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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-08-17 3rd Hour

Mar 8, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do in the rain and you have to walk it's what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. What hasn't been right there on 98 point one JMB. Well the first thing trending for you today Jamie. It is international women's day. Happy international women's eggs went as a cash moments. Like that we get about 360 of those days saying to you after his and we get those days but yeah in today's international women's day. And happy anniversary it is eights seven months that you a difference a year to see now that's fine how the Arctic area now I gotta make it easier. So say at the rate them go and I'm not gonna make getting back. Your shirt says I'm a keeper today so it does that's appropriate. Also trending all these kind of the same. Josh Jackson. Can a freshman forward has been suspended for the first game of the big twelve tournament KU gets the winner of TCU and Oklahoma. Who play tonight at 6 o'clock. Also the big twelve tournament is trending Texas Tech and Texas coming up tonight. But about two hours two and half hours after TCU and Oklahoma scheduled for eight but people not be I'm not beyond and with that as we where streets close. Power line can result more time parking Dayton not that's and a lot is a lot of the big twelve tournament is side trending in Casey Oklahoma state cyclones highest Iowa State is trending those two teams play each other tomorrow. Tomorrow 1230 and make it and with this great program with you could just call. I'm out. It out of the NL it's gonna hang out already tickets for the publicity once we need to sit next to him but Kate who plays that second game I think it's going to be. That Iowa's state ever takes over power and light the Iowa State fans and it's been around. That first session as Iowa State and then the Kansas game. That's second sanctions to be wide open I know some K state fans will be around on. Big twelve tournament Brandon Marshall is turned. Brandon Marshall strikes two year deal with New York giant gave used to play for is that the jets he's like the Chicago Bears really good wide receiver getting a little old a little long in the tooth as they say you album rated marshaled trending is he decided to your deal at the end of the York giants. Are we talk about this Russell Wilson picture. Because this is threatening. So we year and we'll put this out I heard Google it you need to its pictures on her face up that may well describe it yet and issue are not your computer by Twitter is going nuts because it can't figure out exactly what's going on this picture here so it's Russell Wilson is CR. He's answered yeah. I'm so it's a feel photo. She is pregnant. On and very pregnant she isn't underwear that's important light cotton pains yes she is holding her child who appears to be four. Maybe. And the naked snake it. Three or four probably she's holding them over her over her bra on her sitting on our stuff yeah okay and then she's holding his spot. Russell Wilson. Is behind her. Kneel down. We just can't eat he would. Please wipe your hands of a woman's belly yeah he's doing that but he's doing that from behind only the quarterback under center yes drag waiting for the snap reaching his hands up. And they're on so all you can see of him are his hands and is planning. And Twitter can't figure out. Click affair we can't be used understands. Where the people start and and and there's a lot it looks like there's a lot of lives because there is. People there's six arms there's two outlets for lags 12 heads like it looks like a beast and if you don't like what's going on you don't realize that the shadow behind her is hand. Is Russell Wilson yeah that you don't know what that shadow is that's him that those are his arms those are his models that you see and answers arms coming up below the kids' feet. And by the way beat the caption on it is. Just the four of us writes so it's her the baby Russell Wilson and baby inside she's pregnant yet this is no baby by the way and some people are saying it's too bad that kids too old to be naked in that. Picture earned. Back I'm back and showing her hands are where they (%expletive) yeah there's a lot of people that judge. Just picture that is that that kids not hers with hail. Though I don't I don't know that kids are certainly somebody else I do believe Travis is that right. Rapper future. It and she was with beforehand. And and now he's got his name is future banana hole his son's name is future that's. It's the issue with her husband Russell Wilson and her son's future her son's name is future unless this is portly written. That's I did not know geek kids future is a year we'll bird all right. So all right I all the kid is an outfielder and as the mighty war clearly warns to does not sense. Probably a good guess. Naked. I want Howell this picture was like if the older child wasn't in it and you'd see you know she just an arms covering brass and done it might be a pretty classy picture. If it was just him from behind. In my little different it's arts and that's what they're going for it if you want pub they got they got it because it. And still much attentions on her FaceBook page you could see it Nike is trending you don't like Nike astray I don't. Nike has a new product for Muslim women being pro hit job. It boasts a single layer pull on design made from lightweight polyester in darkened neutral colors. The fabrics tiny holes Megan breathe the while remaining opaque it requirement for a job wearing it within the first ever performance in job. For a Muslim female athletes alike it. At