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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-13-17 3rd Hour

Mar 13, 2017|

What's Trending? Women - how much do you spend on your appearance?

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Your regular supposed to know what's going on the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do remember anything can happen why did what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Plus didn't he invited them on 98 point one JMB. What's trending Korea in Kansas City on Twitter. For these national mapping the ice Ontario I. Curveball that tiger today egg I mean I was we have the fire alarm. Go off at 3 o'clock in the morning in the building today Hummer so that was a neat way to wake up for about an hour. Is you know we have to leave the building and the fire department asked to come and I don't think it was anything but a messed up sensor that in teeny smoke Dodi was freaking out. So up about in a half an hour in the car finally had shut off field back in your dog all calmed down south. I take a nap today in honor of being national mapping I had neighbors fighting at one man. Directly below my banter at spot that was on pleasant to wake up to him that's really fought just say. What else susteren. And let's see we. We've got out Sanders. Trenton I'm guessing because Larry Sanders. It is a I'll tell you like it's not Larry Sanders from Gary's got shelved. Larry Sanders used to play for the Milwaukee Bucks. He decided he would play basketball anymore and wanted to go. Work on his art. Work on his music series smoke a bunch we'd yes I'm a huge story in Sports Radio queries to work. And he's agreed to a contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers all of a sudden. Because Cleveland the reigning NBA champions. Have decided that they want to. You know make another run at title when they come calling. Easy you'll do what you want to play basketball team Reeve and his love for the game it's amazing how that happens it is an eye on things out when you have the bucks are not a really good franchise. On they want you to things are going well he take a break we'll win. It is the the cavaliers come McCall and wall heck yeah I'll go play with LeBron never really elegantly with. Abroad Kellyanne Conway is trending because she did the morning shows and is now the big thing that she keeps saying everybody keeps talking about is of course we don't have evidence or she doesn't have. Evidence of the wiretapping. Of President Obama are present I was wiretapping at present which is surprising because normally she never breaks from from. Protecting president trump my guesses she is being. She's taking issue where reporters that are saying do you have evidence and she's saying of course I don't I wouldn't have that evidence. Yeah I know anywhere in my position cabinet she's making all those those rounds I'd Chase Daniel is trending formally. Of university resume and now also played for the chiefs and signed on for the the last season what with a Travis eSATA with the Eagles as the backup quarterback over there yes he as the backup quarterback and there's rumors he might be playing for your cowboys yes cowboys of attacks since the Eagles just got nick pulls back. From the streets all the Eagles and they just got him back yes so while police Chase Daniel actually said I wanna be released. It makes sense to me and a you don't wanna compete for the you're not going to be a third quarterback teams rarely keeps three quarterback right. Gone there. Blizzard 2017. Ball is trending their talking about forty inches of snow in Scranton PA between now and Wednesday forty 41440. It is winter storms Stella. We started in name the winters but Stella is what this one's called as you mentioned four inches of us now. And parts of Pennsylvania but. The vast majority of the northeast is gonna dad like a foot eighteen and has Boston New York to see. And Kenya that Apple's I'm Pennsylvania is the worst of it. Keep in mind this goes all the way through Wednesday I've heard in some markets Pennsylvania so if you're supposed to flying in the next couple days. First you're gonna anger that's odd 1000 flights canceled this morning out of that area that number is going to balloon and that could ripple effect here senate and we are eager parts of slick roads here because we're we're getting a bit of ice Al goodness syllabus slick little's. But nothing like forty inches of snow to talk about nineteen inches of snow in New York City so that. Don't disrupt anything out now. On air small town and all it's the little apple right model it's the other one my bad. Bode make boat face I just clicked on that Syria after a vote to name a research ship. Was voted on by you people. Bode make bold face was subsequently overruled a mini submarine has been given the name instead and it's going on its first mission. Heading to the yet Arctic to investigate parts of the Southern Ocean. Exactly why. We do and I don't know exactly what they're gonna be looking for but boat in the vote face is going to investigate the Southern Ocean. And I don't know it's going to deal. It's the third time now dad now do bode nick vote face has been a vessel that supposed to it'll go and do things in the water it's. Funny to see it and I've got an image of it in the water and non and it's this big yellow it's it's a lot bigger thing. On this big yellow submarine. I surround about as whites and all the water. Remote operated underwater research vessels. An expedition now in the some of the deepest and coldest abysmal ocean waters on earth. With the athletica got a I there's what's trending Soria was the hot topics in