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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-02-17 2nd Hour

Mar 2, 2017|

New technology for body cameras. When a cop draws his gun the camera will turn on. What do you think?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is eleven I was seven going to be a busy busy hour will get Jeff Sessions the attorney general later on this hour. If we have time all talk about a story that Jamie. Told me not to read tolerate it but don't spend time Matt. So we have. Give you a brawl react to come out. It is Jack to talk about guns and a body cameras and a new technology that could be coming your way but we have some breaking news out of the state capital of Kansas. Are so stock if you heard this before the camp Supreme Court has ruled that state lawmakers in Kansas are not adequately funding education. And they have until June 30 to fix that Tom nine doesn't mean that have been around a little while it should. Because the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled any familiar case to those of us around here this is Gannon vs the state of Kansas I KCK schools are in on this lawsuit. That suit over funding in Kansas. Last year may of last year the Kansas Supreme Court came out and said that exact same thing you are not appropriately funding education. Yet until June 30 affects. The difference between that issue in this one is that a year ago same case we were dealing with the equity between school districts argue. Our schools being properly funded compared to each other. This ruling is in the overall amount of money going to school districts that's a very basic layman's terms way of describing what is talking about retired U here. I have the 83 page ruling I've had it for six minutes but we're gonna look through a little bit know that we can further explain to you what it means. By the way there is a news coming out of the of the governor's mansion governor Brownback in his office say the administration's lawyers are now reviewing the decision before issuing any statements so. We have to look through it is well worth talk about this cutting up political in Iraq just. The implications of those but again in his long argued in the problem that you haven't a state like Kansas is that. The school funding formula which they are trying or should be trying to re duke. C.'s meet largely right now depends on property values it's an ended probably the state like Kansas is that you have a lot of rural property. That doesn't have the value as something like Johnson County will sell. When the bulk of your funding for school district comes from property values and there's great inequity between school districts. You can have a kid living KCK that doesn't get the resource as a kid that lives in blue valley. And the lawsuit initially argued that is unfair you got it got even an out. This ruling. Goes to the overall funding of schools. If you want I can read you the entire 83 page PDF file I've got. And on but the bottom line being team they've got until June 30 figure follow us on Twitter at at KM BZ radio we've got a lot of the breaking news coming up but again if you're just joining us Kansas Supreme Court has ruled. The state funding from governor Brownback on down does not meet adequacy. Court giving it lawmakers until June 30 of this year to come up with a solution. We'll talk more about this later on once weakened we have to read through a lot of things and that we its huge good chance to do that we definitely well yet again a year ago they sent the money isn't divided equally now they're saying schools are not getting enough money. Okay gotcha if you water by the way the stories tell. Yes you know there have been a few ways that people come up with including the house and the senate about a week and a half ago to die I don't know make a whole heck of a lot of money to go back into the state and get rid of the idea I don't know cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from K through twelve. I just don't understand why this is the area that Kansas lawmakers will just not find enough to the point that the Supreme Court twice now. In Kansas telling you you are not doing enough. To appropriately fund education and staying what is the malfunction with Kansas lawmakers. I don't know I don't get it I don't know that I that's not a bigger priority. You can check out of her FaceBook page and in the comments section by the way did post be really long Piaf if you wanna bore yourself and read all 83 pages. We will Cheney well Jane I well for gas. She definitely will opt for gas. You get to more of that coming up again that just broke my blood pressure's not high enough. As the dead sister in the break geez that can't keep denying. Keep an eye on Twitter Jack. It did it came right when you knew it was going to explode on Twitter. And well done. The 83 pages. You're welcome. This story from the Huffington Post Taser International is released in new product this week that will automatically. Activate nearby police body cameras. When an officer draws a guy and it's a device called the signals side armed. From taser division acts which dominates the market for police cameras it's a sensor design. Two attached to most standard gun holsters. Whenever officers' firearm