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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-14-17 2nd Hour

Mar 14, 2017|

Should a teacher be able to give a student haircuts? free pizza motivates better than money?

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It's 1107 on a snowy Tuesday. The snowstorm poll asked those still coming down the payments change in collar everybody slow down accidents ball. Over the metro turn your lights on right now I've known ever lights on and you're driving turn lights on right now. Even your wipers are on just. Turk mine turn your lights like injuries here's C on it doesn't take a last notes make the roads like. As you heard engines news out there are accidents all over the place they're not senator one area there all over the place now. It is slick out there by the way. This is nothing compared to what they're getting out east. Goodness if you're supposed to fly in the next couple days be sure text like Casey dot com to make sure your flight is still happening. Lesson I saw 7000 flights have been canceled or so or something like that and that's gonna go a lot as that ripples across the system but. 34 car pile up in Chicago yesterday because of the snow they had yesterday I didn't respond it was us against now. But on the Kennedy expressway which is one of the big ones that runs through the city they had two separate accidents that result in 34 cars being involved. Yeah they've got arrested emergency declared in some areas like schools are closed today we're seeing all over the TV today so. Asked if this is this is bad there is they got. A sixty car pileup in Wisconsin while sixty. Sixty think about that. On us to turn your lights on slowed down. All these people driven by and Shawnee mission we see use slowdown view that and a you're passing the ball and don't get too close to people if not else if you're gonna drive faster and act I am and get it from other cars can grants of senior SUV you can drive faster than the rest of us you can't stop any faster than the rest of class act like congrats on being able to pass every one ranks. Two it's turning coming up at noon later on this hour Jamie and I we. It's it. Yes you hate Cheney said. We have to try to explain. Health care. Early there's no way we can explain health care. That's at 8 o'clock last night after my head was spinning from all the news yesterday at the health care about CBO's projections for. How many people are gonna coverage potentially an ice and I was just overwhelmed and I message to him and said. Join us tomorrow because of so I'll study we and I got to study. Have no idea and said I'll have to not all right we're gonna read stuff you read stop you understand you re lowering premiums and how many an insurer did you know one side says is the other side says is. Indeed act which hitters are also later on this hour would be more motivated by Pete sell more money. The answer may surprise you in the study we do have our Twitter poll going on right now in honor of being tied X 314. What's the best flavor of pie we only gave you four choices self one of yours is not here on Twitter KM BZ radio you can tweet it to us. Apple French silk lemon meringue or pumpkin right now apple getting 35% of the vote follow us on Twitter at K and BZ radio and tired. Answer announcement for you a little later. One of our favorite bands on the early nineties is doing or union to earn its common alarm and really get to that a little later we'll discuss that Marie Claire at each file Marie Claire on Twitter dear fruity hot. Marie Claire Cosmo and Cosmo and magazines but he gets it. Says. Right this is one of those where you and I wanna know from parents what you would do if this was your child. And and also. What should be done. About this at 5767798. As we take this next story to Canada this item on that is exactly where we got that's. Have to Miriam Brandon what would you do if someone cut your child's hair without your prom fashion boom this happened in Ottawa Canada and to make things more interesting her son his name is Dominic. He is also artistic. And attends a special needs public school by his teacher Paul brannan a few times to ask. If he could cut dominance shoulder length hair products we got a male teacher that called the mom to say can I cut your son's shoulder length hair. The teacher claimed that the kids terror often got in his face. Mom told CNN I didn't think it's hurting anyone from the gross Kara so when a teacher kept persisting. That I cut his hair was like I don't need to get a haircut that's attack. Although mom explicitly told the teacher not to cut her seven year old son's hair. He later called to inform her that he cut it anyway. Alone boy oh boy. He's he's a teacher not a hairdresser and we didn't give consent or anything by the way we don't know if they're not as good he just cut there. And so the school board issued a statement saying they are investigating the incident the teacher's been placed on home assignments also issued an apology Dominique Jones family. We'll see what goes from there so the special needs teacher who was complaining that the kid who has autism was chewing on his air headed covered his face. Get an Atlanta and attract and the kid is autistic gas and for some reason is very attached to his hair okay fine. He said he wanted the hair to touch the ground track he wanted to grow it out that long to touch the