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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 03-01-17 2nd Hour

Mar 1, 2017|

"Senior Auction" cancelled due to complaint from student comparing it to slavery. Was she right?

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Happy Wednesday. Glad to have you coming up next hour what's trending at noon at. How Papa John's is like Southwest Airlines and you can ask us anything good idea. At 1230 but we begin this hour. Ian Sacramento California. And asking you this hour does this students have a point. Does she. Now let's listen before we judge I know that's hard I don't idle idle and influence anyway as we are sort of let you down and out of the fact that this girl might deal a lot base but. Does she have a point Anderson school district in this case the principal. Have made the decision that he made 576779. It's the phone number or you can Texas at 21890s here. So imagine this comes out of John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento California and sub they do every year. As something called the senior auction it's the high school's annual fund raiser. It benefits the senior class fun and it is voluntary. That's important to mention that seniors take part in this. Because they want to it's freshening data for very long time right somebody's you know this is a great thing let me introduce you. To that the girl named seventeen year old Lamar eke Jonsson and seventeen year old senior. Who has a bit of an issue with this senior auction here's what she writes. My and my ancestors fought for freedom. Thought to not be enslaved sold and separated from their family. She says I over her classmates making jokes about buying slaves and she said it's not even at its Black History Month. Auctioning off a human being is all around brawn and we'll tell you more of what she said her change dot or position at a moment's. She wanna the auction dropped so she approached a teacher with her concerns but she told the Sacramento bee. That her complaint was not taken seriously so she did not stop there. That's where she got an online petition at change dot org that's where she wrote about the problems. That she has with its. And over the weekend she told the Sacramento bee that the online petition made great target a personal attacks from those who enjoy the senior auction. And she said that it has made a lot of students and staff uncomfortable. 48 parallels to the American slave trades we heard from other teachers they're who said. Kids would say things like I bought you as a slave for the day or others who were let around honey leash all day with their hands bound. Students and policies the option of forces near accurate or backpack for day. Or site upon on demand. You have a new principal in the school relatively new he's in his second year there is name is David band now happens to keep in mind as senior and went to a teacher didn't get anywhere. So she went change dot org got a petition going she also got support from the local black lives matter chapter. That outer meeting with a high school principal. Who claimed that he had already begged considering dropping the auction before she came to him that he already thought maybe it was a little distasteful. But. All it was her going on at change dot org and and getting black lives matter and got the principles attention. How did this and any guesses. I like that. I gas side. I right before I give you my guests can I just go to one of the lines in here. That please I guess I've got the version of the story from Fox News here. GAAP. And it's just it's the basically the same story the Associated Press. I'm not a FaceBook page by the way you can read it. FaceBook dot com slash 91 easy. As far as I remember from history. And I you know maybe at the old noggin and killed a few brain cells in my 35 years on this planet last night children game that now yeah didn't help. Not hung over get a good night's sleep. I remember slavery being voluntary. I and fair. Certain. I don't maybe I'm wrong and I missed it maybe eat the the African people that were brought over on the boats in chains may volunteered for that I can't quite remember. What this is the exact nothing like slavery whatsoever. This students volunteer. They shoots. To be you know. Air quotes slaves. Are right different term indentured servant whatever you want slavery was forced. Black people or forced beyond their will hundreds of years ago wit chain hung it. If they didn't behave. If they didn't pick the cotton if they didn't. This is not slavery this is voluntary. To make money for your old prom or senior ball whatever the reality she. Seniors are volunteering to do it to raise money for things they want. That's why I asked why they're doing it raising money there auction a lot. Happier this morning that. Every big TV shows Donna's right old house auctioned off a date with uncle Jesse say about. Yes we forever. Treated you know these auctions and the ease the you know these slavery things now I don't know if that's right you know to be lighthearted about it. But it certainly is not a stab at what black people went through that that was not the intent behind us. I counter petition by the media created by an anonymous JFK's student that called the auction harmless any silly tradition. That editions that. Beating by doesn't even mean anything in the whole thing is just for fun. Bring back to this fund school tradition that is harmless and has no intentions to harm or if and when he walked along this thing's been going on at the school and Sacramento. Okay high school. It is I saw a year on it's been awhile okay. Like ten years OK so is Iowa pretty well known tradition that I'll bet she dollars to donuts they side. Either a TV show or the movie road trip cures of the movie road trip. The premise of that movie begins with an