thirteen months design the final product will be available for sale coming up in the spring of 2018. Are you being worn by a of professional figure skater. I think is pretty cool and yet everything else threatening is related to the big twelve yet big twelve has yet. And apparently Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are trending yes because this comes up I know what I'm taking away yeah. They this the longest non divorce in history. Because they were together and there were rumors that he cheated on her and I think they filed for divorce and that was a long time ago I mean they were splitting. Now they say they're gonna try to work they're gonna they're trying to work on the marriage again. That operatives and there won't remember tried. Now via. That's what's trending closure Tex lines oh you know I will keep mine opened because I'm not going to answer any of the questions. But if you have questions for Jamie. Or my fiance Elise she's going to join us about him and you and ask anything about me your workload out about that you've got. All kinds of angles a lot of a lot of women today to answer a lot of questions fours or ask us anything at 1235. Text your questions in now out at 22980229. 80 is the tax libel re the ones. That. Will be a firewall for. I don't trust you as far as actress stress that I will be the firewall for me is it as early round that's south near Al unsolved either here or now laughter. I'll get to those coming up at 1235 which you can ask is anything you can text him in 22980. We talked about visceral reactions yesterday this next story when I first saw the photos he'd be very visceral reaction. And it scares me that this is something children are doing. Yeah it's it's a game being played and it's dangerous it is not just bullying dangerous. Physical harm on a major level dangerous we'll tell you what it is next a 91 came BC 81 game BZ May Day would Jamie wicket. And don't forget we have a a Twitter pulled going on right now and we want you to vote very hard hitting. Picked has got its own bag of limited addition all all pink star burst. But what flavor and color of star burst is the best and should be giving its own bag permanently red pink orange or yellow. Rad getting 44% of the vote now red meat because it's we know what flavor that is chair automatically. Gathers no mistaking what reds going to be 38% paying 11% orange and 7% yellow followers on Twitter and votes at KM BZ radio again very hard hitting a couple questions and very hard hitting. I texting your questions to 2980 for ask us anything you can ask Jamie you can ask my fiance Lee who's gonna join his style mall. Opulent something you wanna ask about leave from two different angles political life I hope I play. Or you can still throw questions if you want to my way text of it 2298 Cyril you can ask us anything it. At 1235. Okay this one of those stories that I wish dare they didn't born at the top graphic images I wish they put the marvel at the bottom. I just weed this out if it very graphic images on Twitter came BC radio I will not but the sub on FaceBook we have to tell you though about the latest game that is spreading online. On social media and yes it is it is Russian police are investigating but it does this kind of stuff spreads very quickly. It is called the fire ferry came in and it's modeled on an animated series of wins club at school of witches. There's social media post aimed at young girls saying if they turn on gas burners on their stove and go to sleep. And repeat magical words they will become fire fairies and what is happening is that young girls the eight young is 55. Are being severely burned after doing what this game is telling them to deal. I'm so again today they're told to go during the night you know got a bad wait till we talk nicely. Get clear that go around the room three times say the magical words Alfred kingdom sweet little fairies give me the power I'm asking him. Then go to detention silently so no one notice as you or the magic of gourds will disappear. Switch on the gas stove all four burners but do not white you don't wanna get birds do you. Then go to sleep the magic gas will come to you you'll breathe it while sleeping in in the morning when you wake up say thank you out at I'd become a theory and you become a real fairy. A fire there are two sides to us. You first have the idea that. You're gonna turn on four burners in your house and battle alone can kill everyone in the house short because you've got gas now ripe old house were not tied it and I'm guessing a lot of these homes in this part of Russia arts five bedroom houses right now with great violation all it takes is someone to light a cigarette. And I out. Or just to inhale that much gas now gone. The other side of this is you have a five year old girl. Lighting. 1234. Gas burners and again if you wanna see the photos. They're incredibly graphic there on Twitter follow a sack came BZ radio I just tweeted it out kids are just turning that harm really fast and and then you've got fire and her face is too close to the burden. It's it is amazing to me. That there is somebody out their on line and maybe I shouldn't be shocked by this and imports you know it's a lot of bad stuff out there and I have buck up. But it is amazing to me out there that somebody who puts this sickening social media scam up. And there you know it's written Russian picture just a blue graphic on screen. Some bold words at the top a bunch of taxed and it either side there's a picture of you know princess fairy in another Farrior whenever. And they're saying if you do this you're gonna join the fairy club like I. There is concern in Russia over a lot of these Internet games encouraging