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Fiona Horne - The Naked Witch

May 2, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Fiona Horne about her biography - The Naked Witch. Fiona has been a practicing witch for many years, but has also led an exciting and interesting life full of accomplishment. 5/2/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast many. Somewhere in between what can Dioner radio rights Jason Wallace it was awesome chief each are so I'm not gonna say too much about it but it chat room is giddy. People are excited. Tonight is in ninth it's been a long time in the making and injured here so look what. I don't get you a little bit of a the stories that target around like forever well you know we had we had Fiona Horne schedules. And a few weeks a month ago may be an amateur when about a month she's a commercial pilot and she had a flight that you did came up in the middle of what Schuessel who do an interview with us she couldn't do it so should the postpone it and she's written a book. It's called the naked which and it's an autobiography. And that's we're gonna talk about her as the naked which and I'm not sure why I'd been excited about this conversation for a long time I'm I'm I'm a big fan of witchcraft and discussions and talking about Don you know what modern which as well and in view. Say we're she's she's commercial pilot but she's also so much morning shoes and generous rock singer she. She's done pretty much everything you can think program acting man. She's a player more cup play let cleverly model and he's he's skydiver she doesn't much interest scuba divers she in her book the naked which I have to be honest it's a great book and really. Gets into a lot of a lot of her life. Yet yet she's gets amazing stories and a bit excited about this conversation reform since we had are scheduled originally and finally it's going to happen tonight but before we get to that. Tomorrow night we've got Isabella price coming on the program Isabella is an author and she's got a book out it's called goddess power awaiting the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. And then Thursday we Lori McDonald coming on will be discussing ET contact an abduction. Well regression had to therapy ends in a lot when it comes down to UFOs and aliens are ready for that never Friday courses and best of beyond reality radio he haven't yet appreciate head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. That had to be under really radio dot com we can final cease stations we are on across the country can also download free iPhone and android app. On the if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else just it was a favor and read it for us because Dell's push a foreign makes it easier for people defunct. Now do you I think that. There's any difference between interviewing a regular waitresses and make you switchers it was an all sent. I believe as long as they believe them and what they're preaching buzz it's all the same tent and adds I've seen Fiona talked before. And I mean she she speaks very well end and I think that that federally Thompson and the players or when you're when you're trying to explain your religion and and the differences about it or people's misconceptions out there. Oh she's got a couple of books tour credit of course when we're gonna talk about tonight is called the naked which nets an autobiography but you also. She came out of what she calls the broom closet about twenty years ago with the book called which. A magical journey where she really first started talking about the fact she was away to what it meant to be a modern wage. And there we're gonna talk about that plus from a talk about what the differences are now twenty years later have things change I mean you know I've talked to plenty plenty of people on the program. Who identified themselves as witches or war locks of some sort. And I think that the whole definition is evolving in the whole concept is evolving based on. You know what those stereotypes are you know ready to run and a broomstick with a win a cauldron and appoint he had. That's not what witches of today. Are well in real today totally agree with you and it being pretty much the fastest growing religion Alter of course it's it's going to leave all of it's going to change with time. And I'm sure she'll get into all gotten to a lot more. Speaking of witchcraft or somebody give you get that phenomenon. When you bomb our butt every suit walking sitting doesn't matter I didn't get a more when I'm sitting down where you feel like your phones vibrating in your pocket but then you look at your phone is kind of across the room. All this car turn today as pressure lush and the goal and I kept on an excellent film natural habit is of course there's the pressure washer while it came here and really. So I'm relying on in Austria in my phone my sort keep on stop get a look now with white who is wrong on my phone has nothing to do my phone Mitch just mentally it's it's star maker is. Well I I know you have an apple watches to lie and now it starts is my wrist is doing the same they feel like likely Islam and a little pulsating taps you get from the watch when you get and I don't mean in my want John I'm feeling the gnome like with actors going on. I don't know I don't I don't know I you know I don't know that's a good thing or bad thing I don't know fits your becoming one with her. Just think that's that's what it is and you know what in this has nothing to do with our discussion tonight or anything we ever talked about a program that apple just announced record breaking earnings. Are an unbelievably high demand for the iPhone X or ten. In China. And people who watch apple as a company we have been concerned about growth but they did so well in China that they blew through expectations so maybe they know something we don't. And you know it's funny that you bring up all liberation thing some lately and I don't know why it completely it's like I'll take my phone out of my pocket. And looked as if playing them I'm going to check a text and as they do it again to get taxed at slate. And somehow Noelle I'll fight at its print and admission telling you I truly think that were becoming long what's electron. It's a pre cognition apps that you put on the phone to mention if you give you that six cents in new you know things before they happen. Like you know you know right now there wouldn't be taken breaking a few seconds don't and I know that the show will end at 2 AM eastern and say that app is really really amazing you should get it in 99 cents to. So aren't. The phone number just in case surely was calls 8446877669. Again 8446877669. Listening Jason Giambi on our island review. Yeah radio print and TV and I'm telling you need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scary conned. Dot com check it out. Just saying no I I had fully intended to play different bumpers on the fact that song by Natalie Imbruglia called torn where the line. Lying naked on the floor. Is a big part of the chorus I thought that would be pretty interesting way. To come back in and bring our guest in who is Fiona formed who is the author of the book an autobiography called leak naked which I think that would be very clever. And a great way to do it but I played the wrong something extra yeah I somehow I was