm I'm. I think they actually go around me. Animal we'll stick around just as it is just as human energy twelve daily you know they have been killed and they will come back and visit and they will present Andy that your cat means noticed that when that dog is around. What. I'm really bad with dogs that we issue like shorter. It relic lowered into the ground and shorter Hurt Locker tale. No she learned medium size. Yeah Mike Brown act like Ed Wood paneling. But not to Allah and talking like pointer kind of aside. Terry shepherd size and get medium. But lowered to the ground. I'm not Lilly. And I she lowered Korea on. Me. Red Bull and kind of that all Gary Shepard or something. Okay how it makes sense yeah I'm really bad diagnosing flowers and docs L but. She. I would think that come from just picking up on the similarity of that coat and McHale. That it probably hurt trying to represent. And it and something red channel for the ball or collar but it shall we have mentioned something red. Heard that and that is my color or is it accurate color. While I wish you would've come through clear for you to night. All you are Christian or. Big dreams. Take care. RH so we're gonna take a break we are doing readings are with Rebecca Rebecca Foster is our guest tonight the phone numbers 844. 6877669. Until freed a 446877669. Listening Jason GB. Great show lined up for. Are you talking about things like near death experiences the final words project shared death experiences and the upcoming consciousness forum that'll be with. Doctor Raymond Moody's next week middle of the week and then Sara Clancy. Author Sara Clancy was she'll be joining us talking about the black eyed children. It looked up something creepy check though. Yeah that's a great topic. And then tonight we are actually talking with Rebecca Foster which you know hole and you are calling in if you're trying to get through the winds are busy but keep trying 8446877669. Is a telephone number Rebecca is doing a reading this for you tonight she does that with us the first Thursday of each month that happens to be tonight for September. And let's jump right back into the phone lines if we get some of these calls taking care of I'm gonna head need to help announcing your name is it won me. Won't won't meet. OK well I'll show you calling from Seattle great to have you on the program grown with Rebecca. Meg how her way how are you all. All right let's take a peek talent first thing that your guys saw me and and they almost taste like let mini it tastes very. You don't parliament are very refreshing but they're kind of salary at the same time it's it's it's just like it it's can quench your thirst kind of a thing. So it assemble them here is that. First it is exactly that. Quench the answer that Cheney answered the pinning the guidance pitcher requesting a meeting this is coming Q now. And some they showed something else very quickly and I want imagery don't miss that can that should finish out so fast oh yes okay they're an. You are locking and as you are well it's kind of like a curve. Hallway and it could come around a curve as a doorway that kind of have to open just a little bit it's there's a light on it. And and it's I mean how could she know I mean if you're locking it. The first thing you're gonna do it like oh editorial on it check it out and so you kind of perjury and that there and you pushed the door opened slightly and I feel. All halting magnet type I feel like I have to go in the room I'd feel. At that and drawn to the throne said that we basically let let it what it's a presenting as. Two things one. Interesting that you've been wanting to find out answers that she's been looking for clarity on these are about to calm he'll. And then also the. Eat too raw that what the tour represented. A pathway that apple places on that ilk. And asking you to open next. You don't have to you that's just you know your freeway Alberto would. The government open door and especially it's opened just a little bit to kind of sit tight you know. And I'm looking into the to bad start at all it's something that it's almost like here coupled with me it's finally time so this could be it totally bit me in the past. You've wanted to walk through is something maybe that you overlooked because of whatever else that happened in your life you've chosen not yet not not now not now. And now this doorway is there and it makes it's so easy to do is pushing open said that but also see that. Let's say you're going to back to school where your wind at start talking trash to wave your life with directions. And of barriers will be gone now he won't have any reason not to do this so that maybe something that you overlooked in the past and now you're going to actually move forward with it now. And so this as a positive and it's basically. Something that isn't meant to happen in your life and I'll buy you may have chosen other have. Around it at different times now at the time freed finally did it. They in any way feel that we need to like you know I. I guess I wanted to do this before and I keep seeing it over and over and over and over again and now that I do it. So and and it's you'd just have this really. Uplifting energy it's very. Don't know the word is in the office child like in the way that it there's an innocence of as well just like. Big Alec excitement didn't giddiness that kind of energy. So. Political for a fully met door open and but the magnate kind of pull you inside guilt that that's kind of RA can explaining you're gonna feel like you have to do it. Right. Healer he absolutely very correct because they're not being too technical optical for a long time and being protracted needy. And actually won back. They