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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 02-02-17 3rd hour

Feb 2, 2017|

What's Trending? What some of the most dangerous Missouri intersections?

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Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything you have more fit what's trending with Jaime and whether they feel like you're plugged into the game right there. Live on 98 point one JMB. Well I think. The Allentown is way up to fail or hey you. Got a yes yeah yeah yeah this is where. But dozens if we have any clue what's happening in the world today yeah. Giggle and hear those Travis how's the ahead of they're doing. IMAX going to hear that either today at the more. It's. How all grow up the blond bomber for the dream to be gone. Have been a couple of days yeah. Exactly it could get a check of I have a life outside radio do what is critical. Thought that was that life doesn't include having an interesting here do or doesn't include taking mellow on the mound on they dinner. Yeah it's just. And it'll still be here. Green with a B it is time to lose a couple of Paula I think it I I can't rely on who might not doing that. Jim experiences by the way I think either on Twitter I think there. Because. I mean you go to the gym everyday even tweeting about it about your reactions of the green here at the gen hilarious and so the first day you when I guided died I got sold me looks like. So normally I I at this scanned in to to go to the into the gym did it not that picture of her well this the person likes anybody to stared at ethic. Yes I know I have a green ogre yeah. I know it and. Missed this earlier in the week we had Travis in the air getting his hair cut into a nice high and tight it was color to. Greens because he lost to bed with Mike wicked old Packers cowboys they asked and of course neither of the teams that are involved at all with the big game coming up here Sunday but anyway Travis follow through it losing the bad aidid and yet he's got a green head of air has and it is today that's funny is our listener mark who actually. Works out the same there might do he goes. May have. Like I know he doesn't he by the show but. Now I definitely because you have the green hair and exactly that we have got those photos that video up on FaceBook if you wanna go deep in or FaceBook page there on there and you can see with Travis looks like with a ahead of screen here. A month and a half in advance. Of saint patty's day yes so what is gonna gals threatening Matthew with I made. She is telling all well and our eyes calm down about Donald Trump. Yeah is saying we all need to unite under Donald Trump Matthew price is time for Hollywood to embrace a shake hands with the fact that Donald Trump is president that's gonna happen. You know I think that people under stands. That he is the president now think that's the problem. They just after that was at the sag awards at Regis and. It people are Hollywood actors are speaking out largely sure against president or they're joining a lot of people that are speaking out there are against the fact that this person is the president. So. Our eye on a the apprentice. Hello. It's trending because Arnold Schwarzenegger said something because he's like the new host. Of this reality TV show gone. And Arnold said something along lines let's go it switched jobs then. In response to trumps things yes yes you know you didn't end it is hash tag. We're on wet Wednesday. That's totally boring that's has to act it is that aspect and while wetlands may be helpful for saying they're extremely important. To our our Alley tag. Because as world. It's a happy well into Wednesday at his guards and South Africa. Pre. But they are important and they must be recognized. Its stock like in part. The wetlands. That's where it later gets filtered through that's where a lot of our foul. You know a lot of people that hunt birds they use the wet ones. It's very important is wetlands. Wetlands it's like Spiderman. Superman had Eddie and cool. Another job. Now our turn to plots. He's not turn of backed off and the plot follows alternative plot. Like choosing a different burial plot. Surely like like for like four movies like. Like to change applaud your favorite movies so would not this department are million but I think comments. Brokeback Mountain they wanna mood San Cisco begin together sheer. He credits role at all. What's in the box from. So I've no 70. August. If all the time that produces and so is yet he resembled that's just interesting then the what Lou says. Travis. And Thursday not national Wednesday. And in. Yeah it's count oh actually have a story. You rather watch the show. The first 48. It's on its on a need networked world K in his first 48 hours after a crime right. And I've followed. Investigators yes so maniacs you can became the city in Folsom homicide detectives from Kansas city of which will be airing. Tonight at eight premium and adjusting the incident comes on does it vary you need a