I was confused between Natalie Imbruglia and Nelly Furtado so I don't know and annoyed but either way we still do have a fantastic test and we've been anticipating the snipers are very long time Fiona Horne. Is an author but she is so much more than that her website is Fiona Horne dot com porn spelled with an he on the and check that out Fiona thank you so much for being here it's great to have you on beyond reality radio. Think guys can you Muster and it's not whining because we're actually not tiny sound actually. Think I even mention during my books so. It it that's on the Buick in here Natalie earlier this Nellie to cap will create. So I mean maybe you do drugs you tree. Well you know I don't know I don't know but I'm gonna play that's our before before the night's over anyway it's great to have you on here and it we've got so much talk of and I'm just a little concern not going to be able to get it all answering jump right. Into this and they need to know first. Have you always spent a winch. I'm well age I think. IE would it quite young. I had it since there is lot being a little bit more action equal in a little bit more and Anna Nicole. Denton. What might you know my upbringing with Condit suddenly would not put a -- environment out at a by the ritual pitcher pitched it. It wasn't. Ready picnicking with me and now I need to deal adding extra it would Wear. A real offensive. You know I need that same magic the child being made at the world that. The magic being something really quite calculated. Originated in in a way that ultimately became spiritual albeit not pulpit. The natural world with an inch and in and magical Ike and I. Stumbled upon the craft in mind the way it felt it. Outside of Hollywood stereotype orbit it TV show well we accidentally ignited. Many surrogate in the IE. I'll stumble upon returning to the patient from. Books and you know other people lit and help me on and lie. What felt. You know true and and profound to me it does make sure it's sacred that if it Nicaragua on this being caught it as well on any we want to create some kind of change Allah. What I'd be the one wading in and around what it's have to be and and and bounce and put it analytic but it being written it we're out younger than a decade now been. If it's not something I can't we just what I am including. Yet if it's a fascinating. Fascinating a tremendous and an accomplished life he's done so many things. Were a touch on a lot of it. But give us an idea of of your upbringing you mentioned it a little bit in in your remote in your answer just a moment ago but tell us what it about growing up you are from Australia right. Yeah I was pulling a sad yes. My biological background. Little bit more. And it extreme danger fang on our economy being important charter adopted and I found out there later in life and I was born at Hungarian. I'm getting Jewish father in gentlemen. Moderately during mother and you know they'll they'll that was so loved it could never beat become. You know something that would lead to marriage that would it keep it that may knowledge and not production cut the promoter not. I mean I learned not to mention a ship ordinary object to back. Should stay at the religious differences and I could never speak to get out. And and however I was not production output up then kind of elite contending. It'll cost strategy and me. And you know currently fairly. They got in China or get away that have happened obstacle talk about it on an interim. Scaling. And I backed it re seeking where I was Palmer. The caught an unhappy child site relating I don't quite young fourteen maybe pushing chipped in on time. Got its accordingly itself and relating to a lot says. How to act and I haven't thought about that the leverage that. Ultimately content. Let your career and you see Internet became popular and you know a lot of other things don't follow the law probe near the Buick. I mean to the state in 2001. Encryption data until you're coming you're at it now dwell on the decree be and a lot a lot of happening. And any you know kids battered old sort of operating focus on going out. I think very ancient sort. Of. Well it's it sounds very interest sitting interesting and in reading through the book again you've you've had so many experiences you've you've missed so many fascinating people and I'm trim all influenced you. But it beset by twenty years ago. You and this is your phrase came out of the broom closet. You haven't had a no epiphany or something at some point where you decided that you wanted to go public with the fact that you view had these feelings he sensitivities you knew. Practiced witchcraft tell us how that moment came about. Well. At bat because I was in the end quote specific and we were at. Very populated in stride and to be honest I had been writing songs about witchcraft which you leaning up say album like unquote spiraled and ever since not in 1992. It. President light switch what does it change in corporate it's shielded it well Graham retreat in bleary eyed by training and on O'Leary and all right click on the picture chicks wouldn't. Definitely basic ruling giving away counting and I could get out. On. You know the particular practices what kind of country that you know the other they're going out of the very hard cap would pampered. In 1997 and we had a little bit kind of I get success and you it we're actually on higher attention on MTV and actually I'd need to be it diet. And we should we write and you know like. The book talks about it and found god and passion and kindling that it was about time about what makes you are contraction. In Japan I mean we have big. A whole thing going on in there he would and break up nearly. Ellie abruptly 1997. Or lie that the technical fault line. Growing financially that thought we are not everything else I think it's coming. All. The contract demand archetype. Of the properly and so I. And it's kind of survive your control over and I decided. Comment during conference and had an opportunity to ride. About witchcraft and not being. I think we got we relate scout called magic had some dialogue you call people magic in. That wasn't intentionally but it ended up publishing Al rocks. Writing a book about witchcraft and not let you copy and and it data in this segment in. My book currently went on should be very successful like fiscal quick in the twentieth anniversary of which. A lot stickier in Sweden being on any camera trained and victory. On and that can tighten it down. You know. Acting it was. It would pop witchcraft is popular right to get on mainstream television without Trisha at sites then. And maybe not practical magic to crops not kind that we still as you know if they're rock and roll kind Beijing reached. Being intent on a place. Are going to be very intense and try to be an Ike. Expect in you can all it would potentially great product out of my actual crime along on a look at shut. Became much. And college recently asked. You know what it was election. The unit to finding a magical career Aaron I think it was ready to think egging me at around it that I stocking tree. Which is relatively recently had the respect they've app you Aaron and bit longer but now the has come out and Gary and talking about in gaining on it selling chipped it to eight at the way. All of lord of witchcraft. Kind of coming surely