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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-14-17 3rd Hour

Mar 14, 2017|

What's Trending? Would you leave your kid in a hotel room? What's the longest you have left your child and how old?

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Where you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like here. Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really it is my when you don't remember anything you have more fit what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they feel like you're. Plus hasn't been right there among 98 point one JMD's. And beaten number one thing trending in Kansas City right now the storm pie game are you kidding. Pulled it's trending in three different ways happy by 314 day and pi day. That is the number one trending topic on Twitter in Kansas City right now. So we're asking you. On Twitter it's our poll question. What's the best flavor of pot and yes. Your favorite flavor made up beyond our list but again we old vet four different options to throw up. We'll go with apple French silk limit rank or pumpkin pie. And everybody if you don't have one of those as your favorite tweet to us at KM BZ radio but vote. Apple pie and French silk. TC 32%. Due out this radio stations knocked me for saying French so. And called me Chris you called me 42 week telling what we claim that every day I now had a saying they're more people lighten it up up up. I like Q my imply that. That earlier I think that's a popular. Now I want three by 61 guy after that. A certain part of the back here now in a big glass of milk that's our Q I'm high I don't want to milk this for. Oh yeah. Nobody on a slice of Dutch apple it. All glass of milk hot. These tweets because yes we got PI day we've got 314 day at the end and we got happy pie guy hi how. As a related the IE humming those related ads on 314 back but that's the point I'd now that my whole point is my way tweeting about the actual number three point 14159. As far as I can remember it to go and if you're tweeting about that what you're saying about it today. It. Finds that got a terrible yeah I'll let us know on Twitter came BC radio I have sex Stella blizzard move is turning here in Kansas City. If you heard that's their winter storm that's hitting the northeast. We've got. Some like 7000 flights canceled blizzard conditions at one point it was shifting. Inland a little bit I believe from where they expected. That's causing more ice saying. Which is a problem and lower snow totals so did it goes south I don't do what is do we know which way it's Dolan I think. What it did it was it came member of that big forty inch bull's eye out right at Scranton PA so it's. Probably not as deep as the problem for coastal cities but more problem and one idea at a good. The sign behind it but if you're supposed to fly it she ticker flight. Still snowing here it is now and as we got on here tonight. Just all of that which is really like the streets. Are changing color you can see the sides are little bit lighter it's just barely sticking. And roads are slick accidents all over the place. So be careful everybody call and down out there pretty nasty what is your essence this is. And tired today did a big list of fifteen ways to drive in the snow exit why. Out good. Any area. That's why op anticipated. Also trending. LPS leads. LP as les tests are threatening any guests you know LPS. No rule. And see here you don't know either. I just like diet it's liberty public schools it's liberty schools yeah. Parent teacher conference week now. Libre ha you're there you go we really cared about the storm and about I'd pay on goods and that and Eddie lacy Eddie lacy assignment Xerox Travis. You see this. Try and Eddie lacy. Like the Packers bagel fat running back at Alabama. I thought I did see that and also Jamaal Charles has a meeting with the Seahawks tomorrow and the interest being back field and I have my attention. So Eddie lacy sign when your deal five and a half 1000003 million guaranteed with the Seahawks. And I don't know about Jamaal Charles oddly Jamaal Charles not trending in Kansas City which makes no sense now. I'm no sense whatsoever. And the other thing trending his Wayne tracker you'll Wayne tracker is still like I should it's related to politics Rex Tillerson men. Of course formerly of ExxonMobil. That was his rod Mexico that was his. And at ExxonMobil New York attorney general. As said that a court filing as secretary of state former ExxonMobil chief executive is an email pseudonym to discuss climate change. Injuries being. McCann developing hot dot dot dot Padilla weaned tracker with his pseudonym. Now you have to have fake able revealing to be checked into a hotel you don't want everybody knowing where you are. Idea it's it's I zero in what my what the name would be do you think French silk is solid. It draws a lot of times like stands out. Yeah it it it I'm I'm I'm gonna win nothing with that name. Neither is wicket by the way your easier to take out I'll never need of a fake name is going to be a look out. Your guy. I cannot cry you're going to be the one that they only trust is the look out probably meet CO. Doors so as it was oh yeah not into it and we're appear why exactly you're going to appear like snowflakes. Up. I taught. The white stuff falling from the sky don't use that word last acts like Alan you're gonna dog ends up like oh snow it's written right there. Jedi snowflake in an Indy but Jenny Jenny snowflake that'll be perfectly and still snowflake make safe space. Guys are not being