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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-08-17 4th Hour

Mar 8, 2017|

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106. Heavy Wednesday. Don't forget Friday. Jane and I will be out at the auto show portal all will be out there from ten to for going early on Friday saying hi. Will be 500 vehicles gathered all the place for trucks barreling garage to two tickets now at the box office and he showed a or through Ticketmaster dot com and JD might be looking for new car this will be an insane weekend usually out on the show and the big twelve happening literally in the same place the whole house. The students recurrent Rican people this is that weekend park and take a street car this is where the streak ours can be like our ridership is way up. Even though there's no it's Saturday it's not want to know. William Biggs streetcar weekend's behavior burglary and theft and let's. It was funny unveiling especially on Friday via so. I you know I'm my car is at a 135000. Wolves which is not and I keep my cars. But that means within a couple of years I'll start I'll need to have an idea man now yeah and I might sound I've got about. Let's see a year left on my at least so I have to yeah it is they start thinking about it who knows. Our we're going over. This story and the dispatch in Saint Louis. That. I can't believe I'm getting the negative reaction that I'm getting from people on the tax line about. Girl Scout Cookies and other solicitation goes on outside stores don't get your house here 5767798. Or you can Texas at 2298 easier what you think. If some big retailers or malls or grocery stores decided to band solicitors out side. People like the Girl Scouts or the strikers or the Boy Scouts Ortiz Salvation Army bell ringers. It's a bigger discussion from what we found that is happening at one Wal-Mart store in a found answering your street Louis where. Because an altercation. Between two groups that were allowed to solicit outside those timbers apparently got into a fight. And because of that that that story has decided to ban solicitor is entirely. Not. Permanently but for awhile and ice and we got talking about having solicitors outside the store and position. And is. It got that big a deal this Angel thank you at least be nice about it say no thank you and move on to the little girl who want you to buy girl scout because their depending on you. Within the community if it's the Girl Scouts the Boy Scouts that you writers whatever you baseball youth soccer team whatever. They're depending on you in as part of the community. I cannot believe that I'm sticking up for children in Kansas City, Missouri. To the good people in the metro and I'm standing up for youth leagues everywhere and being called every name. Like oh my gosh you think that was Donald Trump some of you people that youth leagues and the kids in this community depend on you. I know great people you are looking coats for kids but we did for the Salvation Army a year you know every year for the kids and it's like. You're just this the biggest bother in the one guys that I got stopped five times and with a five stores. I'd stop five times the weight of five stores. Really major like that difficult to say and don't think he was doing to spent hundreds of dollars and four extra bucks for a box of thin mints was gonna break you Lauren Noah you to the point. Where you're gonna go insane. Are you and me. I didn't. They call it is necessary. Against market you're getting a lot of that. However I due under Steve and all those who say. They are bothered. By some knots that it would keep going into the store but is it like say. It's the Christmas that's horrible it's. Lol okay go ahead now I go ahead tonight bothered you are going to best buy to buy a TV and an Amazon echo and the guys ring a bell and four degree weather getting adjusted for. And black iron off. That's right now okay the girls throughout sullen Girl Scout Cookies and you go in all Wal-Mart where also it's all of that but at the Y I goat you a lot I have anyone on our. Mine as the direct TV people inside that are trying to get me to change cable from the cable I don't have. So detonate and hit twice once outside the store and once inside the store and that is arson to some people and a lot of people are pointing out to meet. That on targets. Ban solicitors outside including the red kettles outside if that's true okay some people are saying they really like that because and other people are saying they don't go anymore because of really I'd bet that the difference Jamie the customer loss cannot be that high because of girl's scouts outside a wal mart's. But people. Edwards must have people say they're bothered by an they would rather her. There's I don't it's not they're not gonna donate to the girls county united way or whatever they're just gonna choose to do honor that's fine just don't think you already Tony and let them continue to try to shelter because look at but some some baseball baseball leagues out there Jamie. It I think they keep icing I think all the time it's difficult to say too little to help give me a break. Stock to mega excelsior springs been on hold for awhile I give thanks so much for your patience or 98 line KM BZ. Being. And you continue to college salvation all the. Never said the words selfish. I've. Odd mega knife fight your insanely selfish at a. How absurd I bought one doors with it and Hal