network. It's 8 o'clock central meaning yes. Canadians that says that cover her not sure it says a crash can be broadcast scheduled aired Thursday night will feature in the city Kansas. Please come sides that are basically all I decided that it's okay. I think what the cases has to do with tea a homicide that was discovered in in some what ones over there really yes it. Wetlands here we. Have wetlands here we have wet and we would have wetlands here want to hear. So it's it is there is knows why they're our wetlands. In the region where care. In the tell me where are right you. The Internet and why why and why are looking better actually gone recovery you know homicide that happened in July. Now so I asked to lie. And he recently that your. Okay. Not sure what it was but the ones some lately fresh mind yes it's 8 o'clock tonight and in him. And Dale's gone which is now being and an hour we have any list. Or is that. Chew tobacco smokeless tobacco dev phone call that others are recall on Copenhagen. School. And house brand products may have found. Metal shards inside there sharp metal objects and so in some Kahan. Oh that's not good there are here's an update. Went to the Internet and she's certainly seconds on founded on this so one page from a port TC dot com. And with a talk about the so when England's eco. Did you just say that. It's like and live. Here I. The wetlands ecosystem this ecosystem project accomplish in coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers is composed of wetland restoration featuring native trees shrubs grasses and while Fuller re vegetation. The ecosystem includes point two acres of emergent weapons one point three acres of bottom land hardwood trees and shrubs and your thinking that a lane and is is like oh by you down in Louisiana I'm thinking swap. Your thinking swamp yeah I guess that is partially went through but there are other wet markets. Around here did Wear pajamas to bring Timmons at Delaware and underwent job trying to. Pajamas. And a half. I. And the like is it that way is because he's from the great state of Texas yes and the graces of taxes in the southern part of this country. But we all are Americans wouldn't she say. Here is right now if a that's a big. It. All right guys. Travis thank you Travis a lot banks you know Richard outlets anymore you to do is get in trouble again that's the very true that he's been banned from me and that. Aren't so the prairie fire wetlands area celebrates Kansas has biological communities. Interest thing wearing pajama. Adore her and hasn't been telling these facts now about wetlands let's go to and list of Missouri conservation area and start this I'm using dad this area contains grasslands and wetlands force who hears more win. They're everywhere. If you like to geek out with Dan you can start a FaceBook rant about an untitled and speak out with you about wetlands and answer it. Whatever our ultra tech slide their wetlands and hairy crate and suddenly seen Kansas. Are you happy Sundays agreement India from Exxon airline bomb you're enjoying this. Yes. And I are coming back to Texas where we will let you complain about drivers because we want to do that. We do have a list of Missouri's most dangerous intersections we've got the ten most dangerous intersections here. We will run through them and then let you explain what other intersections on lines honestly as that's coming up next well in the daily Jamie Beckett and in my game. Does well Tony three day with Jamie and click on news 9801 K and easy. Has probably made it to Max got a drink it away and why a series yes mr. Lima yes you know experiencing. Well. I just I'm I'm amazed somatic the only text line on the are sharing so much information about the wetlands fell into Google and our area. Well adults also like you to your senator Obama's tax liners in Overland Park they say they got some wetlands in their backyard an ice over OV ER ally is. Right excellent really fast and I urge your correcting them logo are spelling at tax time you text and start with love you Jamie but. I. And but it. Yes I. But it's fascinating. Because of the hash tag it is world wept Wednesday. World wet late Wednesday. That people are aware. Of the wetlands that are in our area that are very important story for us as they're not aware of it they wanted you to win the fight and so they went on Google and other taxing all the wetland well. That's in the area may be that the guy is August. They like you work on a. I'm like this and other. I bought up a shot of this is just having a great odds are well this is our pajamas to jam a moment to. I think for two might go in why you haven't hit an error like you know it's an error of this is that Colin. On this of the common ground it's not a playground at all between us. You know it's it's I don't know today's fight it is to jam is 2290. The funny thing about that was that I didn't know when we asked the Twitter and we did a poll about his jam urban drama. The hardest thing was how to fanatically spell some people understood the difference between how to pronounce the two words yeah exit wetlands wetlands. It is depends. Of the snooty look here and tell your. A. That's a mr. Snooki yes so. Moving on your he's trying. We got a list now of. Missouri's most dangerous intersections. 