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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-13-17 4th Hour

Mar 13, 2017|

What are common technology do you not use or need?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

ID one KM BZ May Day would Jamie like it. Coming up did imparts an hour from right now. Although I think it's to be wicket marks the first hour half doing I was coming after no idea for their news oil sugar plant. I'm sure play as much owners want I fill the role of dean all right coming up today from from two to 330 you have the cattle down a bit of work and allowed laughed at that you can kind of do it every one hour now. And just you know. Opener might sometimes and say stop a do some shop he's Casey's guess what his aunt I'd do that yeah now I do on Amazon's. You're gonna Macy's or shop pursuit of you should I do he didn't impair. A deal. You do that mid conversation between two and 33 and have to figure out what is the greatest thing. And a error run don't walk and you need to learn to say it's. Oh I will whatever Scott's going wherever it is I don't know it's God's gonna bring to the table now higher early dollars and there's some seriously heavy stuff the could be dropped. In the the first hour and we'll check in with Scott and see exactly where Morgan Neill because. Dana is on vacation spring break straight. Ari so it's seventeen. And our lives sadly your run by cellphones and which it is a little depressing. Calm but there is a story in business insider. About somebody who somehow some way in 2017. Lives without a self. And we are asking you with the story outside about teaching nannies are our 576779. Modern convenience that everybody else has could you give up or have you given up. I've got one big one that I've given up on myself on that would never happen but other ones have given up. So it like to hear from you but this guy in Philip Reed wrote this blog posts that dozens insider picked up. That explains. I have never had a cell phone. And I'm not going to get one. And says I have several reason and he says they are good ones howl at accents and then he gets a little new AG Howell could you possibly. What he does talk about in this article is how he addresses some of the you know good reasons to have a cellphone like emergencies or Richard Cain is you know things like that. But he says the first is the cost. No cell phone means no monthly bill no possibility for an upgrade no taxes no roaming charges whatever those are as he doesn't know. I'm he says as an era of stagnant wages and growing and con. Income inequality it is remarkable people and typically spends 75 bucks or more a month. On something that we hardly knew existed fifty years ago. What you want to spend but under box minds right. I need to figure out league Leonardo to join a plan together. You know Lawrence might try to do is at ASAP. The second is the concern for the environment the manufacturer of mobile phones the powered they consume energy use to transmit calls and access the Internet. All pretty significant carbon dioxide emissions. So he setting him aren't. OK that is not his big reason now. And his biggest reason not to sell on is perhaps the biggest reason that most of you did have one and what's that. The decisive reason for me to refuse myself on is the opposite of everyone else is reason for having content. I do not want the the president ability to communicate with anyone who is absent. Cellphones at their users constantly on call constantly available and as much as that can be liberating or convenient. It can also be an overwhelming burden he says communicating with someone who is not physically present is alienating. Forcing the mine to separate the body heat in his mind and body stop and that's restart not guy but what he means is why we talk about a lot witches. You're not giving the person you are physically whip your full attention because people who were not there are getting your attention instead. The the only thing. I'll disagree with him on that and your right and he's rightly give if all of a sudden you and I are having dinner or drinks or whatever and you know the phone rings bill you pick it up there where you look at it or you checked to see what's going on or whatever. Or let's say I run to the restroom first thing you do I'm guessing is checked her phone number I understand exactly what he means by that. I will disagree with yell if if if I'm out with Lee and we're at dinner. Lisa got my full attention to is could you text me this is a rule that actually led by just because you text me. Does not mean I'm going to textured back are right Ellis some analysts it's dire. Super important you don't somebody's sick. You know there's a fire. Whatever just because you text me does not mean I must text you back. But I I get the guys coming from because far too often. You're some of my attention and as soon as little blue like a lot of my phones are blooming on me is a dissect this text message OK here it is. That's funny to me about you because you're the most social network connected person I now. What went out about yeah anomaly and I'm done on I use my do not disturb feature to its fullest extent