children to take their own lives. Woman woke up one night and set I woke up in the night so mom and SATA I felt the strong smell of gas could tell there was gas on the house. My daughter who was seven years old had just left the kitchen went to a room it turned out she read on the Internet that's become the Syria fired. It into the kitchen and everyone's asleep and switch on the gas oven. If I had not gone to check our family of eight would not wake up in the morning. From the tax line this story about the kids. I work for local gas company all of takes is a light switch for a phone to ring for an explosion. Wow. Well now I mean. It is scary and depressing and angering and so what do you then now do you. I'm I'm being dramatic for point but you can't watch your kids bedroom at night. You you wouldn't think you and this is one of those we talk about all the time you don't think you have to teach your kids not to do something or would that sounded awhile back. What did you not realize yet to tell your kids like it and realize had to teach your kids not to show army mess up their noses yeah I guess you didn't realize you had to tell your kids. Not to light all four gas burners and go to bed and I guess the key is and his mom's sad. You know what I had to teach my daughter after this was not to hide anything from me. Don't do any thing where you have to keep it from me which is a good lesson to teach your kids anyway but that's the deal here that's why it that's the point is that you have the kids do it during the night. So that there's no one around a stopped some messed up people in this world and. Some messed up people as fact that the game is encouraging suicide amongst children as shields five. Is. An and somebody's behind us are not let my kids online at five I can tell you that. Yeah right and I'll let my kids are out of five on but they can do it at ten and and it can be just as dangerous. It's true. Very very eager to tap phones and their there's on the phone that night and they see you are they see it in broad daylight and remember it and doing during the night and they wanna be a fire fairy. And let the little girls and one of the affair you know all right it's got the word fair and of course it's every girls if fairy princess fair he fire fairy whatever they when you wake up and I don't say anything when I wake up that. When you wake up the next morning. You know you'll be you become and where you'll be dead. And don't say that in there. And five year old six year old seven year old stone you know obviously. Obviously known in the about it well at war against that it's dead you know you don't want you don't wanna get our ST you know don't like it you don't wanna get to you. So terrible. That's gas and I know it's Russia by it wouldn't take much for somebody here. And it can to get an idea give an electric stove and know that. Often yeah onion and electric stuff and go with electric stuff you put Taylor. I posit ion Iron Man you forget you wouldn't believe how often I've I cannot stand electric stuff was that it controlled as well. How often I go back and look and checked my church and. All the time because you don't sometimes you don't realize he turned off for all the time I've all the look at us in our household for the most part. -- a reminder that on Friday Jamie are going to be out and the auto show at Parnell hall park guy I had that should be fun I'm really looking forward starting to think about I'm somebody that keeps my cars for a long time. And I'm I'm the point where in the next year to prop I don't know how does this beast is gonna last at -- out but about it. We're going to be out there on Friday may do we do look at around I or you think we should it. Will be apart all of oddly 500 vehicles gather all in one place with food and trucks and a beer and wine garage tickets available at the box office and he showed or. Through Ticketmaster dot com give way to the four pack tomorrow. I sometime during the show we do another edition of lie through their pleas comes and I absolutely dot I find us we usually well. Do our best describes you where we are so hopefully they'll put us by the Ferrari's yeah. Right it isn't something he's a fine all right coming up next ask us anything and because it's international women's day. We are going to bring in my fiance Lee Ian if you and ask any questions you can't text and now 22980. Detects line too too nineties Europe you when asked GB anything. Jamie how short is too sure how old is tool let's start. 57 and a 500 -- about they go we can eliminate that question we get it every single week how tall when Howell and add text into 20980. Editing for Jamie anything for my fiance Lee who is set down in the studio and will I'll play that game coming up next. Now it's time. Asked opinion which you didn't think this. Friday yeah I know you'll remember this but I think that's adorable but he's grown up time and time demand. Any questions to 2298. Eight C. Good day within the weekend on night before 1 PM PT. International women's day. We have brought another lady in studio my fiance Lee from the point on the all is here and I learned your questions are basically to be for Jamie. Or for lean over the bulk of them. They don't have to be about me it's it's been so much more fun at our answer I give it most of your answers to questions anyway today. A text and in 2298022980. And you can and then Tex lines Ryan I'm handling the tax line today look out this thing is to both of you does it bother you that wicket doesn't shower daily. I stopped noticing I mean that was a big deal when you first started it was funny I don't pay attention anymore and I can tell if you had a rough night. I'm up up up up on our way