22980. Is the tax on her 5767798. I would love to know from you especially if you're out about this time a day. What are the intersections that are not on this list we've got him for the Kansas City metro that should have been on the list and for those of you that are out and driving. What are the behaviors that you seem more anything that you think make some of these danger these intersections. The most dangerous so we got 200 of the most dangerous intersections in the state that have been identified using the State's crash data from 2015. Other law firm Douglass on hide him and did the study. And I we episode of the start this morning and we've been having it on our news as wild. And we've got it up on FaceBook Adams stopped by FaceBook drop in answer the question there which intersection do you think is the most dangerous. Right there on FaceBook Geathers is quite the list it is quite a list so the most dangerous intersection in the state is in Maryland heights Missouri which is near so it was 97 and or source route. Which we have as people on the other side of the state to read it as it was just Danks and hunter. And that a I think they're alive agreement out their errors from Saint Louis I'm sorry I details came here they are. Yeah exactly there you go you very much seeking and then liberty on the other side of the state they move gaping migrated across the great state of Missouri who would blame them they downgrades eyes seventy. To make it all the way over here. So this is dangerous intersection of state is hours. That's rich cut off and I seventies that intersection. It ranks just below IT seventy Dorset road in Missouri. So we've got the ten most dangerous intersections in the Kansas City metro will run through these and I'd love to know from what else you think blondes and this last there's one up and liberty that's right live their blue Jay drive in Kansas all right so most of these are Kansas Friday. Even though this is for the match row most of these are in Kansas City and I notice argue that went in the suburbs have ideas and other intersections of blindness is that are not Casey proper. So the most dangerous intersection in the metro is I I seventy and blue ridge cut off number two and it and it is. The most dangerous intersection by a long shot by the way with a number of accidents. That we got I for 35 and front street. I've 435 and Holmes road is at number three. 71 and Gregory boulevard is that number four. Number fifth analyst at number five on the list is US of anyone in Bannister. That we get to 71 and 59 street. I for 35 and 87 that we put in a pennant so the first seven or eight are in Kansas City. That we get to I seventy and Lee's summit road then liberty Kansas street and blue Jay drive. And number ten analyst US 71 and cleaver boulevard in Kansas City authorities. Involved. 71 highway. So those list of the top spot was dangerous intersections in the mantra again if you're a wave of emotions here. I can X line and is laughing because you know it's at its low hanging fruit and to cheap shot but a lot of people are texting and the most dangerous intersection as anyone that Dana right is in or approaching. A well. I. Pick him up but I appreciate that you're picking on her not me so. Picked on you a bit I don't well yeah maybe recently it that way for awhile I've heard you've got a lot of tickets I saw. Yeah and stuff and I'm sure the young officers standing at your window love the discussions you have with them. I to a ball and that's my problem yeah I don't know how to lie appropriately in that situation without getting nervous so I'm too honest about okay. And then sometimes I can mean trouble via so I can understand that I'm just too modest amount and sometimes I don't I have accidentally. Admitted things I was doing wrong that they didn't even know wolf thanks for sharing what you think of that too I thought I was getting a ticket for having headline out they say no I didn't even notice that here's why I'm giving you protect him. Shot the effect Artest your. What other intersections the line on this list onto what behaviors that you notice that you think Kirk hasn't caused accidents again for these top ten 71 highway. So what's recently on highway that you get in some Iraq's there which your calls texts next 1230 a damn I'm not like what. Yes we are who knows elsewhere were going to ago. These are not. My off but we a lot of buttons in the month now working Myers thank you that they can hurt you didn't tell me there. Two buttons matter in the studio B on an off button for your mics yet everything else Travis controls and as dynasties are for second. My stick occasionally. Which is a good studio in your miers and nothing worse than a stock button. So at that and a multiple that the future. And