on. There is a sense if you don't know that do not serve feature in your phone it is awesome because you can have your favorites in your contact your contact your contacts your address book. Those people will get through your phone will ring. On those people or will alert you on those people members and you can set for certain times. I'm generally for bad by 10 o'clock so that means after nine or ten my phone is not going to make a noise. Unless it's one of those people which you or because of something were to happen to you overnight jail that's something I would need to. Lee isn't because of something were to happen New York nights he tests so that's the bosses and you know my mom is mom Karen works or is. You know for at some were happy with babies so. But aside from that on. I think I played I couldn't get rid of my cell phone but if I forced to disconnect from more Iowa I think for a lot of us the problem is just habit. It's just you're just used to go for and it just it it's just deceased. Now the question comes up. Now you outhouse Smart. Like my father has a flip phone my grandmother before she passed had a flip filed my mother is Smart ball my stepfather is this as Smartphone. I know whether it's an iPhone Droid two whenever galaxy whatever your Blackberry. But do you without a cell phone and in the the bigger question. What is the modern technology of the modern convenience and everybody has that everybody loves. That you live with out 57677985767798. Or text in 22980. You won the blows me away. I yeah I own a television but it has not been plugged in an eighteen years I would write live. On it it it sits in the space on an entertainment center. And I've considered getting rid of it it it's it's there I don't have cable home. I have a very old laptop that sits next to Whitney is connected to that so I wonder on Netflix through big screen or who threw a big screen. There's dvd player it I couldn't tell you the last and I rented or got a movie on dvd. On it is not the TV is not again and there is no other TV in my house and I think for a year and a half this TV is not employed Dan. And I'm doing just fine I could probably get rid of it. Honestly the reason I don't is because. I think it would look weird I don't know what I would do with that part of the living and you know and I would just do something else when their efforts are there some thing. I think accurate that TV and be just fine because everything. Everything I need is online and I have an office that has a big screen and multiple screens there and that's our spent more time I think I did. I can guarantee me. No. Speaking I don't know Ernie or like you slot or an IQ and a lot of sports that. So energy. There are I mean we have said that the big woman the wall downstairs and upstairs we have you know another one. Not quite as large obviously but to me now it's a huge form of entertainment I also do other stuff it's not to be related by. I couldn't imagine having a phone. I could imagine having no TV. We've got two laptops in the end tablet I mean I don't know how we would survive without either of those. 5767798. Do you not have something to everybody else has you know technology lies. Call from somebody who's gonna blow me away because. After a quick timeout Timmy. I wonder if Jimmie tell the truth. You'll find out what Timmy doesn't have next a 91 KM BZ mighty wind KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it Jamie money selling Mike lake and it's 119 on a Monday. We are outside our technology there is a an interesting story of business insider dot com from a gentlemen who says. Why I don't own. A cell phone. Yes he lays out three basic reasons the first is cost the first is a second is concern for the environment and the last one is I do not want the ability to always communicate with someone who's not. Wanna focus on a personal I couldn't imagine life without a cell phone I'm 35 if you would love to give us a call. At 5767798. We'd appreciate it and we what your age too because they believe there are you know the an older generation doesn't need to feel old as connected as the younger generation Jack's yes although my mom is in her mid cancer and sixty she'd only. Sixties there. And tax and does she found she liked them. Which is much more fun as I'd. I I still believe that like my dad just had a text a couple of years ago blows me away how much tax now. Didn't do before as a flip phone does not a Smart and he said. And what that is there other piece of modern technology. That most other people have that you can go without it. If I had to go without a laptop mean we have when his lead has a lot of her work from the for the radio station at home she can dial in remotely and do a lot of things from home. If we didn't have a laptop I could survive but that's because I'm iPhone right I got a phone. Drive to left at least until I you know I was home at one I bring here on the old some of the phones that gives you suggestions of people so they can do without 5767798. Timmy is endless brings to me era 91 KM BZ. But mr. that I had to drive around get on my in my bones. Because it I can get. Timmy how old are you. 64 hour what don't you let me tell you used