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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-13-17 2nd Hour

Mar 13, 2017|

Greitens Transparency

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's what I was seven on a Monday thanks so much for starting your day your week with us we appreciated. Whether or little nasty and think it everybody sending us messages out via text to 22980. The roads are starting to glaze over. Yeah the National Weather Service had said today that we are expecting a little bit of slick roads little ice nothing major but it doesn't take much to get roads slick especially you get this afternoon's commute. Were hearing about it all over the place to just a little bit so give ourselves an extra space between you and a car in front of you. Your wipers on your lights on Dudack thing and let us know TC dining zero wolf pat source for seeing some patterns and places the metro. If yes any accidents that are really slowing down traffic especially as we launch our let us now will. Talk about dive bars later on this hour also governor greatness but first. The brackets are out KEU is the number one seed in the midwest they'll play Friday at 550 against a plane winner that should be a blowout came Kansas State will play on Wednesday against Wake Forest the winner gets Cincinnati this week. On Friday and Wichita State will play Dayton on Friday as well. Jamie's gonna a lot of bracken having watched zero basketball games in the last eight years around. And that really ever explain your method to us. I had that is my travel you know my travel methodology if I sat there and liked. If I want to go out I'd definitely have an affection for the place where the school. I it will load that I outlined later when it comes down to actual knowledge of basketball. But you're gonna use my thinking well I think it is going to be yeah in TV news know but we'll compare that I'd bet Chia. Jamie's next do better than mine box and I I had them people are mocking her on the tax line to go. She had Villanova coming out of there at the east region which makes sense of defending champs that the number one seed and you know that but house. Just how she got there was interest it. In the last we begin with Inzaghi and South Dakota State and a lot of hands a great town he loves them saying South Dakota and. Northwestern and Vanderbilt is on a hard time with Allen because northwestern being in my beloved you know might make China an ally and Vanderbilt being in national yet and I. Analogue Nashville Iowa and animal model going against the hometown. Yeah there right Notre Dame in Princeton Saturday. In a reason why you know in New Jersey and West Virginia and Bucknell where's Bucknell. To in Maryland. Pennsylvania and Delaware Pennsylvania I would West Virginia. Any reason line I'd never. Really that into you I've been to Philadelphia but that's not much else I think lesser Morgantown Nana and appealing travel site now Maryland and Xavier. I think to Maryland's. On because I don't like Cincinnati and I don't know Maryland I don't know where this university College Park but I. I like which I've no idea that is that I love Annapolis Maryland close and Ireland down lineup we have Florida State it's in Tallahassee and Florida Gulf Coast which I guess is in Fort Myers yup and I went Florida coast. Or the gulf of nerves. Tallahassee but it's not on the water and it's on the water might go there so Larry it's Saint Mary's which is an Oakland or Virginia commonwealth. OK so brace is BC line but because I've heard of it up up up up up up up and up. You married there are twenty of that. And it's kind of in the hood whose differences go it's indeed it's in Oakland I got fouled methodologies silencing Mary snow cave in now I think that's going to be around. There. And Arizona which is in Tucson. Or North Dakota which is in North Dakota who cares where in north. I don't like either really that was about ten doubling to us now Lieberman. Yeah it's can be a hundred in the days and 49 now amazing so I think Arizona there is at least it has pleasant Inzaghi and Vanderbilt back to the top here. It's easy but can burst open and Zach yeah I really slow cannot under. Notre Dame which is in South Bend, Indiana or West Virginia which is in Morgantown north their game notre game. Maryland which is in some city we don't really know or college where his or Florida Gulf Coast region for voters to Maryland because I really don't like Florida ever. Accents Saint Mary's there is out of Oakland vs Tucson Arizona with lesser of two evils there in the zag at Notre Dame channels and South Bend gets sick in Maryland and Arizona and act. Maryland owners know. And Ireland. They're coming to Maryland in Arizona. So where we Maryland there and then Ginn zag of Maryland the final four in Zack and there might have got so far. You've got to number one seeds no Indian Zagat to the final four totally an accident there wasn't really can't add to that part I somehow believe he'll. You know. I've always this way more fun at all the over thinking of people are putting in all tied oh I'll go back and look who who they beat what's their RPI strength of schedule how to play down the stretch I'll do all that right probably lose DO wing it just wish we should put something on us. You know we anything about that yeah we should you know may we Afghanistan. Like stories and interesting one because rarely is there synergy between Kansas City. And a newspaper the star. And Saint Louis and their newspaper the post dispatch so there was a strong claim that was made any joint editorial between the editorial boards of these two newspapers I'd like to know from you 5767798. Or 22980. Do you agree with the statement that was