get in the mainstream and yeah Patrick gutter. I think it's Internet it's national media. One debate she can't witchcraft was one standard which up call actually made it and now it's anything hidden. Extra which are getting a grand Atlanta and I popular hashed it. Let me finish. Madonna that time I think we're letting in people or you're looking right entity or. Thank isn't very ecologically aligned with the into the departments that aren't actually take credit. On increasing. Love it and and and get content like the dignity. Beyond their gender specific. Destination it sound like a really relevant about laden witchcraft. Content. All right so we're gonna take a break we get alarmed we get a lot more to talk about so you'll listen to Jason. Jason or Austin Johnson thanks so much it's that was never her career. The suns to warrant line and you can on the foreign direct to door when I was it it was a regular old disc jockey playing music. On that song was popular one point MP please call I'll give up like make it on the floor song and nobody thought that was an intimate. But it's called torn the terrorists are it is great such welcome back to the show or anybody we're talking with funeral horrid tonight she is known. As the naked which has her autobiography is titled. You can check out her work all the things she does on her website it's Fiona formed as an. Dot com you can also visit her on FaceBook it's Fiona Horne official. On FaceBook consuming and thanks for being with this let's get into the Scarlett said yeah let's get into this conversation about what it means to be which I mean most people when you hear that word think of you know this medieval definition. But it's changed a lot and I know it is it's it's changed even since you came out of the broom closet twenty years ago but tell us what it was like when you went public with a what was the definition of being which at that point. And then we'll talk about how it's changed sense that. Gosh you know run. I think I better not think all have a I mention arm. And expecting me there is relevant and tension you know and control in the training at. Out of a show about twenty man in a respectful and extra stingray published an acting like Russia still considered relevant. On. The publisher would want it re published misspoke. And being able intrigue and a big it actually Iraq and needs all you mentioned action sports. And I Reich for. United back in winning music. The word which was shrouded in in secrecy and lo and even here in the and based diet doesn't note proud self proclaimed reached. Well all week and even you know I think we pretend we can hear the rich which we are at it Allen. Yeah 800 no proud so we're kind reached out and I I noticed that. Leaving interest BK. I don't I know it might tightly not now because. I'm working regulation at my job now on Icahn stepped out of a full time. Lott shouldn't put it in the entertainment industry and Mary capacity. To work with the pilot there are plot lines in the Caribbean and wondered if Rachel. IE. My boss you know I the patient pretty conservative. And I kind of went back in the during a pathetic state. In away you know and he too should be a professional pilot until the training. It's been Janine. Are fond of heat to get Larry and now it black and it. You don't mind rejected I enjoy. On the ticket he debated you know I need much more comfortable and a drink gay. And even a month off and hide debts you know it it you know CUNY Iraq autobiography and then. The second thing would happen but it pageantry out of the glue in and I. Decided that if the unit that's presented me with the opportunity dealership owners who try to make it useful and he said it would go to Cologne lie. Tinian law that would be a good thing and it's you know different count correctly to traditional pilot. I'm confident but you know I was during the Balkans. The world. I can't what you call yourself as long as he's slight decline safely and confidently and provocative and he'd joke on until equally so. And there was such interest income that sanctions. Because once you could admit that impact you know honor that knowing really K. Especially especially now only dines and that was definitely very different back. Let's respect I had school kids riding me angry getting picked on record until we speak Dag. What you get into trouble to pick on 01000. They identified that we should consider it tangible. Real thing. Well and investing in Asia mean over the last thirty years it's really it's become. Are subject before that I guess some people were worried about being scrutinized and just aren't well looked at looked at it. Exactly and and I think Alden in over the last thirty years it's really exploded it's become the fastest growing religions out there. And it's just becoming more and more accepted in I think in thirty years ago and I want people had this misconception that the foam on the mini U here which you think of you know all this well. And Eric reaction to christianity and lack cart path and I'm yelling at the picnic and we construe Little League with their yen. The doc Hollywood got geared segment of the look and act and and yet it's. The modern way of witchcraft and not signaled that it is it's uniquely. That you like and there are right in the forward for the current treatment of retribution you know it witchcraft is a pot that welcomes all they hit you know it's. It's not for everyone but it. It's increasingly anxious for a lot of people picket and gene collection people are now that we're so Rwandan. Yeah that'll Lloyd beta kind of like your honor. I don't know what not yet in my teens and identifying. As that we should Gilligan element of looking for an identity electronic. I was. Let me sit I was you know or as an individual looking for behind in the world around somewhere. But it went out into the world leaving lion aren't very ya. You know witchcraft there was I felt there was talk on an identity luck on it you know content community. That it. Seeing if it became and you know yet it was that the content of the rebel or what she became the white respondents so kind of mentality to it. What I know it's now that still that killed nineteen people shortly cropped up but they don't beat element of community and and and unification and the sense of coming together and celebrating a decent is that they caught a lot. Magical community. And it acceptable that I came every here. I can speak as it gets built which are enjoy. Organized with a good front lawn and genetic code and on annually in every year and on again this year Orkut. On me on interest in checking it out of expect dot com and go to law where it's you can't right there on the high tides. You don't want to comment. The you know at its content that celebrates the match cook community. You are brought in middle and annual laying. That granite. Gonna be O o'clock this group of people are I didn't. I think there around get to Terry magical practice and and apparently come together to learn from each other celebrate each other and that. Haven't heard it being a magical genie in mock it made a lot a little bit this car or not. Tom Arnold and getting up on it I couldn't hear it and only saw. Here until. Our. Yet the hat. It was. It is even now I think when you could what would relax and drink and not I don't like that well. I didn't need