more now than when we met well and good at and I say he's probably taught me. To rinse off and asked so we've met mental. I opt out. Wash your hair every day anyway and so we can I ask her every tiny I always. Clean out the three p.s. It's rabbits and pigs he can go along her time and found that resort island and chooses to go along side but it that better than when amendment did mornings and known Alex Simon I'd have to ask you how when the last time. You put soap on your body would be my question I realize my questions need to be more specific they used to be just out today didn't. To be like yeah sometimes it's on to it in the water yeah. Jamie what's female leader and as inspired you most look good question what are the people that you delete it on my age. Some in and out of the first hired me radio was a woman news director and Allen line that was just the ultimate and radio person she was the bonds she was good about it she was rated this business. Taught me how to write just taught me a lot of the basics and I didn't now I'm cliche reminiscing hope for a Oprah focuses got it going on all day let's get Roma you know and. Lee how long did you make it is Johnny. Mop up I give myself a good month good month in the he'd be out not yet can be be done to get along very well right now but. Mostly because we just talk about inappropriate things amount as Xavier. Chart until I went to do and it went out dogs and that's not flying for anything in. Pop pop pop up. A month fish a month don't need to be done that I probably cry and I lose all power which you hunger as his boxers cost. Carlos. Yeah that's he's absolutely. Because at least I can throw back Adam link the exact same way. Just laugh. We look at his or you could ask him in these any way you want less gumbo why wicket easing goofy looking socialists believe why are you attractive city feminine looking deuce back. How and what I am glad both of you please send me your head shots. Few dispute the premise of the question of up to accept the premise of the I would like to compare and contrast the key word. Macho man. Keyboard warriors was noted dad's a Twitter tough guys keyboard warriors and I don't the texting namely but jerk. To get up I thought it was a clown and and is that and the other pound baby and maybe we may have been of those today and put up off. With any luck some who's the bigger battle me rivers or you. Rivers than you than me well may have Kennedy's them on the couch while I think coach but a dispute that. You're hollers I would think it would be you an idea about this much of the bad right that's. That's not right but a guy it's international women's day. I would like to respectfully disagree. With this isn't rivers you and the knee and then if I go to the couch I mean I just have the bad together. Talent that's out goes operable you what's the strangest pet peeve that I do your gears squirming. I move around a lot there you'll get one honey I I know can I. Acres yeah we're sales of K that we you'd. Know what it's pat you is something I've known as a crutch. As you know as things are out of person and you never stop noticing them yes there's there's a few words sales lot that we don't know what to say about something it's it's the crotch were that you have on them because now I count my head off an effort always act. I happen to Ali and I are tremendous. I'd be in the beach here word of that but I just think what they might be up ridiculous every ridiculous. A lot of things are doing for us. Things are. Everything is offense and it was probably afford half minutes left in the segment today how important it. Yes I am a lot of them I'm. But I'll just do it one or two because they're surrounded by sweeping so for example most mornings he makes me Brack then yes while I'm still asleep. Which is super nice. But he slams ever recovered and every door every flight there's no. And he had never seen him tight everything is with so much gusto. Like I'm surprised he left on any keep it blew up about three types. I'll put a pretty exciting me love notes you are trying to do stuff for the staff two holes and fund. He's better to start out with a screwdriver or a bloody Mary. Scrooge heard her handlers of the worse same I would agree. Well. And I used to think it was a beauty layer masks the he's on eight years in. This one's for Jamie who's marrying up. Mean I'm taking their coverage more meat or Lee you are you are out on things like the goofy looking in fact he's a nine year merry. The money in the relationship we know that's always going to be her shot and Obama and you start me up so you know. Com ideals no matter that that's a benefit of using Google house husband but you or somebody to do that he needs me. How probably agree with that now olives a year. How did you know that you loved me this came next guest is the only ones I just. I think it's not Amy can answer after. I was it when you saw me at my worst and you still except me from Iowa. Ball and I and that's that's that love is seeing the worst and still loving them inspired. Jamie wanted to look at your travels I want to travel alone but I don't know how to go about doing so what is your favorite booking site hello. Looking site I start with kayak. For everything and I I start for with kayak for flights. And booking dot com for her. Hotels those events usually Wear it again I compare everything else against those two. Email Jaime. Yeah Ireland First Solar. It is entered and got solo do Ireland's first English speaking friendly very friendly you're gonna have a blast you'll make a ton of friends after you get there at a party there it's beautiful. Don't be afraid to drive on them. And texted him in a 22980. Do either of you likes