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Dana and Parks 02-08-17

Feb 8, 2017|

Bad dad jokes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What kind of bead makes milk. Out gloomy town now. Getting worse they're getting worse due to decode. That explains that his older sister my statements. Of Reese Witherspoon won with a nice. We care remarks or told you your joke about it. It's backed. This exposed to me. Yeah. Mac as opponents. So good and indeed did not look. We'll address. Good to bootstrap. Ahead and voted because they have so glad to see. Fit best. Good jokes of government. And they're told him I'd data. What is the difference between a lobster with a breast implants and dirty bus stop. 11. Is a crusty bus station the other is a bus decrypt. What are you college she wrecks that sells guns. And it's all arms. So program. And so we need to start. Awful jet Tuesday it is my most favorite thing ever. It. Ooh ooh ooh ooh what is. When its cage broke irons. Cheap cheap. He filed forgot forgot stupid phone broke. Honolulu. Is. To continue to do. The same. Or. But Burton Group OK. I would like to propose. Awful joke Tuesday. And we do it in memory. Of our longtime listener and fan. Who passed last week mr. on him because no one told an awful joke better than that man. How does Moses make his tee. Hebrew as it. Rod you about ready to quit his job. So. Route is not here to take your call please leave a message from Iran after the tone for how does dogs stopped a video. He hits the pause. So I'm. I mean. These are terrible. These are terrible. Carrier can you commit your government why is it chicken coop have two doors. If they had four doors with the chicken sedan. Rodgers has put so I walked out they don't want to do bad joke Tuesday. OK these are terrible. What do you get when you take ex lax and a Flintstones vitamins what. Yeah the data due due. You're my husband's favorite bad joke. This is one of his first on the ever told me either way you would you I am gap when you have a fish with now lives. One cents. It's really bad it's. No. Issue with no line. What are the dead Buffalo's say. To his son when he left. Jason. Santa like. And you need to call it terrible yeah it's a real threat would somebody please this test data. I. He looking for more easily enter floor again I don't and our Carol what do you get when you cross that jet. Vet. And to all who don't know a flying car that he's. It's so bad now what happens if your nose goes on strike by. You picking it. Hear what he called dog with no legs. Why that matters now account. And. Rotten. You're out terrible. Joke Tuesday. Sixty days sixty days. Well salty. And does not even looking into it a lot of us. Bob has norms. Not not. Who's there not Bob. Ball. I wouldn't it merely get a smile out of odds. Were drier. And. What is seagulls fly over the same. Mine because of that flew over the day they'd be bagels. With. I'd rather figured out one might get a smile out of your office. Give him here. All right Oregon bribe what do you get when you cut up to into three pieces. Where it's heading and what do you get when you cut eight do into three pieces. What herds. And. All right I've and the winner is bad they're terrible. What all what did this is saying when he ran into the concrete wall am. Oh. Could you people. There. Stupid. How he always has all these other ones where it's. Cloudy wake up Lady Gaga. Now poker face. No. Wait a racist. A blunder and walks into a bar. On the table. And chow hall it. Baby seal walks into club at a what do you college deer was no lines. What no idea there. Oh. What do you college here with no legs and no one's. Gardner is still light up. Thought I picked up. All right I am crowning for thirty terrible at Tuesday no no no no yes I don't know that we need to do that and yes we're saying it. And. All. Right what did Helen Keller do when she stalled on the well now. I don't know ideas and her hands off. Rock. Gratified and and I say this one. And I. What did the blanket say when it fell on the wish. Where did these go to the bathroom. Where. The BP station. I miss it as one. I am surprisingly some people are saying yes we have to do this every Tuesday at 430. And. I this at a bar the other night department asked me if anyone is CPR is Regina now alphabet we laughed and laughed and optics of that one. A motor group agreed missile on Sunday and today. Rod what you call drunk Japanese box with the data has diarrhea. It I'd very specific to what do you call that drunk Japanese. Boxer who has a dad was diarrhea a slap average happy with the credit that it. Cool huh. Trapped. Avid weather editors made in my. Would you call Booker with one way. Heroes. You know plus. Forty Goldman group one wanted to. I half off sale I Lehman. What he called Asian market with one words lots. Irene. Gone home. In. Long. Ron have you heard about the new quarterly pillow. No one knows non. Making headlines. A pentagon there was one more Helen Keller who no longer it is making fun of blind deaf people rod what did Helen Keller set which she found achieves greater. I thought was its most final book I've ever rented. We're going to help. Do we make. Bad joke Tuesday. A semi permanent thing. Ali you guys decide the text line seems to want it. It's your show you guys make rules here. Odd is not a fan of. Honest. There were two week old boys born they were twins one was energetic outgoing eager ready to accomplish anything the other weevil. Was laid back lazy never amounted to much. He was known as the lesser of two weevils. It makes me laugh that joke yeah. Laugh and a joke. I say we either do terrible joke Tuesday everyday at 445. War. We do terrible. Joke. Trump after we talk about front because everyone get so Matt. So you tell us honest to god this is your show we've said from day one. If you want. Our services to want some okay and then but maybe you want like terrible joke Tuesday once a month or something. So let us know I don't care. You guys wanna do it fund Summers is can you place and slayer and okay. Annual southern governor rod. Over their time. Scott admitted you enjoyed this this has been the best app for work right I've ever had on you if you don't make Tuesday that jet Tuesday in the terrorists win. America's first. Sources twice a month. Once a week at 430 and 445 would be awesome. All can we make it five my son Lucas eight years old even looking at the segment. What some of the stupid every week Hillary yet. During these funny alias every Tuesday once a month as clinic thank you are. They're like once a year. And to think that this all started because of Reese Witherspoon. I stopped at a McBride from laughing so hard about human pants now someone else said this will die more quickly than. Confessional Wednesday. The problem with confessional Wednesday and this is one of the most common questions that people ask us this. Is that people started calling in and line. And it became pretty obvious in the last. I would say the last two months of the confessional Wednesday's that we did. We could tell it was the same person or people calling and well as they were urban legends mab. Odd that some of them were urban legends accompaniment yet. And people say you don't like you guys kill confessional Wednesday. Because the whole point was muted tele true confession. And we were starting get summon rod would say in my ear off theories like this is an embolism a spokesman Trevor does a thousand times. Thank you. We get back. The search for Tony Richardson. The famed yes the famous cheese put. I saw the square. Where was he on Sunday. Mr. Conte and and it would be Tokyo. But the country hasn't pleased we don't tell act now. Now it's like a party the toga party. Total got told guy not Togo. Put. There is a country called Togo. We're told us that no I don't I don't do you know we're Togo. Yes I do not that I would like to hope go. Yeah. Yeah. It's terrible to token we just planned to have to land. They're not in. Oh is it more. And more people. Do you have any idea word Togo is. Men. And no doubt. Is that to Trinidad until login. And linguists. Tweet. It. What is happening because you missiles and so I'm going what's. New. Some of south African nation great Q. Would you care to guess where Togo is no. Didn't go it is a no go to say that I know we're Togo is located. That is correct security gas. Was that a you know just say not south but what you just said. Gary account. Do you know which part of not as tough. Period for soda. In the middle iChat. Mail and you need to know where Chad is no thank you to. See you focus. Where's Togo. Middle East Africa no. Less side yes. It only took you five guesses. There's only four directions it's kind of attack I ate out. But it took her five guesses. Okay.