are there. Did not inform my blanket yeah by the year I'm sure Ares argues in Mexico I'd today instead of here we were asking you. About the most dangerous intersections in Kansas City because. The list is out big study was done by the Missouri law firm of Douglass on hide him and they did the most dangerous intersections in the states. And then they broke it down the Kansas City metro and just to run through them really quickly for these involves anyone highway. Three of these involve eye for 35. I did this the ten in the metro most are in Kansas City proper ones and independents ones and liberty. We've got ice seven ambler rich cut off far and away the most dangerous one in the metro in fact that's the second most dangerous intersection in the state. I for 35 in front street I 435 and Holmes road. 71 and Gregory 71 and Bannister seven he won in 59 I 435 and 87. I seven Ian Lee summit road Kansas street and blue Jay drive that's a liberty and 71 and cleaver boulevard in Kansas City back to. The second 14 or five in front streets a long. Time problem up there and they'd just recently well past few years. Put in that diverging diamond yeah on front street underneath for 35. I think it is really helped alleys the times that I've gone through their because you always have all those trucks it's an industrial area. Yet all those semis and they're trying to go where they need ago. And turning left to cross traffic so that put that diverging diamond and then it's been great the times I've been through there but it's interesting to see its number two on the list. And that is something that's funny you mention that because if you look further in those stories and buses this is studied that they did they did not take into account traffic volume. What they looked that was crash records and one of the things that they are looking out on the street is due to intersections that use a new we're safer design. That diverging diamond you're talking has considered idiocy for design. Were among the most dangerous in the study but they say that's because the study is flawed. And it did not include traffic volume to create crash rates and so what they looked out whatever access the number of accidents. Injuries and then fatalities at those intersections. So those are other intersections that belong in this list on a couple that are coming in a lot are 47 ENT 91 by the sports complex anything by the sports complex. And once idealist a lot and back I don't even goes way to work anymore if you are going eastbound on Shawnee mission park here by the radio station and your your coming from north Metcalf. You're trying to go eastbound on Shawnee mission park way to try to take that ramp. That is impossible between 63830 in the morning of yet that is tough and he's got the way get away get away and then do it. Like yeah you got not given us re planning and there you drive in downtown Chicago and sixteen yeah. Where it turns out because snob but it means I drive with intent there is no hesitation or Tim madness in my driving note committee. Now is to storm Tamika. There's no sense of hesitation and drive death so but even even that intersection annoys me you've been a lot of countries and driven a journal. Yeah I'm German Ireland on the left where that is round about land. And and here we don't outage around abouts at all we just all that confuses us a lot so take a minute and different for many so effective for traffic flow because it means you don't have to stop if there's no traffic they're not wasting time. Waiting for traffic that doesn't exist. So let's now 2290 or 57677981. Other intersections along on the slowest for the most dangerous and something on. I Wii shop so much well 71 highway is such and interesting shall we say highway. By sex and cuts north steps through Kansas City on the east side. And you get back to that old thing with the go wire there's is traffic lights there and you know. Then. You've such a high volume of traffic going through there. And you've got the slowdowns. Because this traffic lights in the speed limits but it's basically a freeway that they built. But you have to go slower and there's traffic lights. And that's just a recipe for finding yourself on the list here. Okay somebody said about that that too many people hesitate getting on the 71. Where. I don't and that's all they said but let us now maybe just in general dentists for some reason maybe because the traffic flow. And it runs the city and I don't know if that makes a difference to you that it's not me it's a highway but it feels more. You Xeon road could it be like taking you know I 35 and then putting traffic lights and I 35 and then letting traffic cross. And urged like a regular intersection I think that's one of the the problems. One might say you with 71 is that it was set up to be. A freeway right but then it was constrained. To become irregular surface street. And then Matt and I think it just contributes to a issues some just texted and sad I drive for a living and need to do away with the right turn