KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Kelly Sullivan Walden talks about the meaning of dreams, and specifically the ones about our love lives.

Kelly Sullivan Walden talks about the meaning of dreams, and specifically the ones about our love lives.

May 24, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dream Expert Kelly Sullivan Walden about the meaning of dreams and specifically dreams about our romantic lives. 5/5

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Ellis toasters and skills many are stuck somewhere between welcome to be unreal you review with myself Jason Hawes and always awesome chief each ounce okay so you know in this business. We do late night radio programs so for what they really I mean you that's what we have here trip they were that's. So occasionally you know any of us on the staff will try to sneak in a nap in the afternoon because you don't know asleep anatomy your system Europe at five went about a four to five you know again it closely to three out of five and yes I think 18 am and the impact that that's just the nature of this thing so you try to grab an app so Alex who have courses one -- -- producers. Was napping and should my daughter so she's napping in the house here. Usually doesn't turn the show well sometimes it's it's best sleep during the show and Alex so she was napping on the front porch and and in one of the you know on the porch furniture count things that's out there and beautiful day so I was look African wanted to tell but I walk out there and sheet. And as I walked out kind of woke up but you know how when somebody wakes up they don't quite wake up completely. Yes right away. So she's in that halfway between awake and asleep stage she goes why you worker you gonna Wear those shorts. Clicked what's wrong with my shorts and I'm thinking am in need some fashion consultant here so apparently my shorts too. There's so striker maybe it was how white my legs are I am not a possibility digital and we're we're short side not sure what happened but through kinda wake up in the first thing gonna muffler you can Wear though shore or. Like a pit I don't know why I felt the need to share that got. I'm a little or Alex appreciate a humble little self conscious of. Yeah he might wanna go to tanning salons for the light whatever anyway yeah welcome to the program everybody is a great way to start off tonight they've made if you're having yet to head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page forests than had to be under reality radio dot com we can find all the stations we Aaron across the country you know also download via free iPhone and android operator which is listen life touchpad shows on the go on more. Or just listener from the website clicking that pop up on men and you can now hang on an online chat since the show rate from the sorrow are. He donated yuan Turbo funny stuff all right so solid ball and I didn't such depictions of the boat you can hear him in the driveway it was wrapped and unwrapped it. Not knowing that squirrel or Lowell oriented law last year was a bad. Yeah all the other bad the bad last year yet this year was the score now the squirrel it was a screen and he was. Area. Oh were no I bet he was I mean I've never had a squirrel charge Serkis. Really regularly to signal behest of resentment I'd never seen squirrels this chronic some weird sound he kept on channel one Jimmy weren't one on the dashboard right. It was just another problem with things like that you know these animals are small you could deceit its swat him but either so erratic he can't judge is the next match I don't crash it's just ridiculous so that was how my day well you know what that might do that might induce some weird dreams for you. Nightmares of him it was benign even. And we're going to be able to talk about that tonight our guest tonight is Kelly Sullivan Walden and she is a dream expert she's recently read a book written a book called love sex and relationship dream dictionaries so talk. About what our dreams may be telling us about our love lives. In addition to just general dream talk all the way around and and you know this is always a fascinating conversation. Dreams in the whole sleep process and the dreaming process is one of of great importance to us physically and mentally and emotionally. It it is very therapeutic it helps heal us. Mentally emotionally physically. And that whenever we get into these conversations and fascinate and I know where you're gonna take it. Well yeah I I have to bring it up for good friend I got to talk to her we think could get their interpretation on it. But you know on the manned up Evan and I met tonight it's Columbia. Killer squirrel with payroll elects to help the and ginger did you pick and you have Jimmy special so emissary is now. Do you you hear about what's been going on Pennsylvania I just know that some noises or something yeah it's Pennsylvania becomes a lead dislocation be dealing with mysterious. Booms. Authorities in Pennsylvania aren't their wits end over a series mysterious booms that have plagued parts of the state for weeks now. And they hope that the FBI can actually help provide some answers. According to report Philadelphia the explosion like sounds have been reported by striking number of witnesses at least be in the hundreds of people. The case has also become something of social media station. In the areas residences. Attempt to turn to grow what's truly going on. As often with cases and with incidents involving an explain sounds a Boozer. Our Matt name because no one quite put a finger on exactly where where they're coming from him and what's creating. A law enforcement is baffled by the boom says residents have been reporting. A one police department. Post on our FaceBook over a month ago that they were aware the odd sound but were still uncertain on where they were coming from or what was causing them. Weeks later hamsters sounds going on with the state and still going on state and the authorities have even. Brought in the FBI deter and investigate the case. It wants the FBI gets involved you know that it's not it's ratcheted up a couple levels there and from what I understand about these new these booms of the row taking place like between 230 in 4 AM it was yeah consistently late at night. An art it's really strange. Let. It be interesting find if now I know Leo we we aren't adequate six nations of Pennsylvania and so I mean if anybody out there who listens to the show has. And countered or experience any of these booms give us a shell out 8446877669. And let us now let's talk they sound like or which it was pretty much spin and experiencing at. It's been going out and all from parts of the country and it's really what what's crazy about. Yeah has been reported in a lot of different places. Zia that we will open the phone lines now in case somebody does wanna comment on that we usually wait until later in the program but we will have more open in case there's somebody listening in the Pennsylvania area was familiar with the sun maybe even heard of I will mention that tomorrow and we've got James Olsen coming on and he's going to be talking about his book called hole hole. How whole brain thinking concede the future and it explores how we can achieve peace within ourselves with the others and throughout the world by better understand the nature of consciousness. And every Friday of course is a best of beyond reality radio some catchy tune and if you do download the show from iTunes or anywhere else just do us a favor and read it force because it helps push it forward makes it easy for people to find an. That's what it's all about just trying to get the word out. Yet it it is for sure. I'm one of the same stuff by scary conduct come check it out that event is coming up very very quickly and it's a lot of fun if you're anywhere near Framingham Massachusetts the beacon of June 16 and seventeenth. You're gonna wanna I check and a lot of great celebrities a lot of fun parties all that's offenders to clutter if you look at for gift for somebody for graduation. Mr. can Margaret Anderson saw that new despite. That's C that's Thursday night new unit for the and the you've got to get out before then if they otherwise might be pretty good connection won't be pretty either what they cut budgets are sort of take a break in the Morgan emperor and get our guest Kelly soul and I'll Wheldon on the show and start really talking about dreams figure now. What they mean. Are you listen Jason dvd on reality radio. It's. Okay I'm telling you need to go kick outs Garrett con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. 