Kansas City on Twitter. That's what it is half wasn't winter storm that we are talking about today we'd still be talking bracket as far as I am not turning and it's spring break ally can transfer rate this week. In comparison like that by the way I. Zero or offered it is all you want on I don't know things parents like it because expense and the kids can take summer or spring vacations. Entertain your kids for a week or more to add someone else entertain them. I was out after it up on FaceBook. For a lot of schools near spring break and wondering do you like this week off for your case Steve do you go on a trip is this your vacation with your kids. Or is this we difficult for we averaged that we did summer vacations we were dead big spring break trips and and Dana as sweet as flag she's often die. Yeah I don't I don't really do I don't think we ever did anything although. Like I can't think of spring break trip that would that I went on outside of my spring break when I was in high school that was premature to write for a mom. New detail in the big trips over Spring Hill my did not I'd know my mother does not like our demand. Let us on FaceBook or on Twitter. It texted as well 22980. Straight ahead Jamie could buy a small house Ehrlich and a lot of women probably could do the same thing. Many women can do the same there was a study that was done on how much money women will spend and their lifetimes to maintain their appearance. I did some math to some real quick math I was shocked and and I asked what that bottles a day you're. I'll tell you next house that is my number is probably a lot different than your no Big Three fifteen minutes from opposites they take you eat at ninety seconds it's a pretty yeah that would during the break and I'm more low maintenance than a lot of when you aren't. It makes me wonder about what people like I don't know if you are really spending on stuff on products. As the number they have found out that you women spent a lifetime is astounding you'll find out what is next a 91 came BZ. Mighty wind KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it Jamie not a Sally likely gets. Coming up at 1 o'clock. Somebody out there I don't know anybody who does this but somebody out there are refuses to own a cell phone. And he wrote a very long piece we're a very logical explanation of all the reasons why while I would like to know how old dispersants I did not yeah I didn't get to the age part of this but also will ask you may be used on a cell phone but it is there something that. You know everybody has technology wise that you don't get to that coming up at one. Our men do any concept how much money no woman in your life spends to maintain her appearance again in gas. Would you have any idea. How much all that you don't models in the bathroom. Bathroom is yours and you look all that stuff. In any concept of how much all that stuff costs and what you could have for that money. There's a cost vs what your staff costs. Let's see here I have a big giant bottle shampoo with the push top thing that's been sit in the same X corner spot there of the the tub for. I I don't know three and a half four months and I have and I've had to buy more yet I say that probably cost you three and a half bucks and it's just so. Is it does at multiple purpose is it's just shampoo out its trust today out our. I'm guessing Lee bought it went. I'm guessing Levon knocked out. If he does that to me be like generic perk plus a hot. Our paper is about a dollar 99 Tim conditioner and absolutely glass bottles less space I doubt us a thing of face wash and I got a thing for body much. Write a cracks but in theory. There's no greater invention that is more guide. Then the shampoo conditioner body wash bottle that is L all of it in one where the same stuff on your head you can wash the rest your body. So I would say I would expand. It a month nine Champloo. Haven't bought a new and four months conditioner I don't buy. Body wash I have to go today it'll cost me three bucks summit three product so far yeah and the face washes like you know for box or some sort or four yeah and I at least spend every other month on problem the other. I just bought a new thing for three dollars. Old spice toothpaste and toothbrush we share that shapes aimed sample lease with whom he shared it's not just opt out. Leo close we do not share the toothbrush and shaving products yeah. Right yeah about. And I have hair gel. I look for when you know Christina I banner around right he'll Wear a hat and you know where and on most days well a usually that I would say a I've. I mean I have I by the cheap hair gel because they don't really care all that much but I I would spend. Once every four months on hair gel. Now you and expense that I don't we're talking about this because there's a story out of the UK about how much the average British woman spends. On her appearance in her lifetime we've and and this is the same thing for Americans to separate them out of the UK I did the math for army will get in numbers here in a second checked on. But it's yeah part of why we're asking you as as man how much how much you spend in the coming product use and what you expand I don't what's that there you a couple of services that I don't yet okay. Like the many pennies. Terribly often but yeah I would say every other month at yeah I would say every other month I don't do that you have gone tanning injure. Ice I I did before Mexico can I don't during the summer obviously some that I never problem not never and I've done and occasionally but yeah that's about it only did it to prepped to go to Mexico because of the pasty skin going down there. So what you've learned is that