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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-08-17 1st Hour

Mar 8, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Wednesday athlete of the week and instead it was six busy day busy busy day as always we've got the big twelve tournament going on. Later on this week we got the auto show to be live on Friday the auto show a park hall. Is final does not on Friday and today is. And Jamie should be making me a sandwich day. Doug it's an out no exit date without women's national women's day out they'll freed all right out of the problem that went on national man's day oh wait 364. Other days every other except Mother's Day today and Easter we don't give up eastern time. It is hard hit 360 days and you get today. Jamie did you realize that today. I want to wish you happy seven months. I'm today as our seven month anniversary together where is again gets yeah you're remembering dates your bad debts via well hey. It's the thought they count. Today being march H march 8 today as our seven month in her nursery. You're on anniversary is prices for our date the fourth at Star Wars game are worse I well but he wish her every month on that day I don't think so. I don't think will be doing that I think you'll just be the year that guessing here. And speaking of my fiance Lee she's gonna join us since it's international women's day. She's going to join us coming up at 1235 for ask us anything good. Does argue just bail on out and it's just going to be the two women she's an answer for you and she I mean people can ask questions to me but I I mean your. C it'll be the and her stuff about you right yeah. We find yeah you can ask anything that's coming at 1230. I next hour of very interesting conversation to be you have to be had about me up a guy running for governor in the south past. Home man so this guy's name is Noah dire he's running for governor of Arizona heat isn't Democrat and is getting a lot of attention because of how forward he is being. On his campaign website about his sex life and it is. The stuff of movies it's weird it's very very forward he's into a lot of things and he does not hold back in describing it team and Huffington Post interviewed him about it. And asked him why is there such a thing is knowing too much about a candidate. Little do you I I really. Some in this Internet eleventh and we'll do that eleven. We begin to be here talking about why not count and the story came to us from the pitch. The wyandotte county district attorney's office is taking a quote no crime too small approach when it comes to social media. If you wanna jump in numbers 5767798. It's X line is 22980. The wyandotte DA's office is posting names and mug shots of individuals charged with possessing drugs. As well as more serious crimes. On its Twitter. And it's on it and others FaceBook page. Now again we didn't say convicted. This story says and we were at the site earlier. Individuals charged with these crimes. This is the DA's office of these this is not sheriff's department services people who have been arrested and charged with crimes but not convicted. And let me just point out that's public information right now if you've been arrested that that information access. It's not necessarily. On easy to find for the general public but it's out there and the media can always get ahold of it's it's public information from some that does not usually include mug shots sometimes it can. But at the very least it's your name your date of birth of what you've been charged with an in kind of the situation surrounding. And why you were arrested so. It's out there anyway what you wind county district attorney's office is doing is making it. Readily available to you that they are putting it in front of you and they're doing and not just on the web which is where it normally exam and their own personal site. Right they're doing it on Twitter and on FaceBook where you spend a lot of time and they're not discriminating. As ours the level of crimes and their their. How to that's. The that would know trying to small attitude that is in this story. And if you jump in the question on the table is there for. You know should then wind guts county DA post all the mug shots to FaceBook regardless of the level of conviction was our leveled offense before conviction. Just for example. I just went there here's one guy one count aggravated criminal sodomy. Next guy on the list is church if we don't aggravated battery against a law enforcement officer battery against a law enforcement officer criminal damage to property. Next verse two counts distribution of methamphetamine Chris criminal use of weapons possession of methamphetamine drug paraphernalia three counts of theft. Next person aggravated battery and aggravated assault. I don't know if all of these are the sodium level. You might get busted for a quarter ounce of marijuana. And Michael and all right appears well and I assume that. Because there has to be more people arrested and charged him wine counties and that that that's not every Knoll I and right there are many gap that are that they're they're being left dot. Let me have the two sides of us for users eternity out worries standalone bat on the pitch talked to the spokesman for the wind county DA mark to pre his name is Jonathan Carter. He's the king here is transparency. You know that they are just trying to be as open as they can't he says whatever gets charged were putting out there. So