evil I. Lo and thirsty believe Guinea where. I'd like journey ski ball means getting yes let's get that dime and we love whoever that person as we ran the skating days as it is just he's still alive and during couples skate that boring. So you gotta do something else of whiskey Bob know amateur or you go by disappearing ink. It's an IUI a skating rink collapsed on the sticky hand slap people at disappearing ink. Remember that gets pulled on a couple made a how did Mike propose linked. He proposed bear watching the fountains on at the Bellagio invade yes. And he came directly with the whole world and he rocked to its knees and I know these are your favorite and said. Half and recently are my favorite I have a question for you need to Diana when he. And close it and it's. We were just answer it. I don't know I was speechless which is rare for me and then he Aetna you know they're like well whatever side you just proposed shield that's got to be our song. Right but it was the National Anthem the poked out version Whitney Houston dead have was the super. Yeah 1994 I mean and that white jumpsuit where she's just sweat and violent nobody's business it was 94 that's our song and so. Was getting better in laws. All they are all probable I don't. Nearly three out of four there's a good chance that are listening and holding your father's listening but there's a chance your mom is. There's a real good chance both my parents are there isn't well what works out really well is that both of our families like the other one tunnels right as a joke. Are normally not format now and you like my parents really like Yemen had I think his parents like me so. I don't know that anybody's getting not at a mosque so things are either. Good question thanks everybody that bus and makes for all the text messages they Darlington governor of Indiana mind. My caveman and La La land or those that didn't get through we will duties or FaceBook for the weekend get a couple in there that we will definitely have a chance to get to a design and I get a comeback for the FaceBook once sure. We record that Frye after Friday's show actually will probably report that their ascent after tomorrow's show me targeted the in some vitamins are back on any because there was a lot of any time as a a lot of passive aggressive ways until things which you can work on it if there's. Were quick just gone you're not I don't think that happens very often but come into the picture some time it's hard because I'm technically supposed to be on the radio right now that I kind of just ran on the mall Atlanta. Is there anything going on in your station ratings are any I mean magic he had that magic is happening thanks darling if you don't with the heavy surf and. As my fiance Lee in for international and Wednesday. Are both cancer there was nothing. Terribly. Damning of Tex lines and that that is pretty there are few and here were of course were a little bit down. Day inappropriate for error that we lot I get those. Are you. It was for me this time it was about me and be honest I'm. Us policy that they're just give me a break normally I get ultimately here and again they went to you guys. Sound the aesthetics and now. All right the mortgage backed in a conversation that that we were having in the 10 o'clock hour about what may be disappearing from in front of more wal mart's one Saint Louis though is cracking down. So it's about this earlier this usually ridiculous. And you sever reason that is not the reason they are doing at that there's a Wal-Mart and Saint Louis is cracking down on solicitation. Outsiders. This is the one store. But things like Girl Scout Cookies and the Salvation Army bell ringing and Boy Scouts and stuff like that will tell you there are reason enough mostly wicked threes and. And so you're just cold and heartless. I got a lot today. People like this all up at it right now text him in 22980. Art it's midday with Jamie what it would take about this I'll Wal-Mart what's going away from it your street Louis next 91 came easy 981. KM easy mid day was Jamie wicket JD minus Sully my quick hits over the next hour we'll ask you about what's going on at the wyandotte county FaceBook page. Also we have time to jump back into our conversation about a yacht gubernatorial candidate in Arizona that is really with his past the right now. So is going down at Wal-Mart in Saint Louis. So it's this Wal-Mart but you never know what happens so they trouble at a Wal-Mart in a Fallon Missouri which is near sailors. Where they had a couple of groups that got into an altercation. Groups that were soliciting outside the store. Groups like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts Hersh writers or let's say Salvation Army tolerant or somebody like that does not does outside source soliciting. A spokesman for Wal-Mart said it what he does say the groups were but he said it was not the Girl Scouts because it's girl scout cookie season that's the first thing everybody assumed. And so we said because of that we are going to ban all solicitors outside our store for a while and they didn't say indefinitely but they sad. For awhile tank. And so it was talking earlier in the show about if your bothered by. Grew again the reason they're banning missiles to nations is because of the fight that happened it me wondering what else is going on this Wal-Mart yet. But this point. On our third by would you like to see this happen here just get rid of the listeners outside the mall and wal mart's. And urged restores. 