auction now granted that's a college not a high school with the premise begins on an auction of the hot blonde whatever her name is. So now. And. I we asked this question a lot and that should tell you something that's becoming more and more an issue the principle of actually wait and and eventually made a decision about what to DO. Okay Lem Butler in the back up real quick. Maybe they shouldn't be. Our own or dragged around by Leach's maybe that's going to boot to a part there might be stupid and somewhat and seniors and stupid. Gas got that I had originally Q how far are I don't let them do that but this is nine. In any way. Like slavery and for this person to bring in black light smattering go to change dot or. I'd guess that the outcome all right I have a guest at the outcome. And it went valuable I get and I guess after you can ask our teaching ninth zero feel free away and also what do you think the schools should have done and what they've been OK on law and boy they. Do what. 5767798. You can weigh in and don't forget coming up. Before 2 o'clock we've got your next chance to in our baseball trip to Beantown be the tenth caller and qualify. We've got to airfare for two and three nights hotel for the dollar ticket credit to all righty by Dick Smith four to do that in the 1 o'clock hour sometime between one and you. Also player game should this teacher fired separates under related story that I was content and we have a special guest on the line. We have a special guest on type who it is you'll hear from this person. Coming up next 91 came easy 91 KM BZ been David Jamie with 1118 it. Coming up later on this hour sixteen and reasons. Why Michelle and Barack Obama. Are put their book out mine got it better and the days and not just. Good Nance I'll get to what's trending at noon right now that we're talking about a senior auction that has been complained about in Sacramento. People and sweetheart of organizations do and asked some people off and do stuff for a way to raise money but in this case. We have senior Lamar Johnson who's a senior at the high school in Sacramento. Who did not lie. So the idea that has put your head she said any change dot org petition my ancestors fought for freedom fought to not be enslaved sold and separated from their family. She said she'd over classmates making jokes about buying slaves. You know they. It's taken around tight leash is carrier backpack for a day recite a poem on demand like any of that and so she wanted this the auction canceled. She went to a teacher didn't get anywhere that so she went teachings and org did a petition she also got some attention. From black lives matter I you've got a new principal those cases just his second year on the job. He claims that it hurts and that it was distasteful before that S. But now he's made a decision about it. Is it only black people that get bought. I don't. Thinks OK I'm sure they know I'd I doubt I'm glad I did is say no wrong this isn't the black person auction notices the everybody auction it's nothing like slavery. Seldom. It is the auction still around because I gotta guess it's now on I gotta guess it's not on the principle. Whose job it is to you know make sure that all students feel except blah blah doc. Said he would discuss with his administrative team the idea of Andy about long before she voiced her objection to the auction saying. The goal is a learning environment that is nurturing safe and inclusive. And as principled a bock the buck stops with me. I did not feel like this event met those criteria and so my decisions that it would not go on we don't know what fund raisers going to replace us by the way. My guess is that it did pretty while. And that's pretty popular way to raise money so that Hinduism for ten years on time not a lot of people out of problem with that squeaky wheel gets the grease and now the fund raiser is canceled and I guarantee you had she knocked on team changed out organ black lives matter this bronze would not have made this decision. 5767798. Actually joining us right now Dana right one half of I dean and parts as witnessed day things are dial this up they now are you in between nine or something. It figured. About a year and and I mortified that way and that I'm going. Because we get there at our school. And I think if I hit it takes circle would look like I could maybe change mine got. We hit the app welcomes your high and all of the ninth graders workload auctioned off. And that put the traditional per year. I mean I heard about it for you quietly. I. Hear people talk about it after it. He. I thought it was awkward at the time and that was in 1980. It is Cole was Wednesday. It actually colder late day. The kids were taken out on the stage. What an option year. And auctioned off and some. Are some light didn't. And I can see it as a front opening was dark in here. Doesn't work there and I didn't they get workers and that was in nineteen. Then how did go on for so long. That's why somebody complained before now. Construct a peek under but I don't that there was a political decorum. Act in the late eighties that there would be now so whether he'll go on now I would be on it in today's day and aids. They're doing the late day and all are warning was purchased kernels. And let you know you know you beat my slaves try to stop. Well Dana maybe the problem was it in the concept it was the fact that your school called it slave Dana I mean it's it's a lay day. I mean whoever. Whoever green lit that idea for the name of it was stupid. Student auction is not. Indentured servant day this is ridiculous. Well thought that hurt her an even par on the contrary it happened. To what ever stay. They volley for in this case they're volunteering. We're out there are under there and the one thing that I think it is a Knight Ridder's I don't. And invariably what happened is the real