nice text. There you're texting and apparently doesn't mean that went on the air every. Throw great story out of the daily beer of it's the mere yeah daily beer. The email about. Would you leave your child. Here over a loan yes which you and if you would how long and at what aides. Big debate happening on lines. Odds on her FaceBook page you can check it out at on Twitter as well I KM BZ radio will tell you all about it coming up next mid day with Jamie what can I 91 KM VC IPA one KE MB easy mid day with Jamie elected GB minus Sully my quick hits. Tonight. Quick note I Kansas State Wake Forest in the plane game in the NCAA tournament winner against Cincinnati. And little fun fact for your former Kansas Jayhawks great Danny Manning is the head coach at Wake Forest. Little local time there are some would put up a story a little bit later on about demanding talking a little bit about the rivalry between KU. And K state when he was back there back in the 1980s but Doleac and tonight case state Wake Forest winner gets Cincinnati. On Friday in the NCAA tournament which means if K state loses you can lose your national runner up. Jamie has Kansas State I'm going all the way to the championship game and her bracket a CS friends were state. My friend says the you are. Those friends are listening know over K state is TV's championship game she picked yesterday I have is that our graduate and K state and our big K state patents and I didn't case state but they go a lot and watched it seems like fun and that's why you out of all the way I'd like to be invested. And that. I might not. Why they held on an effort to compete against I didn't like like that's out there you go for example you could lose your national runner up tonight. How are the times apiece yesterday behind and biggest upsets and date made a big deal out of Wichita State. Maybe it might be a sleeper and I picked them going really far not to win at all but on our. Not asking as far as Kansas State you know I don't local and it all you need to look. I will post of the fill mine out probably tomorrow. And it will post the picture of yours and mine it will keep track I got a good feeling that I'm gonna over think this year. Going to do better than I look at Kansas State and national championship game like you do what you know. But you should give me credit for the fact that for I know when an odd thing about basket enough I mean nothing. I had gone all the way and so that was a good call they won it last year I had no idea if an unknown and overall seed so my system may be able. You're never out of a. Our where we need to go do you pay. It's for some help on this discussion 22980. Or 576779. Gates there is a big discussion happening online and it's happening on our FaceBook page as well. That was a month's net switches a forum for moms and we have someone calling herself of beans on the post. What a name that these unopposed. May comment on this site that's got a lot of people talking. There is an issue where she tipped to be parenting forms saying. She just read an article on a woman who was happy to leave her baby alone in a hotel or. She thought it was totally irresponsible but went online to see what other people thought of it and hundreds and hundreds of people answer the poll respondent. But this woman a particular sad. I would never dream of leaving my children in a hotel room all by themselves regardless of staff assurances etc. what are your thoughts and doing something like as a within hours. There or a ton of responses. Ought lot of moms backed up the original posters saying to leave a child alone in that situation would be negligent. And never acceptable. Others urged people to think of harm Madeleine McCann as we remember who disappeared after being left any Portuguese holiday apartment with her younger siblings in 2007. However there were others who sought no problem with leaving their child alone for a few hours at a time. As long they had a baby monitor with them many insisted there was no difference to leaving your child asleep in another room in New York. So few variables here for a time as I raced in on us again 22980 or 5767798. Is okay to leave a baby alone in a tower. Is it better to leave a baby sleeping in hotel room I'm in a bassinet where you have a baby monitor with you where that baby is not gonna get out of that. The bassinet. Or eight toddler. That's going to be a little older or maybe a fourth girl older if they wake up they can get into some trouble but it's not a baby they're not totally helpless long they can maybe get the door open and run out for help they could find a knife. They can finalize things they could do a lot of bad things does matter the length of time. You're gone doesn't matter how far away golf doesn't matter if you have a baby monitor with you or not. Doesn't matter if the staff assured you dealt check on your kit. I don't wanna idle down all of this I don't care what the staffs in Brazil the leaping oral doesn't make a difference. 