people know what's happening with the office is all about or talk about public shaming people that. Again the information would be out there but to me the mug shots makes it a little different. That you might not automatically go with the person as but the mug shot would help you with that. And also talked to the head of the ACLU of Kansas Mike a cubic who said that. A lot of people who a ban on probation or parole are facing challenges like getting fair housing and painful employment. That's hard enough for people who have been convicted and done their time. You are applying those same troubles now she people who have only Ben arrested and charged. But again it's out there anyway so what's the difference between being out there for you to find. And the prosecutor's office putting it directly in front of your face and would you want to be a difference between some of the more serious crimes and whiter crimes. We're talking about to aggravated battery. Sodomy is winnable that is on the page right now. Or like a set by people over and I get busted with a quarter ounce of marijuana in KCK is that the same thing guess what according to the district attorney. No crime too big no crime too small to be put on here and personally I think it goes too far. I think if you're gonna do what you redirected to everybody or none of them on because if you I don't know the people if they see your mug shot. Aren't necessarily going to look deeper into what you've been charged way and it. Eventually they well but initially they're gonna say all mr. sun's husband has been arrested on. I think the damage has been done regardless of what you been charged with so either do it for everybody or don't do it for anybody because we put up. Winds certain things happen like for example the shooting you know late into it only put Adam puritans picture up on FaceBook page his mug shot he had not been convicted but all signs pointed towards guilty. I'm sure that DA would argue that this person here who's been busted for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. I'm pretty sure they think all signs point to guilty for that. Assuming that doesn't matter to me the difference there is we are in media outlet doing a story and I cannot distinguish saying. Guilt or innocence and that story we're putting a mug shot up of something that's a really big story. On the shares up that the prosecutor's office. To meet guilt or innocence is is irrelevant it's it's they are putting up the people who have been arrested or putting too much shut up because we're talking about it from and and you know and we'll do it if it's somebody that that police are look for. We do it you know we have amber alerts and we have pictures of if you're looking for somebody will that person hasn't hasn't been charged. Beat out and and yet now they're faces out there does it matter that the mug shot is there what is it was just the names and the charges. Of the people I still think that's too much on social media like immediately you don't think people can wit with the names or pictures or whatever somebody can see something share it like it tax somebody boom all of a sudden it's been seen by thousands of people. I think this goes too far by the wind wyandotte county does do this district attorney well. Yeah and what's the difference to me isn't there there's a difference between them publishing and on the website which a lot of a lot of prosecutor's office and sheriff's offices do a lot of them put on the website because frankly it's the easiest way for media to get it yes is just put on a website. To meet there's a difference between publishing and on their site and putting on FaceBook and where. It's it's. On the other hand that is how everybody communicates now. It is is through social media. By 7677985767798. Should the line that county district attorney post every mug shot. To FaceBook and other social media sites. Regardless of the level of offense and even before they're convicted. 5767798. Your calls next midday with Jamie wicket he could texted 22980. Recent of those FaceBook and Twitter as well all coming up next 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZB day with Jamie wicket coming up at 10:45 will play who am hi. Since Jamie is a little miffed that you figured it out yesterday in one clue Kansas City. We take out her hands. To let Travis do it the Travis come out with it today. On the line 25 dollars to the 1045 next hour is a governor gubernatorial who with a two gubernatorial candidate. To open about. His sex life. Well man is there's such a thing as knowing too much about a candidate he's landed out there and I theories about why that well we'll talk about what is this more want now right now though we're talking about a story in the pitch over a page dot com BYU that county district attorney's office is taking no crime too small approached. When it comes to social media the office is posting names and mug shots of individuals charged with possessing drugs as well as more serious crimes up on sites like it's FaceBook page. Does this go too far. This is even before they're convicted this is not the DA's website this is FaceBook Jamie I think this goes too far. And let me remind you again the information out there so they're not giving you information you didn't half it's it's public information if you're arrested. The media could report on that any extent that they want to get it just depends on whether it's the story here. The difference is that the