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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-14-17 1st Hour

Mar 14, 2017|

For Pi day. What is your favorite pie flavor? Hoop earrings only for a certain race??

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Instead those 60 winter wonderland in Kansas City I love it I thought. Well up it's cloudy and gray an icky like it's gonna be all week I regret perhaps now at least at least there's a redeeming quality about that junk that's outside an audit you got what you wanted then I don't dusting we got Dylan on right now however it does it doesn't mean as you heard on dirt however report there the roads are slick it is sticking weakens it's sticking outside her back window years ago. Overpasses bridges act thing just. Be careful and feel free Texas 2290. You're seeing a particularly slick spots out there that we should be telling people about tempered its turn your lights on your wipers on. You know the girl coming up we'll talk about the best presents for Christmas holidays and know that we already did that that was three years three months ago but you'll now so arts now that's in March he doesn't think too like eight everybody's freaking out about this I'm guessing that this is pretty common in Kansas City march we get a little bit average and an end April to sell I know that your brain doesn't know what to do because it was seventies last week. And then us now on Saturday and a knowing today as you say that by the way is having my brain normally knows what's ago. Know you pretty well now I'm we've got to see it. It's a busy show lot of good stuff coming up later on the last few at the bottom of the hour. If a teacher went too far when it aims to when he came to a student's hair cut. Next hour why a university has decided to get a take out the only scale in the GO Obama. Good god at JB and able try to talk health care but we really like those people have no idea what's going on. I am I don't some numbers rise a little scary to me. But we got the initial numbers out of the Congressional Budget Office yesterday and and we got a bunch of other plans and a bunch of other numbers. The guy I do not really sure it's just numbers numbers numbers. You'll also get to something out of a university about free speech on her FaceBook page did conversation going on. But we start with a very hard hitting poll question. It is tax is high dang PI. 314. But for you math nerds out there and board so of course were asking you the best flavor of actual pie now. It's on Twitter at if you ever conducted a poll on Twitter which we do pretty ever. Sacred I'd say yet posted daily we try to get some kind of fun and games over on Twitter KM BZ radio. You only get four choices like your poll question can be one of four they don't give you the chance to make it. Thirty deep. So we'd pick the four pies that first came to our mine yet your favorite type of pop. Apple French silk lemon meringue or pumpkin then. If one of those is not your favorite kind of lie like Edgar Allen sank remarkable act. Or Dan one bomb anybody else around here everyone at this staff apparently. I you can tweet us your favorite kind but go vote right now got about fifty votes have been up for like five or six minutes. The best flavor of pie apple getting 30% of the vote now and it's of it's a close race for second between French Oakland and rang at pumpkin. And again if you have something else you wanna throw away please do tweet us at KM BZ. Radio just for fun and everyone I. But that's takes our country he's here to yes and I have different case when it comes to girls got cookies which means your stay out of my English and staying on yours yes. Yeah we we better our six boxes between the average today. I think we Mitchell sampling by the and it's done teen gunned signed sealed delivered. But I get our first story comes to us and this is an interest in one out of out of college where people going too far with free speech so this is out of that sir. College this is a Claremont California. The president of college there is condemning. Which Hughes calling hate speech directed at the campus community by outsiders after dust not. Over hoop earrings and culture those early blue line. Oh OK we eyes a picture online yeah I have to yap so not traditional hoop earrings excuse I can explain it to Matt. Just big boat that goes through year. Yeah and that's about it now I have the hearings on today have hoops in but these are generally we think it was when we were talking about this story and I looked over he said you're wearing a right now. As a not not why. Nine. Not. Any normal. Guy would love dogs say those are hoop earrings but I know you're talking generally it's they're bigger they're probably bigger than the size of a half dollar they can be Eddie's eyes I have Som that our quarters and I have sonic elements to mine which sold well why it's to it to friends a much like some way I didn't realize hoop earrings had a culture right either. But apparently they do and apparently that culture's been violated at this college parades so a law. Undecided eight alarm at the scholars that is devoted to free speech through arts it's basically a big feeding wall on was