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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-08-17 2nd Hour

Mar 8, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's 1106. To busy time in Kansas City at the big twelve tournament going on at sprint senator first game coming up later on tonight around does 7 o'clock TCU and Oklahoma the winner gets Kansas and quick breaking news for you Jamie. I know you'll be keeping an eye of the big twelve tournament. I Kansas freshman forward Josh Jackson. Has been suspended for the opening game of the big twelve tournament he has. A few incidents it is so recent past. Is scheduled to appear in court later on this month in Lawrence he was ticketed for backing into an unattended vehicle and not leaving his contact information. I he also faces a misdemeanor criminal property damage on an allegation that he kicked the car in of a female student at arraignment coming in on April 12 so it's a market play he's that kind of bat. He's a plea tomorrow yeah suspension by Bill Self I can if you really wanted to scare this young man to molest these suspend him for the entire big twelve tournament but. Kansas needs to get sick they should still be a number once number one seed in the big dance that has left other slept until slap your new fifty year bracket I'm now I'm still getting used to it yes I finally broke down now it's Nokia know just Jackson tomorrow there will be there on Thursday absurd and Friday. After Kansas beats either TCU or Oklahoma so big twelve tournament starts tonight I may have downed power and light's gotta catch the vibes of the of the the big the environment. Last year right you know not spending much time here at that point you know I got go to ports that's. You look at today. It's Eckerd as well as the go to snakes Saturday up with a north plan I don't know I spoke. I've gone in the last ten years that a nuts about knocking ago this time around absolutely and I coming up when we do you ask us anything it doesn't stink out we're gonna have it on her international women's day. It's going to be an idea. We're gonna let you ask questions about wicket of her right I will not answer Gillespie to directly ask the question I might not answer I'll be the moderator yes yes Omnia in the quest asks questions there that's coming up at 1230. This next story is strange and comes to us from Arizona yes. So you got about a guy named Nell Dyer and it has us asking the question. Can a candidate give you too much information. You know we say I don't know everything about people that are running we don't like surprises. Are you sure are do you think this guy went too far. Nell Dyer is a Democrat running for governor of Arizona. He is straits it's important Italian at. Because he put a page on his campaign web sites labeled scandal and controversy. And he gets pretty forward about his sex life if you have kids and Graham yeah gonna read you part those this would be the appropriate time to. Cover their ears for just a moment because we can't do the story without telling you what he wrote on his sights pretty critical. So here's stats. No this had both deep and casual sexual experiences with all kinds of women. He is an advocate of open relationships he has had group sex and sex with married women. He is sent and received in some attacks and pictures and occasionally recorded video during sex. No has always been forthright with his partners all of his relationships have been legal and consensual. Never coercive or abusive and he condemns such behavior. Noah is an apologetic. About his sexual choices and which as others the same safety and confidence. As they express themselves. So to post interviewed him about it. And Aston some of the questions that you and I both have obviously. On and asked him things like what inspired you to be so incredibly transparent about your sex life. Any basically answers what to paraphrase I think voters want politicians who will give them information. All of the information. And let them make decisions for themselves here's the key thing that he says that I can you gotta keep in mind on they ask. Basically did you have anything to hide you know was any of this inspired by previous political sex scandals and to see those things and think I don't want that to be neat. Or was just your own personal decision and here's what he sat. I have always been open nobody would have to do deep opposition research to find this stuff it's all out there on the Internet. I didn't want someone to expose it as though I was embarrassed about any of it or as though they had to dig at I wanted to own it completely and so that's what I did. There's no possibility of coming out now is if I had something to hide because I don't man. Old man. The question on the table for you at 5767798. Is transparency. Always a good idea. Or is this gubernatorial candidate sharing too. Much 5767798. Because how often do we hear I mean look at the last election presidential election we had all these things coming up about ties to this advertised about a both sides. He's just coming out there in saint look. I slept around and and I did it with married women in hand in in groups yeah. You can read this story by the winner FaceBook page to also up on Twitter he can let us know at KM BZ radio what you think. Part of me is like good for you and getting out ahead of season the other part of me is like. You're not gonna win it. He's Democrat so I don't know if that changes the game a little bit given what voters expect on one side or the other but not our