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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-14-17 4th Hour

Mar 14, 2017|

scale out of the gym? really something else to complain about or you could just not get on the scale.

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Those seventeen and parks coming up ads 2 o'clock at least Scott will be here. I will be joining Scott for another hour today. Ye might have to I don't know the answer is we're. I answered that and I don't think I'm seeing any more pay. Oh yeah for sure patsy mark we think is an overtime nothing like that now we got it it's call like we bar other stations peopled our people rise. Networks. Like at some point maybe like opted yourself and it's a. Then I'll another benefit you but I'll make them pay it back on where you want them for a house and you wicket there for me. So but it is of the team as to what's mine is yours absolutely sure. You up my scout cookies on your Girl Scout Cookies. Like no that thin mints this so you so. Well like I asked you nineties yeah things are discussed in girls out fanatics that or colony crazy for the fronts a guy act like Jefferson county and needs gross. Chocolate and. Men together hold meetings food used peanut butter patties. I didn't coverage you can make it through that it is the Venetian is just so good but. Peanut butter cookie and those tremendous and then I got eliminate ones holes there's still good immigrant. It's. It's OK I. I. I've complicated relationship but. Because of its attacks. And so. Weird texture mean. I I was about something in trouble as are right about how. About health field and right is it is it is it just feel weird is that I don't know whether you an aunt that you at the. Openness. So. That's why it like French so I could like putting. French silk currently in second place it is 3314. Today and every one Ford's pop I day. So we took that by beating the real ply what's your favorite flavor of 5000004 choices we went with the first we thought of apple French silk lemon meringue. Or pumpkin. It'll late charge in the pumpkin pie fan I just pump wasn't much luck it is now 20% it's at it it's it's still a third apple at 33% French silk and 32%. Pocketed twenty and lemon rang at fifteen vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio. And yes we don't share he should carry the fourth choice is Latimer and banana cream getting some that's a good line. Q line a key line like somebody. Some. On the damn why not in favor hands of pecan guide coconut cream. And the mark little boys and girls is all that's disgusting and we botnets at bats absolutely disgusting. But let us know on Twitter feel like one of those four choices. Sorry we only get for your question but if we left out apple you know people because words apple pie de gas they'll vote on Twitter KM BZ radio. I will look re Twitter right now and it's right there cobbler at the same thing as high. Because peach pie it was an option and there is peach partners peach cobbler I don't know if Phil. Idol is take is not what differentiates pie from now. I don't now. Look at ST there's somebody else to Jack I don't think it's the same. As we just call all high white collar collar what way to differentiate pine collars in the crust pies are encased in history. Either just on the bottom or on the top and bottom cobbler is on the other hand are simply tossed some sort of baked pastry or dealt. I don't look the same don't really know the difference. They look the same except. Tim it's it's Shea. It's how they're cut cocaine pop icons and mean and the shape you know in the little triangle Kotler comes at a big pandas cut squires. To me that's going OK it's Arnold go with our allies is insane paranoia go with an arena yeah. And I'll go with it yes the personal attacks when it's pipe API yes we understand that. To have some fun and it is treaty is TI OK because. It's diet. He's got back at 2 o'clock to our hearts. Travis is an odd and not happen at communion trans axles that yes. It knows anything about. Except a couple of people in the world so we're treating it like it's PIU day because that's more fine. So I'm fine on Tuesday. It. It's a mathematical constant that has no and it didn't go Brazilian digits. There right now. 4159. Outlet. Some of my favorite eyes German chocolate that's cake. Germany and that's not like I got the same thing and I'm I'm on team high over team cake. Role men. But you can't just cut a cake in the shape of a pine Culp. It's not no no it's got to fill the right stuff if I can have a write in vote to be like chicken pot pie or meat pie I would put in there. It's December time shepherd's pie is gonna be on that at least one shepherd spy on Friday men's name mean speeds pick so let us now on Twitter at Indies area. Yes we understand it's. Mathematical constant not the. I don't know it's a piece of pie crust as they rolled out to go for the cross toddlers and unformed crossed there right with an unformed prost. Is it only that