recently painted by a group public students who wrote. Why. Take off your hoops and white girl what eight all of your hoops hasty alike agree Martina says she and other women of color created the arts. Because they're tired of white women appropriating. The tire stop all the college president Melvin Oliver wrote a letter to the campus community. Local news coverage has brought a cycle of violent hate speech directed at students have been getting harassment and threats from people off campus. And says the hate directed at the campus threatens the well being and safety of students and others. Seoul there's some Latino women that are upset. That some white people are wearing hoop earrings. He really did not know I had no idea. That. There was jewelry. That was against old horror or represented. Org known for being a part of the culture on if I say that's a feeling it's in Taloqan stereotyping but. If you see on I guess Thursday section of the Latina culture that wears a lot of big jury and a lot and a lot of big earrings and I guess those are hoop earrings. But it's not just that but I guess if we were to ask you know multiple choice question was which of the following you know parts of our country here groups of people. Is most known for hoop earrings I guess it would mean the team. I would never guess that. I I would never guessed that because I've seen Lee where big hoop earrings and a previous women I've dated in female friends in my mother. I all have worn them yes I able auditory Kara marks it as too. You know if you have a decent about it Hillary you've got some appearance and does this is an again the the side of them this dorm. Where you can basically graffiti up all you want it's dedicated to free speech and why amber your college and it's that is dedicated to free speech so the question is. 5767798. Is white girl take off your hoops. Free speech or is it go too far you can read history and her FaceBook page interesting comments including one it's gonna infuriate you battery -- very well let us now by 767798. Free speech or does it go too far. My problem it says you can see vehement up on FaceBook is that basically what whoever did this. They took part of the wall they paint it black they painted over basically yeah and then they did this they did this message so in the walls. You know really wanted to standout right. They you know everybody else is kind of adding little bits here and there you know the wall was really respectful before that day it just wasn't a big deal probably didn't attract a lot of attention. And somebody just took a third of the wall and paint this mass. I urge you with that. Then I think I do this that's for it's it's for you to go write whatever you want I guess what is your issue with that. I'm just because you're you're taking away the purpose of it you know you get to write whatever you want and and everybody else to add a little bit here are represented everybody. Yeah represented everybody's free. Speech and you just yet took it over. So well I mean I can't imagine this lasts for a long time now somebody else is gonna paint over to exactly ask somebody else will but is that free speech white girl take off your hoops because a lot of you would be talk about things that people say when it comes to schools what not a lot you claim. All three speech is this free speech does it go too far by 767798. I I've Bob by the look of your face we have good tax ruling in the we're gonna get to his well. And I appreciate those of you who are early Tina speaking up on us as we're getting some of those somebody just accidents that I am a lick Tina those college girls are an embarrassment. Everyone has their own style to each their on you to get over and focus on something that is actually important. I 7677. And eight more calls coming up also more your tax. On FaceBook Ani comment on FaceBook will infuriate Jamie that's coming up next 91 KM BZ 981 KG MB easy mid day would Jamie wicket. Coming up later on this hour. It'd teacher go too far. When it comes to a kid's hair also we've got an update on Gordon's not a good up they eager to be sat on palm's gonna be real so totally bonds me out is to ask if it's gone too far. And it raises the question. Of the industry the possibility that as you pretty much you know right now we're talking about a story yet. What is it pits her college in Claremont California. And a wall on the side of a dormant pits or colleges devoted to free speech to arts and it was recently painted by a group of Latino students. Who wrote white girl to New York hoops. The question is whether not this is free speech or does he go too far. And what to do about. It is free speech because it was put on a free speech wall it's not vandalism because it was put where this was intended to. I don't particularly appreciate that. They kind of ruined what everybody else have written and in pink and black everything to make their statement I find that's the walls for. Is it going too far. I guess not. I guess not I like there are feeling good. Does go too far why I ate I mean it's specifically calls out somebody based on race. But that it's free speech while. I know again free speech is never always free speech we know that free speech just