ground now. If you want your your kid looking like. What is it 'cause and it from the addams family and that's your business. This teacher had absolute. Lead nil right to do this may not yet I think class on the table is what should happen in the teacher kids seven years old. Mom oh you know moms fully aware how long hair is mom spends a lot of time with artistic son and for sure knows if he has been I don't know it's on about autism. May be distractions are tougher for an autistic had to deal with. Maybe the teacher maybe the teacher said what you don't have the kid in class eight hours a day you know realize how big problems is becoming. On at some point don't you at the very least. Go to a higher authority if that teacher is really seeing that this hair is a problem for this kid. Go to the principal and say we need a mediator here. Because it really is making it tougher this kid the warrant. And mom's not getting it and moms are refusing to cut it you go to somebody else first 5767798. You do this was your kid what should happen to this teacher how upset would you be. If this teacher cut your kid's hair 5767798. Orson is the text it to 290s. Especially in view parents that are more familiar with her have more experience with autistic kids or special needs kids and general and other needs might be a little different. And how relationship with that teacher is probably closer one you know those class sizes are generally smaller this special needs school. So that parent teacher probably more communication and a regular school earned. You'd think that relationship would be better men and another situation but after apparently you do would you want the teacher fired. Jamie money selling let's say you have a child who has long haired teacher cuts it sends the kid home to you would you want this child or the turn this teacher fired. Because. It's not like it to mean it would even be in it wouldn't be as bad acutely than a status but it wouldn't be as bad. If the teacher. Had been dumb enough to do it without asking first. It's the fact that he was Smart enough to know he needed the parents' permission first and he did it anyway. I don't know that I'd be thinking the same thing we we be singled teachers to stupid. If the teacher are not known to ask first and and he just at Langley first and now this was blatant disregard for what a teacher YR fort apparel at. And it can I say he was to nobody needs the permission. So if you're not getting that permission you go to the person above view before you'd just take action on your round yeah the teachers can't. Find a fine fired or not fired fired by 767798. Like Teresa Allen you're up next 981 KM BZ 98 line KM BZ been they would Damian went it. Later on this hour pizza or money. The answer actually is surprising to what kind of beats. So it's a patents and I'll get to what's trending coming at noon to we are chatting right now about a a teacher in Canada. I would love to hear from your parents and phone lines are growing here 576779. Or 229 easier of the to those who are familiar with heads. With autism because that's a situation that we had here at a special needs public school in Ottawa Canada. We have mom near him Brandon and her seven year old son whose name is Dominic and we have a male. Special needs teacher who saw it the kid's hair which saints shoulder length. Yeah I was it was to the shoulder of the kid wants to grow into the ground okay kids pretty attached to kid likes his long hair. But the teacher kept calling Mon and saying mom this is getting distracting for the kid it's in his eyes it's becoming a problem and passer he's eating its he's eating it you need to cut it. Or I need to cut at that somebody needs to cut because the problem mom said I think it's hurting anyone. Allen and I don't have a problem with it so when the teacher kept persisting that I edit. I was like no I don't need to get a haircut. He cut it anyway. Keep in mind he made multiple calls to the mom so I knew that he would have needed permission to do best. New mom did not want to hear cut and he did it anyway. So the teachers and placed on homework. That whatever he's he's working from home now is not a school anymore and so we're asking you. What should happen to this teacher I you're pretty creative and attacks and by the lack of a I don't know a ton about autism bite. You listeners do and you are telling me that a lot of things that this special needs teacher should now. Like being autistic cutting his hair to be horrible trigger with the opposite result. Causing kids act out or not cut connections with people. It's somebody else. Kids the word attachment keeps coming up. Beck has an autism get attached to things and need routine. And when you mess with that routine it usually doesn't and while and then said he just texted I'm an assistant superintendent. I believe the teacher should be terminated especially because he asked the parent and she said now every teacher occurrence that concerns that the students heroes and are fearing the teacher should have contacted the principal. Or somebody had the best solution that I'm sort of embarrassed I didn't think of your tie and pull it up. Out why don't get that clip we just trying to turn it around is if if it can go to the shoulders you don't tie it or any easily. Mean your Osama shoulder length you could put that up in a bit of my feet shorter solar like that it can go up in a pony