the average woman spends the equivalent of 94000. US dollars in her lifetime on her appearance 94 grand that is why it. Probably parks is house cost. Per thousand rounds is small house Roland OK that is the entire cost house. Here's a half the total was spent on the face a while. How that works out is about a 135 dollars and so that being on face wash that beyond and stuff like products and all the make up this is make up this is the primary is that we use facial stem make there's a lot of products to take a makeup off and make up on. That it into things to note that all other things my idea Bob especially the waterproof makeup that takes for an option then it got manic Ers. They include the gym membership in here as loan fitness apps. On what they do not include or things like Botox. Which some women do you know and and I can't believe they don't include hair cuts and here. Because I cannot believe what some animals and Erica I would bet that if this 94 grand not including here. Yeah I I have got to imagine if you included air whether it's. Deal styling trimming hollering. All that stuff. I mean illegals to the that this line every so often get her hair you know. Cut and colored then. And it's. 7080. Bucks every tie that tip is a lot and and and you tip on top of that thought about a hundred bucks. A lot and it's. This little startling for me to do the math because I saw that number so there's no land anywhere close here and there is no. Because I don't get expensive haircuts. I'm delaying the coloring of the here for as long as I possibly can because once you start that you don't ever get back. I've never had Botox I don't go tanning and I document patties. Gym membership isn't fair but I'm planet fitness at ten bucks a month Sonja Angolan low brow and on and I'm not yet that is a life where. I'm buying really expensive versions of stuff that I used. I'll probably get there and and five years or so but I not to about a 115 month. Which is even higher than what they are those guys what about 150 times twelve over the spanning a lifetime that sounds like it would be more than ninety that overnight before an attic. He's yet to buy every month. Some of the make up stuff that I want or Hewitt a lasted two months OK but still once you add in some of the things you do occasionally get it comes out 20430. Bucks a month. Guys are anywhere near this I don't think guys are anywhere near this advice if IKEA the monthly. Total on stuff for my appearance a monthly total let's say that I eight. Yoke is usually like body wash your bar sultan. LSU month and a half months Champloo among my fourth month of this giant jug that I have right now off. Haircut maybe once a month spent about 1520 bucks on that. Again I don't idea expensive versions of I'm I'm fine expensive makeup I'm fine and a 150. Riches start. There are some odds were probably on you know again don't replace all those things so maybe I'm maybe I am that 94. House you're gonna die I die I can buy a house while it was like we spend zero but. Think it's been a little more than your average. I think a lot of guys some ones no I don't I don't I I well I mean these ones open ideals to use one free shampoo and a that's not uncommon. I think. Tommy I think a lot of guys that I node don't have a separate body wash and and teach him for one works for. But that's not even a ton of money though I mean I I I you know I I think I'd never I don't think I've ever ball on the panel three I've seen it wondered about it and and thought. And conditioner and body wash owned well this is again ideally what I use hair conditioner for Shane. If you buy decent here that I would use its opinion is that the shaved her is if you're gonna razor. Until last week people brush their teeth in the shower more than you I thought I'd which I'm learning more or more here. I mean it's like we spend zero but I definitely don't spend a hundred dollars a month on on my appearance and that guys excited you can tell by looking. You guys are texting and what your wife's guns and I guarantee you it's more than app because I don't think your concept of what all that stuff costs. Of what moisturizer it's cost him like the make up stuff costs and and I forgot what I forgot rashes and I forgot about toothpaste and all that stuff yet devised so it's. Yeah it's and again I'm a maintenance I gotta be an animal. I got a bet most guys are a lot unless there's an app like how much space I actually get in the bathroom as compared how much space when he gets in the basket so what's that. Arrangement what's the real state. It's 1230 right now I'll tell you can't does this could take a little while an 81 KM BZ mid day would Jamie like at 1236. Coming up. I had no idea that this is the new drink of choice in America. And I'm a hard time explaining amble askew with this has been the case in your life 5767798. Is the phone number were discussing what women by vs men when it comes to their appearance and Jamie is figured out that. You about home for the month of stuff that you spent a lifetime. There's studies saying the average one and it will spend what amounts to 94000. US dollars in her lifetime on her appearance that includes a lot of things. Does not include haircuts but it does include things like gym memberships anti aging products make up manicures. And that's. Bennett that they get in to things like. That as apps and is older he's all the way that here is not include kidney because that's an expensive one that would like double the price of all first shots and I I would be far below that because I by the most expensive and think through why am I don't just not anything that. Later in my life I'll probably put more money