somebody says cobbler as a top crust fold. I thought cobbler at blow and not colored top and bottom does anybody actually know the difference between pie and cobbler. No. Acting like that it popped up I think your bank and stuff op. Something mister sharp apply popular. Is that everybody's favorite cash to kick in a cake and coconut on it. No I think it dies I don't pretty assured us now I don't either. No idea bodily guy's this the other topic of pie yes Travis high in pie they keep Travis are bringing some CN the year there's a lot of places that are actually having ID specials. Caller three dollars and fourteen cents. You'd need a personal pizza. Get a personal com. Ticker pipeline player or even apply so pricey Boston markets do and it. Austin are. Five Pete Miller I've I've. Had to change its good. Yet it's kind of there's actually two when he won bakeries arms were Chicago earnest when he won majors bakeries in Chicago that is it away everything for port. That's it you know and upper crust. Bakeries knows to a bomb there is one of last sport there's one in downtown Portland I don't think so we put an analyst at things that you I got to do together they have done in the city act that they do is time. That's and giving your affection you've got a bit this week to highlight I don't like cake is money gap and that's they do is tie we got I get it that's on my list for your place. It's possible today explicit cobbler is the lazy and I. It's that real. Not a real gaffe I'm glad he's he's a Travis gets me pepperoni and usher and yeah. Your pizza pie chicken pot pie I'd be lying and the state local since I'm pretty sure everybody has displays Whole Foods Market isn't giving any higher or pizza port 3014 cents we get all. Back. Kid Jamie. Wow man maybe all JPL. I don't talk to girls got confused I don't know that slim for life friendly hour I'm gonna break this is not gonna break mean I don't. Straight regardless of current fuel yeah I straight really are on. Unless it's really really really really worth it not spies motions and house a bunch of places to advise those are local election. Those are pretty amazing to date to a degree difference. But it's now I'm I'm gonna be fine. Almost 200 votes apple has a 34310. Lead on French silk 19% pumpkin 16%. Lemon meringue. Etiquette yours isn't there let us know. You can let us know on Twitter which when we missed. I here's one from Anthony you can't be good key lime yeah. I'm three bites of its prime pie and after that I want to be something else. Downtown Overland Park tweeting us about three dollar and fourteen slice the pie upper crap that's why is seen. A adds I don't public is in the house because it and us. Now we got to get you winner would be awesome that you go to Oakland park. You there's one Westport island that's close I would rather you come to my neighbor. About a week at a downtown Oakland park stuff tiger little bubble downtown. Is the street cargo their belt and yet but it's not that far from here. He sues says pick on why even if it's extensively and am and I can. Yeah you in and Angela bond will be charged a peak on life. The peak and I. Like the. Filming other pecan pie knowing that contradicts everything I just sad I guess not no literature yes and consume but I like the filling him become quite strawberry pie. That's not every room bar. I don't know I need the rhubarb Vanilla like the fresh strawberry pie. Eric has clearly wants time yes you. I first rolled right probably ruin your breakfast it's. Often yes they did sorrow the what are your life definitely take care here. Not today no in India but what I deal. How would I survive I'm sure you via a bachelor I'm sure you'd survive I'd. Is it I said it is about me to do everything even the other for a lifetime of the why stuff in your house have made Iran and you know because that's what led to my first ruled Friday problem that I will bring to you on Friday. Stalin for a series of let's say you re going. Yeah ever go to Nairobi got all kinds of icons from was this offensive was this for for a speech. Or is this too far. We're asking this about a a college in California. And we'll do that coming up next it's mid day with Jaime lick it went seventeen glad to have you on this snow Tuesday and ninety like. Am BZ 91 KM BZ midday with Jamie and like it. Anybody Sally Mike like it David parks coming up into. For some reason Scott parks is in the eyes is my fiance is officer. That's a that's like and while I have no idea what's going on down all she telling you or it's on FaceBook well there's a picture of her with what the country guys. All city what actually do like they haven't comment what that group shotgun parks and leave all hanging out together well. Not this kind of hang office down there. I'm she's the only women should I think she's only one with an office because she's on one with any authority to other yeah to women all the other program directors are men and she's fine and so everybody is goes in there and hangs out and I feel