standpoint. It makes me think what what he's not saying is that I assume there are a lot of rumors out there about him he's a good looking guy and like he's a young guy. My guess is that there are a lot of rumors out there he knows and it. And instead of the rumors being the story. Like said he's just get in front of it he's owning the story he's controlling the message it's it's there in writing so you can copy it if you want. He's may seem like it's not that big of a deal is the rumors about whatever the stories are acting like he's this Playboy. He's been some about it is it's here's what I did it. It's the appropriate PR approach. I just wonder if it's making some people uncomfortable it's definitely. Putting one echoing in the coffer of this dude is on snow. You know an enemy like at least he's telling you look I've slept around and I've done this in this in this and as. And it's all been OK it's all been consensual. Now. One thing it's not gonna win and win in any votes with I'm guessing strong Christian voters is the married women part of a Democrat. I don't know it. I'm not making assumptions about which windows I am I mean it's it's safe to assume that often strong Christians vote Republican. Now I adore that's the type. That's I mean if you're talking about hard core. You don't have to get New Orleans religious debate but yeah I item values line up more the values line up more with with those that they tend to vote on the right but there are many many Catholic or Christian. Liberals out there are jerk and this probably. But I don't think this winsome and election but I give him props for at least coming out there and avoiding all scandal of the imagine if you know some of the stuff that that Hillary dungy came out and said back in you know last August. And so look I did this at this and this and this or trumpet does it come out tonight in this in this era is in this. A lot of the stuff that like really got close to lead we talked about close to the election than probably doesn't pop up or at least doesn't make that big of a deal right. It makes it less of a big deal it means that somebody can't come out now with this story about this person leaves plugged whether that person is up with because he's already put out there. He says he thinks is going to score him votes with the LG BTQ. Population. It was gonna get a lot most of those anyway an end anyway because he's a Democrat and ten devote more liberal than conservative not all but more I wonder if it makes him a little more relatable. I like that he's doing things that a lot of people might not admit that they've done but they've done and they're seeing themselves in the sky. We need to hear from moderates. Because you know Republicans would not vote for a disc. If you're moderate you call yourself a moderate or independent or you're in the middle and you heard somewhere you know he's may be you vote libertarian or whatever. Wouldn't would have got what a candidate who comes out and and reveals that he's had to get if you have kids in the car turned the radio down for a quick second. He said both the casual. Sexual experiences with all kinds of women he's an advocate of open relationships group sex. Unmarried women. Sent and received sex. He's recorded these video occasionally during sex it's always been forthrightly when consensual. Never coercive abusive he condemns such behavior he's an apologetic about this. Does this turn you on or turn you off to someone who is so transparent it's always talk about transparency. When it comes to our politicians. I think it makes him to two people who would vote for him anyway. I think makes them a little more relatable some people would say it makes some hot. You know to know that and look at what has died at the but on a little part of me wonders what else is going on it makes me wonder are you aware of a woman. Who perhaps is accused you of not being consensual were you aware of accusations that might be coming. And that's why you're being forthright about it. I still I this is not enough to quell my wandering mind about it. I still think he's hiding something. Does this tourney honored journey off to voting for this guy and again he's a Democrat so half of you aren't gonna vote for him anyway right we understand that. Why would this make you more or less likely to vote for some let's say this man hypothetically was a Republican. And and had talked about you know an open sexual threat out past. What would be transparency which is the biggest issue of all of this make you more or less likely to vote. And he hasn't even he's not done anything illegal yet and admitted to doing anything but he's admitting to you he's admitting some more than what a lot of people answer and he and he's admitting to a lot of things a lot of those voters have done or or. Or people who voted for John. I wonder what the bigger political problem as is the bigger political problem what he did or if he had hit it. On and coming up I'll tell you when I worked all night we had something like this play out. With the governor's race a kind and an island ally of somebody that there were rumors swirling about his sex life and he was not willing to be forthcoming about it. And then he ones. We love to hear from you on the other cited by 767798. You can text into 2980. B day with Jamie wicket would do that next anyone came BZ 31 KM BZ leading with Jamie and wake it's hard hitting poll question today. Are you ready for this when Jane I'm right out of you saw it as blunt. The the company star burst has now come out