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You check that out of beyond reality radio dot com. And they are going to be treated to a great show tonight because we've got Kelly Sullivan Walden joining us Kelly is it. Dream expert her website is just turning Kelly Sullivan Walden dot com. And her new book is called love sex and relationships it's a dream dictionary and we're gonna welcome killing into the program light right now Kelly it's great to have the on beyond reality radio thanks for being here tonight. Also to do you think you guys thank you for having me. Now we don't look at forwarded so thank you so much from so let's start out by a penny getting a sense of when you started taking such an interest in dreams. Little. Force sisters and my sister the closest community sham and she and I shared a room always growing and we still have Camden dreaming experiences. As a kid and then even still today and that means are we have. A similar dream or where were in. I shared dreams stroke. This happened enough times. We started the we became really excited about dreaming and paying attention to that packing about them. And and then at some point noticing how would the would help the allies and I went a little deeper and crazier than cheated. I'm and I eat became apparent they're gonna cash inserted to work with people. Professionally and their subconscious mind their dreams I had twenty years that I can't believe they're not alone. As. I realized there wasn't just. A phenomenon that was happening to me and my sister at this that we all do and I found that by paying attention to dreams from my cell and clients that. They transformation. Was just quicker and there's more awareness. And life and the drama and might stop seeing so Don king and like you atmosphere superpower and kind. And content there's magic. That they're around her dreams can actually cute so. I became I'm kind of doctored dream packed into cut and six electric string that came out. And then. And then more followed and now I've got that going on seven. Three bullet in my name and it's been and I keep finding new ways to talk about greens and get people excited about the minute I mentioned and that brings immediate. Well it's it's great and to also hear about talking about shared shared dreams with your sister is actually last week and preview we are talking with that lucid dreamer. Who was telling you telling us how to try to. Connect with others and enter each other's turning itself. The bay and now when Florida went on for a long time it still goes on today from. Yeah I'm not every single night. You know I think that the trick to it is installed is if you were actually have a soul connection with somebody. Action you're probably dreaming about and then with them and you might not even notice you might not know is most dreams are remembered even. Theories that the gamers like me it isn't it possible to remember every single DreamWorks it's very it is hard to deal. There's a lot that we met that it is really it's something that you can practically puke. Meditate together it you are already naturally on the same point blank. And you didn't hand it. To dream and then it's likely that you will kind of like a muscle that you build and it occurred in the you want in the year it is the current the trick with dreaming about anything that it's gonna help peel. It could be excited about it and passionate about it before he couldn't sleep. And that's gonna help make the dreams become more visible in sticky so that you remember them. Siri and things down if he'd stand amateur. I bell out you guys that Serbia has been. And shared through nobody remembers that are not a dozen. Well I I don't know about that but I nursed the F I ask you about the shared dream experience though because. I get it you'll obviously discovered it at some point was that it was it is a process by which you view me and said hey I just trimmed about this last night in your sisters and yet. I did the same thing yeah but then at some point to test that a little more surreal thoroughly like say you write your dream and I'll write mine let's see how it compares and where we were really in the home do you ever do that kind of parent. When I was so not scientific about it we should happen it was very much like the first one that. We're really obvious the one we were very little I was second seed here how. Younger than me at this in the Sudan about by the house and it was around Halloween and it involved. A scary which. And she would and we were and what we discovered in talking about the gains with its powerful and that which was trying to. Chase that profit until act and we do right if we had that game again and we did that we were gonna kill the Litsch that we would throw her off and we would gang up on her and so. We found each other and their dream and then the crystal which Ottawa and the most enlightened dream but it was terrified we both felt completely Victorian like that that. Yeah that's the Nancy Pelosi don't know it has. That's okay there sir we're good with that were on so. When you had those shared dream experiences and did you what were they lucid in nature or within less than real was a more of a real dream experience. Well I think that if we're gonna get technical a lucid dream. Is not just a big dreams who people think of the containment like a really big and powerful in the not technically that at least the game is when you. Know that you're dreaming while you're training. And and then the ticket to the next weeks he'd do something with it. Technically I would say no. Just know that we had a plan for what we were gonna do should we be in the dream so I think it was quiet night. Listed but it worried I I don't know that I would call literally dreamed about how lucid dreams and and believe that the African than Italy and I'm just good old I got a couple of we can't have that out check out what I can do. I wasn't doing that in the dream that I was. Happening except for that directorial. I'm control in some way even though I wasn't totally lucid so I think there's there's greedy actions. And if you if you have a plan I tell people to do that and and people do that would delete it or not that they're capping especially at period scary dreams. Have a plan like string in an archangel bring in an animal guy bring in camping and because you think about that. And I will happen and it doesn't necessarily mean you know come Wheatley that your only when it's happening but because you've rehearsed it in your mind and can. I'm into into quite a while you can eat. Orally team up your sister and plot the murder when Lleyton Hewitt your sister and it's so that's there for our next we're gonna take a buoy we take quick break but a lot mark on the phone numbers 8446877669. Again heat for 46877669. And we're talking dreams and and win with Kelly