and had held the daylight little girl at my girl out he's. Marrow and then have to explain Greek hey why can't I girls out. My mother had to use that my entire time grilling up in the answer I always got make you know teach a lesson is as a non parent to parent. Like my among my a's gave me it was simple as I said sell you have. That. I tried very hard not you outline what I did because. I didn't like the worst lie. And I explained it and and mind appoint you go on the handle. Bothered by. That simple attic get there. Thank you meg banks and car and that's apparent. Again I went through debt my mom held my hand going to the grocery store when I was growing companies that money like and I have that candy. You know for whatever reason her answer was no because I said so. And I it was that oral lap on the butt and I would take because I said so much more than the lap on the by somebody sat on the tax ITT night zero I want to stop any particular I won't calm out but there's particular fast food place in town if they have Cherie Kerr crops. So they'll avoid it I their body is out there doing our lives in cherry lime aid like you. You don't want to car wash out time out time and so it's easier just to avoid it so than it was dozens. I can't manage personally I can't imagine. Going somewhere here well I isn't an Owings and he's that I think it's annoying to see people trying to sell things to be while going to a store most of the time I avoid eye contact. I just don't like taking part as will fundraisers. Whole. Janet Brooke's side your next up on it 91 KN BC hi Janet. I carried out and today. At her mommy because like that that line. Miked and I don't know under the lack mom or something but like I I you Atlanta might not happen or the other day he hit me back quit. And yet there. I have not. That's the can I eat Smart child. Yes a market net I would like what an update now on the left it up there and it got it signed you know there weren't very uniform whenever. You know I'm more apt to stop it not get as annoyed. But at my grocery store are frequently aired and creepy looking separate kids that are up there like what money I mean. No idea what you represent I have no idea what they are. And you know I mean we didn't work and pay gap. Mean if you I'd eat effort into what you're reading. I'm or heard men that backed government all. It needs production value our right siege at the stage president. Cheney. Ballot now you don't know where that money is going if you don't know school and you don't like scouts we. It is an organization that's there and we have heard story yeah story of the misuse of money that you have donated. So thank you for the call I yet wanting to know where the money is on Fareed seeger and knowing when somebody says we you buy this candy bar in Gaza be annoying not having a baseball season I think you don't have the opportunity and that moment to do the research you would ordinarily would also be annoying not having soccer uniforms. Because the league doesn't have any money so how you feel about that and the kids are out on the streets. Making not a district so that attacks like hey I'm taking the grocery store and asking if I'd like to round up and donates Gerri you're right it's a good question I would hate to have to donate to people who need food as I'm checking out what my 200 dollar grocery bill. You can still do I know it you can do that on your own when you've had time to put thought into the amount of money that you're gonna donate and not to under pressure. And you could say no thank you. I mean go tell the. That was asked to donate you know ten dollars five dollars or one dollar to humane society usually it's blocked a to a dollar maybe you've by depends what kind of mood I'm in public to spend. Where your calls next mid day would Jamie like it. For me to get rid of solicitation. It's not helping organizations. Like that like the girl scouts. Of us. Now here are a lot Zacks Culkin Zach has my back stick right there Zack. Bulls opted Stephen and John probably called the morning and about sacks today with Jamie. A name I can't repeat on the year geyser in rare form that serious idea line KM easy anyone can't be easy. Midday with Jamie blankets and we're talking about no cookies no solicitation no. Being sold outside stores from groups that might he would meet at least at one Wal-Mart in near Saint Louis this. Was announced Alan usery and a wrist what happened there was that they had a couple groups that were soliciting outside groups like let's say the Girl Scouts or stringers that got into a fight. And so because of that fight to manage their decided we're not gonna have solicitors outside anymore and that got us doing much larger discussion of should stores like the mall or Wal-Mart target or does this or grocery stores band solicitors from being outside. What do a lot of grief as job with. I'm Matthew you're never got that like today right now poll because on what and I understand. Agree with this but I totally understand the people who say. It's a knowing. When you especially if you get hit more than one time at the same store which happened you'll have they solicitor those awful solicitors outside in the pitch again and side. And the woman whose I saying no and I am just going to my kids -- saying no. Big deal factor there. I was mega and excelsior springs but thinks. This is read a million man rising ridiculous this isn't. I just noticed there's a lot this is insane