believe the stigma. I put your doctorate. About Obama. Okay like that I'm an IQ court for your doctorate after that go all really. Yeah I asked I don't know what year is get access after you fly thrill and then you go on for your your doctorate. I don't think it'll happen masters. Well I don't who. Thank you for the call when you appreciate you calling in from Seattle there a lot of people still waiting on hold. And I know other people trying to get through we're gonna go to break here in just a minute Rebecca. On the you've got some events coming up wanted to tell people where they might be able to see you in person. Okay. Gap so in person at the end of September but the dash more states and cash were illegally. So excited about that. It's big gallery well all we can get ash bash so the 28 29 and thirtieth it's completely free access to the public. You can come in you can go top and she can to worry you can do whatever you want there's going to be a whole bunch of vendors there. And then on the 29 I'm doing I gallery will be close to the public at that point it's a quiet except for the goats he has. And so from type 45% forty fight and to be doing that prided gallery for whoever comes. Out that there is that cost associated with that by 50% of the proceeds. I'm going to be going to watch Clinton's foundation though it's it's got a really great purpose behind it. Yes I had a pretty premiere of recorders because that they came alive last time I did the gallery it was so much aligned so the I just can't wait and Gary Condit October. Now. Yeah me agree going to be fun aren't so we are doing a readings with Rebecca Foster tonight the phone number and the 446877669. Again 844687. 7669. Or take a quick break a lot more to Tomlinson Jason GDP on I'll. He's used to so. Review with me Jason Hawes and the only sauce and Jamey Johnson tonight. Are talking Wii is Rebecca Foster should you and I are doing a whole lot of talking and I think where they're kinda useless or we are. We are useless as a lot of fairways you can describe you use useless and I won't say any of them right now but that's who we feel like. But either way it's it's perfect for everyone who's calling in and and please be patient I know you've been on hold many of you for very very long time. We are taking your calls as soon as we can also mentioned next week we've got some really interesting topics on the program we're going to be talking about the final words project. And that we had a guest on that we spoke about that project. In the past. And it was some it's a discussion about things that people say right at the moment of of their passing and it is a fascinating discussion. And it really opens is the the discussion on the afterlife and things that people go through at the moment of death that it's pretty amazing it's a little bit sober little somber but very very means it. Have silly and then Wednesday were going to be talking with Sara Clancy. Author and we're going to be talking to her about her book the black eyed children. And the old mythology behind it and so forth and it's it's really a strange strange subject so me she tune and it's going to be highly interest and yet a lot of people talk about creepy and Teva movies that are creeping this and that's creepy dude the black eyed children discussion is a bit creepy to it is it is yet. Race or gonna continue our our our conversation in our calls here with Rebecca Foster in Moscow to the phones this is Maria. In Kansas City hey Maria you're on with the back to Foster. Hi everybody. Primary. And general reading. OK okay well the first your guys show is that you'll are. When your more earmark out on the water. And you're trying to get back your beach so basically what's going on at C you're on what it's kind of a makeshift raft. We're at a lot better sort of tight together and you are in a skirt and I yellow blouse. Your shoes are off. In your kind of bent over your paddling into the water trying to get back to. The speech and and that opinion believe they're not pushing you away or not helping you Lenny. You really have to work that so basically at some point he would have gone out of the water to improve your outcomes improve their opportunities to bring. More opportunities in Cilic is now like changing things it's basically. Seeking out new avenues to improve self. And so you that this awaiting your draft looks professional. Soul on. This could be whipped career education and that's sort of the thing. And I would have probably. Wager that he would've had issued on when you went out there and you don't announces the big thing about this is that you would've caught up on the water. Still feeling like I wanna do this I feel like a want to improve mileage I want to do something for myself I want that aspect of that identification. But he would've had a situation our personal or you would've felt like either guilty or you would have felt pressured him and maybe this is not a good idea maybe I shouldn't do this. And you would have felt DES. Just at all. Feeling of restraint of being held back. But you would you let it get it anyway he went out there which is that it takes a lot of cuts and it means that if it would have been sending that you really really felt the need you wanted to deal. They're now lawyer out zawahri tape issues topped. Now at this point nothing is holding you back so the question is is it that it's not from meet and know what the cause they leadership election would mean but they didn't is quite issues Iraq. So either that this situation of the person that originally it was restraint he was no longer there and now you are figuring things out for yourself. You're trying it actually speeds. So it's time now