KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>02/02/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - What are the world governments hiding from us in terms of their relationship with alien civilizations?

02/02/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - What are the world governments hiding from us in terms of their relationship with alien civilizations?

Feb 2, 2017|

02/02/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Dr. Michael Salla discusses his work and research into the presence of extraterrestrial life forms already making onctact with the governments of Earth. Who are they and what is their motivation? What technologies have we been given and what does the future hold?

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. Seventy and we. Yeah. Hey. There good morning mining boom Herron online inning and there's this creature and narrowness of me. And lying there and mil hanging at all and lying and it also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Lara. All hello everybody it's Groundhog Day in addition to be. And reality radio Jason Hawes JV Jones did Groundhog Day noon it's 80% of the time he says it's still going to be winter. I tell you know we never get a break and an even when he says it's not going to be winner it is still winner so I don't know why does any good at leaving leading us through that one year that somebody dropped demand. Fisons is a bit of group play is set to look beyond reality radio have quickly to replace that you know any other broke the broke the first month. I don't think of the first own boy yet but I hey welcome beyond reality radio everybody and did scary it's going to be interesting show tonight we're going to be talking well let's see secret spay government spacecraft. Programs programs. There are in them hiding via an extraterrestrial life and the list goes on. Yeah our guest is going to be doctor Michael Salah and he is a pioneer in the development of excel politics which by the way I had to look up that word it it just means. It's it's the politics of international space diplomacy. I'm assuming that means with alien races and alien civilizations in other words there's parity some server relationship going. That's what he claims Tommy he says he's got information about that he'd be the government not just the US government but all of the major O world governments of Britain Russia. Non all of them. Are in the currently. Negotiating with and working with alien civilizations not just. Four. You know for diplomatic purposes but they're also sharing technology and done sharing my I don't know maybe maybe they're sharing ways to control the populations I don't know Michael Salo have to tell us. What was it Hoover who there was claims that he had he did for some sort of an agreement with that extra pressure Olson and gave him permission to abduct a certain amount of people to do tests moments where it's tough I don't know who heard Denton. Then again there was something there something on that I don't know what to get information from attorney Herbert Hoover. President Hoover's oh you mean via unity on the yeah higher. Level Roddick Djokovic our guest tonight we'll know about it and down so we're excited talk weather because. This whole conspiracy to cover up from what's been going on between. Governments and so. Alien civilizations. Is pretty deep according to doctor Salah and it goes to its extensive and we're actually have gotten a lot of technology from them. I don't think our government would ever cover a very never. Penalties and do that now they were never conspired. People know I mean now why would they do us. Welcome to everybody in the chat room by the way boy chance is gone crazy tonight. Well I did I hadn't done a FaceBook life post in and I probably like a month maybe a little more than. And I and I did on tonight and I told everybody they had over two who FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like the page and then. Had to be on reality radio dot com click to listen I'm enjoying you nine Chet. As well as the many of our other friends were there successfully taking off tonight. But they were just trying to we're trying to get those numbers are priming and FaceBook is Mendel some weird things were like that limit every post I do yeah it's insane. Yeah you know us we've talked about this the few times but back in the old days of FaceBook and it's kind of funny FaceBook is only what like 1214 years old on the lines at the back in the old days you can post and everybody see everything in you know and everybody was part of everything you did the now. They have these restrictions and get a page. And I if I do posted I mean to let everybody on my fan page. See my post and they want they want me to pay three current nine and that that ethnicity or at least in my fan page. I mean that's due to allow him 20200000. People see it's cancer is ridiculous. I mean it's it's all about money these days it is and the you know FaceBook is a business understand you know that they're trying to be profitable and my guess they are pretty it's significantly profitable well I gather in this in the Zuckerberg whatever is and he's a multi billion cell they armed just everybody knows it and because I kind of missed the ball on this one and there are ten. Can't miss sky events in February. And the owners and today. Number one sucks because you're invested so. Thanks for the and so to Terry comment near Venus so February 1 value loss that my problem before you get into these too much my problem is when and and being in upstate New York very well. Rarely anymore do we have receive clear skies it's silly though is cloudy Zoellick if Boudreau knows what's going on out there I can't sit. Well I guess your capital anyway as everybody else on the Iowa and they say one of the best places to actually see. See these events is out in Arizona. Because you can head out into the desert hamsters like no city lights of the lockout but on February 5 the moon hides. Ultima aren't. So that'll be it meat. On February 8 southern meteors so he has been checked out now. On February 9 B I leave that behind it buzzes the moon is familiar village of no what does that. The beehive star cluster OK you can Libya and near the moon sung to during nights February tenths a lunar eclipse. OK. You know. February 13 we'd get zodiac. Lights. It's a kind of romantic Jennifer maybe you know grab a beer and hang on to you and who you know now. It's every fifteenth we got the moon joins Jupiter. If a February 20 and 21 moon meets Saturn. How Federer 26 is annular solar eclipse. And as Jimmie Lee really impressed with this one on February 26 as well the Mars passes your readiness. Well -- butts probably more handsome than to say about that that's the 26 of February twice since February as the winner of slick Eddie contact Terri and see if he wants to come on talk about that I'm sure they've got some information about yeah if you're just tuning into the show herald pilots is a guy who works for a saw him some space agency according to many calls and the most random. Well and via I mean he called him that law and impose the first blush at the. He and they they they launch the advanced nuclear. Automated Lander pro is to restrain news. Panel Nancy and the Eagles and Eagles and old they anal probe gearing Eunice and then apparently they're getting ready to launch the Dutch then. Sandwich which city. Found this something the Neptune that in the end of and is an acronym it's been ends in Neptune and remember specifically or he's regularly gets an incredible callers yet you know I mean I appreciate people calling in sharing this stuff with us it's pretty interesting so. But if you know fearing this is going to be involved in an event this month we probably should get a hold of Terry and see what does that say about. So script I I wanna take a step back here in just mentioned the the groundhog thing because if you follow that stuff. These ground hogs and their two of them that are really the most famous psychics. In the country I mean if you if you think about the fact that they're predicting the future. And you think about the fact that everybody you know is aware of ground hogs day in the know Punxsutawney film on this other one I hadn't really heard of blood Staten Island chuck you know that guy that from now I never heard of them but apparently. Is another famous one. But the funny thing is is these two. Wrote in psychics are are at odds this year one is saying that six more weeks of winner and one of saying not so there is about to see who's gonna be right. Analysts say I don't know how it is firm Nielsen a country but I will say Jim that this has been a very modeled. Mild winter especially compared to what was it two years ago that we yet. Here around we almost nine feet of snow and in eight weeks. And so we we just had nowhere else to put the snow but this year. We got one storm and you and I were in Vegas at the CEO's. And that dropped somewhere on eight to ten inches. But then we haven't on the on the evidence drops oranges and that's pretty much all assess. Yeah we haven't had much snow either on the temperatures have been a little colder the last few days which has kind of been depressing but that's the way it is but I do want it mentioned that. Of these two. Ground hogs that. What's