I mean you're no light because it would ask you to buy a box of cookies yeah or else be annoying not having money for paint. For your girl scout troop meetings not having baseball uniforms or soccer uniforms. I mean this at a no thank you. Is pretty easy to say. And in the thank the people are upset about this and to beg and excelsior springs it was repaired and I'm not people that we comment on parenting. It's about of now all. Teacher gives you some time. Unless gas I mean I got my mom walk whenever we walk into restored I was young and it was mommy can I have this mom can I have that when I was seven or eight. And she tell me now the answer is always 'cause I said so. I real quick. But these kids depend on the community and this is an awesome community we watched you for coats for kids watch or Salvation Army youth center of fund raiser we did. And keep in mind we have done Jack coats for kids yeah you saw us set up that right cleaner underpriced operating grocery stores around town asking you for your coats we eat out. But I also understood there's a little part of me that even though you're doing for the children in your bother at Christmas you'd just like bothering people him on and you put them in position of now I can't today Aaron. I'll come back I promise if it feels like an intrusion. A little bit. 5767798. Do we need to stop solicitation of all kind part of stores let's go to Zack and okra exact. Zack's got my ballot. Until the regular. Guys that got 98 linking NBC what exact. Okay out of their complaint are ridiculous. I couldn't close. A like. I had that way by and it hit it in the day now. And it's a wrap it. It's a it's a very tough life they live Zack when they're going into by their new brand new HDTV. And some little girl last search for four dollars for a box of amendments. Perry he's got defending my dad always got. And your defense this bit in the next doesn't take much screwed up you're an idea on game easy. Edit particular call stole it all that thing it does it why can't quite get it if the girl in the art supports a much. The boards out art art out there are. Sure there are. I like I was others on popcorn and selling their stuff outside of outside stores. But at that at all. I think they are I think that they get. In the form of purchasing and urged that I think that they start spending money that they shouldn't. We were in omits crook it's appropriate in the audience with a Girl Scouts are better. Are selling author our camps. Are are mostly privately owned out out in this area. But some Italian baking go door to door and it's not just the Girl Scouts are talking about comedy youth baseball. Youth soccer team. About Irish writer about our public and cheerleaders. What about eagle fund raisers for a high school football aura or high school soccer or whatever. It's not just the girl's scouts and Boy Scouts are talking about here. And it's actual this is is keep in mind DirecTV. Is set up inside a Wal-Mart right now and you go and I know exactly where as I know where it is in my Wal-Mart and they ask you you're gonna change cable services in those people probably pay for the time to Pedersen they've that's probably they want to buy some real estate inside wal mart's electronics and that would be allowed an N along parts making money on wall martz likes and he'll laugh. That's almost porn. As what I would rather say no tool to that guy to say no you know little kid meets yeah. Easy that's easy Sean in Overland Park you're in 91 KM BZ hi Sean. Hey. I've been listening in it would seem that made the call your you'd Detroit you're getting from people and the one that. Next to seemed like dirt about 80% of them our fathers her mother's. Arranged. It's seems strange to me that they can say no to their kids governor candidate that they just can't walk by somebody is saying now. Probably say no to the road games over and over but little children look at your children. Yet you couldn't say no holds on to mommy and daddy wanting something over and over please please please but. I asked Rangers son or daughter you can't sing a note. Please my anger is out to you. Sir. When they think he shot earlier and that's I appreciate that line. Hi slides on the art bought cookies lines are donated. You know out of that situation just like the children. You want them to be able to walk by and say no thank you you don't like them lie. I mean you can say no thank you or just say higher which are you know maybe dad wherever it NB. And again they're not asking you for a hundred dollars or asking you for four bucks for a box of thin mints peanut butter patties would have spent on girls guy he's been for about I spent zero I have three boxes actually eat one and a half box has left some you know coming in more coming allegedly. Julian ray Bork your 91 KM BZ. I. Yet a girl scout pack techie person company out a little Wal-Mart situation. Won't actually and count that they're a lottery so like. You need a lot of girls at the interpret that locked Richard. And they gimmicky stayed outside and so important that you can't guard ordered or more only. A lot of places like eat a cookie that worked anymore I mean. A lot of kids that does not from that they get ticket sales. Really good point Julie thank you very much for the phone call I know plenty of businesses were not allowed to put up the thick as my from my sister was a Girl Scouts my mom would take the thing to work I put it up a server in a hospital via