tail got that and an easier solution but for sure. Go to somebody above you before you just get out the scissors and chopped up by 767798. We start with Mike eleven worth your 91 KM BZ. I got in my. I think I don't think that needs via indeed be fired as they as a special needs teacher we understand like you got it. Those those students a special needs students habitat they ever team. And I'm sure to work really hard to build the trust of this child and trust that our. All when he just completely. Disregard that and you do what you feel is is light but that's up that the right answer. I'll as a special needs teacher he should've should've known better. You know we need to work with the students need to adapt. Other special needs student they're gonna have. Particular. You know little nuances that you afternoon attention and she needs to be who want to change about the not that skewed. And heading we're at opting not to want all whites as well because it's the little boy. That's a really good point that's a fantastic point. I don't know the answer to that I'm sure you've got girls in your class with long hair what are you doing that situation. From our FaceBook page Mike thanks for the call Laura writes there's no reason for teacher to just cutting kids Terrell at school I don't care of the kid gave permission or not and I doubt he did so this teacher essentially violated the kids personal space and wishes it's up Paul and to me that kid's a minor that kid doesn't get from Russia and you get after the parents Teresa and Casey are 91 KM BZ hi Teresa. Hi how are you like Russell. Listen I think this feature was way out of line definitely should be fired. You know the question that I would as it as the special needs teacher and in action setting that they are currently gearing LAPD. They apparently narrowed every action that could cut its child act out or data that sound right there could be. More mental issue down the line Ike had a hair. And I get carried the why he didn't take a step further in by them on is flat turn. And you're not Saturday and and it'll actually being permitted and what the struggles this feature has spent having come up with a collection aren't. Why not put it occurring now or are opting out let me go as far as cutting the hair actually cannot believe anybody has set that but. Obama said the it he touched the top player that we're being told not low and then cut. The text line is full toward assaults even yeah so I mean meet again is that the most egregious thing in the world we have mean to imply is instilled something it's not the teacher's responsibility and let me autistic kid it is in the context I'm telling mean that especially if the kid really like the hitter that this is going to be a big deal couldn't find a rubber band right. This is it up just a little bit you know try and kid's gonna pull the rubber band out that you at least riot act on their. He was Smart to know that he had asked the pair for permissions so why was he Smart enough to go to the principal and say okay. Can you in the middle of this because I can't teach this kid. That's our responsibility in mom's not listening they should a phone call Teresa 5767798. Alan and great sound and 81 KM BZ. Later. I I have a daughter who thought that Dick and she had an angled ball now what she's been out long Ironkey and say. Because you're more comfortable over the few that talk to people and associate with people. If you felt like shoot partially covered in you know I haven't I don't use you can see neat thing. When she finally decided to carrier even mentioning it decided to cut it she was devastated after we left. You know a teacher that they're special and special needs children should notice the first wave action each beat it. Period you know and it fit my daughter was go to school is that she had two long layered because at all. I would have to meet with the guy personally. Yeah I I would say that you know if if you're a parent you have to be livid of this kid came home and is and his hair was cut because the teacher. Thought it was the right thing to brag and I think Alan's point it is is is right on I mean. Either can I again I don't it it's got to be very difficult. To have an autistic child it really has or be any kind of special needs right like it's got to be difficult and Allan thanks for the call. And I imagine that you know your day and it being the parent I have to imagine is hard from day today. Being the parent of an autistic child or any child with special needs has to be incredibly difficult from dated challenges you've case. Are like what every shot or repaired bases. You know probably times ten. Because of of of special needs that's got to be really really difficult. Yeah out on this teacher is fired it. If it Ben omelet saying. An island licensed just supervisor. We talking about somebody different. But the fact that this guy had a down he teaches us special needs school right he he he's supposed to know all this stuff already and he didn't know that another problem. You're that that's that's a different channel our. Let's get Richard in KC up Richard your 91 KM BZ. Well I yup demonstrate. I have bad sign that we never got that diagnosis are wary as the optimism we're not we know he has the look of the century problems that we have now sounds. I am. He would act in its goal one day you'd like to be getting this settled down and the principal. Back raise