for use to sort through clinic and take everything that you got different view everything that you experienced. And and you'd sit and and pull altogether because basically what it's what god is basically saying the mass at the pass on Q is that. You may feel like. It. You're going in 500 different directions and that they are there it was around she need to pull things then and hype them up but it's not. It's not like you're being abandoned its not like you being left out. And I think that's part of the messages letting you know you're not forsake you not be forgotten by. You have to know your own strength that you actually know who you know what you are made and so he's kind of standing back in your Angel your diet just getting back in the ID and they also like what she can do what you can do to get figured out they get together. It's gonna pull it I'll you know public and and get back on the beach so it's they're basically saying it's tight right now to pull up your pants. Hi David how it you can make nearly as market top on done. And just. Finish the race and buckled down. And it may mean may use you know breaking alienate tear up teammates you know if they get this not each year but it's basically. You know proving who you are to yourself and nobody else. It is telling everybody else I did this to me I did that you can't take it from me and so. The messages that you may feel like you're in this along right aperture or not they're kind of just getting back to make sure that you. Are figuring this out for yourself. I hope that helps catalytic at least not that you are being like ignored there. That kind of happy how I been feeling lately I you know hard to navigate everything together and bigger every now. And I want through not really financial being let you know. It is trying to in my mind right now that I want to retire and and I did like no that wouldn't be the right time and. Interesting that you say that because that would. Being part should probably also the physical reason why other earthly reason why you're trying to get back here beach like get me out of this site just wanted to buy beach in conducting. But it didn't figure it but I could tell your butt back and the fact anti let me point out to the fact that I forgot to mention it. When you're in the water you feeling culture problems in the fact that you're putting your arms of the water instead of a paddle. That also makes sense to you in the fact that you'd be feeling like I wanna get back in a speech but it still feel like I'm struggling and sort. So let that that makes a lot of sense it's really cool. But you know yeah. You're not and there's a lot you know I'll have that then you will you're gonna illegal fullback QB. Thanks for the call Maria let's go to Joseph. Chosen Pennsylvania then gonna take a break after Joseph and if you're on hold won't get your calls be patient Joseph you're on with Rebecca. I'm Rebecca. I Gallup I'm sorry I keep waiting for Jason this sale woke up I always. Oh it's so hard and I keep my dad I'm like should I say hi Anderson they just let Rebecca goings on to lose so. I've been waiting I have been hesitating for each ratings kept. I've been waiting for it tax site on a boat. All right Rebecca buddy you're the site kicking your spouse and on Antarctic. It'll take milk. But have a big ball. Did you want all I agreed not these kids go to talk which. I thought OK or at night you actually got all talk TO a lot of things going on a result he just lost my home. Mom. And another thing about a lot of people coming up to me asking Italy might hear about them that David B obeying. All the right here. Which I don't understand what it actually end that he wanted to know if there's something you're actually dare. I come full Irish spiritual history European airplane. Come a group of a lot of this. Experience thing you know if you got strangers coming up to you asking Italy hands on them. The one thing you have to be aware that these are obviously believers of some sort. And are. The fact that they even believe that that's possible shield their base. The second part is that you that's strangers coming up to asking Italy hand and then because they believe that you have some form of energy. Dollar question is that you believe you have. You know give the faith and apostrophe you believe you can do that do you believe that it's possible because that deal it's possible. Believe me I know I've done it. And so. If filing you know I would take these messages. If I can just tell you right now you know all your beer in a particular right now or your fate is being tested. He Gloucester home but the same tiny cat people asking you to heal them early and on the and so what you have to consider it in all it in the tightly that you look back at it killed and like he was put through and tentative state. And at the same time are you going to you know argued if he's still going to be there and I would think that right now be one of the strongest kind of let them the most. Appropriate time for you deterrence that no I've lost all the earth fleece stuff. But I still have so much more that that actually matters. And so what I would do fiery you know it I would completely open up and I would say okay what is that you want to do what you want to deal. I'm a year I'm ready. And I'm willing to do it and then. If you you know politics and you're standing next if someone and you hear what you hand on them. Just do it you're gonna feel creepy I know I bet there I cool at Egypt. He just have to trust what you're hearing in many have to do it. And if he you have the ability to just hear something like that and then do it he's gonna work three U. And it may take a moment or two for reading