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Bernie Taylor discusses the origin of humans

Jul 19, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Bernie Taylor about his work in analyzing ancient cave drawings and how they tell the story of the origins of civilization. 7/18/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just that only Wes Owens and he's many are stuck somewhere in between what going to be unreality revue with myself Jason Bosnia was awesome GG John. We have a really really interesting discussions scheduled for not an excited about this Jeremy Finley will be joining us to talk about. It sees me I Jeremy so we were tegra Bernie Taylor he's a naturalists and a thought leader and we're going to be talking about. Each in astronomy. And what to do ancients know that we may have learned maybe we haven't learned by if we took no we might learn a lot more. What was the messages they were sending us in keys meanings and in other ancient drawings. What was happening that we maybe we haven't gotten the message yet maybe once we figured out we're gonna know a whole lot more than we do now. And it what are if Burleigh product to a distant past Ohio just from a different source and in this so many more questions that I can come like what's this mean just endless endless things. Yet Bernice talked about this at length he's done a lot of presentations a lot of seminars. And there's a lot. To discuss here and it's kind of complicated so we're gonna go through little by little with burning when we bring them on. And he's gonna have really have to map it out for because it's rather complicated but it does tell a story that may reshape the way we think about the origin of mankind. And and there's so many different series and thoughts author on the and so when if it'll definitely be and it it'll draw some serious questions and you know with the assault everything but I'm. If you have in your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial FaceBook page forest. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com. We can find all the stations we are across the country let's just constantly being he didn't do new stations being out of all the time. It also download free iPhone and android breaker which allow us listen live touchpad shows joint online chat more. And or just listener through a cyclical listen live button right there on the web site. And hang around right at the on the website Waltz into the shelves and great time. Yes and if you do that you'll circuit shows like we've got coming up later in the week tomorrow night Jennifer long Mora who is a sole purpose coach. Any past life regression test will be joining us is also an author. And will be talking about things like if your past life in fracture ability. To make money today or just your ability to live your life today I'm I'm I'm I'm curious what the money part. In the Thursday were talking with Michael bringing. That Bryant's are. Other travel psychologists will be discussing the road to stir strange series co authored with Rosemary Ellen dialing Craig front. On the road to strange travel tales of the paranormal and beyond. In the road to strange UFOs aliens and high strangeness. Which definitely seems to fit in militia. How many people. That you talked to during the course of found any discussion about memories your childhood. Say I remember when I was like a year two years old in this particular event happen to me. And you think to yourself how can you remember something. That happened when you were two years old when that happens people talk about the stuff yeah I mean yeah I still traumatized from certain session. That's that's a different story that measure generally last week he of course but it's it's it's been determined by scientists at that 40% of people. Have memories of things that occurred to them occurred to them or with Hemmer they were involved in before the age of three years old but it turns out. Most of those memories if not all of them are made up. Just. I kid. Think impact. Cannot remember anything from when I was a young I. Honestly though first memory I happen it was like it was fine my father was telling us removing from Victor New York to app on New York. And in this first thing I can really remember from when I was a kid so trying to remember anything prior to that I just I don't know how it's possible. Yeah well that's a thing in a lot of people do have these memories but it turns out in the system that I thought for a long time it turns out most of those quote unquote memories come from a couple of different sources one as. Stanley stories people in your film we told you that this happened when you were two years old. And it becomes some value fabricate the memory in your mind and you start to believe that it's something you actually can remember. Or its family pictures. Or it's just you know something that some happen to somebody else that you've incorporated in your own farm crisis process and this is something this is a hole. Science that determines that many of us are susceptible. Two false memories. Which I I put totally agree with I'm sure that. On the mean I just I don't know how anybody would remember something from way back then and if I'm wrong and some semi Alter have memories when you're about little chiefs let us know yeah I. I think it's got to be quite a challenge who remembers things so they save that the scientists say that you really your brain isn't equipped. To store memories of that sort until you're about three and a half years old at that point. Your brain has developed to the point where can actually start to retain that information. Yeah and I and I can run and I can understand and it's just like us than anything part of that. Matches just doesn't make cents I may be if you Felix three informed and you trying to remember when your two yet happened that when you're thirty and forty trying to remember when you're too I can't. Remember what city Tuesday I can't remember Sunday let alone when I was two or three year one or whatever I cannot remember who I mean I have. Enough trouble in the morning at the breakfast anymore that's exactly I mean I can't tell you what after dinner two days ago. So it's an interesting study mean scientists continue to look at looking into the brain and how the brain works and how memories are formed especially when they start looking into things like alzheimer's and trying to figure out how. The brain changes as it gets older so it's an interesting science and I'm sure more and more information come out of this. Yes and again if you if you knew weren't tuned in last night in I don't wanna give a shout out to very close friend my grant Wilson his mother lost her battle. And yesterday and she ended up passing away and much loves to grant and his entire family and to and his mom ended and nosed hadn't she will be greatly missed. Yet losing a parent is never an easy process. Anybody who wants to go through that certainly. It's difficult and our thoughts prayers and love to grant Wilson and assembled so it do me a favor if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else if you just read it. For us helps push it forward makes it easier for people to find that's would have sold out. And the fall on the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844687. 