prosecutor's office is putting. And they're not like they're putting all of them because our past we more people arrested on what they're putting on FaceBook. But the difference is that you know on radio we couldn't necessarily figure much out there obviously with the put on the website. They're getting a lot more information. You were just kept in the media and it doesn't matter the crime right apparently can be aggravated battery there's one case a look earlier today of sodomy today could be marijuana possession and what it there's no crime too small according to this story in the pitch. And pitched dot com and if your issue is while they have men convicted Saddam put it out there with them let me ask you on a lot sheriff's departments will not release the information who's who's been arrested. And told they've been charged because there's a difference between being arrested and charged. So should any name be out there until people have been convicted. Because that again that's public information go right to the phones at 5767798. James since Casey came right artists here on 91 KM BZ. I. Sorry I mean it. He that problem that I see with this is it in a country where were innocent until proven guilty to problem that I think it's better. Potentially causing without especially their own pictures are. You know that there are claimed beat them that there. There are affecting jury selection because somebody so this guy's picture you know and that the thing that I. The thing that our connection to the screener was you know what about somebody that was used to you know electric sexual misconduct with a child. That person's picture gets out and found not guilty. To everybody that's seen its picture is still at a. Yeah I don't outlet even add to that we've had cases of and teachers. That have lost their careers because of false accusations about. Improprieties with students but it doesn't matter the accusations are out there at their names are tied to those alleged inappropriate relationships and they still can never get a job again. We are now reputations and. That makes it simple interest and other little heavy handed in my approach was disciplined and I think what they're convicted. Although everybody should note you know almost making them become you know take him out to to the center of the green apple cart whatever you know got you. Thank James and the focal appreciated I get his point though don't you sure it's this is a tough one on because. Does the public have a right to now. Just if you've been arrested is that fair game for the public to know doesn't make a difference or does just the fact of being arrested. Ruin your reputation and keep you from getting a job or fair housing. And in that case how to become public information in the first place to great phone call amid his point is exactly like Elaine and the into the compares that you make. In a good teacher is just the picture of the teacher being accused of dingle ruling that teachers reputation absolutely they'll never at that point people don't ask if you've Ben. Found guilty they assume guilt to Dylan in south Kansas City and 91 and came easy I Dylan. Prayers their own right. Purchased certain call rom. Do we know if miners are going to be part of. Now miners if they're arrested as nonpublic information. How could you do well. Regardless some are still electric car there and an overstep our previous caller that. And lawyer convicted. You're you're into. That that's our justice system works so you shouldn't. Game stigma of what your being charged. And tell your formally convicted. But on the other service with people saying that you know generally affect where housing and jobs and then riker well. People that are in a position that we're going to be getting back background check but it and a rental work together arm. They're gonna find a heartless and your picture on FaceBook or not so. Yeah let me add that girls ask somebody just texted and police officer tested and we always appreciate that and reminding us that the DA's office only charges felony cases misdemeanors go through municipal court. Sell because this comes from the prosecutor's office from the DA's office the only thing you're gonna see on FaceBook and Twitter and. Order amounts of marijuana would be and there but let's say you had a you know a large amount of merit on whatever the needle Linus milk is is that the same thing is is marijuana possession on the same level of aggravated battery methamphetamine distribution. But I think the question is the same in this case it's only the prosecutor's office that is putting it on Twitter FaceBook but but law enforcement could. You know a lot worse I could put out on the misdemeanor cases and we also have that talk back in when must've in the summertime when he first started getting posted a win win. Who's in Ohio Pennsylvania win. Police officers are posting videos of past out heroin overdose on their FaceBook pages. And did the overwhelmed I think that you were against it with the overwhelming majority of people yeah we want those on our FaceBook page I'm glad you mentioned that and I don't I don't or however remember that yeah. Because on because of what my objection that case was because there were kids in the car. And because of you now that not being fair to those kids that that video is out there but you're right a lot of those people said. You know if you don't want that information out there don't do the crime. Well we don't know necessarily in that