with an all pink bag of just pinks barbers like paying. Because it's the freaking best 'cause it's international women's day and pictures of woman's. Why opt. But people on her FaceBook major saying well orange will be better at all red bag would be better you said we're. You said yellow. And yell so are our hard hitting Twitter poll question what flavor color of star burst is the best and to be giving it's given its own bag permanently red pink orange or yellow and blue. And blue route I think or after I know you. The last time you eat a bag and start robbers and doesn't that it's better one to eight a bad start well have. I can crush a whole thing in our congress easily. Follow us on Twitter KM BZ radio and vote what you give be given its own bag permanently as pig gets its own limited edition bag but. That's not the heavy conversation reading right now we're talking about a gubernatorial candidate in Arizona. Isn't it possible for a candidate running for governor or any office to be too transparent as a possible for you to know too much. It comes up in the case of now in dire he is a Democrat running for governor of Arizona and and read for you just a moment what is on eight page labeled. Scandal and controversy on his campaign website if you have kids in the room. This is not PGD. Yeah identifies mr. rates and Huffington Post interviewed him about how forward he was in this statements this paragraph on his website. No hand both deep and casual sexual experiences and all kinds of women he is an advocate of open relationships he has had group sex and sex with marry women. He has sent and received intimate Texan pictures and occasionally recorded video during sex. Now is always been forthright with his partner halls of all the relationships have been legal and consensual. Never coercive or abuse seven he condemns such behavior and Ella is on apologetic. About his sexual choices and which as others the same safety and confidence. As they express themselves when asked why was he so forthcoming. He said I think people want their political candidates to own the truth and you own their story in and make decisions for themselves. And the big thing he says is basically he says all of this is out there already everything I'm telling you all the stories are already out there. Unease that I didn't want anyone to exposes I was embarrassed about any of it or is I was hiding anything because I'm. Is transparency always a good idea or is this candidate sharing too much 5767798. Love to know an add in for truth and accuracy he is a Democrat but would it matter. Would it matter would it matter which sway you one way or another to know that he has this in his past that he is this open about his sexual. History. And he did nothing illegal no. Some would say immoral but nothing illegals so does it matter and let's bigger political blunder you have this in your past and hide button or to have come out and have the rumors swirled. About Democrats and Republicans all the time with all got busted for cocaine or this was on their computer or hookers or whatever and he goes on both weigh as. I'll start with the jazz in the north land hey Jeff you're a 91 KMB easy. Yeah yeah. My frequent listener first time caller certainly thank you so much. My interest department tells us that they didn't know so what do you think has earned too much. Well you know I'm I'm a moderate and father wrote to. And I've got to say that it's from my perspective. I think that this is something that might sway in the toward term if our word previously leaning that way or unsure. 41 reason or another and and I say that because the transparencies. Is attractive. The idea. Wants this person might be in that role as governor. That I can expect that same level transparencies. Is is very attractive to me. Jeff is this because I am. I'm wondering what he's hiding still I am wondering. I'm thinking the only reason he came out and was this forthcoming about it was because he knows that accusations are out there. And so does that make you wonder what is those accusations were to come out with that change your mind. Yeah of course of course that that makes you wonder and it made me wonder that too. And I think that I think that we have to probably doing too. Indeed political season. Assuming that every candidate is has something. Somewhere in a closet. Some more maybe it's simplest something foolish but it didn't college. Or or something very serious. But. But you aren't you you're you're right on I think spot on for for smelling something. Then maybe they did ultimately ends up being nothing more than I'm just being completely honest. It could be thanks Jeff thanks for the call don't deal last time caller appreciate that feeling this is damage control for a big NASA hasn't happened yet and we haven't seen this before right. I feel like this is him controlling a story before it gets out there. But the fact that he's doing it makes me think there's a story 5767798. It's go to David in independence or 91 KM easy. So they'll. Wonderful. Longtime listener first time color. I want to chime in on the side get get well. But I've got to say going back even 2030 years when Bill Clinton was accused by weak economy and flower. Donald Trump would bragging about getting away only paying it on dollar when he was the one you cheated on their relationship with Marla Maples. It's kind of refreshing for political team to forward and say well. I've got past. Just like you in new news. And here it is and you can find it without working very hard because that cuts