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01/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - the latest in the search for and study of UFOs.

Jan 24, 2017|

01/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Alejandro Rojas discusses the latest information in regards to the search for and study of UFOs and alien contact on Earth - including some of the most interesting reports of 2016. Listener calls and discussion round out the evening.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Are. Rule Eleanor it's Monday night it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GB Johnson. Has Lou everybody else there hopefully ready and agree that we can of course watching the patriots win. And and that's. Atlanta Falcons win I mean. My family site chip on our this is for him and half I don't know how many times I think we've made possible so -- times oh the patriots. You know I'm not a chance and a patriots fan but you gotta respect the Condit teens Bill Belichick puts together year after year beyond that you got you got to respect the fact that IRAs so this hold the flee gate with. The deflated balls or whatever that they were supposedly using and Roger Goodell he suspends Bree for four games in and even when Brady being suspended for the four games they still have the top record music fell off and they're going the soup. A ball well that's been talked about go check it who knows how to pick players he's got he's two or three players deep in every position in fifth and he knows how to make him play as a team it is unbelievable I probably need credible incredibly and clearly I didn't see somebody like Vince Lombardi coach urgency some of these even John Madden coaches like that I only know from you know from brief hearing and reading about him. But I have to say Billiton Belichick has got to go down histories of it is if not the best certainly one of the best by the time he's done he'll probably be considered the best coach of all time. Oh I I agree with and Tom Brady let's be honest and he's been breaking records left and right easily he's gonna go down as one of the top quarterbacks of all time in the Petri all the patriots. You'll putts again I mean the patriots played. On Sunday has very good at the end and a Saturday Serra and yeah and they they beat them 36 to seventeen able atlas and and the falcons play Green Bay beat them 4421. Can't sell it's just it's incredible in February 5 at an RG stadium Houston Texas will be Super Bowl 51. And the patriots will be there so it Menem who congratulations to the falcons I mean they only they meet at the Super Bowl once I believe in 99 and they lost to. Denver Broncos at 434 and nineteen so this will be the second time there and then they've just been an incredible team this year. We've got to I think probably the biggest surprise. In this last you know two playoff games the championship series games was the fact that the Packers Celso. Hard. I mean they they seem to really be controlling their own destiny and they just did not compete. In that championship game it was quite quite remarkable and they were says it was sad but it was condemn I'm happy to see the falcons get to they really favor and yet so anyways trail although you just joining us here we've changed to a sports talk program. And that's a good but I mean that Cephalon and beyond reality here at the hell BO let you know nothing more exciting minute then eight we can't say it technically on the air some of say a big big the big game that's coming up in a couple. Weeks on welcomed everybody by the way it's beyond reality radio of course are telephone numbers 844687766. Network talk annual foes tonight Jeff. Announce going to be good. Yet Ella Allah hander Rojas. On he's spent part of move fine he speaks at the international UFO conference every year he writes for the Huffington Post. On their blog about you a follow occurrences. He's involved in a I guess it's and a web. Programming channel called open mind productions they do radio the television all on the web. Got his hands and wanna UFOs are also get pretty deepened that he's he's one of the foremost experts in the country but you fold occurrences and amateur it's true there was just some stuff shown recently I guess CIA SS supposedly cut the CD engine for another yeah folks say yeah it keeps happening and there doesn't ever seem to be any bomb. Satisfactory explanation for why it's happening now. I do it's amazing so honestly I think just more and more of that mall these things are gonna start popping up and I also think that. He were coming to a day in and day and age where. They're not going to be so secretive about it I think a lot of the stuff sooner we start popping up to coming to the forefront and and I'm hoping for that. Yep well be harassment suit on Andrew says about that. I'm with a great week of programs actually tomorrow night Joshua warning everybody who follows paranormal stuff is sort of the name Joshua worn at one point or not. And we tell Josh on a couple times in the past Josh Josh is a great guy one of the area. I think. The best investigators shelter in the field and spends a lot of time and who want North Carolina on the Asheville area. My name we're talking to him last time about senate going there was some of the drones we've got. And Israel checking out for the the lights in the in the mountains up there so. And Josh and guess it just a phenomenal phenomenal investigator I love having him on. It's been featured in a written Fox News popular McCann Entertainment Weekly. Southern living adult this guy's feet and new woman to New York Times and schools Obama. Did you see in the new woman new woman yeah along injunctions to auction it does what those. Can't I just never heard of that I don't know if I'd say it was it was Wednesday as well this could be a great conversation nonetheless and who wins and we've got Karen Tillman on. Turns and author licensed therapist and a consultant and a ouija board expert and expert we geologist and an in nova knew that was were either but I don't. How would then there's it would go market mirror Belo and doctor mark nerve L lo he's an author and professor of history at Shawnee state university in the US. And and we're going to be talking to him about a much of things as well he's been on on the History Channel. For the show and deadly cults and ancient aliens and