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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-13-17 1st Hour

Mar 13, 2017|

Jayme fills out here NCAA bracket. She chooses teams to win by places she wants to visit or has visited.....

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Monday. Busy Monday cold Monday Clinton's seventy degrees last week. It's you know your every really is probably on a roller coaster because it was seventy degrees or art shorts last weekend on Saturday at Snowden. And left with this. Is all. Anemic thirty degrees wind chills down to the teens on the way in it was still dark at 8 o'clock this morning I know you'll enjoy that. When it's sunny on a day and a just so we thought he would APN. And I just say for 12 yeah I even Aston Twitter if you agree with me. I was leery is happy to see it's on Saturday. I woke up normally kind of an early get up and go getter on Saturday morning because I'm my mother's daughter grows so I was up at 7 AM Saturday which is not entirely unusual but it'll slow to go in and clean and he's like that. I mean I was on fire so I had everything done by new and I have more energy and never have. And I because this is just cloudy but on Saturday the redeeming quality of the clouds was the pretty. I loved it I was I was and haven't. I stayed indoors all day Saturday until about 10 o'clock at night I other than taking the dog out was on my couch watching basketball day on Saturday Nancy that was my Sunday I. I was watching basketball so you I am at a morning hours a week and every Monday say something to me like Utley and I laid around all day there's a lot of these days I usually don't do anything. That never happens with it that is not my life. I don't ever just spend today just sitting around acting watching TV old Hank. That was Esther good for you that was. Huge Jamie I'm so proud of you to waste a Sunday. Does it myself oh because I'm really. I'm not and one complain about it I just think for some reason my body did not understand what was happening in the world and so now I woke up. And I thought I really feel like in out of the house to and I. For three hours after an hour nap is solid I mean I really ice property I was at eleven under for the week and so I got that done but that felt like it was taking the life out of me so overall agenda that we can I. Great weekend and checked out Dave and busters the new one you are banned that I had not. Big on big and I went Saturday when the rest of you were all watching big twelve stuff yet so it was a great time to be alive does not pack. The sprint center I was there on Friday actually went to the game to the session on Friday to watch Iowa State play but he might said page you want a free ticket in the sweet well yes I would have taken that yes I didn't dance as a matter of fact he meanwhile with the free beer in the ideal to count I guess site great it sure they would love to go on. Did that on Friday. And the anti UP NL. I mean is they call it Hilton south I state plays in the Hilton arena or whatever it's called. If they literally called a sprint center Hilton south because of obviously south remains. And Iowa State fans took over Kansas City this weekend and after Kansas lost to TCU earlier in the week and the fans from Iowa State as I hear they do often. When who in Iowa State comes down for the big twelve tournament they took over downtown Kansas City. And they were everywhere in the everywhere. On net I'd Saturday night including. A bar called is zoom bar over a McGee and twelve I'm from here yes very close to Sprint's honor yeah but not anything like power and light district. It's I've mark. I mean it's it that you know drinks are real cheap there's writing all over the walls like literally dying I'm Scott everywhere you could possibly write other than their decorations. And even on some of us there's writing on it it was a very very died V bar. So we're asking you on Twitter. About your favorite dive bars in the area and we like on Twitter to follow us at KM BZ radio and use the hash tag mid. MI DD a YU's Astec mid day. Let us know the best dive bars in the area again on Twitter. Act KM BZ radio and Dow loss last deliberately write about what makes for good dive bar in the 11 o'clock hour workers. Like being at zoom bar after Iowa State won the big twelve tournament championship and then to watch. People from Ames get down in the big city because you're an Ames might happen and there's outside the university. There's not much apparently went to Iowa State's Olympic Games on a couple of times there's not much. They view Kansas City as the big city. Our ideas and mine but when you come from little tiny. Small town Iowa did debate Kansas City those people let loose and boy did I see some things. At zoom bar I know I'd Saturday night my gosh look. There are zoom bar out to bars there are dive bars and all parts of the metro yes. I'm counting they're everywhere they're in the nicer parts there and you know we all know that. My favorite because of our last and I was there on I drank Jamison and I'm originally prepared and in order whiskey. I'm panel more for it but that's okay I'm probably only do one maybe two. They gave me it was to the point where I had to tell her to stop pouring. She was and and I love the bartenders there because today the place is now what 3030 something years since the seventies. And she probably had worked there the entire time she probably open a place and she gave me what probably amounted I'm not kidding you