Sullivan Walden dream expert you'll synergies. GDP on really reveal. Tonight for their dream expert guess Kelly Sullivan Walden and we're in the middle of talking about. Well lucid dreams return which shared dreams but the bigger question Kelly is what our dreams if we had to break it down to define it and we all know. What they are cool because we all have them at some point but technically what are things. Oh well that is what is the big question I have a thousand differently than today so let the what can that and I'm not the time. I think our our dream. Our and a parent to shoot connected with the larger. Reality that beyond reality. Aspect of who we are we are. Infinite being Dutch they're having a finite experienced. And we struggle and our limitations. And in the density of being human and I believe our dreams and I'm way. Opens sent. On to like about our head and remind it oh yeah. I'm more than that I'm connected to. All. Departed loved ones that I that I went flat and hard and connected to all the people I left the for an connected to the same procedures to Angel. Saint to sinner than everything in between all affection and I think they're really an attempt. To lay out our dreams are helping us exchanges that might sound. They're helping us to wait cat. Q are Granger. The phone that we are and so and potentially. I think it humans evolved. We'll get to the point where we don't prejudiced anything we don't judge any English as we know it's all ash. And we're so big in consciousness that. That and La we eat we will have a totally different type of terrain we don't have to have any more nightmares where can have dreams that are very very sweet and evolutionary. Show. And at the very basic level that would kind of the height pollutants version of what her dreams. I'm the basic level. They are helping us to be same. If we don't dream and we within a Gator Q or three become completely. Psychotic. So it's believed at least fleet in order to during much because. We need to it's like doing the laundry for the same clothes over and over eventually we get kicked out of wherever we are nobody wants to be around us were stinky so our dreams are like a wonder machine that helped pitch. Clean action even if we had a bad day or the day before we can wake up and how are relatively. Their respective that's why so often we kaine let me sleep on it. I hope that gives a little idea of big. Yeah it is certainly does when we when we're dreaming. Is the information that were that is occupying her dream morph or fueling the dream. Is that all coming from us internally or is it coming from some other media spiritual or at the real place. Each well I think that all depends on what you consider. Should be pink because you're showed up beyond reality actually get a little bit Lulu you guys. There. Are. My hero do you welcome the Lou. I think most. Most people consider themselves to be the sum total out of without their read to me and what would the story that they had in the life in and expect that helped her and couldn't find themselves that. And I would say eat your dreams and not just about and the contents of your data daylight it's about. But more than that but if you are somebody who looks to be under reality radio. Didn't you must have them and of yourself as being beyond. You're fine and beyond the year like experience so I think everything we dreamed about to some degree is. All. Even. The craziest most wild alien. Abduction dreamed it all where and Karen. It wouldn't I'm dying day how about how we are either we're not think her where everything it all and we're connected to a friendly universe and the universal bark side. And that universe. Is potentially open action and drink because sometimes I dreamed of very mundane. And there are very relaxed chomping at with our current. Challenges to whatever we're grappling with our daily lives their relationship that job situation how. Crisis whatever that it there are games are helping to problems stop the become more resourceful. And out of nowhere. At Betsy who died 25 years ago will show up in our dream and it's likely how did she get here and what Hackett and why was she wearing that strange kind of cash it. Seem to have a solar system painted on that you that the we have to get at their cash. And it did Jane or just a hodgepodge of sometimes very literal things that are happening to it and sometimes things that. Chuck Noll connection to our lives straightened out now Carl you used to have a whole. Close to people that would come to him easily create father like that they're being. Get a hold hounded people that had no relationship to reality. In his three dimensional no life at all. And he would learn things have them go to libraries and schools and so that we can go. Far and why exactly are really depend on what we're interest Sudan and the crease and Cotter spirit of whatever. You're on a college. So a lot of it's pretty much just being fueled by whatever is going through our our subconscious mind at that point correct. Yeah yeah exactly and I think that says that's a big part of it we dream about what we are excited are passionate about or are upset about York. Whatever Caylee again and finished basement in our. In our daily lives we get these like yellow post it notes that go on those things and they're dreaming mind peak day goes it goes straight for the post Kitna. Okay this is and finished it and where he needs help this is where she need to try to put. Let's go in there. And then made that things that comes to us that are completely wild. But I think on some level every carry no matter how you slice it we can look at it from the very practical perspective and and get it all in her thanks to our how our own message our wellbeing. And if we do. Look at whatever challenges or whatever looks focusing on our goals and we're looking at and we take any snippet of the dream and look at it from the perspective of how is this helping me to manage trash to or achieved or resolve this issue. Will house and that's we'll have a great hot and it happens all the time. On a strange sometimes how you can get the answers your years searching for through dreams in certain certain certain circumstances like we're talking. Achieving an hour talking. Four about at one point and while ago I was going over wondering it's dramatic and I haven't for whatever reason the hardest time trying to figure out. This in this wiring issue while I ended up falling asleep and everything else. But do while I was asleep all the sudden it clicked the whole thing clicked and I was able to figure known it's like I mean I knew who. What what needed to be done and I I didn't it resolve that issue but it and it's funny because my. My brain the part of my brain that I'm always using was somehow telling me that that wasn't the right way one I went to sleep. My subconscious mind patent sort of just spelled it out it sort of shut down that whole part of the mine that was was trying to. Reason with everything in. His some more room for whatever reason that's when I was able to figure well. Well that is a cool story and that you could actually right except for a one of our Mexicans too critical but. These pits. Killed with these kind of stories in the the perfect thing to do one of the series and I are my first chickens too critical book dreams than premonition that just a short story to you just hold on. On a farm bill and that and it could keep the technology. And it relates to a tractor a business. (%expletive) he's like I know probably fifteen. And the father passed away like and it and in a few months before and she his father had a lead Durbin tractor and it was always really like held together by paper clips basically in. And the firmness that it Specter