full. By the time in a week to be full of my sister would sell 400 boxes of cookies or whatever. There's a lot of places that don't like to do that these decks ever that. Accountability shouldn't be on Wal-Mart to let you be outside just because you can't do it and other places and you can't go to order Georgia Morley Julie said because people are wack jobs to. -- do it now and people don't know so people don't know their neighbors anymore you are absolutely correct we can do that is to tell how well do you know your neighbors especially if you're somewhat muted the area I don't. I know very few of my neighbors my building I know a lot of mind but Edward I'm weird humorous or social or they get as I was raised at the pool ones. It that the pool is exactly and I met most of the act 5767798. Ashley and concordia. Believe how many people are getting my house actually hear a 91 game BZ. It is not that big a deal. And help them now and I'm sorry you think having to explain it to your children as an excuse and pathetic. I think. You should not adamant that are. Some like it you who wants to have ads explain things or don't have because I said so did the first word that kid learns. Just. Actually era amazing. Thank you for that thanks for the call actually. I. Lots and there it will take a few more Tyler hang right there your lead off hitter we have time we'll kid. I don't a lot of time something a lot heavier plane for this hour but a lot of you are really interested in too much out will be appreciated dated parts coming up and a half hour we'll check in with Scott Indian just before that 91 KM BZ. The day with Jamie went it. We're talking about whether or not you're bothered. By seven year old girls asking you to buy cookies to support them. There's a Wal-Mart in years Saint Louis that is banning all solicitation from a front in front of its building. For the time being that started because of a couple fights between a couple of groups that were soliciting outside. And got into a fight inside but that got us talking. And you guys are going off about this is great about solicitors outside stores and let it bother you and whether they should go somewhere else and whether that's those are good lessons teach your kids. Somebody said the girls out that's one tigers were talking about is that the Girl Scouts are not allowed to go door to door. Well then if they can't go on from a business how to make money because businesses don't have to allow them the outside we're hearing about several stores that don't allow this listeners outside. So the word that now. That's the thing. Like uttered or were you would go your you know if you're Girl Scouts or Europe you'd soccer leaguer whenever. Were you got points it's. In 2017 we don't knock anybody's door anymore right I don't know why they ban it I don't like the idea the girl's got that you can't go to adored adored that you rely on businesses to be outside. Crash people that are complaining about the serve amazing here's a great 14 yeah Ella two and outdoors store last week it was by with a Girl Scouts asked me to buy cookies. While isn't want what was annoying. Was it going to check out to be asked first to donate to the wildlife foundation at a BS on the store or TMI am that if ask I want customer credit card only kept the cookies were cheaper than anything. Is that a problem with the girls outsource or nonprofit group outside as much as I do businesses asking me like. Change cable service chains sell concerts up like that inside the store 5767798. Tyler leavenworth here in 91 came BZ I Tyler. So. They're quite feeling a whole thing. Other Currie. Were all worried. Basketball softball baseball. Every time make up all the little blip that they felt good though. They wanted it built per. I only got so many resource for my kids go to belt. I would rather. Pay your money out of my own pocket or quite yet. That have somebody else or there might yet. I should get out of my kids wanna do extracurricular activity I get from the mud that they need however they're going to be chores around outs earn money. I understand that Tyler blood not everybody can afford to do that and that's where we go back to if let's say your son your daughter plays baseball. And you know you'd need you know to raise 300 dollars for the baseball uniforms and for fees and for you know into the did the team mom funder whatever the case is. Not everybody has 300 extra dollars and you have three kids what if one play what if what my nephew's in gymnastics and easing travel my ten year old nephews and traveled gymnastics. That's expensive girls even more expensive travel hockey ask any parent of a youth hockey player and then baseball. Everybody has that money and that's where these fundraisers goal that's what the mood of the fund raisers are here for and I am glad Tyler can do that and that everybody else candy. Well and just as your saying now lowered just because you don't want to sales are outside the store doesn't mean you're not donating to that agency you can very easily write a check to the united way or the Girl Scouts or chargers or whatever you wanted to Wear the Salvation Army. Somebody and that actually is a traveling baseball is costing 17150. Dollars issues you better sell a lot of chocolate bars our friend or go to Tyler leavenworth he's got the money Gloria our watches. Those car washes. With his car wash when your for basketball and suck most or not it's not fun. Let's go to