into the anti aging products is up like that but you know ice onscreen because that's the best anti aging product out. But I'm pretty close to what would amount that 94000 dollars and it's got evaluating what I spent. It's got me thinking that's too much and and too much of my money is going and that. And it's time down time to cheapen up on some stuff from the FaceBook page excuse me back no. A crackle and I don't throat so we're asking you a lot of men are texting and teach uniting zero are as appalled by 7677. A lot you guys. Think your wife or your girlfriend doesn't spend much on makeup and stuff Sony Texans up my wife spends too where bikes a year. Right between that and shampoo she does spanning more than used it yet 200 bucks he. I get my lunch and stuff I have. A moisturizer that's fifteen bucks a bottle. And that's nothing that isn't isn't. Fourteen dollars a bottle for a thing of moisturizer. And out get an anti aging moisturizer with rat all kind of stuff and that fifty bucks contain. I Kyle writes bars soaked with a shower use it for my hair and everything I only true my beard when I do shave. I used the women's raiser at my woman's razor I cut my old hair and most guys are like me that I know won't spend a dollar on anything like that. The only thing I'll questioned music most guys are like yield. I don't think most guys are cutting their own here I agree with I don't think most people cut their own here. Now I know some men and it. And that matter couple aren't here who has sent their wives cut there sure yet now and easy. It is easy but just say I cut my note here in most people like me I don't believe that three seconds. As the great clips because if if you if most guys cut their own hair like I'll wrote we wouldn't. Have lady aids right we would have asked us sport clips are great clips. Other than kids who are right. But so I'm attitude completely disagree with that but other than that. But a lot of guys you like you said. Our cell body wash top bottom everything you know. With these sort also for a wicket I am oh some regional I am sad so far on my gosh they take so much of my money but I. It. Threatens several friends are much more makeup than I am. And I. They probably spent enormous amount every month because it's for it's. And it's a shop for the fun gift for yourself if you had a rough week go by new list you'll feel better and yet guys YouTube you feel better about yourself stop it is a four and go get yourself to do lets you buy booze. And did you get your yeah your blushes our beer right. I I acted on that might whites make up is at least 400 dollars a month. Hundred dollars a month I make I told the is that our money is expensive gas. Get an upper upscale line and make up and that is costing new line I believe that in terms of space on the counter the outlets to. We're the ones think wide wide countertop one sink we have. Did have the mirror was this thing called as the candidate and a vanity news. I don't ask things are called Reno yeah mirror door I don't know I would not. All. She I I actually was was there the other day and this was in her she leaves to work after Ideo. And I walked in and I surveyed the counter space just on a Tuesday or something last week I and additional wild. And I tell you what guys you can relate to this. I had one thing on the calendar and it was my RAZR that was charging. Because it was guy had to issue an outlet I needed it outlet because I was gonna shave Thursday night is you and I were at the auto show on Fridays we need to look somewhat presentable and there were thirty other things on the calendar and they were all. Les. Than the razor plugged in and she's got three different towels speak batters straight nurse she's got her curler. Which makes no sense to me the blow dryer is. She's at all. Make up foundation. All this stuff and I'm like how I am 1% of the real estate on this counter and everything else is ours is straight. Aron a curler thing is really funny figure that the same thing straighter and a curler because you in the hell because all want what it is the bottom. As the bottom part the industry in the top so you need both things straight there and occur you need to be straight month at the bottom to be makes total sense to him I use. And you're an and you talk hair dryer. And hot rollers that someone and use every day and multiple brushes and multiple phone. So they text and my girlfriend I've separate bathrooms because I no matter. You don't have that luxury go to Europe has yet but that's all we. Down state look all I do in the morning you know when I shower. Did today you're welcome. I shall raise easily shower brush my teeth and if I do my hair that I that I put jealous if not it's up with a big cabinet and I shaved two or three times a week. Condemning it and a lot of businesses you gotta shave every day and I get that were fortunately in an industry were you don't have to. Other than that I don't use that bathroom other than to you know use the toilet. I just those of the three things shower brush teeth shaped made. That is not really there for you know there's a scale that it goes like six rolled. Up. That won't work rolled other than on vacation once who has sex so many robes that's not something nice hopes there's towels hanging all over. One towel three times and we demand wash Geist he tells one for the hair on the body because the talent your hair after your drop. Or vice Versa you're gonna want out. Towel wrapped around you like your work on that we can straighten her hair earlier harassed it's a comfort thing it's just. You want you wanna be covered in some so many differences between you and stats let's go to Jason North Kansas