through the nonsense where everybody around like. Two year old Eric Berry into a political vote. I did not do that nine into. It. You know why he called me and throw mud at each other when you should be focusing on the issues in what you can actually bring to the opposite you can serve your America. You know it's a great point David and thank you for that appreciate it the problem is. An and I mean this because I'm not gonna say I understand every single aspect of every single policy that they're that they're fighting him at about. Because it's easier to say look what they did in the right that bad thing is because. You're gonna remember this scandal you're gonna remember the bad thing as opposed to. Are they more prepared for this sort of a right on nine this is their is their idea about this policy better and and this is his way of saying look I told you about all of that let's get back to talking about health care or jobs and the economy. And a lot of architects liner saying I don't care about his sex life he's a politician talk about policy. You're gonna care when those accusations. Out right to you say you don't care but he knows that there are some rumors swirling and you're gonna care when stories public I don't last time caller we appreciate that by 767798. Built in Lee would hear I 91 KM BZ. The bar and very good topic here wanted to give you an historic. Concert for a quick on politicians during the I would. Think it went to this church in new York and that's reverent mr. Herbert Beecher is. From a book called other powers are Robert Coles that's what it looked up where I read the book of what most or it was impeachment process so violence who told our. As they reverend Beecher or as openly sleeping with five women bared Lebanon and congregation. Who also had open marriages. This is you know we're talking. It really do their due accused here so. When I was reading a book about the impeachment of the president on. Clinton and Hillary were going to be going through. A similar issue. That you know what we're coming up with all of these excuses for these people and maybe these guys just have an open relationship when really get more pressure on what that. Well I think a lot of us have dealt with a mark bother. And I'm not so pompous. Just say you know armed glee. So it's kind of refreshing to hear politicians say that they are open marriages out there. Some people just choose not to talk about it but shall go back to this book this guy actually. Advise president Lincoln. On emancipation of the late Robert Beecher bit so there's. Good people do bad things you know. Yeah I I don't I don't disagree with that. And he is an apologetic about it let's be clear he doesn't consider that he's done anything wrong he would not call these skeletons in his closet he says I do not apologize for I didn't do anything wrong. But I I know that there are stories out there and I just what you do enough for me here's what I don't. I'm owning it he says. But is there more. I think they're as a built into the phone call Ron you'll merely a that are after the news Tim you're right there as well 81 KM BZ midday with Jamie wicket. We'll dip our toe to politics. Let you know. The talk about faults I've been in the WikiLeaks. CIA spy hunting story the Mac got scared the crap out of me would we. First found out about it yesterday. The new health care plan it's not getting rave reviews particularly at one side which you would expect but. Other side either no it's really. And guess like Tim Kane sun got arrested. Former vice presidential candidate Imke McCain and you got to see that it was arrest all man the mug shots to get into that later on this our area. Also our our Twitter poll today what flavor or color should get a permanent bag of its own red pink orange or yellow. Now vote on Twitter KM BZ radio re getting 52%. Of the votes Hulu it's not an option Jamie. It should be pink which is a sect is you know yellows the last election. Hello it's it's a safe color now you're never gonna go around and let our Mel and better tackle and. Banana and nobody likes. Couldn't and a candy awful. All awful banana Laffy taffy awful put and runs awful. They'll be like Indiana. Fastened back story I site as a hobby lobby yesterday except that guy on what we call those things that are that candidates take on the paper. The dot dot. Does that whatever they are entering. Adamant king size I got some help and how thankful like the eyes of my hand they were huge post things called somebody remind me to raise your what we're those call right now we're talking about candidate. For governor whose name is no die a year out in Arizona. And in an interview where he basically dropped the Bob and everyone about his sexual past. The idea is to get out ahead of the scandal and get your kids in the room you may wanna turn the radio down right now as TV's gonna read you exactly what came out of the Huffington got. This is on a page on his website labeled scandal and controversy he has a pair of on there that says no one has had both deep and casual sexual experiences. With all kinds of women he is an advocate of open relationships he has had group sex and sex with married women. He is sent and received intimate text and pictures and occasionally recorded video during sex. No has always been forthright with all this partners all of his relationships have been legal and consensual never coercive or abusive. And he condemns such behavior Nowak is on apologetic about his sexual choices. And wishes others the same safety and confidence as