three fingers. Of Jane. And when she got the second I said stop it I can't get it done and now I know it was six bucks. For three and not Jamison. And it's you by a 120 so I'm just like some. On your sister that I shared news they don't care they do that that's dive bar thing. You don't have it you're not gonna pay like I would toolbar powered light. And I paid I'm not kidding you because it was the big twelve tournament and the bars were packed in the new they can get all the money. I paid 675. Free Miller Lite. Rule I have the receipt to prove it I never in my life even in Chicago. It was a pint of beer a pint of your out of the tank I'm not talking about a you know a 24 ounce beer. Or sixteen ounce candidate. It was 67. B five. 41 beer power and light on Friday night and I edit big twelve she year all the money coveted Aaliyah. One pint at no other club. 675. I could not bully I asterisk did you get this right she said yup a pitcher of the year was nineteen dollars. Nineteen. Pays don't know how case a volatile yankees will be fifteen bucks. Is Ashley Miller Lite. Will announce that you're not quiet and nobody on line and expensive beer I'm I'm kind of on the cheap during a cheap beer drinker and a yeah she it was nineteen dollars for a pitcher of beer. At no other pub on Friday night and again I understand it. They do what they can't because that bar was packed like search pressing for over Brett exactly was Friday night. Twelve tournament Iowa State prices I understand and people dead. I just was like and then I go to the dive bar the next night it's like Rihanna or on. State and you literally locking two blocks yeah from yeah. That is worried he's coming up the electric Ike are between data's it came easy radio have to admit today. What are the best dive bars and a hearing is ridiculous come this one coming in from let's see year Kovac underscore cobol rights Walsh is quarter clock or ulcers corner cocktails shuffle board pool cash only. Let us or they are too much yeah yeah. He's history this is her I'm king Daren. On Twitter KM BZ radio. Twin Cities tavern Westport road and state line he says some real degenerates and now. They said on the text I don't let her feel for it attacks 2290. Said he sent a Twitter but I recommend the drunk and warm and 39. All or does that. 39 team and I one let us know where these are give us an intersection and there are probably good dive bars like you said whether it's in downtown Kansas City wyandotte Johnson County everywhere you every neighborhoods got one. You know like I can think I don't know that downtown Oakland park has any dive bars but their place is definitely cheap drinks that you can go hang out and. I think every part of towns got one I liked the neighborhoods words like how's how's how's how old are your thoughts how how's how's how's that one house is actually a bar I love those kind of dive bars. Of course over the weekend and the brackets are willow I tell you where Kansas case state in Wichita State are all playing sorry to soothe and also UN Casey got an invite. And Jamie is gonna fill out her bracket and we'll tell you what scientific method she's going to use because how many full. Forty minute basketball games have you watched the last five years now in the last five years on I happen when ever you won the championship I think it's 2008. That was life I was here a year at that point that was the last game I think I watched OK so 2008 and that's probably not gonna change this time so nine years ago you watched one full college basketball it was fun to watch are almost passed out like that about basketball. Fast paced game you you know I'll brackets work though right you understand the basic kinds Ike Eisenhower bracket it does make it sure I don't our schools are and need some help with that you may help you. I. Tell me where they are so I can I think scientific method work I think you know most of them a guy but if not I can help ya 3% tempers are right. We will do that it's midday with Jamie lick it also still to come. We're could have a conversation about the transparency of governor air brightens coming up at 11 o'clock am glad to have you are here at 91 KMB easy. 981 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicked twenty minutes after ten Jamie just had some horrendous weather moving in for a slight amount of time later on today here right now. House owns national observers bummed me out on. Ice. That's a good ice and not widespread. You know going to be an inch of ice on the roads died. I can't ask this question on March 13 but isn't racing trucks retreating erode. An advance of I 75 degrees last week because we're supposed to get. Be careful drive home ice I'm wincing as I say it but the National Weather Service says bridges and overpasses and have ice on old bank. Sign are the salt trucks out. I'd seen an eagle by Shawnee mission looking out the window yeah that's usually a sign actually there and generous enough to get signed up note Evans in any of that. Remember you know how to drive and ice this happens every year OK I know we had seventy degrees last week was a lot. And it's also a good time and that's an if you are supposed to fly in the next several days on a nor'easter is hitting the northeastern part of the country and I've heard. Totals as much as eighteen inches of snow leading in a fall and Boston new York and Philadelphia. That will affect major cities airports first out that way and then as planes cannot get from those cities elsewhere we can seem more a problem