on rat. Ice so many people cutting drivers off. Jack is sometimes they'll go and Asians. Or they won't stop at all they'll just turn. Saturday. Why I've heard Dana. Use I have to answer there's lugged an answer it south course. Lot happening in the news right now and it's art distracting for us is mark cherry one of the interesting stories. The stories he story for everything he certainly does 39 and south west traffic way somebody sat yeah are their city intersections that are bad like I don't I don't I I drive back half a lot and no Mac cap relief while cell. Metcalf at 435. That intersection gets difficult because you've got especially. For 2:30 PM Metcalf just becomes. I avoid capital costs and he's an effort to vary. Because anywhere between the and probably are the ratings agency but going down to 435 because so many people are trying to go both directions. And due for 35 there gets it gets bad are some accidents at roundabout sock. They ought to do a couple old boy if you. Don't understand that. Round abouts are designed so that you. You never have to stop entirely new insulin now you yield but never low right and you only have to wait if there's combo while the problem. Is with round abouts. Is. Everybody it's kind of like the zipper thing we were talking about earlier and everybody has to sign on line. To do it right and understand. OK now I slowed down battle at this person merge in the and I emerge and I shift. I mean you can do it is like Courtney sunset there's coordination. There's flow. But have not everybody is participating. Then then the roundabout yet you're gonna get in trouble with a round. And you used it it's kind of seeing things anything else once you're used to being there Ireland and take ground about to go. Tell me that was confusing and we're not used to doing him anyway and driving analysts and even even more difficult this personal attacks on how about all of I've 35 from liberty on down the limb aqsa are. The poster. I had to drive that every single day. The past several years before a joint came BZ yeah yeah well. Liberty though late so real littler in Ohio over Bruce and great town has another idea for us. What are you think it's difficult intersection. Well I sent in the end. Probably can't. Not an intersection it's an overpass. Going over the top of my seven and I don't know how they can call at an intersection because. What's the problem is probably except they aren't it was blurred cut off. That tank. Game yeah that's that's all they like sport is worse for you. Which part is worse for you down below average co author of NASA and there. I aren't you about a dollar and forty on the motor side probably probably the direction. Well you're also last what are we gonna between trafficking on the shoulder does go you're doing about it house as potter forty on the bike. Thanks a lot clinical registry and it. Okay that are calling it about the testing and at the roundabout. Saying roundabout here are too small hole that's interesting yeah. Yeah. Currencies and present you on about that's a good indication that your the law and the and it's growing effort in and out at the. And it doesn't. We do four way stops here little honestly don't scan and found you go with the Yugo that Ugoh that I ago what you're not paying attention to who got there before you rise and because you didn't pay attention you don't know when it's your turn and then your hands on the steering wheel and goes like this in your waving in the and they -- you with the Yugo like three inches and you know in the new wave in the east and it was going to monster and that I put into each other then. It. It's a lot of major hand gesturing to try to get people to die now. I guess and avoiding Metcalf to get home that I take a smaller street it's a lot of for ways stops. And I want to just like OK I paid attention I know you've got your first when I get to go out. Saying things and attacks that we can't say so in all the ads. So what problems on some ice and ice of Indian anything near the Jackson. Upper. Yeah that is tank we've got those curves bend curb Jackson curve coming out of Kansas City heading east. Heading west into the city. Those those are some serious curves. And they're up on. Dex you you know he. What's everything is downright mean and eating contributes to Iraq's. Is that the lack of attention. Is it the just intent that I'm going to get their before you are I am more important and you are selfish self starters. I think that's part of it yeah I think that is part of it sweetie you we we I think. Just making a generalization. Here but I think we are entitled to our space at the moment where we are on the road at that time and I'm in a hurry. I I am a matters more I am on my way to something and now because you have delayed me by point six seconds. Now on the set in one of the five times that I did traffic school. Yes it was I was like governors five. It was a simple thing ever but the person was teaching at Travis Wilson to meet you know. If you leave later you're going to