is removed. The device starts the officer's body here as well as any other camera within thirty feet. So let's say that you and I are locking in DC is suspect I polite on your camera goes on as well as long as were within thirty bead of each other. Most action cameras already feature a 32 buffer which saves footage proceeding at the equipment activation. Gun drawn camera on reads the tagline for the product which goes on sale later this year. As police body cameras become more commonplace devices like this could reduce potential for user error although body cameras. Are supposed to capture an objective record of police and counters it can only do that when officers remember to turn them on. This can be especially difficult intense or rapidly developing situation this. Came a pretty critical issue and we had several we you know we we can't the rapidly shootings for awhile and there was the case at a Charlotte, North Carolina. When police shot and killed Q LaMont Scot as are 43 a black man and the officer who responded. Had a body camera on him but he did not turn it on until after shots were fired. And so that's the problem with body cameras right now is that they require police in a tense you know you have to make a lot of decisions a lot of life and death decisions and in the middle of that. Police are supposed to remember strip about a camera on which isn't realistic to me. This solves for them on that way they don't have to remember and it takes that. You know that allegedly forgot. To turn the body care that we eliminates that suspicion and that wonder will forget. Or did you not turn it on on purpose that we that question will not exist anymore. The question on the table as is is go far enough. Or too far 576. From the the moment the police officer puts his uniform. Yes I don't know that seems like a waste or not because in this digital age. You know how I. I have in my phone 128 gig micro SD card that I can record like seven hours of video and I don't know how that relates to a body Cameron in the video on the quality that they wind. But it would seem to me that you know as soon as you put your uniform Monica was on it was a waste of time to have seven hours if you need two minutes is that seem tedious is that I don't know how that works. I guess you could pretty easily skip to the point that you need yeah you know if something happened. Is this too much monitoring of police. And I love to hear no police officers often can't talk while on duty which we gets but if you have the ability to text in and let us know what you may name what you want force officers banged on you just can't be far off when duty like bats on coloring your show. But what you think about being you know to what point what if they're just on all the time. And being monitored 24 hours a day a little bit of me feels like that's too Big Brother that's two. It's too suspicious of police I don't know how I would feel about that. On the other hand it protects you to its. Yeah that's why a lot of police like the body because often they are cleared of accusations. Because of what the body camera shots. I have about this is that I get. That shootings are what we're concerned about. But that's not the only area where police are accused of violence amber talent you know using a taser you know an appropriate time using your time and an inappropriate time. So your point maybe they should just be all the time. See I don't know because let's say that you. Mean is it is the body camera have to beyond if you go into you know up to somebody's house because there was a disturbance is is that unnecessary if that person. Is just you know. Leaders of some loud noise going on in that they opened the door they did not do anything wrong why should the body camera beyond their house I don't know what the real argument is against having the camera on. At all times other band is an invasion of privacy. If it's not a necessary. Time for the camera to beyond I don't know the answer and that's Armenia lost someone in law enforcement to call us. 57677985767798. We wanna take your calls does this go far enough new police body camera devices start reporting when the cops draw their gut. A very good point is being made on the tax time out after the break midday with Jamie what it would do that next might hear from you does this go far enough 1116 and 91 KM BZ. Twenty minutes after eleven. Happy Thursday midday with Jamie we get a 91 KE MB easy what's trending coming up at noon we do of the breaking news that there's a unanimous decision in the Kansas Supreme Court. That the funding for schools in the state is inadequate we will talk more about this we're rallying our troops were getting everything behind this. And we'll get to this a little bit later on and now what are your thoughts on what the the Supreme Court in the state ruled for the second year in a row. This is the same court case that case different issue this is the case of Gannon vs the state of Kansas mrs. Casey Hughes schools or numbness on the lawsuit about a year ago. The Kansas Supreme Court had ruled about the in equity of funding between school districts. This ruling is the same glossy different issue ruling on the underfunding. Overall. Of schools how much money we are putting an education and they