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HP Lovecraft & Black Magick & the Occult

Mar 28, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Author John Steadman whose book, HP Lovecraft & the Black Magick Tradition explores the connection between the noted horror author, and the rumors surrounding his involvement in magic and the occult. 03/28/17 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. And we know we can't just learn another two racing room. Cast we can beyond reality radio the best in late night paranormal talk it's Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson welcome everybody here we go it's Monday nights like Tuesday morning let's go. Yes yes well it's Monday on the last Tuesday and the EC stocks a warm between welcomed the unreal literate you myself adjacent Oz and Michael Stevie Johnson. And yeah just recoup for a long weekend right TV. You know I actually had a pretty. Rewarding weekend. Me for we talked about it before you and conducted and Ireland by aliens know of no help probing no abduct abductions. I think. But I did have terrific time Saturday night and sound the beside me as a bar and restaurant O'Neill often we held a fund raising their four. Other Gary Johnson memorial scholarship which is my day in a scholarship we named after my dad and helps us students. Or interest to do and pru progressing in a career in music and we had a wonderful time breeze a whole lot of money had a lot of fun and it's a paid for yesterday but until pretty good about it to have. By southern video signal like it was it went really well solo congratulations on this and it's always such a great thing you guys do over there. I I got stuck doing the while being one of the adults at that semi formal I remember you Jesus and a home had to do it was late. 253. To twelve and thirteen year old on fourteen so I you know it's been a long times if had to do when those how much actual dancing goes on at those things anymore. Honestly not a line yeah I'm here with the kids like Tennessee or they they didn't hear their pockets of friends and go here and there and and pretty much everywhere. Come must have it's funny because in our one on one my kids slate lobbing that I'm there that it had army which 'cause I'm trying to filled. You keep the drink soulful for the kids is it coming grabbed it and got a lot of kids love it because like Poland and the guys celebrities here didn't do in this so they wanna come over try to talk 300 input from quite a putting don't want my kids loved it the other one just he'd see him walk by tabling look out of the corner resign at Maine and you know because he just does not want me to. Netflix doesn't want me to see who is dancing with her losing our way young girl lies and it's just me but. It was it was a good time now get there had so it's a lot of work past when there's that many teenage kids. It's a whole lot of work a lot of kids to watch and then run around all over the place trying to make sure means okay and yet I'm glad I'm doing that's it's crazy help next next when you should coming home and his uncle Dino within the crisis and I don't I don't believe that at all if we do I'll welcome IK OKC Oklahoma City the beyond reality radio families dated just came on I know right now they're in particular show for. An hour of the two hours until they they work Ellison softened and the be taken the whole show but we want to welcome them on board. And it's always nice to be able to keep on adding he's he's just one of foreign decision is ultimately he puppet to show have you ever spending time in Oklahoma City. I have I've been in Oklahoma and numerous times hundreds filming himself like I took the trip. Of -- my college is the buddy of mine we drove from upstate New York to Milwaukee even down to Wichita Falls, Texas we spent a couple nights in Oklahoma City on the way those great little town and has a lot of fun there. It's. And Oklahoma is funny I mean when I when I was there it Lira their filming us online and in the a couple of locations and one I remember one day was like 7580 degrees. And the next day we got hit by a massive ice storm pretty much shut down everything. And the day after that it was again I was about 7075. Degrees and then I was like two days later we got hit by snow. And it was you so is just I get to experience every season. In the two weeks' time I was there that's beautiful thing is green the center of the country. The did you notice anyway if you've been through Oklahoma they have the greatest. Round you've ever seen and I guess this just isn't high clay. You know but it's that I've never seen statements that red. Now I slept during the day is sort of consume much of a light on you know my daughter Erica. By the way our telephone number is 84468776. X-Men would love to hear somebody from Oklahoma City call in and say hello represent your town nicely. A little bit of a schedule change Nigeria weaves from we had a cancellation and originally the guest that was canceled there was schedules canceled. And debt nor kind of fortunate because for bringing John Stedman and he is an author. And his first book is called HP love Kraft. And in black magical tradition now. And nobody knows anybody to feel love Kraft knows that he was you know horror writer basically the with a lot of weird twists and turns and stories. And they became and it becomes a really great movies like gum re animator and stuff but there's a whole bunch of those but they also. There's a controversy over whether here himself HP would love craft itself. Was actually bulk of involved in the colts. Was kind of like the old Ron Hubbard. Of the colts a lot of people think he was in a lot of people think he was involved in in black magic so John Steadman is gonna set a straight and all that stuff we'll talk about. Each. With just a call to some in the world that done today and we talked about before. Well I know he's buried mill about fifteen minutes from my house. At DOS one point cemetery and viewers may be no no that is because I was doing a plumbing job there going back years ago haven't fixed sprinkler. Wind their end to the ground and it was right next it was great too seriously and honestly that's the only reason I realized it because I never really paying any attention and and from there of course it and it became a lot more well known but yes he's he's born there on his grace on a says Arnie M Providence. So he spent most of his life in Providence, Rhode Island some. It's pretty cool yet so we'll we'll learn a lot about HP love Kraft with John Steadman and then tomorrow on a police say it Jay because you know even work. Hard on this transition sir I. Haven't worked at all on the sprint. So why aren't yet Ambrose when the house Kubel missed the one that's pretty good yeah he's or do you agree the rest of America throughout today. At least he's him his first child could memories are seeing beautiful rainbow or as of right light around people's heads. Whether they're young or old began in A lifetime of observation study and experimentation with a wide variety of psychic and paranormal phenomenon that's now. Basically clips draws six decades of we'll be discussing how to see Boris and why that's helpful. Words and signals of power and why they work how did discover and develop your psychic abilities. Sold names Celestine wide and a whole bunch other things I'm recovering the gamut with Ambrose win on Tuesday night. Then Wednesday we've got married backer co director researcher for a ghost excavation senator fascination began when she had. And an early age when she would see her grandmother who had passed. And we brought that numerous times it's a huge thing that is actually. A catalyst of what through thrusts people into this field seeing a loved one at a young age and speaking implement some sort content. The jump and then on Thursday were we're not exactly sure it's happening I'm headed to a phenomenal junior Gettysburg Pennsylvania will go we gonna. Marisa get that one alligator who traded decide exactly how we're gonna. Connect your call and on that so I'm working on that one. But it all looks good to me great week this stuff from beyond reality radio. And that's the main thing and I honestly it was just talked to somebody earlier who. Has old news who wants to come on and and discuss a lot of different things on the someone known investigators and possible evidence of misdeeds in the field so will I will seal necco spark and but lately and you won't just a lot of untruthful excellent cryptic well I don't see it tomorrow which brought oh until the polls say. But I mean just to say misdeeds in the field deal and it's believed everybody hang in for a long time well you know I Wii we and we cover all different topics and on the show we cover everything from all paranormal and there Kircus zoology unanimous but also. I wanna be able to if there's somebody who