happening with the weather still have them pulled her first and still be called the same things during a drought here. I think it gets anemic it's inherited. It could but anyway of the two of them. On this these Staten Island chuck guy has a higher success rate in fact he's been right 80% of the time. Verses Punxsutawney Phil's. Accuracy which is only been 39% of the time. Are so that's not a very good record books as Tawny fill. Not politics and just how many 39%. Say is that it is that the new new one or I mean you know what with. What was the percentage for the one before instruct the senate seat I don't know that's the problem and I'm assuming they're taking all the putts Tony fills over the course time and average in the mall together and I don't think there's separating by. Generation of Punxsutawney Phil. Because we don't know grossed only about that it's a the bills on the Eric on. I was just gonna say that you visit there's family that is showing a snapshot. Many mere video I have to see a you know it's and it's just it's just a still picture. Of Islam they're dog they put this camera in their living room because they're dogged then acting strangely. And as silly use this hidden camera. And why they felt they had to hide it on the dog image for the dog would have recognized what it was but they caught a picture of a ghost. Least they say it is of an American civil war made that was bothering the dog. Grow bunkers or wolves are doing it it was just a blue pencil floating over the dog the dog is give us a minute video amendment doesn't say in this particular article but the dog was kind of following and has this thing was floating over the dog. And it just made the dog upset. Apparently I'm it was a black floating figure. And then in the assembly. Bill and Cheryl wet lease set up a hidden camera because they wanted to keep an eye on their dog while there while they were away and they end up seeing this haunting figure. Bothering their car their pet cocker spaniel who's name is Abby. But peso was is it just you know hopefully won't post this on FaceBook yeah you must be on morality and we'll get it on our FaceBook page to do so is this is this an actual video isn't just some some pictures in a. I think it's a video I don't have it in front of me right now so we'll have to have slick pull that up but if they say they sought floating in moving around watching the dog's head they must they must be a video. Okay well and the thing is animals of course they see things in there that were unable to so the possibilities there but he just you need to look at the video because. They sell so many things out there that have been just faked over the last right couple years so rent. Well and they say that after they saw this footage they actually went and talk to some religious friends. Who recommended they sprinkle holy water around their house they believe this is an American civil war mead. And their house is actually located in the area of the one of the first X whose there was to be out there were two battles and so Warren Manassas Virginia first and second bull run. On and that's where their houses so it is very plausible that there could be a civil war connection. College I look forward to seeing article you know as a you know we do have posted hey you know you're counseling on me about him Meehan Monica my love forwards and yeah you know you you you look I legacy Taylor is full like a sailor on a Friday night and Indian design but I use and very poetic like you do your very good about the way useful I admin Justin at the right spot just really to keep you liked it hurts so sorry it's so there has been test by scientist and now they say that swearing is actually a sign of more intelligent it's not let us. While so. You know. I'm a DM genius I think that you know that explains it now now I know I have a much different respect for you only two DE. Here he didn't have any respect prior so I don't know what that adds up to but that aren't so the use of swearing is often seen as a sign that speaker lacks vocabulary and cannot express themselves in a less offensive way. Where even lacks intelligence and it's a way it's all it's been mature those kind of it's kind of seen as a pedestrian. Yeah exactly so mom studies have shown however that swearing in May in fact display a more. Rather than less intelligent use of language. Sound going so while swearing can become a habit. We choose to swearing in different context in forward different purposes. So to convey emotion laugh for him perhaps to just be nasty. The psychologist. Contested in when and why people swear tried to look past the stereotype that swearing is the language of the unintelligent and Olerud. In fact the study by psychologists. America from Marist College found links between how fluent a person is an English language how fluent they are swearing. I'm I'm fluent and swearing far more than flight. I'm going to be honest with you but the former for. Affluence he can be measured by asking volunteers to think there's many words beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet as they can in one minute. So on but the slowest that but this thing goes on and it talks about how. People actually eat the user 22 draw your attention a lot of people today and just during certain things but a really neat thing when this comes down to a gym. It is. They found that even people who swear have a higher resilient to natural to its a pain in natural pain relief really. Yeah and to researchers conducted on the involved. They didn't experiment asking volunteers hold their hands in ice water for so long as they could tolerate it while repeating swear words. The same sort of participants underwent the ice water tests on separate occasion that this time dating repeated in neutral non swear word. The heart rate of both sets of participants and were monitored. What they found was that those who swore. With stood the pain of the ice cold water for longer and rated as less painful and showed a greater increase in heart rate. When compared to those who repeated neutral work. So is that if some understand you correctly swearing is actually therapeutic so so think of it this way when you burned your thumb yes when you aren't just something I assure you throughout some graceful four letter words you know I was summed up I was I I strung together the number of for a little publicly head. OK so. But with doing that it it's it would seem that it lowered. It made the pain. More tolerable well if that's your pace stand so that you imagine yeah as if that's the case I can't imagine how painful would have been otherwise so on my guess and glad I did that. We'll do lists and slammed it tell. I stub your toe right now and no don't say anything. And then a few and it's stub your other 20 and just throw awesome curse or he's got to sleep button ready over there come I didn't I got that the buns set and ready to go event mesa at times article later this whom men okay well I'm not gonna do that tonight but maybe someday we can do that. Mean really an expert but it but it is neat because honestly when you think about it. When I've done things been and a working on a working our car or whatever and out of whack mine in my knuckles or even you know working and in the which. And out of whack my hand arm I do tend to throw. In some very. Very nasty words and and I just feel better I mean I don't lie makes you feel better and does someone I I think a lot of them might also would be the fact that your you're thinking you're taking a split second try to think of the nasty words you can throw at us -- in the paint it's and that's usually thought I had a making up words in those situations. There are so my swear words pass candlelight on some intelligent you know armor and head of the other arm now does that arm still hurt just couldn't ammo now while that's right. Some new young you know how we've talked about several times held the NASA life feed. In the international space to station has been caught off several times when anytime something's being seen yeah well apparently it's happened four times in the last seven months. So I knew what kind of important individually but now they're looking at at this is a group four times it's happened in the last seven months alone. And what's NASA saying about that are are they are they giving any reason for cutting the feeder religious claiming that its technical issues they are not giving specifics. But they have as and it is only technically is it is our tax dollars at an event is totally said it could simply be passing meteors but that doesn't explain why they cut the feed AA and beat. In one case an astronaut there was actually manipulate in the Kara put his hand in front of it when the object appeared. On in the last seven months there have been four reported instances where life feeds from the International Space Station have been cut just as these mysterious objects appear. And of course there are a lot of people with a lot of theories. Starting back in July of 2016 when the first break craft was spotted moving toward Earth's but just as it was about to enter the atmosphere the footage was cut. And then it's identical thing happened three months later. An and it's happened twice since then. I mean do they think people are stupid if that if they're cutting the feeds only when