at a time come with consequences now is this the most egregious thing I've ever seen in the world know. And but I'd I don't I can't say you're not allowed to write it but. I mean free speech is free speech that's I still don't like. I think we don't like about it is that calls out in particular group that everything else that's written here is just free speech is just right it's just colors and arts. And that this calls out a specific. A specific group of people that otherwise I'd as telling me. Everybody and as I asked for Latinos to tax it and tell me about this is a stereotype or not you actually coming or telling me it's not a Latina thing. That the hoop earrings and Valentina I didn't think they worry error only horror of it doesn't matter if people Wear hoop earrings I'm pretty. Shirt every female I've ever known in my life. As a pair of who theory X and I know plenty of white black Latino blood ever version the first series to get. Our. First dog leg to get the stud when you get your ears to hear ya right and then you you know your first payers a little thing is that little girl amber. Then graduate to bigger ones. 5767798. Before we go to the phones will get two guys in just one seconds. The first comment they came in was from one of our listeners on FaceBook and this is for Mike. I think someone is upset about losing their president. Not and a link. To make an alarm. All right before tomorrow's show I'm gonna make a giant political sounding alarm that not everything comes back to golf and they should given the benefit of the doubt that. Not everything is about politics and he was making a funny little. If. No big result I think Mike was series. Not everything is about politics to quote the great rob Babcock not everything is about politics I don't know if the free speech while existed before president from was elected and something like this was written before that I guarantees a pretty good chance. 5767798. This is anonymous. Anonymous you're on 91 KM BZ. All are. At. It. I Wear. Hearing that. Yeah I'll. It. Occur or on our way it. Is. An op or. You are now. Particular culture. And you get. Although we read my. Aren't we get it right at eight. We are pretty. Being. Different culture. But they're minor one and can. Try to god forbid they are. But isn't part of what you're saying allowing the conversation take place and and having people learn about other cultures and if there's no other place for that. Isn't college the place for that conversation happened. And I think that. Picture. For why it ridicule. It by higher ridiculing it. I mean I know that that's OK that was a conversation we had yesterday when I was at and for up for data for an hour and a half we had that big conversation and thank you so much for the phone call. I appreciate it commission named next time we can get or different we can be and a friend to friend base. I mean that's another quite and we were gonna you know perhaps get into that later. But I think her initial point is one that's it it it's tremendous if we all say. That we need to open a dialogue. And we need to come together we all need to attempted to not divide. This does not helping anyway. This does not help create. Any sort of unity if anything it fractures it. More than what do you do about it. If if were filed a line of thinking I have two questions where you cut off the free speech you know where were you limit it and to make sure that we're all learning about each other and and what you do about this. I think you sit down with a leg Rio Martinez who's quoted in the story and she's going to say that she and other women of color creed dear because they're tired of white women appropriating the style. You ask really show me some documented history where the Latino culture. Where the Mexican culture created the idea of hoop earrings and that white people stole it along the way who leads that conversation. Someone who's tested the who's who's the general. Idea out or did the that did the reason to bring people together is unity because together we're stronger as opposed to this it doesn't do anything to help it's got to be a member of the Latino community that's talk about a lot in the black community it's one we talked about other communities you need a member of that community somebody she is going to give credibility to Nokia that she will trust to lead that conversation is that you. Your girl like moments never Alison she's not gonna listen to you because obviously they're she's angry enough and others law 00 alongside her are angry enough to the point where they're gonna go to the free speech all tell white women to stop wearing hoop earrings and it doesn't help. This is. Helping the conversation not hurting because we're talking about it it got attention it's prompting conversation. Somebody's wearing something out of out of that conversation happening at 76 sevenths. Benign neighbor just joining us college in California. Pits or college as a wall devoted to free speech arts and some Latino students. Paid part of the whole thing black and then in yellow spray paint wrote like Earl take off your hoops. Because according to a leg Maria Martinez. Sheehan other women of color creed BR because they're tired of white