here. So just keep that in mind that storms hitting today through Wednesday. NASA and massive snowstorm. All it takes a few delays in LaGuardia and everything on the country's screwed hire her 15100 flights canceled. Her FaceBook page by the way eagle and a snow makes for a good dive bar and what are your favorites in the Kansas City area and you can is up on Twitter as well hash tag midday at KM BZ radio use the hash tag midday and let us know. Because I spent little time it zoom bar over the weekend and that is as guide your bar as you are ever going to find in downtown Kansas City. Which shell was the site of the big twelve tournament at sprint center yesterday was selection Sunday and everybody is a buys. A ball. Excitement about the brackets. I've not filled one out yet I was what people are doing today at yeah anybody's seed in their office they got these it used to be. Always would print it out or before that it was in the newspaper the next day before the night before the Internet exploded in the nineties. I remember writing it down as they would come on TV is not enough on the Internet like we do today. And the next day my dad would cut the one out of the paper. And I you know eventually we got to the point we're printing up and now everybody can run a bracket contest. For the NCAA tournament Kansas will play on Friday. Boy that. I'm telling you somewhere. In Kansas City 5:50 PM in Kansas City. On Saint Patrick's Day a horrible that wherever you lost luckily they each blowout whoever they play the UC Davis or NC central when those first four matchups on now on Wednesday. But man oh man that is a neat that's gonna be allowed drunken shenanigans list on Friday. Yeah case eight that statement Friday I yeah. Could be wonderful on his second day of the NCAA tournament high of 61 on Friday. And Kate you play. All right that we wonderful. That also case they could play that day. They will play the winner a deadly Wake Forest in the play in game they could get Cincinnati if they get past Wake Forest. And in Wichita State will play against Dayton the three schools around here getting into the NCAA tournament. Becky my believe is also on Friday so you have a clue any games on Friday. Play games on Friday for the three teams around here that made the NCAA tournament. And Jamie's gonna fill out a bracket fours here because lord knows Jamie's like so much college one game last 89 years. One point cents to zero game since K you won the championship in LA. I've watched games that they. But never have I sat in front of my TV does not plugged in and watch an entire we're gonna post your bracket online at our right because lord knows I watched college basketball Travis you watched on a college basketball right I mean I don't. Feel free to laugh my next. During this time I would try to pick them work as much as they continue to lead up. Between ten and two on the show no hair please yes or limited dad there outlet limited yeah. I can do on Thursday and Friday off. You're LSU and you have a college as global economy mill with a fired coach via a path. I all right Jimmy star player couples who we can get through 11 of these brackets here some on line yet about the place nice and big traveler so it's modified sitting like the city or wanna go to the city that once and I do you do so much better than ideal. I don't wanna go or just an idea. That that team ultra liberal. So I'm Peter opened on some of these are okay all right all right so. Villanova BM SM or you're in New Orleans will play mount Saint Mary's. OK if that help link that they have to play on Wednesday are there's a whole reason amounts in her idol is in Maryland I could get in a lot the have to plan. But don't know just right on Elena just write down Villanova took Philadelphia while Philadelphia Philadelphia's very. I live in Philadelphia wasn't about to get tickets. Wisconsin which is in Madison Wisconsin and Virginia Tech which is in Blacksburg Virginia. Never been easier boom. Let's go Virginia right. Virginia which is in Virginia and then UNC Wilmington in which is in Wilmington, North Carolina where in Virginia. Ta wait and it was just I UNC Wilmington let's not ever think a are looked at worst hour and a half at Charlottesville by the way that's where we are gonna. Florida's in Gainsville. And East Tennessee State is on the eastern side of Tennessee I don't know the city area and ma am. As she it and it. Does a back East Tennessee State SMU's southern Methodist that's in Dallas. An annual either take on for nearly the be playing against Providence or USC alta Providence right now that's and road Middletown Rhode Island yep a lot of time New Mexico State. Don't know where it's statements and there is a site without Baylor is in wake all bulls are awful. Close ups terrible but I just get that once the Baylor our rights let's see here South Carolina against a Marquette Marquette is a Milwaukee man. Out balanced it's actually just South Carolina. Where's it. Where we're the gamecocks play traffic out here Charleston is in South Carolina and you're like channel generals and okay South Carolina works now networks. The markets like the better pick there it's just based on like that's our duke is in Durham. Tank and worst Troy Travis trick is is it is ours is that you use in Texas I don't know North Carolina very well. Troy never spent much time in North Carolina I'm probably don't drive let's see Troy is in Alabama. You to pick either Durham, North Carolina or Alabama let's go duke. Smart pick and whether