things are being seen in the distance. If people are gonna draw a conclusion that they're hiding something that the purposely hiding something. And there's a group called. Secure team tendency group of UFO researchers and they having YouTube channel they noticed. That the astronaut was covering the lens on the International Space Station it while in the distance a small spot can be seen flying across the screen moments before the views it's cured. And to quote this team there's a gentleman in the team that says we not only see you a full fly overhead but we are also going to see the astronaut attempt to hide it. By putting his hand in front of the camera so people you know really really asking questions about the scratching their heads say what's going on out there that's being hidden from us witches. A great entry into our conversation tonight and. With all these companies that are honestly working on and putting getting getting things into space. It makes you wonder. If we will end up being able to see a lot more and more of these seeds will be cut because they're being controlled or monitored by the government. Yet and somebody in Chad made a good point how do we know it's not space junk because there's a lot of debris. In orbit around but if it is let us see well except that meet the that's exactly the point otherwise why you're turning it off when anything comes around the camera anything comes around the ship so we can't see when it gets it's just space junk fine but let us see. That's is that turning it off like you're hiding something that's exactly right on you know if there was something new the simplest space junk I don't see whether it be such sauce or covered up that's the big question. Exactly so. Right what do we have coming up let's see next week on the program Tom we've got some pretty interesting stuff on Monday nine. We're going to be talking to song your grace she has many author and a mystic healer for over thirty years. Has clients in the US and abroad. And threw her healing counseling and spiritual processing. She's gonna follow a wide variety of talent to choose from which she accesses through her ability to channel and communicate with the divine. And Tuesday were we talking with Howard storm schools last time. Army was a professor of art for twenty years at Northern Kentucky University but 1985 following in near death experience in Paris his life was transformed. And he eventually studied to become pastor in 92 and was ordained in the United Church of Christ. Sort of me talking with him about his experiences is. Near death experience and how that opened the market and really let him down a different path. So we've got some great shows coming up next week Tom let's see our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call in and be a part of the program and at any point we didn't tell you to stop by the FaceBook page I think today do we see in the town mayor Richard Minnesota all the video feeds FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio get over there an issue like the page for us do that and also stop by the web page and it will remind you that as we have our guest on the program there is a new feature on the beyond reality radio web page if you go to this site you just click on the guests menu heading you can actually. Access information about our guests including any books or you know dvds it would of happened have on that they are offering the public base always talked about. All right they're four to click on and and look at him by if you want a mix of real simple rent a beyond reality radio dot com. Are so we're gonna take quick break we come back cooler guess Mike silent and you listen Jason. Judy Leon really really. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our backs are beyond reality radio Jason Harmon Stevie Johnson so great to have somebody new names and people showing up in the chat room I am assuming their listening on the other render this to also welcome to all the new people to the show. It's always great to see the beyond reality radio or BR Finley get bigger so welcome welcome aboard yet we appreciate you in coming on board if you're first time to the phone lines we get to those calls is innocent as we can -- to -- hold a little bit please be patient with -- so we've got a lot going on. Including bringing in our guest for the evening it is doctor Michael Salah he's an author and a pioneer in the development of Exel politics. Also founder of the X of politics institute doctor Salah welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the program. It. We look forward and win the Symbian extinct topics are we look forward to target market yet to get started here tell us. You know we all kind of have a basic understanding of what excel politics is the one should give us your definition and what you see in this field adds. Shall well armed simply accept or C he's. Bode well. The crystal Larkin political implications. That I would actually get it's that strange though politics political science which is a stranded. How mentoring critical for a few air is different topic where Q outlook international or creek comparative all you seek a full. A couple of weeks used to burn on wrote all about politics rather than looking at politics in terms of what's happening on the it's looking at the big picture into the exit fiscal ought to. Be consequences. And went and at what point did you start taking an interest in this and start studying it. Into it definitely one it was a teaching international politics aren't at American university in Washington and the country. And our racial IE because approach it could conference organized. Discrete in Korea. And I was really impressed by the quality of the would actually could control of them are good the next few. Really doing due diligence on the on the people greeted Internet and our camel like convince. We will have to edit these a student audience. Can be doing it at the end. So now are you a firm believer in extraterrestrial life. I I could conclude that go yet there has been cover all trashed a lot of that has beaten. Picketing. For a long time. A scholar at the documents to whistle blows. A concerned. I got like food and many people directing extra luck. He's an official government military. Opposition that they expect two took the club a little money forties. And then of course controller or documents and evidence that. He exit trust open goes back a 100000. Years. OK and when we've interviewed numerous people on the show and how many who have worked with in the government and I've talked about. The government having I'm. Secret relationships and and deals. With extraterrestrial life and and working hand in hand with them on on different projects. Well that's target for I think that that this is. The group really be oh. The issue in the country and you know we go on the field will question that you have are extraterrestrial life that. Some of that action. To do with government and corporations. Actually had seen. Net clear and reach agreement is our opportunity to have different actually critical civilization which it really is mind blowing to. It is that this is being kept secret but well. Well especially when every time you hear supposedly. A UFO crash or anything. Along that lines within a decade after we seem to make these huge advancements in in aviation. It's cheap and with all the sudden the the planes in the technology that and that seems to be coming out. Pop so quick to come. So I'm off I'm a firm believer that there's definitely something going on the government's been hiding I'm sorry. The government's been hiding things from aux and using it for of course military. And other purposes. Right and and how old these technologies are used some mean nine you mentioned that term troubles from the being released into the public can. It looked quote photo book the director of smoke. Describe his role in the and the army. Do kind of arbitrage divisional project at the Pentagon in the sixties. That would deliberately seeding from the peak technologies and expect dark. And that. According to well quote. Were the reason why they structure the differences. Marco. Couple. Body. And the bulk fiber optic cable for many different. Things that we take the granite now you know woke up you know the couldn't keep in mind is that these technologies. Public arena mentioned that technologies that would never released publicly. An and go to school pop record Floyd Little and that is being going on. Quote uncle good morning the country you can we do have data from their threatening he. League are few years. The craft oracle has been. People being applying technologies to trust will apologies that. The throat for a period that we really need constructing a couple of apparel well. Who authority. After Ford world we. Unbelievable technologies that use. A couple of Google peak. Great crop that or it can repeat place and of course the public school that we now when it went national using B Kyle. Bankrupt. Gregg Cutler could cheap little fool that many communication should go to them in the mouth and powerful. So if if governments around the globe. Our negotiating talking and sharing information with the alien civilizations. With the number of people that common go through. Through these governments mean just look at the United States government