women. Appropriating their style 5767798. Lindsay and KC KER 98 line KM BZ. In my call. You. I am I click on my issue it would then is that at Atlantis. Written that black girl that got here at airing it would be a mutt. My bigger issue and people would be outright. I I let it market opened it got in right now. Are outraged. Is it every time. We bring something up and Lindsay you're not the first person do this why not just calling you out but every time we bring something up. That call always comes in well if this was against a different race why can't we have this conversation about this race. I we can't and we thought I think you know. I got it it that would get rid the area there be a bigger out. But let's point against Lee Roberts and that's because that does your every time he's right every time we have a conversation about one race if it's not whites or it is and somebody says well those we be outraged that is why. But what's what's your point to that statement. I mean my point is that it get it out. It. Might get it again it would be bigger. So it's not a big issue because it's a white people. Like I'd like get an open and not quite. Right now. Excellent appreciate it does right towards an amount right what you and I don't know where this guy knows this happens every time we unite and Lindsay and your your point is is valid. But it's one we hear every single. Time we talk about something. And it is always win it it it's we bring up stuff about black people being discriminated against. You would bring stuff bring up stuff about American Indians. Being discriminated against and every time it's a story about a light person. Being discriminated against the tax line always has the same predictable tax and we get that call. And what what are not saying is is an hour on an answer what you're not saying is that if if it or if it was somebody black being discriminated against. They would be up in arms yeah. Up in arms that because it's a white person being discriminated against or dean are being slated. All we don't care as much your your mocking without saying it you are mocking blacks for the fact that they are offended by some things they have rights to be offended. If you're white you're offended by this that's. That's that's totally fine and I think that you'll her point is. Ill at least were having at least part of a point wise at least were having a discussion which is what this is all about every damn time. It always comes back to you know this was a black person you people would be freaking out mighty wind KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it. It is the teacher go too far glitch with that and another about ten minutes from right now we are wrapping ever conversation about pitcher college in California. And who periods. Yeah. I'll take us a controversy that were that we're getting into now they Hubbell one side of the dorm. That is devoted to free speech through arts and and now what does happen on that wall is on to spray painting graffiti. It's just a place to legally geography basically. And students took in another direction and painted over about a third the wall in black so covered in black paint about a third what was up there. And then painted him white or white girl take off your hoops and the story that we have talked to a student named alike agree and Martinez who said. She and other women of color creed are because they're tired of women appropriating their style by the way this college. 66000. A year to attack blow who is no joke 5767798. Is that free speech does it go too far. And isn't racism and we had a collar before the break it got us into a much bigger discussion I want your calls her second on the text line as well. Outs on how the country reacts when one group claims to be offended vs another and and the allegation here is that. If a black person has offended the country reacts more to work aggressive which is she's on the tax line that people go off and somebody said. Why people don't you know don't go off and make a seat every time they're discriminated against. And I would say generally speaking white people are the least discriminated group of people we happen Kenya and white and canyon is pretty. To be a light guy in this country act. And analyze every light displays pretty easy for a a light and light. It's pretty easy for white went into. Easier it not as easy diners via and and and I don't. It's amazing to me how every time this comes up we talk about you know something to look. It's not cool in my opinion what she wrote it is free speech but it does nothing to help the divide in this country and of course leave it to FaceBook to make this automatically. It's liberal progressive racism well okay all right called down a personal let me speak on behalf of Mexicans or at least in our minds right now. Not every Mexican person is it liberal. That's we just had a conversation yeah. Please stop assuming that all of one group sides one way or the other one and politics true it's simply not sure it's bad it doesn't happen. Bunch Hillary is banking on the Latino vote and lost it she was vague on the women's outlasted and that didn't happen. It could make it on the black vote so. Let's stop making assumptions start. 