made by a senior advisor to your new governor Eric Wright is of misery. The editorial says these senior advisor Austan chambers have been called to tell the star cloak. The all people who care about transparency. Are reporters and democratic operatives. True. And explain why wouldn't more details of the senatorial but the two newspapers got together. And did a very rare thing where they got together and made some pretty bold claims about the administration there crichton's saying. Secret fund raising and secret spending is going on that is clear disturbing and unacceptable so given mine back in November 70% of missourians approved. A constitutional amendment amendment two was a ballot measure that sad the public interest is best served by limiting campaign contributions. Fully disclosing political fund raising and spending and enforcing the State's campaign finance laws. This editorial lays out the reasons that they feel like the governor is not following what the voters want what 70% of voters said they want. A couple of examples that they bring appear odd they say now barely four months later a dark money committee has been established. That brightens can use to quote thumbed his nose at the voters well. Dark Knight group called a new Missouri incorporated is worrisome enough but the governor's campaign accepted nearly two million dollars in a dark money donation. For an obscure group and he has yet to. He has yet to date. Tell us who the donors were to his inaugural. They say we liked as the governor about it but he ducks misery reporters he stone walls inquiries since his inauguration. And just we'll hand pick the reporters that he wants to respond to you. They say here's betting missourians don't care so do you. Are we the only ones that care that he's not being allegedly transparent because we are the media that have to do the stories. Or are you not knowing where the donation monies coming from is that a deal be 576. 779 I think it's an interesting discussion because. One of the hard things to do is you are talking about the soft the air is criticize the guy you voted for anyone. Obviously in the state defeating Chris Custer. And there had to be a reason for part of it was that. You know he ran on any platform I'm nine not a normal politician he ran against career politicians and ever since that bright like and I understand what people wanted change I get that we saw what happened in DC obviously with president trump winning because he's got the career politician that. That she was. But. Do you want there'd be more transparency it's hard to criticize the guy that you voted for like. If you voted for whoever. And they wanted to lost did you love every single thing about them or can you possibly criticize something they were they were you know promising a running. Because we're talking about she areas of his administration right now on one is we don't know where the money is coming from to his campaign. And that means influence if we don't know exactly where the money is coming from that we don't know we can't connect dots between. Things you support and doesn't support and people to donate to his campaign and what their interest IP. So right now a lot of information being dark we don't know if he's not what we just don't now and the other thing is. We need because he's a new governor and we didn't you know this is not a career politician so we know a lot about it he he. He had not gone through some of the vetting that it career politician would have gone through. So that lack of media access is concerning there's a lack of transparency there with with the media and this is the first time we've heard us. We've heard other reporters and other parts of the states say we don't have access to. And then again I'm wondering are we making a big deal out of nothing or does this actually matter to you does he need to be more accessible to the media. And there are four more accessible to you the voter 5767798. Should govern right is be more transparent you can read this story on her FaceBook page or do you not care. Mean you can say yes you'd like to know where exactly his interest are. Who he's getting money from. Wouldn't go the other way and say don't care. Really don't care and tell us and I would argue you should care. I would argue that you should care that your elected officials are accessible to the media equally. Because we are getting information for you whether you agree with that or not you gotta have the information first and you should get that money is coming from. Because otherwise you don't know what's prompting him to make some of the decisions he's making 576779. Make your calls coming up next also. We'll take your tax at 22980. Donna to be our lead off lead off hitter coming up next at mid day with Jamie Lincoln on 981 KM BZ. Heat one KMB easy lead they would Jamie like a reminder roads are glazing over in the metro so give yourself extra time little extra space. We're getting a lot of people texting in where some ice is showing up it's pretty much everywhere. Just a little bit wired nobody is talking about any one particular area where there's a time accidents in one place there's a little bit and right at that temperature point where. Doesn't take much we can look and he just electing outside here we can see it's falling a little bit. You know it's like just getting in or building so just slowdown to be a hurry it could still be a problem for the afternoon rush by 767798. A phone number or asking you right now about a story between I guess the collaboration. The KC star and Saint Louis post dispatch. About the transparency of newly elected governor Eric Wright. They start by saying we feel so strongly about the governor's lack of transparency and