alone you know with the unit had an administration shift you've got you know. Thousands if not tens of thousands of people that changed jobs some come some ago. On how we sit still despite the whistle blower is kept such a secret. Well it's really compartmentalization. Apple blatantly Cha Trojan. People. He. And in the security is the way. People happening in to be able to get access to their dimensions. And to have that we need to move you you need to be. Really hardly. You need to be where. Only people come mean to a variety of skills. People who typically. Coming in on the Obama and the political appointment it was a birdie elected to congress shall I felt. Or with their political cronies to the government bureaucracies. You know and I am not keep inaction. Even though it full year two years he has changed the administration in the rotation. You know the political point me replaced. But the career bureaucrat actual military personnel old apple could be pleased. They actual for you know decades. Of these people to have access to compartmentalize program. And that's where you have the extra approach it and the way that we had the meeting in the agreement. The yes they're the secret to being very very effective in the lead and we know about it because. The blow to be. All it being encouraged to crucial because. There is kind of military. And department. Agencies. Have very dissatisfied with. Be equipped system and circuit green reliable. Are allowed to control it. And that's what we know so much there are deducted them up exceeding green to work he could have a press conference really caught a pivotal. So pretty much what we're saying is I'm even though new administrations come and there's these people in these key roles in the military or whatever they're dealing. With the extra terrestrial which of course are not being changed out with different. Would when the politicians are swapping help these people are in key roles of their jobs are it's sort of like a government inside the government. Well look I try and in the deep. And the people currency. Not so much you rankled decision that hurt your true potential. Yet. Because that's fraud yet it's going to and being and to our security. Applications mobile county hook. You know from my commitment for example colonel and I need to know access to some of these programs. He couldn't much all helpful that night. General who doesn't have access. But Dallas and a true though mom and I I know numerous people within it within the government as well I'll just throw years and doing what I do where. There's a lot of a lot of times there's people that work with in the government that. Aren't really ever listed as working within the government so. They're jobs are just so top secret that even then people on him had a states and so forth. Have no idea that there and that their employees out of the United States government or any other government. All right pen and we sure that we speed the bull truck where the people of the country into one of these cook. The program crucial time and today it was virtually to the way he's you know education or quality or record look like water. From the public. And farouq Abu Dhabi because George Matt. The the law pager that jubilant mood of the true. Contributing be cracking down. We mentioned that he was terrible defiantly confront them that look at dark actually did look like that where he claimed and that thirty England workable. But tiger can typically happens people who are recruited into the program. You know. Public publicly available records and just. And by the coat yet try to do due to religion problem is that very challenging. Well let alone it I mean even the government pays in seen amounts of money firfer things and it's really not that they're paying 800 dollars for toilet seat fact of the matter is. When that money is checked out it gets allocated to different areas four and for different research that's so this really kept off the books. Riots following the money color of a really important part of understanding that the magnitude it is and Romania you know that was one of the things are accurate and pick up the concrete that really impressed me that is that the part of this. And quote not a little who could turn. Would be first and only president Arafat that was successfully able to have the program ordered. And from you know money money driven money or not mine. On average under the tree and that it was one point seven trillion dollars. That entry. Our marriage. My. Yet we're talking with doctor Michael Salah author of books including collective diplomacy. And Kennedy's last and order take a quick break when we come back we'll continue our conversation it's beyond real. Radio Jason taking control. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric -- is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Carl and I were talking about secret space program secret contact governments with the alien civilizations and much more weather guest. Doctor Michaels Salah author and pioneer in the development of Exel politics founder of the X so politics institute. Author of books including galactic diplomacy and Kennedy's last stand and doctor solace so great to have you. On the program. On been one of the biggest questions that we often entertained weeks are talking about things like this is why this secrecy wise it's so important. Foreign governments around the globe. Two maintain the secrecy about their contact with the alien civilizations. Well I think we need to look that way it began and there's always that. But for every year that you control. Approach that military and senior political figure like a minute scenario. To just keep it secret and to go to work in exactly what's going on. And are not equipped. When is the kind of thought out exit or stroke from Mozambique and two races it. Ultimately political Uga will look who's. And that began in an. And you have to be culpable. Aetna this was very hard at my action. Because. I have worked out with the technologies. That but not few people demand and that. Papa. At a more recently church. That it was very heavy element of not the exit trashed rule out collaboration. We shut trip to the attention of Bobby you'll wish you might be and they basic. Call it on the peace and getting to quote it exactly how the market a cooperating with these on the Patricia Obama. And then arm are cool and the could be consult a breakaway and not the actions that the secrecy to continue on because. Is that it's not reported to the become clear that was a phenomenon. That the US military felt confident that they could be clear to the public. And and the effort that our very they could control the situation. In Nazi Germany had really Ericsson just excelled in technology throughout throughout those years and and they in there but they were also. They were looking in different areas of on the earth for extraterrestrial life is all I believe at one point they were building. Some sort of bases in Antarctica trying to look for life hope that way to correct. We'll try yes and you know we now from operations quite term. It will. And count at camp they're an antibiotic and you know people speculate it will look this truck. Enemies that it will brokerage firm to that street unity trade. I ought to be a cure real newspaper in Chile. About ten days. Opening in two years. Try yeah our community your way you know whipping you enemies a couple of Hulk all. We couldn't leave that that would. You know quite remarkable. Excitement for. And navy admiral come by. At Cushing deep but that the casualties. Were polite. Operations are so it really did. Very future that something happened in antibiotic with this enemy. And of course we know from some of the people who come full look at that and will Nazi group. That was global public statement topic in the street. Compound are very. Two while under the aren't currently in place and that the he's uncle who. Find. You know even before the applicable war and throughout Google in the global war. People being building up these issues and using include basically. Create a party that breakaway group them is that the war. You drenched yet you mentioning your book Kennedy's last and then actually. John F. Kennedy was given a Tor of post war. Germany and was introduced so some of these technologies that. I think you say are actually still remain secret today. We'll we'll try to get firm Kennedy hadn't at that aren't he would secure what church or school. Absolutely. Perfect occur at the right people who the July money are. So this is currently two months after the current groups in our chimney. Kennedy went to our party Germany. And they are cooked three or captured chairman. Our military technologies. That are purple who perished and being that good look at every time. That cup for a school war. Looking on the operation at the clip where is that bringing the this market technologies and trying to. After the US and so far school break or bring Germany to see these CAPTCHA technologies are making the crucial number you know and as to what. Which of these can be pulled back and Kennedy was single and actually got a lot of work. Mean he's got posthumously. Published arteries that is at call. Prelude to leadership not many people bulk up apple that it it was published posthumously published in the chose. Activities