57677985767798. Take a few more calls on this we'll start with jealousy Joseph Joseph you're a 91 KMB easy. And I don't. Pay them on tape. Hang on your regular got a pilgrim I'm not I'll take my morning mitigate. Hi. I apologize. That means it's helped itself. Starts to rise until what do you take it right now. How about this tell you hang on hole did you hit and you take your medication will go to will will come back to you Janelle it will up will be taking your medication. Okay good if you think you're on the air go ahead. And by actors to call and you know gently if you look at the very important points here you know right when you get him on the brakes. And that is difficult for me it's applied it to operate assumption. That every time. Some white person that some of these that was out of the way or discriminatory the national debt every white person was that way and that's the problem with that is. Free speech or whatever this young lady did. You know he sleeps it's it's up there and it has nothing. To help the relationship is between her and other allied web. Or any women or anybody because to me I would try to follow the white wall that would be attended by double black person. Eligible and so one hated the wall chance something like dead and you don't get my own style whatever I mean it's offensive. It was due tentative like that what you write things right dead and it's something that at all black folks. Never faced assumption that every white person that you gratitude just like you. Aren't they cute and what you say there is in the studio time that's the same brands you don't want. People like get I don't want to win as a black man here or be used by guys that started its street in Iraq operative they're part of predict because I'm not a part of that right. So I don't like debt assumption that I ought to be lumped into that same type of group. So as a minority. Shouldn't be understandable a lot of folks. Tell what you it is all it is inserted a very negative message stressing they have a right to say it but you also have to understand one thing when their freedom of speech. Yes I understand what folks have a right to be offended by it. Yet a fantastic. It's a wonderful call again she has the right to say but it doesn't help anything it doesn't it doesn't bring people together it divides more. Proper conversation I know that it's hurting. Because that's why the wall was there if you don't want people to do things like this don't create a space for people to do it. Good point and instead shields as unit on the side of a building where I'm not it'll be vandals and sat I think the phone comment appreciate it let's go back to medicated gel like 91 KM BZ Joseph are you good now. Now thank you my blood trail mix. It took home. Well we got Johnny or go ahead Joseph is this is this free speech to the go a different direction what do you make of it. Well as far as the loop earrings and telecast Sunday don't claim. They may be pretty you know that kind of step back Tatum. Yeah it's dubbed the bottom this it's heat and even. The. Hey Lou pairings I keep thinking I'm mortified. By the fact. 88 is gonna kept us out of here on something and it's gonna smack about every year. And injure her. A keep bug free agent Joseph. They've looked like something intricate art yourself with you know playing. A main. You'll want to do is go running them now which visited here and there's something you know she's. Oh. Show me is that a man appreciated awesome. I've never heard someone say he's right you called it an hearing could catch on something's not just a big beer but I heard her. Herself like scissors joke thanks man appreciate the dolby is stranger. Let's go to Tiffany Tiffany Kansas City you gotta follow that call up your 91 game amusing. Thing we're the only draw the line somebody else is gonna paint over that and it's going to be something similar. And then somebody gonna paint over it and then we're gonna end up with flop because. See you know what you're probably right you know and that's Sox Tiffany because there's you know somebody's gonna get mad and there's going to be some racist white person who's gonna get upset about this today it's gonna be something anti. Minority anti black person anti Mexican whatever and then it's just gonna turn into something were really were that wall. Really didn't need to go. And they open communication will be gone. Sean writes. I just played it was Africa for a second so why if everything you decide happens. Don't doesn't that then further the conversation. I think that before we can talk about stuff we have to admit that exist. Before we can talk about opinions we have to admit that people have them and word document and open conversation about swastika means and how bad it is. If somebody doesn't put out there for us to have a conversation I know that all that is that is that it's negative and dad but it's not bad talk about it. Into the phone call Tiffany last one Susan and Casey get the final word on 91 KM BZ. Susan you're on the air. Well number one and I would agro Larry I would be expected as an act. I think that you pick out one dollar a year and a paper bag political ilk. It. Could. Signal. And I mean we have in how much time