Jimmy. Now I don't like email him I don't know what. And my child I'd never worked laptop yeah fact that. Can I ask what you do for a living. Well I I've worked with kids that don't think I have to do children at the time in and out on the computer god. So you'll never owned a computer or a cell phone you don't have any email address. Can't not email address I wouldn't know had I felt that I have never been on the computer. Wrapped child they talk about all the ethnic technology I guess that's not my aunt like it was talking about. If you insult you let me ask questions. About. I. Do you feel given your lack of connectedness. Your for you're still well aware of what's going on in the world. I had no idea how do you optical out quick trip up at night though I think I think you let. I do you get new home now and the power use in about what's going on radio. I'm around people like I've read the paper. I get up and I don't have cable. I have intent on my TV. Jimmy Jimmy let it lie. What a lighted why did you ever not say all right I'm gonna learn how to use a computer or I'm gonna. Get table on me is Adam I've obviously cables expensive medical. Out tabled. In order I've outlived all the I just got I can't progress. If you give them that Donna was started by Ali content for the minute it isn't met it looked like. And you've got even met at the thought that's probably why. I read page it's. Hard. Aren't. We a lot. It. Get credit card. But yes. I I've got equipment orders at my belt and I don't get right to have never been an 18 am. 64 and you yet to what AT. This is the question and I assume you've never shopped online. And. I have no idea what that's all of app and it started your process I think the last week that a lot of sort of Clinton now but it's going to be up Obama at. I don't know how. It. Do is your car. My car is 2000 can. Well I was gonna guess in 1975 Oldsmobile. Timmy your year and amazing soul thank you for the phone call. Never. Gone to an ATM. Never online shop doesn't own a computer doesn't have an email. Sell had a flip phone prepaid did use it. I am mindful alone I mind Malone a little bet no cell phone and no computer. No cable. Because and I don't care Ivan cable intend that that actually. Having any intern at us or email address. I'm in my uncle and everything you used were where your ass for those things. And you need email everywhere I assume Jimmie has driver's license. Stephen ID IE systems I'd I would assume while RH Nathan in Kansas City they did your age please. When a 28 what don't you have Nate that are what do you use. April. Expect her first role Friday problem where there words we're category got. I've got. Older surely pick up an okay. Then I mean that they like what they credit. Well not hit it had cruise control and I just kept it out at 81 thing that just don't feel comfortable. Tournament on you your. Can't prepare well Latin everything. Doubled. I I don't know I didn't mean it to short out or some bit and speed up slow down at a panel. Consume. And if not all about one piece of technology to people why this markers control. Or it well no you're coming up another vehicle and it will slugger vehicle around naked thanks for the call me appreciate it. I've never heard of civil and worrying that much about cruise like my dad forever before before where power windows we standard pretty much everywhere. My dad never won a power windows because he said they would stop working as a deadly don't stop working anymore watchman stuff on the red. But seek aid finally bought into that and he's you know a power windows ever sense of who else because these are the common things are coming up and attacks fine. Does not have an ATM card or credit card. On him who else on any computer at home and you know Internet at home. Is an idiot because I would Neil laptop who does not have any form of Internet and. I I couldn't survive without it's 2290. A stocks I think this is CR CRU I 91 KM BZ CR your age please. Prior art. I'm not glad to have you know how old are you today. Cherry 83 what do you have what don't you use CR. What don't you ever what do you use. Well I don't actually love our pets I don't ever watched TV you don't need to. I Shatner on the Belmont are never turn on. Is right and I don't know what the relevance is your wife passing but is there no you're you're not you don't find entertainment or information from a television. No no no no just Q. In a pretty strict very well. We'll take over the phone calls Serb please don't be a stranger. 