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Investigative reporter Jeremy Finley

Jul 17, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Investigative Reporter Jeremy Finley about his work and his new novel that has been called the "Close Encounters for the new millennium". 7/17/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Among homeless Tuesday on the east many start simmering between well. Earlier radio myself Jason I was always Dawson chief Ichiro can you hear the fans. You that's him blown on hearing now now good because it is so hot air and I know looks are also deal with aerial well you know you know it's kind of adds that he's wind blown look at that same thing. And yet we've got storms roll through so hot everywhere is justice really unbearable and it's make me really grouchy in and just incredibly angry. So you're normal you know myself up and I do wanna. They shout out who have very close friend of mine and partly brother grant Wilson and his mother did pass away today you know and you know I just all the love in the world to him and his entire family and to button in just so they know they're in smaller purse. And I have talked to couple times and done. I mean it's it's tough there really isn't it was from the best. There's very few losses that people feel that terrorism pencils loss of a parent so I know how what he's going through and my heart as well to Uga. You know stays from different. All right so anyways you know to. So we integration anyways head over to if he had a chance in order FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under early radio dot com to find all the stations we are across the country can download the free iPhone and android app which shall listen live. Especially is only go and so much more. Or just a listener who wants it and it relied scruples and lie bug in the operating corner and you can hang out cherub GP myself great community people usually there. And so forth. I am you know today Jim it was Amazon's prime. Yeah I don't know if that means but I saw some of the money you know it's all their huge deals I mean they give you the slate wicked witch and incredible deals for thirty some odd hours and analysts are often it would degrade it. Except the site crash. Attraction to crash and kept on crashing so you know anybody who tried to buy something and Amazon cremated. If you yourself. Tried I am sure you have a hard time as Amazon's website crashed as soon as prime date began. Amazon's website had been experience she's for hours due to heavy online traffic. And it's it just it got worse and worse and and it kicked in literally prime kicked in at 3 PM eastern time at 305 their sites are going to. I you know I'm sure Robert Mueller is on the case and sure with the Russians had something to do it in and I'm sure that it'll come out after about two hundreds this season and has nothing to say paranoia and and it's not clear how widespread the outage was blunt it was going pretty much in and the entire US coast was having issues in Hampshire ever Orwell's book. And the weird thing is Jim you're getting and win they are having these problems. It's so it would it would just costly pop up with a random picture of somebody's dog. That it would show up with him and I guess it was him pictures of him police dogs. I don't know that's what I want reports are sank just random pictures of employees and more interest is one of those site down messages that he had and it was saying it kept on saying oops something went wrong and everything else but Tom. Last year and Amazon's prime date they generated an estimated one billion dollars in sales from the thirty hours that. Which roughly and equates to about 34 mil and 34 million dollars per hour. So other estimates say that it that it was close at two point eight billion. But they were expecting. Four plus billion dollars in sales. From this primed. And in other Kaplan they have this thing to bomb popping out or witness and a alerts when now and they and they acknowledged the issues on Twitter and so forth saying that. There are still X thirty hours laughter whatever. Now I will CO palace I mean not share but Amazon crashing. Can't handle the on the traffic the very tough to putting out there for. Well it'll be interesting to see if sued if it was regular usage traffic or if there were some type of hacker traffic going on because I know that even things like you know the PlayStation network gaming networks get hit by these hackers. And they just flood. Did Acura what's what there's a word for it where they just flood the servers with the with the meaningless data yet it just makes them crash. And they do it intentionally. Going to be interesting to see if there was a competitor or foreign nation or some other type of nefarious. Activity going on there to intentionally make Amazon's servers crash or. Was it. Just that much of an increase in usage. Come over last year's prime day that that that they weren't prepared for being written on the answer to that well so far. And they are having that they have c'mon fully admit it but it's looking like it just was the amount of traffic that was that was hitting the website. Ever come on say anything about having and being attacked by hackers or anything of that nature soul look to see what happens. But I mean that's like sucks I mean did a lot of people are waiting for us and they just couldn't get on with sort. Generous and also to see if they have a redo in illustrate again and whenever I see. Trying to make up for an I mean a lot of it would be angry so but a great show tonight freeze I can have a need anything you're doing anything we've talked about so far. But we've got Jeremy Finley joining us on the program he is an author and journalist he's an investigative reporter he's got a new drew. Now allowed this called the darkest time of night it's been hailed as the close encounters. Of the new generation so it's going to be an interesting discussion about that but even more interestingly he as investigative reporter he's done some phenomenal work. Some very high profile. Nationally and even internationally recognized cases have come out of his work and we'll be talking about that stuff was there will be bringing this up I feel Anil will be extremely surprised to find out here are some of the things that he has been involved and yet as some groundbreaking stuff like he's in me you know you've you bring Cameron up there with the work that would weird Woodward and Bernstein did course the guys have broke Watergate. On the east and some political scandal stuff he's done some corporate scandal stuff and a lot of great work so we talk about all that with the. Narrowed it we had some great shows coming up throughout the week it's Mara we've got Bernie Taylor and now I naturalist and thought leader he'll be on the show discussing. Alternative circles and in Jamal just a whole lot of different things possibly more getting into things with Atlanta's aliens and you name it. And Wednesday we've got Jennifer long more sole purpose coach Haslett progression asked author will be discussing if you pass lies impact your ability to make money today. You know and just Thursday night Michael Bryan will be where this easy travel psychologist talking about books he's written. He wrote one with Rosemary Ellen Kiley called the road to strange travel tales of paranormal and beyond. Also UFOs aliens in Haiti hi strangeness and much other books are really terminal topics or any books and I have. Rosemary and rightly as part of the author our house speaker is Sharon so many phenomenal books I have tons of Merrill signed by air she's such a wonderful person yet she's great person been on the program before and a real treat to have anything that she's been involved with talk to him on the program. So a lot to come on the phone number two I have like every night is 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. We're gonna take a quick break and our guest Jeremy Finley and mark on the line Gillis. Jason GDP on relatively you know. It's. Our guest tonight. Is Jeremy Finley by the waste check his website is Jeremy Finley dot com you can also get more information about his new book called the darkest time of night it's his first novel. Jeremy is an investigative would get a reporter and author and journalist and we're pleased to have him on the program Germany welcome to be on reality radio. Jason JB it is great to be here I'm thrilled to be here and thank you so much guys for having me on. Are they should come our milk of Fortis. Let's let's let that's OK let's start with the book just for many here the darkest time of my teacher first novel. It's my first novel it's you know working journalism so I was seventeen years old and mine out now would in my hand