taking out. Right they have said you get until June 30 to figure this out. And and by the way. Hit by the way the other big corporate you'd ruled unanimously. If smelling it was a split decision or close it was. Unanimous. So does her saying that liberal court this was a unanimous decision. Are atlas get to some phone calls here there's a new body camera the police are probably gonna start wearing I'm guessing especially in the bigger cities the camera turns on. Win in the police officer draws their gun it's called signals side arm. I'd dominates the market for police body cameras from acts on its a sensor designed to attached to most standard gun holsters. Whenever an officers firearm is removed the device starts the officer's body camera as well as any others within thirty feet now most. Acts and cameras already featuring 32 buffer. Which saves footage from thirty seconds beforehand so. Thirty seconds before and thirty seconds a long time especially in a police altercation for those that want these things on at all times let's say that. You know there's something that happens Jamie you and I are the police officers we walk up. They're cameras will have thirty seconds of footage basically it's on thirty seconds before hand at all times so there's something going on that leads to begun coming out. Right. Somebody made the point you know you said thirty seconds before and he made the point it it doesn't go far enough because it doesn't record what led to the gun being fired thirty seconds a long time then let's record from the second they get out of their car. Let's written from the second they open their car door. Or if motorcycle passing as there's an indifferent but for most officers from the second you open your car door Bennett turns on. I mean if you pull somebody over. That you and you don't dry your gun with the people somebody over for drunk driving act and that person has a gun in their car or that person. Gets out of the car. You don't have your gunpoint in view of dash cam videos they're obvious Rangel what happens in between that close proximity between the person in the window the person in the door the person in the purse and that would cover you if you don't user sign but you're accused of police brutality appoint somebody other cart to violently using your time and what have. Cover a lot of that makes the car's good way to go but I never thought of that open corridor 576779. They also looking to walk out looking for an answer of why. Haven't always roll in from the time you put your your your police uniform on. Two tiny take your uniform off why not have the cameras rolling it's like we're dealing with a lot of old analog tape it's everything's digital now. I don't know the answer by 767798. What do think this body camera idea let's talk to Mike it rates down Mike or 981 KM BZ. Failure on guys. Let it show show so much. Thought I had a wipe that we poster on the local community and now. Not saying that that body cameras are bad idea because a lot of cases it does get them out. Of a situation now that you know they're cleared her for actually that they. And Craig were in the bad thing is that country or doubted there are a lot of circumstances that. We cultured against you that that's gonna become public record just under contract law because it's at church funded. Citi deal at that point. Right yeah and they're a lot of weight cultures do not just older guys that should not be public record or domestic violence or. You know different you know or straight it would kidney ball are staying there. Yep try to feed it tweet or do not want. You know that's that's between the officer maybe they don't work with that I don't occur on third year or whatever. I know why and what it Cameron got started you know from Kabul three years ago but drew a lot of things I believe our dispute. My opinion should stay between. You know between all of certainly beat the first by an helper. Think like it. I gotcha game I think the full comment obvious strangers. Appreciate it I 767798. There sometimes where you don't mean it has nothing to do with anything legal illegal. There why does it have to beyond I understand. Here's the text from police officer too too nineties Europe we have we happy law enforcement officers listening I understand that you can't call and be on your wire on duty if you have the ability attacks and totally appreciate it 2290. In the tech sign as a police officer eyewear camera and I love it but the thing on the back and it has to be rolling all the time that costs money on the server that has Renton. And it must be help for certain CAA. Did eat it it all comes back to dollar us back to money let's go to another Mike this time in grand view your 91 KM BC Mike. Aidan. I I think antibiotic and a great idea but it yet but based privacy per walks out in goes into like an draft somebody like that. So why can't should be unit apart by cameras. Like about the car okay. You'd ever need Google's 360 maps. Okay yeah it. Okay now we have one on the front here court order. Or nonprofit car and the warm inside that dome what would be okay. Hello mall court all the time because at public. Public. Viewing it should say accords. And then that camera could get to it and and that would hear gun and holster. They're called