popular kid. There are a bit and content. And at the appreciate and that is that they play clarinet they thought they are nobody. This. Just for clarification let's point out that we don't necessarily know that the process that the school is the same as where you went Barack. Is that we don't know things are the same. It's the symptoms to look at it and all I think we created so. Her feeling because there are kids out there and they're like what I. Don't. But Dana again I'm sure you're still really that the clarinet and blood got the braces off. I mean that's you're stories about it was mandatory seemingly these are seniors and it's it's voluntary. All right and her argument now is not that it makes the ninth graders feel battered and it's now not a good way to treat women her argument is it looks too much like the slavery that the blacks went through. Thank you Dana. Appreciate you calling it. More of that or her she's gonna bring McLaren added studio I believe coming up at 2 o'clock. I will take your calls on us I just it's not like tit to tit for somebody to say you know this is slavery it's it's the exact opposite is slavery because slaves were forced into doing it. Everything right they were forced and if they didn't do it worked or tried to escape they were whipped beaten killed or worse. Let me just add it as it comes down to is do kids understand. At 151617. The difference. Between what they are doing. And what blacks were forced to do. Back then back in this 817 and eighteen hundred's I think they understand that this is not the same thing on. And Europe is that nobody has raised the issue before now. You know well he's brought this up at least to the point of getting this kind of attention I was gets I will bet someone has been upset by it mean 2016 was just nearly as but I heard of the years we are in 2070. And 2015 was a butter here at all. Everybody was offended back then tale but this is it it's gone to an extreme. In Lawrence sling your first up a 91 KM BZ island. I hear how they can call. I wanted to say. What and I would school which at what time ago. And why now how we got slight. Air and I'd. Put the car put it together. You wait eight. The crawl out on their guy may very well. All he. Did a great but their trek. Yeah I mean that time what each and we'll. Be more. How bad that people but when we. Bought about. Late. And. There and I asked if you are blacker light. I'm and there were no black kids and our school I went about school is Tampa Florida. I think it's fair we got to ask that same question of a black student how did you deal about it. It'd be great and I think that if they were black children who may feel comfortable. I think it would be different story. You'd think about now. We Albany issue. The act is a big provoke a situation. A bit impolite. To her or sit there. Or even anything but slave days or. Let girl on a different way to approach this kind of band let the market kind of Japan demand how this plays out asked the students. Not to take part. And if you if she can convince the students that this offensive to blacks to the point that you get no students volunteering for. Then your she's done slave days and leashes and dragging people around refer to them slaves are try to curtail that outlet principal control that behavior a little bag thanks for the phone call in let's go to John in Smith fell 191 KM BZ I John. Is there and what that lecture Garret knows that back in 2000 Berrian outlet candidate who where actually went to school. We did this beauty senior options an however we had black white Hispanic Asian you know route. Amok. How are you. Breaker there. And everybody that participated. Volunteered to be auctioned off. And so I don't beat beat problem. Far. They're if they volunteer to be auctioned. You know. Look if you're offended by being referred to as you know my serve into or whatever or having to do everything for somebody carry their books opened the door for them recite a poem as the story points out whenever they'd at the drop of the hat for 24 hours here's an idea. Don't volunteer. Right don't volunteer for the auction if you're gonna be offended are right in it end and that's it's. What are we to. Well it's like we talk a lot about how schools make decisions for kids without asking kids what they think and it meant if they're really offended by it and every that's their job to some degree it is up to schools. To look out for everybody but it. That should be done with some input from the kids it would affect yeah to know if you're really going all that trouble for nothing. If you don't wanna be offended don't put yourself in a position to be offended. It's that hard of a concept well. You're right and you could have kids that are not taking part in the auction that are offended by seeing somebody pulled around by at least wheel and don't let the kids due to. Yet you see somebody being pulled around by a leash Tulsa when isn't in charge or walk up to me like dude that's over the line. I don't agree with that drag if you able leash on someone's it's around their neck or around their waist then. Okay we're going a little bit too deep into this but to kill the fund raiser. Is just it's it's madness we will gets more your calls John paddy stick right there John thank you for your phone call appreciated by 767798. 