7669. Where and take quick break a lot more to come we're gonna get her guess Bernie Taylor on the line. You listen to Jason GDP unreal unreal. Jason can you. It's set up around tonight her guest is burning Taylor he's a naturalist he thought leader also an author. His website is before all right in dot com and he's got a book out of the same titles called before right Bernie welcome to be on riady radio script given the show tonight. Jerry thanks for every bush coming up so let's get a little bit of an idea of when your background how much it started novice. Absolutely most people start the book that came her previous spoken in four that was an article of some sorts and I wrote a book. Terrell biological time doesn't see how plants and animals timed self. How did he do here no want to write insignia how to salmon note migrant stream at the same time they can't he'll follow once more Sabbah. I'm so I state that question at. With the war with the researcher at basic data from official while apologists. I wrote a book about. And it came up to the came up how salmon actually migrated sacred connect to predict. When did it'd be there whether or not there earlier early and our calendar. I get presentations are on that Indian tribes in cash while at Beijing and so on that 1213 years ago I started asking myself when I write the book. Was sentenced to know this are ready. And I said looking to the anthropological research of native Americans in fact they had account. It calendars are all about when that when it year right when the salmon migrate. I'm and the geese dropped their eggs and so on so forth. As some upsets me note you should really look further back in time because native Americans were hunter gatherers and we have had records of hunter gathers back to Europe. I'm tens of thousand years ago so I looked at it came in coal ESCO in France the Dorgan regent seven you've got to Sears card looked at images and fact that the nomenclature that dots in the mark next to each animal off where exactly is seen as a native Americans have to calendars and when that these biological clocks. Which is so Arafat and only talent in the same story at the same idea because it you know. Magic doesn't T down and I am you really have to know something not analyst about the environment there world in these caves and is this came in France beached it. Haven't LR or actually admit lots of and it's an hour. Mode that was on there rounding up that females house. And so it was the same nomenclature told me to same story. But I was kind of had my time. When I wrote the book and it was mostly biologically related center has put this on the shelf for ten years. And after ten years gonna come back and revisit it I came back and looked at the question. I am with older keeps it up seventeen candidate in DK market indeed 40000 years old. I went back to look at it came in France call in Spain all the images McCabe inspect its banquet Al Steele. Which that Tenet that all its cable the world I start looking for specific animals and course for example. And on panels that there were no one ever found of course before but had all this nomenclature these dots that people or potentially count rusty or York dolls were definitely counting. In on this panel that ten mile loan panel that notice in Haiti's red dots dots sort an elephant. And it gives else in the room because this was an African elephant and they were no African elephants in New York there. Opens there in Europe there are not African elephants in Europe that time. So I contacted a friend my distant past as early twenties in China sort of 53 now so it's more than thirty years ago and out is there's George shower and George is foremost steal you wallet college world. He was that the meant sure Jane Goodall and I'm just everybody could imagine those early times while out. George was and enter content to George I said you know. Need help you identify her health that this. And we went back and forth it looked at mammoths and all these other animals and it could beach and we said you know it's really hard to tell. Us what continue down this panel. We start seeing other am as well as the bar re eat switches. Unique to that that problem North Africa but they're burned Gibraltar now aren't we but we also Alston down giraffe Childress. At the monitor after wraps around its head around young and at that point we realized that this person in Spain actually travel. Across the street brawl to Africa so weird journey with this hero's journey we're such human characters once speaking to the yerba another and so on. It became miss it you program like that zone. I'm ends we also we campus lots characters aren't and in the end it turned out the arm related to arm. It projected those animals are that the image is that animals and the stars and is gonna finals at constellations. And at that point it starts Camping World. What or other people. Working on this kind of concept may archaeologists and polished pretty much arm had said it was shot isn't some sort of magic and that's sort of stuff and it. It also drew the idea of what's out there and a popular meteor. There's this concept. That I am. There's myths that are told around the world and he's let's have a common a common denominator bush we have a cosmic egg and we have here is dirty. We have teacher in the apprentice we will these characters. And in them. If you go on TV you look into billions program they will tell you that aliens you know traveler on the world and everybody all the stories and therefore. And that must accompany aliens came over quote engineer his program. And other people say that there was a lost city Atlantis well dozen years ago when it it went into the sea. Are people. Took shifts around the world and spread all the same information. Minnesota went out there the Koch records and for how the people's about downloading downloading the tens of thousands of years before world's information. The other the other possibilities that people independently came up with the with the same increases in story which is possible. But this to me details that carrier in the world but this is one more possibility that say. Is that we all came from the same place we lose that mythology keep the same place. Not very deep in time these caves and Spain 40000 years ago or more deeply into Africa. So you would start the program errors listed in that it's a cop you know it's complex. But really simple. We all tell the same stories. And why do we tell us same stars and I'm saying we came from the same place. You said a lot in just a few hits here. Now your idea you have seen the same place and we're gonna have to get our our heads in our minds and our arms around all that I wanna back up just a bit though because your beat the beginning of all this works for you was kind of on related to were you offended operate mean you're looking at it yet you were looking at some biological phenomenon you were trying to determine how old certain animals are all animals kind of thugs get their biological clock. And what was what was the motivation for even starting that journey. Allows outdoorsman and tonight fish are also hat on. Him I've written a previous. And I look at the biological clock since sat STR Trout steel. I'm and so I got down this road. How do all how to biological clocks how to how do you know what to do things more more important how out of the annals of world are districts. People just you know some people garden. I'm some people you know go to the races. Are this is just my thing and I sort of had interest that is kind of hot Venus or writing books and articles and some. Forced tiger you're huge I'm. And it just found it took a whirlwind. When I saw. This person had trouble. Crossed. From your scene. And then I certain people's Tellme you know. You're talking about the hero's journey insecure as journey. Which is of course we can we connect back to Joseph Campbell who passed on that. Concept to George Lucas which ended up in the move series' start so. And so if I keep. I can tell you this whole story of the Kmart. Ruth do sports. Because it's seen myth it's the same story that Joseph Campbell won around the world. Any mind all these myths. And he condensed into to a package they pass on a George Lucas and George Lucas beat this incredible store this is movie series. And we understand we can relate to the stars movie series because we carry these that's when Dennis. When the architects these characters popped out with a hero Luke or Indians and distressed layups. Or the of the wizard who's yoga and win these characters come out is our temples. I'm the story is a vote. And that's how we can follow star horse even if we've never seen Joe Buck up before we can't. It's what is his you know. And that's there actually speaking of incredible friends at joints are his journey. We can go through a dark theme that was a rotten tin man