they expressed themselves. Is this too much transparency or do you appreciate it would it leans you one way or the other and if you wanna know he is a Democrat he has straits by the way. And when asked by the Huffington Post why he did as he makes it seem like there are rumors out there and he's good he says it's all there on the Internet you would have to dig deep to find any at a stop. I didn't want someone to expose it as though I was embarrassed about any of it or as though they had to dig it out I did it on I didn't do anything rotten apologizing for I own it. Let's hear a fast a story when I were to Illinois on Jim Ryan was a Republican running for governor who at one time was married. To Gerry Ryan who's an actress I believe she did star track. On and they've been married for awhile and they had a sign and he was running for governor of Illinois. And there were rumors about his divorce there were rumors about his marriage that he wouldn't address the media wanted his divorce papers and these and these rumors swirled for awhile. And we don't want is in these divorce papers that he won't be open about test. As we get closer to Election Day he finally releases the divorce papers. And all was and I suppose it. He and his wife had sex publicly in clubs in Paris where it was legal it was legally old and she's hot and he was good looking. And I thought that is no big deal. But you made it seem like it was this big horrible story and he didn't he lost election it really and the PR the job was done. He didn't get out in front of it like this guy's trying to he should just act like it was no big deal but the fact that he made it seem like it was a big deal made it one. Is transparency always a good idea or is this gubernatorial candidate cheering too much by 767798. The uncanny buttons candy buttons and Ron Levin worth has been hanging on for a while Ron thanks so much for your patience your 981 KM BZ. Yeah of course there again on. A couple things I guess on the progress what is an election but an interview with the the public and the people. To get into office to obtain a job. We're gonna have some responsibility. And I guess I just wanted to ask you guys when you guys I don't know I already aware that when you guys interviewed for the for the job you all now at what point. During the interview. That your supervisor ba. Ask you about your sexual preferences or anything like that shortage you really give up your sexual preferences or sexual exploits at all and and at one point that matter to the job. I hate to call you out but we're talking about a couple of different things one and that it would be illegal for them to ask. Well in a of course exactly but but the point I'm trying to make it why does that matter ideas that matter why does the public figure. Half to release this stuff. People hire Pete because he's trying to gain the trust of people who are making votes and I don't know which side you lean on politically Ron but. Of our askew what do you remember most about to President Bill Clinton. I'm gonna obviously guessed that what first thing that comes to mind is Monica Lewinsky. Or Jennifer flowers you know and I mean we. Because look you don't vote for Jamie while you sort of do you for a sort of a Regina and me to be on the year and plate it's up to the company to hire us the people you know in theory. Are getting votes based on you trusting them and then you believing they're the ones that are best for the job. It by an and I don't think he did anything wrong and I and I agree with you and and its statement saying that but I but I mean it. Why why does sexual orientation and sexual preference I know that not exactly what department or sexual exploits matter. Why but you're right and your point is your point is right and I get your playing doubles African a little better earlier making a point that needs to be made it matters because people care about rumors and he's supposed to be a governor in theory a president elected official who is in charge of your city state community country whatever is supposed to be. A role model and if all of a sudden we're finding out the disguise you know if if if you're telling your kids that this person maybe their 1516 that he is doing these things. And if that's that would you want for your role models. Then you would go the other way and not vote for this guy I. I don't know why people care about what he's doing his PR he knows the accusations are out there he knows that the rumors are out there and he's getting in front of it but he's controlling the masses because people will bring it up and somebody somebody will say. We just found out that you know candidate modest Sally slept with this in this in this in this and and they'll say like yeah I told you dead three months ago Alex makes a phone call into your your points or are understood. It just a little different I don't know why we care that we have we do we look back to a tabloid stuff we like a good scandal I mean what was. Will get him here to set what was the biggest story about Donald Trump that was the Billy bush to. If it wasn't about what look can't trump didn't give you a lot of specifics on policy but when he you know the grab you by the bleak that stuck out. Hugh. Now he Tim Tim trying and so much you're on a 91 KM BZ. I appreciate it yeah sure you ask me the Bill Clinton questioned forward. I'm not I'm not a moderate. I'm out I lean more toward the conservative side are kind of looked at them in the middle moral. But. I don't have a problem if. Actual whatever. It not