bad for acts acknowledged that she its networks everyday life. She cubs or sixty ice every day. College today I got nothing done now. Because she does. Her a a a so I know our hearts and their you are yeah. He's ready he's getting dirt on him didn't ask me give you much she will get much. Oh you are the leader thunder when you first got the job tissue and bringing things out I'll. Keep trust me out of my god I feel for what I doubt it was asked me at all. I'll just admit to a little idea to tell CS. To go we should get around to get it. All later on this hour we will let you know about the SNL weekly series for weekend update last concert announcement tomorrow. We saw the story about a cancer survivor who now has to pay taxes on a donation. Will talk about that loss what you ask is any thing at 1230. So busy Wednesday but. We talked about this in. The 10 o'clock hour and it comes to us from California. This is odd Claremont California we've got its college there that passed. The wall and inside of a dormitory they have dedicated as a free speech wall it's basically legal graffiti. They've just dedicated to space were you wanna go and spraying create your art UK. It was never a problem until now where do you while on the side of the dorm was recently painted by a group of students. And we did was they took the middle third of those wall. They painted a black stripe over everything else that was written air an enemy that black stripe they wrote in white paint. White girls take off your hoops. Meaning hoop earrings. Student Algeria Martinez says she and other women of color created the art because they're tired of white women. Appropriating. There are style the college president wrote a letter to the campus community the local news coverage has brought a cycle of violent hate speech directed at students have been getting harassment. And threats from people. Off campus. Are 57677985767798. Is this freedom of speech. Does it go past that doesn't do something else. And before anybody sends the text before anybody calls up and says can you imagine if this had something about a black woman you guys have been freaking out. That's not the point of this conversation and we would be freaking out as much as we are right now or asking you this is freedom of speech. Did this group of women. Who were upset apparently about you white women wearing hoop earrings. Did they have the freedom of speech to write it or does it go too far. My opinion on this news this doesn't help. Like if we're supposed to try to create. This idea of unity at one America. White people black people deal people of Mexican descent people coming whatever. This doesn't help anything by saying you can't Wear what we believe is our trend the way javy is wearing you can see it on FaceBook. Jamie is wearing hoop earrings right now these are. The parents and they are either open or you're they're saying that they're not what we traditionally think of his appearance but in answer to your comment wicket on why. The problem is that a positive statements. If if I don't even know what that would be a bit of a positive statement have been written there instead of a negative one. It wouldn't have gotten the same attention to and we wouldn't be talking about it it's not I am sorry and butt we all noticed it's not new but the positive comment. That's not controversial it's news and we are having a discussion because it's offensive. On its designs should be. It it it made national news that's how we heard about it and I think hit it I don't like it this is how it happened but just trot conversation. It's. Prompting a conversation. Because in my mind it's splitting us again Alex dividing Latino women. And and white women which by the way I have. I'm 35 only 36 next month. There I've known plenty of women of all different races are right in my life I think we all I'm not special by knowing. White women in black women in with. All you live in. Where hoop earrings app I know this was a a Latino thing. Com yeah I'd like to hear from Latino women that we have any on the first time we talked about this today everybody disputed the idea that this was a Latina thing. I guess a few we're getting multiple choice question on a test and it were to say hoop earrings are associated with which group of people. I guess what Tina. I guess I wouldn't. But for a lot of us for a lot of women it's the first pair earrings you have after the studs con when you first get your your ears pierced there easily tiny and then I've gone. That you know go halfway down my neck so and I'm not any ability. So I don't Timmy this was just an easy way to make a jab I don't get why this was even done. I really don't tend to get attention to stir the pot by 767798. A stock to joke you're 98 KM BZ I joke. Hey Mike yeah. Yes hey I got a question for you in game do you OK I don't know. I'd just take it for granted OK correct me if I'm wrong. Probably wrong I'm hoping that I am wrong. That. Ariel more liberally. Minded individuals. I'm I would say