and the and the lion. They're all the same characters. You know Chile is you know. Carriker. And The Lord of the Rings and well the original it just goes. On and on and and I totally get that we've got a lot that we knew that we've already covered but it opens up a million more questions and we got to take a break but we're gonna get into that only come back. You'll listen to Jason GP I'm beyond reality radio. Will be back after this. So far there are also an author's website is before all Ryan dot com. That's also the name of the book. Don't forget tomorrow right Jennifer long Maurer who is a sole purpose coach a past life regression test and an author will be discussing the topics such as if your life. Your past life impacts your ability to make money today. And then Thursday Michael Bryan who is a travel psychologists will be joining us talking about about a series of books that he's written. One of them coauthored with a Rosemary Ellen guy only who of course is a frequent guest on this program called the road to strange there's several books in that series and we talk about all that. So they train and all of us tonight Bernie. It's been five. So before we went to break you're getting into a lot of different things and I've I've looked at a lot of the pictures you have on your site which I think is Creighton you can all check that out before Orion dot com. And one thing is a guy who's in ice time did television for a long period of time and is the one thing we always had to concern ourselves with who was seeing things was the Adam the IE matrix again that's the whole the IE and seeing things aren't really there are now. I see what I see what you're showing on this and I'll be honest I would have never noticed that into you put it on the slate on. So you don't believe that it's it's more the eyes making out something that's not really there you think that that's truly what. What are in those images. Well. Our eyes make up things we we find patterns. And then after we find a pattern. And then we had paint it and we we carver were a few more reliance should we make shadows would charcoal. So that they're talented artist we first looked at the images. And actually first slow but walls and the east they saw the basic. Swarms of people and animals and then they brought them to life by Hanson shapes. Took our unique ability to see. To make to find patterns in things are allowed to make PR that's how we came forth this. Our great artists can discredit me and you can what are that's what Picasso's. That it is so that the cost was structured at the same question. And Picasso had hit the first his first worker cubism are currently down there was OK I've known in 1907 inch. And he drew these two masks and keep up to Mir are these two messed presumably look like congress courses and put them into his his first modern art painting. Which became modern art for all of us. And he asked himself that same question how did they first continents. And because we can pattern we can look to the night sky and we can see Ryan we see a man. There's no animal that we know are back and look to the next guy and see patterns of people. I'm it's something that's Iran. So special about us. What separates us from the chimps. Ernie you call yourself see reluctant astronomer what do you mean by that. Means that another telescope astronomers a circuit and many presentations to astronomical society's universe that sort of stuff. And these people that spent a lot of time looking telescopes. And I'm not really. Come. A telescope astronomer I'm not a person who study historic and as saying the cosmos and instant nebula and black holes and all sort of things. I make a state in how people look to the stars and a distant past. Howdy projected during psyche into the starts. And how related to the world around them. So luckily astronomer or natural and Ito. If someone ever defrost occasion and I'd like to talk to him more than it should talk to astronomers announced that astronomers are great people as well but my. Mean just is not so much inept. Physics up at all its more human nature and how we find ourselves in the gospels. Where the people of that so were responsible for some of the Keefe meanings and figures that were talking about tonight. When they looked at the L a but the night's sky where they seeing the same night sky that we're seeing now. Well yes sitting up. So depending where you. Tonight Scott that we see today has finally missing patterns of us are constellations. As people are seeing some places and times throughout the world book but most of consolation is that the stars mover I'll bet or Ryan is quite special that so far away from us that a Ryan. I'm in the same today's it did for 35000 years ago. Risks terrorists on its close it took much closer to earth. Then. Or Ryan to cirrus moves around a lot I am so you you could actually. If you can pick you if you can find consolation or right in the and you can find serious you can actually date what time in the past. That image had been me. So who's your through to the movie stars themselves we can also tell at a specific place. How this where the stars are relative to a rise in Mecca also part and they'll tell us how far back in time. OK so when as they're closer to us please me ten the move more throw throw. Time exactly this just like you know if you stand by hi where cargoes rips spider you know it's at its close to where's. You know play and jet plane out distance into trouble a lot slower. Does and cons. So why is this important to us why is it important. When we look up at the stars why is it important to us to. Make patterns in and mean these things and identified these things what is it in our psychology that makes an important. We exist today because we can recognize patterns as to specifically Paris and starts. And by seeing patterns and start we can tell we are a year so during the wintertime. Aren't we see certain starts. In the summer time we see out of stars and so if you look at tonight's guy in summertime you say you know these just and it starts telling me. It's on it's this ten year I might have stories myths relate to starts it Tony what to do so on a summertime I start my tell me to go bury it on where's the wintertime it might say you go. I'm content and so this the stars tell us where we are a year if chimpanzees. Tat could see the stars the way that we do in form patterns. They can then find themselves throughout the year that chimpanzees can give as wake up call the morning instead of computers and he gives. It's what do it's it's so unique twists and then what we did. We Downey's constellations around the year and we had a story of the hero who travels around the year at night sky. In meet all these constellations. And the hero in an appellate and let the version from 34000 years ago is that is. I am Hercules are right in the same character to meet once a north once the south in the night sky. The same character two points in the journey beginning characters Hercules and has climax of the journey before it returns back he's he's a Roni. The same character on the agent it's. It's is different in character I'm Dick between throat though he leaves the Shire and he's kind of a different person winning. Climbs a mountain and drops the rain today and today a lot of ups are on it's it's he's at he's he's transcended to him as hero this new person in Iran and he is the hero are stirred trouble after and they comes back again on sort. Certain stars are pretty much our ancestors calendar where we don't we don't need to look at the stars anymore we have a calendar we know it's going to be cold these months and so forth exactly were using the stars. They would do the new apps season starts that up the mood the mood to celebrate them the sun the sun doesn't change much when did an extreme from one week. Hard to tell and the moon tells you. Recyclers 29 F days is out of sync where the sole a year but the stars are fun though it is saying this really was the stars didn't even have been in these patterns these images of characters. You can't stories that are key easily