they have they should win regardless of whether or not you've been I didn't know. Didn't seem like a better that there are right now run back down the circle back to Villanova it'll do each of these any shower are sucked I think Villanova. Tank Virginia Tech yep UNC Wilmington ten he date this is probably. Baylor South Carolina and and this is as big just basically if you've you've been what are like these ladies. More scientific in any reason I can give you I don't know what system isn't it this is not so good about how well they move the ball issue now outside the defend the three to rebound well. You're talking about southwest traveler points. Aaron. All right so he flights so you take. No Virginia Tech right give the right dominion this is the thing. I can't do that during a lot of analysts think both are. Surrounded them up. Thought the racket affect Gabriel the geyser of four hours to fill all of them between Villanova and Virginia Tech and I got to IKEA for a second round again. Villanova there right because you like Philly where the lake Blacksburg. Yeah sure. I just luckily. Nobody at all I would love to know all they won it last year. And even in the greatest finish in the history the NCAA answer and they're going to the final four user you pick Wilmington and I don't East Tennessee State ET SU school and liking UNC Wilmington. A popular. Peg are right Sally did you provident music Providence. Annie. Miller. I'm gonna go Baylor game. I don't know if that's a good idea but went South Carolina and duke South Carolina Charleston is meaning right UNC Wilmington or Villanova. We're gonna get through one ear to begin with that's a Villanova and Smart pick. And Diggs Taylor in South Carolina. See my heart so as Carolina that my brain says Baylor go with where you'd rather the avalanche near Waco Texas or anywhere in south Carol anywhere but wait now. Okay this is what I'd like to implement failure South Carolina. Villanova and nobody the final four absolutely we shall do this each hour. Can be subject to do one of these per hour how's that. So them that the travel takes they take you know Obama yeah I think he's region. Don't win the whole thing but they're going to. That's got about the weekend there was a story about a man who wanted to rid the country of Arabs and what he tried to do to do his part in Florida. We'll play on the other side midday with Jamie wicket 981 KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it thanks to everybody was texting in about the road to 22980. Jamie we are getting some reports have already delays over roads in the metro. Yes free to text into an a 2290. If you're seeing slick road not there and not like your dry mouth your driving but when you where you were going you'll forget texted a lettuce now because we were sort of half joking but in all seriousness the National Weather Service ad. We are expecting some some icing today not serious but enough to make the roads like what's I asked my scissors. And so we're gonna talk a text from all over the place. Let's see somebody said misting in rate town freezing rain and Gartner. Starting to glaze you worlds of fun. They've seen trucks out in Overland Park as I was wondering. Our salt trucks out at a pre treating roads anywhere and they are starting to apparently. What the weather may be a little bit touching go here today in Kansas City. I just saw a tweet that came out from channel forty one's Jeff patter are right and this is unbelievable these snowfall forecast for today. Tomorrow and Wednesday in the northeast part of the country on talk and you know north of DC in new York and into Boston. They are predicting now I'm guessing it doesn't get this high but they are predicting. Forty. Inches of snow between now and Wednesday in Scranton PA. Think about that. Forty a packed. So I heard that. New York was for us to get eighteen and says Boston 8018 inches. I heard some parts of Pennsylvania and again at twelve inches. Forty is a new number forty is what channel 41 just weeded out but it's at the center of the storm so that makes sense that it's it's a tiny little sign that might get forty inches and everything around it will be smaller amounts by. Twenty New York. Or Tony Newark seventeen in New York about nine in Boston's it's kind of shifting a little bit more north. But forty. Think about how tall your children are. Okay all right iron about six inches tall right to the thing about that on me this would come up to about yeah so yeah about your shoulder sellers. I love Lula. Quick reminder by the way. Is as people texting and let's do some of the public service that Ural pass of your wipers are on your lights have to be on. Give yourself plenty distance between yourself and the car in front of the slowdown can we also are in the left lane only for passing how about that doesn't apply here but we struck out there slow down not give yourself extra room so it was a black ice in leavenworth and Lansing it was innocently summit and we are right at that temperature point where that misting doesn't take much were to become ice. And if you are flying in the next few days because of the ridiculous snowstorm it was it was at the northeast that are canceled a hundred excuse me ever canceled a thousand flights out in the northeast part of the country. Doesn't take long for that ripple effect everywhere else its planes can't get to where they are supposed to be answered and that is kind of domino effect so. To check out picture I can honestly do not check ahead on whether my