Carter your arm technology. Has it where. You're located. And then Kirk firm. Retirement and can't organs were normal and adequate what you have with a camera. And with that let's say yeah. At a quarter up through viewed as a cool. So that way on the right you can click on it and if it were the other Wall Street that their court on all the doctors one ports. All report. Will call and call real time yes side. It would be no idea real part yeah. But our technologies or he makes the parent or tracks. Up and down but also where they're located. You can edit with failure or Eric we know. A program and then have a what are your cop cool. And had a critic it's similar in other. Have reported seeing there on the map and also have orchestrated. Use it as a tool so whenever person talking you see that person call. Out the cameras that are private. And. Mike so what is gonna cross your your your plan is is well constructed but it's only it's gonna cost a lot of money. Yet I continue and information you want but I'd cards and everybody. That it can't say we are now. Auto if you try you try to submitted to the police department did you ever response. Yeah we are prepared. What was plus the response and Al bike at the we're here earlier and I'm in our daily eating our response that's what I'm saying he didn't get odds. Thank my accident for the all somebody's at all police actions need to be public asked yourself why police are fighting so hard against full transparency if they are why art and on to the privacy issue for a second. Mine yes identity it's an invasion of privacy of her showing a domestic situation and kids but the people that are gonna see better police unless it gets you know released to the public because the media requests or something like that. But police and can control that they can block out faces you know what that's a foyer request or something. And at the police can control the media sees in that case. Yeah. I still I mean you always. They look at it first before NBC diversity. And decide whether it's released they decide whether it meets the terms and where. 5767798. Take a few more calls on this your Ronald lids fell. And Sean will get TU also still to come out we'll talk about the unanimous decision from the Kansas Supreme Court. Came down by half an hour ago. That the public schools in the state of Kansas including KCK in on the lawsuit. Are all funded inadequately we're arrived at our ducks in a row you can read the story in her FaceBook page and we'll have more details for you coming up here in the news 91 KM BZB day would Jamie like it. We'll get to the story out of the capital in Kansas about these Supreme Court ruling on it in adequately funded public schools in the state of Kansas including. Are geared around the corner KCK I'm it was on the original yes but it affects every school desert and stay. And this is not a repeat we into the story a year ago that we did. Same story different in different implications. Does this police cam this body camera go too far or does that go far enough. There's a new device called signals side arm from teaser division which dominates the market for a police body cameras the company's call accent. Now a sensory is designed to attached. For this new idea to most standard gun holsters whenever an officers firearm is removed. The device starts the body camera as well as any other camera within thirty feet by the way most acts and cameras already feature a 32 buffer. Which saves footage proceeding the equipment's activation so for everybody to say. Because it's all over FaceBook and I know it's on the tax line what happens before people up or got them at the cameras all record so for the thirty seconds. Before he pulled the gun so if I lock up. To a situation an apartment. Or like what happened with people a month Scott in North Carolina. Get thirty seconds before that is out and thirty seconds is a long time because the gun can come out quick I think getting in up in a police officer's mind. If the situation calls for it. So does cameras always reporting anyway yes but I'm guessing not only it only keeps thirty seconds so if it's always going to be recording anyway otherwise not now and you keep the thirty seconds before. I think it initially thought as went two partners we talked about those type diet. This puts too much on Big Brother on police officers this just makes it seem like there was no good but now it doesn't go far off. Now I think if you want it to you CIA you know if you wanted to to cover them when problems come up. The protect everything that they might be accused of not just shootings. 