repeated attempts to invade the misery news media. That the Saint Louis post dispatch and the star publishing this joint editorial hoping that crichton's will change course. And every up a couple of different things on one side do you lack of transparency when it comes to his fund raising. We've got this dark money group called a new misery incorporated's. And then they say the governor's campaign. Except to nearly two million dollars and eight dark money donations from an obscure group and is today. Hidden donors to his inaugural Lester we still don't know who donated to his inaugural campaign. On and then his advisor told the star in fact SARS has yet to golf tell the star. That the only people who care about transparency are reporters and democratic operatives on and on the other side this is something we've heard a lot about which is that the governor is not the most accessible when it comes to when it comes to the media. The star says we'd like to ask the governor about it but so far no luck I he's basically dot misery reporters. Still wall inquiries almost since his inauguration he has handpicked audiences. And he'll go on FaceBook to answer some questions from supporters but they say the real questions from real journalist now. And so you are talking Ethier a little bit and I don't I just don't know how much the general public particularly those of you who voted for an care. You know do you carry that you don't know where the money came from that helped to get him elected that he continues to race you should because money buys influence. On it shouldn't but it does and so you should care about the people and what you know where they work and what they stand for and how much money they donated. On the end of watches watches record on what he supports a muddy dozen and look for connections. This is why when president troubles picking his cabinet we made a big deal. I'm the amount of money that some of those people who donated because it seems like they might have allegedly sort of blocked airway and money matters. 5767798. Do you care. Should governor Wright is be more transparent. Meyer Weiner will take both sides is what a jumping and we start this button recently Donna Kansas City your 91 KM BZ Don thanks for your patience. Yeah. Did. First what I agree it should be concerned end and it ought that money. Most people in steps that they specially politics. Itself. First week should lie. Take the money IE EE I can't be so here our president. Money. Ebony. Do dealings with what they'd be. For Tim Ayers. Once that happens it's a lot of people never dropped. Others. If this guy who were glued today. I don't think I believe either publication your if you are referring to at at a place that I would. Buy even. Because it's been a history lie. There. Give examples. Act now let's not just threw that accusation now on accused two major media outlets of lying without some and backed up. Well okay. I guess I wish my job was was the news business so I could sit here in my car I'm driving now apparently he's been. He made about how acting. Then I'll call you back tomorrow with troops are due by church. The bottom line. All of that but who listen to it is illegal war and that. Are we all. I didn't know yeah. I. To what hurts whether democratic or Republican it. Now to bear I tell. It. I'm an. And whether you care about knowing where his campaign money is on front that's that's the topic here. The eye care about it dialysis care that the people calling him out our are not truthful. Aren't they over the phone call. I argue and I I fear a little Bennett is that the issue is a little bit complicated right. It's got to connect a lot of dots here and so. I think here's hoping that. And saying he's doing anything wrong the problem is that when you don't know things when people hide things. It makes you wonder it makes you wonder why they're not being transparent about it transparent about it so I'm not saying he's doing anything wrong. But give us all the information and let us decide and we don't give us information makes us wonder what your high. Absolutely I mean and and here's and that the best line in all of this. Is. Let's see here in this story and there's liable to be if you wanna jump and I 7677. Point eight. He's betting missourians don't care I don't know of missourians even care. Because they think it goes back to. They don't that the majority of people voted him to be governor and and there's no doubt about that he'd meet Chris cost heard pretty handily. And more importantly I think it's our guy won so we'll have our best interest in my right. Doubt it but does he or is he gonna have his best interest in mind there's an educated conversation we had about this on both sides whether or not like the caller was saying. You know the that somebody is biased or not biased. There is an educated conversation be had about whether or not you want to know where the governor's money is coming from a from the donors and it. If you agree with that last caller that the media is corrupted by essence all fake news and don't trust the people asking the questions. He put it this way but we who you have to get information out of so even if you don't trusted. You've got to rely on the media to ask the question is an ordeal to do that he's gonna give us access why the world we live and if you're elected officials will not give interviews and will not answer questions and not be open it makes you think there is something. Great point does work media's gonna have a better chance getting access to the governor and you are from so that's where you go to the media and you say hey I'm wondering about. This and when he hand picks his audience or does a FaceBook live was he does FaceBook live for