flight's on time or canceled so. Do you don't beat me. Don't be James and you're remembered the of the shooting a late for a few weeks ago and Austin Margaret. Any related story in his from over the weekend. A 64 year old Florida man tried to set a convenience store on fire because he thought the owners were Muslim. This from these same as she county sheriff Ken mascara in Richard Lloyd told deputies in his statement. That he wanted to run the Arabs out of our country. So he pushed a dumpster in front of the Portland she Lucy store. And set the contents on fire. Lloyd told detectives he assumed the owner was Muslim. And that angered him because of quote what they are doing in the Middle East. In a statement from the share up it's unfortunate that mr. Lloyd made the assumption the store owners work Arabic when in fact. They were India. Some familiar yes. All too familiar here especially. For those have been around for several layers on the person responsible for the Jewish community center shooting here. Was trying to shoot Jews and did not kill Jews. According to WP EC TV. The the guilty party here allegedly guilty party. Told investigators he tried to buy a bottle of Tropicana orange apple juice at the store but was told they didn't happen. He was upset because he assumed the store employee was muzzle. The fire was quickly put out Friday morning didn't cause a ton of damage the store was closed a protected by security shudders when deputies arrived and found the fire man in front of the store put his hands Ben is back and told officers. Take me away. He was then jailed first degree arson and booked into county jail. Why's this happening because they're not whites. That's it right because they're not white male and figured out why we don't know what you are if if were if you're white. We know you want or at least we know that you're not mas it's a that's where we now for 5767798. Why is this happening because all of the sudden well at least we know of at least to Wear and LO and angry white man. Wanted to do something about what he perceived as someone from the Middle East. And we had one. Indian man who lost his life and other was injured. Of course we know about the good samaritan in guerrilla. And now in this case. And it admittedly admittedly. Want to wanted to burn a building down because he thought the employees were Muslim. I'm sorry and I know people don't want me to blame the president I won't but I'll blame some of the rhetoric. And I'll blame some of the the message. That anyone who is Muslim is bad and that does stem. From the present. But it came before the president in all fairness. This is not in jail now may or hearing about it a little more and at the attitude in the country I think is a little more tense than it was before. But this was not the Jewish community center shooting that happened here came long before pres president comes elected so I don't think these you know we've had the domestic terrorism incidents. The bar shooting in Finland we've happened in now we've had that before trop. But I don't know how you that's incidents crazy you know that's that's crazy that's a person who goes from. I can't by the liquor that I want to wasn't even liquor pineapple juice I think that person as Muslim their foreign gonna try to burn their business down. That's an incidence of mad. Yes it it it's either an incident of madness. A blatant racism. Of complete ignorance. All about all of the above it is definitely ignorance your right they're going to test this man's mental health the sheriff said that Lloyd's mental health will be evaluated in the state attorney's office will decide if this was a hate crime. I don't know the ice said he was trying to quote run Arabs out of the country and in. I'm sorry. If I don't remember. Anyone in my lifetime. Burning built maybe this happens and I just haven't noticed it may be maybe I'm jumping the gun and and jumping to conclusions but. This screams of blatant hate crime racism. Islam phobia. Yeah I don't know what to answer that question I don't know if it's happening more now or we are noticing it more now we're getting more attention now. Because of deep political climate that seems more divisive they used to be and it and it depends on you know there are a lot of either gonna disagree with me and that's. That's totally fine again we have these things happened or present and was elected. On but it does to and people are reminding me on the tax line to about the Indian guy in Seattle that was shot last week because they thought was ending and sell. I'm I don't know where Ed but you're right now you know we we had a basketball game with the kids yellen trump talked rob and and in that case. We sort of blame parents and we blamed you know that being a learned behavior. So that's a learned behavior who taught. 