get there later you are not going to be able to make up that time. By speeding through red lights or turning right when you're not supposed to or passing other people I thought how that's really basic but very brilliant you know yeah. Are at it this is up it was upon days Bertuzzi can retreats intersections in assets your about your these intersections keep in mind the ones that are the most dangerous you know the ones that are the most fun for. Are the on ramps on to I guess would be 35. There on the east side of downtown. You have literally sixteen feet yes of author there it went on to a fast moving freeway gassed those are always. Like if you're coming around the river market you're trying to you know I thirtieth you're coming into town there's an area where and I just noticed as my goats and I'll take 35 back in a town there's an area where you're on the south side of the metro. C.'s meet our eyes on trial. Out of the loop and take 35 to go around a city there's an area where you have to your jump on. Seven in and 35 shares interstate really quickly and get awfully quickly you know you're doing I'm not just an hour here now arrows are going to be stuck on that loop and just keep going up. And I want him out I guess it's all parties at Smith David Damien like it would. We'll talk about it next it's what already sent. That idea but now no now Arnold Acura. Again we'll talk about that I can't be easy job market and a 1259 U one K and easy midday with Jamie and wicket damn I'm bond yes sighing. Life is so difficult. Adults our size that is that the there was any commentary and I just slides and skins a man just sound like a woman. Size sometimes I gas again being back on loud now we've got. Hurt nothing goes unnoticed. I have controller I'm not a I think Cervetti that later on a conversation about Missouri's most dangerous intersections are coming up in the next hour welcome back to the story that we did earlier in the show. About a teacher at a Dallas who claims that she was fired. Because word got out that she could than an adult film star sixteen years ago she teaches at an all girls school or did. We ask how launch your past being held against you and what kind of message to the sand. A good or one that she was fired for we'll talk about that after 1 o'clock but it it's a couple stories here. Want out of Wal-Mart are Amazon prime numbers down yes. I I don't relatively new to Amazon prime gun and and signed up frankly only because two days before Christmas two years ago. I need today shipping runs ice that I'll do it once then you are not paid again a fine of not using I don't use it enough I don't take it that like I just now signed up for the prime music. We signed up to get the other the the shipping and I never like OK so we'll get all the rest of it becomes all along with it and we've looked into it and dabbled with a police found owns personally we found that. We can't get sue rather than the shows that we wanna watch us or movies because he's talked to pay. Right dad they have a lot for free on Amazon prime. And I use for the music witness if I'm outer I was traveling and I downloaded some stuff to keep for for a long flights and I order enough from Amazon. But I keep it anyway. One does not relieve. Pay for that kind of stuff I think in the in my entire life I think of bought something on demand you will lose them than you know like twice maybe. I've bought like how many apps of my bots since I've added an iPhone I've drug may be four I've never caught and now. I've no idea is not like I'm not science and. But Amazon really is dominating the market when it comes to retail now and so wal mart's trying to stay in the game and what they're doing instead wanna stay relevant wanna keep there their share of a business you high and so they have lost program last year to try to stay competitive to Amazon prime it was called shipping pasts and it was fifty bucks a month. But it didn't have a lot of the same perks of Amazon prime like for fifty bucks a month fifty bucks for monthly fee. But it didn't have a lot of the same perks like streaming media an e-book lending that's 600 bucks a year rights. So they are dropping that shipping pass and if you were those that did the pilot program we need your money back and what they're gonna do instead. As they also are going to offer free two day shipping on orders it's going to be a little bit different the minimum purchase required for free shipping. Is 35 bucks used to be fifteen on Amazon prime. On as you can go to Amazon prime is just filter out in your searches for things what we'll get you free two day shipping. But I ordered stuff for five bucks an Amazon prime guy free shipping so there's no minimum spent so that's a difference. But it means that two million items are eligible for those 35 bucks minimum spec and you're gonna get on in today's on the other thing about fifty bucks was that it was three to five days. So you're going to get your items more quickly and you're getting it for 35 bucks on their so they're not