catch on and figure it out but. It's almost as if that's a bit of a calling for you. And I would take it lightly if somebody you're asking me to do that they like Pacquiao and put my hands on you Cherokee and Al at. I'd do it. And so it just really come on your face and you pick it. There's not act and a raffle at best you're not gonna raffle at that you're going to be feeling like. Is this Scott it was you know it was like look it working for a year and a more that you work for content. The war is that the darker things are gonna try to stop PO. And that's for them until attacks as spiritual attacks against that you have to fight does not ignore anything negative anything negative at all. I hope that helps you out on your journey. Appealing to literally in the deck. We've done yeah I actually when my view it when people are there actually be opening. Almost like what an electrical current. Yes. That's exactly lit feel like. Are you actually get to it coming next tightly top please stop when he did that I've got hit it in the united Arab Asian debt because I know I know what you should be seen so. All right Joseph thank you so much we have to go to break your sort of got to let you go if you're on hold be patient we will get told your calls. See 77669. Until free 8446877669. UT like a reading by Rebecca Foster gives shall listen Jason dvd out. Morality radioed back. Flies by only. But the Foster on the phone lines are busy you keep trying to get through it needs. Or 46877669. Next week will be talking about the final words project also black eyed children lot of great stuff coming up next week don't forget tomorrow night. Is a best of program here I'm beyond reality radio and silly string and Alice Rebecca and for me. Thanks for taking only schools. App although I enjoy it ain't Regina. Are we. We've got time for one more here before our next break so let's go to bury who's calling from Harris filming your cave very welcome to the program you're on with Rebecca. Carriers don't it says. Thank buried right. First year guys tell me is that you are kind of rolling down. How am I would cause so called Whitewater but it's it's rougher water you're a raft. You're just kind of floating I think you even have a cocktail without an umbrella in it so it. That's the kind of representing handle relax strike which is good. OK so. Basically what it's saying it at some point you got into the raft. And you had started off higher up on the mountain of course. Where Whitewater is and you would be coming down on the trapped in the thing about disposition is that you would be. Feeling that you were eighties that life would have been throwing things more or less at EU rather than you'd choosing different things can happen you would have been feeling a little more out of control. Maybe just like you have no other choice but to get in the water and and make things happen or allow things to happen. And though that puts you at the mercy. You know bouncing off the rocks and just feeling like maybe things are a little out of control. And he's taken more that. That trusting ride and feeling like a clinic if you don't look like you're really struggling you're not light up going eight or not hanging on figure like you're just allowing this draft. To take you. Where it will and you are. Not worried you're kind of look like you're trusting where it's going to bring you which has really grade I it's it's really agreed. Way to beat because ultimately that's what it does does that bring each and more shell of the water. You don't have to get out in adept at it it's you can get out and stepped right out to dry land and you'll have a choice cents. And that's how you right now and then I'm gonna move on but. If you'd you'd have a choice to one choose what you know and what is comfortable for you don't do that. Because you're gonna end up walking that back up to the top of the not have to get back in the water again. Just put it risky choose what is brand new that you never done that was uncertain that a scary for you. Just the past that you never done before. We built a machete and start cutting down all the vines that Elaine you Kutcher pass you make happen for yourself. It it'll be empowering it's the same time once you finance six you're going to. It did not think it was nothing they'll stop viewing you'll break an old cycle so. If you've already find yourself in the position that you'll know what to do next I hope helped throughout very. It that they appreciated thank you. They're watching no problem thanks for calling and. DF experience Rebecca we have just under two minutes here let's see if we can get Michael from Indiana and hey Michael welcome to the program. Michael you're there. But then you're on the back. What. Michael first thing that you're Geithner showing ill as you're walking what looks like main road of off of a cemetery. And you are holding the hands of somebody behind you that it and it looks shorter or maybe a child there's something about it as you're walking through this. Represents Carrey or helping someone through a very typical situation that they are going through. And that you seem to be the only one that might be able to help them because imperfections. Puts you in a position. Filling your cup. Am and it basically what they're saying is that you may feel like cool high school might help the person but actually. You want the best people to help the individual through a very difficult time and it feels personal for that person and what they're feeling alone. And struggling very much and so opening up and saying look this is all right and this is what happened to me this is light at. And relating. US successes in who you are kind you've got three things to this person is really to save them it's really an apple this individual out. Filling you feel what you see what you recognize at struggle. And it's it's it there's the Chinese some of the meanest that you'd probably representing a child or someone younger than you within probably your circle your family or your friends. The EU would. Run into on normal pace stepped. RO. So we we meditate we got to take a break and a lot more calm our guest Rebecca farce of the phone numbers 8446877669. Dental free at 844. 