83 no TV. No TV I'm. Hot lines takes up space and entertainment's honor that I wouldn't need to just get rid of the TV let's talk to Linda I 91 KMB easy. You're on the air how are at night I'd not supposed to ask a woman's age but would you. It. 63. Why don't you use. I have never had a sense I have never had a computer tech Internet. That the port cable the cuts might come expert you know. I expect to be content in everything I have as the Babbitt said. And they do not have any am credit card for men in this country. Where you from idol I. I'm from the and that delete the bottom I think it is currently. I. I hope so do it for entertainment. At what do you do at home for entertaining and I had. And I and a comment friends and that they call me to attack and then you know they're doing any anything something that dollar upfront cost. I listen to my religious but it and released at him. I'm glad. I may indeed be my favorite state and that goes back from fat that AM. Thanks earlier we know orbit in believes don't appreciate that. Yes and in free man right now but I mean I am. And it for the Ambien the other Latin. Well we are very happy to hear that they Q&A 63. No TV no Internet no cellphone. Credit card so far the four calls we took our over the age of sixty which I think we weren't that surprised to see now on so it's a tax on an amateur and throw yeah I think that's not that's not living down you know how do you sacrifice. Is higher do you. One let's say under the age of forty. That does not have Internet on the Internet I mean not even some of these while my phone and Internet my bride an accident that same thing. Ease of Internet access yeah somehow and now. Think you don't connect to the Internet. Other than you go to work and it's there right and you don't connect with a when you leave fork then. By 767798. Can also text into 2980 on FaceBook as well as on Twitter at KM BZ radio. We'll get to more your calls also Jamie has to finish the rest of brackets. We'll find out who you're picking to win a ball we'll do all that plus check in with Scott parks' 91 KM BZ Medina damion wicket. Learning what you can live without there's a story business insider dot com of the gentleman who says why I refuse to own a cell phone. Not a Smartphone a cell phone. And I also wanna know it's like to live without one but I couldn't possibly fathom going. Could eagle two days. I on the days I can go weekend I couldn't during the week just speak prizes. I was isn't just because of the job. But you could do at that whole idol to my computer home high gas. I can go over weekend it's just matter of this isn't on Friday perfect example on we you aren't the artists on Friday. And we show ended at 2 o'clock and it floor I was gonna meet a girlfriend of mine at lifted spirits Stiller which is not that far away he can share. At our skills on the ours for a little while I did a couple things and somewhere along the way my phone would not turn on. It just would not I I could not likely fear. I am downtown I don't know over the years price's story is not downtown looking for rising very often and I thought. What if she is running like we were we are gone back and forth to a couple of places looked at spears resettled on. What is she goes to the wrong place when she tries to call me what if we put up some in those two hours I was just completely. I just thought cutoff. My it was all white spewed out. I don't know what we did she get a public good spirits that is there yes but she is not trained. You know fifteen years ago we were trying to have yet but. In this case she would just kept on my phone about why she jacket in response. So you'd have plans that were set in stone that we're not gonna change a gentle lamb let's say you woke up tomorrow to go before work. And you didn't Allah and in your phone was was dead and for whatever reason Verizon or whatever company you let your phone there is Italy king did you new phone until last Friday. In that case I would probably. Put something out on FaceBook. Because I play during the week I stuff going after work so that we use now. If you can't reach me by my cell yet you canceled last minute don't mean I've not Ametek FaceBook and I thought if I'm not home right it's. I think we can do if we were just trained at different ways we prepare for 576. 77985767798. He can also text into 2980. What did you live without what piece of modern technology could you live without and some of the things that under the tax line we'll get to have to these calls. Blow my mind yeah blow my mind and we liked your age if you would like to let us know. How old you are woody bring yuppie let's go to the phones Kathy and her village or 981 KM BZ Kathy. You don't have to answer or not supposed to ask above their age. I'm not these seven teammate. So now good nest well happy early birthday to you what don't you have out or use. I don't eat Twitter and I do not the U cable anymore. I have and Hannah and I got it planned to let it is that like a good life great that you then. I have that her cartoons for him. Eight Kathy do you use any other Internet sites do you use social media like FaceBook I mean Twitter I get like jet Twitter is a younger person's thing I totally understand that but do you use FaceBook you use any other sites. I beat saint I worked for AT&T for twenty plus years. Keeping attached where sixteen people like that. That's very very true but no cable TV for. Well could label it and that I I can't watch your unit channel this. I tried one time independent. You need to try harder Kathy is I'd try I can't even do that. Hit big over the phone call appreciate it I'm not able. In ten or twelve years I've had a land lines I was in college I'd had a landline since 1999. That would ban. And as I was last living with my father. Let's talk to Heidi in Casey your 91 GM BZ Heidi. I'm not allowed to ask your