98 wine KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it don't forget about our wonderful villain on at KM BZ radio. What to think of president drums congressional address yesterday a great. Good not great. It was OK or it wasn't good follows and votes got to almost creator god so far. 47% would say great. So you can vote on Twitter KM BZ radio. Continuing our conversation out a story out of Sacramento California. And a success. For senior high school student. Who do like the idea of the annual fund raiser at the school which was an option to buy and sell her senior classmates. David and as for awhile it's their big fund raiser every year the money doesn't of these senior class fund it is voluntary. As far as we know it's open to you all students black white whatever they don't limit there. But she didn't like it again the name is Lamar Johnson sat in her changeup or petition. My ancestors fought for freedom fought to not be enslaved sold and separated from their families saying she had hurt classmates making jokes about buying slaves. Being pulled around by leash is being told to carry backpacks she got that that was offensive to blacks who actually did go through slavery. She answered teacher teacher didn't really was early receptive to her plight so she got the attention of black lives matter. She eventually dig at a meeting with the school principal who's pretty new in the job and decided that in the interest of every one feeling safe. And creating an inclusive environment the auction is off should be 5767798. Or teach uniting easier. Ominous saying no it's voluntary it's not slavery if you don't wanna be air quotes in slave to. They don't volunteer. At it might have it now they've figured a way to raise money for the senior ball. I wish she had instead. It would have been a better statement and she would have more support if she'd gone to her fellow students and lobbied Dan instead. Don't take part in the us because that would sort itself out let's go to patty great town patty thanks so much for being in the floor is yours a 91 KM BZ. I think you're out late for brilliantly alt says. About the bat matter about the black matter is that. All eyes met. I mean by they write on real thing to try it just didn't Panchen. They talk about being separated. From either right is that they separate their sales. Agree or try to make an issue on every level playing they brought the worst they have about the slavery business. There's web and get blacks in slavery my great grandfather also played it you why. So when they start all the issues. About every thing to do in eerie to me. Today they're writing and history today. Everybody. And it canceled. By China at school comedic it was wrong and we cannot fund raiser. But the key is to do it at the band that. There was no to me it's going to be an issue to me is wrong with the it will picking up to. I gave anything at all thank you very much I'm not going to discounts or minimize. Slavery and I'm not going to minimize the effects that it still has on blacks and we have a long way to go and civil rights in this country and equality. In this particular case I don't like that she went she she tried to get other people to gang up on the school there and I'll like back. I do by the way love the woman's but the young woman's persistence. And same age that closing at mission helps you like. In the future keep an eye out what's your name or Lara Lamar Johns Lamar Johnson a LAM a RRI watch out for her in Sacramento he could be some sort of activists may be humans for an ominous air she got stuff done it's seventeen years old. I don't like what she did but she got stuff done. Think the focal again patio is stranger 5767798. Camp in KC 91 KM BZ. Hi. Oh tired. A hearing everything turned into. Huge racial ordeal or something every little thing. From the team sport names. It's ridiculous. I'm so sick of hearing about. It in this school thing I agree with the last caller. I don't Kyra that it added that seems like every time we turnaround. There's someone make that big to do about something stupid. That no one else links. It too. I them. It is ridiculous to me it's everything you everything turnaround. Is so racial that become racial. Kim Kim just to play a little devils advocate are you a white woman. It wouldn't matter. Well I see that it might now this is at it where the call and there is a lot of this these days and this is obviously racially motivated and someone is offended or upset. I do have to say to stick up for the people who were offended by everything which I think we live in too much of a snow plea world where everybody is offended. The last people who know any world any bit about being offended are white people. Our idea I'm sorry. I I and especially. The one you're looking at every day Jamie I am a middle aged 35 year old white white actual mail are right. I've got nothing to be offended yeah I I'm never going to. Criticize. Somebody who claims to be offended by and just like we talked about the girl. From warrants high school last week was offended by the chief for shining Nationalists and I don't like that either I don't have any blot and peace of mind to tell her that she shouldn't be a fanned it right now and I just don't my issue is that she is right to be offended I don't like that school districts bowed out at this I completely agree I got again and and and Kim. A lot of people feel the exact same way you deal. It every day you wake up and make a mockery out of it we call it actually happens to get into the production business animal into your days. And have something coming back with a big spike exciting open about should this person have been fired right portion dispersant be offended this everybody's a ended like everything you what I tried to play at a Christmas party and we figured we could even have water because it was gonna back. Offend some conservationists and please don't act like you're kind of buying nothing to the people is people are offended by everything everybody has something of a button that you could clash so just think about somebody pushed. Right I mean look. If you are a white person in middle America. These days. And you've grown up in the N in the in this country. Have not really been O Preston anyway. I write this thing points completely invalid camp there's a lot of validity what you had to say. What white people. Should never complex