video those people are guilty of anything but the video was taken anyway same thing these people have been arrested and charged but not convicted. Grander on her FaceBook page writes definitely not before their convicted. Todd says nothing better than being double punished minority report the beginning. And Erica says no we live in a country where it's innocent until proven guilty of not proven guilty the person could turn around and sue for defamation. Okay could you but the information out there anyway that you are allegedly busted forward burglary gaffe or one out. The inflammation doctor anyway all the prosecutor's office is doing is making it easier for redefined. So what's the difference. It's a mug shot makes a difference to that's a distinction I'm making it's one thing. For your name and the charges to be out there but the face and that image and that visual stays with you. And gets your attention more 5767798. Let's go to John in Kansas City John your a 91 KM BZ. More on just like to point out it would wind are counting. Seem army that will not work where. Beat Department of Homeland Security ice and with the administration regarding. Aren't getting information. Regarding illegal aliens. I don't know but those who are these are not the same. Now we're talking prosecutor's office number one making your decision about people that are arrested locally for crimes. But I tell you answered your question I don't know. The prosecutor with only part of US citizens. And not illegal aliens let's not make assumptions are not active we don't be held against her ma'am you're the one in Frankfurt. What what does what does does the idea the Sanctuary City have to do with uploading photos to FaceBook of people been convicted of things. Better felonies. Our big record you illegal alien photos that are committed. Are felonies are not work. I I have no idea I am where I that's not the best. You asked a question at the beginning is this prosecutor's office the same as a that we don't know I don't know lol if they're gonna put illegal aliens who commit crimes upon the FaceBook page. I can tell you can go there right now and you can play the game legal ill now illegal illegal. I don't think it has anything to do with this conversation with someone else is saying and attacks lined at the other cop at Texas was wrong county level prosecutors can charge felony misdemeanors. I did I wonder if that changes based on one count your and battle we reached out to the spokesman is quoted in the story and right now he's unable to join us. As we able we loved have a conversation with Sarah Italy's failure get the final word on this a 981 KM BZ. I'm Sarah. So I actually worked terrible district court how can John in me Italy and I learned that we do you recharge and you're telling me. Your dollars in county council to make sure we remember this is why not how you were talking about and they can be different. Don't think they are because they've worked there as well it would probably fifteen years ago but from what I remember they can eat efforts. So they want to put up misdemeanors and felonies up here's a by the quarter ounce of marijuana. I can give Sam and I get pulled over my face eagle on the DEA's FaceBook page. Seventeen and a first timer at second and Eli doesn't mean it's you I'm monastic battery. And the demeanor. On their a lot of people are misdemeanors that. I'm out. That a prosecutor option is not a little charge. Thatcher Acer thank you so much for the info pretty (%expletive) so I guess Ed it's as a matter according to her now that those rules may have changed I don't know well. Either way in the prosecutor's office it's a public information so even at the prosecutor's office does only charge felonies they can still get the information the sheriff's office and put up people charged with misdemeanors. Are you let's go to FaceBook page could conversation going on their FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ coming up. You may have been able to buy things like Girl Scout Cookies in front Wal-Mart anymore ID one KM BZ that they would Jamie like it some breaking news here. It is not that it's international women's day or national and I was expecting mentally breaking news it is. Coming up we'll replay who will lie in twelve minutes right now. We are not only giving away a 25 dollar gift card to the Jay Bart. Add to the embassy suites Italy where thorn in a pair of auto show tickets. And that's where we will be on for an odd way it goes out to you I like this meeting did take well good because I'm off next Friday a. Actually two Fridays from now so we will get it gives the outer shell on Friday which should be good times that we are giving tickets away to that's with whom and who am I a four time. With these four pack of auto notes and great night for another couple GAAP. I'm just very. Very lovely. So yeah we've got to a four pack of auto show tickets on line later on today about what 1015 minutes from right now we play who and why. We got a Girl Scout Cookies in order something listener they're in there in the works. We've gotten a bit in the war that's crystals. That that they ask them that they have arrived Dave does not arrived here OK because I'm about out of the ones that leave ordered for Obama so I need round two of the girl scout. He's just think it looks you right to ask you just know that that's that mystery gift is out there coming from the so I'll you know you go into stores don't sit like a Wal-Mart or are big