illegal. Smart about it. Put out there and now let's focus on why run off. Eggs and hopefully that's what he can do now. Because he can say what you just said he can say I put out there let's move on. I'm glad in the garden. Eric went absolutely not you know whatever it's not illegal though is just art by now so. I just monitor what each candidate are whether that vote aren't just ten more importantly. Others. And Jim. What are your member Bill Clinton for getting impeached or term you know reducing the crime rate of balancing the budget what are we remember him for. Well and reduce crime you do that but my what I remember him most of what you look I'll eat pretty did not have to explode really what Monica what he yup and then you find out he lied. Yep absolutely I mean he balanced the budget cut lessen your seat but nobody remembers that crime rates fell. A lot of and fire the pro environment status of a Bill Clinton raised a lot of awareness for men you know the safe drinking water act. Nobody really it's all did not have sexual relations with that woman. And that's all we remembered. I don't think this goers in any votes from people that weren't going to vote for him anyway. I think there's leaders fear with the people that robbery and this doesn't win him any votes but it probably keeps him from losing votes I think it might win him some moderate votes for his honesty I mean in the might lose some votes for his honesty but we took some calls from people it's her FaceBook and on the tax line of people lose and I appreciate his honesty he's not gonna win any Republican votes and knows I think he's gonna win men. Who are going to relate to what he's done and I and I don't know how women are gonna feel about that's a good question I think when I think men are going to support him more for the openness than when it. When the up for election 2018 zone and it's pretty early be running rough H. Yeah. Governor's race here's our earlier start in your names but this is gotta be next year I would if it got to be next year Carolina primary race that's probably a year from now. The fine though so that yeah there's probably a primary next next April. They Tim Lowe would thanks so much for the phone call appreciated I will depart are told to politics what side you know is not going to like the new American health care act. But the other side is arguing amongst themselves as well lost talk about vault seven and the WikiLeaks and Tim Kane sun got to rest. Yeah and it's related the president found shortly like next 91 KM BZ. Eddie one KM easy May Day would Jamie like it what's threatening coming up at noon and in honor of national women's day. We will bring in another lady for ask us anything my fiance Lee will come down and you guys can ask anything about. Me too Lee. Or TV and night so I've worked life and soon to be real life so. Ask am I about it Garay it's been really fun to that's coming up at 1235. That depart totally politics scary story yesterday and made it scary maybe it's not it's the WikiLeaks story that popped up. WikiLeaks known for its high profile releases of confidential government information. Has published a trove of documents saying it exposed the US central intelligence agencies hacking operations. This just frightening. The documents are massive. And says that that the other bit more than 5000 users produce more than a thousand trojans viruses and weaponized malware. Is from WikiLeaks website. Yet they say they've got details about the size and scope of the CIA's hacking capability chaos. WikiLeaks and the statements website the CIA had created an effect its own NSA with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question. As to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justify that hacking. Program laid out in documents had the ability to tap into where's your foment a rare your phone back to Google Android phones. I phones from Microsoft windows operating systems. And Samsung Smart televisions which can act as microphones. WikiLeaks said the agency could play Smart TV is I have a Samsung in my bedroom down into fake off mode which allow the agency to record conversations when the TV was seemingly. Off this why is the lights are Mark Zuckerberg who says they always cover there on the web cam Snowden belts I thought it was Bill Gates or it might be a mom. That I there was cover their webcam link taped. For that reason so that nobody can hack into a record and. Cover this one on the left I'm glad right now they'll say oh my goodness. This could. If this is true and obviously this could be a gigantic investigation if they want to. The CIA by the lake and used legally use tools outside the US constitutional limitation the don't bind it. That bind don't apply to the news about US borders. This is frightening and I'm not all that surprised that watched the Snowden movie and I'm sure there are better books for it but this is frightening. Representative Ted lieu democratic California has called for an investigation by congress in the wake of the release no big surprise there. They talked to a security expert the USA today. Who sat hackers and those who combat that will put documents to use in the coming days or weeks a lot of times what they'll do is they want to anything with it right way. The key to hackers as they they get your information they hold onto it they let you forget that they have it and and he's six months later. Scott verdict of the law firm fox Rothschild that it was true that at a minimum mrs. Snowden 2.0. The act while while while while while while. With