yes now. Depends on the issue. Okay you want to hear liberals. I would I would consider myself one I don't know that has to do with anything I do not consider myself to be a liberal now an answer your question again. But I guess who I'm glad that you're you consider yourself a bit liberal on my. OK well that's cool on me yep my condolences about the standing. Why why is that journal would let me guess you call yourself conservative. Very much finally my condolences as well sir what's what does that have to do with anything where you coming for a. Okay I'm a bad question to you okay nobody in this country has ever seen this before it is simply does not happen. Okay you I am certain I mean I think this program and also bought the young people are buried in talent. I like that I think that. You know I mean that that's not even though that not even something that up for debate. Okay. It. And recently. Added budget church. Do you. All I gotta put channeled your jumper second geared us in the background is really mess with a can you turn your radio all the way down off. So I wanna hear what you have to say. As a matter of fact we gonna have to get to the news in sounds like there's going to be eight. But the discussion at a discussion that we're gonna have some job logic is they are right there. Already get to you after the news because it sounds like this could go to a deeper place I don't wanna cut you off in short change yeah we definitely wanna have that conversation coming up. After we get to the news also talked Gabby o'clock David money hear from you. There are some Latino women. In India at a University College in a California that on the wall that is dedicated to free speech arc. Wrote out white girl take off your hoops. With what an overview if that's free speech or does it go to a different place Joseph hang right there we'll get you come and. They cover. Should this be not that that may not happen anyway but is this too directed at one group of people. ID one KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it. JB minus LE Mike lake it. Going over a story right now. College in California is receiving some threats over a dispute about your. This story is out of Claremont California. We got pits or college and they have a walled that is devoted to free speech it's basically a big place for legal graffiti that's not considered to be vandalism. And that's all really Ben until now until we had a group students the recently painted on the wall also dates at the middle third of the wall. They painted a big black stripe to cover up what was there an over the fact they wrote in white. White girl take off your groups with the idea of the students saying. She and other women of color created the Arctic because they're tired of white women appropriating. There are style. I was that far thought out I think this was just somebody had a down side to take down part of that wall and put something people talk about. I I think one girls one early hoops didn't like her and said how organized it doesn't matter. I didn't know that. Latino women. Claimed hoop earrings to do I didn't have anybody that can the can explain to us I didn't realize that was a think. And this doesn't help any sort of race relation if this woman or if this particular women are this for a small group. If there's sentiment is one that is common doesn't help anything they were were a nation divided we Bennett nation divided forever. Yeah and it's it's sort of in my mind's on is in the hands of this college president now he can I hate the term teachable moment but many years. He could use this moment to start some forums to lead some healthy discussions impediment now earlier wicket you know somebody should lead that discussion yet in a positive way. He could start that and say okay this is this clearly shows that we need to have some talk. By 767798. Is this freedom is featured as a goat in a different direction and people are clamoring for gel in St. Joe back with us Joseph. You're very popular on the tax line welcome back thanks attorney radio down to hang with us to the break. On. Iraq adequate in OK you heard recently here. In Egypt kind of faded out because it was not politically correct it is kind of faded out. And all the Jewish synagogues dot com Turkey but they're called synagogues. They were being threatened. By being blown up burned and whatever I don't remember specifically what thing what personal accounts that. And I get their locker ran 10000. Of them like it did in the you're not yet it's still going on today. To my understanding what actually on the knowledge. You know. They got one person to my knowledge. Arrested sport and indeed. Is young black man. Out of Saint Louis asked. Okay now. And made a big deal I'll put on the news. Saying that they he's going to be charged with any idea of a group of eight. Can't get remember they there can be charged with any of them okay and they're saying he could get five years in prison. Wow like five years in prison as a big