first work of fiction and then. Today it's still it's been noted that dream of a lifetime to really get to this point have this book out and I've really been able to. To explore my interest in the paranormal. And supernatural. Look at my local thrillers. And that put all goes together with his Balkan. It's just been great to see how well it's been received and then to be jostled like this it's it's been great. Now that passed from a reporter to a now listen we're gonna talk more about the book in a little bit. But that path going from being a reporter to a novelist SNL on common path is certain hauling or something when you. When you either set out to be a novelist that you kind of go through that reporter path or is it once you become a reporting you've yearn. To write something that you can put your own name on as as your original idea. You have tapped into I think what every reporter suffers through which is. I think every reporter thinks ought got a book in me. You know it's just it's just something that is insiders I think went. We do write stories on it on a deadline on a day to day basis and you encounter people from all walks of life. You're always thinking oh god you know got a novel and made in my case I think you know originally had always wanted to be a novelist that was all I always wanted to do rule. But I aisles so mobile journalism and chase that and continue to chase that career and and really love that work has been doing investigative reporting. And I think tonight I just got to a point where I I was like OK you know I've always wanted to do business has been a drain since I literally was in the fifth grade it. Wanted to be a novelist and decided okay. You know life time I met up point one need to start start taking this serious and you know it's it's a long pass anybody that writes a novel will tell you it is a long and grueling process. Logistically it dawn and then to get it published and to go through all those steps it's it's a long road bush. I think it's up to answer your question I think just most journalists. Will you know kind of yearn to be able to do that long form storytelling whether it's not fiction or fiction. Well and I I agree with you if it's a long pass it really is and I've written I've written six books and it's one of those things where. A lot of times it's the hardest thing is to put down the thoughts in the end here it's probably easier for you as a journalist I'm a TV guy. But it it's one of those things that take what you're thinking and put into words. And that always seems to be one of the one of the hardest things. It is and you know you see if you like the rest of us what you're just huge fans of the greats in in our it in literature you you see how well they do it. And you think OK I'm gonna study them I'm gonna start integrates I'm gonna really understand that tell great stories to hold a and you know I know you more as a reader and out and how we all are as readers whose. You give in to a great novel and you you just love it in the something that sometimes something goes wrong and you get frustrated and you think. What or what just happened look at what this book that I love so much why the dome so wildly off the real. It's so it was really important for me to study their grades to see how they really told the great story and try to leave my own in France. By using they're you know success on and their methodologies so I think that's a big part of it. Jeremy Al beit. Who the greats. Integrates well I think we all know that great of literature so we'll leave those behind because. That is I think we've all gone through the high school English in college English courses we know that. But what I considered to be great some talking to speak strictly. From the thriller standpoint because that's where I right. And I specifically right paranormal and speculative thrillers. So of course you always have to bowed out Stephen king and all of us that are. If you Stephen king's fans look at him and wouldn't we say my god look at what he's done in his career. But you also have to look at it the it to accommodate in my personal favors you look at Robert Mac Mahon. And he met him and I don't think it wasn't like that's terrible it. I'm just the books and not a boy's life and all of those. Tom there's also a great novelist out by the name of Michael Corey and he writes speculative fiction as well as other thrillers. Problem you've got Jennifer back modernizing Godiva combine their two last names she's got a great thriller writer that writes in the speculative genre. Tom sort of cute you know I know for me I really look to them and us and OK these are people that are writing great thrillers. And they're making his combination would. The otherworldly aspect in the supernatural on the speculative. And to me that is just actually wrote that dot com about this for the web site criminal elements about a week or so ago. I just talking about how old I think this speculative thriller is just such a great things for the summer. Because you know good summer paperback is is one of the greatest things you can do taking yourself to be sure that. When you take is Stephen King would do you war or one of those other alters that I had mentioned and you're on the road agreed thriller and then you're also veers wildly into. And otherworldly aspect of it outs at I don't know for me I just think that's a great summary it's a great way to enjoy any type of vacation you're on. Well the funny thing is I've I've been one of those people than sitting there reading reading Stephen King book. And you don't really you're so into the book that somebody starts trying to know somebody's talking to you were saying something to you and Butte you don't even hear it. Yeah I totally freeze the world out around you because you're trying to figure out what's gonna happen next. And you know we live and they in the eighties and troubled times you know not and a lot of different ways and I think that is why. There's still such a yearning. For you know great writing a polls armor is but I think especially thrillers you see that. People or aren't wanting somebody to help them escape and healthy way. Problem and I think that's at least that's what I do as a reader to. I'll buy you know a sit down and wanna pick up those books that really just take me away I'm reading a brat source thriller right now. And it agencies such a great thriller writer and you read his stuff and it just transports you would completely away. And I also at the same time and re reading it wanted to ask Paul Wilson grates which is the key to. And he is good fantastic as well and you just read these books and you know anybody that's listening to this now knows it when jet I'd go back to Stephen King he's just got that magic guys he just can sit down there. And tell you this story and you are hoped and you know that's that's the kind of novelist I wanna be out one I would you'd say okay here's Jeremy certainly no war. And I love these things because they were you know really tell me a great story and they let me kinda. Jump out of the troubles of the day I think that's kind of a primary mission for the novelist of this time. We have about thirty seconds for it to jump in a break here and you've mentioned Stephen king's several times and I just have to wonder as as somebody who has written a novel you. How does somebody like Stephen King right so prolific Lee and almost every one of those works is a landmark work that's just a phenomenal read and they're not small generally they're very very thick stick reefs. Right you're not talking about 200 major or not Novell or any friend I I think in just studying his stories in what he does. This is beyond just being able to have a gift this is something that he I think it has to do what I read interviews with him this is what he has to do. Has to do it well and I think he's just so fine tuned into what his readers want to read it. That he knows these compelling stories and he just takes off and run I think it's literally something he has to do it thank god does. Yeah I think everybody does 'cause he's pretty he's given us some room treats that's for sure but our guess is Jeremy Finley author of the darkest time of nine we're gonna get into that book and a lot more we come back and listen to Jason GP Chiarelli. Her book is called the darkest time of night as web site is Jeremy Finley dot com we're gonna bring him back in just a moment is when. Mentioned to me quickly because revving storms go through here and whenever the weather's this human this hot in the northeast we get these bands of storms coming through. And on Saturday in fact one of those bands of storms came through and a good friend of Baltimore's Jay Scott you know Scott my you from Cooperstown. He was driving actually