up my wives and I'd suggest that you. I ain't your album and we signed notes in order warmly welcome and that's what district and mile wide hitting it it's saying oh. And tell thank very much foresters say yes and did it anyway. But we really didn't want it happened to me I would that work away from home and I did not happen till the end of the day. At what are known an apt and wrecked and then there I would let work that today it and Witten. To hear that you'd pulled out schools. We had bought gospel way. Very much changed both districts. Yes I imagine and this could be I mean I don't know this the same as spanking a kid but at the question is a mile to put your hands on a child now in any for any reason and this is even again this is intended us Arnold the rules are out there but if this was here in Missouri are in Kansas. I can imagine that somebody if Mike was the dad would be livid and this young boy it would be going to school elsewhere and year for sure allowed the parents' house in not to go yeah. You know you might be allowed and other circumstances that one mom's. No don't do that to my kid you're not allowed to Mike that phone call pre shared it Richard in Casey you get the final word 91 KM BZ. I would say that this hatred or not expired in my local start let them wherever perfection. That's our I hit the wrong button I'm sorry. Thank you Richard appreciate it Mike in Casey you're in 981 game easy Jay told me the wrong person of my apologies Michael I. Quite all right we'll look for you just appeared mentioned is is pretty similar to what I have in military corporal punishment is illegal. And and the repugnant. Global an article about it Graham here. It's been used on one of my children would spank they would approach their parent called and they didn't want this happened it occurred anyway. It's called the punishment is illegal in the very end of the occurred in Canada but I'm wondering if that would be considered corporal punishment and could go under those linemen. I would imagine that if you'd say don't cut my kid's hair yeah don't spank my child or don't whatever. And you do I have to imagine that goes against the rules and doesn't punishment you know we're talking about something else corporal punishment is designed to punishment this was not punishment. I let us on FaceBook great conversation going on there Mike thank you but the phone cults also on Twitter text in 22980. Straight ahead eight terrible fashion trend it. And now a real reason not to shop at Nordstrom. And also at first I get pizza verses money. Which one motivate you better 981 KM BZ that they would Jamie like happy pi day 314. So an honor we have a Twitter poll out there what's here. Favorite flavor of pie apple French silk lemon meringue or pumpkin you only get four on Twitter followers and vote at camp Beazer radio and if your favorite is not there. You know headed for her favorite you only get four in the first one. Jamie eliminated she said well not cherry nobody likes higher there Alan Shanken morning cherry slated to hit. Alleged surprised. Because there are 35 times of apple different replied oh yeah I saw when you combine Blackberry and Jerry and raspberry other that policy something Anders aboard for every nomination. Right now apple getting 36% of the vote and French silk at 29 pumpkin and lemon meringue on Twitter lets see here Kate French silk for life key lime pie from Leon. Blue vary from in the chair eve from Michael strawberry rhubarb from a Harry and Scarlett. Yes amongst the team he's out and why not ever disputed Arctic before we just didn't fall as important a graduate of the war one kind. Mark oval I believe wanna Coconut Creek roads which is just disgusting here comes wind her up just show right here a guy out there that and sit and honored I had the cup ties not the worst answer from the staff. And copper forget that the problem. A. For people's rights. Sacks second most popular. Here. It is I'm. Trying to not well with other. It'll its a better handle that you'll only get four I want a little bit like the wreck I want chicken pot pie but that's not even announced shepherd's pie yeah. Seemingly separate spies rates were threatened her it's all or wherever and that there are gonna John Meehan on Twitter here. John -- the list that's a good idea his eyes since well Friday and every show writers to be drunken Saint Patrick's Day I don't know. House at about. Continue to dispute with the best record at this time guys. Talk to people aren't held it was forty jobs that'll pop out there yeah others. Yes cycle eat this not that it's really popular book series at least 25. Guys. Are indeed yeah. Albert area that's actually lemon mousse cheesecake really neat. Apply it out as. That's just Newt is like why Bruce Perry bats to what is user whose primaries I don't know real thing is who meet and is due. Do you hear rumors there like I papers and mine competitors like keepers meet guys mix ups not the case against. And I don't know why can't everybody out look last. I see are I don't know the goose Berry pie just hours. Some. I'd right now. Knight doesn't really matter. If anybody knows what goose Berry pie is sinister attacked two to nineties and diggers very high tax rate what is against I don't know accuse areas I'd never heard of it. And ISIS' is com unless it's made with real goose. It's only my dad's a good experience whose it is actual Berry town and the