time big long time you know in my thing is it. You know if he had not been black any good why. Chances are you've got one here. Lot like me that are up to now we've really got a little bit but I need to explain to me. In terms of the legal system the justice system how old white guy gets a lot more time for the same crime. I don't know it would tell you the black I would get the exact same opposite is generally. I think there's nothing you'd never. See a white person in America. He charged. I mean not correct myself that you don't seem black person you don't see a black person in America. You charged with a hate crime you. I don't really that's true for second I'm sorry I just throwing things out I don't think that's true. That's very true you never in your lifetime I'd give him I would never in your lap time. Anywhere in the United States of America seem to have black person charged with a hate crime. Never. The only people who get cart with any crimes are white people period not Mexican Americans. Not Japanese Americans. Not Australians. Not Canadians. Nobody but white Americans white Americans. That it. That includes backing believing that that make you completely completely. Our I'm enjoy conversation Ayman Al that you talked about the story I'm loving that I think our listeners on a tax limelight theory think about the story. Delaware and bring it back to the conversation that we're having about. You know that the earring in the spray paints and what's going on in California. Well I think I think that it would appear to draw blood megaplex have been damaged woman years that's not got. I got actually nothing gets a bottle of beer and. Thank you jail. Appreciate it. Acts like pointing out that the guy the kids in Chicago the tortured the disabled kid you were black people and they got they got bust with a hate crimes so it was a big group black meters app that was my whole could call tax. It was I think he'd everybody forget it in Chicago they tortured the disabled kid and they were charged today. Joseph appreciate man. We need Agile and more often I'd like out we will featured guest. There are gone yeah I'd have to follow army for. An hour and you just open Mike and I and they'll get once. The white. The white person's gonna get more time in jail. Have you busy. It's the top it's the opposite black people get more time in jail that's a big problem in this country when it comes to racial profiling that's why people get more time in jail. From the tax line there are literally hate crimes filed against four black defendants this year in Chicago. Thank you joked appreciate it. Skipped. David and Casey yup David follow that call up your ninetieth blockade of obesity. Yet the fact that while. There are question question about whether they need to win the acceptable question will it be at our world or mentally retarded. OK let's. Let's choose a better word leaves okay Dave I'm tired David and are. While ago. Yet surely it's a it's really bloggers spotlight. I want it to be a little bit more reasonable doubt that actually. Yeah I think all incorporated. Or whatever it is it is beyond it. It's really think there was a reported. Eight the have to catch up as a possible get upset if we let this continue to slide. What your your point is is correct like there's something in my mind that if if if there's a fashion trend. Are right. Something as simple and generic is hoop earrings like every girl ever wears hoop earrings. Jamie says what she's wearing or not appearing now to meet their hopes the rhetoric. Much. I have a lot of theories if I know we're into the story to brilliance of tomorrow can also true hoop earrings look like yeah. Because there just there. And there's no part of me that's what Tina. I mean no there's just no help him straight up battalion had pierced ears for very long time I had a lot of hoop earrings are you anything but Italian dabbling halftime Ellis the other half everything of. Everything you. Name it. All right somewhere. Let's go to Alex and Marshall Alex you're a 91 KM BZ. I IE I definitely agree with that the caller before me I think using date record of one of elaborate on match. If we want to talk abouts appropriating. Culture. All their claim was that it's. And Latinos. They were they they claim that the white women were stealing their fashion trend. Okay right well. So if you wanna use that line of argue. That at. They need to realize match the language they're speaking. Is not touched. So many numerous pieces of culture. The car they drive. All of that stuff was created by western Europeans than. We can't appropriate there they're figuring. They use their action. How on earth does that logically. You can made. There are you know you step that. Well that. It's only a universal Alex is what it is I mean litigate it we get it. And it fourth. It stinks doesn't it Jamie that we have to call things this is white culture this is black culture this is Latino culture this is Italian culture that is Irish. Normal but it means the