to meet me to go to a gig with me. And as he was driving a very very large tree fell on his car with a power line. And down and he made the mistake. Of getting out of the car. At the time which fortunately he got a shock but he didn't get killed or injured seriously deny said that the power company when they rise said. You should not have gotten out of the car there was a 90% chance you would have gotten electrocuted you just happen to be. In that 10% where you've got out OK so I've just wanna mention that it's anybody's finds ourselves in that situation. Unless the cars on fire stay in the vehicle into the power company shows yet. We do is just a case recently. A mother and her two children that were stuck in the car. And and they ended up having an amount but hey it's crazy too because these storms come through on the news there of these weird bursts specially. Here on the East Coast where you're at the water. An animal water temperature around in just amplifies the power amend. And all the sudden we are toll Kelso last weekend. This beautiful out and all the sudden we were getting winds of like fifty miles an hour blown the Ambrose all over and everything else and it was crazies and are now. Dan with the putter norm anyway our guests and he's Jeremy Finley is an investigative reporter reporter. Journalists turned author. And he's done a lot of great work and Jeremy how long have you been. A reporter slash investigative journalist when you get started in that. So we actually started when I was seventeen years old started working at my college newspaper report college newspaper had a pretty large circulation and we will when we it was a daily newspaper source started working actually today and covering the stories when I was seventeen but I moved into doing investigations full time about twelve years ago. And it's been truly what I wanted to do my entire career. Is to move into that world them holding the powerful accountable and and investigating. All kinds of taxpayer waste in criminal activities and and things like that so it's been for about the last twelve years that I've done that and it truly odd I think I just found of those the most important work that journalism. Is about in the end and we all know this important soaked. True investigative reporting so and I'm thrilled to be able to do that on our day to day basis. Well I have to say that I AM I'm an agreement with that particular statement and I think there's far too live a little of it in the media these days a lot of the media just seems to be an echo chamber for. What other media is saying or maybe what's coming out of our leaders and politicians miles. Do you think the state of media is is struggling would that particular concert with their watchdog role. You know I it's interesting you should say that because there's so many of us to truly. If you like as it is embattled as the news industry is and I don't see it every day. Everywhere that I go I think it we will look back on this time and history and see that this is a golden age of journalism. Because I think it or what we're doing here is we are fighting this stigma off day today of this week's news. Montrose. And this is the time where journalists have to approve. The air strikes and they have to prove just how tough they're going to be. Because the criticisms coming from all sides. This is just one of course it's it's easy to look on the national level and see. You know who's criticizing journalists and also Japanese it's trickling now it's coming down through. A local government I give it to where someone doesn't like the fact that I've reported in the cold streak news just because they don't agree with that. But I think that. It is something to the news industry has to grapple where it is something that you we have to. Two home two days some kind of understanding. In real life of our readers and our viewers our listeners. That. That there's something that they're angry about and journals don't realize that and really start listening to the people they were reporting on work were going to be in trouble but. You know that the whole point of investigative journalist and as you know we're not out to make friends and not out to be the most popular kids in school. We are literally out to challenge. The board we're outreach to shine a light. In the dark status what we do. If you can make people that are you can. Many can understand that this is going to be your your role is to really ruffled feathers and it's how would I consider to be a pretty noble profession. Well especially investigating. Investigative journalism I mean that's a whole other. Aspect of of the media these days in the and the problem is the media used to report facts but now it's more that they report what suits their agenda. Born comes down to invest the investigative media journalism it's totally different positions there. Really digging in their they're going and trying to find. The in the accurate information whether. You like it or not. Sure and it's column indicate you're absolutely right in the sense of you know it is it is what you when you look at these reporters and you think of what they've exposed this year you know and in cases like Harvey Weinstein and in tackling these issues that people for so long. Had been locked and it's been an open secret. And they tackle them an agent of change they brought about is just incredible incredible. I will say that I I think it and I you know it's funny I was just getting this. Criticism today on my own FaceBook page. Where I had posted I was in New York a couple days ago. In the New York Times has this Montrose that is is. How to on of different of a building and it just talks about the the truth is aren't comfortable on the truth. It is difficult at times as opposed to that and I got all of these have all these are friends that are both. Leaning left and in leaning right and it was all this criticism. And there's this real anger toward the people believing that this news departments have this agenda. Not you don't know when we you can debate isn't as long as you want to I just know that I know journalists. Across the world and across the country and literally these men and women wake up every day and they just wanna tell the truth. Yes they're gonna challenge the powerful British house the president they're gonna challenge everything. On its not gonna make him popular. The journalists don't get into this lot of work to armed to just sit there and try to he's someone. Tom it's it's port it even in my field fiction writing this I wanna challenge people and instant stuff that you guys do audit. Or nightly basis of which are key that your other programs you're challenging what people believe in it's not easy and it's not popular. But you know this is what we do and if you can do it and you can really you know influence people or show them something else that they may not. Absolutely believed then and I and I think that's of the world that we have to be yen and and I think it's important as part of our discourse to you know that we give us. Jeremy I think I know the answer to this question I don't wanna hear your answer to it what's the difference between a reporter. Or journalist and an investigative reporter. So you do you like to think that all reporters or investigative reporters all good reporters are investigative reporters but. In addition to the matter is an investigative journalists have a little bit more time to do again so do it a daily general Simon reporter that you read in the paper. Our online. Foresee on the nightly news they're turning a story every day every single day they're covering something there covering the presidential are covering the shooting and that. And the neighbor border City Council meeting investigative journalist like myself. We still turned several stories a week but we're working on much larger project and and I know for myself running up a fairly. Bomb large investigative units European BC station in Nashville. You know we do we could surveillance operations and we do undercover work and we. Played for a open record and we have all these long form projects that we work on. And truly what you've got to expect from the data de reporters they're gonna report states. They're gonna report what dispersant side what that person's says investigative journalists will then deal delve in deeper. To say okay this is what people say but we actually go to the record and here's the proof. Only here's the hidden camera video we have which shows approved and here's this that we uncovered and it takes time and it takes resources. But to immediately deemed most important thing to journalism is about is is bringing to prove to the people that is truly what this is about. And an eight I think it's vital that people understand