fifteen minutes and answers questions that are coming any picks and chooses the questions he wants to answer. But when it comes to this dark fund. Or this dark campaign or whatever what they were referred to as. The dark money group. We've heard him speak about that. Now and there's a lot of it's not Disney star the ceiling on making the accusation that he's not accessible to the public. Lot of places you sit out that you know that that should be concerning to you stuck to Pam in Kansas City Pam or I 981 KM BZ. Good morning. Jamie and mr. Rick how are you. Have both of you Orwell. Kind of Jamie here you've paid teachers. I pray that this does not condemn heart and you. But I truly believe that the reason that governor thinks that people don't care our hopes they don't. Had to do with it dumbing down the education system. I'm not sure what you me and I'm not a fan of items are clear what you mean. Well are eight people are not to. Things that things are taught more generally in school and there is that they are specifically. I mean to what is it does the roar. Are you saying that kids today or in the last ten years aren't learning to be perceptive of what our elected officials are are doing is I mean yeah. That's where I'm going with that and a also. Also have another question. Directed it. If we who voted for this amendment two. And it's packed. Can't get some sort of accountability it's a slap in the face. Absolutely soared as hypocritical because 70% of missourians supported the amendment that says. We were lines you know the public interest is best served by fully disclosing your political fund raise. So if you don't also agreed and the governor should be open about his political boundaries and then what you want I mean if this conversation came about governor Nixon. Let's say we re wind you know two when governor Nixon was was it was elected. And he was doing the same thing we'd be wondering about the transparency in governance that we won about the transparency of sly James and he answers tons of questions that you ask him on Twitter. Whether you like the answers are not. At least he's there every day answering questions announcing it's the most accessible person in the world but. At least like James is doing yeah absolutely I mean he's not always available at your wanna know but he's of the week and the two week. I can comment on that if you like. It is 1130 can lettuce now on her FaceBook page the conversation going on there and on Twitter as well also we're asking you. What is the best dive bar in Kansas City on Twitter at KM BZ radio hash tag midday MI DD a Y hash tag midday let us now. We gonna wanna try to build the best dive park is spent some time that one as we. Ready willing KM BZ mid day with Jamie lake it's Jamie has some really. Bad news for listeners of Dana and parks I don't really bad news. Dayne is out. Four of the day I don't want to bring it is he or she go for the whole week urges. She's out. Coming up starting at 2 o'clock it'll be wicket and parks for the first hour of sparks and let it just keep in mind in the top. He's only that's I'm just make no mistake my name right at the top. And pick you're not injured I figured if I figured he was looking for a allow liberal with a giant laugh if Palin. Is I mean Dayne is not going to be years ago. I will do my part I don't know what happens after 330 and it have a beer till 330 read like the ninth it's us or was everybody else on all I can I'm not free why not ask me because he couldn't do so I was Italy second choice there is a bit of sickness and lenders are right now citing rob comes out so I am. Every case out of paternity leave. South. Yup which get parts from two until 330 and then I don't know who's gonna feel and after I do not know the answer but his plan. Ball together at a time and us on Saturday night I went out to zoom bar over twelve that McGee. And if you'd urban zoo bar you know that is probably. That guy ideas of dive bars I would say or it's in the running for diving is to dive bars in downtown Kansas City I'm sure. If you're listening you have your favorite dive bar and we'd love to know what your favorite dive bar is. In Kansas City 22980. And also on her FaceBook page we are asking you. What makes for a good dive bar. Cheap drinks. Local crowd. Not snotty it's it's the ultimate opposite of snotty and so and casual and a bartender that cancel. You may be. Yeah now isn't isn't dress nice whatever they're just it's like they just came in from home. Now I just on just fun fun what makes for good dive bar let us on FaceBook text in 22980 or on Twitter KM BZ radio because. Yeah I mean I think. First of all it asked you can't have the appearance of being terribly clean. I I'd say it's got there's got to. There's got to be is still a center where you could smoke inside it and still that has to be there are a little bit in the car paid or in the walls or in this deal is close to be some red minutes of before the smoking ban went into place and so keep in mind we have some parts of the match round where there is no smoking plan out there not because keep it remember. It's not statewide in Missouri and there are some parts of the metro where you can still smile so on out. It access to Twitter feel free to Texas at 2290. Because our analysts on that are coming and I would say the bar stools are old. He and gore and there's probably a hole somewhere in a bar stool whether it's on this side or on the top yeah old wooden bar stools do it or not new carpet on the floor probably and probably not batted in tile matted down carpet has never been replaced new bathrooms probably not the best. The back. The bedroom there's a good chance that there's no to war on the stall right there's a real