5767798. You text into 2980. I mean. It's. Our are we really did that point we took some calls on this in the in the 10 o'clock hour. And people were complaining. About how tough their life is when they walk into a store war. And there's somebody asking them to buy Girl Scout Cookies to find. Their trip to where ever. Really. Those groups. The youth baseball groups this Girl Scouts the Boy Scouts in the popcorn and what ever that the youth soccer leagues. They're fund raisers. Because they depend on the community. You people. Helping out. And buying their candy bars or buys their cookies are buying their popcorn. What's wrong with it if you wanna donate. Three bucks for four bucks for a box of cookies to single thank you they don't like Ian bother. There are some people I know you're out there on texted earlier but he passed. Don't like being bothered every time and a grocery store that every time Agilent is different group there Gartner group of kids there and yet you're right you can easily say no thank you and continue about Irwin mark you wanna be passive aggressive about it beyond your phone or went down or just a dorm and L and it's not that hard is just keep walking past right I don't it's a bother for them to be honest especially if you're finding yourself. Hit with this a lot that you know especially on holidays or during. Girl scout cookie season or whatever it is and and and in response to your a lot of people told us. That why can't a Girl Scouts or whoever you know worked for a little bit and go knock on doors instead of taking advantage. Of the captive audience that you have walking into you a story like. Aren't a lot trapped 5767798. Think from a business perspective if you're salesman. Would you rather. Go door to dual war which by the way in 20170. We don't do this city bar when Justin you Rick you wind up to somebody's door and knocked on their door without calling texting FaceBook he or tweeting that's your on your way over frankly it may be dangerous to do that. Anymore does not I'm amazed or people don't do that anymore I cannot island and an apartment I have for a long time. But when I was in a renting a house for a little while Weaver knocked on my door or less it was like the neighbor that lived in the upstairs park they got locked out or something like that. It makes a ton of better business sense to sit in front of the Wal-Mart where is it going to a hundred houses in two hours a hundred people are gonna walk by you. And you last year your results are gonna be a heck of a lot better. The question I have for a business like Wal-Mart is does it hurt they're business at all in allowing solicitors it must not because most of them allow it. But I wonder if at all if they are aware of the customers get annoyed on because we were told earlier apparently target does not let solicitors be outside. And a lot of people really. You also by the way if you walk through the you know subdivisions or whatever there's a lot of people with out with signs on their houses no solicitors no solicitation. If you can stay there while hundred people ought I've maybe you sell thirty boxes of cookies you've got a lot better chance of selling those cookies or whatever. They need to about walking around houses he brought up the holidays well far be it for people to be generous around the holidays as your right no I thought a lot. People want to choose their generosity a lot of people that are saying noted the Salvation Army bell ringers a Wal-Mart or a park mall are going to write a check to the united way. So it's not that they're not being generous they just are gonna chip they're gonna write a check in says opened toy box and McCann are gonna write a check for five in a box should stores stop allowing solicitation. I absolutely say now. Absolutely. Do I say no kids are out there trying to sell 5767798. Caffeine curry village or 98 line KM BZ. Lamo. I want you poke broke out at thing I'd be hit girl scout leader. And win your vote go knocking door to door neighbor and they record here. And the outs turn the ball by all the entire cases of cookies. You are learning it the Internet but I hate war. Oh written. Laker ever. Read and how the actor Bach. Can I ask you if you bought the cookies and you don't sell them to other people is you're paid forms you're stuck with what you don't sell. It. Ears stuck with a built at these things for the phone call. From the text line my scout did go knock on doors and sold eighty boxes that are all day at Wal-Mart we can sell ninety boxes are more into our. Another one and this is true somebody just said I don't networks are out Wal-Mart summons. I hate walking through Wal-Mart and the DirecTV raps are trying to get you to switch cable companies yes you're going to Wal-Mart. They are set up on table on backed by the electronics and it I avoid that section anymore. Because they'll the last ones to see you again last year again and I'm like no I'm good. Stories to different things. And then people are saying I just hate feeling like a bad person because I'm not donating to them a lot of times I have cast a delicate cheap skate walking by the girl's got a bell ringers and not. Giving anything. 5767798. Those of you on all the gates EU Meghann and Allan stick right there we want you to think. Should stores band solicitation. One Wal-Mart size no. To any and all because of an incident happened out at their location near Saint Louis. 5767798. Can also text in 22980. Tax are rolling. Most of these solicitors outside of stores are very annoying text line I was say that it wouldn't be the holiday season though without the Salvation Army bell ringers off. So but still in line exactly you know be like yelling throw block and there's a guy that sits inside the high the right Europe Johnson driver mark way. And I give them five bucks every time I walk by you know why is he needs it. He he he's collecting for a good call us at 1258.