when they see. In depth investigative report which shows you that a journalist has cared enough to really bring you the proof. So I think that you know if you see we have local television stations or radio stations or or any thing that has investigative unit I think that's a true sign. But there are in it for all the right reasons. You know a lot of us tonight I don't know if this is changing with the generational change but a lot of us look at the Watergate coverage and breaking of that story has kind of holy Grail of investigative reporting. Do you as an investigative reporter hold that particular example up to that level. Well alternate when I was home when I was growing up my my parents are the newspaper which is why I wanted to be a newspaper reporter at the beginning and they really didn't watch much television except for sixty minutes so my whole exposure or troops in this was to see homage gushing a look at this. Incredible news opera operation that. It on every Sunday night it has this. But yes I mean Watergate but Watergate made journalism romantic. For so many of us because it was decent. Two guys that were just in battle that they were just speed up left and right. Probably criticized by the president it is tore up in Washington and he literally. You know change Washington forever. And but I think we're seeing much more than if you see the women who did this story that casino reporters to destroy his own party wind sign and in salt with what the risks they can hook which. And you think of rodents Ferrell in everything you went through to expose it. That's why I kind of think a lot of ways worsening this golden age. Journalists really challenging the powerful and in taking them down one by Wanda and so why I think Watergate set the tone. Well like it or not I if you go back and look at Watergate it was very much the president. Constantly criticizing the Washington Post constantly that was the that was his methodology. Now you know what we're seeing in our our own presidential. He covers right now resolved in a million different scandals and everybody's head's spinning about sort history will show us. Would ultimately. Will prove to be the major scandals in wartime that. I think all you have to do is look at these powerful man all over the world. But it literally have been brought down because of the workers journalists so. You know I feel strongly about by my colleagues across the nation and across the world that are really try to do as good work. We're talking with Jeremy Finley he's an officer a journalist in investigative reporter his book is called the darkest time of night you can find it on Amazon you can also find it on his website Jeremy Finley. Dot com a lot more to come elicited Jason dvd on early embryo back after. Like seven years. It was a little late after the Watergate scandal so. But as we went into break we are talking about Watergate with our guest Jeremy Finley who's an investigative reporter. He's also the author of a book called the darkest time of night his website is Jeremy Finley dot com we're going to be talking a lot more about the book in the second hour right now work. Talking about to basically what what the stakes in the media has been recently we've get all sorts of on media self reporting and criticism coming from both government circles and other media circles and social media and Jeremy as somebody who's kind of mean you Boettcher start prior to the social media revolution but you've certain certainly seen the social media revolution what's that doing to the state of our news industry. You know it's really mentioning that you brought it up and guys I so appreciate you talking about this I think it's important that we have these conversations about how feel people feel about journalism and and the state of the news media sword I appreciate this conversation we're having. I I think the social media revolution has completely changed. Journalism and if you're good and bad you will see this constant flow of information and I think that's the thing didn't. We really have to step back and talk about which is where were getting our information and I think FaceBook has changed discs sold march because people. We'll take information that they see on FaceBook they see somewhere and they will put it out so that's true. And it will be shared shared and and in it I think that's that's destructive to a sense because when you're sharing information without truly understanding words coming from. And it's passed off as news. It and I think that they get a little dangerous oil would encourage people I think listen that he if you're reading something on FaceBook look and see who posted it. Look and see which news organization put it out or they'd do you consider them to be biased. Do you consider them to task really diss someone that does her homework are they even news agency at all. And so I think for that sense we had did you kind of really take a step back can be much more critical viewers and readers and listeners. And identified these these sources of abuse where they're coming from. I think FaceBook is doing a better job with that now because of the criticism that they have faced. You know we see it on Twitter we see it on our aunts and uncles and parents FaceBook pages and friends' FaceBook pages. And I think it's important we become each piece is critical as we can. Our doubts. The sources of information on where we're getting out and really leaning on news organizations to say okay. Call me you know are tired I'm relying on you to bring immediate and disinformation to bring me this and an unbiased source not here's the threat. People say this all the time to reporters appliances absolutely there are human beings should it make its way into their reporting. Absolutely not but never never never but that doesn't mean they don't have it. A good reporter just heightens that and doesn't include an influence his or her reporting. No let's not sugarcoat things we all know that there are news outlets that leaned left in lean right. Armed and there's a reason that other corporate ownership does this and I think we just savvy people have to sit there and say okay like given that. So I'm going to need to find a news organizations that. Challenged the way I think bringing the other sides of the story that I don't necessarily agree with. I think one of the most dangerous things that any of us can do this poll or news organization that told us what we want to hear. And in that's what I think that you should know as a listener or reader. Well I only watch the news programs that help me when I agree with something that's dangerous I think that is not would. News appealed. Publications and in web site should be about and employees understand the difference between the commentator and journalist. Because then the men and women that you see on the cable show that night. But eagle oftentimes we have journalists acting as their producers but these people are commentators. When you see their programs don't realize they're sharing their opinions. There's a huge difference between that and the men and women who were on the ground every day you know fighting to get information in delivering their stories so. Again being critical listeners viewers readers is is vital in this age. I just gonna you just maybe system here I'm not sure I understand did you say that if it's on the Internet its not necessarily true. News. This this chocolate is this is the shockwave. Somebody you know it's funny you you still see this I see everyday on my FaceBook page I am blessed to have friends and followers. There are on all ends of the political Specter. And we will share things and I and I just wanna send them look I know you're Smart person. But you what you're sharing is not an accurate it's not true. And you know sometimes I say that and you know try to avoid you know. On line social media wars with people play. I do think it's extra incredibly vital for people to realize hey you know I'm on the sport person I'm going to challenge it. Probably I'm reading here and really look and see the source of where this is coming from. I think doesn't or not me and most of us I'd even fallen fallen for fake news and up pops up and his pops up the crazies boy did we but the funny thing about that is it's usually about Yahoo! and you believe it yeah I know I believe that I believe the stories are means she's had but. Tenuous ours so we are a lot more to come really emissary didn't into this book the darkest time of night with author Jeremy Finley when we come back after this phone numbers 844687. 