guard re old. Purple folder in Germany. To being occupied. Gentlemen. Facilities. And copy them but it top secret technologies that mentioned from outcome a model. Now before I went to break up earlier you were you it started to bring up one point so seven trillion dollars with Bill Clinton. Would you like to finish what you're saying. Rather it will hear that. Will some very significant sums because of what it meant that. They were not enough money going into the Pentagon. And then going somewhere I'll have to be useful and goes well and of course. When you're full of micro look at what that suggests is that. A bit of money that was being bloating and and they are very. Use the US entity that has that capacity because the iBook have upgrade our country's armed. Comparable full and legitimate activities and then have them go to him at the Pentagon. And didn't. Be used performed various projects that turn called wanna armed. Two buildings. All these counterpart technologies that will take on the reprieve I billion. Crops that it would it agreement that has been reached EX contractual. Well now I know we only amount of minutes for break but come. I and now I heard him during the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon building was hit that. That part of the building where they were actually investigating looking into that one point seven trillion. Was destroyed and you know if there was any any truth behind the. Well I'm actually looking for a apparently was. Therapy. That's part of the Pentagon and actually both the opposite Mike intelligence. Every game but again it is basically. Like oh we have the money could go on the law project will be funded and on and dispose. Part of the reason why that nineties has been Opel the military. And Hewitt but it. Protein closure and and pushing people to come out and review going on. Code. Date they note that the projects that they come Buckley at the moment about our budget money. That these are essentially broke operations. Okay we're gonna we're gonna go to break when we come back we'll continue their conversation with doctor Michael Salo will also take your phone calls it's beyond reality rating Jason team. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And all. All all for joining us when you're joining us on one of the local radio stations during the program are you listening to us online and if you're in Chad all those things we appreciate in media we welcome you to the program. Absolutely certain thanks for the support and welcome the family our guest tonight is doctor Michael Solomon before we bring him back and we actually just wanna go to the phone minds quickly here and bring new listener Collins we can start tag him getting some of these on the air this is Tina from Canada Tino welcome to be on reality radio. Eighteen. Say. I was actually believe. I'm a little fund but tonight. What's on my you know. It's so. I moved to. Alberta in 2003. And that is I move from how to host. Rental agreements and then I finally bought a house. However before I bought a house I work in jail. And everyone calls me nickname that's really hit my nickname since I was side. However during one night shift and I never have like makeshift command just makeshift first and I could feel the breath. On MySpace. And that the boy. I guess this capacity call it saying my real name. And I was reading policy economic he can. And they hate it. I was new. And it said my real name but I. Died check my camera they check everything like I guess checked them fight seconds before and nothing was weird. Check my you meant everything was fine. However. After that. My home my place that I lived and I ended up buying. My friend would not stay in my home. Unless that was there. You can is that because you told them of your experience or no I don't I never. Paris so they are they just thought they were just taking up the something was there. The only person and I told my mom. My mom's like what did you recognize the voice. Experts like mole mom that kind of freaked me our makeshift. So let's back up what I want and I'm mine at Morgan make correctional center I really don't want to hear my real name where none of these guys know me. You don't know Brad mail. Yes well and on and also when it comes down to anonymously on it and I've been investigating claims that kernel for almost thirty years now and of course did the show goes on for twelve years but that fact of the matter is I've never dealt with anything that. I feel as personally deem dangerous and I unless you're dealing with some sort of a negative type entity but. And human type spirits they come they don't they're they're there they're not so. Honestly have never a dull the case where some of these men and injured by these things a lot of people it's it's just Hollywood it's it's TV it's all that stuff detritus. And I probably should do to make it generally agree. However this thing still is here. Well then I guess your brand new building up my luck to all these UN today is how in the ten. And building and I know above renovation then house sometimes I insert things. However what that would my friends to have a night at her place should keep lived twenty k's a layer. I'm not how to save that an American I'm sorry yeah this is. I I I went to her place and I left really early in the morning. And it was no big deal. But her cat was free kick out freaking out for you cannot forget up and Chile came back. And and the cavs are freaking out. Well do you do this then as if you're in the chat room just look up taps Chris and Chris Americans in their she's taps him remember and she can actually find a group tap Stanley group that's in your area. And we get somebody over and over yet and it doesn't cost anything so when you see what's going on so. Yes thanks thanks for the call Tina we appreciate you calling in and being part of the show let's bring our guest back induct doctor Michael Salo who is an author pioneer in the development of Exel politics. Founder of the X a politics institute authored books including candies last stand. Galactic diplomacy exposing US government policies on extraterrestrial life and and many more and doctor sell agree having on the program I want to ask you about. Something that I had read I think on on your website which is X of politics dot org. Some more on their right I think I remember seeing some in about the Clinton Campaign back during the election prior to Election Day was actually considering. Bringing out some seek news regarding extra trash rolls to try to gets momentum momentum for the campaign is that true. Well it or eight document. Released by the better strategy crook. That terror that was leaked document and the better strategy group had been controlled the print campaign. I'm giving them I'm doing a lot of the internal polling in keeping them guard and apparently conduct created can party. And so it leaked document. And basically they're gonna go. According to the internal poll that cooler. It would be our support for community getting out of the and that the party of the election. That's the only way the Clinton Campaign. Could exceed. Would be to break. Support couple flag in Asia and I mean. And and strategy document. Basically. Should just look at that. The end like Hillary and I an account fantastic care at could have the Clinton Campaign. Can't like comment earned or write something remarkable like an Asia. But or eight they were leaked document that kinda Heatley social and that the current campaign actually were bulk. You know exposure should be involved being two. Ninety general from the US vehicle and the facility. Hit outlook. Or and so immediately. The exit trust lie so it's. You know that that what the possibilities for. You know agreed to creep in different strategy. Group document. And it it's still something that's very controversial but we found out that it's accurate and that. To trip that he's number follow and with elections that. The kind of prep public poll that the major media. He. Proved to be wobbly. So in other words they were looking to put that Al they're just in just for the only reason of hoping to get elected. Well quote relieve these recommendations. That the book it was ninety. They beat the Clinton Campaign. Could somehow get this kind of like. Bill that would keep it to a trip that district. Well and speaking of the clintons Tom President Bill Clinton actually had was interest in the UFO. Phenomenon and generous and information on himself in fact I think. When he was inaugurated brought in to office didn't he ask for information on two things specifically one being the Kennedy assassination. And the other being UFO information. Will try it out our web Hubbell who coached and friends and atrocious from our control. After the answers to those questions and actually put couple over the cot char from. The couple. That there aren't position and you'd just scoot. Top secret security clearance. Now but keep thinking right now are equally giving it to questions generic and calmer. To substantiate. You. People had been trying that beat them president. One necessary when it comes down to a government in selling government I mean I mean did the United States and blue the president doesn't have the power. To get into a lot of that I'm that stuff so really makes you wonder who's truly running