world is so why would you be made I'd like flat. I'd be flattered would be a lot that we're about to celebrate in Pakistan. App let out lot men are probably some of the stereotypes we get them because. The spirit in which it's intended done. I mean like outlook of we've been buddies were excited for Friday that idea who I'm stoked for argue for argue yeah your Irish my middle pat Patrick yeah. I started this is it is yeah. This is it my heritage. At the candidates you know about Ireland are right. The last called goes to like Carol in civilian Carol thanks for calling it the final word and 91 came BZ. Final word I don't know that I did there that I can't pressure appears vehicles in this case. Well you know the thing totally different and you guys I thought about a record. I do I I only apply and now I can't. Do. Well no I thought I on May be at Wear black girls talking about a white belt it out there who didn't get real you know grit and not get. We are. Colleagues are right it's it's a Latino it's a few girls quoted in the story it's a group of Latino women. Who are set and wrote white girl take off your hoops. Yeah I want to give an art and just thank them under our. Thank you Carol I'm not thinking about tearing. Appreciate it went that I'm not Irish I don't think. Bill and amateurs can I take part in saint Patrick's Ayers back cultural appropriation I will allow you to thanks as your as your closest Irish friend I'll tell you you closed iris you've been to Ireland I have a Dexter you know and little bit of Italian and you. You know I've you're on. Give us a little bit Italian you can celebrate columnist I. Am. I. Melting pot around your racquet that's it. Of the decks like you can be compared this to slow white guys telling young black men to pull their pants up young men of all digital don't like guys do it. Everybody gave me and so everybody that's everybody plays everybody all around the corner it matter if you're white black whatever. Campaign ads I understand how they stayed they don't fall down like it went down seeing guys that are holding them up. The thought I act like what did so it does say I don't. That's high personal element who's going to be turned on by the at all you don't know not do anything for us I Obama you're not telling me that. Please don't come to work like that every market. Paint hangar underneath the bypass number one I'm not the person you have to think about I don't think he's gonna return on that either check this out here's my underwear stick to the skinny jeans. Which doesn't onto your there's your skinny jeans and flip flops price tag by paints a skinny jeans plus. And you wanna keep you from whine about that mention the story mentioned the pants sagging. And I'll shut pull your campaign and so I don't care what. Are becoming thing. Hip hop culture in the ninety's and I'm white guys taking over the small. Age and you should follow. That is what people ruined a Twitter. At home. That's awesome all right got a concert announcement coming up we'll tell you come to Kansas City like eyes yet the regular fighters as you get lighter than nine or ninety's like guys coming aren't. Also an update on what SNL is going to do a weekly basis starting later on in December it's 148 checked it was that parks as. Well and 81 KM BZ. 81 KM easy day would Jamie like it today's my day. PI but we turned in a PID need for art text parole officer were to poll what's the best flavor of pie later is apple 34%. Leading up French silk lemon meringue and pumpkin pie and if you have one of those. Failure flavors that's not a journalist you can always tweet us at KM BZ radio there's still time to vote key lime pie just act voted on from crane Anthony. Let us know on Twitter at KM BZ radio. Should we mystery that's before us. As we can sit I don't know should have just jumped right in the eating it so story. Our friends and Adams and Roland park where there's an upper crust bakery Baird they're selling minis are many highs for three for three dollars Britain's. And our friends and downs are Roland Kirk us talked about it. And so they texted me she's a front nine Kate and said hey if you guys want some wickets too little extra time with Scott today. I'll bring some core and I sat that would be some Unser which could use this rush I love pie. I don't I don't know for sure she is planning to you we are not that far yet. But slice is just arrived at Travis locked it and had somebody dropped these off for you guys but we don't if they're not from Kate. I don't. The wild thanks to where you sent. And she's spent on they'd be too. Are they not lest we don't know we have no idea if you said these endless Texas 2290. Atlantis now you very much yet I think they look great and and we'll enjoy Dan. On my. I I don't know but I authorities are the idiots of this deep voice and not wait to find out whom so I'm really good so I supply do you still want the minis from. From upper crust. So he if you got time if not I was gonna go get them for now that