766 going toe freely 446877669. Year old son Jason TV beyond reality radio. It's Monday. You start somewhere. On her and her youth myself Jason honestly always arson GD Jones. We have a great guests tonight remembering him back in just a few minutes Jeremy Finley who is an author investigative reporter. He's got a book out called the darkest time of night were to learn to speak about as well. I'm but it did mention this. There's a church in. Hobbs New Mexico. Which is being investigated. My scientists. And the Roman Catholic Church for the claims of a miracle apparently there's a statue of the virgin Mary there has been crying. And not only is it crying but they tested the substance that's coming from her eyes because it was a little bit. More viscous than water and it it's been determined to be olive oil. Olive oil so the virgin Mary in Hobbs New Mexico in the lady of Guadalupe they church Catholic Church. Is crying olive oil the scientists have looked at the statue they've actually look at the interior is to hollow statue there is no. Sign of any kind of hope seeing her tampering. But they're baffled as to why this would be pulse oil. Now I'm assuming if they let some of the whine that they keep for communion. Civil low or. While it'll turn to vinegar the government themselves mussel salad dressing there but that's actually not a bad seat in your problems are you really are. But there's they're investigating the church is very interested in that the scientists are very interested in this and they haven't made any determination yet but at this point looks like it could be something interest. Cheese while it's amazing. I do wanna give a shot well I did first hour and and also reminded just tune in late. My costar from ghost hunters grant Wilson his mother actually passed away today and just want you to shut out grant and his entire family much love from all of us over here and your families in our prayers. Yeah and as Simpson goes from me Tom thoughts and prayers with Hugh Grant and your family of course. Aren't we got here I was gonna say we've got some great stuff coming up this week as well in addition tonight's program tomorrow we've got Bernie Taylor who's a natural listen thought leader. On the program talking about alternative sought circles that our product of the distance that distant past. And things that we may have inherited culturally from Atlantis from aliens and other. Sources that would be considered paranormal. Content on him now Aaron and when Syria Jennifer long more sole purpose coach we're gonna talking past aggression and and how past life can impact your ability to make money today. So pungent Obama I wanna know immunized she had a tough we muscles and really. I mean I I don't know what I did my past life to have never had visions are aggressions it's not really sure but I'm hoping it was something was very lucrative bonus for that we have that one past left personal extra was telling us that you are cousins cousins and I mayor and a married they we're gonna ordinary together earth that's so Richard really be sure at all. It was weird error from the civil war or some think yes and some strange stuff I don't remember who that guest was gonna do for the conversation and I just know them and have her back. Let's bring a guest chair recently had a discussion Jeremy I wanna touch. One thing that we're chatting about just before the break retarded but fake news and social media and all that. And one of the things I want to get your take on this as a reporter. But one of the things that is being talked about more more these laws. That would be designed to address. Sake look news issues and this thought of that is a bit concerning from somebody who is a you know First Amendment. Advocate. I I don't I'm curious as to what your opinion would be un and may be your professions opinion would be. On knives making laws that would actually control the speech of others on things like FaceBook. You know anything like directors frankly it makes me a bit nervous I have I think that we have to keep. That it blew the idea. Then we can do we've got to keep producing it is. Truth doesn't hurt that the reality of the freedom of expression and I'm open and unregulated now what people don't understand it yes you have a right to your freedom of expression he you don't have a right though. To freedom of ramifications. For expressing that freedom of expression. Com I think that we we have to understand that. We we're in this would world we're looking to punish and we are looking. To do something destructive towards people are things that we don't like. Now we have laws in place obviously queued to do these things at these actions become criminal. I'll I I just think that regulating the news industry is any kind of way it's a bad thing. I think that's moving us in a direction that is unnecessary. And I think that it's it's just a bad idea that we had any type of regulation and when it comes true if it didn't have a regulation on the news industry just seems to have given by debt that my skin crawl that's. It's an ugly Specter to use a paranormal or for short let's talk about some of the work you've done as an investigative reporter you were instrumental in exposing. I've toyotas problems which I think that case was referred to is the unintended acceleration problem tells what happened there. Sure its own or you obviously years and years ago are literally got a call from a gentleman who lives in the middle Tennessee and he said. Listen you need to know that might might try to call on its own band it was a Toyota Tacoma. And he says that it will literally operated on the sonar could not get it just to stop and had a terrible accident and this was oh gosh I mean I think how many years ago this was at least a decade ago like strange and and I agents are doing research across the country in front of the people that were driving to call Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. There were all expressing this same a concern and their trucks were literally taking off all their own. So we started airing the investigation then it into the bees Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. And of course the time Toyota was very much you know saying that this wasn't true that this would intercede vehicles. And I think you loosen less than two years later that they began the recall and they unintended acceleration. Detainees here you three year old in the British phenomenon that was happening which it it was one of the strike ends and so after we. You know after that happens congress began to hold hearings and they and they need to show Gartner discussed our stories and they're in their hearings to say look this was. Expos two years before. Why did it takes so long to come to to the public's attention. On a national level so that was one of those stories that literally started. From our viewers just calling and saying something's not I would Easter rocks and ended up being you know it won't notice not the biggest. I don't recall in history for automobiles. When you do that kind of worker must be an amazing gratification that comes out at the end when you realize that you actually. Probably saved lives. You know it's it's poor when that happens in your right it is incredibly gratified but. These journalists swim upstream every day is long enough to fight after another firm determination to get information so. You know we we take our wins when we can get them but that is exactly why we do this this is exactly why. More Woodward and Bernstein did what they did and would again like you talking about these courageous women that expose Harvey Weinstein and what he did. And Ronan Farrow did he do this because they're like something is wrong it's coming it's either dangerous or something it's corrupt. Didn't need to be exposed and this is why you do what you do that's so you can has some kind of positive impact on people in and try to keep them statement. You know that ranges from government to business. Armed you know consumer reporting it's it's why it's so vital in and it's why we know we get up and do this every day. When you mom get to. I don't know investigating guess would be the word as investigative reporter politicians is are certain. Level of satisfaction when you can and expose something that says betrays the public trust vs maybe more of of a corporate type reveal. We'll tell you are discussed this with another great colleague of mine here our investigative unit and we lead little lead this year did a series of stories that within two months had a judge would federal criminal charges. And that judges now under federal prison it happened that fast. Because of the stories that we did. And it never feels good I know that may sound a little bit strange that for someone is able wind so could you exposed to Kruup behaviors of this judge. It doesn't feel good to stick to put that information out in the and to see people will be punished for it. Which feels good is that hopefully