the country. Well now that trident and if you go to shoot him majestic document are these were broken and got. Our being and play. Quito an evolution in terms of how this whole issue. Was managed and a comedic turn up in the in under the current administration. And this community basically there are all these issues. And get it out of the current political arena we have Republicans and Democrats that full appreciation. You don't want to cart IB issue data that. A political battle so that what you he actually had people. Going C. Commuting position that will bring it along and policy shall could you could that would some good image in the treatment administration. That the allegation that could not be. Dealt with in terms of social and political. Imperative that the union I belong and strategic. Vision and that basic tool that. Let's go to the phone lines we have thought a listener with a question for you this is Mitchell from Ohio Mitchell welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. I think Jason. It's. Really terrible what. Here you are is discussing actual politics. Is it true that the sturdy television program that we're all familiar whereas whereas some of the call sock release but it's. Someone who has a whistle blower telling the public through. Entertainment means what schooling Herm with the million to some degree now we understand it a little bit of entertainment licensing involved. But what that television program similar to what may actually legal and on what someone trying to palace Iranians are. Communicating and working without some bubble in the government. Yeah a great question what do you think doctor saw. I think that flowed. Of cool example of disclosure and expect. What you look at the credit crunch cook. Actually. It's had a credit full. US. I ask my. It is regionally in 1998. And our c'mon actually. Well on the the hand. He operations on. Offenders in the US or shall complex and her great work. Being credit a couple of these creatures they'll be sure anymore but the effort actually looking to have to one at the front. The actual. Chief of Buick if you up for the airport actually appeared. On ignition. And and and the context that truck. The BB. General. To get authority PD group to decide. This was an initiative to try to rebuke the troop 00 carpet Arctic project to the world. Yet I think it will clearly. And for the disclosure. The thing. Officially supported. By the people in it full spectrum on that one could get the public. Too comfortable. With these kinds of topics. One not to miss and not to confuse it all the there was also a star in Paris stargate project that the United States government was working on I believe in the late seventies and which. So on they're more of remote viewing and two things of that nature so I know a lot of times people of who have sort of merge those two together. And I know that that was honestly closed down was declassified in 95 for 96. Well if that that's trucker they're very different. Projects are Gary that running out of tactically should should actually. Eat the CIA document dump that just happened to very peaceful be the presidential and local relations and generates chain actually have a lot of documents called on approach archaic. And basically showed that the will of their annual program that they are bulk. And it was really lucky to be acknowledged that loot and a lot of accuracy and that the feeling Fabian. Ian Berry and the military intelligence department openly include that in in the. Well and as if troll as a result they're. Obviously that's something eat look up at the stargate project I that you're talking about the government was working on these. On the secret missions for our remote viewing and trying to get an animal trying to get information Margaret government send it to start in 1970 Fort Meade. And and is it really it's an interesting read when you when you get into the details minded because you realize that there has to be some truth. Behind psychic phenomenon and it remote feeling. Doctor that. You know I'm Surrey but I. Yeah out of country that actually this is one that the that the threat. Or one of the wishful. Comport to the discretion in. Secret by Parker. Pieces that he was trying to Frankie and that there are different level. Psyche ability. From Lamar PC game as a remote pure. I've been in this Iraqi People in the state they come progress coming much influence truck. And then they critical move America can become Arctic. And you know this kind of very what he. The kind of different levels for our ability. And that optical and can be trying to do. People differently. It. You know will be armed the remote viewing but action be able to come you know that we should use the. Yes sir. Doctor Salo lomb. If governments around the globe are communicating with sharing information with the alien civilizations what is the motivation of the alien civilizations to have this relationship. We'll that's so really fascinating question. If we can OPEC do. You know. How this'll be scared and one of the people that are being working with. The or it might be. I'm. Operative whose work. True acceptable with the navy. Has that claim on our outreach committee. That will bring back intelligence that the German to a dual and then that would. Oh but the gently being old glory a particular group of exit control. That so 100 shipments to people out these brilliant grants. Because they actual. Are the errors being a cool cool actual. Recruiting mercenaries. Full well they aren't collect the complex for arms and and they would have Robert group to their contractual. Or operating. That aren't that opposed to be group that trying to. It's reached agreement its load in the he's basically crude. Not come. Out of this country. And spiteful. So like even in the thick mobile we had. Different picture stroke crude. Basically. In bowl. Global level on a planet in this war. Way to look at it would actually participating in people. Between different interest groups. But to move the conversation to. Majestic twelve what is images majestic twelve. Does that work I grew our trip up up by president. To take Ctrl+Alt this issue. The the original which it could fall according to use that document that it be pretty. Military people and six. People on the front can get political community. And and basically in the group. We're going to DP can be long term. Our strategy group to look at exactly how you view this problem and shoot. In the long term Mara and furthered their goal. You. The democratic multiple calls but portable will take the issue out of the current. Part of the political courage. And to commit get a kind of permanent. She's that was going to be studied by these communities that we're going to. And these charts to currently in the long term strategic. When you talk about majestic twelve in your book Kennedy's last standing actually talk about the fact that. John F. Kennedy. His assassination actually may have been tied to this issue what's the connection. Well what are we keep he. People in the majestic twelve group actually kind alum Kyle to the and the president Eisenhower. And things aren't sixty armed because of the plate peaks. It can it be an effect a dollar order in Kennedy want to root. And he pushed. You know the president people. Can control. Act. If you vote follow it close. To it. Tech technology being from Nazi Germany you'll crash and treat. And Abdullah. In iTunes action to that and can go what are the majestic twelve group. And so our. I dropped it as a majestic. They'll corporate majestic directly into a couple of Margaret directly coal project in parliament. And it was a but basically yeah cryptic circulation. Order that would. Being close the book majestic well it was directed against any. In senior official. Trip to be or in the bullet. Tikrit majestic twelve operations. And you could correctly actually how we use or directly implicated in the can be for me because been. Two days before the defamation on the than the XP treaty that should it be cool. PT actually. That they Kennedy's character issue ID and Robert directly or emirate the stupid you'd. Director of the field date on the con and the current bank and often. The people and the other day out you know what what do we do it too can be quit. And intent in the handwriting. And William Colby who would be expiration chief or in Asia. He says that. Ankle and has the and jelly directives. And so you'd have the sparking our league that the majestic twelve group. There was green ball in the Kennedy's defamation. So the minute even a president threatened that threatened anything to do with majestic twelve arm. He was it was it was a death sentence. Look what they throw it here. Basically matured to become a broad cooperation. John Eisenhower administration. I actually had. Two crucial blow to come forward. And it's different scene that part of are becoming completely different chat with majestic twelve and tried to hurt a firm control or at the majestic operations. And I'm actually threatened to mean ideally you want but you can use the army place. Colorado to invade Nevada. Eagle there if people in the barber did. Currently expect shall be held between the security prevention and the and the secret government. And and the but it. Group I respect golf and negate our I can tell what he wanted