City and 91 KG MB easy what do Jason. It's only for our my wife and doubled in Indian master bathroom. And I thought great she's got her son and I got my. Right you're gonna pay. Able to share that real estate where JJ's and he's like you're gonna get. Call her. Her eyes he's ready in mind I'm. Vacuum in the hallway. And little singled in Andy. Pavlik or it's about all and so quiet you know and it would be an entity and that all I have. Out without that element here my razor market where my acute pain. Right that's it all I need to. Jason you could actually live it toiletries bag couldn't you. The call I appreciate it yeah as I could survive if it was just a toiletries bag the size of a drawer I wouldn't need anything other than that one outlet every couple days is to charge my electric razor a techsters my husband gets one's four and one small shelf I get the other eight yours and two after app I believe that yes you do twenty shades of red round at various pluses. I. Same eye on eight I have never seen so many varying colors of hope but they're different. All the say it's all different I know. Is till. Don't. Look this is another discussion and other times discussed this is another time. You most beautiful enough free don't need to put on an extensive amount of make up I mean look to make yourself feel pretty. Her beautiful autumn had you know clear this wrinkle or that you know imperfection fine. But to spend hundreds of dollars a month. On on makeup is amazing especially you were married Julia is every day like rethink TV. Certainly I'm certainly how much I do to come to work every day. Verses nighttime I could reduce my bowl I don't. Okay EIG could shower last at bat that beat out. Well. I'd reduce MR I wouldn't want to do that Syria now but I urge is quite a ban on. All. There are days or less or more and generally at weekends and during the day and care as much but on radio. No matter. What should. I just I it is amazing to me it always has been to my dating life. The amount of like the bathroom space the drawers full of all different varying colors of red the outlook to either one it's red. It's you forgot out. You got ideas a lot I will go make shopping and see in color and forget tired. Average return if I bought it I don't open music right. They way to but he could do that thing get home as Larry that set of shade of apple red I'm retired. I don't need to the exact same thing. Their main difference at all I know I've seen it tonight. I've seen a Mabel lean counter your girl Taylor Taylor Swift yes has totally personified the different state she's tremendously. And she wears red lipstick yes. Yes she doubles. Or texting and you men that have a wife and many teenage daughters. We feel free. That makes that we have five bathrooms to my three teenage daughters and one bad one for my two boys one guest room that's what I at that time. I've now and we just like the color you probably get. You know ready in your kids' bathroom business. There's counter space of the real estate available if there's a mere in the kitchen and that's about it for you to just because of this and there there's wind. Up front it's easier for him. I'll let us on FaceBook how much you're spending guys compared to amend that real estate debate straight ahead. How much. It was hard on how much but what is become the most popular drink in America. I thought about alcoholic resort about the most popular drink in America. I had no idea this was eons and is this true for you know a lot to you what it is coming up next a 91 KM easy anyone can be easy the day with Jamie wicket. Coming up at we'll get into why somebody at their refuses. To own a cell phone which I find to be amazing in 2070 now. Even a flip now. Down and think about his reasons he makes cents I don't know how he's getting by but you survive but it makes it is adding. How do you possibly survive. I'll do that and next hour also we will have Jamie's allowed bracket region number three as the brackets are out in this one to. I'll we're gonna go to give it all filled out OK good we're gonna go to the bottom right one we'll finish with Kansas at 1 o'clock hour and that regional into the south. I'm before we get to the news. The number one most popular drink like it used to be for ever gas at tight but alcoholic beverages were talking about what people abide at convenience stores or grocery stores. I would guess it has been for most of our lives co Google so. So some kind is so it whether it's Coke and Pepsi whatever probably goes to dominate the market. I would bet that that would still be the most popular drink in America. It is not in weights you hear d.'s numbers it is now US consumers are drinking more bottled water than any other packaged beverage which. Itself is not startling but we Jeter how much it's gone up consumption and and purchases. Bottled water sales increased by 10%. Last year 10%. In one year that's a lot. And total US bottled water consumption grew eight point 6% in 2016 to reach twelve point eight billion gallons so those are two different numbers sales and consumption but both grew. Dramatically from the year before and this is just water. It is just bottled water yeah and so those would be the first year that more or buying bottled water than anything carbonated. Does that surprise you shocks me on because I think from an environmental perspective what we hear a lot now is that. Don't buy bottled water do what we do like we have water tanks and Phil from an environmental standpoint don't waste plastic by your own bottle and fill yourself. On and were not the healthiest we never bet in this country right now it's true so I'm shocked that were buying some bottled