it restores a bit of faith that people have been journalism which is what feels good as people come up and say hey it. You know why are so you do this or would you told me what something or I think this is corrupt it's kind of a chain reaction that we get. I I've been doing a series of stories into government agency. That this year that after we get our stories they're true criminal charges work law a criminal investigations were launched and but he just executive director of the government agency was terminated. None of us feels good what feels good is when people see those stories and they call you and they say hey. I've got somebody else you need to look into because I think this is a problem to it kind of restores your faith in humanity a little bit when you see people. Brave enough to step forward to Saint Louis and this needs to be exposed. Put in terms of feeling good in it and that's the only part that feels good you know singing of people fall from power it didn't it's not you never get a sense of satisfaction out of that it's just too you know you it's he's still we're at the end of the day know that. You know someone has has fallen and it's you know it's not a great feeling but again a great feeling it's knowing that the public feeling good about the kind of work you're doing. Well yes and knowledge I mean it also opens up the point where somebody falls from my place of power button be abused that power and should they had it in the first place. The Internet yet it's it's a true point and its home you know you you can look at it easier either way you can look at it and say look you just need to keep the common towel when you. When you can ascend to this position of power and you abuse it what do you think is gonna happen. Again what I what I think that I just keeps me going every day is what I get into work and I see divorce myself on my phone are. Emails or text search for I've got from people saying look. You know are a little more exposed to someone I want people to know what's happening is wrong and that feels good. But to just turn the conversation to the I gonna expose a that you do it for you caught a politician. In that large amount and a bathroom when they said they were actually supposed to be at a meeting what was that. If this were one of the it's become one of the great national four or armed kind of historians is that this was a a relatively highly paid air criminal court clerk. And he called psalm. Notorious for not being in the office and so the producer I was working look at the time. Did exceptional work in following him doing undercover. Our surveillance of him to show how often he wasn't in the office. One day we knew he wasn't in the office we knew where he lived. I'll be was in the middle to work today and we knew he was home and so like I hold seminars and listen I need to talk to about. You know all this you know stories that we've been working on and he's now Lyman a meeting right now and and and I served you know oh so you're in a meeting and then again so that we got telephone and hence not long after he comes walking out of that. It's now also in his bathroom. Going to the mailbox and my connection. So then we you know of course went to the door few minutes later he can to the door not simply that they can you tell me your meeting in the office and he had obviously was quite surprised and he later was not around reelected to to all first. Com but it it was one of those classic. Kind of you know politician. Native person on the taxpayer dime. I'm saying that they were in the office and we've done this time and time again no whistle solvents. Elected officials here in Nashville and and testing done across the country where you literally can catch them in the act. And when you do that it's it's really the most effective types of stories that we can do because the proof is there and everybody sees that. And down you know if it shows when they're watching and I think that's important for you know politicians to know was that journalists are always watching. Well that's that's a great point because I think many of them get comfortable they get away with a for a little while may assume no one is watching so they. You know all someone else to do is gonna start paying attention you can catch a lot of the stuff we have to take a break here and we'll be back with our guest it Jeremy Finley we're talking to him about. His work is an investigative reporter in his book it's called the darkest time of night carried a lot more to come listen Jason. We're talking June. Hurt her house cook. It's called the darkest time of night is website is Jeremy Finley dot com. Check out both of those things German real cub just a couple of minutes here too short segment forest a four go to break and we come back from the break remain into the details of your novel. The darkest time of night because it's been referred to as something that would really appeal. Two X-Files. Fans which of course. Jason Meyer both fans of the X-Files and so is just about everybody listens to this radio program so some red apparently. Yeah I think it was one of agreed to the reviews are so are obligated as being a huge fan of the show myself and it didn't armor that's first review coming in and comparing it to the X-Files strangest thing is. And that's to me it was just about as good as it gets because it was such a huge fan. Both of those shows and and really what they've just done for our entire culture's so I'm I'm excited to talk together about more more about that as well. So I have to say again it's a short segment here. You're you're in Nashville. Reporter and in Nashville area I've been a national few times beautiful beautiful city a fast growing city. Do you find that Nashville. Reporting it it varies any from any other part of the countries or something unique about it. You know I would say this what Nashville has which I'm very proud of is that we have these great investigative units. And so there's great investigative work that is being dawned that here on all levels from our NPR stations or television stations or newspapers. Our weekly magazines only two really really strong. For investigative reporting I think that. You know it is calm you know it's like a lot of progressive. But also very southern cities. We're still very much feels like it's a small town where you know all of the players but it is in this. The large growing city that it has an influx of people from new York and Los Angeles we have a hundred people moving here at days. The culture itself is extremely changing so it's been really interest thing. To come here in 2003. And find it kind of to be this sleepy little southern sound to be what it is today so. The influx that we have is really changing the city. And and if you don't put that at the same time it's just a great fun place to live. And so it's an exciting time to be an acidic. External especially saying we get a couple of hundred people leaving here in a row I don't know where we're out here upstate New York is the same left Barrett says there's a lot more to come if you haven't head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page. Then had to be unreal the radio dot com you can find all the stations we are across the country didn't get the free Smartphone apps. Or listen right from the website any night reliant. Retain a quick break lot more to come to listen -- stingy he be on reality really. I guess to return. After journalists investigative reporter his book is called the darkest time of night. Jeremy when you decided to write a novel what guided you as to what the topic was going to be. You know the idea it came to me the good small places from my mother in law she was. Geez this is phenomenally. Great kind of course. Quiet and unassuming woman. And we were in the kitchen of their house one day and she was telling the story of what she did it. While my father in law with the law school and she was. Armed and her very early twenties and and working this job and she took the job and an astronomy department. A university and Northwestern University. She's among the professors and she worked for was a professor who did UFO research. And she started telling these stories of all these amazing and bizarre and troubling X. Messages that she would take for him from all over the world of people talking about abductions. And on the sightings of of space craps and and things like and in she's had to do this professor would go want to be an extra. In the close encounters of the third timed because if you may or coal they used a lot of actual professors. Who studied this as extras and match movie. And so when she was done telling this story and I pick my age all before. Why I would I would bet that night and I thought my god this this is if we're not common