5767798. Go to Roy the next thing you're next up a 91 came wheezing Iraq. I better. I agree yet at this rhetoric. A lot it would it. That not a net. Yet. Develop over this. Hill police. I think what the rhetoric it'd. You people pay. Edit okay. On the news is that there were and there are a lot that I didn't Hitler. Or it may or a long time ago. I think your ear they're here it's a really good point Roy thank you over the phone call. You weekly talk about you know racism often you know in this country and on both sides whether it's you know whites or minorities. And you're taught to be racist at a young age you're not born racist you're taught to be racist. So I don't know when this guy ain't learned that. Running Arabs out of the country. And trying to get rid of Muslims. That seems to be be something kinda new to. All this guy has 64 a crack. Here's what I want to say about my own family and the generations when it comes to being well a little magazine racist by. There are generations perhaps. My grandparents age which is not 64 but would be in their seventies and eighties that. Weren't as accustomed to being around black people you know when they were in school schools were segregated and when they brought it was more acceptable. To be racist because that's what everybody wants. He easily young for that but there could still be some of that Kerry you know you and I and and I'd like to think the young people are little more except is acceptable and a little more open. To new cultures as we grow up around it a little more and more exposed to a younger. That he might about I'm not blaming that but I'm looking for cars. I I don't know anything to add to the two Roy's point you know there's always been racism in this country and I believe there'll be racism in this country for a long long time. But all of a sudden we are now finding it acceptable to act on that. Get it to tell your tells certain people who looks certain ways to get out of their country whether it be by. Telling them to get out of the country going to get your gun or trying to light a convenience store on fire because you thought they were Muslim. Just even our producer Travis being told you know the incident that he went through recently being told to go back to worry came from I cannot und. But again maybe that's always happened. But it sure seems like we hear. 5767798. Warrior calls coming up Alan adjusting you'll be up on the other side you can also text in 22980. It's on our FaceBook page right there at the top. It's mid day with Jamie like it or your calls coming up next 91 came -- 981 KM BZ midday with Jamie wicket TV on a cell leave Mike like it coming up next our what makes a dive bar a great bar you dealer's daughter FaceBook page that's the stuff rolling in let us know where they are. Your favorite dive bars what makes for good one and coolest on FaceBook takes them calls neck and beat up next hour. Right now the we're talking about the story over the weekend on Friday. Or 64 year old Florida man tried to set a convenience store on fire because he thought the owners were Muslim. He told deputies after he got busted he wanted to quote run the Arabs out of our country. He was looking for a bottle of Tropicana orange pineapple juice few days ago I was told it didn't happen. He assumed the store employee was Muslim these are his words not the assumptions of the writer either the sheriff. He then pushed a dumpster in front of these storage port saint Lucie and set the contents on fire. Why is this keep happening. Your tax NTG nines or in which your calls your 5767798. Somebody said this guy is just a Psycho that's all there is to this that is not normal thought process also he doesn't represent white people on the whole no I would say he doesn't represent white people on the whole I think he represents racism on the whole lot more people think it that we realize. I think there's a lot more fear of Muslims in this country and people are willing to admit I don't think it's the normal thought process for the majority. But there's a lot more racism than people are willing to admit to. And I think that you think back two did Adam appearance in shooting at a Austin's Barton late he thought they were Muslim they turned out to be of Indian descent. The owner of the store or the employee of the store also not Muslim also Indian. Again I I made the statement that that day when we started talking about Jamie you can light up a liable person from India. Iraq Iran Pakistan anywhere you want and try to get people to pick outward person is from. And it's very difficult unless you know specifics. And most people don't. And then there's just the this that the broad stroke of well. They must be from the Middle East must be Muslim and that's unfortunately what this man did he assumed that these people were Muslim. AK a terrorists in his mind and try to set the building on fire. Somebody just you Armisen story these people doing these hate crimes are obviously extremely Don they can even target the group of people that hates that's the the point of the problems delicacy and that's the point somebody's playing out Muslims can be wiped you and you can be how something. Go to the phones 5767798. Alan in the next site you're next up on 981 KM BZ hi Alan. Hey Greg you're always thinks. Our democracy there is covering pre copy and it in perspective. Keep in mind for every point and keep in mind there. Keep in mind treason. If you're going to keep. He liked people and make it America. And they eat white cops it's really been a lot higher. And governor. Against people all and so we're in central Asia's currency. And I admit that we should know is no achieve treaty. But keep in perspective there's a lot of I was going to treat it like how some white people. Well I don't I'm not saying that there's not I I've I would probably agree with you and thank you over the phone call. But in this particular I mean. We had that horrible run on on violence against police officers which was here which was like what the end of summer into the fall and it was terrible all act every all over the place culminating in Dallas yeah. North Carolina. And in all I mean. That's acceptable either fantastic. Absolutely horrific. Justin