issue that they don't know it's like to be Mexican aborted via. Of Asian descent of any of the countries in Asia you don't know it's like to be black or if you're you don't notice like to be. You don't discriminated against because of the color of your skin or. Your sexual preference just don't know I think it's easy to say everybody's offended by everything when you're in that. That group of people right I mean. I get it you're upset but you don't know it's like to be in their shoes or take for 12 before you say stop being offended. Take one Mellman of your day to think about it what it's like wind and we can bring Travis and here for every token black guy question that we get. And say Travis what's it like to walk into a store in in Overland Park drive your car. Rates are tragic Ryder. Stephanie blue springs or 91 KM BZ. Stephanie. Mary. Snow. Let it bring. The old. Europe freshman in the upper. Classic come on he didn't say. I won't take my train at the lunch lady you beat all these nasty trait he can take. On the white woman. The worst offender of that with the blocker and he doesn't attack you can actually in the she absolutely mean. And I hated it I think I apple. But she's so you didn't choose to do this you were reform act. What you wanted. The part of society and not me only yeah open. An owl yeah now I mean look I. 84 times have changed a meat. Yeah I and then when I came across more. Like. And I will never be back any by the be consequences for what BP or how that makes us. Girl like feel that people volunteered to do this. I'm Great Britain should do it appeared at as far as the paper that they don't even know about it. It like it injected it right back in called if you didn't exactly have a link. Absolutely and Stephanie there's a phrase it's called the golden rule do once others. If you'd have them duty or doing TO isn't it I mean that's the thing that's the bottom line Turk. Thanks for the phone call but think times have changed we don't force this again this is a voluntary says student auction were talk and I think. A lot of people are attacking her for being offended she not been the only person who thought that she might have been ailing person willing to speak up about it but doesn't she was the only one that was offended by and. I I I don't know shoeless you know I mean but we just don't know but don't assume that she was the only one I've got time for two more here let's get Linda I'm 91 Camby sea island. I RE doing today. 82 and one in regards to everybody being attended by every. At the world the way it is. Nothing ever change that. And we're all that kind of capped six. I walk up the door today and my neighbor to be attended by what I player. And now it could be Mickey yes I do wanna make it a point that the blacks weren't the only one or play. And fourth at trump to such a way of black marriage being involved at every now there are our agent that are in it there were other racers that are slaves. Whether it was over and other country or whether the overseer. And does one thing that you know I hear a lot of people thing and that drop our ancestors are. I have Indian blood in me I you know strange what could be but the fact of the matter is. That isn't the way we live it day and a lot of people need to step away on its partner history but it not ER today. Palin debate over the phone call and there's no doubt that it was not just. Africans brought over here and enslaved. By it. That's a lot of what we do talk about it obviously it was predominantly. Yeah praise dominantly. It's the majority. I mean yes there are many groups that were enslaved me this is stories supermajority and it defines. A major part of our history let us thank you for the phone call Nokia stranger place and last word goes to Rogen in the north land remaining get the final word on this on 981 KM BZ. Yeah Bob Martin immunity. Oh. She is back and you know I go and I think it probably back. It and we used to have a scholes verbally. And a football player speakers. Burnett were all. It was a I. A but he is a you know at the art criticism and at that. Look what player right about our. Which is just a different world but I would just decided that it went well I'll wait back. I went out and I've school. It was it was our great credit where it was all or that. Hillary. Great irony and you know wherever got you know part of the most money and it was a figured out. You know somebody's got to their locker Greg and welcome them to a class character are. You know elaborate but the same thing and I just. They were and now it is a word is the. It is currently get to a timeout and we appreciate it and I think to his point. I told that if there are let's say there's thirty seniors auctioned off. Outlet 27 of them are treated. You know like normal people without a leash and being colts players. It's always the one or two that we have to compromise at all I assume it's more than that I think so kids have a good time with us yes but that is behavior that can be control. Donning kids are trying to be you know make fun event and. Pulley to other around by the Lisa make and do things but you can you can stop baton you know you can this is where the principal needs to have some back on this should be a fun event to act. Any and every other instance in pop culture that we delicate it is in saved by the bell and in full house and in other recently road trip yes it is fine. That we're gonna lighten up with should this teacher and fired. What do you have a story later that's kinda art or are all right guys. We got that coming up the Dancing With The Stars cast is out. I've hit either a flu would try to win and Dancing With The Stars May Day with JB wicket will get yeah. Some state rankings as well how does Kansas stack up how does Missouri stack up. Ask vicinity next hour right here on 91 KM BZ. Nady lined KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket hopefully have a great Wednesday ask is anything good coming of 1230. Hobbled into what's trending at noon with just and you actually ordered pizza like to your lead to your door delivery delivery. I don't I. Yeah. Yeah yours. And here it appears because my fever heats and honesty to 51. And I don't know if they deliver but I like going to take you one or two. There's one acre village and I like the one young Casey batter like divide. And that the two are you I went watts when it debates I was gonna ask is that really watch the first round of Armageddon best pizza in town and I think it's a fun place to go and sit and hang out I don't know if they deliver I don't care system going where it's the one acid beats beats that cuts and sixteen nieces and gang I can tell you would have. It's never on times and beats that occurred at times. But it's. I like Papa John's I'm and I know that some people tell it turns and it's not political wrangling magical garlic signs. It's that it is like you get the guy apparently not need to Obama ash yeah it's it's just. I don't know what's compared to buy that stuff is does he made of fairy dust. Now it is is awesome so John is taking a page of the airlines playbook where they now are charging you more for the things you want. So pop giants wants to charge you three bucks. To get York pizza order bunt to the front of the line. They're trying to sound a few select cities not here yet that we know but it's called pop priority. They're testing a new theme two dollars 99 cents that lets people bump there pizza orders to the front of the line. The nice about this is that they're only going to allow a certain number of slots in each place. So that way you don't have a bunch of people competing you know everybody spanned three box that you that's lost its last affect them. On so it doesn't sure order will be moved to the frontlines of the it's made faster and therefore ready for delivery sooner. It does not guarantee that you'll get your pizza and a certain time frame. Or that it will be delivered any faster than normal if you are if you decide if you limit of five orders total each night. For each restaurant locations and that's how they keep it from everybody is paying three X. Our ears I got some serious thought and is and is very how do you tell us your eyes on you delivery I think. We have so I ordered pizza but say it's fifteen bucks. I pay three bucks to be in in the front of the line and on top of that delivery three I I've no idea what a thriller don't say it's two bucks just. I'm has got cell campaign and and then attempt and so not like 21 boxed when he two bucks icebox of the year. It marked the guys who. Now works. My thoughts on this. When we were younger remember there was the thirty minutes or its free guarantee from Domino's it was always if it wasn't that by the time you you ordered it. It is not within thirty minutes it was free. That would away real quick people started like. You know giving different addresses are being off by one number or putting up in the way of delivery drivers actually getting to your door. It to really weird ways to get their pizza for brief. I think. Personally I don't hear analysts it's. Three hours to get my order delivered which happens about four times a year. The pizza delivery takes forever during Super Bowl. The day before Thanksgiving. Sometime around the holidays like 22 days before Christmas after Christmas and New Year's Eve and Halloween is a huge beat tonight massive. Other than that. All that got Abbott now microwave society I have to have it within fifteen minutes of ordering were not. All but they must figure there are enough argue that need to occasionally get your pizza you are hungry now right and. You know I mean kinda added up if you're already pay into when you're 25 bucks what's another three to make sure you get it quickly is okay if my order is for spike got light up. Pizza party going on and I've got like seven kids over neglected the neighbors brought their kids and there's fifteen people okay three bucks to get in ahead of the kids shut the hell yes. OK I asked and write that down Kara. But if it's just mainly and ordering a pizza. Can wait out the quickest way to make sure your pizza is on your table early. Go pick it up double B yeah this surge pricing like Albert us. This charge marker at a time asked if you're ordering for the super ball at your order and that night and your pay and twice as much for your pizza. Yeah now. I just please enter a Southwest Airlines charged an extra ten bucks if you wanna check in before everybody else you pay more money yeah they found something that people want and they're charging you more for. I think Alina I might actually do that for a wedding flight to Vegas for points out west and because I think we actually might bring for the luxury we might spring is at the first roll Morton. The pictures needs to be off that airplane but some priority boarding here or on the way to Vegas to get married I mean that would be nice I personally would never pay this and less like I said it was an extreme. Halloween night at 6 PM and the kids are we go outside and the trick or treating other than that I'm not. I like it reserve that spot like two weeks ahead of time. You know I can rest or guidance did you make reservations my pizza now on the night of the Super Bowl or that Friday night right down the kids over. That's worth that if they make it worth it make it a percentage of your total not just a flat three bucks. That way if your orders 75 dollars and one made ahead of everybody else's that your pay and tenor fifty to get that done quickly public Johns now knows the bubble that. But they had agreed early tipping its success really like us it's May Day with Jamie in Wiki coming up what's trending at noon ask is anything at 1230.