I've. I've meetings out of buildings after I would run by grabbing one for that ends. Which is also great local company upper that we for got hired every day to meet ID. Every day yeah every day someone's. Yeah provides you with more should run the party that's what I need more sugar so I thank you let us know we are up for that the. That everybody by the way on the tax line. Is blowing out my thought it just begin with hip hop culture setting your pants. I was completely off yeah that about forty texted her relatives and even an overstatement about the sagging pants coming from prisons. And it meant you were available to another main yak. I had never heard that until today is epic and it's everybody. The Smart and I am of the text and thank you for appreciated. Excited for concert coming to town I. Excited and me set the mood here this. Why you follow Marie Claire on 120. This is what makes you happy. Who doesn't want Exxon but you'd get booed and it. But there's not a wannabe you know when it's hot and heavy I'd seen an incident concerts I have iPhone. The ultimate point and. Officially going on a world tour and honor their 25 anniversary as a name all god that's terrible this is the middle of everywhere 25 anniversary of world tour starts in Tulsa Oklahoma hot jammed your music festival in May. It goes overseas. In June and it comes back and the guy. But I've they're probably fifty dates on the slowest they're able every major city. None dogs big venues it's a lot possibly a cat but I mean they're doing Cologne Germany Amsterdam Paris in the city of what it. That they come back in September and they're doing just that Dallas Austin New York Nashville Birmingham Kansas City eventually gets to us that not many here. They're joins us Minneapolis Denver and Salt Lake City and they're doing Lawrence. October 12 at the grenade at. And yet you're brands of October 27 in Houston. A lot of house of lives on would you want this would go to Lawrence for the Sully this wouldn't be fine. I mean. I might go. Not gonna go out of my way to go see instant legal probably wanna go to this. One mile up there ought. To look up in the studio. Scuff marks when your daughters and dicing Hanson answers as to the man renowned. The that they wouldn't slow all the old school for them yet I didn't meet them about five years ago could not have been nicer guys and I wanted to hate them. Because they were the epitome of every teeny bop thing from the ninety's. And so there was a thing about me that just wanted to keep them. And supervise kids super that's cool. Like that and they played they played good radio and you know I have some news song image of the song him into where's the lover just to him from going. It's on to so. The person who brought the pie is claim them out all judges Johnny I still like to know where they're from. Thanks Jack I'd like that's right I I'd just like to know who to go back to get more and by the way promised this before the break SNL. Is gonna heavy weekend update prime time series. So if you like Colin Joseph Michael Shea. They're going to make a weekly series. Appearances I guess. Beginning August 10 every Thursday I don't know if weekend update has announced in its current format to go a whole half hour. Blige. And they keep David Nagel horror on prop up president trump. And that's driven up their ratings Selma SNL's weekend update. Weekly beginning August which by the way. Don't concern. It was unnecessary. Use of trump. I wanna I wanna laugh I wanted to laugh and it wasn't the best episode it was horrible it was funny bit. You know I didn't I didn't that the trump is becoming played out like. You know bring back like Chevy Chase brought manager for. And I know that's old school for a lot of these old for I Zeta Carre bring him back Ross Perot or George H. W. Bush. Bring aback when necessary. But not because you feel like all that offer a couple of weeks everything we know they were the previous week I guess they didn't last week's six. Tickets Sox it was a great eat it was Scarlett Johansson is wonderful it's. Oh all guys. Talking about today 3 o'clock high after three is gonna be John we're after four is going to be the great Michael MacKey. Joining us in studio this is the opening act for a tired and get your warm up a bit like here like a Brittany fox in the Cinderella tonight's. OK I eighteen it was started by any idea what you just said that would be great. Anybody from the eighties knows exactly. I have no idea what you just said but I I can imagine I'm I'm. Just your pace the coming up on the show today. An update on the story who brought you yesterday five kids up for adoption they want to stay together Powell very angry could be good news. And why American students are being told do not go to spring break in Mexico. He got. They like we buried in Mexico witnesses and I tell you. So I was upper crust it was yummy thinks you're gonna mr. thinks that Jeff and John Jack thanks Jeff Demps and pulled asked sitting tomorrow at 1230.