6877669. Less than Jason dvd on elegant. Programs beyond reality radio. Thank you for being patient and hurt her readings with her baca tonight we do this the first Thursday of every month. Which happens to be tonight and Rebecca Foster psychic medium Rebecca before we search taking phone calls again give your website and your YouTube channel again. Sure it's Rebecca fostered dot co CO. And YouTube channel is YouTube dot com slash see slash Rebecca faster pretty simple. Very simple to remember that's right. Let's see where do we leave off I think we left off with Roy who's in South Carolina he Roy welcome to the program and you're on with Rebecca. I'm Ariel doing longtime fans show first friend Conan. Not only for colon and welcome to show. IRA. I would just hope Libby could just give me some guidance. I've spoken all the call united and I just thought he had a message or me. Okay well I'm glad you got through you'd think that the case. So first off being told that. Separation or being apart from someone or normal situation. Would be around you right now and it would eat something pulling on the heart strings something that would. I went somebody's energy is removed from our life it can regardless if it's breakup or divorce or death. They all did the same thing where they polled. Said their energies away from us and it we have to you know figure out how to get through it by. Ideally within ourselves just filled the void and it seems like this is something that you would have gone through recently where you're having to. Figure out yourself. And fill in those who flocked to area. I again part of your message this thank there's not enough time to go in everything but part of it is. That there is their resilience around you and it's funny because state police he your guy it's plea deal that one of the most difficult part. About halfway I think when a person is walking out of past and there are completely. Transforming. They are. Off sometimes they may even be depressed state meet these really cutting at themselves about who they are what needs to change. How they're changing and if they should change and there's. It's just an can be it is very difficult for some people. And it's funny that you're standing at this area where a lot of people might even fall to their knees. And yours say he years separate this. That isn't this man he's falling and eased down on it needed he's crying. And you put your hand on his back in nearly it's okay it's okay you do your all right you can you can do this and you. He kind of cheered on like that person it's rated that last moment where you really have to buckle down on me just Rand 26 miles. And near the guy that's hoping that person and so. This can be huge. I don't want car a week but it's it's a huge. Position at the end when it also represented that it would be an altered soul that is here for yourself. And so if you've ever wondered what quick claimant doing lighted and why is nothing you know I don't even stay very long at one place I'm always moving from here are there any areas there. And nothing is ever truly solid because people such as yourself. They don't come here for themselves they knew goalie who are needed. Not where you wanna be. And so he might be the Jack of all trades. He may not even add your life completely figured out in May be very spontaneous sporadic life where you just. Go with the flow more relaxed. And so I guess part of the night is kind of a confirmation village you know that you're doing what you're meant to do and you are actually serving got in a lot of ways you may not even realize it. Nor do the people around you probably. What you are helping people in fighting men and if you aren't sure what to do I would really focused on that I would focus so where can I ago. Where I ministering to people and helping them in lifting them up. So it's just seems to be a natural treatment they need to be able to do that call people on cell I would look at that's. I would. Or I don't I. This seems clearly accurate lot of ways I really appreciate the messaging. It's more thank you for. Calling and. Yeah thank you Roy we're gonna have to SPD's along a little more swing gets everybody we're not taking any other calls those of your on hold. We'll get to your calls but no new calls this is Barbara in Iowa he Barbara welcome to the show. I think you replicate the packing meat may. Preferably years ago I had a lot of lot of one after another and I just didn't still struggling understand. The purpose of all of that and if you think that I guess give a general reading in the current account that I really appreciate that. Well I don't even well the first thing that before when you said hello look like a mother figure came through right away and settle. Only. So I'm like I said the come mother figure somebody really to care for you and that capacity. Looking it that it will all that you women's summit at twit or on accident probably had darker haired woman who would have either curled a warmer air back. And then a woman who made any best sister or your aunt. To his sister can hurt maybe but. It looks on walls and like a strawberry kinda like light blind but maybe some red tint to it too