age because it will not be okay. Or are Ari what don't you use. Shelter and any electronic. Gaming and five kids ages from what to life. I'm. Girl girl all girls thirteen and ninety. Are you gotta all right make sure okay personal lawyers saying yes ends and I can't leaguers sane as you sound are you calling us from a cell phone. Actually I am I up. All because I have a child well now in Ottawa or up half. Do you do any of them I'm assuming that nineteen year old has a cell phone I'm guessing the rest do not. I actually got now in college and not everyone. And no video games knows Xbox know there will be none of that stuff. Back at that we don't. Any social media here now FaceBook Twitter verse well. Do you do you do the kids the kids I watched cable TV. How early don't watch much TV I mean I thought somebody has been that are pretty much are they like to see what else eight. There I mean I don't watch note she watched like that they may thirty met once we. Like. Too cute on Animal Planet that's why. Did. Started out about one week back to our early read that kept my. I'd say more old fashioned kind of thing they like to play outside in the light jet. You know do things that get used to do like what I get. In this. Her agent Heidi reaching go up a home run derby with your friends go play pickle in the backyard go play a little basketball absolutely. I. Afraid of what would happen if I cable I think that's partly why don't have it damages. I don't watch TV in part because I know that I would just get addicted to things like here's here's the door and so I used. Only. Pay for Netflix at the house that iPad is Netflix has a lot. And I out. You know I'm on the I'm so. I just started paying for who at ten bucks not try it see it's the dead of winter colds crappy hot. Discovered that top shaft has all thirteen seasons. On who. Eats even like a 160 episodes where it. Now is because kind of passive watching I mean I can keep that on enough people attention to it. Now is up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Watching episode and it's like your version of crack is Hulu I don't I turn. So I just want the option. We did talk about you be able to handle. The idea cable television yet your your self control becomes the bids one. Monte Euro Nady lined KM BZ Monty how old are you. 67 what do you use or don't you have. I don't use computers that use war as a email the you know what that is but. They worry. I've. A little bit computers should stay either and captain may. Orient city state or government offices and that's what brought United States and everybody you know computers in Burma and everything. And but people send you shop and on the computer. And all that is is like crazy and it says can be in it but it's like yet or Adobe should all he would. But yet you know. Apple idea of volatile Michael took place and yet I'm not too late you know do it like a lot of people are down by. I got. MIT thanks for the comment leg a few more up here. See witness it it's funny because you talk let online shopping he says you're lazy I see your it's convenient and your efficient if because your price compare Barack you can often get it on the line. More cheaply than you can get an example I just bought my fitness tracker yeah and I went about spying got it because I I want to do what he sent I want to talk to a person I want somebody teach me about it. Dave price compared Amazon. Yeah I gave mediums price again. I think it all comes back to I I think it did really does come back. To a generational thing and I can because look outside of 128 year old at 144 year old every one. That is set don't have computer ought to use computers don't use email is of a different generation. Our generation and isn't a bad thing I mean it could free I wish I could live without being addicted to this thing in Miami this phone in my hand. I'm jealous but it's a generational thing. We have several people that are younger now in their twenties and thirties that said that checking account what's. And they don't have a credit card Howell how are you paying for things you don't money is that always your check comes to dual paper check the you take your bank put it your savings account and you write checks and only pay in cap no you can't write text you only paying cash can you write checks have your say does not know that when my son knows it right yes that you can't I'm just trying to figure out. How are you paying for bigger ticket items are you clean your build had a. Maybe you don't care and you have a mortgage are you paying Iraq in cash by 7677. Attic attempt for a few more yearly Eugene in Kansas City Eugene. What I ask your age please. Yeah hey you're eight. Very what do you do not use or do you not use Eugene. You don't have that compared. I have yeah a lot of radio TV column to protect us. And you're happy as can be right Eugene. Yeah yeah I have his favorite TV and radio and and I'm. I live in a hole appear. Up. Eugene you gotta deal rather. Him take your bet they do over the phone call an end and I wish. By the time I if I survived his 63 or 65 or 70 am able to retire and who knows what line a technologies that advance between now. And 35 years from right