good chance at the men's room doesn't have a door on this poll so I'd be out if you might if you have to go to if it get to do the number two you gotta go somewhere else and cash only is consumer council yesterday CM ET radio is three dollar AT&T I think that yeah cash only because it's cheaper for them to run a business. If they're not having to pay the credit card please every time you ran your credit card that charges the business. So and that just is is an easier business to have three they offered jello shots. Yes they jello shots have to be on sale if your bars a dive bar and whether you know they're they're they're read to when the cheap score or one out. Jello shots are a must yeah at a dive bar. Arts of people texting and out of it and when you text these and give us specific locations again and because there's there's a lot of places we don't know where every little bit. And a late does this accident just nominally because there's a lot there's like gone miss Kelly Joe's an oak grove on the main drag. I stumbles public house in great town 315 Gregory all right Dave's stagecoach and in Westport. On a lot of peoples' sadness limbs and wild at 75 and mortal. Yeah thank god and there around the sun's coming quite a bit you Patrick know grow and Bart 83 morneau doubled came in on Twitter public times as well yeah that's early Bob Lorenz was this one on shade Charlie and it's not yet a C. Eight injuries is the same place on baseball Michael 38 or nine broadway's say is is a great dive lucky boys 1615 Genesee and is a great dive with the younger crowd and what. Makes for good dive bar let us know as well 22980. John writes sassy bar keeps a variety of tat beer's quality music occasionally alive. And bar food supports. Oh they don't you bar food Zune and Savard and I didn't see anything I didn't think there's only chip some wall. And that that sometimes is also makes of the good died Martina they have bags of chips or popcorn machine. They have paparazzi weren't machine that sit right there and usually it's free but not always for a for people who plastic basket full a lot of people or. Sorry I'm saying twin city tavern. That was for a 39 a lot lot of deep course and now on Lotta people texting that would in India are setting that would and on Twitter as well here's here's what makes a dive bar sticky bar on bar atop the sticky it's. Gross but there's just some kind of spilled over it yeah are you put your hand avenue weicker in clean. Carpet stains color fading with spots the original carpet bathrooms are dirty and share term madam and your name and now that super die via I don't know how many times I've seen nab that sounds soup for guys old guys sitting at the end of the bar every ten commandments and got. Guy every time the but I. Oh yeah there's always the one guy. Or lady it's even better when it's the one old lady always and at the box set as writers and the crossroads count I don't think so no I would say no I don't think so partially because that's pretty good restaurant to. I mean they they do a great food there's a spare. Not a die barking at do you agree that dozens but I know grind yours for being a great restaurant as much as I do for being a bar. Yeah I would say I know I would say granderson is out on a dive bar I've been out talking about these still have a cigarette machine. In the ball are right that's a key component of a dive bar. Definitely one he's. Italy and a hundred entity first and review why. I yeah parents and why others give me suggestion these are the keys people we wanted to know why. I get you to funky town and not to dive won't you take me too because there's too much going on there for TV. A diet are at a dance club I consider funky town would be. I'd a dance club but it is it is an experience like it on backers say anything bad because I don't wanna offend anybody but I'd rather dance because. It it just all types. And when you go to dive bar to dance it's always like always sweet Caroline is playing you always loved shackle probably play out is. Who Barbara's on all Dolly Parton nine to five played at the bar and hot. Like you you can probably write out the soundtrack to a dive bar and NASA's jet was saying. You know on the floor all the guys out on all is a nice I'll always know. Does not the most important thing news and dive bar know now usually Buren canes. Is a real cool side dive bar again she. Drinks yeah that's an I'm when I was zoom bar in the last time I was there I ordered Jamison knee which is a pretty standard and we order a bar. Analysts expect to pay for a figure to be cheaper than somewhere else and XP there are lies she started pouring and she can't pour has never kept pouring. And when she got to three fingers of whiskey is that you stopped because I was I can't handle yeah and I can't just play like I'm. For the long haul and that was six dollars six bucks and go yeah that's and that can't be drinking all night like on that leg of the dollar bush lights that's probably as good side you're a sweet dive bar. Three cool well yes for people not to not that big dispute pay four dollar quarterly to pay or whatever free poll for sure folding tables and chairs. Out of actual permanent tables and chairs. Saying the poor house and shiny it's a shiny several people of setback all right. Johnny's backyard off armour road in north Casey on Q and. Well there you go check that idea of darts with the metal chips not the dark darts with like you know the the digital board but old school guards the metal tips. That's a good sign for a dive bar Alexy karaoke every night. Plastic cups blew it and did you wash classic cup that's a good side you're at a dive bar Dele you are saying the same thing as you rebel and in shiny that's