department store mall. And at times you're you've got people out they're selling stuff or try to get you to donate to things. Sometimes the Girl Scouts there's a Wal-Mart that I got you where the Girl Scouts and about there and and and the first couple times like that's it's because I don't have yet. But there are times of the year where you've got to the Salvation Army bell ringers outside of some major stores like that you feel about that about the approach for money or to buy things. As going into a big store like that well there is a Wal-Mart in oath Allen Missouri years it was of course. That will no law a group will no longer allow groups to solicit added store on highway K. That includes the area girl scout troops selling cookies we got us out of the Saint Louis post dispatch in Wal-Mart employees set on Monday. The store decided to put a halt to all solicitations for awhile. After a fight broke out with another group at the store AM and lets it. Gas sand these are employee in a corporate spokesman did not name the organization involved in the incident but noted it was not Girl Scouts so that's being punished as a result of this fight between two of the groups. So this this guy Charles Rosen who is that spokesman said we pride ourselves on working as a leader in the communities we serve due to a recent series of events outside our store we have chosen to scale back solicitation. For a local groups and organizations. This only applies. At that oh Fallon Wal-Mart by the way so this must be a local decision that they can make from store to store not to allow them solicitations outside. So all the groups at UC and usually these are nonprofits that are out there are soliciting and looking for money you're looking for donations for things Boy Scouts to other groups do it. Now none of those will be allowed outside this Wal-Mart where there is a lot of traffic that's why they like to setup there. Until I have been bothered as you walk in do you consider to bother is for you to get your Girl Scout Cookies there it mean. I remember as a kid 5767798. You can jump in 5767798. Ember is a kid likes Allen. Candy bars for Little League power you know wrapping paper for elementary school or books magazines or magazine. Subscriptions. Boy Scouts do what we hear that all the ports abroad and they brought that kernel corn and rice and a. And a Girl Scouts do you scout cookies and get easy example to Salvation Army bell ringers and how and that's a major part of their fund raising for the Salvation Army is that bell ringing campaign and they rely on malls and shopping centers Mary's with a lot of foot traffic. To donate and that and your cut that I I lock. This is one of those cases where we always say the squeaky wheel gets the grease gun at the phrase we use a lot on this show. This is. One organization is gonna ruin it for every 11 bad apple is spoiling the buy your apples because there was a girl scout troop and another. There wasn't scouts because he said wheat. He noted it was not a girl scout troop got into a fight so there's another group an altercation broke out with another group of this at the spoke at the store so the store. So it was just so what was that one group that caused a scene is that what it is. And how is this were an altercation broke out with another group at the store so I don't know if that you groups that word out at the same time. Soliciting this is ridiculous. To expand that grow on and that particular group that was 88 troupe of some kind band that particular true. I'm seeing. Not to defend the story does is now why they're doing it but I see some people and it's it's OK admit to us. That especially around certain times of the year that you like on you feel guilty saying no. Every time and if you go to the same store a lot like I frequent the same several grocery stores and once they're closed my house. You don't like having to be approached every time you walk in the store I could see them doing it more so because customers said. I'd rather I want girls got cookies I know we're refiner and if I wanna donate to the Salvation Army. All right much outplayed they miss out on a tremendous opportunity to sell their cookies or whatever it does signal thank you. And people feel about that. Out as you Marty. For second because if you somebody that RT donates are already bought how many cookies than. You might feel like you know I think that they can give me a look now in and feel bad saying and now or she just don't wanna be bothered. You don't wanna have to deal with that when you're walking distorts this is a people don't like giving to pain handlers on the street well. Look I I would much rather give to a group of girl scout. You don't Girl Scouts if I'm gonna get some cookies out of it that I would assembly was gonna go use the by the next that the bod are right and not every person on the street it's asking me for dollar is going to use it. To go buy a fifth of vodka. But I'm pretty sure that those Girls Scouts or Boy Scouts or whoever's selling whatever it is I bought different things for different organizations around the city when I'm gonna different harsh restores. I'm pretty sure those kids. With a lot of certainty aren't going to buy their next bottle of. Here's a couple of tax. I've never been harassed by the Boy Scouts Salvation Army the Girl Scouts and I have been harassed by other groups looking for money. Would not take no for an answer I felt like I was being hustled and content. Somebody else in