be told to other people so we can remember these stories as we wonder we might trigger on the world. We kept the same heroes journeys are. Mythology structural stars. But we changed his stories for the local animals. I am and you know change the names are here as a solo. But this is what's really important this is this goes back to court. The same characters. That we finally help came from 34000 years ago. Exactly the same characters are what degree she's. So 2002000. Years ago and the Babylonian Jews 3000 years ago so why did they use the same constellations. And that and in that accidents in characters and constellations and he's hurt his right they had had Pegasus that an idea was the eagle they don't seem characters. Is because it Greeks. That the Greeks and egyptians that the Babylonian definitions. They went to the caves and they saw the cubs these characters made sky and the moral. So week in modern times are constellations. Are the same ones that the use McCain's. They so obviously saw the same error animals actually recognize. That these you know that you know Pegasus. I'll several ports are right looks like hero and they transpose that to their own culture. So we are today reliving. Upheld the pastor and constellations. The talents and start. When these. Artists if you will. Went into the caves recognized. An opportunity to tell a story for small paint. The not use a point here for paints a picture of what these these open and were talking on read here many people have an opportunity to go to your website and find. Images of what we're talking about but for those that don't describe what we're talking about here. We'll think about that let Luke Skywalker. He's in second episode empire strikes back the second movie that was Maine. I don't know where does the episodes now. Look stay outside Kate. And I just don't keep any sense to me Yoder what do I need to take McCain to protect ourselves and Muller says the only thing you can bring to keep yourself. So glucose and McCain goes for the star Kate any encounters. I am Darth Vader. So think that the appellate practice who goes McCain he's the sky or the apprentice who goes deep into the deepest parts keep. And it'll all kinds of things pop into Luke's head including Darth Vader. In the battles with our leader when he knocks in the ultimate blah blah when this light Saber lobs off that helmet up. To update that how false the ground and Luke sees himself into the and so what what will win. What. George Lucas is telling us. Is what the pellet that cave artists that practice would have been the same thing is that when you go into these caves and only then you bring yourself. You bring your own fears and your hates your loves and everything everything about yourself. So they can he could imprints at medium bringing you know computer and have probably neither have I am. You'll images to carry with them to transpose. It was all that was themselves and they brought their own imaginations that Bruck. The mayor. When you wish we see that the horses in these. I am caves. They're typically mayors and it typically pregnant I am and they're not real happy. They're angry. And so that was a projection of what that. That Pallet that. Apprentice artist to bikinis. On which is very cemetery. On. Archer Luke Scott or seeing Darth raider. They brought their imaginations and I am in you we've all been sensory caves I am whether they're man made orator zoo or the mall whatever the story. We going to affect our best we come to face house sells our own fears. And we go to the and that's really what. The stories about. Com and George Lucas. Bar that same cage medicate metaphor. Are for Joseph Campbell who had studied this concept he believed. That these metaphors were coming from the caves. You are Siberia but finally eat it bought these. These are the animals with the actual characters and they came to light in the minds and our arts sport and. We're talking with Bernie Taylor he's a natural list thought leader also an author his book is called before or Ryan. His website is the same it's called before O Ryan dot com. And that we've got a lot more to talk about yeah we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason G. Her. Next hour to hurt her 687766. Final open up the phone lines after the top of the hour break. To talk with our guest Bernie Taylor he's a natural Islam leader also an author his book is called before or Ryan. The website is before O Ryan dot com word mean deep in this conversation. A Bernie I'm gonna ask you. The images it that we see in the caves that were talking about in Spain and R&R those images unique to that Caver can be found elsewhere. They can pick out elsewhere. All around the world or are they. Paul is out there and elsewhere are connect. So those images and characters and those images can be found in and keep each and showed day in France as well as. Southern tip of Spain and Gibraltar. But the store characters so we're to actually keep him it is but the same characters no stories can be found admits her. As a here here's here's our here's what it is the cosmic egg. I'm the deal on in Africa the egyptians have a cost it cosmic gate as well as the armed and on the Chinese. Is that they say it's where everything comes from so at one point in time. There was a singularity. That exploded. In the universe was born want to tell that person was that hatched spun him in the same story. Pull all around the world we have in from very distant cultures. As will endorse a Norse in in your happiness well then you're in jail as people as you know cost. I get is that it's definitive proof that ancient aliens. You know keep everybody information but notice it because we actually have this cosmic admit. That Taliban is this a steal cave on. In speech. So there's there's a commonality. You might not have all the exact same characters but yeah same themes with the same archetypes. In the cosmic fundamentals. On the metals all there in the cosmic egg is one of them so why we have so why do we have. Arm why they have a cosmic egg them why don't big bag now. The Big Bang was first formulated by our capital priest fought match here. And bail in Belgium. And he EP populated a Big Bang based on. A mathematical. Idea that the universe was expanding astronomer horrible years later. I'm certain that the universe is expanding and if we went back that we what's the Big Bang when the mayor to first came the idea is that astronomers also goes hub up just. Other religious nonsense. Because it was the same story as people have been talent as the cost me and around the world. So let me terror his idea that was the myth that was heat it was in his head. Keep were fork to make assigned to the idea that we have today. Of course we we have many different ideas how the universe was former multi verse and am I have no. Dog in any of these fights. But I will say that the concept of the big banking from all male actor who himself. Ounce. Leave that it came from the it was it himself the myth of the of the on other cosmic tech. So we can't escape Jimmy Smits they give us an age we change the names you know we aren't we argue about different ways. But there within this may help us to explain where we come from how we came to exist in the site you think about for a second. Why do we really need to know how the universe was form does it make any difference in how. That's what I verbal yeah. But I also think that it's it's just in in human Tynes nature to try to understand and comprehend. All these things and and how these things are possible which again opens up huge can of worms. Exactly what was true today why which is seeking to under stays questions they had really no relevance in our. Our current lives our future lives. Is the same as people did 34 outs or we're deeper in time. Everybody's always ask this question where we come from so why why so it comes why that's so important to us which is what this is really all out. Its biggest admits binds us together. People across the world who are common myth of a big bang and say hey you know were unseen team or people have a common