goose fairy is a real bearing. That's weird now I did not notice. All right. If you go FaceBook page and this is actually for some reason this is what the Internet interest it and it. And I don't understand really what it is. Or wide. But it's a new pair of jeans. That is available at Nordstrom. Like legitimately they're 95 dollars a much do you pay for jeans. Under the leader kind of threw I am more frugal apparent wearing right now thirty docs. The thirty dollar that's about right sometimes I'll I'll get him cheaper like accordance. Closing I got for six bucks on clearance. These were probably four earnings of somewhere and I think the most LP for teams like fifty bucks. I don't I power are really good parents here last July until it might make nice stretch skinny jeans that I wore. Our. Stretch skinny yeah all you have to be tight. There is a new fashion trend it's on our FaceBook page and I don't understand it may be Gupta explaining to me Jamie because it's a woman thing it's for women's jeans. They're called clear the mom jeans they're high waisted jeans like you know of the highways genes that winner that moms are. And at the DR. I. Probably from the bottom of the need to at the top let's say three quarters the way down the thigh so about five or six inches. Where there might be a stylish hole cut out. That's the thing is to destroy your genes that portals and my guess where. It's clear plastic stitched in Iraq tangle around that hole. They're 95. Blocks that called cleared the mom jeans. The writer FaceBook page I will tweak them out as well follow was adds KM BZ radio. I I have no idea that a ID. That I know anybody would actually where Andy's. Gone so my guess is that the idea behind us is moms who's the one where their high wasted GA. But one of the hit. But don't wanna get the draft Friday. It's not there with a it's their way and get everything they want out of Xavier for five dollar us a mom that's where mom jeans. Can I call themselves and find plastic soda and see it not for night. And love the model that they have like modeling these things and these voters and again go to our FaceBook page or followers on Twitter just put it out a KM BZ radio. It's like some 22 year old skinny as a rail actress never gonna Wear these in Lowell. That traditional sort of light blue aged mom Jean collar and Nordstrom. Ridiculous. I don't know anybody that would actually Wear those but they are very popular conversation piece on the Internet is amount counties now. Now. Well odd occasion if they're gonna go out to go do something like Saturday afternoon honest partner might not just a testament to wait and so it's odd to me that she and I now where the same size it that's the first time our lives that we Baltimore smaller size together. I teacher about skinny jeans uttered. And about because she now can Wear jeans she tried the minds of securities and so she always wore high waisted mom jeans and understand. The concept of the rise because she couldn't Wear them rise before NASA can't and so yeah the genes that can get overwhelming to him like you might. Rubble probably Wear jeans in Vegas. Ultimately fun when you meet her for the first time for the wedding byte IDs are horrendous. The user and his at one person by the way when and if it was me that was actually modeling jeans and not me. For you model and skinny jeans for guys. Mightily mom jeans. Jeez did you first person you before I did so yes I do good as for an end and I still do and show how they can be kept cool. Nothing cooler than the news so what do I did your three choices are it comes to you at the beginning of the week and says if you. You know are really productive this week if you two really good shows this week yeah can I want three things. Which these three things you've taken as a reward. Either a well done taxed for Abbas Abbas on Fridays and comprise. Its effort jockey guys leading to that text that didn't come we never get attacked. Whenever he comes and it's usually something bad habit and parks cup on. 830 dollar cash bonus this week like bank on Monday they say thirty bucks at the end of the week. Or voucher for its much about a bit of attributes that those 31. What's it worth the text is out because I I've I want some big monetary OK I'm not prompted by praise I don't doesn't it. Seat for me would probably take cash but if I was a family name. I've might take legacy it's like to large pizzas and bread sticks and stuff like that but I don't know much pizza we're talking about that's the problem I take the thirty bucks because that would put it right my gas tank or you could pied pizza with a thirty bucks right Jim peninsula have some left over yeah I don't know but it depends how much beats are we talking about it. Well maybe that's not the X-Factor here but there's. Steady at Duke University that asked that very question and they measured. The increase in productivity based on those three things to see which rewards you rather have. On Annan's. The voucher for pizza. One really six point 7% increase in productivity for those that were incentivized by the badger repeats at the end of the week. The tax from the boss though came in second place at six point 6% so thirty bucks was last. By a lot. So people or more this sounds what's what's motivating people food. On praise from the boss like recognition some people need act that's that's how they measure success is of the boss recognizes