might. Have evidence of an in just somebody. I don't know are you talking about like groups that may be not a on the open or individuals are or individuals that Mena that Meebo may be like passages is that what exactly Soka normalcy but come halftime tell us or didn't you know I mean obviously taps the tabs organizations that are real standard but which. At least we and probably most people measure how other groups and other people operate in the not home as ethical and they're not all as honest and I think sometimes when you talk about the. Under the principle and I said I think that that's important especially the stand age when there's there's so many movies and stuff coming out which of men. So embellished or have been just my blatantly. Manipulated and faked to me to make a movie and I and that doesn't hope this field. I think image it's a great movie but don't you should never say that this is based on Brill. Real events are based on a true case files and stuff like that when when it's hot it's obvious that it's not so. I'm treasury currency. Don't forget to stop by the web site itself beyond reality radio dot com you can go into the chat room there just by clicking on the listen lines and Chad you don't have to listen there you can listen on radio station if you prefer that. I'm also on the website you can go to the guest ten out and when you go there you'll see our guests are listed plus anything they've got MacBooks for example on. John Steadman spoke about HP love crap this is there for easy reference one take a look at it and maybe pick it up as a purchaser gift for somebody trenor and I've done I'm bunch of work on the servers to make sure it incredible holes out here so that was asking earlier because we've been overloading our servers given the number of people getting into the chat room which has been great but it's been a real test of the ability of the equipment we've got. And listen even working on a hard time. Have it's easily run in the same street running strong right now own loyal CEO goes but so so far so good finish cross strait but again yelling TVs said if you if you haven't yet had over like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And also if you download the show from iTunes or any other location do us a favor and read it for us. Because it helps push it forward helps get the word out let a lot more people find it makes it easier. So I would greatly appreciate that whose support is what's made the show's success and we look forward to keep mumbling a bigger and bigger. All right so let's take a break. And when we come back we will look bring in our guest Johnson and owns a sound sounds good are you listening Jason JV beyond reality. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. It's beyond really bring you decent honest TV John. And our toll free number receives 44667. 76697. Senator Ernie hello to everybody in check great to see the chat room humming along. After all that her caucus perverts. Jason did he try to keep things real handlers are gone now you know -- on on and all we can iris tax me about it and I don't know I know well it's you know it's funny because you know he's put things in place and then just the demand is just overwhelming and in trying to keep up been announced those aren't things you can change quickly so now know that there be indoor people. People around the area right exactly exactly. Plus promise route to go to our guests line to bring in our guest for the evening. This is John Stedman John is an author. And today has written a book about HP love Kraft in the cold and in fact it's called HQ of craft in the black magical tradition. HP love Kraft obviously a an icon in horror. While literature in day John welcome to be on reality radio it's a great to have you on the show tonight. Who Johnny there this. Maybe we lost John and two cents on John's purpose and it gets slick Eddie on the on the case here practical camp and we Adam and Regina lawyer. Our. What are things that that we should take a look at here what we're doing this is this whole artificial intelligence conversation. We watch this closely units in the news more and more and more. And today now Ilan mosque is talking about. A crusade. To stop that's yet to stop the artificial intelligence apocalypse as he calls it. Women know that's not what are our I heard they he would he would actually brought up a whole thing where he wanted to. Now connect computer systems to people's brains which. I think definitely has some positive aspects of that wind especially when you're dealing with the with somebody who can't communicate thumb that the fact of being able the use computers communicate every connected directly to your brain. But it's sort of scary he's talking about wanting to stop this whole pock lips from. Artificial intelligence but then again he insane he's trying to connect computers to break. It's yet it I think part of what he's kind of been consistent on is that some artificial intelligence don't can only go so far we have this particular at some point did he say we've gotta kinda. Male older merged with the artificial intelligence in order for us not to be controlled or dominated by and I think that was a kind of as a as a putts keep it alive and he won't keep from dominating a spot. I'm I'm sure I get wiggle can that a little more thing yeah terrible deuce from research and I think we've got our guest notes John Stedman John are you witnessed the start. I sure that there is that no they won't from the showed. Good to have you heard my. So John first I'm gonna talk about is you tell us a little bit about yourself. Well I'm a college professor IRA. It is my first book ever written inside their medical practitioner for quite a few years now since my first year in college. That would be like ninety K or respect I did experience meant to high school to those results weren't really. Where are considered viable magical experience. So I idea being contest back in my actions and tourists and prescribe it is asking for a long time. And over the years and keep on my own magical system based on love cramps fictional construct and mythology. And I am in my actual practitioner. Oh so you practice and now he's still cracks me. Tell us well you have to you have to give us a little bit more information about that what defined black magic force tell us what it is. Well oh I actually define the first chapter in my book correct. It is just should be chic I difference between the two it's not great evil sir Eric conquer evil beast. Behavior human behavior so whatever you call yourself like the Pope. Com soffa. Or. You know high church official bait if he'd be in Asia on ethical matter. Then you'd be operational shall be 8080 terms Wednesday it's what what you're like the black Wyatt talking to. Well black magic is basically in his I had mentioned the peace governor Chris work. Is magic mystery science could be the gain power. Or knowledge and I mean good tolerant good knowledge not to count people do bad things. And then white magic of course is spiritual perfection. And I'm net basis that definition then ouster calling on Latin party switchers span the world actually seeing it Karl. He will be considered a white change because he corrects magic it was whole entire life. There is trying to perfect shot to achieve spiritual perfection so despite said he was very reprehensible person in terms need you to like change. But there's also there's positive and negative type. Well witchcraft or or magic and there's certain types where people are requesting. Entities to come forth and helped them helped them out with I mean even if the person is good in the practicing that doesn't that sort of put them in a negative light if they're if they're asking these negative type entities step forth and help them. I don't like it sit depends on behavior I don't know really what he considered by negative or positive excuse and he had these camps teaching. ID kinda. Dennis excuse trash truck to my definition and what I mean by that should simply and these are human. It could be any conventional they could actually be until logically real and teach and live and on different plants and then they could just be powers of the mind going out on match. I don't reinvent themselves sinker I think it depends on the person actually utilized. Okay what did you. Going concern. Yeah like us botanic acting currency could see it right Lucifer are seeing. They're Indian nations tank Bible could be neck and expect it really you know they're they're not recapture the bunker fuel its oppression that so. Cut its country not to dealing with in the Czech secret emoticons are you information a lot. Let's let's let's hope they're right there are we gonna take a quick break but I do wanna ride you wanna touchback on the subject when we get vacuous and. Jason JPM URL. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond Marino uranium Jason on his TV Johnson toll free number. Receipt for 46877669. UHP love Kraft you liking each. Whether it's a movie based on his work you've read some of his work he's he's just an icon in pop culture. And especially horror or dark pop culture our guest tonight is talking about. HP love Kraft and black magic and the coal it's John Stedman he's an author of the book is called HP love Kraft in the black magic tradition. John welcome to the show and great to have your tonight. So jump before lent to break though I started bringing up the fact of a people need some some being in negative side entities that people communicate with and also bringing them forward to help them on some of these rituals and you brought up the fact has Satan and and from the double whatever not being. A negative identity. Now is that. Mainly your believed just for the fact that I've investigated the kernel for 25 plus years I work with numerous religious organizations Vegas sent out. Judy preliminary reports on. People who are dealing with so called the session which 99.9 percent of them are really have nothing to do with that with demonic intensity is a negative type entities. Tom but there are those rare few that we have dealt with that do appear to be a negative type entities that. Its main goal is to to hurt somebody within the human race. Now you don't you don't see it as a positive and negative tighten beings that are out there. Well the reason why don't do this because constantly negative. Great evil earlier kinda human centric concerns if something a couple of while being human and are based on perception and the way that course looks at things. And so they kind of like a mental in position that we put Apollo we see. Where'd I'd use just like I have heard I know you're talking about effort that people aren't environments where they are haunted. And negative. If things start acting or arid argued yes I would argue that the people experience shows already been predispose to see this thing. And to interpret intently could be due to eat what they heard about the placed. We're seeing within themselves in the project can't towards. And then the than actually becomes the becomes evil because. They actually it was observed to be in quonset except common measurement proper. You know there is classes which argues it is not no intersection in all reality at all. Yeah reaching past where everything and machine cuts when we actually hear something in L we understand. How we measure observed in its not really something climb. Physics and they explained that when we had service and certainly we bring network Basque. And it will do that it will be eat consistently to what we've cleaned it will will be. Nobody and it's soft it's it's not even really clear what he and it is you know but. I don't believe it could be considered good or evil I can read popular policy in the land after the book explores love crest influence on the black magic assistant. And every single one of those systems. Is nothing evil about any. Seniors and can ask men cheat the test or insisted these systems to kind to utilize rituals to actually gain knowledge and power. At different types of entities. Good example I actually I'm rambling a little bit but are you ready caucus who you much luck Chris Ward right you read the caucus Hulu. Yeah now that's story you've got like this static picture of construed as being a monster page and that's to wait it appears some popular culture. A big check gang dragon like creatures with the wings and cost a national. Culture change the way god to lead these kinds scored. Yet to kindly and very carefully. What happened is in this group the same question yeah and having your reaction would construe. They can't conceive magazine purchase for a moment unity and think to look comes out and that. Right gate and first correction saying what is embarked on this is not to in this thing if she evil wants to destroy people wants to talk. But that's not really the wake of it was portrayed restored he starts out that way but then love Chris starts. Kris thank Stewart from the standpoint the difference standpoint these sailors and there's lots of different interpretations quartet. One thing and it does seem CO large drag like. Creature talks to all these things that this seemed to get his mind when he's cuts Google is just one afraid. Amal and walked to stumble. A mile walk to stumble that's fit another sailor fired up being drawn attention nation it's kind angle missionary. And here's how loud cryptic scratching ankle he describes an angle which is acute angle. They it was not it was being sort of obtuse angle so this sailor and she's she's could do some kind of strange geometric called. Situation. So what I'm arguing is what could do really is to reality and who is kind of sit barrier barrier between that. What you really is if there's anything they're off. And what those Syracuse seeing what it creates either bring it to Iran and he's not pretty hoping he's just simply. There and the extinction him and in this thing to happen until March necessarily good and evil either being destroyed. Most specific threat they're being destroyed the same way that when you meet cake walk out in the sunshine sometimes we step on ant we going to pay attention to. We can't be described as evil because we kill and we don't know the networks there we weren't paying attention. While this thing caucus to do whatever it is is very similar to wait we are in relation to end. It's beyond greed. So in other words it's just it's the person. They want person's perception or the person sort of manifesting whether this thing is good or bad in their own perception of. And that's what I would do it you know like a lot turns us seed aces audit barrier on politics some syrup Tilley told a bunch of people were killed a budget children. And then there's all this is there's all this stuff in the atmosphere there psychics stuff to I don't know how I want. I'll take energy or whatever out. Yeah but isn't negative actually it's a negative energy because. People been told about the story well. Just make people were murdered and then the people listening to that people kind Barca preconceptions. Are these kinds of stories before. And any any preconceptions alarm went and and get somebody great sense to keep these sorts of things. Maybe them and their animals and in some young man young woman's right since troop increase starting to experience things. You know alignment and weight control and increase you've got something like. But where he actually itself is people. What even dare behind appeared keen that we need to be conditioned to see it that's another matter entire. Okay so in other words you're saying if somebody grew up an all in a life that I murdering an individual was just normal every day saying. And it wouldn't be looked at negative. Head towards the towards them neighborhood just knew would be just a normal everyday thing and whether they looked at a positive or however they looked at it. It would just be the way that they are they perceived. Yeah the way they'd been conditioned to perceive it and wind judge from outside their. Yeah KB about it people would total rejection basically it sort of maybe they'd been brought up to clean Eagles could. And that doing bad things are OK and we've accepted that rights. They start to be judged in your behavior at all but people can't look at proxy wobble and start acting upon them. And actually killing people. Doing things right and then they are evil put that evil master list. From that it's in them it's not in the energy insult whatever finessing itself they brought. Two witnesses. Well in in our unit in an argument looking at it from what it what you're pretty much saying though if they start killing some somebody. There and it's not evil in their eyes then there are only evil because of our perception of how we. We feel evil is or how it how we see it. Well the way society. You know we have pretty clear laws in Jaffna. So Carl is all pretty much on your upbringing what what's do what's good what's not what's right what's wrong. Well I don't know about brings so much but buy you are you can precondition to see things that evil can only be judged in the basic PH. The biggest thing called evil thing you want until they actually become masters can do any good if not they're evil agent spots. So John I'm gonna take you back to the black magic thing and what you do. Went when you yourself say you practiced black magic what is that exactly entail what are you doing I mean you know certain things come to mind in cancellations and and we don't tell what is it exactly what do you do when you're practicing black magic. Well I have a pretty clear definitions and the first check my first chapter explain what next is again the definition. And second chance at talk about exactly what love Kraft Noual actually. And