5767798. Simulate sex line said what about when he goes to the bathroom. Thank you. Un sure but no one's gonna look at the foot don't assume that every second of footage that has recorded is reviewed it's just that my parents had. He's surveillance cameras on a restaurant. They don't look at it alleges a reasonable look at I got it if they need I agree with that I don't. This is a great idea thirty seconds before is enough I'll let if you want to tweak it how about a minute before yeah I've I I guarantee you. That they can do that would have a record for let's say a police officers on a twelve hour shift. I'm at eight and there's no need to have twelve hours of video and say times. The 120 cops that are on duty at all times or fifty cops that but he's up a lot of that server to somebody pointed out that's a rented that paid for by you and me. I think whenever they open their car door it should turn out whenever there out of their vehicle and and potentially donor interacting with somebody that happened on 5767798. Let's go to the phones Lizzie Casey your 91 KM BZ islands. I think I'll tell exactly our point out that the issues are out there should. Batman up here right now we are how they're. Their top Eric curry but she and that he accurate they like. Expand. They average you will all video from. I'm Aaron actually the Amy out and eat bad ear and I. Am and I'm apt that pops. We're ear should. We're all kind of like you yeah how all the victory in. Our day every single moment today. You can store and Corey I'll. I'm AM and currently I know the Arctic and he liked it because. Hit an action there anchor. All he got it hit it very app and not eat it exactly how Iraq. The public Wendell and watch it. Awesome thanks Liz appreciate it I mean. You couldn't record at all and store all of it but you need a server 25 times the size of what we have right now or even probably even bigger yeah. Odds that a fill in Overland Park failure on 91 KM BZ. Oh. A wonderful. I'm still in the little part and let me guide that should stay in it but you very much we appreciate that OK so on the camera side. I agree that it called it about not being on reports that there are tied to an alternate beat. Not an ouster like. Call comparable. Or college kids. That and what it I think we could get a camera work. Once they go on the call in Asia it at all and that camera can deactivate that. Sure I mean I I think there's there's a timing Jamie said when the door opens of the cars somebody I think coming up I don't steal their thunder. Exhibit a to do with the cherry blues somebody might think it's in his call comes in there's wit that the question is wind is that it does it at the lady with a cargoes in park I don't know. Yeah somebody suggested is there a way to have the 911 operator activate it remotely good idea so when their way right dispatch when they're communicate with dispatched dispatch remembers are automatically as. That's a good call I didn't I that's a great idea tax and always some Smart Phil thanks man appreciate that let's go to show on in Orangeburg your 981 KM BZ. I think as you. Say that this. Problem I have is is that all of these. You know law enforcement entities of fighting this. And this love in my mind assumes that a little excessive force only happens when a guy no weapons drawn and I think that point has been made already. I don't see why any good cop. Would have a problem with so full of fighting games. You know this thing in on all the time have close family. And called for in police officers and they'd love camp is absolutely not because because it's show that they're doing new job. And contrary to popular belief by and large they're they're good people of problem not a problem I have. Is is with this idea that. You look good captured them. About the bag everybody knows that horrible employee on the job. And if you sit around and they'll say something in you know this is why we have these problems. Exactly and showed they had appreciated I mean look. I think most people are in favor of body cameras in some form and most police officers also are out funding is a problem because you have more and more states that are buying them for all of their police departments because it protects them. You know once you make it once you make him realize this is an out to implicate your that you did something wrong it's to cover you when you didn't. And and on the flip I think there are a lot of people out there that you know believe that there is some brutality as the caller said from you know unnecessary brutality from police and this would. Mean there's sometimes I watch some of these videos I was watching a movie in the Rodney King beating was in odd somehow on that date that. That's a completely different you know story to see a beating like that op from the body camera angle. Eight it's like you you wondered you some of these cops oftentimes go too far. And it did some due would be helpful for trade purposes you know hey this is a theme that we're seeing in traffic stops that we need to eliminate or whatever the case may be a I think the benefit both sides but it's not free. Not use them I Jake Overland Park here in 91 came easy hi Jake. But I. Officer will put our little body care and I think by Accenture between two whenever you eternal life on our question or two ago. Sort sort that I mean they're just noticing it should be done with Taj he went to that. There's no wonder with that I always wonder when that dash cam went on so it's linked to when you turn on the lights. It's actually go back on its about a minute and I'm happy few minutes. Or so whatever we're revenue 48 or try Eleanor or like in Euro license plate. Are on the showroom. And that's what it you know are all that out within two minutes or report a joke or spiritual font. Odd that happened in the in yeah took over and higher action. Oh and that would be open or did you encourage. You know normal location nor he watched