5767798. Would you leave there any circumstances when you would leave your child alone in a hotel room or is this just. Flat out no way 5767798. What's your gut you like at my gut says okay now here's here's my question. What if I'm going three rooms down. To do some work or middle of laundry you had gotten out of steam washer and galli would agree staying in a hotel room that has. You know laundry facilities and better there for you. One if I mean when my running downstairs to build. Need to go get at breakfast to go get breakfast hot at a breakfast time here to run an and it's what it what could go wrong or is it just. No way no how. Can't do it that you have a baby monitors all. So you so you know something is going wrong and now it's gonna take some time to get back there but at least you now. Our guns and a tax to two guys here are called 5767798. We need parents do you you are passing up somebody said when our daughter was a new born we would leave to walk our dogs around the block. While she slept at night wow she's fifteen months old now we don't do it. And that was at night. And I hollow I don't know how far baby monitor each yeah I mean that was at night. You get a microphone now. Like app lets her a friend of mine has won that you know when he travels a lot in the baby monitor is in his is baby's room and if he's on you know in. Los Angeles or whatever you can pull it up on your phone so ranges not really an issue anymore. A lot of people are asking what if there was a fire and just play devil's advocate the chances that. An Alley what are the chances of their being a fires specially that's I wonder. Are you more likely and more willing to do it if it's a baby because the baby is less likely to get out of the bassinet or whatever they're sleeping and I don't know the answer this what are the chances that a fire's gonna break out any real. Clearly not a pair I don't know I don't I don't. Or that the sprinklers go off or there's a fly or somebody. See you leave the room knows there's a baby inside him breaks and you're Roman teacher I mean anything anything can happen right now. For anything at all can happen. I don't know what the right answer is designed not apparent. Sacks and I'll guarantee you every person's saying no no no is left their children unattended at least once and don't tell him to go get ice or to the vending machines. Is it is suggests just that short of a trip. Again because alcohol is a lot is that is that qualified is that okay. So how are you deciding how are you measuring. Brisk at that point. As lines it's five minutes or less ten minutes or less on the baby monitor reaches you in the next room he won door down two doors down across the hall. As it how fast you can get there if you hear something that. Bothers you 576. 7798. And also text into 2980 Gina her FaceBook page writes never. Just one word never. Cameo rights teenagers yes babies through ten no. But I go back to save its six month old. And the six month old is laying in the crib with a bassinet or whatever it is or the pack and play in that six month old is that it it's not getting out. But right it could wake up because it. I'll let the babies through ten nobody says you know teenagers yes. Don't eleven year old my ten year old nephew eleven year old nephew the next series turns eleven. If if vice. While I was in home while tan and happy you're. Debt if that's weird. It's weird at home alone when your tennis for two person after an what's wrong. And for old. I've. I think it's different because I was an only child. There was no one for me to get in trouble if I was the sitting well I mean that's not unusual. Or twenty agers much. Some Digisette my son had a bad dad reflux. And could so easily. Ego and how does it take for baby to choke. Yeah or you gonna get there by the time you hear that happen. I don't know if you are. Take your calls coming up Jason your leadoff hitter and right through the news are gonna come up first 981 KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it. As giddy right now. Would you ever leave your child alone in a hotel room. This comes out of mom's Nat which is an online form for moms beans on a post said. I just aware of one said that she left horror her infant alone in a hotel room. And this mom went off on that saying it's negligent to responsible. What do you think about that teaching here or I 767798. Especially. It's Neal. It's on her FaceBook page I work at a very large hotel and it happens all the time parents expect the hotel staff to be ABC news flash not our job. I'd probably agree with that means I I wouldn't imagine. Unless there was somebody who is it you know. And child care professional. And eBay and you dropped them off listen it was in nursery or something in that hotel you paying for that service I wouldn't expect. Even if somebody's like I can check out your kid. All well it's different in your chaos in a nursery that has that service available that's their job keep nine your kid but I would ask a random janitor. Taloqan on your kid every so often that's inviting horrible I'll opt in Iraq on an argue. More comfortable with leading a baby sleeping in the room vs toddler were six year old. On and sad are you more or less likely to do this at home or why would you do something in a hotel that you wouldn't do so okay. Because we have attacks earlier that sad my husband and I used to take the dog on walks in the middle and I for fifteen minutes and let the baby at home Milan. So would you leave your infant at home alone but let's say you Weis at the garbage out my dumpster you know it's. Fifty feet and I was like rapids predict five news ticker. Would you leave your infant sleeping alone there. On we talked about this before about what abouts. You know you're just run of the neighbor's house permit to grab something a rundown grab your mail is it ever okay. To leave your infant in a Ramallah. And in her bedroom home in irony. I think it's kind of akin to the bedroom at home isn't it kind of the same thing like legacy of a two story house in year your child's upstairs and you were. With the baby monitor and year out on your back porch you know maybe you're out