late and it looks. I'm not and they are. So lighter air woman is more reserved and she's like telling the president what to say who is got a bigger golfer really more a lot with a lot harder. And just a quick jump to change sake and I bake some cookies and tolerant Dennison and her hands being okay. Talking about her mobility you're the rest her hands like shrug. Wanting to acknowledge that. And pop scene and the cost is also again that I had such a short amount of time I I meet for the long but they are talking about. Having chest. Check congestion coughing difficulty breathing. You don't won't congestion. And figure tapped it makes sense of that I I am sorry but I know I don't have time but. Two of these women. Very much just very excited to talk in one or anything I think the woman at a later a woman has apron on. Or something that covering a close election wants ten. Keeper close to clean but she's. They're developed very excited to talk one if the blond haired woman is more and more reserved or shy. But. Basically just a really big smile lots of laughter and love kind of coming through which you know. We can't we don't die we just kind of kill off the skin that we're in. And we moved on to the next portion of our journey. Pakistan when the public architect hat and try mental I everything from our house I mean my life is just Ben. I don't understand it learn going to hit it quite that many if you. Is during the economic guide to cart the direction. I don't understand why I've been to topic trauma that has to go to the past seven years. And rushed for you Barbara has a. Oh my god you have no idea I've got everything from my aunt died two dogs to do mighty. Everything and they act that aspect of my life has as I thought I want our Internet in the past two years. In testing well you know I can tell you that it there if there's just so much I know I can't cover at all in this IEB. Really. Get to you email me and I'll connect to Q and I'll throw you upright they're reading to cover. We think that seeing additionally don't have enough time tonight and I can tell you that a lot of times. What you know and eldest helped create a lot of the things that you would have lost would have been earthly things. And so let you know although there's that the life and the energy animals that you mentioned. There's still wish you the agency can't see them. Yeah let's let's let's recommend that Barbara contact you when your web page you said you would offer a full reading and sounds like he used to help there we just don't have time to get into it right now. We need to go to Sherry in Kansas City hi Sherri welcome to the program around with Rebecca. I don't know back into my meat you. Hi how are you. Buying. A pay. Well gosh you do have what appears to be a little light. Fluffy our base puppy dog around you. And it it that. I almost looks like gays have to cynic a couple who Horry should do or something smaller like that. And I checked it's alive or not it netbooks alive but they can sometimes they just took a life. And you count page. This god if this must be a mail in mail. The wait years Ed. From the perspective of this talk. Look at right I'll be looking down a hallway so there is coming down the hallway is flat out if he'll come male energy alcohol weight. And again I'm not sure at this this person looks ready but I am thinking but it is that person is passed over. That. And I'm having a bit of difficulty walking down all they try to block that pot now literally having nap but they wanted to acknowledge. Having two walks forward is somebody who would it that weaker. It toward the end of life what is blocking alcohol says that there you've got several all. People. In Obama like you that want me to acknowledge the presence around you and that there are still weak U. And yeah. That you need to get some sleep apparently. Late united you. Yet another YouTube and its. It's inflate. The VF obviously the concern is sleep and that the docket earlier I think we're here apparently you know we're here we you. But it. Sitting at the kitchen table like way too late out of your your followed Archie I can copy cake or something but Billick is to go to sleep in it stop over thinking things. Catamaran had. Yeah that's my pal I can't check my brain out at night sang go to sleep. Black. People act picture black it's really hard to do that just picture black. But the night out impact on many things happening. Yeah right keep me thinking. I can see that I can absolutely see that. Cherry thank you so much for the phone call we have to move on because of time. We've got just a couple calls left again we're not going to be taking any new calls if you're on hold we will get to yours this is Sam in South Carolina he Sam. Guys are tight on a night it will conditional. Kinda am. Oh. Am. How boy into yet big ol' fat targets which you need. Thank you have talent but I think it is that you. I that and intensity you don't deserve what you spent handed. And I seen you locking down a road. It's night time Iraq you know there are by yourself this year with lots of contemplation and Wear it like on next what do they do what's next thing you know where where hideaway. I followed that performance kind of a thing. And so it feel almost as if you have the rug pulled out from underneath your feet unexpected though you. Yeah eight it would just be like thinking everything is going on keep dory it's perfectly that you're on your back. And so it's. I get the message selection knowledge that this has not you it's not this is in the arguing we all have our own hands. And so although we may lock next to somebody. We may not know where their app that kind of lead that meant being manly our country