what our culture. That you Google got to go over to order option outside adorable. Stepdaughter courtroom in the act of fire officers from me at that point the best you pick up on Campbell. On bush at the officers outside the vehicle when you're gonna have. Good spot we're trying to bash him talking to pull on so it had been out in the best contribute to their pension bill production. Hey is is lately you read my 28 now is there a is there a back up Jake just in case I mean. And that that the problem is the people with a body cameras is you know sometimes in the heat of the moment you can forget there can be an error. Is there a back up to when you turn the lights on is there's something else they can fire up that the dash camp in edit that makes sense the question I'm asking. Well it took to be honest I don't believe that there. I mean really what we. We welcome back a bit between or the but I mean and I know also in Cuba. The people are cute short yeah of course I got an update saying. The typical like a lot bock back in the trough. I mean there's agree to have access to reach it all out and nick so they're truly applauded that are key to that. So I mean yeah you're you're bald and and not struggle shooting summary what this back up orchid that got them say they're. Our only real back Juliet. Oh now yeah I mean if you turn on and in the gulf functioning at should not working yet that amount that you were. That's what I was wondering take it to the call man appreciated and Allen learned to term what it means when they're running my plate and my license my 28 isn't why your location. Yeah or sex and yet six sixes sixes behind a point twenty is location. For Nancy. Not much. Not. Samantha and rates down to get the final hour on this on KM BZ is Samantha. My hair. I am and actually got a wait and are now why. I'm calling. It. I am at it out hack off. Or whatever I think you're not. You literally have no problem. With having a lot more. It can actually protect you. Our all you know work on or off a shot I want. I think sell it and think the phone call Samantha appreciate it because as we are saying I think it goes both ways adding if you're that the person who is in trouble. Or maybe falsely accused of trouble I mean how they're there's still a lot of wonder in the keep LaMont Scott case then you know their all of these sort of things happen. And I think to protect the police officers well I like the very least I like they're being an automatic. And so that it takes. Police don't have to remember to do it. Alec when the lights go on or like with a 911 call those in or or or or somebody calls for the nine you know what I mean yeah police officer calls has. And we have this disturbance going on and build something that's uniform all the time. I liked that idea that odds are FaceBook page you can let us know what you think. Also on Twitter KM BZ radio. We were gonna talk about Jeff Sessions and a few other things but instead we have you ruling out of the State Capitol in Kansas. About underfunded. Inadequately funded schools in the state shall we talk about this latest for Kansas Supreme Court ruling because the KCQ school district was one of the school districts that filed this lawsuit several years ago. It was split into two parts after it was filed with the Supreme Court adequacy and equity we got one ruling a year ago now we've had the other half we'll talk about that. Also coming up a new what's trending and a star on the voice tonight from Casey at 121591. KM BZ mid day would Damien wickets and it's 1151. Got up next hour. I don't really watch the voice but I'm gonna be darn sure a watch and it's ten nights. And Kansas City. It'll lead off fact mentally more about that you can hear the lead off back in something rare apparently that happened. The last time the voice was on TV will do that at 1215. I'll also go but up next our errors and interest in Wal-Mart customers that organize some audio from. But first we begin with much more local story in this one comes to us out of the State Capitol in Kansas. Sox some numbers for second I just put dollars in perspectives of the Supreme Court has ruled in the second half of ongoing lawsuit over school funding in the state of Kansas it was filed. By a bunch of school districts including Casey Kay Hutchinson at which time and Dodge City. Last year the Kansas that the Los split into parts the equity of funding to school districts. And the overall money going in to them as a whole the equity part is what was ruled on last year Kansas Supreme Court came out and said. It is not equitable funding and you got to fix you've got until June Theriot to fix it. So in response to that last summer's uber call Kansas lawmakers did a special session. And they put another 38 million dollars and education Q that number in your head for secondary now 38 they gave money to school districts that make less of their money off property taxes. We rely a lot on property taxes to fund education missing Kansas and that's why it's an equitable because some property is worth a lot more. Their foursome school districts are richer than other OK so. That was one thing they did. Also in the last couple of years as the state of Kansas tries to restructure their school financing formula they went to block grant