there was it with your wife for your husband or whatever. And you got the baby monitor there and you know year to have a glass of wine sit out back baby's asleep upstairs is that kind of the same thing. It doesn't feel like the same thing but in the bottom line in the grand scheme of 52 doors down you know hanging out with somebody or maybe we've got two kids in one room because we're traveling with another couple of receding in the other room. So the baby can have peace and quiet is that kind of the same. Being to me it's different in a hotel because you have so many strangers there I would be much more comfortable in and I know parents that that as they eat seven big house ego. Seizures samples that outside on the back porch. At least there aren't strangers with access to that room in there's a lot of people around superior talent just that's like trying to figure out the difference. I don't know between elements that are although the differences from the tax line if the baby such an inconvenience why did you have a the first. Achievable if the babies and inconvenience or how is correct it's. All our running down the hall are running up your car for a minute that it takes you they'll. Is it safe enough to have a baby monitor on equity I think it's more. Along the lines of not so much leaving the baby alone but what you just sediment in response suit by last hypothetical. It's leaving the baby in a room that other people have access to act. You know finally go. To the neighbor's backyard you know downstairs out the door maybe even across the street at the baby monitors still worked as an app on my phone and it. That's one thing is I've got to key nobody else can get into my house you know without breaking in obviously. But we're talking about it. It'll say there is doesn't hotel staff workers that day or fifty people and asked Turkey. I mean. Yeah that's a question I would I would probably think about. And you're example somebody just use this one what about how far you take it what about a shower. What if you're just get a shower do you feel like you have to bring the baby into the bathroom with you. That way if the baby starts to choke in a war or put something has now that you're right there. Is it okay to leave younger powers downstairs babies upstairs is out at how do parents take showers. Mean what do you get a chance to shower or you're not freaking out constantly thinking your baby or your yours and your daughters and choking on some in my gases those are quick showers I that's what you're spouses on there are few and far between the gap. And and I. On. And if you have two parents leave them with them at all times from the sex line which it don't have kids why. Why I'm asking questions my gosh on and and appoint you what if you could put Skype or face time on on the whole time I'll. Ossetia eyes on them that's a great idea does that make you more comfortable you still can't get there. Is still you're still he's still two doors down and is able I don't. Whatever it is that Saturday at least you can wants to know the difference and that had a baby monitor you're gonna hear something wrong. The only thing you're gonna miss a baby monitors of somebody tip toes in the room. And take your baby. I would think you'd hear something yeah I would imagine I don't know this it's. It's one of those where there's a few small instances rice say it would be OK but not for a very long time. And not once the baby is equally mobile I mean obviously at at six months and then. It's not gonna be terribly mobile I don't know what age kids search crawling and walking around. I'm guessing it's around one in one and half for whatever reserves finally moving on it walking maybe. Here's a great tax you cannot sit there and steer your baby 24 hours today. There are plenty of times people leave their babies in the rooms while they do dishes take a shower sleep. You can't hear the baby every second you do all those activities and babies don't just randomly choke. Yeah that's why there's a lot of stuff that you're doing your house like your baby is sleeping hotel to me is different. I 767798. Let's get Erica in Kansas City up Erica thanks for calling on 91 KM easy. Eric. Air act as the bus to scare her away. We do that lead we tend to. Some would say this is ridiculous take a shower with a baby's napping do parents they're all watching it I don't know that's a good quest thinks now on it's a question we have. There's a difference between being your own house what if you are running across the street to the neighbors. Now one. Way or outside. Tyndall from my mother and father. Did they ever ever leave me you know my dad Ebert lately meeting of smoke. Think this might just spoke forever that's a great point sort of my hair you know Dion did it ever oxide and have a smoke a Mac mommy and one of my mom never smoked when I was young and Hilton she smoked some. At the national cancer that was the example is outline pose that prompted a lot of us. Some days of the babies in more danger from angels at that fire. Expects slide I've improved torque closed in six years on. Got your as your were I. See here that something. If the baby is if nothing else this baby needs to eat it is on your vote in with you everybody look we have very little in common one thing we'll do is take your phone on the toilet there are tests found out yes weights you have to have to get a really good battery now. In particular he would speak to pat her. The the little lay's failure on 91 KM BZ. August. And not be a little off topic and only talking about babies and toddlers but