the American health care act which some people are calling it obamacare light of course Democrats hate it because trust Karen here and now trump can ever rise in Caron yeah I heard trump care and you all Democrats are gonna hate this idea. But there seems to be fighting. Within Republicans as well Paul Ryan has his version Rand Paul has a version I was listening to CNN yesterday they were talking about. A Rand Paul and when the senators from. Up from Ohio coming up with the different version or version they all voted to they all voted yes on to put out Obama's desk and then he vetoed that thing on. It's it's a very interesting because there's a lot of elements that we still don't know everything about eight. If Harold mad that they rushed obamacare through right what they were all matter about the great rushed. I don't take our time to learn. Instead of rushing this through why don't we take our time and learn. What the replacement will be the repeal and replace it will be. Sought some care dot com. Trauma care dot com which has got every detail you ever wanted to. Truck care vs Obama shares of Atlanta of these film and they get into those a little bit on this site and saying it's although house speaker Ryan is on board with Trump's projected timetable. For repealing the Affordable Care Act is colleagues in congress have widely divergent views about replacement plan. And this thing could mean it if they vote yes anytime in the near future in the cult with a plan it still will not go into effect for a year or be happy to so anybody who's expecting quick release and not going to happen I did read on the our website you know me I was go to AA are always there and dear prudence as the ones attacked very very worried that there is a stipulation that all of a sudden if you are 65 in making 125000. Dollars a year you're going to see a major premium hi I there're there're a lot of things to like about this new plan there are a lot of things night not to. And that's why there's so many problems with it because you've got Republicans arguing that Democrats giving it the middle finger he got from be the infighting of the GOP. It. No one milk healthcare be this complicated right. And law partner adds a couple of things that trump admits to on this site as far as the difference between from Karen obamacare. I trump likes the pre existing condition requirement of the Affordable Care Act but coverage for preexisting conditions. May become more expensive under his plan he also says transplant may include federal subsidies to help people buying insurance but those subsidies would be based on age. Rather than in com. And we want them to what extent it and that it would and that's with a quite. Slice in I mean if is year. An older person if you're nearing retirement age and you need to decide to retire and take a job as a greener Wal-Mart you make in 165 a year whatever. You know 22000 dollars a year make in nine bucks an hour. You you probably are gonna give be given it a great chance take gets a affordable health care according displayed. Yak and the two biggest questions I had in the last couple days does it mean that people are gonna lose coverage are we gonna see those numbers go down. And for those who have that coverage is it pre gonna odd because that was. It's part cost Hillary Clinton election was because that news came out that premiums have gone up so dramatically. So this means premiums are gonna go down to that's of people that's what people want but it might not necessarily drop them some people including Rand Paul. From a Kentucky. Says that the Ryan care plan wouldn't do anything to lower the wouldn't do to lower premiums. I don't know the answer have a ton a time to come up with us before the election. I don't ask I don't know if they were certain they were going to win control did you do any title that they were certainly they were going to win and they did check the site hunkered icon because they've also got 181017. Health care plan finder on here I've never even heard of sounds trump and care dot com check it out yeah Kellyanne Conway by the way Houston's coach I'm care. What else we can call it. Does it sounds that are beacons of color obamacare alternative care and those that now alternative care send mechanical affordable care exit of the sport and we don't know yet. And finally. Senator team to stay the course was Hillary Clinton's running mates. The last presidential election. Sons was recently arrested after he had a group of people crashed a Minnesota rally where hundreds of people were gathered in support of president Donald. Lynnwood teen who is 24 years old was released from jail yesterday after the Saturday scuffle. But is not yet been charged with a crime this from the saint Paul pioneer press. Who authorities say that Lynnwood was among six people taken into custody. About fifty people showed up to the pro trump rally some of them the counter protesters. Lit fireworks and smoke bombs which it trumps supporters scrambling to stock an odd or. He got us special look America. Go to our FaceBook page. He looks like he should have a much yeah I did just the best women really does the picture that we have looks like that could be a much natural yeah that's about chat right there for you you Narita Tim Kane sun got arrested Saturday he was let out yesterday. That's a long time in jail maybe dance that keep you there for today's digital. It's 1158 we'll get you what's trending coming up next hour at at 1210 annals though. Fire fair game you don't want your kids to play.