old story. But obviously I'd you know wanted to keep the big separation from the truth from fiction. So I really didn't ask for much more about what she had done and I took that story. And that turned it into it into the booked it would become the darkest time nine. When somebody comparison to. Something like close encounters I think somebody said in one of their comments about the book that this was that. The close encounters for the new generation you musket assume heck of a lot of satisfaction. I'll tell you that it was one of the great reviews that I had gotten it was. Whenever another great. New York Times best selling author reviewed the Balkans didn't she did she call that a close encounters for the modern age. I'll bet that's the best kind of pray that you can get they get any references to. That's another there writer could be had said that it you know if you love the X-Files and you love stranger things. You know this is this the book which you'll enjoy because those of the don't distort but I'd blow my nose to the movies in the books and in the TV shows that and I love I think he's serious. Really change of the team for. For all of us that are interested in the paranormal and they and then speculative fiction and then. And and all of this I assumed to have those comparisons is about as good as it gets. Give us a little bit of an outline of what this story. Tells the tells us sort talks about her what the plot is without giving anything away no spoilers here. Sure calm and so is David told the story of the disappearance of a US senators grants on this I would began. And the boy goes missing in the woods to behind it is grandparents' home. The only witness to the disappearance has the boy's older brother. I didn't who will only say it only says it wants the the lights took him and that will never speak again about what he salt. So of course the National Guard in the FBI come in it comes to find out that to the grand a folder. Has a high political aspirations of the US senator but he has even higher aspirations. So there are many theories as to what happened to this boy. But ultimately. The boy's grandmother. Begins to remember some of what she used to re search when she was a had a certain jobless. In the middle of 1960s. And it begins this I'm blessed to try and find out what happened to her grandson. But in doing so wolf force her to return to the research that she used to do this year is concealed from her family. Because exposing what she knows exposing what she did it could very much damage her husband's political career. So that's held a novel begins. I'm definitely test when he to Vera. Well until books I hope you guys are added and I hope it. Ulysses is permitted in my wanna find out more. Again they go to the website Jeremy Finley dot com or go to Amazon the book is available both places I think and that on the web site. Jeremy you're probably links right to Amazon or something doesn't it. Fisher doesn't have all the places that you can buy you can also alms see all of the reviews and we've been. I'm thrilled to see everyone from the anti war to the need your posed to People Magazine. All give great reviews people and around the New York Post called it. One of the best books of the summer. On the and then the other reviews honestly can look and see what what other some really top notch reviewers says. And great to give us some great feedback we've also got some videos. On there as you can watch. The book trailer that we put together for the bookend. Some of the other television appearances and other television coverage of the books so there's a lot on there to enjoy I hope. Jeremy this state of publishing these days things have changed so much the digital age has changed. Everything I don't think there's an industry that hasn't been touched in. Writers and publishers and it's it's actually opened doors because people self published however it's also made you know books sells a little bit challenged at times although it's being replaced a little bit by electronic readers but what do you see the industry of the publishing. World. You know to what's been fascinating to see it is do rise of the audiobook. How did that has become such issues to sort of cereals. I'm thrilled to say that the darkest time of night has a great audio booked it as a great performance. But there really talented actress who I told the story. And people are really getting into this because of all the commute that we all have on the traveling we have to do. Can listening to these books. Is is become this real. Phenomenon. So yeah you're absolutely right it's a challenge it is equally huge challenge to crowded marketplace. But they see that this audio books become a big deal also you're gonna see a lot more of this you're gonna see on audible and in being able to download it. I'll but I think that we're also again in this age where we need this escapism. Healthy escapism. And I I think reading books or whether you're reading your Kindle or are you prefer about the horror backer of the paperback. Well you know it it it that's never gonna go away it's gonna be challenging it's going to be fluctuating it. Obama but I think that that if you ever actually going to go away so on and so real to be publishing my first novel in this air. And you know luckily. You know I I've had a team of exceptional pitchers as saying Martin's press that a New York. There's just done a phenomenal job helping me tell the story and I'm thrilled to also say. That the sequel to the darkest time of night will come out next year so if you get in on it now. And enjoy what you read there's much more to the story coming into and so world war and all that right now. And get a book published these days and it's it's it's really tough in that Jimmy Jimmy made a good point there. Malia I was saying earlier I've I've written books as well and it hadn't had had six Celtics and but the fact of the matter is. I was lucky enough that I hit I hit a TV show that helped fuel books are of course miss Simon Schuster and and all those companies sign on because they wanna see it but. For a small time and author who's just starting off well would you recommend it for them to do to try to get themselves noticed. You know I'd I'd. Talks do this especially at this conference in New York I was just shadows for writers conference and I talked about this what you know aspiring writers is it seems to be so basic to say perseverance is everything but it is everything it literally years. We talked earlier in the last hour about studying to grates which is what I did it. When I just sent out to write a thriller. So if he would fight but I have just do your homework read good books in your genre so you know. What did greats are doing in blatantly steal their benefits don't feel bad at all about. Saying hey you don't steal their ideas obviously but look how they craft their stories and once you really get a good understanding of that. EU all perseverance you write that story you write it over and over and over and over again you have edit. It over and over again by friends. Bob and you never give op ivy has been an incredibly long process. Of getting to publish but the the mindset that I had was just as I have as a reporter. I was not taking no for an answer and finally got to the point. Albeit it's 45 this fall 44 when this book came out I wanted to be an opposite sides in the fifth grade. So it just goes to show if you don't quit it will happen for you. If you really work on your craft and studied the greats I think that's pretty. Creative arts you mentioned saint Martin's press and I and I don't usually do this on air but. Do you know those person by the name of Peter Wolfson. Try no fuel which is very well he's my editors used what I think one of the best in the business. He's and he's a high schools want my best friends from high schools so I didn't know that going into this discussion that's critical. Well that is amazing and good people should know that if you see a Peter Overton booked. You know you are getting some great stuff there it's it's so funny that you say that I'd literally just had lunch with him a couple days ago. If he's just one of the funniest and sharpest and greatest guy who was supposed to be an hour launch ended up being a three hour launch because he's just the past so I'm thrilled to have him as a as an editor and he does a great job so he's a he's a success story for your high school you've slow songs as you your high school produces good man. That all we call them holder cynnex NBC you can choose a nickname for KIE Jason Ashley the question now what do you recommend for a young folks who were aspiring to be authors are less the same question about young folks aspiring to be reporters. What do you recommend that they they