coming quiet that. I think the rebel code it's like I'm mr. get around mister show audience they always call me. A whole conference her inside or one for hunter outside. On high dive clowns on 39 street they have a mystery canned beer machine I know that one yeah I you know before all you never know it's going to be it's a mystery can't for a block. Art keep coming at it between a man aside acting BZ radio hash tag midday we'll go through 1 o'clock hour. Midday with Jamie wicket coming up we will look at our finger cartel I should say into lot of politics. John McCain speaks out so does Paul Ryan. And Alec Baldwin was on SNL over the weekend once again plus president trump did something that is the Twitter kiss of death. Or is it that's next 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ lead they would Jamie like it get to a stranding coming up at noon also. I love we're gonna talk about 1215 it makes me smile to know. Also makes me wonder about Lee but I. It makes me smile Jamie to know what you spend on stuff to make you look good why did you smile because I think it's hilarious how much time you guys and meant much money you guys spend. I do win asked today is there's a story out about how much money will know when it will spend in her lifetime on their appearance so I did the math and I didn't include services I didn't include haircuts are. I'm not this Angel like yeah we're about toxin and holed that offers one. I'm not none of that kind of stuff just brought taxes. On looks at this way I can probably buys small house. I'm not eating and we'll give you the facts coming up at 1215 a double dip our toe to politics over the weekend and you know it's it's it's always interesting when you watch the shows on Sunday and see some of the stuff on Monday when everybody's making the rounds like one person always seems to make the rounds and all the networks whether it's. With Chuck Todd face the nation in the CBS NBC Fox News. Anything like this time it was John McCain and and Paul Ryan's turns once again to make the routes. Makes cents. I don't get why John McCain because he's not a big supporter of the charm administration well this is badly today is the deadline for the Department of Justice. To provide evidence of president Trump's claim that former president Barack Obama tapped this bullets this from the House Intelligence Committee that's like everybody's wondering where the appeal the claim came from on Twitter which everyone. Reacted to. And this is actually Senator John McCain Republican who had this to say about. President trumps wiretapping claim. President trump has stick. Provide the American people not just intelligence committee but. The American people would evidence that his predecessor former pres United States was guilty of breaking the law because. Our Director of National Intelligence general clapper testified that there was absolutely. No truth to that. Allegations so. I think. The president has won two choices either retract or to provide the information that the American people deserve. Because if his predecessor. Violated the law President Obama violated the law we got a serious issue here had to say the least bit. There's no one I've heard who has any information relating to. The FBI or intelligence. Including vice president pants Sean Spicer Sarah Huckabee Sanders who has said. That they know of any information that backs this up do you have any reason to think that this charge is true. I have no reason to believe that the charge is true but I also believe that. The president United States could clear this up in a moment polyester is pick up the phone call the director of the CIA Director of National Intelligence. And say OK what happened because they certainly should know whether. The former present United States was a wiretapping trump tower. There is John McCain on CNN with that we Jake Tapper and I think he's right look at if present the truck is correct. And President Obama during the election in the run to the White House was tapping trump tower phones. I should know about back. In can trump administration claim we have evidence but it's classified. And I'm sure the president can do every wants Canty it seems like he can claim that every once can't live now we all know hand that you can't. You can't live without accountability there on what happens if there is no evidence that wells are just thinking that as he's talking I'm thinking. We're never president trump is never going to admit he's wrong about it. So if there is no evidence and he finds out that it was a false claim I don't think that's and I think he'll ever Coptic. And if he does it'll be one of those things like when he finally said President Obama was born the United States even claimed Hillary Clinton started which was ridiculous yeah there'll be a botnet to -- yes he does not something else he was not tapping but look at Snowden then or look at Chelsea man there'll be something to cover the fact that he was incorrect. I just I I'd like that look if he's right. Said the case is correct in president trump is right we should know. Because it's a serious claim it is it is that is that is the series is a gal that's the president of the United States claiming the former president was wiretapping. Each cattle. And he's sort of being heavily. Also over the weekend at the big repeal and replace of obamacare is under way. People are wondering how many you're gonna lose. You don't their their health coverage it was your first ash that's that I sad what's how much more is going to cost you and premiums and who's analyst coverage on CBS over the weekend Paul Ryan speaker of the house who has been spearheading this repeal and replace plan. I was asked her that very question this. Or