to some of the relations between Canada because the activity. Like both military and do. We're talking with director doctor Michael Salo continue our conversation after the break it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason GP. Definitely proved to be energy in this room. There are awesome there are some it's what I hung out with them I set up their stage Taurus like twenty years old Jessica stage grow over the Providence civic center and I got a medium hang out some of the most down to earth individuals you look at me it's pretty cool that's great experience. Welcome back to be on reality radio everyone good to everybody along with us nine and again hello to all the folks that are new to the show destroy reminder war on Monday through Thursday night's. At midnight eastern time. And tell you can also find the show the did. Past episodes on the website of beyond reality radio dot com we've got a whole archive of shows there that people can listen to. And animals for weeks were going to be a jumping around and many many stations will be habitat listen also the show jumped to a five days a week format so our gesture to make sure you tune in and day for not on a station in your area and now. We definitely will be in the next four weeks yep. We're looking forward to that as we continue to reach more people get more people involved with the show makes all great. Tonight our guest is doctor Michael solid we've been talking about the what is considered a secret relationship. Going on between many of the governments of the world. And alien civilizations. And exit trash trolls and it's it's quite startling thing but. I'm doctor Sally you talk about whistle blowers who with a key people that you would consider to be the ones bringing the most information forward. Well it was there are a lot of different I agree it's that. That we need to collect keep in mind that there shall blows start to talk about some of the probably evidence. That that you oppose the very real dispute involved that an official level have been involved in. Fighting disease and an incidence of these. And then there are. People that can't be involved in some might lead the Irish girl project. A mentioned local folk. I eat well. Involved. That level Wednesday. They these projects that are using interest technologies. To reduce engine in these two of these. Into the club they're expected to screen will protect. I'm under is that it credible reason can't agree well put triple the outcome all it. And these people will be looking at these. People like Tompkins ankle Likud. That are talking about that they had direct people that. In the secret program. Away. You actually have good by the particular. Have seen people out of these couple groups like battle group. A remarkable aircraft carrier battle group that developed by corporation. They have these been operating peaked and actually the adding to which is quite get it because that. These these crops that come crow. Out doubtful that the majority control. And likable but trouble. And why why would you think that they that they're keeping any of that information and from the public. Well at their current U. It is so it'll look out for B money income of maintaining the traditional. Partner awful fuel industry. And go a lot of money in terms of the traditional. On the health industry like at the pharmaceutical industry. And you have to release. The suspect apologies. The good engineers. In the Cold War era and that would basically. Lead cookies. Comic industry collapsing I think it will big lurid account local if you release. I like it then helped apologies you know population is already a problem and the extra. People had access to technologies. As did in the population on the and a chrome like explorer Ochoa did go to. Some of the reasons that it did that secret. I think it will float and probably. You the exit trash go for old folks wanting to be secret from a company. Apple and I'm sure there's a financial. Reason minded as well you're sitting there talking about spending billions and billions with Nassau. Even if we've already got the technology and technology I mean. And again another wage is tight money to shift money around say it's being Alice sent to one one location were really being allocated for another. Right yes it is certain that the archer he's. An area where you could put enormous amount of money being generated that. And going around and yet people make them the proper book. Looking at. You know ultimately you know this court should apply it to the secret it will Arctic. And contribute to them. It much speed coming train people leave from the illusion of freedom. And I think we have a machine not a state could record them and democracy with people feel. You know that the tree that it load of pressure. In fact you know. We approach. Has the that is very cryptic code. At these bank technologies. And I'm not really. And basically people. Four collision couldn't like go there and it. The it's their record for the exit could. Improve the quality lower tremendously and some people grew at an action that book currently not a majority of the freedom and the American citizens. Mary if you mean in connection to this. Well now and when it comes onto these whistle blowers are. Being cheer for their life actually. For their lives coming Allen and talking about the stuff. Well you know what I've been out is good. The around the got like ninety on this could be. The challenge. To blow and basically are able it will work. And article oak tree we got the score to shoot for formidable. Global. Actually turn that could be given the greens are. The blight in the period. And control. The committees. Saying that. Senior level in the military. Have. That situation from a long term. The strategic. Perspective. And see that defeat them. If that continues today. People are saying that ultimately. The United States. And that should be noted that military will make it. Functional. And entropy in the Asia and so that. To to be. There. It. On. President C. Is uncle because he he really hurt and the public global. Could he senior appliances and kept an official for the hook. Senior military people general. And could that we've got deliberately because of he knows a lot of this in complexion of these. Is much more knowledgeable people think. On the top issues and incredible commitment because of that. Really commit. To corporate control on the majestic twelve group goal at the call today and currently in connection to the well. Yeah I think he's just got to start telling sowell house Marty's. What's the purpose what's what's. I mean I'm trying to get him formula the question here but if these civilizations he's alien civilizations are here and they're working with our government's. Tom why are they not interested in letting people know they're here and I mean I know that the UP I think you've said that some of kind of circumvented the government conduit. To a reveal themselves to some private individuals but what's going on on that side. Well I haven't heard her mention that he that it took over occur. A feeble. Between different. Some morning secrecy continues and others are watching if you could go and I think the local one month ago the worker at night the agreement reached agreement with the military virtual complex. We just control group. And at peace agreement. And basically perpetuate the secret. Because. The go what you which I have these technologies is being secretly at people and things are argued. Would be something that would be completed in two people. Publicly revealed that true. Did he got to keep the secret you know which took it like it. But should be into which these. This issue and the ball and that the. Oh. Miles. We're getting we're getting close to running out of time here are going to try to bring a quick call in this is Cecil bond from Kansas city's upon welcome to be on reality radio. Thank. It through your question and it does not really the reason I call. The reason it's being kept secret. Is because. He relationship between aliens in the left Elaine. The battle would come on the point BGG in the not not a cut four. And are lucky toward your actions and then beyond. If they revealed who they were publicly. But it wouldn't have that sense of work in the shadows in being able to overcome and overpowered has demanded over the year those people that are. It comic grace the reason I did call. And has put its spoke computer screen. Person I'm from Arkansas. I grew up for the clintons. Roger Clinton built little brother and I hope for an. Architect is so many stories about the clintons that pathetic. So a week showed. Bill Clinton were not there was. Madame or prostitution ring and occupying. Went gambling used to be legal in the Chicago mob out upon all the people used Comanche Jennifer which Yeltsin and that the and a result of Bill Clinton. You'd think Hannity. More interest and that would explain what he looks law like. Well religion. Sure Ted Kennedy. And Bill Clinton put my next feature that they interpreted DNA unit quirk. He he was responsible while he was attorney general and governor. Given Obama that typically would allow. C 130 transport plane went to Maine airport during the Iran Contra are that they would guarantee and the productivity. Over north when they subpoenaed him Poindexter and all that