Christians they meet the static while on community in need. Because and it would a lot of theory and in witchcraft community and luckily what Ali you know I. Did you really not what what really changed being initiated your hasn't. You know is there any English election Richard eclectic what you have to be initiated out and gotten here reached. You know that it would getting really cranking our community and and I was out of a very positive. Got to beat a collision with it for awhile there's an actionable spiritual combat at Cherokee. And say. I'm not paying the price to go and walk a kind of exhausted we get. That was necessary I think it now it still costs a lot grateful and happy yeah. They look will be instructed to an article published again we'll talk about it. Because if you go to people who are not quite put it being being. That. That's key. You know at Chang's China community spirit on occasion ninth straight with a sense that your. We've been trying next meeting we know we're stronger together than tearing each other pop. And I think that's important and it's just but it's great to see that it's not vilified so much news these days as as it used to date. I'm definitely not mean and again a trick involving Berkowitz collect the commercial pilot. Nobody yet. Not giving me grief for it no in case I think that we'll look at the aviation week and actually. So. Sunni you. Right about the fact that term. You had the world at your fingertips and you've done so much she's been a bets bestselling author. You've been a singer for very successful on celebrated bans. You've been a Playboy cover model. So many things here your ear of commercial pilot you skydiver a plea duhalde's some records. So many things. The eve accomplish in your life the chair at some point there was something kind of bubbling beneath the surface that you had to deal with that really. Kinda guided Samir decisions and part of your wife tell us. What was going on. Armed and I think he may even have used the word big demons in the sense that you had to deal wrestle with her own demons at one point what's happening. Our thing. You know a lot happening and I think that's why. You know we need to gardening life and it sounds like a penalty really well and being well. Yeah I haven't away. What. I'm hoping that saying I'm I'm just someone's kitchen. And those. It can be happy and feel. Like you're not gonna say it it was plugging at that went on in my life is that. Very cheap because now I'm the date she dating security. And back electoral lists. And achieving people pleasing kind of step they say no navigate a lot of it. Feeling like good and it is good enough and yet he wore that pattern was because especially that's actually good ol' wet and part very odd and you know and I think that that product on January connect to look at lot look at me last Donald taco. Should they actually I shall despite an ancient shrine of life. We can't change finished eight. On. And really at this point in my life you know the economy and its economic apple in second on a lot and any relevant to the Gregorian calendar lenient on long you know that topic and cherry you know in the second Lola actually. Now on I'm finding. That Lauren Penn. Sure a lot of pain on steroids and time won't let it can cap and people screaming line adding. All the unhappy I didn't it didn't. I didn't show up all people it'll at a America. The united until. We really. I'm more I'm. Happy attention that statement and I'm just simply by way. Doing what I'm doing right now educating an hiring bill and it will all you can actually catch up and you know blog. There any trying it will not think it still on the island I'm looking at him. Just popped leaning towards our alike at all and you'll go oh man. They pitched in May look you know it's so expect even bomb. And don't want to let us fight this little bit more vocal and that you know have a in Spain and I won't. Yeah it it paid back from enable all that kind of like that I would enjoy every level. I enjoyed much any guy that behind me is lower that you haven't made it better book character and Kevin and got me. A young came back and get his people find it inspiring. Battle that reassuring that we are at. For all the things aren't all that could sell that many will England and it racked. Don't want that reading your injury. And that was not kidding now. And actually calling cards that are created an art. It possible I want change and you know I guess they pack from people saying why are you need to truly. When I'm meeting Darfur you know and that Scott told that that's what it's about and then really anchoring that. We expect to being a lot of election how are practically smell. On. Its you know rivalry. Defined one pixel practiced it can really be honest they're risking her life. This whole. Kind of knew what I have a crouching magical practiced at and made it that the content being real action I'm leaving in killing in. And nineteen at the Kraft had practiced about fares and then it becomes. You shall in the world and that and that and that hasn't I think. What should it still packing all the while. Well you're you're being very very modest. Good because you have accomplished a tremendous amount of things in your life and he saw a lot. That you seem to be doing and and and three a lot of goals were to get into that how else can and discussion about how you feel. That being a witch and witchcraft may have helped you achieve some of these things if it did or didn't matter what we don't whatever wounded in that after the break. Are you listening Jason javy and beyond our LA area. It's. Uniform answer questions. Her autobiography and in night checking out our website funeral Horne died commerce and she also got another book called which magical journey which was her first book and it's been re. Introduced and it is available as well. How were we taking your phone calls in the next our need for 46877669. And we would certainly love to have you become part of this discussion and you know I was gonna talk you would've been about how you felt. Being a witch and witchcraft specifically may have contributed to or not at all. Contributed to your successes but we don't have much time you only have a couple minutes in the segment source told that. Until the next segment after the top of the hour break. And instead and instead I want I want pitcher impression about you know what some of the media portrays. Modern day which is as a mean we see stories about. Satanic sacrifices in witchcraft dissolves often brought up in. On is that stuff actually happening her is that just a color as Asian that the media has given. Well. You know I'd were saying earlier it let this hang around and before Aaron you know. When he needs it any time the word reached within her right there with. You know attached or something negative to that's not the case anymore. And I I think. You know I actually look at the onset is 25000. On I haven't said it reviewed it or at all now I'm. And it. Which won elections do not wish I didn't we want to make sure it's sacred Rupp we Ricky not got it. The political are particularly in principle activated each on in the sense that it can be next in the international mutually and do not even human. Related being. Spent and you know leap in real. That it now. Spiritual life. We. Practice rituals. Do you