Lee summit your 98 and Camby CI Justin. That or stop hammering that I've been an error at that Afghanistan and it almost think that anybody has in regions not like it's certain people leaders ought. And those people feel however call. OK if you have the yeah mental capacity to understand that you know we are not fortunate. You know nobody is watching it it's it's just like senate ought at a very early age. Then you know you. Me saying that well I don't like air arms because all they also don't like that branch. Yeah Oprah in years in my life I watched look at that sprint site that we were an Arab countries. And now just say that you know despite the thing doesn't happen. A lot more often. All look at the concentration camps her United States during world war two. The Japanese. Look at the sixties were hurt with the support. At all that he just atrocity that were. I'll. Performed against the black culture. In order to black people where. You know so weak that they are going on for years and years and years. I'll. Put on the same note you know that there's more than wearing and actually made the statement. You know that's try to stop racists. Order Freeman said flat out stop talker. It's if if you want people should stop. Fighting in you know the infighting in America we sure wish we reworked religion unite together. We would stop saying it because in all black actual white proper wiped out what it is now. If you looked at the actual facts of what happened. That's six deport all gentlemen it one in particular the 64 year old any. It did this. Just shows the ignorant the people and their black vote actually out and no way to. Maybe I need to know. Think sports or I still cards the art. It would be it would be nice if this man had that pause and didn't do that put in fortunately the overwhelming thought. In his mind was. He's Muslim. I'm gonna set the building on fire and that sucks and and Justin thank you for the call and or portly thank you for your service. But that's you know it would be nice to say that you know person acts shouldn't have pulled the trigger against that police officer or. You know the police officers should of waited thirty more seconds pull the trigger on. You know this person but they didn't in this person didn't wait that extra second to think maybe I shouldn't like this building. Fire several people are taxing that this is not a race issue this is a religious issue because being Muslims religion can't I know of a lot of people. Realize that or know the difference I think a lot of people seek brown. Assume Muslim assumed something they don't like. Yeah I think so yeah it had a you know Adam you're in India yet but the audience you're given your fitness excellent credit Paula and view your 91 KM BZ. What's up. Too old ones happy it's. As well as stated in the speech that consequences. And and other things here. Is because these are these guys don't like. And everything I say this because if this had been mogul we would call article. Wasn't scared but. Remarkably. It is good that we are committed. Radical Christian care but they're athletic director perfectly we could call them. Sort of record book but people aren't supposed to hear but we won't make god like this who do Beers and what happened in Europe. I think Paul you can call with his domestic terrorists I mean if it's happening here adding we can call that a note Anderson you're you're right I mean if it was if this was may or an Islamic radical terrorist or radical Islamic terrorists would ever. We would label it that way. This is a nut ball domestic terrorist an American who decided he was going to try to. Light a built on fire. You know we'll start to see more states Kansas being one of them that will develop more hate crimes legislation now know states that don't have hate crimes legislation that would ordinarily defer the federal government start to pass there on because because it's happening everywhere while thank you for the call we end with Jay in park earlier on 981 KM BZ hijacked. They buried today. Attitude this year or me being not from the United States and the having a Muslim background. When what you mentioned that there is patently. I fear of woodlands. You can think of just being in the airplane so when people start saying. Got a great or something like that whispering and when they're praying everything all right but whenever one of us that a lot but would mean which means definitely got it great. You'll be definitely able visitor. Think you're exactly right I think if you purchase get on his cell phone. Ends and say Allah Akbar into the phone minutes before you take off somebody on that plane is calling over a stewardess. Have you removed from the plane. Or at least yak academy aware of it yeah and and I connect it was a lot when we talk about flight attendants I don't. Do every have to keep me safe no I don't violate people civil the civil rights problems that we don't know anything else that language. So we hear written and we assume it means Muslim and rescind that means you're gonna blow up airplanes Jane thank you for the phone call it's a valid valid point. Let us on FaceBook on Twitter text in 22980. Coming up we're talking about governor Eric greatness is is a rare occurrence when Kansas City Star in the Saint Louis post dispatch team out for an editorial calling for a lot more transparency and let me tell you the wording in this editorial is. It is pretty fierce and we wanna know if you agree we'll tell you some of the highlights from the coming up now.