went to jail. Ali didn't go to jail that would appeal to his credit. Record including a personal diary of him being a couple vertical load and play a couple Coca. They will look to the main airport. At night. Then brought down from torture at any. Convoys. The alternative vehicles loaded with weapons ever look back on the decline of one Democrat former lieutenant gene Hart put the pressure. Why. That it's that deep deeper bench. Well it sounds like some he has some six on the rest talk about we're gonna take a quick break when we come back to bring. Doctor Michael solid buck on a mole. We'll talk about where we can get his books and more information about what he's doing it's beyond reality great tasting TP go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. That to be on reality really. Oh yeah Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson again thanks everybody use new joining us for the first time and we always get a little ditty. On Thursday. While it's actually Friday morning but Thursday night's program about this time. There are rare and go now now we get a bit of slowdown. A couple of days down the fifth and next and next week the show will be life I will be on the road LB and I'm still will be on the I'll be in LA on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and then Washington on Thursday in the back home of Frederick the SO bugs are all be doing it remotely EJ fields still the studio and I'll just call me connect with them. It will be doing that and don't have a lot of fun got a lot of great guests coming up but let's. A springer guest tonight back in its doctor Michael solemn doctor solemn we'd really appreciate you joining us and being with us all night. I agree topic yet we have your books on our website to beyond reality radio dot com you go to the guests link you'll see a doctor sell his books listed there. Where else can people get more information about you and what Europe to. Are they can get in public side. They. Oh myopic cool front and programmable they're quote from a humble column is. Probably the quality all political and what I atrium and that is. Yeah this a new one coming out which can be lethal much less than the task dealing with the US might be secret bank program and and melodic interest alive. Yeah actually had notes to talk about that we've just simply run out of time but some again thanks for joining us. Very fascinating conversation please promise shall come back and we'll pick up the conversation another night. Very happy to its extra and integrity. Thank you you very much as a doctor Michael sol I mean it's great yeah it's great fantastic guests some great information he really knows his stuff his books are highly recommended again you can find them right on the beyond reality radio dot com. Website just go to the guest link you'll see him right there and I was huge. And throw a curve ball with a one point 927 trillion dollar. And that was being investigated during the past from Obama and Clinton com that that part of the Pentagon was hit. Strangely because it was being investigated. Even though there's reports that before seeing. Stop being shredded prior. Button it was being invented it was being investigated and that's where the plane into pentagon seemed to hit right there and in that exact area and can destroy supposedly destroy real paperwork some. Yes there isn't a great big question mark on that you know I thought it was interesting because we've talked we talked to the clintons a couple times during this discussion tonight one was. The Clinton Campaign back in October. Talking about throwing out some UFO information to a kind of distract. But the other one was moved with the Bill Clinton putting Webster Hubble into the Justice Department. It with two things he wanted to find out who wanted to find out who really killed JFK and what the deal was with the UFO a situation now is a Webster Hubbell the guy that's not the files out of the out of the either of the just deport Justice Department during the active investigation put wonders coat walked out with them and they never found and again. These are incriminating documents on the yes for a murder someone or anything like that happens with any of these other information just there's just not yet been released. Are her arms walked out Snowden her is that a total for sure besides. Anyway so next week we've got some great shows coming up on as Jay said he'll be on the road but will be lies anyway and we'll be talking on Monday night. We've does Sonia grace she is a mystic healer and an author. On through her healing and counseling and spiritual processing she's a wide variety of talent to choose from in which he X axis is her ability to channel and communicate with the divine. I assume that means god. There are some in this context and using that. Oregon and Tuesday were going to be talking with Howard storm he was a professor of our for twenty years at Northern Kentucky University but 1985. Following a near death experience and Paris's life was transformed eventually studied to become a pastor. And in 1992 was ordered to ordained in the United Church of Christ and be talking about though talking to him about his near death experience and now how is life was changed for reference to a moment. Yes and Sam Sharon is the guest for a win tonight mr. Sam is not what he's known as he's from Liverpool and I love having guests from England on a two tonight's guests to our hasn't had an Australian accent. We always make him say funny things there live when we have guests from England on because we use in other words that we thinker or Q here because there and accept us. But we might do that wecht says that it has I didn't impress. And we ended ever truly know what we're gonna do in my opinion never truly know who's gonna call in and Thursday were to be talking a poll Conley is the author of meg look down. It's not extinct it's here and so I'm alive at that terrorist terrifies me because I spent a lot of time in the ocean Japan. Yeah that's going to be an interesting topic. On so yeah join us next week also stop by the FaceBook page say hello there and I also ordered just mentioned if you're listening to the show is a downloadable podcast later in the week try to join us live some night we have a lot of fun chat rooms a lot of fun you can call in. And be part of the show it's all great time. Yeah and we appreciate the downloads I mean the average shows talent downloading 10151000. Times daily and and that means a lot because honestly the show the show's success because you'll tune in and we just we come ennui BR dumb cells and and hope he does enjoy it because this is who we really are we only have fun we poke fun at ourselves and the subject even though. We respect the subject greatly and we knew we still poke fun at it we we enjoy ourselves with a and so hopefully everybody enjoys our we appreciate the support. And in four weeks the show's going to be jumping up on a lot more stations so again if we're not in New York area right now. It looks like in about four weeks we will be and so be popping up all over the place so on which economic I'm really excited about Jim that's that's gonna. Huge yes it's going to be great we have a couple minutes I just wanna quit actually about an one minute to bring in Tom our good friend Jay from Florida Jake. You're on the show he got about a minute. Okay I just I was maybe gonna make combo that's probably why have kind of given that and I'd just stay real quick the extreme. That dreams are demonic and demons. Period I local. Pointed out they design is going to be table hello to mom and mess everything. The white hat to the white Knight to be here and talk and there and that's basically also referring to the tall white. The new age alien agenda the eighth and final regime. The gently tapped seize control of the White House because what it trumpet all the following. Who he is rep percent or works with. By the gently at the free masons. The right temple are. Is genocide is just the way it. And there's a book available and not surprise me but when they're talking about draining the swamp they're talking about the reptilian. Because we have the reptilian faction. Verses Beatty that told whites who are likely the same one that Hitler and the Nazis. And brother and all of that was working with the Nazi Germany. On turn away or Walton and Jason are reeling in reality you know to thanks for the comment appreciate it you know Tom. You know I look I'd like Kazakhstan I mean such and I do and I I'm screwed there because that means actually I'd write. I have two names daydream OK I addicted to pistols announced nothing that but I think morning due to a big news internationally right now Hamas to save businesses lately rated again thinks that connects to Mike's caliber coming on and I you know this tonight we look forward haven't impacted check out you can go to beyond reality radio dot com scored I guess you can check out his books. And if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio mission like FaceBook page it's Jason NGD you'll agree weekend we'll Ketchum and. And beyond real ingredients produced by spaghetti ignorance and co produced by Alexandra Johnson for enter. Com radio don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what bunt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.