spell working. Go to the nation and things to do that night she can be it can be letting into that spiritual street allies. We have ritual or cult like what will hole leader at mission like that expect right now. And today Nate says is now very important to great that it. Which is a struggle and it minority in Iraq the cabinet if they actually Alan let her. You know and it is so they're hitting into going to sell it at another one of the great candidate that relate agricultural event. As we understand until they practiced by. I insist it's as though which carpet will be there. Northern tribes. You know and to try and try and your end on life a living quite well and and that's a lot of I'm Sunday. Stay in common. The net as you know. The word. Which had. Is being misconstrued and broke a long time but let's assess now. Old how old habits die hard OK we got to take our top of the hour break when we come back we'll get into that other question how was witchcraft and being which. Affected the successes you've had in your life and phone numbers 8446877669. You listen Jason. Giambi on really really. It's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday. East Coast manuscripts and. Eric and myself chase and cause they always synergy feature so we're gonna continue with our discussion with funeral horny naked which this is a discussion we've been anticipating. Greatly for a long time. But a reminder tomorrow night Isabella price will join a civil Isabel is an author and she is a book out called. Goddess power awaiting the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life. And then Thursday will be talking to Laurie MacDonald will be discussing ET contact in abductions. Some achieve tune in every Friday is a best of the unreality radius that your mission check it out. So Obama I'm a little curious as to how we're going to. Actually do if my if await the wisdom weaken the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life yet. I that would probably be my wife. I'd have to wait to always asks who would be very she's at that she's the boss social mostly if our phone numbers 8446877669. If you'd like to call in ask our guest funeral mourner questioned join our conversation. We got a lot more talk about ordered about witchcraft. Now what it means to be which would mean to be a modern which plus a lot of fear and his experiences she's done so much and against him thank you so much for being on the program where this. I I have to say we've had a lot of fun with the title of your book over the last few weeks because we know it's. We had you scheduled here maybe a month ago and then you had a conflict kept. So you couldn't you couldn't do that particular interview but I think every night since then we've been talking about the night we will eventually. Have Fiona the naked which on the program differently here. Well I'm glad that can be Anke. At what MM but the main thing is when it comes down to the whole title the naked which way it's it's more than Euro hostages meaning that year for you fully explore your. Yeah you expose yourself. Oh yeah you know very quickly. The title of the book was originally believe they're not going to be in doubt Barack because. Then the op injury knock. And I was content and letting it get the government hired on the what I mean could be. Growing but not grow older aren't great veteran leaving and I encourage everyone should it through. Well a lot of credit you don't have to grow old you can guard bit how. I'm leading in and being grateful and having. We didn't get to being such and in that book cooking up an apology on a lot of really lacking. Idol and bookseller is apparently including the militants so. I actually written a change to the Balkans the controller by the title I which helps you fiction like crap. What do you like lauded what is why crop. Now only he'd stay in the public eyes taking in and stepping out of the public eye ear and back aunts tackle practiced now. And I didn't contribute and I called Batman can reach it was like you have magic and now edit in pure unadulterated. United. Witchcraft with you know their Edmonton pick on environmental ligament being a senate and Nina listened. Arnold kind of up and not called Batman nineteen reached just like and it. It is brand of retreat could make it preaching now editing error an end and didn't cut of the I'd hear things being kind of children and adults are at stake. But I said. As it would the title if he doesn't that we loved and making sure I'm on it airing at all. I'm thinking oh. All that tag. Lines I added that catchy title and it will unit into a chair and I region and on the counter on bear fired in anger that. Like I agree I could help I couldn't help but notice that on the cover of your book the naked which you're actually need to. Yes you are. It. They didn't say a little bit there and an anchoring at that chillingly injured. And you're recession not being told in that area technical reached Hollywood able to carry out a little bit scary. Although it all lean mean job which. Being and make it would and then there and it could carry ignorant. And and entertaining times you know it rainy. Women and children and me and mean any animal that bidding that aren't hot on the foot police are practicing witchcraft and the fact that I'm naked in an holdings quiet like and why haven't we sort of by comparing let's tell it. Under the old world and each. And siren which just respecting. That we should that it would relate the fire is on the floor. Sacred element that we. Can you leave in the pot about virtual locks air our water and kept firing very transforming development. And the book of stories transcend national church. It better than the others. There's a lot of non meaning. You know and and and context and then they're fair and result in the maintaining make it up for example coding part schooled in which they got. Are there let's let's address another question that I brought up prior to the break. Again you better tremendous amount of success. An adventure in your life. Has been the which. And specifically witchcraft. Played a role in helping you achieve any of those so milestones in your life. I think trying to. Earlier law along impaired lenient pot luck and actually let you know right there when he pretty oh actually about. Equal time. On I would. I'd settle. I experienced. In the event that I felt well. Although I believe where I have been because I had done a spell or a ritual. Where I had punches it in some way. And in exchange. For quite some time that that's how lot unfolded. The intricate Helen. Which crap they mean to Renee and would not sustainable however as far as line that a lot. Lack conducted less self went and really everything that are on it that it state was taken away. And Tara and often very very painfully. And election in that having all of that I can weigh in day you you know it's. I had a choke his inner play. It it was a time where I felt Mary kind of it solutions. And I felt. Wouldn't see in real you know what what do you think I was just something night. That became like jolt like extremely ill and the spa hot and think oh well. And that's our content. In the limelight and let some magical practically on no longer to they'll line daily ritual and I. Can really well meaning that we can accept or parents Eric. And close friend. And how it