religion out. Crossed continents can say no we're not gonna fight each other where people are different religions or variants and be in the same religions go to war each other so why haven't these. These common myths that's what helped us to succeed as our ads. Almost say Pete's view and we happen. We can have that common myth because we all season nights kind of same way we could we can pattern restarts. We can save where where there's something greater than ourselves yeah national we can all look up. And see this thing you see the same thing you know or under the same thing so our it with that we got to take a hard break. A lot more to come with our guest you'll soon Jason TV Dioner. Excuse yeah. Prescription. I review myself just because they know is awesome GB Johnson. Lot of great stuff going on the show were talking with Bernie Taylor tonight he's in naturalists thought leader and an author his book is called before O Ryan and his website is also before all Ryan dot com. Plus we've got some great stuff coming up during the course of the week tomorrow night Jennifer long more cool Izzy sole purpose coach you past life regression test and an author. Will be discussing whether or not your past life affect your ability to make money among other things. And then Thursday we've got Michael Bryan and joining us that travel psychologists will be discussing all the road to strange series co authored with Rosemary only guy is a great friend of the show. The road to strange travel tales of the eternal and beyond and the road to strange UFOs aliens and high strangeness was of course is all the subjects and we want to cover of Russia it is for sure do you think your past life affects what you do then. I'm. And I've. It may be who's who knows and it's it's one of those tough questions because. I'm I'm I'm deftly and has talked with Jennifer tomorrow. Yeah Jennifer is gonna does have to guide us on that because I you know I've never never had any regression therapy Iranians that I've got no we're glimpses of a past life I've got no idea as far as I know I'm in this is my first time on the planet going around here so I don't know. Memorable cry in front of me I don't really go through this because of surgery Nokia last week and it's it's a small little book since it's neat but has got a lot of a strange things and at some issue wonder. So is noticing them might make you wonder a little bit as a scientists have determined is that if you control. Into the Earth's crust about a hundred miles which has never been done not that far if it China while you know I have to go more than a hundred miles it China but maybe 150 be in China. Apparently there is. About fifty. Thousand. Tons. Of diamonds. In the ground at about that point in the Earth's crust. And if anybody could ever drove that far down and pull those diamonds out of the ground. It would not only be amazing but it would rack the world's economy it would be something like a quadrillion. Dollars may get my three sons and are digging and it makes you wonder though few drew if you did drill holes through the earth and now they have side. And jumped at what point do you stop fall role consider figure that figure when you get to the senate you're going to be a suspended right you just kind of things so where does it where is it eventually just slate. Yang conflict was on an hour and as well that's another mystery of graphic gravity to if if gravity is truly matter attracting matter and you're in the middle. Of the earth with a hole I mean when there's no matter their of that and because you're in the very center. And you've taken the matter now because you've drilled the hole. So what what which direction you pulpit and I really think should have paid more attention science wow. While we gonna just I'm just structural biology yeah that's well facility asserted our our guests tonight at least we ease interest today and is this has that written about it and we're talking about it in a way tonight Bernie Taylor. Is our guest again his book is called before Orion and Bernie we've we've talked about a lot. Again I wanna go back to the cave because I I saw one of your presentations. Where you went ruled that images that are found throughout the cave now. The cave itself. Is somewhat famous for what the red discs is clay it's called the gallery of red of discs. It's called Gary just has an LC a cave in the north the northern part of Spain and why is key to so I'm. The oldest cave are the world six years ago. Was found in this case as one red disk on a panel. And it. It didn't make you very good picture but there was another panel deeper into the keep cool and get our guests had. Over eighty registry and crossing each read just about the size your pom made it absolutely beautiful church and all the major media are. Pitch that image. As have the oldest distant oldest came our work is just so much better picture. And that's okay that's the image is and the long panel that we were fighting all these characters and everybody was stuck on the red desks before because her. Pullout before you go into what you saw. Tell us exactly what those ray disks are are they. What do they talk rise still and how they made do we do we have any idea it's it's red Exelixis. It's minerals that someone blue or use their fingers to. Many different ways this is over eighty ray disc and they're done different ways but fundamentally. I'm someone has blown red Okur and mineral on to became wall. And its stock incentives and intent intentional castle well yeah any of these is very distinct patterns that you create. Couldn't you know that the bumble bees couldn't drop among my accident. It's very distinct. So everybody look at these red deaths in the scientific around the world popular science as worlds that are academic scientists and they -- the red disk which were started and that's it you know meat is something a little more in the bush why do we do this well you know you drive down any main street BC McDonald's has written Burger King DQ. I'm only the health food stores don't have wrecked because that H Ross is to our society you don't read are more likely to hit when we're red lipstick and rent. Red dresses. We are Red Sox lines because we believe the blue green world and red contrast to match and so we were drawn to the red. It's something inside of us that says you know. How direct discs they'll look beyond that and it will eat you look at a red stop sign you go around to see. In the in the area what's going on this. If you did you'd be run through the stop sign on and so the same trick or nature of the strange stain your psychology was used 34000 years ago. So the ray disc existed they were the obvious. Display in the keys but as you look closer you saw a lot more. Obsolete because our reason well first close pals enemies across to about thirty feet that's huge. And it is nothing else is a gunfight. And as I sit myself you know the most common animal health art was that the course and typically are pregnant meter dash so why aren't looking for. Ports. His final ports almost three years later. But forefront of course I found all these other characters are so I sort of got out of my own head that. If if scientists say that it's not that nothing else they all may be something else is there and if people start looking at the red meat is something that might not look at the wrecked and I previously did some reading bite on this felony and I'm timber. And Tim Bergen where what are noble prize for his work. Studied instead it should and Tim Burton had these fish is fish tank by his window and it is just ten response to go back to a little crayfish sat at the Trout each and everyday or read every day a red delivered Turkey by historical facts when this defensive posture I'm and so he he reasoned that since the stick backs are breeds and dominated at least read hamsters we have a great matter. It's something very basic. That they're being. I'm trigger bright in the same way that humans are triggered by so what that when we got walks into depth into dot com. The bar with a red lipstick in the red