that. People it's just money I would take the. Hearst. Have been what about you and it's just why can't I have cash tax I would appreciate her boss sitting us attacks other than in you know don't do this person on there don't do this again yeah I mean we get that often. Did you say this word on the year. Yeah. That is no the learned I was fortunate can go back and check the tapes when it was announced yeah Scott part that said that word. And cash negotiating for more than thirty hugs and that's a little the little light I don't cash may be the cast it and that he backs that would that Donald better in the Poulter but yeah I mean less and getting like pizza for a week. Or pizza for life well you know like for pizza vouchers should. A lot of pizza I would need to know how much pizza is actually able to take three or three the like three coupons for pizza like accidents like. 650 bucks and beat so my favorite Easton town is due to 51 tight because and the one by young Casey this is where you and I went to watch when the debates yes. I love because it's it's right by college and it's like what I had at my college it's by the slice it's they have to cut it in other slices because so basically it's just the bat speeds are down. And it's not for for theirs is not the secrecy about it. You want those slices which I think maybe three bucks per week for you it was good it was ops a slight so we asked. Her a year it's not 400 it's at least a 150 bucks. Or more worth it I would give you even more productivity and escaped. The good news is our boss doesn't have to worry about any of these because we ever get the great job we'd ever get the thirty bucks in the Pete is number on the line. Know what it's an S ever let's go in and or product again. All right. You wanna try to figure out healthcare now parent I can reduce the numbers though all the numbers Smart about it and the airport is nobody's seen boosted. To know. What's going on. I just depends on you ask. It's all about projections projections projections projections. And it is strange strange story. Bright part. Has confirmed something that we all kind of already knew but apparently it made news yesterday. I wanna play this audio. And we'll do that coming up next midday with Jamie wicket let's dreading coming up at you right here at 91 KMB easy Eddy one KM BZ that they would Damien wicket Jamie not as Sally my quick hits. Ready for health care and 00 a guy that go. So yesterday we got the numbers that we were waiting for out of the Congressional Budget Office which is allegedly nonpartisan organization yet. Whose director was appointed by Tom price I believe is the same time prices he current eight adjuster actor. At least it is supposed to be nonpartisan organization which means nobody is going to assume that these numbers are going to be skewed one way or the other. Based on allegiance to a particular party. Not us the numbers came out yesterday about how many people potentially could lose health insurance under the repeal and replace plan for health care. And after these numbers came out as those associated drug administration immediately think the word eighties with strenuous. We strenuously disagree with these numbers on because they're hot in fact are startlingly high. For how many people could lose coverage. 24. Would become uninsured by 20/20 or sell 2.4 million according to the CBO twenty at I've heard millions next year's earliest as you know next year and then a size 24 million by 20/20 six under his belt. Smart I'd two questions the first is how much are premiums gonna bought the second is how many people are gonna lose analyst coverage on. So at the Congressional Budget Office along with the joint committee on taxation and found that five million fewer people be covered by Medicaid. By 2018. And fourteen million fewer people would enroll in Medicaid by 20/20 six meanwhile. Six million fewer Americans be covered by the individual market by next year but only two million fewer people should be covered by 20/20 sex kitten part of this is you're not forced into a government may and you knew there were gonna be some people that wouldn't have coverage in some people are OK with that some as a volunteer some of this is voluntary so it doesn't it should look like you're just cutting but some people will lose their coverage. They'll be initial increases next year. Of about fifteen to 20% due to repeal Obama care requirements that everyone buy coverage but the CBO calculated premiums would go down an average of tents at 10%. By 20/20 sixth that you're gonna go up next year and then down slowly by the time we get to 20/20. Six if Republicans like anything out of this report it is why acts this will reduce the federal deficit deficit by and we did nobody's numbers at a time yeah. But the bill that is being called the American health care act would reduce the federal deficit by 337. Billion dollars over ten years. And yet the term administration immediately downplayed the report's findings Tom price aged a secretary said we outlets and we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out. On he said the CBO ignored regulatory changes. And grants to the state the administration believes will lead to an expansion of health care coverage although those plans have not been released. So this video just what the information. Because it. They reject what they project yeah hey you know their nonpartisan and then