charity ray Moore Jerry you're an 81 came easy. Hey guys I say. All the millennial and they know each literally. Understand what no no learned a pre. There is something to the value of learning the word no isn't there are at. I think their strongest thing that you better let it because I and then you didn't convert it anymore that are done. I I kind of a little crooked I I defy you polite tactic mile wide. Earlier. Tiger now I'm really excited to eat at my include Oreo. Oh yeah and let. Us. Jerry you know a lot illegals will get back as this is the gluten free generation. Or Arab. A free you know make these kids had just. Somebody else you're the manager did supporting organ. Send you the manager at some club volleyball as 2500 box. We better now called club volleyball is 2500. Dollars here your kids and other stuff steer kids or not you don't let swimming yeah. You know kids that it basketball because ultimately takes a pair issues as they're young until they get into you know being really really good and shoes at a school. It's an app you know it sucks to pay for travel hockey. A lot to lot of a trap it you gotta rent ice time and there's not a lot of ice rinks. A man and a kids grow and year against. You grow out of gear really quick you know that number that we sat whatever it was for how much it's gonna cost you for kids yeah Mac. Yeah that's our on our kids gonna be a bookworm. And she need North Kansas City and 81 KM BZ. And I am I going in. Because. That. And port arraignment. But many bit you know curl cut cap rate report out rate can be used inappropriately whatever. Am I the girl scout leader in the boy scout leader and I'm telling you wet that many goes for these kids to go to camp in these camps are very expensive. And when the kid can't go door adored by the parent can't take this seat to work. They have to stand outside of these sticky and the things these kids are learning is that why they're lowering have a cell. Are learning that hill there actually looking people in the guy not looking at a cellphone. And there are. Eric are actually talking to another human being or not he Neil asking you have you wanna buy it but keep. Okay defense of the other caller real quick because she wasn't necessarily picking on the Girl Scouts I do understand though. When you are out about enough and you see enough organizations are out there they're not all recognizable due debts are not all the scouts and you don't know where that money is going in urban a lot of stories about money that you donate. And it being misused so I get I get wanting to do your due diligence first. That's true you know what every time I was that a manager but baseball team or not our team. We haven't era in the world war there in a form and we. You know old whatever because said that these Chippendale happy saint. I had to get. A boy and a girl but we're about is out but from Bob in baseball. I didn't count that many cities to buy out you know read that you get a hundred you don't have to sell candy. I can't eat that we each one of my hands. Let me let us out and thanks for the call but we can't let every group do this now. You can't let every group that possibly wants to that has something to sell or has money that they need to use. For another altar was a purpose sit outside of Wal-Mart our part or Oak Park mall or wherever you eject you can't let every group do it and every group has it cost. I think somebody called earlier said there was kind of a lottery to see who could do hurdles outs and and maybe there is for. For you to baseball would ever. I'm sure it's a Gladstone youth baseball league maybe they get the one and the high being Gladstone if it's you know if it's. DeSoto and youth soccer league maybe they get. The Price Chopper routed to sell it right if there is I don't know if there's a lot of people are saying they do sell gluten free turkeys so that's not a good excuse he did a study people got. I hit for lag but I. Cheney's first point it teaches them life skill to talk and and look people in the eyes and and too many kids mean our our standards of phones all day you're the tablet sold they are their mom and dads followed all day that's a great points. And it teaches a business savvy. But it's shedding Casey to get you get the final word on this on a 91 KM BZ. I'm so glad he's had so many people here that we felt politically tricky. Oh yeah. Told us many many many people told us. I feel bad that you guys that getting inundated by the girl scout but apparently we Ellis frontier show. Later by artists are gearing this show. Girl scout moms. Would delay darn well but at CB policy that you're supposed to go over it with your girls that play you got deported to learn about. How much going darted aren't smiling as they see people what and they base Scott parked at an army crop. I had the army prop up an icon is the head I'm not gonna into the door. I you know everybody has the door announced that the cameras. And that in spite you know leak out there in our two meetings both for the girls start selling cookies. Where's that money can make out how much is gonna go for celebration how much is gonna go for service. How do we felt could eat how do we except at no I think carried by gratefully. Or I thought for the somebody else to take great thinking forward supporting. Another girl scout troop and didn't and it. I love his life skills Jan. And where we're trying to teach them how to be. Great falling happening then. No