told by the mother. It's bigger unkempt then interior it is like I can't run the tractor and I was scared he would have fixed it and I get. No ID act how he would get this thing running and he felt that he dislikes storms not go that into Israeli and following week and taking a nap and then hours later. Same kid that was so upset commit to running down the stairs are lining up to the tractor with a big smile on the stage went out with a tractor. Get it running his mom can adapt to what what happened that I got it gagged he did in the dream. He showed me that there's been staying at the site of a quarter it underneath. The steering wheel well yet in practice creating a little pocket and you had to turn it to the left in the Internet to the right like he got an answer. In victory and now he got out of work actor and he didn't before. It's amazing it and you could say that he he might have. No he might have saw him debt Dudack. And didn't realize he did but on some level. Are dreaming mind is sacked so far superior to our waking mind in the and the American benefits association data they are statistic is that our conscious mind is 12%. Of our mind power. And their sub conscious dreaming mind is 80%. I'm mind power. And get them and the here encourage people to happen during his it's yours it's yours for the taking and the minute so I loved that you just told that story it's so great to have you got practical used. Either out of victory and there's more where that came. You know and intelligent and as a musician I know a lot of these stories and it's actually happen to myself when I. Compose music but a frequently artists we'll talk about songs. And song is coming to them during a dream and then they wake up and they're rated down and they have a no book by their bed because it happens so often that they're ready for it. And as an Arnold popular hit songs were written during a dream it's pretty incredible when it happens all the time. It happened all the time I know one of my favorites is. Is yesterday and by The Beatles. Can the public is ready to you know. Yes I did know I'm a huge Beatles fans so that was actually one of the ones I was thinking of yes. I loved in history Rickie beat him nodded yesterday. It was scramble day. A little old by dialing time that you're letting. He would outlaw that Elliott are under the Lear. But things got. Weird. So we take a break here in just a minute of one more question before we go to break you've said that this. He's your mission to talk about dreams into kind of educate people about. How powerful they are why is it's so important you do set to to get this message out. And what Powell ish I believe this. Well I hate it when when people I know start dreaming and paying attention to dreams. It seems great to see the light switch turns on and they beat harmed kind of let it become more evolved urgent and I'll stay. They start having integrity were struggling before and IE and and and the visionary and the dreamers trying to look at and I see the way the world. Is struggling and I now look at it with the world with during the sure we would be and more compassionate. More. Even bald kinder more loving more works more relaxed. People we would be better a better version of our sound and something that none of us. It go far to figure out where to do we have these every night and I just want people to get excited about tenant pay attention to and I actually got. One way that I can contribute to the planet I've seen it happen in my own microcosm and I know it it the ripple effect could happen it would be incredible. Kelly Sullivan Walden is our guest we're gonna continue talking about dreams with her her website is Kelly Sullivan walls and dot com we're going to be talking about a book to that she's recently written called love sex and relationship dream dictionary that's going to get very very interesting when we come back. We'll start talking about the book and who said the top of the hour make sheet to an annual synergies sanity and. JC and James here guest tonight Kelly Sullivan Walden dream expert visit her website at mr. named Kelly Sullivan won't conduct special like that dot com. In only just this series makes its somewhere Bengie some awestruck complicated easier I've never been to that men's during their Hampshire I think right now I get a direct it at its orbit on. How well those they were talking about dreams I was with Kelly this is a short segment Kelly. But I think there's enough time. Two at least dress address this question. When people have dreams that they remember is there is there something more significant about those other than the fact they remember them because I know personally it's very rare when I remember dream. But I think to fight understand what the experts say you're one of them we dream of every night whether we remembered or not. Yeah yeah. Weren't hardy that hard to say I think that. It is. Every single doing that we haven't been there for a reason what do we remember it. I'm we have and you'll remember the dreams they have. Higher voltage. Energy to that it there particularly. Emotional ordeal ended that then they're easier to catch cash. And I think that they come. Was that net technicolor so that we will catch them. So we could say that those that are more prone to count to probably. Are shouting. Her number and he'll I think there are some dreams that we might consider like that. The blockbuster movies and understand better the movie of the week and there are some that are like. Commercial but don't matter ads but they are the Perkins. A minor damage to be movies I think you know. But let bargain rack dollar rent only yeah that's pretty much. It at that right. I think there are a bit and really all we can work with are the ones that we remember and I'll tell people and I I probably shouldn't tell that aspect. Do you count them that your dreams are working on you what do you remember them not to you don't have to remember dreams. In order to benefit from them but if you want to leniently. Benefit from them and take it to the next level and really see your life change inch pretty opposite ways than. Start to the Jerry Lee tricky remembering Sean. Are at a dream and starting to make a habit out of. Right so we're gonna we jumping to break here in just a minute before we do I've given your web address out. Is there any other place that you would direct people who want a following your work fine your books. On your that sleeping Q gas and well Kelly Taliban ball in dot com is my main web site but it got hard dispel people can also go to I had to of the strangest dream. Dot com that'll take you to increase. Country hello I'm doctor dreamer Kelly Sullivan wall that doctor dreamed that doctors stop all the way. And you can find me there on trigger an instant Graham Kelly. While then people wanna learn how to develop their muscle injury work you can go to fuchsia. Dream life coached training. Com and then kept coming out there that. Harry we're going to be opening and the phone lines thanks hour if you have a question a mountain and dreams and so forth the flip phone number 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. Alison chase. GD DR really radio. On the West Coast there's. So Jason cause it was arson each sometimes on the program we have to. Do what I would consider to be a bit of a public service announcement and last week and trying to reform was when do we have. Both of the pet. The animal communicators on last week and we had him pretty close together into one was on earlier in the week last week in the one late in the week the week before but either way. We talked a lot about pets and I and and whenever we do that we get reminded of how important pets are to people. And you know