the next 92900. For a short while in Saint Louis a big local grocery store chain stopped all solicitation especially these Salvation Army. I don't have a problem with the problems you can just say no. You just walked by single thank you and goal line but if you know you wanna help out what's wrong with that they they depend on that and again that's not why Wal-Mart stopped doing it they stopped it because of the fight between a group. Let's go to Jay in KC 91 KM BZ hijacked. Hello there. Well there's Wal-Mart there I go to accurately nowhere and they always have been. Someone out there's Sally and they get the bulk door intrigue stripped so you gotta go through there and I'm campers it's. Delight in down hell I don't when they help it just me but it's like. Always we are walking and would you like about it it's like a little bit. Like you know what. I don't care prevented they would just sit there and not even at spewing like used to out there that might be a little bit more comfortable. But perhaps someone. China yet you'd buy something I don't like that as I'm walking into the store I wanna go into the store I don't wanna be bothered. Argued in itself let me walk up there and that's what do you have I just don't care for that but that's history. Thank you Jack you're down. In my old radio station we get a toy drive. Right every year we did a toy drive and would be outside. Of a base blinks Orman sleet and they have army we have deadly carbon fleets like Kmart. China but they add grain and feed a lot of those things as well you can buy everything good night. Closed tires food everything. At a planes Furman flee. And we would do our show every and mourning for a week in front of it up ended like a glassed in house that was donated brighten the front of the store. We also have people. Standing letting customers know we have a toy drive going on for the Children's Hospital. Would you like to donate we appreciate it if you'd like to donate or Beagle like to going to buy a polite. We depended on those people that had no idea who we were is a radio station because they weren't listeners. We depend on those people for a large portion of delivering. To the Children's Hospital. Use us as an example that we we do coats for two rights we sat on this radio station does outside right leaders and and Price Chopper and other locations around the city and we are. And we did you know we have the banners up but otherwise. And I don't know what you do but when I'm out that I thought I approached people as there is a drop off there one country and say in just you know we're here yeah what do you think about how these people aren't. That which we have record donations every single here year peak call eyes. We let people who mean listen to this radio station know what's going on but some people don't like some people don't some wanna go about their day and go to their cleaners ago and go to the grocery store. And not be approached and again that's not the point of what Wal-Mart is doing. Wonder what else is gone that's Wal-Mart like if fights between the security groups. Outside. Silenced yeah that and why else is on those long let's get Chris eleven worth up 91 KMB easy actress. I got there you go read. Yeah I actually welcome that kind of like adult minded they're an opposite side. But now it is in fact it's gone from Earl out the ninety baseball team basketball game by you know bunch of little kids gel that. And not a late hit out of Benoit every I want I want bring. It's just aren't that. And all these kids and their want for charity in need for help in finding here's the faith the Crist your your point is is is heard him thanks Jeanne. Your I would be fine not getting jobs every time I walk into a story last. Saturday. Last Saturday I got asked by five different girl scout groups at five different stories it does get old having to say oh man five whole times you Agassi no thank you. Passion all those kids are looking for is funding so they can learn and go on trips and experience they bring this to add in other ways about it he's got out. I'm saying is that somebody said can't they go door to door like we did we or kids. You know they can make their money for their Girl Scouts and other ways without setting up for a while it's a good place to go because the number of people to go right you're not what's what's a better to think from a business standpoint what's better to go to 96 customers' homes or to sit there 96 customers come to you outlaw has to make a business decision to you and again they're doing this because of fighting but it would make total sense to me at Wal-Mart sad. Art or any or the mall or whatever so that our customers are tired of the stories that multiple dollars and answers to told us they don't like being bothers that as they walked and it's costing us business. Our business is more important Girl Scouts so we're gonna cut the soft everybody screw with the kids in their charity either selling things to make money for their lines all mates you know what I. Can't be bothered to say no thank you. And I. At times in five stalled cars if you she she did now I. I did it a little bit if you Ers need shops a lot and you your out with kids and your hit with a lot and girls got season long. And their right between girls got some ways some supplement it just on kids that are out there and as the slightly kids' charities that are out. You know bell rings easing was quite a while. I can see people getting a little just a little