talking about. Ares I thought about how our sport air. Beer I mean I would like out of college Italy and they would be community college. Author saving yourself 66 I'll end up a fake you zoos in the conversations that are FaceBook page there's some comments on their some good ones. And there's some ones that have nothing to do with anything better. Yes yap all you can ask a free speech goes chief art is free speech at one snow that is not true. And I'm not sure where that person sides politically. That's an accurate statement that is not true you can't see you can't say bomb on an airplane. It's free speech wrong there's certain things you cannot say now is this as egregious. As that. No hole you can bomb on an airplane but not without getting arrested you can't say fire in theater. Right there was this as egregious as saying fire and theater no. But you can see it you mean UT just its a question there's a scale it's not all black and white I'm not talking about skin color there's a lot of gray area most of life is a gray area. Thanks every guided them. On both sides talk about my I don't know it's Montes later on yeah I'm Jean my gosh. A new fashion trend that. Is legitimately available at Nordstrom. And an update on Portman. Bad news. Bad news and we'll find out if a teacher went too far as well it's mid day with Jamie wicket we're happy to have you at 1046 and 91 came easy. Any one JMB easy midday with Jamie wicket. Make sure our FaceBook page. And check out. What is apparently. A new fashion trend which will talk about next hour you gotta go there see it scroll down give us your opinion guys man and I don't get it doesn't trend mean it's popular. As quickly as I that in. I would think so we do what's trending dude yes like what the popular conversation is what Hitler talk I hope this is not popular I hope this is not become a thing. Because I want you guys I want you to Europe Friday. I probably get ill I'm probably a lot more likely I think you Wear these than you are yes. Also we have a poll question going on on Twitter we do one pretty much every day in since today is 314 AKA pi day. We've it would be other kind of hi what's your favorite flavor of pie and look we only get four choices so if one of these is not yours vote on Twitter KM BZ radio and if one of art in your favor pie is not on there are just like the morning shelled. Both shouted out to we answers that are on here. Tweet is your answer but what's your favorite flavor of pie is it. Apple French silk lemon meringue or pumpkin I went apple right out of the gate acts like Dutch apple. Are like I'm not Apple's. I'll let us know on Twitter and people are texting Arabs are tweeting in everything except those four act Shockley a PH chair he strawberry rhubarb dateline barred from the newsroom is a fan of pecan pie. That and that I saw this morning to come by Lieberman's ass Wentz there's no other way to make. I've batters and add bruised let us know on Twitter at KM BZ radio vote again. Let's see the leader right now is apple pie get about 34% of the vote French silk at 32. So here's Alan economy is more. That's his influence on you well I was I was trying to think of a chocolate pie yeah chocolate cream pies boring. French so highs at the level of French moves I think that the metal whatever that would ever talk artist with the decree on top. Is that the dark chocolate shavings on top which the best part you let us now on Twitter at KM BZ radio and I found out. What mark Lavoy is free favorite pie is coconut cream Abdul that is disgusting coat mental war that is. Gross JD a favorite pumped favorite giant today before. Pumpkin is yours then. Jiggle a double as that's when violence but that's like coconut cream pie roasts my grandmother. Coconut anything coconut cream pie until it coconut anything well I elected texture of Coke and that's we hear. On discount like an ample except Templeton is getting that coconut bombs in the flavor that is immediately identifiable not any good. He. First started talking this is hell out of how my brain work this morning a I thought it was. Yeah like that someday and your best picture you know throughput on our. Our point 313 point oh well war has today's march 14 and I didn't realize that until about two minutes ago the pats might. Carry. Frank. Is not an hour now I think. There is very concerned about Patrick is that. Did yeah it does creeps its its march 14. Outlets are shouldn't necessarily say that's coming up my mind now that it's okay that those moments rice and it kept it to myself. That's OK I date a moment. Well you here's. In in terms of that gas you know it isn't things about yesterday. Really no not really kind of wanting. Keynote when you get sick. And I learned this yesterday and is completely off topic but it relates to what you just said. You don't take that urgency. In Italy you take emergency like it's like supposed to elect Brazilian. Milligrams of vitamin C when this. Emergency I've never heard of eight I'm talking about her and things right when you get sick you take ego of this as CBS emergency if you're feeling it's like yeah. A boost of I don't see for your views as our. I I thought about this I I literally was I think I was so they're make