the type of relationships that people will will have with the pats and you know it's it's is the same or very very similar. Two. The way people would treat a child so I I I just wondered report this apparently there's two very very. Dangerous strains of a flu spreading. Particularly right now in New York City. That is considered to be a canine flu to dog flew. And officials are saying that if if your dog of sorts to develop any flu like symptoms and they're very similar to human flu like symptoms in owned running nose. Did. Kind of a coughing thing that are dog might do work or even sneezing are you might wanna get them to the vet pretty quickly because it's a pretty dangerous strain of flu there's two of them. That are being spread rather quickly. And it's an airborne flu there's no natural immunity by the dogs to these these viruses and they are saying as the weather's been warming up dogs are getting outside to play more. Which is actually in bullied tend to think in humans is a better situation for humans to be outside. In warm weather but for dogs it's the opposite because they're out and and there are many of these terms are being spread in in parks or wherever the dogs are gathering so. Just kind of a bit of a public service announcement if you're if your dog is experiencing flu like symptoms as you would expect him and human Melanie take the duct. Does that especially in New York where they currently there's animal local park best musical great playground for adults to get together and hang out I'm sure that that becomes a situation. Just like you know par fold or any of those other things can be spread and a wooden animals get close to. Yes so be very very cautious you don't wanna you know things just ignoring it and then have a problem down the road so that's kind of our. Our pet public service announcement here on beyond reality radio. Another announcement none necessarily public service but we've got James Olson joining us on the program tomorrow night to talk about his book. Whole brain thinking or how whole brain think he can save the future. And it explores how we can achieve peace within ourselves with others and in the world by better understanding the nature of consciousness. But 29 were talking with Kelly salt and Walden dream expert. And what you're dreams are telling you about your love life so yeah we're gonna get in that because her book is called love sex and relationship extreme dictionary. And we will also take your phone calls if you had a dream. That you kind of curious about you want a professional opinion. Give us a call 8446877669. In a little bit later will take those calls and more let them Kelly tell you what she thinks. About your dream I know the people frequently have dreams that they wake up saying what the heck does that mean what was it trying to tell me. Should IE you know should they play those lottery numbers whatever happens to be. Thanks for hanging Allen. 088 Kelly 11 quick thing it just on the whole dream interpretation I wanted to ask yeah. And I've got a friend I don't wanna make him feel comfortable names javy but I'm not gonna mention. But you know it Whitacre an interpreter on in the past JV who is having dreams of volcanoes in the spur. Said. That I don't know seller don't tolerable I want to hear what she has also edit okay terrorists or Kelly that's so that we had a dream interpreter interpret my dreams I said listen I when I was 1617. Years old like you're dreaming about volcanoes. What could that possibly mean a committee gentlemen. But wouldn't say that I really spells where she might think the same thing that other person thought we're going to. I have a feeling I know it doesn't go it's. Do. I'll say it could or biter because. I think there's nobody on the planet that can tell another person definitively. What their game means that a frequent flier like myself I can. And I can talk about what I think it would be or my dream and a volcano at some things that eruption built up energy and then. Stir that can be easy emotional tribute actual QB. All manner of things and sometimes look or with the how to build. Volcano explosions. In in Hawaii I just actually. We climbed a couple of volcanoes throat it should think in and I am. What Ramallah so strange you bring those that they're in their mighty they're powerful and they're and I think every game the multi dimensional so it might mean one thing you might think OK this is a sexual dream. But it could also be back at York Europe potential that that maybe needs a tractor use didn't want to hit. And it shall locked or whatever and like you going to slam to me than that it has to get a lot of energy. And the what were trapped must extract and trying to help the. I that's why you gonna do today just just to kind of clear my name here a little bit I was really really interest in geology. And signing a cook what cracked with some high school so bad ad to be what it was about right Kelly I was just dreaming about geology geographic or GG a lot of our events rate that had to be it. Pop was usually it's you're hearing it and your day you are expert on your dreams so I would say yes. He saw anything that anybody says about your dream is really. Revealing a lot about themselves. And no old. OK to disagree I don't take that shot. I just get good. So I I turned a little red in the face here during this this part of the discussions on and return the favor do you Kelly what's the story out of you being named missed missed public nuisance of Beverly Beverly Hills but it. Tailor our reality show. I'd demand a recount. Oh my lord it was really a I was and I was like when the year in nineteen I don't know I was. I'm working. At a it was a very equally between eighty. Art gallery and it is owned by eight. Over in particular we will see multimillionaire. Who cash chat. Opened your girls races that he had listed on parking on Rodeo Drive in front of that art gallery and the Euro laxative part currently sixty minutes. He accumulated all these parking tickets and of course he can afford that you would pay them. He lives after thousands and thousands of dollars a ticket and him. It they tried to get into looted cars that the people can park there and they named him the public nuisance of Beverly Hills. And then he decided to come out with a fragrant that he hired me to be it Turkey and girls awards fashion. PR we had a little beauty contest and I won and I got to be like the church in public nuisance Karl. And I was I had a small little debut on lifestyles of the rich famous play just grounded one of his children is waiting people smelling really get us. And with Robin Leach he was hosting that program yeah yeah money was and I stole the bottle of it to Kevin Kline. I think it was shattered that the cameras are rolling at that point but. They were celebrity's that would commit thankful for you came back. And I would. Again last. A second the day. So I am. Let's talk about actually you know let's go to the moment we've had some people already waiting on hold here's what's so let's take a call or two and then then let's get to the book a little bit more. This is Doug caught in from Ohio hey Doug you're on with Kelly. Aide Jason Davie. LA Gloria. I'd great how are you that you pay. And better I needed to win. I thought okay puts on your mind. Khaled had. A few options there with the called visitation dreams people tell me did one from my dad want from my football coach. And one from trend. And I just wonder. You know about those. They're little free you wanna wake up in the morning jacket I remember them pretty vividly they're pretty vivid dreams. It's kind of I don't worry good to see. And then it's over west. Such. I mean my interview about visitation. It definitely don't like saying