dress. There's something deep down inside you that's attracted to that and it's not I'm it's not somebody doesn't make it up in your head. It's is priests and dominate the same minute statistical back are so I would propel the artists. Put these directives on there as part of the tests on the apprentice comes in he sees the red desk a cat and can he see the sparsely trees Kenny seek the health and in the course and these other animals beyond that. It's a trigger it's a trick of psychology. Little summation wonder if they. Put them there to marked out a certain areas so they always remembered that that's where. That image that they were there were looking at one's. So yes I would I would agree with the news that. So the images that have to read the panel's I have to read disks are very different from the other past and they are that read just paddles the ones that have. These images behind them. So it does become a more grass just suggested yet I believe it's all part this test what you eat based on what you just said. You probably took the first step. Or maybe dissect it step in the practice on turner well. And did but then the main thing is because when you looking at Iraq's there's so many different. Things on there that you could do draw you you couldn't matrix with your eyes and but if they're marking an out with the red dots than they're kind of emphasizing the certain area. So it's a looked at and and draw your conclusion in there and sort of. The whole thing. What how this this gallery does works its direct yes. At eighty the most some runs. Parallel right across that pat. Yeah so used in so your attention beeper George the senate panel where has all these mostly these characters are outs. Or up at him above and below read disks. So why I believe so yes I believe of the art and artists. Armed designated. Cat panels would read disks. But the used to read yes. In just the opposite way McDonald's because McDonald's used the red district drawing attention to the rest are much. They used to read disks to jury's attention away from these other characters so that he had to your search and find inside yourself defiant seem to parcel treats. To look beyond the stock signage and see that there's there's more realities are more perspectives. In the world. We're talking with Bernie Taylor he's a natural list thought leader author of course of his book is called before O Ryan. You can check out more information to before or Ryan dot com winner take a break we'll come back we will get into this a little bit more causes more ago. And we'll open up the phone lines and 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. You'll listen Jason dvd RO I. You know he really homes beat 44687766. And took me. Her retailer tonight about his book before O Ryan he can check out more about his work lot of images relate to the things were talking about videos as well. As before Orion. Dot com. Bernie you know we've talked a lot about. And we don't what's seen in the caves these images how they relate to the constellations. And you mentioned that these stories are not unique to one culture there found from all around the world when and and you said. You know there's a lot of speculation as to why that might be the case some people say it's because aliens give us this information you're saying no. It's because we've all came from the same place where's that. Exactly where's that place. It's western north actor it's. In Morocco. You have and that's the last chapter of the book it's another not a presentations. It's Morocco. So. About a year and a half ago the oldest. Homo sapiens fossils were found in a place called gentler it. And Morocco going back to 300000 years ago before that we so let's say you know 150000 years ago Il we are some. App but that is all that's all old history old science and so on so we're now in Acker and west are after. And I believe that same people at trop. That but as we can see we can see this person Spain the artist had been to Africa based on the Adam it's seen as specifically west are packed from rocket system. Animals in the Arab that are indigenous that part of the world. So that person. I believe that the connection. Eked into hundreds of thousand years ago that these. The org and his people that ended up in these canes in Spain it portrayed his artwork and in the caves in Spain and France they're telling about our homeland where we're where they came from its orbit. And the pilgrimage is to go back to Morocco and that's the jury of your takes. Metropolis who Spain swims across stricter brawl at about fifty miles and he travels into the interior where he finds he's unique animals. And in unique places. I am so it's. We I believe what archaeological record now sole point two west North Africa Morocco a good job or put on and this story is telling us it's finally in the same ones. What's so I wrote I've written this whole story of the book and so on before gentler. Jeff or hurt him out. What's that came out right added to the book and it kind of completed the record. But it it goes back it probably goes back even before through 2000 your spouse years ago. These stories are innocently and give example I would important. Organ nearly as you arm. And it's still Tuesday night here ten point six when I go to is you regard as a lion tank. As a male lying is always at the top of a two females and they'll and is a juvenile line at the bottom mail by Bob. Well it's always that way these lions haven't lived in depth. In the natural world for many generations they're fed is no reason for him to be a top NY the juvenile can't be up there to get the sun so that something inside these lions. That that tell a story where. We're they are in the pecking order in May be spinal chemical may be years more testosterone. That he kicks off that. The young the on line it keeps Wyndham females. But it's still within them if we go to the zoo we all identify with he's the king ease the line EK. And he's that old lion king and Sid is down there at the bottom and that. The mother lying in her getting her act her arm. Or or in the mid level so. We see ourselves in these animals. I'm they're part of us we we death Liza towels being Smart. Our son as strong as an ox or swift as out cheater I'm in the same way we can we project our personalities. Into these lions at the zoo. To a steep. Then yes so sort of like instinct that's embedded in our DNA. Resource center. I hit the ice and ask you this question before we start off every presentation I'd given every interview people asked me to same question. What you'd just ask. People come this includes hole how does it work. I don't believe it's instant now DNA I believe it's carried. The site. College she is carried in our DNA through wild chemical. Rob biochemistry. And so that. The the mail the top he has more testosterone the male at the bottom he's bigger and stronger. And that's he creeks that that position of dominance. That's how we keep becomes an archetypal character. So it's it's. It's within us we can't escape we're we keep you that you're in one to break you talking about I'm. Your carrier your on gas coming out tomorrow the next day she's talk about past lives. We are live in past lives because we're living these are terrible characteristic just in new settings. You know our houses might change the apartment at the drapes. Furniture. Well we're still playing out roles. These on these personality types that former Qatar characters. They're interstate denounce or tens of thousands of years there in us before and they know an alliance. There in the elephants. On their in the chimpanzee. We can't ST these these past lives these characters that are within us and. Oh what if we do what if we hit some home break the continuous. Replay. That we seem to be going. And we're gonna have to address that when we come actually it's beyond reality radiance Jason didn't put. The reality radio JC JP tomorrow night we got Jennifer long war. More on the program talking about past life regression. She's an author. What did our past life or does our past life due to impact the way we operate