became a professional at it as a gay and so. And can actually it in the town and all religion in England Spain and soda bottle publisher. Being shall story. I realized solo on that on the next week and it anticipates experiment and what do you think the thankful. They eat at six equal kind of all it's gonna be all about me athletics Mexican out of creating change Rick Willett Kurdish. The world order so it could all my will keep me what I need on me. That's why I like night when people ask me questions like. Until the time that up that Michael can't get American back and while actual. Can't get through rational will get the outage that seemed to be you can only you heard that integration like Quebec ink dot warnings about war war war war law. On it not in an op unequal. Want that pat and I lost because pat liable that what do and and ultimately admit excitable but I Atlanta and what do you think ample and magical practice it it ain't got into. And a source says. Credit she. And and I talked about it it's not it's an anti bringing up and instead inspection. You know what you expect but wondered why aren't you spell to work 100 and at that time and not just randomly. Oh not at all. Then declined to accept it could be that it says that I can about. Something someone else not about self and the union that. Will conspire to graduation great on the court argument. And that's how art background so now so when I conducted. When I wish I cannot be Nigerians. I wanted to be a pilot a lack. The forms humanitarian aid that was how our culture slot schools like the EU could kill the usual or make it. Take a integrate that communities that are going to push on court connect Eros. United aren't traveling kind of said World Series in country and we realize at some time anyway. England and being didn't like what what could help will I air. The world and you can be a pilot and that'll make sense that are cranky lot it's a conceit of looking at it. And as hot in the world to think a lot ranking in circles and carry on any pregnant. It and got it to a mechanic state. Rule that are not going to be American world and ideas and on. Very challenging that that was exhibited side you're being added that it trends while it magic. When I gave cordon let tell prank coordinated and and actually all right you should pay nearly that GA. That would very successful in a lot hoping will. An island off the collective Haiti recover and get really dark art. That was to me a liquor Reggie and the crown. And then I'll kind of works in my life now. And car. I felt it singing and talking a lot that outside quickly one thing that I think Rick nice to people yelling more than enough. So with the social media content RD of witchcraft and then why that. Being committed strange tricycle diet secrets anymore. People actual. And I gear ritual falling down. On the getting in touch and little Danny K and since it hit and then can we can can be stripped out in the very technology project and I. And what Richard they can't clinics. And not think that. You know accept rituals on on me now lecturing to dying down agent. Peeking out cherished wouldn't Sheldon. If we're making some kind of democratic Sweden and leaving a little something and having in my admitted to feeling connected. And grateful. You know at. That all about conjuring up. You know making couch that I can manifest on TV show trumping country what you can take. It just a comment about you talking too much you're here to talk a lot to keep talking shortly. I got to produce. And I don't know little or. No but we do we do have a a couple of phone calls Rashard has sneak some in here this is Vince from Missouri and wanted to offer common he Vince welcome to the show. I react during a particular call that you. I guess just station. Witchcraft and more to hurt certain restored and made river there would and wish crappy here. Won't say real more towards a beer or bowl. And you know yeah originally we're from around. The other thing is a bit more coarsely. And I ground in the military armor armored and there as you know in there somewhere where are Mikhail. A mirror around and walk over most of the talks go through that the should be there. Via her let's let's get Eunice take on that you know you want to offer us as differences. Ain't. It's very out if it's very cool to me let in or out and they get into the wake and which touched on second and shot. Leak out. I would buy it and my credit grade we can is the religion which cropped and link surely are recognized. Religion. It in the US military chaplain handle on the there unit is here and basic problem that can handle pitch here in they would not equal in the other apple and it's oh a winning oh and she wants to practice with cap and that interface and Catholic experienced it it's apparent. Cheap practice since we are and should be given Iraq epic is a religion. The religion of witchcraft. On net but we can you. And it's it's at one of the but he said alienate character one of the fastest growing religion in the world yeah we. Turner. Witchcraft. As a blanket and can mean a lot of saying a lot of people in and as you know you missed it Eddie eagle are great apple currently. She acted out in the cold yet. Palace many bullies interest being in even mentioned united I'd eaten by getting someone there and during spilled into the hole. So Tom let a lot of that speaking on an ancient meat and actual practice and and we think about it bloody cot at whether kids seeing now in what about. Carried with at the end NGOs. It's the credit from the scene and whatever it is there was once the that. You know you would like they think he but that. You know it symbolically represented by the whether it Haywood a group such a battle so energetic they represented. That it. Lot of different. You know what it is practicing witchcraft and Anke but we can't say religion competent and and it's quite it's a secret what it you know and how and expect a whole other shocker. Including rent it still think it. Sorry we're gonna take a break in Mort Tommy Austin and Jason JVB and elegantly. That shows he unknowingly diplomacy four for 68776619. Left long. Last segment this is only we've only had about a minute here and wanted to give you that minute. To tell people again the name of your website you're faced a page and any other place they can go to get more information about your work in your books and then we come back we're gonna we're gonna pick up the conversation. Oh thank you well my web site PR and warned that HO RNT. Dot com. It links or like social media bad it that's great bulk is that he animal act be shall. And found a book called naked autobiography actually got my eleventh book critic wrote that book every minute tactical and in the eight. Town. And that yet at all. And and you do you have more on your website than just the books as you also offer private consultations and Toro card readings or belief. Well being pregnant at her long time yet and it you aren't around a lot where are they a little bit. As in you click on that you people around. On the way it can carry me life and it shut that you know that. You know it's people that can be instead students. You know one and they hadn't collateral and excitement you know the live round he'll say it. Some are we're gonna take a quick break the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Or