they need is you know they needed a text it or make a video and snapped Jack but they can go door to door I you can learn those same lessons going to or nor its lot easier though from a business sense for sure. Have a hundred people walk by you duck and ended tablet to a hundred houses gents thank you for the call it art of rejection and or its over and everybody guided on this talking about hockey from civilian attacks line travel hockey team feet 5000 dollars equipment 2000 dollars. Ice high in hockey trips for six years Chicago Nashville Denver Minneapolis eleven months a year. Sticks 260 dollars each I believe it travel hockey is insanely expense you need to on the math team. It is brains that other. A fast seen. There's been over the last week and a half a giant Internet sensation. It is involved at animal and we finally have a conclusion to all of this. We'll tell you about it next midday with Jamie with a check in with dean and parks next 91 KM BZ ID one KM BZ. David Jamie wicket in in parts coming your way at 2 o'clock we'll check in with Scott and Dana. Later on this Friday will be out at the auto show it our all. I can to streak Carter work that day so it's got to do this weird drive from C. We get somebody for promotions and here earlier rubber really good point you're driving mobile park. But parking because of the big twelve heard it and because of the Ottawa now it's gonna be not stout. And usually any time we were shell out instead of coming in here to get us ready will be offered coffee somewhere and it's so opens. Which it lives very closes streetcar line you've got Neitzel lobby little coffee area. Building you always brag about the free copy of Calgary where. Odd about why I want (%expletive) it will just get together a good place to Pratt and antics are fair warning. Our free coffee is not work the last two warnings you are warming that morning terrorist world like I don't bring my French classic I'll introduce you the French press world. I'll let you know of the lot their way to the dog out at seven days and you'll probably leave a little bit after that gas elect you know. And of course the personal Friday's negative gonna be at the auto show on Friday morning or into the early afternoon stop and out say hi we're not sure where we're going to be. I hope for a like in labor being knees and amaze us. There's a new electricity there's an electric badly it's down there in the first electric tightly to something geek out and I am I don't watch it to be really cool quick update. Watch the Buddhist text I had been on some serious serious reports but nothing quite like this site. I Ching. Ping is inside right now try to get an interview with them they said no he can't do that he's alive bear he will literally ripped your face off. Making me look stupid. Out here. I thought I just posted on FaceBook the end to the Internet sensation that was the baby giraffe the went to New York everybody was waiting on. It's like take it over people's lives having Dana has an app on her phone that will alert her to win the giraffe is our sorrows. I posted it wrong one there is another giraffe that was born this one in Denver so we're still waiting on the one in New York settings to dawn for pointing it out. I posted the wrong one I've posted the other baby giraffe at the zoo that was on NB Internet. What was I possible. I think it's more than one that was like hos. Now. Was indeed born yet seriously now isn't even pregnant takes some time. Water runs through something with you Jamie urus aborted a small town right yeah I I talk about struggle but it's because people don't know and he said he could that's. Chicago aside to start. I actually I'm twenty miles to my eyes wow because I grew up just outside the city and that meanie world school district and some high school was a twenty minute timeout. This from Busby would ever pay its. Eighteen undeniable signs you went to high school small town decide what to work for when it is its full lists like best you tell me if any of these applied. Is none of these apply to me miers and 5000 kids. You your siblings your only child that you your siblings had the same teachers and textbooks even though you're practically dec two decades apart I can late schools sticker they have now and you can see you ought to be canned because remember how in the fright you sign your name in the book and what your line yet and yet we kept books for a launch. And we've seen names. Up your siblings after awhile never to your teachers always doubled as coaches totally it was always the science teacher is always the track coach that's always how chemistry teacher track to number three your field trips were usually underwhelming in five minutes away from school unlike to a dairy farm yet we close to Chicago that ours were always too we have driving our r.s rose to Chicago the worst year there's a hubby rapper crown center who and it's all about sex. Pretty. One big field trip a year when your eighth grade it's the Robert crimes or two more bodies. Allied line that's a great time as there's no less talk time -- her her feet for kids and eighth grade learn about their body other aisle but there are a lot of people listening that would to small towns in Kansas and Missouri they can relate to this yes you probably dated one of your friends axes because your options were limited their roles and stuff like that yes. And number five. This why you might have gone to a small school. Your idea