the books you read and so when he did count those detection dollars needs all not cracked actual excuse me. Kind skirt correction and and I explorers in the book and look at Akron Costa but I'd find it pretty clearly. As she used some language. Gestures symbolic optics and stylized setting. To achieve contact with extraterrestrial and it's a very simple definition. And what you do and you practice magic you you almost tools talking about use language. Yea I usually words of power you use you politely to purchasing like Harry Potter books. That people seeing anything in waiting lines. Things happen it's not like you have to fight greens certainly yet to use certain types and gestures to achieve your result. And then in most Asian connection conjured. Tools and why is she doing meeting combined tool should not need actual lines. Sort of think a lot medical practitioner like geez she thinks that makes each Activision licensed and then you're and area which species in the presentation it just saint. And then net very specialized environment combination almost things will achieve you can't get an extra terrestrial and the presence at and at that point yet and experience. And nearly had the experience you gain either out of power. And that's his sole reason why you're doing the ritual peeking out there's nobody reached curriculum. And your definition I just wanna make it clear for everybody out of your definition of an extraterrestrial entities is. Pretty much something that that's just not from the serve on record fall under other people's visions of demonic type entities or or whatever it's just something that's never and that's not this is not its its main. Mean play out existence. Yeah that's sometimes confused people cause they think that the extraterrestrial act being able to take my practice. And not other people I would argue interpret being intra dimensional. Like it. In having different like quantum alternate quantum cut. Dimensions and then some people just are decently all leasing charges per saw applications that power of the mind. So you're unlocking utilizing these by you met so there imaginary peace your fictional anti and the sing about love Chris work is yet examples. All three types that. It works in I don't actually trying to fine tune what they are because I really don't care that much. What they are you know where I'm concerned about his experiences shop as loss I'd get my magical insults. I don't care how you want to interpret its like. Items during a switch Tokyo electric switch when it comes to this whom it's nice to not attend a switch on right I don't need to Knoll. Anything about the electrical premises behind them need to know about that. Power lines outsider what you could test issue watcher could gust at all. Need to do want to turn on the mighty beasts what flick the switch in and the lights come. And I used what I need to. Good match I can't process that she would not gonna worry about trying. Two combing of what things actually are and besides you know you can experience that you have what you but pride pension cost cutting step mentioned you left post write any of. Yeah absolutely and so don't want to. Drug. Well I was gonna I I was gonna say was what a lot of people don't understand and -- united made this says clearing in past episodes. It is. Honestly if you if you look at it mean god what people perceive as god. Would be I listed as an extraterrestrial type that's teed not from this planet is for me wherever he's from he's not from this planet. If this is something that he created and which would make him and extraterrestrials well. Right Joseph to take a break when we come back we'll continue the conversation we're talking about black magic protect him and each. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Periods. Jason Lewis Stevie johnsons don't receive full. 41677669. That is the told free. Listener line if you wanna call and champion of secure crazy come back laughing while watching you it's getting ready to target and I know you don't we're gonna get that camera in their one of these days and stream and and and every reason to know exactly when he talked about and they'll be laughing do. A our guest tonight is John Stedman John is an author. His book is called HP love Kraft and the black magic tradition. It's subtitled the master of horrors influence on modern Coulter is and John again no we've had a pretty interesting conversations so far really haven't gotten in. To the HP love Kraft part of that yet. Oh that's right it usually happens when 1980 seeing these people are really changed it meant to connect is that and he's but let's get back got you bribe cut before people it argues that cut paper annual tax cuts all the is actually is fictional and to start out this thing way to let Chris green all start out. And then over time he became. Little bit more because all the energy being pregnant until you know all the worshippers to church. And the ages twelve to mop with power in so he's. You've talked to something now which a little bit more than just a fictional anti base either a little bit lesser amount and more than human and unique relationship our community should probably completely could worship that you can get things. In return for their so. Boundary between fictional and real had these very very thin very difficult. And that beach justification for being able Yugoslav crest at. He's in edgy because they are quite frankly fictional and despite that we have a cultists like. Simon in Akron not cut like nieces in actually looked up to real scenario at least there's no evidence. Okay now with some it was interest and and Marie McKenna I think cold over the conversation for each peeler of gravel kind of start that in earnest in the next hour but. If someone was contemplating getting involved in black magic or white magic or whatever kind of magic what. What kind of results. Do you where should they expect from doing that. Well I think he should. Start out and kind of learn the basics and that she working out my third book right now it's going to be magical crib more. And they have almost magical pixel sense. Assembled years all of which work very good but. My standard requirement for somebody you know use a ritual can be course now we can't reach well not intelligence and discipline in a world power. And eccentric humor to it should be psychologically world announced that you really have to be able to head to work. I guess I I don't like declining in this way I have to because. The turnout is a little. Art for this one by Astro traveling cleaning crew should screen is that what are we want to scratch they should be able visualize such instantly can visualize other places. In other dimensions and Israel's assist dimension that we can you really should have that. Ability I think what people when they're starting out should do he should give themselves and really could begin their textbooks and I recommend current stock analysts. His books he will southern bookstore alone. And he's got some really good in your country books values dark forces and dark. Volumes like in Akron crime used book I'm not trying to. Got secret more nocturnal witchcraft although as you very could be tenured current textbooks he wants to a lot of basic mental training. And earth and ritual where it would be very beneficial to somebody just starting now. OK and we had about a minute before we have to take on top of the hour break in in that minute. What types of results to people or should people expect if they were ordered to practice these arts. Well what's gonna happen if you usually can't be involved in some kind of alternative dimension you're huge viewership get pulled right into. And a lot times you don't even consciously doing and the words gestures. And and activities during an intellectual decompression chamber or that establishing. It's in doing their usually call you writing on it too worried everybody's. Visualize it by the outcome along great when you get pulled into. And then you have experience and psychic narrative experience yet she. And like if you evoke. Shut negro troops to teachers goksel processor you haven't experienced what that is what. Not so process and it's usually something different every time we have directional it's different and what you see what you it's great. He tends to give our annual proclivities you know what you bring to it. Is how you can see it and so over time he can talk but familiarity with alternate dimensions. And we these different kinds extremes and you grow in knowledge in new chrome powered so it's not nothing real dramatic action psychic changed. Change your perception and it changed looking reality over. Okay great we're gonna take our top of the hour break we're gonna bring you back in the next hour. We're talking with the John Stedman author of the book HP love Kraft and the black magic tradition again. You can find information about John on our website beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest abject. All right so we're gonna take a quick break and come back more you listen and Jason JD MV unreal unreal. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Is TV Johnson and. It is zoo minus. Is Friday night Tuesday morning I'm just here I was gonna say well let me. Whether your Monday on the last to resume on the Easter start somewhere between welcomed me on the radio myself jays and caused javy Johnson is so at the last year trying to figure it out there shouldn't be that complicated to get through retirement and now I must say does Ministry's job but I United's it's that weird time that we we chose to do the show that as an up the funny thing is we agree we decided on this time. Because who only was he easy for me the kids are sleeve it's in going and get away diligently on me I'm asleep yet exam or you're in your sleep now statement I'm in us. But Tom Barrasso makes it easy but it's it's nice because there are even even though it's 1 AM here it's only. 10 PM on the on the Wesco satiric. You know I mean it's a great times people who are listening assertion that with the topics we're talking about. A little bit later gonna bring in John Stedman he is an author his book is entitled HP love Kraft in the black magic traditions are we talking all about that. Don't forget the web site beyond reality radio dot com you can go their for the chat room you can go there to find out. More about our guests and our toll free numbers 8446877669. Can also head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only Sheila to FaceBook pages and ever growing community. And like javy was saying you can go to be honored Algeria dot com either now listen con and you agree stations where I'm all across a country which. Bring more more every week or just click the listen lives and bring your right into the online chat where JD and I and and let's others are. And it's this disagree community of people very welcoming and it's always interesting topics going. Very jays so. We're gonna go to the phone lines and oh summary that we've actually talked about on the program a little bit his Harold butts he has from the new age space association we've talked to Donna people have been asking about him and chats division no. Yeah heralds an awesome guy he's always Kris talked to and it's always wonderful to hear what things they're working on and down yet so he's on the phone so let's go bring hurled boats and Harold welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. Eighteen and you see that you currently there are gone. Harold you okay you sound you sound a little. The roster every right. You know we've just been working really really are opened or at least she each auction. Yeah yeah you unless and we talked you were partnering with the dia Dutch the folks from Holland. Come on a project. That is correct we we are still there but. Was curious. We pretty such pro just as we. Can you know without anyone getting hurt and termite and culprit they were best of restarted Apolo. I do feel that it was a definitely a bit prematurely. But I have to look stick with what they expect. Well you definitely got to follow list what your team thinks so our. Yet we are happy with the results and on the anal probe to Uranus. Oh my dear sir I like she pulled out a little bit prematurely. I don't they've felt the pig owners keep this particular. So we're going to move onto other things sir. You observation vehicle to explore character and or refer to as the structure that we're working on whatever close friends over Holland. And or actually when Artest took a little more Moscow. We're working on this earth you support system to protect our current. How to protect the earth all. I'll be OK the sounds are urged him. No we wanna focus on Armstrong's support system to look for Turk Turks. It's always good focus on something a little more close to home a little more down there so you're you're moving away from probing and you're looking for more on support oriented systems. Well. That particular time we just we don't want a beat any interest hanging out there. And she'll. Social and you know almost essentially can actually reach out talks were out or stripping her. None on this on this on the good idea now on do you have any particular projects under going with this amino we know that the Dutch oven. Is making its way to Neptune. As we know that's happening do you see Neptune as you see Neptune as. As a model. Before maybe Earth's in this instance where you can you can test you can get your hands on him. On these things and and really given goods could go. Well what do we want to get our hands on tightly this is just an orchid options. We're building at a place that we need to look at that group what will want to see port call. The basic obsolete in orbit in battle system. Basic also waiting orbiting battle system okay so this is and this is a well this is actually a weapon you're talking about. And this system is going to protect our planet. That's correct or piece and it also waiting or verbal battle system an AK Ku student and we feel it's going to be urged the Korean court appearance. It's me oops. Okay conditional try to go who stood at the text and should all out expression. Yes silicone is known for that and if I kind of connection. No well this system itself isn't going to bomb in as an nipped things in the butter I mean how do you see that. I think we really each year round as a group. And her Christian record massage the strings in order to do to the right reaction her car all its approaches one do things and. You deathly wanna get support from from both sides or all sides are outlawed makes cents a mean you know afternoon you can't jump to any conclusions you go to work out of habit and you don't minute and the longer you work edit Harry I'm assuming there the better results you're gonna get. What or that you art dealer or any sore feelings are and don't want an undercurrent. Focusing on on the east and certain we feel that we're done. Working on the America it'll be something that everybody wants this packer look at charity ball. Understandable of course she'd want something that. Everybody's just really happy and happy to see who that person right out. One problem that we really got to focus on is turned into Google or how do what happened. We've really wanna do it looks just trying to hold them in place. Make sure stationary right where they're supposed to. Great upper body and just keeping an eye on it. Plus all the have a lot of work to do on these on now are you going to be able to. Get these things to stay in position out there to. Just be where they need to be. Right now working her prototype in hopes of keeping the strange or Egypt. We go system were calling the training battle resource apparatus. Training bell training battle resource apparatus so. Training brawl. Sister. And we are going to continue to use that can totally sure worst pretty much get our hands around and just focus on. Didn't start where we wanted to pretty. We really think the key scenes are going to stick out shortfall and whatever pretty notre terror. Source somehow or that's the Jay Leno says it's a lot about yep I guess I do. Well sounds like your your mission is noble here. You know I can't find anybody that I can't think anybody that ever problem with the enemies seems very well intentioned I agree it sounds like it's all for a positive reasons. We want to me seems to barge and we hit it bigger the better. So when do what is your expectation for actually having these things out there. Forward Google T it is December 2000 cheap double. I want to play. Oh got you okay so I'm so that's great. Perry I mean you guys are some really fabulous work there and I really appreciate you know me you know Jason and I are talking about this we appreciate you calling an end. In keeping our same our friends and our listeners updated us what's going on whether. Yeah you definitely work and on some cutting new age phenomenal type stuff so that's always a suitor computer. We're short economical and. Well thank you particular call and it's so cute beyond your listeners should. Informed and what's going on out there. Possible thanks for the call Errol all right. Harold flights from the new age space association and they're doing great work today I mean you can argue with the stuff they've got going on there. Now I mean from the the Dutch oven that they're working on and the whole the Arenas probe getting out of the the anal probe gearing assumed. Then and now this. The sole thing now where would you call it again. This one was the basic. Possibly hitting or revolt. Or little battle system. Yeah AK boots you know making moves in south and a but at least they're gonna tell us an offer for federal or the training battle resource packed her tests. Thanks. Right. We're