system for fund. The all you need to know about that is that that system expires. And to be replaced. So they can't Supreme Court today in a unanimous ruling came out on the other side of this lawsuit which is that overall adequacy part. And said you are not meeting York constitutional obligation to adequately fund schools as a whole overall. Let me tell you kind of numbers that were talking about it and even mine lawmakers have to fill a budget shortfall. Of more than 270 million dollars in the current fiscal year that goes through June. And more than 500 million dollars the year after so late we are 270 shy of this June and between now and the next few months okay plus 500 million that year after it for all of twenty seven's Tony 1877. In the next and next year is talking. On the SARS story is telling mean that in order to adequately fund education to meet a constitutional obligation. They would have to come up. It would cost the states. 400 million. 28 billion with a B. Dollars for our 77 in the hole between now and in the next fiscal yours yet we now hear from June were 77 in all. In order to meet the constitutional this is according to lawyers and this is in the hole this is not like once before they get to even and then what should be on the book that's just for state fun I will in the case that in order to meet the constitutional obligation. It's gonna cost between 400000000. And one billion more. On top of the sentence out of what we're ourselves so that number is closer to one to two billion dollars. One to two billion dollars in the hole. How it goes on tax cuts going for Brit a governor Brownback. Supreme Court said you've got until June 1 figured out that so that gives them thirty days they are open. 31 days in March. A break this week that line when it course and wouldn't lawmakers get more time off and substitute teachers so you've got to blunt about it. The stage. About ninety days they have ninety days to figure out how to come up with one to two billion dollars to cover. They're shortfall and for the budget for the following year and they've got a company school finance four because the blocker we settled for we old system for doing it. The block great system as what replaced it in 2015. And act as two years so pretty soon and they've got to figure it replacement for that system is one irate. I collected throughout two ideas for our right. I know one of a week ago we had this income tax repeal saying that. Passed through the lawmakers to Kansan is sent to Topeka. Passed through the house to pass through the senate then. Governor Sam Brownback said no veto and then they went to chance to chance unchallenged that. And it went to the house and got the thumbs up it was like three votes shy in the senate. I should give that another run because the projections I saw over the next two years for that or 500 to 590 million dollars per year. And I don't care that makes it retroactive to January you're State's Billy. Figure out a way to get a billion dollars at least back into the state. And then there's the obvious answer everybody talks about and it's legalizing pot rights. Legalizing we will not make you a billion dollars because yourself far behind the game it's not as. But Colorado's got the market cornered on it less all of a sudden you get. What you know ten million people to move to the state of Kansas who all love marijuana. You're not gonna generate that kind of cash Colorado Denver has that many people. With all the respect the biggest city in Kansas in even close to Denver in terms of just sheer population. It'll make a dent it'll generate. Let's say a couple of hundred million dollars shore may be over time but the easy answer is not even though it'll help. In a in his somewhat decent amount but those income tax they Abbott they revisit this on the first the first session they have again. They are going to I guarantee they appeal this decision and I guarantee you on because what lawyers for the state has argued he solicitor general for the state Kansas and argued in the course of this case. That putting more money into education does not. Exactly mean you're gonna hire task force them on the court had sat under the facts of the case and is reading. The State's public education financing system provided by the legislature for K through eight. Is not reasonably calculated to have all Kansas public education students meet or exceed educational standards. The state is arguing putting more money into it isn't gonna make students perform better on tax which is what they're probably going to continue to sag by the way the court did not say how much more money. Would meet the constitutional standard. Could net site it's a lot. And it's and it and more are in all ways and. Old formula and yeah after I mean. What all these house represented of members in the state senators make. But it is darn time to everybody below them it is darned tiny start earning their money because. Kansas you're in the hole a ton and. And let me just point out to last year they had to do a special session held figured out that cost 45 grand. Ole sorrow. He just tacked on 1150 eight's coming up we'll talk more about this take your calls out as well as the voice do not miss the voice tonight you'll find out why your agony here why.