my daughter. Thirteen living in Houston with her mother. Little brother and sister they were probably. Boy it was probably about five the girl by about seven. A telephone call from my thirteen year old friend come pick me up we built it you know hotel room for two weeks animal feed all caught. Up. So went down to Europe actually pick all three kids. Two. Great aunt's house. Waited for the other two dead we get there and my daughter back. Back to Kansas City let me. And that's where she's been ever since she's pointing out in buried it buried everything turned out great but. A Phil I don't of the apparent here teller not to get merit money management. They judge. Phil can graduate and that's wonderful I with a wish them nothing but the best coming on strong. It is a different morning show what does he do to weasel. Excellent. Just tell us both parents are. So out of them don't you somebody in the room right now yeah EJ is that this holding down yet as. Time is confident a guy as EJ after the morning show that he is a very confident man. Put a new parents but I don't think he's got a clue what he's doing yet. I think she is Smart thing and his wife and particulars and you think well I believe she's buries their tag team their their put their resources or other sound. Art and everybody the text and in called and I've heard ads and attacks on all of your stories and and what it says you will be fantastic pair my mom was listening she disappeared tax. Stay here and did she apparently you'll have baby a lot to ask you read the text on that saw this I know. Though I know that's the bottom one go at the bottom with the site. Never left you take a shower while you slot CR. Never left was the Angel what do your sister she was in double snake it was the Dow she younger sister older. Much oh yeah about that got you there were track I. They are worried about it I would Iowa's the Angel eyes sister was the rough one. Are up this your favorite story of the day so frustrating that it's so frustrating. Just as there are simple solutions to things that don't require going to the lengths that it's sometimes. Places like this Jim. What you don't we tell you what a university. Removed. From Bayern Jan. University removed something from the Jan. Because this thing was triggering. Which I needed to look at a little bits I didn't know what that mean it looks I'd be upset. Should they should be. Up I'll get ready for this all. We'll play what his next 981 KM easy many lying KM BZ big day with Damien wicket Jamie Monticello in my quick hits. This next story made Jamie's. Hair stand on edge in. Front catch on fire you. Oh there's a solution to dance that was not underlings that they went CO and in terms today that I didn't know before really so this is Carleton university teachers everywhere that is but Carleton University. A big Jen there. And gyms and had a weight equipment and the guys triples not closed up. Have scales. For you to get this is our second story can always does. Can't guide them in a blame Canada you have some skills that you can get on yourself it's a critical part of the gym experience for some people. On at the gym that I go to the scale and that is Cora that we its pride that you're the only person that sees it which is what you want. Not us. And as these are their words not current university removed the old scale in their jam after fat students complain that steals our vary. Triggering I'll like gosh I know exactly what what they meant by that it's like you're reading but a sign where there's scaling used to be stated. Remote to encourage people to focus on other ways of measuring their help beyond just their weights. I cannot disagree with. Because as somebody as a love hate relationship with the scale. Sometimes it's better to just ignore for one because a better way to measure your help then and tiger doing her clubs or other things. Last. On the signs that the decision Herman the scale is quote keeping with current fitness and social trans. There bunch of post on FaceBook about this on and somebody who supported this. Since steal of very triggering I think people are being insensitive because they simply don't understand. They think eating disorders or choice when there actually is serious on us not disagree with that either eating disorders are serious. Hey idea don't scale. I got app. Dozens of stale does not mean you have to get on skill like yeah I'm an average okay. My choice yeah or I don't if I've had a rough weekend and I think it's got upset on the cents gallon on. This is unbelievable. Just did it. My health is not on it's it's not the best measurement of your house but how element of self. So people are offended because that does their their gem if I'm wrong you're in the gym each year in the GM. To move that the number that is your wait whether you wanna pack on pounds by you know lifting and adding muscle. Just become healthier maybe they know about a wheat at all. There are people in that gym pool. Are there to get that number down. Some wanna get that number summer lifting weights and and muscle weighs more than so populist if you're lifting weights a lot number's gonna go. Did one per shouldn't complain is that overs some make it yeah on the complaint is its people but is at least 1% off that person complained. About how we it was triggering in the steel making them feel guilty we are accommodating those with eating disorders that's what we are doing. Again saying the presence of a scale should not. Influenced your eating it was an eating disorders and serious I'm not I'm not debating that that's a