doing. You know the no minimum spend five bucks takes into account quite a bad. Always it was it was fifty dollars for the minimum purchase required not to subscribe spoke and the fort story is written portly and I'll cut as it's as if I'm clarification on the word grammar matters because it does a a a a 4850 dollar monthly fee which makes me think you're paying fifty Bible in my eighties they met fifty bucks minimum more. I think as those dropped it on a 35 right right so well this is interesting because. We see the big box stores we saw the mom and pops everybody you know competing for our customers and their share of markets and things like that this is just the next iteration. Amazon has been a big dog yeah long time and me be here comes somebody else to challenge. They're way of doing things and you know. We'll see Howell works out. The downside to this is just the icing Amazon is that you can get things from you yeah you know wearers with Wal-Mart it's only Wal-Mart. But rides on line you have anybody can sell stuff on I was so interesting to see what happens if Wal-Mart can make any inroads against Amazon doing the same type of thing. Or if they'll just in knows ship their pass on morals what should make a difference is that at least it should get Wal-Mart business because if you're somebody that ordered from Wal-Mart anyway. You might be more likely to order online at the only thing I've ever ordered from Wal-Mart online ever was because they just haven't store. I was I have on windows in my bedroom that were hard to find curtains to fit for the right size right and I didn't fine and I find them on Amazon I did find him on wal mart's website aren't. And like order them online and just hand delivered to the store because that was free shipping pick up in the store and you're not paying for it. But I would on Amazon first. And Amazon just didn't have it and so I don't know what this is gonna do for their business but. It'll be interesting to see then what other stores and other retailers due to try to compete with a wonderful to start seeing free shipping. All over the place on things because they realize that's the part of prime and you built into the price. Right just eat it you know eat the cost or don't like you said bill raise the price is a little bit just that free shipping is a good thing revealed advertise. It's and it makes a difference on prime again I filter out the stuff that don't that don't get me free shipping you know I've been watching TV for very very long time and Ottawa has kept me from ordering all that stuff I see on TV having an handle shipping and handling yeah it's like 35 dollars or one dollar item yes and thanks you're not in notice it. On let's see you okay your rights of the people are saying that on the tax line at what Sweeney customers and Marty paid for Amazon prime you're right that you renewed every year so. You know for for those I think with an Hala what percent of Amazon prime memberships expire in two weeks before Christmas. How many people sign up and Amazon prime just to get their stuff on time for Christmas. So out we'll see this time around if some people switch. I don't think I don't think primes it'll lose customers. You might get a few more people that are just ordering from Wal-Mart in addressing. It wasn't exactly other uses and open up another. Place for people to go to like if they're looking for curtains like you work right you know to be able to him. Have the same shopping experience. As you do with this company. And I you have another opportunity yeah company. And some fundamentally don't like Wal-Mart and we whenever we talk about this you know the difference between. Are are you willing to go to a big box store or not and we talked about the competition between target and Wal-Mart. Some people just don't like Wal-Mart things just don't like your idea of where their labor comes from mar you know where that bottom. The bottom prices and because we're getting people there texting now I would much rather just order on primes that I'm not ordering from Wal-Mart. And that's true Amazon and I have discard the Amazon these are rewards card. Because you get cash back on your purchases if you order through Amazon which I don't know of Wal-Mart has a version of yeah we know Amazon's batter so anyway we'll see but it's. That's an interesting thing you know it's the future and the future and in the future never comes because it's always now and in. You know so this is just opening up you know more venues more ways of of consumers to shop. And and and figure things out. Coming up in the next hour should this teacher still have to pay for her three years in the adult film industry sixteen years ago the school district that she works sport. Says yes we're wondering what message it sends to the girls at her school and what you think of this teacher was teaching. In your daughter's school tell you what happened is he jerk coming up in the next hour it's coming up on 1 o'clock I dam on bond and for Mike what it meant it was Jamie what it.