we believe will come out probably Monday or Tuesday. Well before we go to the floor well before we go to the floral had to score the one thing I'm certain will happen is CBO will say well gosh not as many people get coverage you know why. Because this isn't a government mandates. This is not the government makes you buy what we say you should buy and their for the government thinks you're all gonna buy so there's no way we can you can compete. With on paper a government mandate with coverage. What we are trying to achieve here is bringing down the cost of care written on the cost of insurance. Not through government mandates and monopolies. But by having more choice and competition and by lowering the cost of health care you improved access to health care and by having the things that we're talking about tax credits. Risk pools. Hosting accounts you dramatically increased the access health care. But what I can make an American do what they don't wanna do you get it if you want that's freedom how many people are real discovered this I can't answer that question it's up to people. He hears the promise your question. Are you gonna stop mandating people buy health insurance people are gonna do what they wanna do with their lights we believe in individual freedom in this country so the question is are we. Providing a system. Where people have access to health insurance if they choose to do so on the answers yet. Yes it's a really Smart answer on initially the headlines after that or Paul Ryan admits that some people are going to lose coverage but it was a really Smart answer for two reasons. First ball CBO stands for Congressional Budget Office if you remember the criticism of the Affordable Care Act. Was that Democrats and a lot of people admitted that it went for a vote and was approved before Democrats knew what was it. He is making clear he he made a point of saying we're gonna know the information about what it's gonna cost before it goes for about. So a lot of people are gonna like that. And it was also Smart answer to say we're not forcing people to coverage the reason that some people are going to lose coverage is because we're no longer mandating. Health care for people who dared to. That sticks with with the Republican platform. And what I. I find really interesting that you know one of the things that was criticized was even though there were you know many many meetings about the Affordable Care Act and it took about your app to get past. People said it was rushed through which I would agree partially was rushed through is that everybody knew what was in over a hundred years is that question and talked about her took about a year and a half. They're trying to push this thing through a week. Like I I would like them to pump the brakes I think the reason is and this is just might. Take a step back and looking at it. If they don't get something done. Within the next year and a half. I think Republicans fear they're gonna lose control of congress and might because people will run on the other side will run on and say look. They did this in the at all this time dating come up with anything here we are 2018. On the flip side. Democrats are doing anything to help fix this either they're not coming up I mean I don't like what it's not on Democrats now but I think the the only response Democrats have is. Don't hurt us don't take away our coverage as opposed to trying to work something on the with the other side I know it's not on them because they have no control. All right it's not their responsibility because they didn't try to fix the president elect a president elected and said we're gonna we're gonna fix it make it better Democrats never promise that. I had Hillary Clinton elected. She would have promised lower premiums she would have several gonna fix the higher premiums than any increase in the premiums but it isn't on Democrats and and they're not the majority and your right. I think it Democrats are gonna fight as hard as they can and an eternal idea is to get control somewhere so he's got to get it on the fourth and I understand the reasoning for. And if he doesn't get it done this was a one of the key platforms that he ran and he he hurts his chances of reelection if he doesn't get the stunt. President trump went golfing this weekend. Did you. Know that this is you know he was obviously very critical of President Obama. Firm you know golfing allotment. This is his ninth time golfing since he got elected says he got inaugurated and N on January the twenty I don't care. I mean to be honest I mean flippant about it buys it so what. You know. Game of golf has what 34 hours again I assume the president's working all the time I'd like to think you're right so that doesn't mater but it's just hypocritical is that incredibly hypocritical B dozens of times president trump then not president trump criticize President Obama for golfing. And here he is nine times in six weeks or whatever since he was in oh. Isn't he gave that speech in front of the you know millions of people I care a bit that he is spending so much time Marla I don't. And perhaps whether that facility is as secure as it should be an and who he might be mingling with there. But yeah for the hypocrisy reason yes I care and the big news. President trump and followed Mika and Joseph Scarborough from MSNBC. Can you believe that huge news the president. I don't even have words no longer following the morning show. On MSNBC. And losing column 41 really. Yes 41 enters into its a look at the times in his being put you have to be. To get its feet not Mika and Joseph woody more power. Our Ali I'd at 1159. And coming up we'll get you what's trending plus how much money you actually spend ladies. On products.