serious problems country. Just don't on the scale. But they're but the sight of the scale is going to triggers someone it. To then think oh that I have to stop beating for three days make them more obsessed with or what his problem but the problem is that. You have a lot of people and that Jen who aren't lifting weights or as percent are using that maybe don't scale. And marriage and so you expect to be a scale there who gets to know if they are accomplishing at the gym with they would like to. Erin bands who is a communication and media studies student at Carlton wrote to CBC that's gonna that are power that he is frustrated. By the university's decision which he argues is quote the net the next escalation. A trigger culture we stand up for free speech and defend the books take it offends certain people because of the merits they can simply choose not to read them this is the same thing. Those who were offended by the scale and simply choose not to use the scale exactly what you said Jamie Lewis. You you don't have to. On and listen if you. Had an eating disorder to the point that you cannot avoid getting scaled the Jan. Then you have guys users help at that point and leader you're in the very series is eating disorder on at that point. Many other things in the presence of scale are going to trigger you're eating disordered networks you'd need more help than just to be in a GM ranked. Do you like you need professional help you are triggered by anything at that point. Through we have it comes through the newsroom here we just got six boxes of Girl Scout Cookies delivered today there scout cookies in the office that have been screaming my name is nine Anna and Il but not yet I am to about an ally they triggering you know but. Again it's if you can avoid the scale and you are driving through every drive through UC. Because they are triggers everywhere. So an idol like that the university game and clearly I don't like again this goes like we're talking about the the Shawnee mission north. Banner ad Lawrence high school kids in the school gave it this college gave this university gave him and I. The reason I get it is because. Universities and educational institutions heavy responsibility. To make all of their students feel comfortable and sometimes that doesn't mean accommodating one person or accommodating small group of people especially. If that doesn't hurt everybody else if that's not lost everybody else and you help us view and that's a good move for the university. In case though I think it harms some of those other people trying to improve their health by the presence that's. 5767798. You can jump in 5767798. Texted too to. 980. And is the story says there's a quote here from. Eden Patton 21 year old student certain athletes like boxers in rowers rely on those measurements the scale as vital key author of a wrestler. Or your boxer via EU to be a weight class you need to know what you know what pound your at a public gym to work out because of assure you need to lose two pounds. I'm guessing there's you know idol output I'm guessing there are people out there they can tell you I'd lose two pounds the matter of one worked out or whatever I don't I don't know. These are different metabolism is different so many different things. We don't have time in two weeks to get and everything it that would going to attack and sell. If you're worried that the presence of scales triggering eating disorders. And get anything's gonna turn that in disorder and you're hurting a lot of people that are trying to improve their health I just down. And normally I'm like yes accommodate everybody that you can to make everybody feel better feel included but this is Dallas times sucked. Ashley and Casey your 91 KM BZ I actually. And if somebody that concerned about when as stale as they need to reevaluate their life like I told you're screener and it Travis. I was a crack addict I've been in recovery for over fifteen years at my absolute smallest I would still on the borderline about. The height at a crack addiction when I went in degree. So what you're saying is the number shouldn't matter if it's on the scale regardless. Number should not matter regardless and that means that much do you. You need to reevaluate your life. Thank you for the focal pre shared it and I think there are people out there like you said Jamie that if this is an eating disorder situation. That if you. You're you're you're thinking appear clips of say your female and you have to be under a hundred pounds and every time we step and it's killing her 101102103104. If that's an and you start stop you know you've continued to stop beating or whatever you discontinue eating. That's a bigger issue than what you're working out at the scales going to trigger your eating disorder to get worse and so is the tribunal and so is that little key card gets into the gym in the first place or the weight machines so is the locker room. Everything there is entered and after eating disorder that Jim has the least it. Read a story to interface but it's also upon a Twitter at KM BZ radio will put it their free as well. Coming up we will live chat about. Well was it freedom of speech or did they go too far we'll get into that coming up also to which concert announcement or. Ideal. Excited about it like it here this is your kind of band. This is my kind of and you I guarantee we're fan this fan when they were bank. If if they were bag and an Arabic Arabic are. Down for the I didn't on can also odd news about the weekend update prime time weekly show side and half breaking news for a you'll.