will. They may not always make still quite different choices either so. I guess letting you know all that. Maybe not feel like you're right now but it may be a blessing in disguise the Philippines. Don't be pondering things too much and wondering what it I do what I what's wrong with me. Don't think about things like that because. It's the clarity is going to consular lady you're gonna go all in all I'm glad that I wasn't looking at this direction because had I. Had I not been looking forward I would've missed public coming next. Suggests. Which had up and continue walking forward and and watch for the next opportunities and and people and turn your pathway. To getting ready form now. Nokia are you. Well absolutely. I can email me at and like that I would affect everybody within a day or two of soap app illegal read about. Thank you for the call Sam we've got to move on we've got two minutes for our next caller this is trinity in Kansas City high trinity you're on the back of Foster. Trying thinking in my crawl welcomed the show. Trinity yeah. Girl okay first set I must say it do not. Not make any choices based on humans right now. Only yourself do not turn something down for someone else do not same note if something because somebody else might be offended or sad or upset or jealous. You do what your heart is telling muted due Utah you do what your gut is telling you do what it. Your fullest pulley muted deal and it not turn something down based on if I do at this time might lose some one. Don't do it. No role. Don't let any human dictate. Where you're going to go right now I feel like there is the direction. Of your life that you like dreaming about that you really wanna do it for some reason I know without creepy but they you know are are like artistically out there. And I see you artistically six beating and it and I seen this pathway of being such a tiny finite past. That you really would have to squeeze into it it doesn't look like a lot of people can squeeze into this earthquake mrs. Specialty path. That is like you'll have a moment to decide if you want to do this get for not disclosing competent without that kind of thing. So. Don't think that if you're like I'm gonna Drexel until behind me while I do this it's gonna work this is the one person pass. And you're gonna succeed if artistically. Who you are you other approach. Up top they're either yourself or your ability and you going to make it basically succeed big time and you're going to be looking went as well. So. It. Oh are. Thank you for the call trinity we have to which ago we're out of time. Rebecca that does it come one more time for us give issue website let people know how they can email you say wanna get to in touch with you personally. Yep it's Rebecca postured got pole and then you can just email me killed my cap form and like I said. I will get back I get all the emails they get every match the charity every passage I get everything and so you get a thumbs up or just say hey I got your message. I promised you I will I gather everybody up on the same day and I kind of go after everything in answered opera video or toughened you up. A link to YouTube and other partner re telling but I always get back to people so. We're back it was a pleasure having gone tonight and we look forward to this every month and so on we look forward to seeing talking you again. Thanks a lot case I do appreciate it it's a blast it's you guys. Think maybe. You've got to and I are we're gonna take a quick break come back wrap things up we listen as Jason JGB on morality reveal. I know a lot of people were trying to get through and just couldn't that's kind of the nature of the beast here we can only take so many calls unfortunately but we will have Rebecca on the first Thursday. Of each month to doing readings for us one more for you than for honest but so hopefully get a chance to call back in at that point. It's always like a competition that first Thursday and every month people register and fighting to get through and now and she does her best issued his readings quicker as she can and you know I hate to even get in and sometimes you can so I'm definitely didn't. Trying next month yes and then next week we've got some great shows coming up for you by the way doctor Raymond moody will be with us. To talk about the final words project near death experience. Experiences shared death experiences. And the upcoming consciousness forum which should be pretty interesting and then Wednesday author Sara Clancy will be talking with her about black eyed children. And it's really creepy experience many of you might know we're talking among many he might. Which just say I wanna say Black Eyed Peas are due to its feet for again not a if you having had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radio it's FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radio dot com find all the stations where across the country. Get our free Smartphone last July as it catch the show alive cash path shows on the go. Or any night rewind just click the listen live tab in the upper hand corner. Join us online today in a chat room listening to show you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else deuce a Federer Maria for sales push forward makes it easier for people find. And helps us so greatly so that's gonna do for us tonight you listen Jason NGV beyond reality radial catcher also. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this week I'll see it's a coincidence that the it's an old home week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stuck my feet in the agency's slow fade getting some peacekeepers will purchase almost all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.