loosened Jason. JPM beyond reality radio will be back after the. You heard tonight to her autobiography is called the naked which. You can find them more information about that book on her website Fiona Horne dot com and give away a copy of the book. As we get to a little closer to the end of our discussion. We will ask for your phone calls less slick out Eddie and Alex pick out pick one of the calls are random and down tennis and it give you one of her books indeed the autobiography the naked which in. You get a copy for yourself or mine now it's good stuff so Fiona let's let's let's talk a little bit. About on how people can experience magic in their lives. I I don't know. Specifically. If you have to declare yourself. A wage to actually the practicing use some of these things how can people use an experienced this stuff in their lives. Gosh. About a alien being picture reliable and wondering outlook I got a profit blocking bit. On mutual bad yeah and it is so needs increasing popularity yeah. Picking it's on the yes there is Latin lady palatial and I didn't I teach ya got now the letter and that it that a multitask nearly gone a little island in the Caribbean. And I think this studio and practiced. Correcting our country he's and I didn't feel that it very. Top line you whitlock a lot has it reached a bit. Into the song. You know experiencing peace in the present linemen that at ten to convey his gratitude that lot you know into the pit which are favorites Stella and my life. A lot where magic it's arrogant. People that are interest in alternative. The purchased two. Seeing helped the you know healing. Or lifting the very aligned with the practices to reach out. Earned. And I think as far as Ike. You know people are going to be curious about Albert L cot and showed his chair and chase ink dot. Trial app because it's a very simple and I can works if Europe and considering I can. Also it's a number on that although it again is that about don't you shut everything out but and plant injuring. L on you write something down and hit you yet again until about into striking. You know if you wanted in new jobless you would you Iraq. On. But the job maybe to cut the chubby lot to do this epic about where. And a lot companies that employ you what about Iraq at peace pipe wrench and a little description about how you jog. Would you be more you Lyn well I would GB. Am I able to be mutual and a load it it is it's with happening a lot. I mean you write it down at peace detect and you voted out in Chile where they had it under growing plant trees thick gray could treat that. A lot of blockage Ian Lang. Offer a lot of support paying an average income there a very very much and and it actually expression of a being and getting growing united says it can be anchoring drink so that they are. When you understand that you believe in you relate that the ritual of flanking a drink on the trail or any attracting growing client. And then you can have a role every day and in taking care of the plant with you more sure of winning you just the united. It Liggett and and that contemplate. It would be an inch and a lot NG that aren't growing military. It can rain lovely island I really think one net. You know and they look at enjoy experiencing it and actually get tangible results sound and then the other one is young. Well tonight you know people kind of like the idea that they'd matched it in the global or back. You know something insecurity in the wool pray that eagle eagle energy or the country must go I need action now. And all or something that can help the ritual help that protection. And I always lean on good old shell that even leaving their right to the ocean and I do on the cheap looking at a art and a actually come to Scott at court with all of intense energy from all the current Morgan might try to get an Irish. Others will turn away in that country with being people dead in the world. That should sprinkling ultra rent paid and not just scrape out a little bit and it's a barrier. Allowing. Earned respect and eat and sleep peacefully. You know they they sort of like evil agent who kind of incorporate. Little ritual and exit. You can still have to New Delhi last vary in its widget they made on the block who. Right and the way they are enjoy it and I can. Public transport electric. And bringing you not want to witchcraft. As a practicing leaps and non. Exit that daddy like chocolate pudding like that the popularity to get interest me because the way it LL entry. You know reached in principle to medication and and and potentially healthy expect that kind of an idiot I practiced that on there and Breslow crowning analytical steps. And having to knock that Bulgaria lined with a lot what we shall we electric. Now I need yes this is a guy who's been in the television and movie industry for the last 101520 years in my life. I live on the East Coast I live mountain road that it's far away from the LA craziness is as possible and now you lived in Dallas. And you finally got out of there you moved off to the gotten and so forth house have been. There are not right island. That's another island. Roads actually not an island though it's it's weird and how and whatever but but guess oh what's it like living mountain. While the Caribbean and just getting away from all that craziness in Los Angeles. Well at the very annual choice to leave LA now like ninety minutes you're gonna Langdon place stated. Chat really talk like seeking to lean in and they can make a living and you. You know it's not any considerable. You know a statement. It's the top stand and integrate him that it content to get out and I'm I. I love I love that I came on with not being I am. You'll accept a token that Eliot accidentally hit him a lot of little old Blackberry that Eric and let the folks out. And mountain you know I came he. Actually today actually make it is if you're at a picture it like mixed yeah I'd have I'd like I tried to expect. I'm totally not my day belt and then in the higher fat it there's. And as timer that transforming it and get fired kind of clicked on it TI. Will eat a lot of good good tank to cap and tax it without seeing my catching every line. Actually everything and getting actually need a Little Rock. In the middle of the big action in town. I would cyclops affect. Our lack of familiarity allies did you know make it look you know you're on an island in the ocean front leg on. And tribal and you'll eventually find. And I love flying at seeing a lot of flying planes that year in which land. In our networking and getting sent to collect a bit flying. I love Aggie. Thinking it would surely right to bat. The island in my lot with it and it should be re read that while on the flight home. And that's you know electoral that in this book at Obama as solidly in the Caribbean island look at what each and can do it. It's not that have a different view it it's not a pretty picture and I'll have much time are in Canada and Italy you collect. Underneath telemetry their candidate making it it. The aid if you're making your decision on currently tropical. Rock. Yet leading and bigotry be entering his challenger Gingrich is catastrophic error trying blah. That led them pretty much destroyed everything electric and that's one of the lucky ones the race where I'm Lori and Allen diet can help