gonna we're gonna go to break it's beyond reality gradient GC GB. Thanks to her so hurled boats actually stands for calling in and giving us an update on. The new age space associations. Endeavors that a lot of stuff going on most on here S congress to really need to work the names. I think they do. Surely special to us and a married let's bring our guest in are we went a little long last segment but John Stedman is an author his book is HP love Kraft and the black magic tradition. And there are talking Woodward about HP love craft his work and why there's such controversy surrounding him. And in the possibility that he was involved or may even inspire autism and and black magic John thanks for coming on the program. What do we start by giving us a little bit of and mini biography of who each feel love Kraft what's. Well here is basically. Horror right here so wage start out doing what he outside changed it and not scientific. Subject squeamish young Greeks would cut into strap me in stuff like that each. His call was releasing become high school science instructor is called it. The problem love Kraft was that he. Wasn't really very disciplined student at all sorts on nervous ailments. In situations we kept having like these minor nervous breakdowns. It didn't help that they lost the ancestral mentioned. When he was relatively young so it'll probably cost it could be so good. Yet all these little. Nervous disorders eventually could never complete high school and calls for a couple semesters trapped again. And so he really couldn't pursue a career in science because quite frankly couldn't into college country India school diploma he is ready ashamed. About them later on swipe. It was always kind drawn today in addition to science. You have to really add between. You know and equally vivid dreams. And what I argue about love Kraft is yet to beside his personality is that the light side of love Chris daytime not crap. It was kind of scientific sort of person. And quiet to be a Christian unity used in even cachaca. Spiritual. Think immediately. Actually seen any in practice meant checking time like an innocent nighttime under the direction crypt which was treatment and what happened and eventually. He decides to write about missing in between is drawn to the darker. And specs. And not think about that lesson to draw too weird tales but when you actually start creating its own entities they were really. Must issue more like scientific concepts. So all this flight times staff went into his fictional conferences and they start to write could not stop publishing weird tales make. In other making too bad it'll. That time. The thing about love Chris there was cuts added media guide seeking to complete failure he could navigator. Hardcover book out. And he that you see just can't waste is light each point tag on the opening. And is publication should die a natural death. In the so weird so this is why it was really kind of unusually very withdrawn. West incredibly women. What's the group of friends in real time situation but yeah currently I have recourse on. It's people all around the world we account colleague and a lot we killed comics not people really like to. And so a couple of those French actually got together for accomplishing. House after the X you're responsible for resuscitate lap crash reputation because they polished is works. Now lost to begin with when he create our our company's. And eventually over time is work caught on and mean most of the nineties to. Oh and then there's do great things about him is like I was saying to GB earlier I didn't believe and I live in Rhode Island chief he's in love Kraft has buried in fifteen minutes from my house. I didn't even know he was buried there until I was doing a job one day and songs sound is great business trying to six a sprinkler system arm which is not. It's one point cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island. And Eric there on the cica Grover going through their and it and it's funny because over the last you know 1520 years is when I've seen so much of the stuff really start blowing up and start showing his stuff start really showing up everywhere. Yeah he's got quite a reputation nowadays they're seeded most colleges and universities except as one in nature figures intention or science fiction. They reputation even more than. And I were talking about the very reputation although responsible. John reception on her rich because of the missiles fiction that's. He not just talking about leadership is some sort of action skiing wider wider he's actually considered. As approach actors in an astronaut. So post currently our writers like. Polity and burgers two French and they came out with Morton and magicians. It should be seen in astronauts can initiated. It and two com actor in the in. Previous entries and then they kind jumpstart evolution and cuts were backing from love Kraft they took that concept Nick Price they ran in. Morning and changed and then other people came along and Robert temple. And charity god. Hostage which are two guys here at contact at all these people built to unlock credit sewage apprentice acre argued he actually approach there are they asked not. And all cut ailing contacting. Syrian and now they're actually collapsed as a college prospect acutely ill ask. And he's steady and and Pierce's right cup. Mark height digger artists like Picasso and it put a lot crept up there along with each other thinkers. As being I and you expect in relation so let Chris influence is very very wide just in richer. Or tensions science fiction but it's actually branched out into other. Fields as well. So love Kraft was an atheist. But he created here yet and immaterial as but he created the champion of gods and goddesses soon and tell us what would that. Yes he's dead doesn't really make much attention on you to wonder why he used to be something I'd ask don't like it you know picnic is power to love Kraft said dichotomy between light side and the and the tax tax. And so what he'd do it was basically kind of brought when he actually fictionalized cheap price is tactic excited so if you look at the entities. You know they excuse really aren't your standard action passes through more like chronic Kwan cannot and he's like looking ass is not true. And did you know at all actually seem to be a pretty good representation of the big day. And if you look at and let knocks all pop they're not really conventional monster's ball on it like. GM tactical change your country you're casting calls so they're very intangible you very much in a court require physical. And by the way clapped as seeking starlet have crept right by. Einstein just come public is general clear relativity and then nearly classes like born you know sports. Can actually start passed me in this series and while we have plastics council all they'll let Chris stayed all that all that went into its fictional competitions. You know so they're not if standard got concussion that's Fisher. A lot of credit did not believe in standard got two classes yet no respect. Bring interest in not conventional religion at all. So it's not you know opening. You know that he became a top Bible would argue that. Dichotomy in rock creek is what is his power is works its power because we're all kind of like definitely. Think about you know a lot of wanna believe in god we want it was something more than just yet this year element not kinda skeptical count them. It too. And so we have that seem kind of economy and not protest and I would argue that makes life more interest in it more important in makes it work more urged because it cut. Appeals on different levels. All right we're talking with Jon stead and author of the book each. Yeah. Freaky that leads senator from that band looked you remember those videos yes yes there's a freaky guy had a really really unique voice to wasn't releasing is kind of in between talking and singing. You remind me of that biker from weird science. Else oh the guy Vernon Wells. Also reminds me of the guy from the hills semis and yeah this is there to welcome back to beyond reality radio everybody gets Jimmie Johnson Jason Hawes bringing new Monday night's ice Tuesday morning. Program what a great stuff coming up over the next few nights make sure you set your alarm clocks a year up with a assist. It can be normally sleeping at that hour but tomorrow night we're going to be talking with a Ambrose when task of fell. Andy's written about or us and being able to read people and their or is plus about a psychic stuff from Paramount phenomenon but he's been studying over the past six decades sixty years of said. Then Wednesday we're talking a merry Becker are co director researcher for a dose excavations. And she's been involved in the paranormal since having her own experience when she was young of seeing her grandmother who passed away. And then Thursday