we're really happy stream and and I get that it can be a little bit. A little bit freaky because you don't know I mean it's it's only tricky at a part of that Italy would relate to when we're dreaming and we're having victory usually. Quite lovely. And Louis real life news. How let MI. I had. A brief experience on the other side. Meaning and I had a fifteen minute little guest experience and while I'm gone. I was trying so hard to communicate. To the people that we're here because they're relentless streaking out and I have this awareness are Mike got it. I humans are pretty Dan. It takes a lot to come true that they. It takes a lot of luck for people actually beat penetrate pierce that veil and reach out to so. I think we have a dream and the departed left when we have to no matter what happened in the dream whether it's really casual approach candidate. Cake sell much love trick them puke pierce the veil so to speak at the very least we can feel tremendously loved and popular term get that. Life goes on that there's more go in on the just that the men. You take it to the next plate by B Cody met dream and looking at some of that symbol and some of the things that they may stall the disputed media message. Like at the very least is now that these people argue that there they're there in your corner and I'm at it could be very healing it stays and as a result feelings. I hope that helps. Yeah the only thing that would get really freaky about it and they told me I was joining them next week or something's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah act and that might be a little bit freaky but. Probably he probably not a Munich in. You know leave it. And they didn't get your questions debate. Political no word on you're happy and jovial there but. You know it's it's it was a very can it was kind of a nice thing like delegates and it was like hi Tori. Mission and it'll how you then you know would have Alec. One of my I was walking down the street without any much aside like cafes and it was my good friend do. Actually it certainly from the blood clots and. How people fought and well football coach I was a teammate of mine and my coach. They're sitting there to try to work cafe and I just catalog Landers centenary. The bush Sadat gave me getting paid Gloria good to see. Settlement mr. You know I can I think. That's. Beautiful well. If I were you I would just do what Powell on the track to that. It's so cool that they showed that and that they are that you're connected to them and but they must love you end and could be part of your word you're talking with the angels. And inaccurately cool thing and they treat you for remembering those string. Essential like Kelly. Thank you things that a lot. Of you yes thank you for the call that we appreciate it soaked so the book love sex and relationship dream dictionary means you when you. Talk about the book you talk about it helping people remember dreams are talking about. Helping people interpret dreams. I mean why is the the million dollar question here and mobile have a quick answer them we didn't break the military question is what's the love sex and relationship park. It well I I realized that. The home many people have relationship. On the brain and there's a lot of aspects to it is to be and then our work our bodies are. Our careers are so many things but that some people that are real he likes focused on the our relationship are trying to get into one or trying to get out of one or trying to figure out how to make love stay. And it and it don't look on your mind about your circling about than you can looking your game very specifically. From the perspective of it helping you in your relationship or you look like during your tax. So I just found that because relationships just such acts always been such an area stack nation of mine that. And I found that they were helping me in my relationships and I. I just wanted people to be able to not to have a generic dream interpretation died. I'll wait to be able to you beat her ability to get specific guidance regarding their relationship from their dreams. So I'm every single symbol and there's over a thousand of them in the dark. Is it slanted toward giving you that they giving you guidance regarding your lunch sacks or relationship. Great OK we're gonna get into that and a lot more detail when we come back from the break. Our phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. He got a question about a dream might give us a show where I'm talking to our guest Kelly saw all the Walden dream expert loosened Jason dvd on really radio. It's better her short segment here. A quick break coming up Kelly Sullivan Walden is our guest she's a dream expert we're taking your calls at 8446877669. If you're waiting on hold please be patient because we're Americans who get to anything. Until the other side of the break Kelly at what point did you decide to write this book love sex and relationship dream dictionary and that something had DS occur or you just decided righted but when did that happen and how did it happen but got about a minute here for this answer. Oh my god. I had been sort of writing in my mind because there was some symbols but it seemed. Shell profound and so many people were mostly women really confused about extremes and feeling guilty about and I men didn't feel that way. And but they're the publisher that reached out to me in that and we need. It kind of started talking about that and decided it would be something that a lot of people not just women but men. And it like Ollie agents would benefit from so that's kind of where this was burned a few years ago. And and how's the response been so far. It's been really good having people like (%expletive) it's funny I'm not a lot of sex expert. I'm a dream expert that I think people find themselves feeling really. Deity really like the book and gotten a lot of positive comments and feedback but mostly people. Feel relieved stayed optional created an optional air pervert state. Get a lot more self acceptance. And about how normal it is to have sexual dreams about vary. I'm people that you wouldn't normally feel attracted to you when you're waking life he'd find yourself with in your dreams that that's normal. And so it is really is reassuring me that that people that are I am much healthier and better off in May. Would have given them some credit for. Paris we're gonna take a break the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. If you got a question about a dream that you had in the basket so show. He'll listen Jason GDP on military you know. Our chances are David burn a cross they were a great group and the music is so unique. But his just his mannerisms or does videos very discounted his body shut in as just kind of weird stuff but I mean Tivo kind of music critic Eddie Lewis crazy crazy talk man. He had been they do -- could even really saying if you additionally she can speaks all is clear and it's an interesting but a great group Fisher and we love playing that kind of stuff fund now beyond reality radio anyway. Welcome to the show we are talking about dreams with our guests tonight Kelly Sullivan Walden check out her web site it's her name Kelly Sullivan Walden dot com. Several books to her credit. And there were talking about or most recent which is called love sex and relationship it's a dream dictionary and we're gonna continue that conversation will also take your phone calls at 844. 