other. And the good sense stagnant help in the recovery actually. Arlen error when all it actually anxious to come back you know chain and to get the last. The rancher or prodding really crucial. How hurricane that let me clear bombs were dropped in a region that's really intense matchup last. Janine election that. It's pandering articulating and a tropical island and it on Bangladesh to meet here and acted alone here understand the challenges that we love. Yeah. It sounds like a great place to. Fine find some peace with life and maybe the world it's on the fantastic place. It it can they mean I mean thank you an example on the weekend no tree guarding its hat on. And I went straight hiding under our country got a lot skated out and every country got ultimate pay a non. Very very negative chiropractic. I know inning with a parking lot belt and it's just shut out. Inning with a mother and baby and and I have written better electric hedge you know heading alignment of communion with one of the wild goaltender kind of I was letting me ward at outcry in it. Probably about 28 acres are dying to read and adult and intellectual part of looked at me with a I think it was as she can even read would be different on. The sort of stirred up in the war out. Next month or besides like like aligned himself but luckily I thought he could steal it at the Dinah a spirit like that. Caps on shall have felt that my body inside me out when I didn't I mean you know an atlas jet. I'm hanging in there and stuff happened. It's beautiful let's let's try to take another call here this is Tiffany calling in from Indiana he Tiffany welcome to the show's great to have you on. Hate inks. I had a question and I have a its outlook flat extract deep. And my daughter likes to look at it and get wrecked the keys and make being. They are married you are hat expected spending that our panel give her. Information on L I mean she is only child so. At any danger and that. That's a great question to some. Yeah it's a great crisis in it comedian and thank you for calling it mean you know I know that mom I really at the end of the day that confusion lies we've using. Com. Bit. I would still say to the united dealings spelled things around it noted that it is what did and the credit any artful. And I think kind of lovely that you're told extra during coming addiction and definitely it buried in honor it's not trying. Like treatments that might wanna keep it and Saint George is doing and credit and and and manifesting something that it on. Colorful celebration and a lot action and and had a goal and dream that a growing girl went and I I can't cater to that ultimately. It's what what's in there it's like 88 Mikey Elon. If you give someone information about something that she could it he hated it there on. Growing line deal or attention being in the world and then you would want it's the appropriately moderated and if felt like cheap and creating. Golden gate growing and Gary and I think that some public. Wonderful yes he is received vehicle and created and I appreciate your anti thinking and I think it is. Tiffany hold online flesh yeah hold on one or different Tiffany can hear me. Did hold on line for a so such a great question I think we want to you'd have a copy of the book the naked which. I had a lot I'd love you need a copy rebels are going to. Harrison just hang on the line and slick we'll get your information from so that have another question is. Is there a point or situation Fiona we're any of this witchcraft. Can be dangerous to. Somebody or or are we. Not talking about that type of thing. Well. I hit it it could it get good point on the Allen saying that if you. Would create com or. You know the Nike said I think that you could conjure up you know. Any need and take legal situation that could be console and election. I honestly in all in all believe me it's not being around out there tagging. I. The analogy I use is. You know if you if you walked in careers and how harmful witchcraft and they act if you walking terrain. And as a unit tackle and every hole and it'd be great people sitting there eating tuna. And they're all speaking Italian and you don't speak Italian yet speak at least. That you sit down at the table and eat it if they had illegal. Going on and you. Can't sort of get that deal abrupt tying Albie not really sure can't speak the language. A little bit of an impact on you bit late generally enjoyed eating oatmeal it thinker not annually. On it that we've magical thinking and speak the language you know low medium and have the suspect Gagne. On her. And sadly I can't let go let us supply. Side Danish and that an electric under the security pact will. You know I you'd be lucky if you actually instigate. It ain't. We can dunk it better understand the language and it had to stumbling to getting something major. That's like. All right anything in LA. And tapping it yet. Things have the power I think you that he gave him. I national uncertain but not Dana insolent called me in the tribal you know you know helping looks like part of something. A lot of the content it's just about reassuring picture because I hear it in there and on our side and and that unsettled feeling that idea that something wrong direction during a ignorance but again it might you know that I've not really cleaning. I'm. Stirring up any major issue that really destructive on him because it's. Actually really hard to do a nice cable can't do it bush. A funeral we are on a time on it's been a fascinating discussion the book is called the naked which this is your autobiography again it's available on your website is it available on Amazon and other places like that too. Partly it's on Amazon to battle him on an idol and it rang out likes someone looking to bond tonight bringing in or near oak and they're like you know it's like that people could bookstores online Amazon and he can you bottom line and Jamal excited well actually it can check out where our. And you get the book you know it strike you actually get you. As one of the lovely England publishes Latin to get a technical on apple true Alex I went publishes cool you keep in meditation AD. That I recorded in a burden to go to positives spell location Trent connection and you get and at the tree. So on and athletic safety and it won't HRE dot com and that it got it on reliable Amazon you dedicate it to get on book. Well Phelan thanks so much for coming hang in all of this tonight it's been a play we really forward. Right the bank NA and guys. Ambled up Neil Young again at some point. Have a great night. All right so we're gonna take a quick break and come back to wrap things populace who is Jason. GBM beyond reality really. For joining us to do. It's on the ground reality radio history that we waited for for very long time so we appreciate your being here emaciated tune in tomorrow be talking with Isabel price and author will be discussing her book goddess. Power awakening the wisdom of the divine feminine in your life elicited Jason GBM beyond reality radio can chill tomorrow night. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by elements into each incidents with the it's only you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish in the agency hello fading centrist because well Jason hello slow and it chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at