of hanging out was probably just loitering in a parking up or feel feel for sure out by the barn. But that's where human hours at a bar number six but you couldn't hang out too late because your town had a curfew for minors caught. If you're and it was thing aren't sure I never had it usually is later than it is now. But at night. You remember having to sell the world's finest chocolate bars are any school event they came in the big block out and handle it it was always world's finest chocolate yeah higher number that number eight you're probably late to school once or twice because he got stuck behind it gain track it's the worse because you. Around that yes. I. Plate and there's no way to get around that is the roads are slope there's too much traffic eighteen signs you went to high school in a small town at number nine. Friday night's Raleigh is dedicated to sports whether you know like it or not especially during football season. Number ten every sporting event always made headline news at your local paper because the paper was weekly. It is eight pages long and it made up. Top of the front if you wanted new clothes for school you had to travel a minimum of thirty minutes to the nearest mall that stinks but that's absolutely true your nears malls at least half an hour Lisa and she would come down here she's from devoid in back then I don't there was a huge mall but she would come to Kansas City shopping and applause solid thirty even more anomalous now thirty minutes either way on other side you went to school in a small town the parking lot was always full of pickup trucks cliche but apt. Not all look after I wasn't at it again Heidi huge school and that we had some trucks. Number thirteen. Chances are you were some you know was either an NF four H or FF eighty future farmers of America that was the biggest yeah. That the F it was the bags on school. I number fourteen if you wanted to go on a date when that hot percent from class. Chances are you into a dairy queen or a sonic RC's. Not. On our pocket but he he. It's. And writer in at number fifteen you quickly realized your teachers had a life outside of school because you ran into them office that was we are we too are teachers that dated. When I was in high school English teacher and a math teacher dated. And it was weird to you and small towns you see them out together are in that you see them at school so strange for many reasons I'd number sixteen. The road and that county fair the most talked about events at your school the first radio station I worked for did news stories on who did well on actually who won at the county fair. That was the story. Number seventeen you spent the majority of their time outside of school just cruising in doing stupid stuff around town. Our other things again in just drink it in fields. Parking is out like that app partying without the adults college parking that necking. A number eighteen you wouldn't trade your experience for anything in the highway act it would provide of that city. I think it was a city girl stuck in a small town we heard so you know suburb link if I would equate Wright grew up. Oh Roland park. You know there is that get a rest about the world there was an Applebee's on every corner. And Detroit was only 25 minutes away but nobody ever went downtown. In a right. Are you delightful did you see the worst is now the of the giraffe was born and stop the wrong one no doubt other Internet giraffe this what in the Denver's. I'm over it I don't care anymore. You cannot say. I got over it there's no longer the greatest thing you've ever spent entire life ADD will not allow me to keep caring about the gestation period of a giraffe which is apparently 42 year. So I gave up and over it. How are you guys talking I'm an event I want to welcome anyone listening from out of town TD. Favorite week in my whole life of the year which is the big twelve tournament yeah. Are you gonna go down there. Having you need to I have not yet I'm not gonna go today but I'm planning going tomorrow and into the weekend even if you don't have tickets which you can find tickets after the first game's over to shoot dump on yet it is so much fun. To just walk down there feel the energy of the basketball and watch even outside on the extreme strain it is it is one of my favorite weeks you're lucky to have you can't Dakota to you now. Call me eat and hang it might end up down there and absolutely calling I'm a little old to go down and and Taiwan like I used it during the day that's seen. Yeah. I cannot tell you those Iowa State people praying. Their Cray Cray and the first session tomorrow as the Iowa State game the first game tomorrow's Iowa State isn't so much fun is Kansas if I go down their idealistic am I will never end up pork does seem. Those are just don't show up. It'll be via net trapeze bar hanging from my knees I mean if you don't beat Cara and orchestra for a high. The care and that it does last big twelve tournament. I I asked your steps and he went to hang out and go down there now he you've got to have Salmons. Is a perfect age group to go down there I'm old I'm 35 point I. Everyone's drinking and there's no fighting and everyone is all about basketball in line. When he examines an act and her and it's not about where people not apparently wanting counters that he. There. They don't really need it. We're gonna let you can lighten things up an hour to go on this wonderful. Best offer buyout as allied with me.