including the way we make money. I admit I configured a secret had to use my past lives in helping me make money am I might be the gold to. Different there is definitely jump on now on and there's really a Michael Bryant coming on the trial psychologist will be discussing the road to strange series co authored with Rosemary Ellen Kiley other routes strange travel tales of the paranormal and beyond in the road to strange UFOs aliens and high strangeness. And perfect subjects for the show. And tonight we're talking with Bernie Taylor who was a natural state fought leader and author. His book it's called before Orion his website is before Ryan dot com you can find a lot of information not just about the book but about the theories in the ideas that go into. What the book talks about. And Bernie as you know with when you present these ideas in these series anywhere particularly on tonight's program I mean it begs the question how does this change. Our maybe. And accepted view of where we've come from and who we are. Well OK. So before you answer that question and X. And answer the question you ended last second you thank you very much and kick in you asked. How do we break the cycle. Which really goes and does this the second question I take it back to November 20 1997. Key point in human history. I was watching site. In the 264. Episode called the trail which had another name. Which is more commonly call it backwards app so. And in that episode. Sop it it's hard to order is reversed. And so the last scene is the first scene and so on so forth goes back so that I am took the whole thing is reversed. How many movies and how many shows have you seen since then. That did that reversed chronicle our order. No idea. You weren't there weren't. Ready and degrees in the recent no one's done that it didn't work we could make sense of it. We need to have that structure story in a certain way for us to get it in goalie that. And so that that backwards cycle episode speeds because no one ever L seven didn't because then work. Someday image and then far distant future. Aliens many arriving as plants and I don't leave any income yet they may rival the planet in that they have. Reversed chronicle chronological order there they are stories just like the Psycho and we all into like you know what the it didn't work for us what Psycho are you guys doing. So we can't break that pattern we can't change our habits because. It's ingrained in us. It's it's how we make sense of the world we can't come up with something. The Big Bang theory was this also in scientific world. Was an alternative. To creationism. We had to come up with something else. So but ultimately can the same story we just say you know we we changed names from you know the Big Bang for from the cosmic opt to cosmic egg. We have to we we. We missed something in us define where we come from. And thought into search up where we're going to find a place in the cosmos. It's been once that tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years. We can't change it because we can't change a story we can't play the story backwards I'm. In narrative is is it's in our psyche. So how does it how does Michael change anything. I don't think it's it change anything. I believe in 3000 years when all these caves are covered up and in my mind works out there in the on the you know that. Some web we'd ever where we have. People and say this guy told her incredible meth. The same way hole we're told at 2000 years ago and the ancient egyptians before them and and Gilda messed around in Mesopotamia. And didn't say this guy made up all this crap it wasn't it he saw the images really are in caves. And this is they can't we'll see you kick you deal with C caves that we. That we all close up for our environment protection reasons. As many had have been recent years and so it'll be on another man. And then someone most in his partisan few to the fair article back in the caves and a look at and say oh my god. This is the same this guy was telling the Smith a few thousand years on the scene that was being told what ancient Greeks egyptians have two nations the Babylonian. And cave men. Tens of thousands of years before. So we're gonna repeat the same cycle has been done in the past the agent ancient Greeks asked the same questions you just asked. Up in well yes and again. To what 200000 years later so we we have and it's in us to ask where we come we we've come from and we were going. In some becomes a better story let me know. Outside the M Ernie who. Pretty you know you've you've you've you've kind of painted yourself in two some pretty good company actually which is which makes it really interesting to. You would from that perspective. I what do you mentioned creationism in in in part of your answers there and I wanna bring us back to that for just a second because it is pretty it's breaking into. In addition to what you've talked about in astronomy. Hum when we look at religions and we talk about creationism those stories at the same to you know say it they spanned continents they spanned cultures and they spanned. All sorts of geography it's all part of the same idea it's all part of what you're talking about isn't it. It's the same continent this cosmic a net win out fought a magic came out that came out the mathematical formula for the cosmic. And a Big Bang. I'm which is actually Big Ben was a Abbott Joseph sale that big a gasp moment. I'm I sent him out that you math is your math is correct and if there's are atrocious. And decided to me was it was all to say it this this and can't work pious the twelfth came out set. There is this proves that there was a creation bid for the must've been decree. And was to make ears of the physicists came out in agreement. Hubble's findings and say that yes we have an X Spain universe and call the big bank but they don't quote creaky wooden activists though I am not a religious person. But it's just it's the historical record we've changed we changed the words to come up with a scientific. Methodology is from the same creation now out there is a multi verse is electric universe. There's a wide range of ideas out about the universe. But we we more ease we still stick with that this. Big bank the cosmic egg per moral Adam this singularity out of cosmos. Because it works Centre in our story line in this same. Ain't it every episode of stop signs deal. Were better than the back which apps. It's how we relate that to be Picasso how we find ourselves. We can't walk away from the story. In us. Bernie when you when somebody read your book reads or Ryan what do you hope they walk away with. They they will see the world differently and they will see the war animal perspectives and there at the book is a mix up not pitching chapters and fiction chapters and so the first two chapters. The reader walks in and they become the apprentice Nikki and they are being tested by the panel's. And everybody that's read that first chapter has pulled it it crock. It made me cry when they finally finished the big try to day or two later BC the enormity. That they themselves were asked the same way we've only talked about a few of the things are on this program tonight. I take the reader through many tests this book of the same with his pelvic practice work. And it at when you come to the endless well you meet on your knees you know might drop moment and you're gonna meet here is that. Like I'd relive these past lives in the same way that your guess is gonna is gonna tell you in the next in the next day or soaps are. You gonna walk away with the apes. I am a different perspective. Who we are we we come from. And we other than microchip sense spaceships and I am you know. Electric toasters. We really haven't come that far. Now actually when you look at it we really only really happen. So so we started this program I think the answers to why is common technology around the world are that there's into billions is a cost of record in the cloud. There's at 121000 year old sills Asian people more comical when does that tell into the CN bold traveler on the world spread the good news