now. Like you live like our callers like Eugene like. House are gonna TV I got a car what else you. I hope I can live that content. Yeah how do you think you ago without social media. Because that's the bigger issue for you I think that's the Austrians and now everything's on my phone for you it's a young boy. Was ultimately deadly weekend did you go I I. I could probably go whole weekend like I've gone on camping trips where my phone didn't work and it kind of enjoyed it. I've gone on vacations for a week and didn't out of the lifeboat in the safe in the first day but I had a camera with me because I wanna take pictures or. But I mean but in everyday life and on vacation like let you know daily life from home to work in Kansas City. How long can I go without social media or iPhone and are now without going insane it would be difficult in this job you can never be social media that make the Japanese animal but. As for you interesting on the same weekend alone Sonia. And I give up my we both just give our phones up for excitement and as a medium left not a guy I can and you can text called me by asking you social media. I could even browse now like I would have to audience I would purposely not uninstall FaceBook and Twitter yeah. Just so I couldn't be tempted to do it. And I have to do if you look. Respond to people that needed immediate response. The last one up is Laura who's out this up in Waldo Laura you get the final or a 981 K and BZ. I carry it that bad. Right now I am I didn't get that social media LA at night and it how he ill I mean the war that you never even knew it. Mean there's a world before in his book that the. Actually is and it. I'm I would like re. And Ike ER and eleven more in and went out and imperfect I am LA. And and got it in more you know and when winter came like when pat called and but he put back animals being at that I had and I get wasn't. Didn't like equity deal site if I happen and it is attacking me but. I needed towards my own than actually deleted the app which was very hard to do. Well liked guy. Now right. Click and I. Now. Hillary I'm happier with. Lol at you for being important animal rescue and godspeed. For you load than the national media. I've ever but it then and I hit eight. Thank you are for the focal appreciated I mean is it the people that don't have direct deposit that still had to get actual checks and person just accidents sat at my son ordered I some works for the company OK and day it will pay them on debit cards. Like on reliable data cards that we that if you just checking account like you know via. Visa debit yeah. They just load the whole paycheck on a debit card so we got a checking account which some teenage kids down yet and they can still use that line that's interest in pretty good idea. This on a FaceBook page it's on Twitter as well thank you everybody for getting in and end. God bless you you can live without a TV and social media and hostile look in on how how big. I don't know sizes to look at. Created as maybe it's bigger than in nineteen do it diagonally from from diagonally from corner to corner I hear that on yeah it's probably 25. It really just takes up space in my current on my office and I can connected to the computers up in my office by. It just takes up space right now I have not got rid of it because I don't know what to tell people they were to say where's your TV where gee where's that whole year I'd say it's a hole in your your living room doing what you haven't and why do you have. A living area but not a place to watch TV. It's a 149 was second with Scott parks and out we'll find out what's coming up during data and parks next also Jamie fills in the rest of her bracket she's got three regions done up next the midwest region where Kansas. Is that number one reads as a number one seed. We'll see if Jamie hasn't going all the way knack for 98 want came BZ 91 KM BZ. Meeting with Jamie and wicket coming up Dane in park state is out today so it'll be parks wicket. For the first hour and a half I don't know who's committed at 330 but does got to ask because the ground. All of us will be interest and need it allowed liberal I believed to fielding his role practice the last what's your. Saddled hurts your Sino India the sites that you're gonna play with the when he gets boring well I. I have to leave my seat go to your seat right because Scott sits here you're gonna see the world from messiah and I to go to the other side were David normal least six so glad to pack my things gamble over. Three feet yes but might be paid overtime for this a new move there it's there way. Byron let's wrap up your bracket. Jamie so far has got no book. Gonzaga Kansas State. As three were final form and and she's picking solely based on travel preference yes he did it if you've been there you like it or you'd rather building. Or I don't like it or vice feeling about it and now are right in the last region is the midwest region Kansas the number one seed. The double play into holes on Friday at 5:50 PM that to be fun writer on the middle of Saint Patrick's Day. Kansas Burres is evil either and C central or UC Davis that's gone to Kansas homer yeah Miami vs Michigan State I