you have of course those that are behind this including speaker of the house Paul Ryan who is saying that no these are wrong and and and drug administration is coming out saying these are wrong. Yeah which of course what are they gonna do they're gonna stay don't want to say these things are gonna happen. Entirely. Yasser entirely disagree with Paul Ryan's idea and and the idea behind this that you're not forced to buy coverage and taken a chance. Big you know your own health and what you're willing to pay what you haven't savings you know there's a period of time where I didn't work here. And I didn't have health care offered by my employers so I was an independent contractor at the time. And because of the fines that Obama care was gonna start levying I had to get. Coverage under the affordable character is going to be penalized for it but I went before those signs kicked and I three years with out health care coverage. On I was probably taken a chance because of I've been hit by a bus I would have had heavily knows how much in medical bills. But I only got it because I was forced to avoid the penalties so. People like that means that are pretty healthy and willing to take the chance and are not going to be forced to get health care coverage. And one of the things. People are really. You know upset about mean at least Democrats are some some other people are as well. Is the big tax break for the super rich talk about 275 billion dollar tax break for the super rich. And that scares people I mean why did that that's. You know if you make half a million dollars a year you're getting a giant tax break yeah are all of this. Meanwhile of Europe or an old York rates by 20/20 six according to the CBO. A 64 year old premium would go up twenty to 25%. Between now and in 2026. I don't think this helps in the way. In this state budget bill by the way. I was watching John Oliver who said that this is the best way that they're going to get because there's a lot of Republicans that don't like this idea it's a budget bill. If it was something else if it was you know a thing as an executive plain and whatever was they would need sixty votes which they're never gonna get. They just need simple majority which they should get because Republicans have control of congress to push this through again as a budget deal. And speaking of budget on just doing some math so rich people are gonna keep more of their money. And the death it's gonna go down that's good. Still build a wall and Jensen and by the way president from yesterday announced a slew of new efficiency measures for the federal government and the White House. And I just don't know I I get the Republicans are all about saving money in and you know reducing the size of the government but were. We still need a lot of money for some stuff we do. We definitely do I don't know this is gonna pass. You know I have no idea this is going to pass. Alternative plans coming out now from Republicans as the thing because these numbers are scary when I saw them as it blew me away. And you know we learned over time that a lot of people that voted for president trump. Have coverage under the Affordable Care Act a lot like it to stay in place not everybody supports repeal and replace at and right now. Obviously with with premiums skyrocketing. People are pretty of cigarettes like Dieter of that lake obamacare is you know Ben and the failure. But I don't know the right answer is get rid of it completely because so many people are gonna watch the premiums go up again this is something it's gonna be. You know talked about a debated about plays something oddly enough this is out of right part. Who's you know one team trumpet is always been. All right and said something back in October about his allegiance or lack there of in this audio is just surfacing. And and bright part is touting bride got out of this car seat not box this is bright bark. Paul Ryan and president trump then president's. Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Basically two things that I wanna make really clear well. As for myself is each speaker I am not going to depend on a stroke not now not in the future. Well they probably heard disinvited him. My first commercial bishops of GOP event this week and nothing to do every year and I'm not going to be campaigning with him over the next thirty days. Look you guys know I have real concerns about company I don't do appreciate. That I'm doing what I think is best use of the members know what's best for me and so. I want to do what's best for our members and I think that this is the right thing to do I'm gonna focus my time and can't pay for house Republicans. I've talked about partial view the last 72 hours in here is basically my take away. I tell anyone on this call this a good idea turbulent month. Many of you on this call are facing tough reelection is so lucky enough. I'm probably respected cultural I would encourage you to do what you think is best. And do what you do what you need to do. Why would bright part put that out there to create dissension meat night I know that if former head of bright part you know Steve Bannon. He loves the idea of bringing down establishment completely why would they do act gap I have no idea cluster felt strange. All right it's 1150 I would that you what's trending coming up at noon and a question about where he would leave your children would you do this if that was safe.