or everybody made stuff up independently or hurt hypothesis. That. We all came from the same place where you guys now at the end of two yards. Kinda right. And a little more loss and I think there was a service yeah. We have a lot more to think about that you sure I had it definitely opens up the thing we're now now you get it to sit back and and really sick a recent poll the whole thing. It's a new paradigm. It is new paradigm. It's it's actually new old power. But burst wanna tell a story this this question was asked 2000 years ago. And we explain it to the next. What does science going to do next what is science. What will science in New York. Estimation. Find. That'll help us better understand these things that you're talking about when will we find more of these depictions in caves yet to be discovered. Will we will we will what's next in the scientific community that you think will help us support some of these ideas. So we're so the answer questions got a weird science on at this moment book came out late September. Less than twelve people let's see read the book before. It came out. Since then. I think it's out there FaceBook and Twitter and places like that I can see who's re tweeting and I can see who share. It's a whose two in archaeology and anthropology around the world as well what and let's say that. Feel wildlife I'll change. People are sharing it people communicating we me I had lots of mutations. I've given presentation universities as well as arms I'm. You Hersh is it an act in anthropology and urged astronomy. I give a wide region into views on. On non social media as well as podcasts and radio shows so. It's an easy one to accept and the same with that that that. The cosmic egg and a Big Bang word to accept. Because if it's within us and follow the story line that we we all relate to it's it's it's looks skyward in it's it's our lord the rings. It's every story we ever hurts. And so what does it it just circles as act does it take this thing work or other then. You know they were always be nutty nutty leaders and they were always being reactive leaders to take their place. They were always been bullies and their always be heroes those mediums as stressed and an error at a time where gambles. Become the heroes as well because all these characters have played out throughout time and enable replay themselves get a new sets. You'll be new curtains they'll be. New you know doobie in new apartments in new homes and new dresses and I knew suits. But we're gonna retell the same stories we're not gonna change this could mean Nolan no age of aquarius where it isn't light minute all the sort of stuff. We're gonna replay the same scenes and it's it's who we are. Always heroes and always be villains. Illustrate how when you think that things rinsing and drying zone from thirty and 40000 years ago that are still there today that people conceive but. Very little that we right now. Is going to be may be out there in thirty or 40000 years from now. Well. Well that's the you know god you know that's the question. Young said he project is is streaming our trees sending out radio waves insists into space to trying to or our receiver. And in in the concept. A technology people may only have radio waves for 5060 years. And civilization before they have some sort of internal streams such as were on right now I see it as a radio too I'm sorry your there your tips but but inter streaming is waiting out. And so technology changes. How old story be told in 30000 years. If we were told in the same way we do here right now we're telling stories or telling. We're we're. We're trek talk about metaphors we're talking about that the alliance that the hero goes to practice goes in the Caylee comes out here we're talking Luke Skywalker use I am. And and that's and the journey of his own personal journey that through the eyes of the bomb George Lucas. We're gonna tell we might not have it. We might not be podcasting and refueling and what we re sitting around campfires and some sort of settings. Communal settings where we held the same stories. Bernie what's next for you. Mr. I would love to do document troops as I've got all the images. I am and some reaching out to documentary producers. But you know if Disney comes knocking on my door and wants to do. An animation. It's all ahead because it's it's every story they average and keeps him. What indicates. And that's an amount they're telling the story of a I'd love doing. Public presentations and as well as on the ups on social media and podcast radio. But so it's telling Lester I've completed my here my hero's journey and come I've spun around and tell the storm. You're you also make you know we do you do presentations you would make code public appearances or anything coming up that you like people who know about. While putting among Hutu I. I I don't to a public presentation unless it's gonna want you to. So if you go to my YouTube page for Ryan dot com armed oats spelt out like that and a bunch of that you can get there through on my FaceBook my serve my. My web page for Ryan were have been posting many other presentations. And so people can go and look and it's it's there. I am and is no secrets and it's it's just a lot of fun. Well thanks so much for coming panels this Bernie has been a great pleasure and and really enlightening and we look forward talked knew him again at some point. Let's definitely do this again some day thank you have a great night. Okay the website is before Orion dot com of the book is called before Ryan is information on the website not just about how to get the book but about a lot of the information that went into the book. And you. To find in my FaceBook as well FaceBook dot com slash before Orion. GP beyond brilliant radio. Or where that might be welcome back of the show it's beyond reality radio Jason -- thank you to Bernie Taylor for being with us that some a lot of information. In a short period of time's gonna take us awhile to get our his wraparound Caruso morals and and or yeah I don't wanna talk about it right clicked on or hit two with a good lord split two. I shouldn't even have brought it up frankly. I'm an example of that opens up doors. But anyways yeah I definitely a big shout out to Bernie Taylor for coming to an analysis tonight and we have some great shows coming up again I tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Jennifer long Morse sole purpose coach Haslett progression best. And she's the author we're going to be talking and we'll discussing if your past life impact your ability to make money to day. And then Thursday we've got Michael Bryant coming on the travel psychologists will be discussing the rose wrote to strange series co authored with Rosemary and Alan Kiley. And the road to strange travel tales of the paranormal and beyond the road strange UFOs aliens and high strangeness. So a lot of great things coming up but of course are Friday as the best of the unreality summation tuna and if you haven't yet. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio licked FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com we define old stations where an across the country in the atlases consulate being updated with new stations being added. You can also download the free iPhone and android app which are logical listen to the show long ago catch past shows and much much more. Or just any night reliance feel free to listen written once or are they going to be on reality radio dot com clicking the operating embolden listen lines to have. You listen right there from the wants a month from the illustrious your computer and just hanging out. You don't the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and just read a forest is in hopes of pushing for and it's easier people find that's what it's all about. This can pretty much do it for us tonight you listen to Jason GG beyond really reveal a chill tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson since it's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase most all the chiefs host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.