my god couch yesterday and I expelled. Held up Google Google wrote Google emergency emergence emergent dash. Only are okay I'm saying the word emergency. You missed couple emergency. Spent an interest and it's it's supposed to help union says dumb you know not talking about why it. So it's emergency to play on words emerge and I got a dash C opt. Is it also but I I don't know maybe I'm nuts about this is it also if you cut it off at emerge and it was emerge. And see like if you take it you'll be able to re emerge to the I broke this out yesterday pop ups and a whole different allow that. I think like immersed could make you emerge from your sickness and see the rest of the world over thinking yes weird things is a data bank. This is what I did yesterday with my afterthought and her what she and sea lice that indeed is seats are lustig got some of that yesterday. No line no Noll didn't buy anything new TV here and now hope that she put it on emerge NC. I'm over thinking that but. I think unseat shopping yeah we talk a police departments really quick here a second this is sadness of your gorton's I just. There's been a lot of the announcements about retailers closing is sleazy act coming. I didn't see this on coming and I shot a Gorman is a lot in fact the day we did the story was wearing jeans came from there then and if you ever met their guys I'm not surprised because it has a few things for you but really this is a women's store and it's compares to. Media marshals and that they have a little bit everything scandals there's housewares and there's a big clothing section. So we last week they might file for bankruptcy and close stores and they are and they now all have declared bankruptcy Chapter Eleven they filed. Protection for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection on Monday. The company which is based close right here in Omaha. So that's got an agreement for the sale in liquidation of the inventory and other assets of the retail stores and distribution centers let me sale. Say. They have a 106 stores in 22 states we have a bunch of them here by the way so until further notice all the stores are operating as usual without interruption. And at some point they're gonna be liquidating they've been around since. Hopefully to be able to find work elsewhere. Put in this goes back to something that is are really common conversation to have these days and it's brick and mortar stores are going away I mean kmart's are already done JC Penney's closing a bunch Macy's closing a bunch RadioShack closing a bunch. And Portman is does appeal to younger demographic you know Macy's might surprise me a little bit because that seems to attract. An older demographic that might be less likely to shop for clothes online but the younger generations are more used to that and Gordon's attracts. People younger than name mostly you know I mean it's mostly twice early theories. So I may be passion about a surprise is I was but every time hurts dizzy and and we have so many here that are thriving. Usually you hear more about them closing stores and I guess they did dating clothes and easier so we didn't notice that you're much that you start to see that scaling back. So that you see this coming but this hurts and it hurts me. They're gonna be liquidating its you know everything all their inventory they declared bankruptcy. As are so many I never heard of Ritalin moved out and it's a midwest. It's mostly midwest zero people want to parts of the country don't know as. Are you were a fast accused pictures you know I'll. Who can beat me now is having babies are different manner to dead baby your arms or at least. So Oliver dime and a new work this word means quit QU I. Cue from. At app if it's it's that time in our OK it is that you could change it becomes an unfriendly word you can also become the cloth. Is that my favorite bars in Kansas City is that it has acted and acted scared or throw up on my lower yet it is that looks like. Ben Stiller in zoom out and Ben Stiller educated Zoolander. It does help that this kid. Whose name is Oliver Oliver double Oliver Don was born faithful head of this blond hair. And it's continue to grow an inch online undies it leaves him looking permanently excuse it'd. He was born with this and it was the point it was so long leaves animal in the one home that it showed up and is ultrasound. They could see it on the based on the air he's now five console it stands at five inches tall. On his parents are from Idaho and say people are try trying to cut his hair she eased despite Coke and letting us as parents saying nothing will stop the hair from sticking up. If you laugh it's just ask you does that number it was ecstatic got to write and static is making it stay out it is called a cliff it's called quest. But something I didn't we should. Do that to a Jim Cunningham can we do the quipped the Jim Cunningham he's gotten eight battling a story quite have. Enough here to do cliff. Charge him. We're working on or cannot give him time and thought I coming up next after we get to Jim India in the newsroom. We'll talk about a teacher whether they went too far this is free parents what you would do. 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