do is it is it is it is college necessary is jumping into a job well and I would tell some what you recommend. Sure I think that it is important for people to ask themselves a speech wanna be true journalists are they willing. To take on the responsibility. Over what it takes to. To jump into this profession because I think a lot of young people. Give in because this person maybe what television they think it's going to be a glamorous job works or something little lines. You really have to give you so we're good gut check and you say OK it is truly. What I'm going to do all really wanna do it with my life and realize the challenges that com. Now if you have a passion. For you know truly trying to me you know change the world I think that's where the great professions and her mom is college necessary it is and here's why. You can need to start he not only to practice of journalism but also the ethics of journalism which is so vital. In in the timeframe that were ahead it's also vitally important to study political science and history you don't even have to major in journalism these days if you don't want to. But sturdy English study history study political science really have a good understanding of how will our. Democracy works. And can apply that. And then just play to work of fiction writing it's all about perseverance. You literally have to work harder than you think you possibly ever can. On the book once you show yourself when you show how dedicated you war. It is a great profession you you never feel like you're going to work if you find what you love. And and I'm extremely fortunate that you know lives. I worked all these years and it it just it's never felt like a job it is always has felt like just a really. Important calling but also just to hold a lot of fun. Will there be a job that so will be known as a newspaper reporter in the coming your series that made and some deaths in France extinction. You know I I it's such a difficult thing for me to say because I'd. I look newspapers and I look and I so many friends are newspaper reporters and I started off of the newspaper reporter. I think that. It in the future. There's going to be. Everything is going to be digital and I'll be completely honest about that I think it's. I like to think that there'll always be newspapers and I think there will be I just think dolby. From much smaller audience but I think it demanded so apply to the digital space. I think that's horrible come from that the challenge of journalism has to figure out how in the world we're gonna pay for things you doing this how. There are people willing to subscribe to Jerry digital out news outlets for something that they always gone for free. So it's a real challenge that we have to face but. Then on I loved. I wanna think that there's going to be a future of newspapers I love newspapers there's nothing better than being able to sit down and digest and slowly read through. The New York Times or Washington Post irks the Tennessean is a great newspaper here in Nashville. And really digest opinions and in all of us. Tom is so I'd like to think but I think really think realistically they need it's all going to moved additional space. Well you can see that just from a younger generation in the winter coming out and everything's on their iPad and iPad they're candles that are at an auction in. Of course they're downloading and magazines right there and you're able to carry an entire library now in in just a tablet. Of course and I mean even working for a television station. You know so much of what we do as were reporting for your phone. We are reporting your stories that you watch on your phone. I'm content that's that's fine that's where that's where it's coming from mean we still want people to go watch the evening news and the morning news in the morning news is huge now and in so many segments because of where people are able to get up. And start their days but you know we realize this too and so that's why you're gonna see their apps for. It news organizations in your local television stations as what they're pushing because I know that's where people are growing. Yeah and and people also they want the news instantly instantly they wanna know what's going on a set awaiting the next day French Open the newspaper. They want no instantly and that's when that's when my phone alert me all the along with new stories are popping up. And absolutely at least thing I can think of his waiting till tomorrow added to be able to read it on the front page newspaper. Of course and that you know that the great thing about newspapers as a devoted to that analysis. That you may not have gotten. And come from just seeing the news break on your phone when you can digest what's happened. But it's interesting that's really what we've all had to move from is that by the time the nightly news comes on you may think okay like nobody is that they have seen it on my phone. But important news organization has done well wolf say okay here's what happened. Here's why it happened here's what you need to know about it gives you more of that in depth information. You're not gonna get from your phone. So you know as news organizations we have to really look at what we're doing it again I go back to that need for investigative reporting because. You know you can follow the news of the day but you know when you turn on the 6 o'clock news that night and you see an investigative report come on. You know that's not just a quick turn. I'll make you note that news coming action that this is something that someone has spent some time on and you know it's important news to watch. Jeremy thanks so much for being with a side again the book is called the darkest time of night. Your website is Jeremy Finley dot com any social media or anything that you and let folks know about. My Twitter handle really easy to remember to call letters in my television station which is WS MB. Jeremy I team if you look on Jeremy should look for Jeremy coming on Twitter all pop up there. FaceBook I'm easy to be found and again the web site Jeremy Finley dot com has all the information on the book and tell us I so appreciated I have such a great time talking about the book. And just as importantly at a great time talking about the state of the news industry I think it's important we have more conversations like there's. Jeremy thanks so much we look forward to talk to you again at some point you have a great night OK we're gonna take a break we'll come back to wrap things up in just moments the only Jason. It's. Again thanks German fans for being with a check out his website Jeremy Finley dot com his book is called the darkest time of night. And the sound really interest in tennis you check it soon. As you don't wanna read it and get in the universe that description nose intriguing and in the fact it was compared to if something went close encounters also. An Xbox says that people who like Dick's files are gonna love it so yeah some. The had a beyond reality radio dot com. We can find all the stations we are cross country atlases constantly being updated with news stations being an analyst at all times to check in Austin. But he can also download the free iPhone and android at different I'm stationed in your area that illogical listen lies catch past shows join online chat more. Which listen anytime were alive or from the website and clicking the listen lifetime in the upper hand corner of the website and listen right there from luxury computed. From your computer. If you don't the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor just rated for risk is a hoax pushing for and makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's about destroy any authority. I also like to get the word out about something else well I've used a certain. Web hosting company. That has done me wrong and I'm very very and I expect it and I told them during the course of my conversations over the weekend that I was going to let everybody know. That pays attention to what we're doing here that they shouldn't use this company and I decided against. Using the name on there but I am gonna post so much social media so that series venting I am so angry I cannot even begin to tell you are angry idea. Well it's gonna do it for us tonight may she know angry if this don't make sure it's gonna end tomorrow and Jimmy won't be as angry and probably be in happier shows so our heels in the Jason GB beyond reality radio touch L tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one all season Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face competing agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV johnsons don't act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for a guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.