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Dana and Parks 01-31-17

Jan 31, 2017|

This is now a Trump free - zone!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speaking of shut your face my mother calls me today and I giggled all the way in here because ever wants a lousy drops the Mike she drops the Mike gut right. And she leveled what I think is the greatest quote of the year and I think everyone is feeling the same thing. She says to me a sampling on FaceBook I know she didn't like my kids dance. I am at my mother tell my kids don't they do well. So she says I've stuck in a basement set is currently no topless in the radio I've turned off Fox News which in my parents' council is unbelievable. My mom once told me and then the day whenever house what's on but fox but she 'cause I can't take anymore she says it's the same. Blanks. On a loop over and over and over and she does it just gets to appoint with all the political NASA's. I can't take anymore she says please talk about something else talk about anything else because. Jesus I just want a car wreck and they train derail him now. Like she just wants to get back to. You know just murder mystery give Casey Anthony her notes from time to time. She says I am so sick. Of hearing about trump. And she voted for. So Scott and I decided. As of yesterday with all of the nastiness and people being mean. We are no longer going to talk politics. On your fine program. You don't want to let him sing it felt like yeah. Room. As you step up ex president Saddam's from Dana and Cox. Beginning today we have I declare yourself I'm trying to please alone net because glide. Frank where 6 am talking about the and we're just not going to do it anymore everybody's so angry callers and listeners textures and died at home to slam my face of a card to work Scott I just can't do anymore I think that man music and another. Can't stand to think about him let alone talk about that my. Ass. See this is the problem so when you call him and rot answers if you want to talk about immigration no. The wall you know his Supreme Court you know his treatment of women. Oh so rotten kindly tell you thanks for calling let go. Yourself in Kansas City this is your show we've heard you come into the tense every one men. Women young old that one guy who speaks the British I think Dana and parts of fantastic. Now I certainly do you know let's say winter wind kept welcome to the new track free zone. Appears sometimes I am gonna have to talk about term means stop talking this message brought to United Nations Bryant yeah. And next pretty that adds up. Yeah. Maybe fired the attorney general lives. Did I can't do that he fired the commissioner of customs bureau wise I don't care I am. Then he's going to announces nominee for the Supreme Court this evening at 7 o'clock Kansas City to I don't can we talk please god exists. And certain answering these. So we're also gonna talk about. And a little widget dying during our show you can't don't like him. In June. Coming in and got. Guys now he's got Cooley tells on his forehead and neck did pass out. Times. I year dude like him. Let. Light headed with. It's. Studio he needed tamp pumped. In the cookie yours and that can. Just acting. Urged its awful are we do in this drive to give blood to. Be liked it. There. Getting light headed I I I will give blood. 31 days on the wagon I don't even remember what it's like to be light headed and trials. God's standard opera fast aren't you a ride and if you go down in the studio. And I'm anemic so I can't give big boss is gonna hear it downstairs we've got to get the defibrillator I think apple is trained in using it just because my blood is fully chunks of pepperoni doesn't mean they won't take it. It's true that. Shortages is brought up got bad lab began. You. Why would not be allowed to I don't know if you because of all the medications for heart. If I'm on medication for my heart well again are you allowed to do yeah because that aspirin really screws up your blood you look at it once in need of type of pinot noir I am here are. Designed to culpable as last night AM. There were arrive as a society just because we have artists and just it did help is cold there's a lot of things you can't give blood for. No that was one of those there's been I know. Jamie. Jamie can't give blood because she got that giant bag tag two inches in Vietnam but. Generally. Well it's huge scene as she habitat to envy goes like from the back legs of the backward net posts and there are good words like this. This second this temple in the jungle that's an overgrown that. He's on the stabs at it and oh is beautiful. But because of birds do this you gotta Vietnam she can't give it a bit much Douglas Jamie's at two yet the big giant dudes or access huge. Like his cards like de Vinci on her back and a as walked in this Cambodians had to Asia can you believe we've got a British guy running around here today it's my most favorite thing ever. Really if you ask him about the crown I. He goes and now like to crown and he gave us look like a bird I commend him now I gave you look like listen lady. It's got it on in here. Here. It looks at the British French and you do an American friend Alan. Your hair she's around Siam I love it you know to put the role that that he rented Harry. Harry Potts and him. No Harry Potts did not do that Harry and Harry it hoped to honor. You mildly strange that when he was a little Katy looked like howdy duty. And now the chicks all love Prince Harry only because he's rich and single. Doesn't prove that women are shallow is a key people just want to mother him. His mother yet he was you know you on. Did you hear from the stuck with the British accent. Is. You know it's just as hill. You like to get in these guys are. I got the idea here two years ago and it's an interest in front marches from its aims to tease me. He is from the same cities use real artists is artists. I am my family's from the city of Preston England and earlier I asked the young what your Max Max that's. An ice I told Max we were talking. And I told Macs ago stopped. I can guess where you're from. And he goes out and can at Izod satellite I definitely don't someone else but. So anyway I said talks the more and he has a lot football. And the more talk and then I looked at him and I said I supported and your eyewitness appointed adamant ago my family is from Preston England. And he looks me and says so much. Wow all the great story about much you from Jamaica. Who could talk like an American. In what's going home. That's. Don't ever lose that accident because I don't love it say something else in America. Oh good lord. Can't tell about how you got in your pick up truck donated some guns and shoot some stuff. The queen because I liked and well thanks I'm going back in June so I'll pass on you regards. Love it so they were get them a pickup truck we're gonna go drink some beer and shoot some stuff. We did not make him jump and get some beer and cheese and stuff. Yeah. What well in our industry and banks. Pay. Do you understand the words that are out of my mouth. Only when he speaks loan did. He's not daft but us and why can we get into principally by. Us. British Max we love you come back any time soon thanks so that dominantly so I can always go back. On site on now and cold. It's an always tell. On the. And thanks wicket donating blood appreciated. I. Yeah you know I would applaud you if you hadn't normal tampons needed passing now I'd just as excited that I minimally talented. On my neck and on my. I just don't it's totally out of your time we're done with you. Looking at you the wheels apple off and I'm becoming like that it can't walk we have to sit here for the rest of the show they're bringing in ships. Fish at Olympic and I'd like a British. Chip Perry aren't bad. I'll bet the British Max loves when people try to speak like him. And we ought to better track free zone on the other side of the pollen to stop stop that's doing thank you ride. It is really annoyed yes. Her acts that are calling upon. All of its stop predator British accident.