tiresome little tired from the tax line charity is different than asking me to buy junk food we don't eat cookies and candy our own we don't like being bothered. You're missing the flipping point. Are somebody's and I'm praying that his party all right help the kids and bring need to candy Crowley's. I'm a manager and another major department store chain mail solicitation. It's great no issues. And I wonder people like about change I wonder if you you know if you appreciate that about that store chain that you don't have to deal with that outside. I can't hand I'm going to spend 400 dollars a target and his three dollar fifty cent cow box of thin mints is gonna break me and I'm annoyed by you break. It. My Girl Scouts or cereal now I was at my mom's why does or restore. Apple's right backs on but it would've had a partner and it would have been hammering it out as you can buy in meant and I don't want the chocolate and then there's cinnamon Graham crackers and brother with me. So. From the tax line which you're NASA wait too loud I'm sorry. This is ridiculous college as far. But I'm not. I read that text aligns well I'm. I think you know I appreciate at least you spelled my name right at a guy Tommy should wrap of Bagger around my hand and tie tight but he spelled my name sell some awesome it was cherry like the strikers but I feel guilty and I sing at a tricky to. I honestly it. All right time to flip it up and play a little who am I we're gonna give view. Is Travis or one tooth of give you the first clues about nine on here. Travis made it up today all you gotta do is figure out who I am and we have got not only 25 dollar gift card. Tickets to the Kansas City auto she though. Donna Barton hall. It's play on I don't know who it is I Helio clue number one. And yet to get this on the air 57677985767798. Betty answered on the air. I made famous billionaire. And I eight Miami famous millionaire. I've just got out my answers 5767798. Take a guess somebody got in Jamie's first cool day. For two ends of the time it will take your guess is next in 91 KM BZ. Anyone looking NBC meeting with Jamie wickets for who are buying. We'll get to do stylus up figure out who I am today. And got a 25 dollar gift card. I don't know late. He gets appeared mixology winding craft beer selection today culinary experience that requires thinking outside the box inside the embassy suites Italy they got to be 21 or older to win. He had. We're gonna throw in for ownership tickets and and we'll get a break it out on Friday get Michelle and I love the auto show I've heard it in our time that I love the option at least is up next here. And on the table and a new kind. 5767798. The number one any famous millionaire. I 767798. And the famous millionaire got to get it on the air and we start with Carling Casey junior a 91 KM BZ Karl who abide. A strike I could not hear you is that. Or amber and I Warren Buffett's them. It's not Warren Buffett 5767798. JT at the car here in 91 KMB easy JTU nine. Yeah yeah yeah is it Donald Trump and and not Donald Trump would make sense though these answered is a millionaire he's kind of topic mine yeah rested top of mind right now. All right how about this. He's a new clue Korea. I'm a former NFL player that helps Ivey former NFL play that house. 767798. Let's go to Julie. You're an 881 KM BZ. Castle outside. And Donald Brown is it Donald Trump and not Donald Trump let's talk to a moderate guy in shiny era 91 K and easy. I'm gonna do tonight. Where Nowak. And I are. Not Richard Branson Wright again on the famous millionaire. And I'm a famous abs are any former NFL player. I'm 767798. Canon. Casey your 91 KM BZ I can. I can't do that I. Well you know I thought you were somewhere that you would Joseph Montana. In my Joseph Montana car. All I want to. That was easy on to pollute to help beat Justine martyr to. These guys are too Smart. Well done today I was Joseph Montana. Other clues included playing for the chiefs quarterback Super Bowls comeback kid famous for the catch. But I was Joseph Montana welcome. Welcome and I would quicker than we were expected how many clues that they get in on Monday when you get it. Four okay that four or when it takes for. Settled. I doubt right yeah its users we do have to get to the news so well done hang on hold all your information you got a 25 dollar gift card to. And also for tickets to the auto show. Odds committed to bark all of 500 vehicles gather all in one place with food trucks beer at winder guys tickets are available now in the box office or. Any day of the show was going on Eagles gonna dot Ticketmaster dot com and we will be there on Friday yes we also if you decide on Friday please we shared a common sense tells you three buttons. Three yes three bodies have we are gonna say we view. It. Doesn't mean restored an apple and I think we have our show hands out in my purse. That's about it one at home. I think we weren't in goal right now we've got at least five we can't be that popular were they were taken that by I think that maybe does that make a Princeton. Opt opt opt thinking nobody would want. Coming up to like about the weird picture involving Russell Wilson NCR beach's very strange also something called the fire fairy game which really made me cringe yap at Salinas that your kids are and you don't let him do this one and coming up next is it possible free political candidate to tell you too much about themselves and could hurt their campaign. This is weird hit that commit.