we've got Eric Coleman crypto zoologist colonel Susie just and I ordered talking to him about all things that bigfoot can be adventures you name it. It's gonna should be interesting. And tonight our guest is John Stedman he is an author his book is entitled HP love Kraft and the black magic tradition he's also a practitioner. A black magic. And he is a a student of HQ love Kraft and again nine John thanks so much for being on the program tonight. What I found askew you know love Kraft died. Thinking he was a failure. Edgar Allan Poe died think he was a failure on many of the ways you describe the life of HP love Kraft parallel. And ground on poses there's something. With the subject matter that just either it takes a person of that. Stay stature in life that that spot in life which is not a particularly good one to be able Lou. Come up with this type of literature or is that the literature the makes a person become that. Apology etching Christine question. Poet poet actually was quite a bit different and not cryptic book did young entry shirt. And not poll of course wasn't really happy you know. So I can't realize his full potential but quoted as excess you know what it's like. He gotten. These stories published an actual our coverage. He actually had phenomenal success with the lead in political part use had a minute celebrity's by the time you're already translations works into French. Charles Butler and others discovered in your presidential poll intact quite is dead locked correctional left crass really really. And no indication what happened actually did happen so. He is content to be in it it was a little bit more profound. In a ground post as for this subject now I don't know. You know I mean I hate to see that. In the subject matter could influence of course and that way acting teacher which is different types of people. You know they're just drawn to this Bill Black people they had more sunny dispositions were drawn to this country or trees or healthy can generalize so much. Pretty good question. La Christian and had to ask I would agree Koppel at ground post a group right here. And so it's truly hard to say you know if it's the person got here is subject matter that's like that's. Cart before the horse or before Mikhail sickly to answer questions. Let me I only ask you this question though with your book is peel off craft and the black magical tradition did you get any. Any. Issues from the wiccan community here or any of that of those individuals. Non magical community been pretty supportive. I got a little bit pushed decks sometimes. Because a lot people I mean you look at the pocket looks like kind of sensationalist books I've got scanned it chemicals in the front. In looks very. Pop culture creation on Stefano people were surprised when you had its action scarlet streak but. This book was sick she signed for a specific audience in mind it's most fans. Or science fiction it's an issue like not craft were don't know that much about an eight year old she each weird storage elect. Allowed a cult is would argue like to ask grant's. And calculation recently argued Electra was unconsciously practice magician. And some have argued he actually didn't match collections so conscious magical practice facility here the people here that nonsense let crypt. They had people art you know is intact with Alastair Crowley Crowley was practicing child left crippled so it ardidi action net Alastair Crowley. Get rich quick step and sort of regional I wrote this book is to cut clear the air. After you read this book you'll understand completely. What left Chris knew and how much he knew about black magic in addition to that you'll understand all situations problems and economic crimes. We have infinite amount of the keep coming out. And they know. Don't know specifically about. What his influence were on a magnet schools systems in inflows is also love crypt chewed them out by experts. Rock creek complete image he'd simply an occult is not so. I love Christmas stockings fictional concert inspired all of these magnet school systems in certain ways. And it's inspiring more and more and more important point percent shall. This book a cute good people they were curious about all these issues hit people content meaning shading right the book a lot because. In the latter half to cut explains in very clear language what these medical systems drop well. I think chaos magic it is very difficult match crosses to understand at least conceptually. Of the and now allow the readers you need to put. The light that said that clarify what all these things are about so Larry asked the the book is very useful for information on post is some sort for that kind of body decides not to specialists. John winds down. HP you have cramps. Dying not really seeing any of his work appreciated that point what happened that his work became appreciated was it just that. He was under appreciated in his time or it was their cultural shift which accepted his work more or was this is something else afoot. Well there's something else to protect it may it last France. They meant it we're just making our publication. Yet this escort spot and if you ever Lee is letters and read all. I advise you will be enormous marriage and he kind substitute for at least eight conversations infractions. More normal people have. Could. And garlic worship. Liked everything about and after not crypt I journalist and a friend this is so. Decide to do it again he's formed a company called arc outs still alive today to publish post and what the corpses as publishing house was they want to rescue crips works. And they hadn't done that. It's very conceivable this book that I well what had been written because I would never heard it left craft and we were not even talking about left creek you'd be in my ear figured. Course few short stories were buried in the old yelling patient we adjustment. But Kermit since friend back again informed me arc mouse and a whole purpose arc and also she is to do it let crept in print. They actually shopped around his works and some of its novel and it is containing publishes interest hitting and so they give themselves. These formulated a publishing house and they were very sensible about it came out at one time. A lot craft analysis are covered is sold very slowly ahead itself. And then when they start making a little bit more on my eking out a couple more. And then slowly but surely all will have Chris works kind to print and then what happened less throughout the 1970s. Certainly. She started catch up. People who write articles about during a war like World War II. The issue inexpensive paperback persons that also is worked Scott disseminated in military. I being sent overseas and Sony slope believed to surely from the seventies onward. And each time becoming more and more record actually have to absorb just dexterity. Steady rise once ask each those seen not a scholar column. Misha writing articles in publishing making stock indices are his ratchet tablet leisure and wants popular culture. And then it was all confirmed to soak it just died a chance at a publishing house and informed. Not trip might have risen to any height she might just didn't undermine your right here that nobody hurt. And you say to that might abandon them what was. Being now on people we're trying to do is keep this work out of publication. Well they just can't see a market for the top top issue did college. Look at what can we all marketable a few leaders stories. They're not like the cut story you were selling back on the again if you look at conventional science fiction bad thing you'd have kind of succeed. Sexy woman harrowing you know you'd have like space opera like Edgar rice grossed I've story you know more human centric slash cordoned. Those kind stories like this Star Wars deck kind of seen it well not script can't fit the mold at all. Stores were not really commercial and that way. And so black people are afraid to take a gamble on the deep publishing houses and so they can't take again. So what took some band like August turn it. Trying to actually get that thing going open he was very was not mark and then he was not huge his own worst enemy too because. But he got any adverse criticism whatsoever it's set an accurate. Feel self doubt he really isn't any couldn't rights and you were not late provide months at time one time or is it easier so whenever he got it. He endorsed Christie could amble. You know you have to have a thick skin. Try to get in post beat Ian head Essex Kent you're kind of tree or a conflict. And so outpost never going to ask begin with and so there was a combination different circumstance I kept him from. Become copy could not right to order that's for sure you always want to writes he never compromised rolling want to do so. So I want I want him didn't offer some of the listeners who might not be familiar with any of loved