6877669. Kelly monogram caller to hear. Or at least are let's do that we've got low lane ya calling. Four in insurance talk about a dream interpretation help only knew. Hello hi at turning. This. Thing you had a hand what you're eating lunch. Think he'll appreciate that. Aaron can really interpretation strain understand I guess except when he. The Internet I've never experienced before. I heard that in the lyric first. Beating he would have a lot fully process straight. Not like your typical just being helped around things like the Blackstone are old hat but really. Involved like cute hiding something he would harm these a lot. Before minority. And then when Bernie we put her and it really aren't turning. He had a turtleneck sweater. Something that was trying to get into the door. Into the bedroom door and set I woke him up on him not to open nickel our. At the same time I was having Pickering. Someone coming in through certificates and like a really tall dark and with the hat on reconnect it say it. And the public really remember from the getting the full income in the kitchen. I would never really were not been told him not to open the door that was just his carrying. And telecommuting like they were combining old but after that he's stopped having a free trial will mean for the is that kind of caught at. Wow. That dream. That was like that that tapper in no way. I. You know I I've heard who wouldn't it will definitely phenomenon and it so much so that I can't think that it. Just. Leave crowd but I think there's something else going on and I my hunch is that. Good beings and all that energy that are being connected lists have there's a reality for them. And it cake ask sensitive soul to be able to precede these things that much but at the end and and they're more than a dream it. It's like that beyond not to be under reality but beyond during. It's I think it is tapping into another another dimension I think there's so many each dimensions of reality that are happening. Side by side is this one that we're having right now so it's not that strange to imagine that there are other being the direction I think but they find a full. Like sound like your husband is then didn't YouTube that. It has what we and the dream world like to call. Then wal. If somebody got in the wall that means that they are. Somebody that people come to you because. Indeed it's like you become a bridge so I think that it is a talented could give. In that sense that a profit probably first at some torment. Because and must there's like a plan for what you do with it how to try to deal with a but it sounds like he's he's stopped them. Are not being aware that any way. He I don't know I mean this is not the kind of dream I would typically want to interpret as it seemed like it may be. A little bit more literal. My hunch. That it's it's pretty literal but it isn't that odd except never has like like that I'd buy it trying. Quit you know act that article article that aren't about Camden dreams I think that that adds another layer. An important killing it and in connection and in some when he Etna stands I would imagine and it or my dream is that it would have brought my husband and I even closer like you. He's not feeling. Like it's just his phenomenon but at the purist militant in the U at a a moment and how and the sharing the reality and that intensity epic action so am I mean that part of it is really. Really positive and I'm so. Oh I mean I I don't know to me I think it did your husband is probably somebody who. It would that he wanted to developed his hiking abilities would be a candidate for that. The things that one can do with that sensitivity. At Taft and unlimited. And it sounds like he has got an attempt you do you've got some of that yourself. Millennia thanks for the call let's go to Frances calling in from Colorado Springs. He Francis welcome to the program. And I thank you. What's on your mind. Well. What are. This morning I did it turn out to our radio. Chart from. Our talk from armed wrong I don't in New York. I tradition current model. And you were talking about. Strom may have pictured I'd our culture our game and thirteen. Yeah. Pattern. This fact partnered I would actually. And what actually. I got. I had a dream a barbaric. And and I'd get no I didn't know that our. I didn't know if secret he'd yeah. He sees its finger actress wallboard. Mall. I don't think. You have Francis I don't think. Dreaming about. Current events is is an odd thing I think it's probably something pretty common and expected given how stressful some of this. News can be wouldn't you agree Kelly. Absolutely is a lot Arlen help people eat. Then there he aware. And mindful of what you're consuming before you leave. Those moments are really important and in so many apostolic watching each. Television watching the news and we will definitely take an indoor draining and if so it it's helping to figured out especially if it is. I'm tempted mr. manic or scary. We will dream about things sure sure that didn't get it. They get a program that show. It it in some way are dreaming mind attempt to help us come to peace with the fact that we're living in a world where peace in the cadet. And dreaming about that helps set to become more resourceful should be either ever impacted. Directly right here now. So I'm at all I'm very positive function that we have but it doesn't necessarily mean that somebody trying to program you although I know that they're. But some times but it would be kind of strange typing and if it was somebody that you you know. And a public figures that you don't have a personal connection with that that's probably a bit of a stretch but it's not. It's not unlikely that you would then give about it but I would pay attention to what you dreamt about it. I think the wavy you can about it would be would be unique. Am hundred people could be listening to that all have very different. Now dreams. Because it's based on under unique perspective that you're bringing you. I hope that helps lilac you mean transcripts by the way that name is telling him applying. Now thanks for check. And Francis thank you so much for the question you know those are great to entry into good part of the conversation here let's go to yeah. David calling in from South Carolina he David welcome to the show. But Baghdad what can put him back where you should of spot daddy died back and might not able. I'm not at what might we buried them. Eight are between Matt and my attorney very active arrived yet about it call which aired we did bad. I woke up and it has we didn't know why you would it. Do you need me ask pool jewelry at a time. I reported that. Wounds. What out so. Well he didn't get a few different things go and until. Your dreams are not necessarily. Literally and act more options than not our dreams are symbolic. And I'm taking beaten wish fulfillment that it can be kind of cool. Even asks. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum working out and the worst case scenario so. I would imagine. Just by the fact he Collins Gatti that he's somebody who you really really locked in you're really coast and I think most of us. Very traumatic when we lose a loved one especially apparent. That little dot by itself is scary and and there may have been some kind of a television show and the UY actually there was somebody that popped out at the graves says. China combining these element but if it were my dream and my sort of think about somebody coming out of agree it means that they're not that means that they're still alive and and that that could be slightly a list fulfillment if it were my game I might think wow I can I really don't want my gat my daddy beat dad I want to back to sneak. And on some level even taking it another not steeper elect direction doll there's Ali the layers the ago. Inside of it. I would say on some level it could be a message to the subconscious mind that your daddy isn't dead that he is more than just should bodies that contrite. Agree that there is a part of him that is beyond the grave that you can be connected to now it sounds like it Gary do you. I would do. What I like called dream re entry where you'd go back in the new push. You look at that dream advocate for a movie and you're the director of the movie and it actually used to read direct that. Dream that movie in a way that he and that leading you not scary that feeling empowered. Like maybe he can got a degree. And he tells you are lucky you occasional big package each Hugo. Flying off together somewhere or even attempt to you to use your imagination but. A nightmare I believe it's an unchanged during an attempt to EU the dreamer you creatively find a way you finished after he. Okay thank you. Thank you for a cult yeah well thank you thanks David that brings up an interesting point Kelly nightmare is in general hum. You know when some people think. You know they think of a nightmare they think of something terrible happening any dream and it scares you won't spend and has been dead effect. However I know that personally I had nightmares were the dream itself has is not scary at all. Nothing about the dream should cause me stress or anxiety B yet that feeling still exist what's happening there. Are all righty yeah or there are the Jupiter obvious nightmares that their blood and gore and got an identity through based district an anxiety. Anxious feelings. Even that is now extract going on in the drink. Days. Talk about the three kinds of dreams there is. Angel ego and Kate man. And some. The key demand respect. Active though her dreams and nightmares that. That are about term viable and those tend to be the ones that are more gray actually canned. Mortar and memorable in in that they they are very get it in there about debt or action and I. Dominating her so they're they're very animal. But they ego. During and we're we're trying to work out our social issues. So those can look more more subtle. And and yet they still feel incredibly intense like it dreamed of China too costly or forgetting it pastor. Not wearing your camp out on a date or your god knows whatever that is. That that might not seem gory but they can be dull and credibly. On that. Anxiety. And they're helping in many ways you. Can help and work through these issues and helpers find our way. Through them to find solutions said that if they should happen in waking life. We had a rehearsal or those things we know we're better prepared for what to do. We don't have a lot of time left just a couple of minutes and realize that we reported talked significant about amount of time about your dreams. What and what they tell us about your our love lives and we spent all of this time talking about that that. But let's tape we have well about three minutes here so I don't wanna I don't wanna cut you short of let's talk a little bit about that. What can we learn about our love lives in her dreams. On where you're like where where you're gonna everybody who's listening didn't harm. Lisa and their relationship like a significant relationship period you're trying to get into one trying to get out of wonder trying to. Figure out how to have more harmony schtick he's stink of whatever your primary. Issue is with. But part cute relationships. Your dad you can you can looking gains from the perspective of your dreams are trying to help you. The batter in your love fly ash and I am because we are relational beings we would not survive in the world. Without relationships even if we think gore alone will or not. Accused of helping stick to work out to issue that we hand net. Arms healed from heart great feel more confident about our sounds and there's you know I think one of the big issues that people have accused so many people that. Talk about dreaming about other people they're in a significant relationship. And to date yet they're dreaming about somebody else. Or their loved ones. Is dreaming about someone else or they're giving about their loved one cheating on them and one thing I always tell everybody. That is what every one and everything in your dream consider that an aspect of your pal. And if there's any kind of sex going on in your dreams consider that faxed. It's a metaphor. For speed Internet connection. Or helping you to grapple with. Aspect of your how could this all about you. And did you when you. You are if you column not compute shall repeat developed an enormous sense of confidence and well being. Your relationships are going to reflect. And look at a goal for our try to. Fix what's broken in our sound of the people that we may generally with instead of doing it. In the opposite way still perjury and can help that steel. And become better relationship people. I'm from the inside out and can make it hurt a lot more joyous. It got elected I can answer any goes I go in a more specific direction. There's anywhere you'd like we can. But we're gonna have to have you back on to do that because routed time but I do have one more question you've got several books related to dreams obviously to your credit. And if our listeners wanted to start with one of yours would you recommend this love sex relationship book or is there another one in New York. List of books that you've written that you would recommend they start with. I would if relationships are important to people and and there have been a lot of sexual dreams are relationship dreams. And then they're holding them and definitely pick a celeb sex and relationship can dictionary. Until that book that I haven't it's called it all in your dream. It's all in your game stat book that I recommend that people read to get. A comprehensive. Perspective on why we dream what we're dealing with dreams of how to work with them in general. And then deleted ticket to traditional book a lot of people are really loving very inspiring people are having a hard time to leaning remembering dreams. If you read a book like chicken to traditional. Dreams and they unexplainable. It will heat your ability to you remember your dreams continue to get jealous that the teams that are written about that book and you're gonna wanna have some of your own soap. It got to go out of your way to read something you dream light the free go to sleep and then. Record your drinks first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. Kelly I. Thanks so much for coming handle this and talking with the so we look forward to having you on again at some point. Oh my god thank you so much for having a new show I love you guys here are and then you and by the way and if they. They go if you're listeners go to my web site Kelly Sullivan wanted dot com or I have to change agenda Condit can. Download a tree each. Jury in the declaration medication that had been that will help enhance during race car and play you in a positive direction which you dreamy. Your article thanks so much have a great night and talked to you again yet thanks Kelly NSR winning gets all the phone calls we just simply ran out of time. Our serenity quick break to come back wrap things populace and Jason chief the end Dioner elegantly do. Some of the moment for joining us tonight great conversation definitely. Have her back on the program again Jay I love tournament dreams and she was very very informative and interest in horseshoes is phenomenal just fun to talk to so we look forward to talking Oregon head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you elect a FaceBook page force then had to be under really radio dot com get free iPhone and android app final stations we air on a cross country. Just listened from the website at any night we're alive. This is Jason je Giambi on reality radio okay till tomorrow night. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's an only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at