water when obesity is where does yeah. Add anything from the frugal skate and play like you said put it in Neil we I have a cup you'll bottle right there refill you save money. At the spot for a week. They say that it's a bad idea federal I believe that don't they say that refilling the same like you have what does that though. Ice ice mountain. Don't they say refilling the plastic goes pop plastic bottles bad free of yeah they do but I did it for every two or those like the same this sunny bottle or whatever. I think there's something about the lining on the inside whatever. Mean it's it's the way detract from Hamburg in Boca that's the only number. I'd try to for eighty accounts is a day that's 23 so a different view for us okay are close to 4000. A sick they say this is out of food that dot com which is for the food and beverage industries we trying to figure out why. On industry experts I've bottled waters versatility. Makes it suitable for consumption anytime today you don't have to keep the warmer Cole wondering just how it is. There're all kinds of packaging types three counts five counts anytime now you want. And even though there are increasing worries about obesity and heart disease and all the problems of sugar consumption. Even though more people are having problems with those. We are educated on the fact that that is bad men and we are we know how bad sugar consumption is. And as we're becoming aware artificial sweeteners in the fact that even though Diet Coke as your calories that doesn't mean it's good for things like that. Now we're turning to water and. To surprise me were bought mineral bottled water when it when I was grow enough was like who would buy a bottle of water and now it's the number one drink of choice. That's amazing because it was stupid like who's gonna ever by a beyond her Fiji Water bra and rock or Fina became head and decide you know all these other brands of water. This is water. Are a lot on the text line are saying. It's because of Flint, Michigan. A lot of people are saying how much that 10% last year can be tied to Flint, Michigan where they couldn't turn the water for awhile. Let's not that big can now one city now meet at 10% increase of bottled water consumption I think you're right I think that might be part of it. I can't believe that's gonna prompt a 10% increase national how many people live in Flint, Michigan 99000 out. No way that people drink that much no water in a year now to go up 10% immediate it may have had something to do with it gap obviously didn't cause a 10% rise nationally and when they have less than a 100000 people living in Flint in the going this was just the year where it went up so much and the other is my guess is those people are drinking other drugs to south. We certainly are you ready to wrap up this this next round bracket I'm sorry we go. Jamie is picking your bracket. Based on travel destinations places like please I don't like please seem like fun she hasn't watched a basketball game in eight years stands K you'd really Ari we start with North Carolina this time the overall number one seed in Texas southern on North Carolina because Texas southern is in Houston nonstop Arkansas which is Little Rock then or seek to haul. Idol like you are one of those places psychic signal okay. The lesser of tunnel in Iraq in New Jersey is just now Minnesota which is Minneapolis Saint Paul and I know Middle Tennessee State is exciting cares I really wanna go to Minneapolis I think Minnesota. It is you wanna go to that they're ranked Butler in Winthrop winter doesn't south Carolina's electric when they're. I was up Carolina. Let's see here Cincinnati full hour. Kansas State or we force I'm Anthony's parents because Manhattan's your favorite travel destination a ball. I have friends or Tuesday is good enough that was enough or better than any other reason I can think. UCLA. Or Kent State's UCLA is Ellie is my for an investigation. Dayton beautiful date no dial or Wichita State which is rustic home run and uncle uncle homer. Kentucky which is in Lexington or northern Kentucky which I'm guessing is north yeah that's your Cincinnati I can keep because I wanted to divert country. It's a darkness is better than anything I can come in any of these fixed my. Back to the top North Carolina which is in Chapel Hill or seek to all which is in majors on Arthur. Pretty Minnesota or with wetlands and that right there right in Gaza Carolina we want erupted this as a sweet sixteen either. Kansas State or UCL a case. Homer. Oh Wichita State or Kentucky which stops count chief. Like to see that. And then Kansas State and Wichita State. Taking the right man he has you to that you leak if it's switched it which is in South Carolina or North Carolina. Arthur parents and then. Will you build the ultimate homer pick and put Kansas State in the final four for the Tar Heels. Our heels because Manhattan is nice of the Chapel Hill I never NC reader does I've never been to Manhattan OK I've never been Chapel Hill which one would you like to go to. Kansas State to the final hour why. I cannot even get to Friday what the hell I have friends that are these dateline India they'll watch these games that I will go join them and that will be fun she's got nobody can zagged in Kansas State so far in the final four. Why not why why why not have a method that's better than. All based on travel. Hobbled to the midwest region next hour and that includes the Kansas Jayhawks and it got to pick a winner a whole big shooting would honor and I'm I'm ranked Kansas State. In case they counts. Straight ahead so can live in this wrote about a cell phone what else can you live without that everybody else has.