generally don't like anything about Florida and students I think Michigan State or Michigan well thank you. Another spark for us and them and I play I don't do well totally fine. Iowa State or Nevada. And her fiance is violent Karen like about tiger is going to be in an analyst and as that'll work it makes total sense. Purdue vs Vermont this where I broke from tradition I don't know where Purdue is an Indian yeah West Lafayette I do. I'm I'd love Vermont. But I just like a pretty seem like a better idea narrates. Creighton which is in Nebraska. Well or Rhode Island roaches in Rhode Island there. Or in a bomb or I don't I don't. Look at this it does it out against my favorite places in the world to go and spend time on the coast. Iota is in New York okay definitely Oregon confirms next Michigan which is in our urban or Oklahoma State which is still water. And Michigan for you think Theo and honors you see Batman tonight I Michigan hoodie is over there are based organization in Ann Arbor Louisville. Which I'm sure you got that one or Jacksonville State will. Because I don't like Florida and it all of upper back to the top the jayhawks rock jock vs Michigan State Kansas writes. Nevada and Purdue now. He's an idea bout we start tearing up now it's not a terrible thing. That Rhode Island organ wrote. Island that was an emotional I like both of those alive that was tough golf I've never been to Rhode Island do you go to Providence Broderick is a pretty cool sound muted by the way and the other side that Providence to win one game. So yes this happened to your state hasn't figured at least not lying public YouTube like broad I'll. Michigan or Louisville will sorry or it's okay that's. These are not my bet is there these are probably gonna be better than anything I can come up where it Kansas and Nevada Kansas. Homer Rhode Island Louisville my. Normal little oval room. That would be a great game between Kansas and blue oval if that does happen if it does happen in your right who's going to win will little. Or give up on the rock show jayhawks. Up. All right. So now ever final four and Luke all and Kansas State the only person in America that will have this match up I promise you. Yeah all their what's the one that's gonna outward and that's Kansas State. OK okay as you make it even make it to Friday that's a lot of friends at K state and and all the links I can't CK ST the final four but what the hell. I didn't I hey I've been way wrong often. I've my champ lost I Michigan State last year they lost to a fifteen seed the second game of the night of the day everybody at that what yet that tore my bracket up. Google case state. We got women. I'd guess I didn't have artistic. Case they asked the state to achieve its aims even despite what you just Villanova verses and zag and on the other side on nova nova gap the national championship game that it has still. Villa and over Kansas State. That's the state did because I knew I was in Villanova and the whole thing regardless of the other side turned starter that was in double back to back noble and last year. I don't I'm very. And you've got and that's a terrible it's a really good pick for the number one overall seed they won it last year. That indicates things elections different. So that they don't college I missed the brackets are always crazy. There it is noble over K State's got punished. This is Jamie's your activities based Dutch purely on troubled places she'd like to go or prefer to travel notice I don't like anything Florida. I love anything Kentucky Rhode Island I'd like. This is based on where you went for you and where demand. Well just take the local team just goatee I a lot of friends that are K state fans side. One way of K there was no I really like urban country feeling approval NAFTA. And I pick in honor of wicket thank you and prevent and then to lose. So I'm liking it's far. So I'm and I'm just gonna gone really low level did you get to like or I was asked to Keeneland for Dana and I. Are this go. It. With the bat you needed one loud liberal to fill the other love liberals seat is that what it is one person loves to shop and other. I wanna start and another person it's more lack of attention span has the same. Would what do you guys what are we talking about today Scott what should I be ready for. Well we will get into. The Michael. Brown case Ferguson also did you hear the star. Is selling their god awful building downtown you're kidding me I didn't like the one that are ready shoots that. Wow they're selling. Only thing they just gonna try to Lisa from who I'm running out to nowhere to. Agassi won the first buildings and I want. Garish building. Is that also deaths is one of ugly it's buildings in downtown Kansas. I don't know what point the star was trying to make. With that awful. Non architectural bill but it is. And getting out of it they wanna sell it for war. Policy rice they've the price say the price to you get started I look right on against her free. I hope that I killed one dollar one dollar athlete that little hire them to more than. And I don't know my rare one dollar coming I wouldn't pay anywhere near. East and it which parts coming up next. I'm not too late now.