Kress workers a lot of the stuff has been made into movies. That they may have not made knives or may have seen and I've actually been surprised few times to find out something I was watching and form of the movie actually turned out to be based on a Los crass sort of wanted to offer. A listeners may be Tenet you know when ABC's of some of his work that they may remain out of scenery that you recommend they read or catch a movie version enough. Well the movie versions are located like I don't mind movie version because I'm actually pretty practical grad myself. And he wouldn't movies come out. When they do the comic books wouldn't do that gains and stock all it does it's just keep let Chris reputation growing and growing nine rain trilogy about Chris there's my first one trilogy. The second wants aunts my publisher. And the more popular not crypt is the more I can get these things in print much sloppiness I have X to crack your debts and not object person out. So I'm in favor of August when it comes to the movies so the movies tend to have to add elements in machine let crypt like. They filmed is shed over Inge to Caltech. The movie tech. In what they have to do to make them marketable. Is usual scene upsurge in this story right one there later as extinction in equities. Half human half finished like and decently in town and what they had to do make them marketable they had to add. A couple sexy female characters into a and that they had GAAP bunch of colliding core stuff like that to make it shout you know so when you go to C not Christian symbol ma. You'll end up seeing a lack grip to a it is sanctioned violence. Which is simply consultant who did not look. So I would recommend Dick because it's an interesting scene instruct it's not very love Kraft. You know they wanted suffered from the scene cut thing I did gun which or did make one of those 1970. And again it was kinda can't be cut from will be yet had a beautiful girl. Into in this kind good looking. Wilbur Wheatley in the original time which Orwell belatedly handsome guy who's like almost eighty she can't look like a cold. Upgrade go in her nose section women are now I don't woman Nicky Gerke arcs or not. This twin that there is nothing sexy. Anything about animal we shall we left crips stuff you know you have to kind lake. Take with a grain of salt in Pinkett. Exact. Well it's interesting you mention movie date on because we had Chris Alexander who is the editor send Gorey a magazine for a lot of years. And in our conversation about tell what movies he would recommend that people may or may not have seen that was one that he brought up easy highly recommended and actually. Well I'll tell you sad you know left crypt in the hands of the right director. I think she could do Larry I think art technologies reached a level now we connection captures on these really amorphous. Kwan decision kind and he's on screen cinema in particular it worked I think she could do it. And I think they can actually make it good 2000 story about something like the mountains and met this. I think that would be a good one and some the other once hoped it would take a certain. Type of corrected it could actually get some of the imaginative in that kind of poetry a lot crept in there and yet not. Overly compromise that means they want at this section heroin that's. Stuck with that could be done little bit more patient so I think it enhances the proper track. And with a crack reply actually it could work that I've never seen anything compared to these stories. Yet and I don't bemoan that could I understand symptoms at a different artistic thinks like gold she's right Great Gatsby F Scott extra degree can't speak. Nothing can't come close to that blocking opera and prepped it won't make those kind concessions OK and you want. To one correspondence. So we have to appreciate you being just different arc for. Hey John thanks so much for being with us we have about thirty seconds working people other than going to be on reality radio website were we do have a link for your book world where else can people find more information Boeing Europe to a new book. Okay well I'm the web site child Stedman dot com I have a blocked. And that gives albeit pensions cut and doing seem unaware of semi on FaceBook and I like invite people like it to people other don't want talk to me a lot. The answer any questions is gonna go on to FaceBook and sent me a little thing I'll be glad to communicate we corrected on these kind of things and adding to conventions at the end of summer. Carnival car or in Buffalo, New York in August 26 cents and giving a presentation. Each could not crescent or icon to cultural cult icon and ready at this gift scare fest and conventions. In Lexington Kentucky in September. Thirtieth to October 1 and talking about love Kraft in this tournament ballots that. I'll go to a little bit more deeply about those last cryptic quote I really appreciate you guys hadn't had you gradually allow far especially that low humorist. In her who you ask that training. You go night night that was that was Harry but there was there was a real brutal and articles don't oh yeah did you know I'm still a lot of multilateral Obama seriously. It's Harold and articles to. Right John thought. B I I enjoy that you guys have fun. Thanks so much for joining us Jon stead minutes it to a prep in the black. I missed it's that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when it. I feel great now though and here's the bill for insurance didn't cover would. Well there goes another one. Listeners got lunch in ten minutes. Does. This ever happened to you go to the hospital for a little surgery only to be stricken by huge delay this will not anymore with the crowd go home surgery can tell us have. You must sign that doctor 1200 dollars a look at me. Minutes later on the Internet I was pretty sure in my. It's quite grab it's grab and go home surgery can we got for Christmas in twenty minutes later we are on our way to dinner at the guard can clean things just didn't the wealth of the moment thanks crap. Got an estimated 3700 dollars for circumcision house able to do Hamas will soon come to my old Democrat goes home surgery Q after couple monitor affections I was moving around like around I want my mosque Mac and and my wife she was real happy banks scrap go with the crowd go home surgery came you can perform most council surgeries in minutes and boarded this special add on packs for even more costly because. Like the cardiac O Rama the fourth Okaloosa Gary at your opinions and don't forget the home augmentation arsenal dvd you wouldn't mind. But at least he started no problem comes to mind when you said that the critical surgery to get to the augmentation arsenal can see and reasoned argument isn't. Thanks for that come. Rental homes surgery kit normally. Retails for 9995 total today and you receive the whole. Home surgery did. The court the blues and done it and they decorative crypto catheter period ended the poll for 1995. Graco insurgent attacks not recommended for surgeries in some cases may negate your life insurance for your life read your policy for details some side effects include removing the wrong organs start. And not Clinton's order yours today. It's no incentive to. If it's your first time tuning in this is what were well about talking about some great subjects really getting in depth. On things and having fun and to and we enjoyed and we enjoy it we do we like the last. And poked fun to children and that's about it so to an annual definitely are some great ones but are. That live big shout out goes out to John tonight coming on and hanging out with the sun as Johnston and you just look a month. Gray showed him forward and talking with psychic so make she tune in and I know flock he was sending an email about how we should mention that you know as a hockey sent an email asking for people to send emails to be on reality radio and then he was going to give you read skin. So my shoe Sandra sending emails to the slick Eddie eagle duration beyond reality radio dot com website. And thought Kayla and enjoy reading. Just off to your question or your concern makes you put your name in your hometown on their as a fundraising (%expletive) yeah an amazing hockey info and next week sometime when I shall we have a good from the date yet but he'll be the be answered some of those great. So if you haven't yet like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio head over iTunes download the shows a podcast just make sure you read it for a spot that'll do for us everybody have a great night chasing javy will catch you tomorrow at. And medianews to discuss its include things like it's easy chances. Our arm. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be Gaston beyond reality real leading email too slick Eddie. And then some slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.