and his looks just goes on our soil. Now a lot of great stuff coming up this week as always and I just wanted to mention I'm still reeling. Just and fought in Korea Aussie after our conversation last week with the doctor William F pepper about the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination in our committee's listening some pretty cool stuff there amazing. Actually he's talking about people in putting the lows over Martin Luther King's face it's just. It's terrifying and and sickening and but it's also just incredible for all this this evidence and and the storage stick to our. What what makes it even more troubling is that he had all of that evidence still ups compiling mourn morn he can get a hearing forty can't get a judge to say okay it will reexamine this case and whether it's for. James Earl Ray or sir answer ran either way he's not really having any success bringing this information and if you know if there's any truth to any of it the leader they at least deserve a hearing on. And I I 100% agree with you end of of course he has since turned and I hate to say understand why they wouldn't. And allow new hearing and allowed just because they're trying to cover their own bots. And that's just disgusting but just some amazing information and a storm for got to talk to real. So. We talk about a lot of interesting things on the program and we try to keep up with science and more science is going particularly when it comes to man's manipulation of things like artificial intelligence and and life. And it appears that scientists have finally. Created new organisms using synthetic DNA that will actually paved the way for an entirely new life forms to be created a song works and so it on this is really while yeah and what they're trying to do here is there Mueller trying to manipulate. Basic. E. Coli microbes using a genetic programming. And they wanna create organisms that they can use to actually manufacture proteins that can be used for medications and other. You know medicinal or. Even none you know. But maybe maybe even an agriculture. Just the have a have a create a life form that can create specialized proteins that can be used for the benefit of men compete. Contract and I don't post that's where this is gonna go. Through through trying to do what did you see that and one of the things they created tell. I did and when you're talking about that then the electron microscope pictures on Google and the little like manner a stingray or whatever. I don't think you saw that when that that's wild descent that I'm kind of well they've they've created the first organisms and they thrive and expanded expanded genetic code and they think that this is the first step. T actually being able to manufacture. Genetic material which will allow them to. Could turn out proteins that can be harvested in turn into drugs to treat a range of diseases. And it can also be used to Crete new kinds of materials are even thinking of things like energy sources can come on notice. R&B while yeah I mean you can create a biological compounds like you know met methane gas or or. Ethanol or anything like that if they can create enough of these things to just spit it out some of the human revenue source of energy. That's wild but it also makes you I mean if they're creating these things and it gets to appoint releasing started creating themselves and and I know global had just come out that. There artificial intelligence is learning to make other artificial intelligence. Accidents where it started skating skier this is really. Even though AI systems career creating an act systems' courses in the around a recipe for high fight nightmare if you think about it Jim Newton experts agree that it could create a future with less expensive and more efficient workforce. But then it also opens up this area of a lot of poverty nobody working if you think about it. But and they say the benefits of any high powered future might. Outweighs him might be outweighed by the jobs that technology makes obsolete. Palm most prefer prolific minds in ai research from the groups such as Google and Google brain. Open AID mind in the university research department. At the nation's most prestigious tech schools developing machine learning systems that can create machine learning systems. Researchers from Google brain were able to design software that created knee ice system to take a test that measures how well software to process language. And the system did better on the tests than software designed by humans so. It's designing software that's better than the software were able to Corey. While and that's just that's terrifying if you think about it. Now while that's what we've been we've been talking about ever since we've. Begun the AI discussion on this program is at what point does it become more capable more powerful and its creators and sounds like it's on the threshold of doing that. Only saying automation is set to disrupt the way the economy and even capitalism itself has operated for centuries in the long run machines are cheaper than human workers. There's no need to worry about vacation time and union's health insurance or many of the other aspects of employment that people need. Or expect from their employers. However this cheaper more effectively were forceful come at a great cost I mean. You're talking about people. Losing their jobs where they were they going to go for their jobs and and that becomes a terrifying situation specially with these things writing better programs than we were right ourselves. One of the paradoxes of capitalism as pointed out by Karl Marx and in the Communist manifesto. Manifesto was the fact that. Capitalism strives to become more and more efficient and by doing that puts more and more people wanna work on as it gets better it if it actually punishes people the problem there. And debts. Probably the only thing true in the Communist manifesto is that. That is the case the you know now we're looking at not just productivity gains were also now looking at. Robotics and artificial intelligence putting people out of work so what happens when we get there that's the big question. I think I put two people were tonight. That's right it's fifty. She's speaking of artificial intelligence they didn't seem to have a whole lot of area in and kind of intelligence. At that particular company you. Talk about it well he OK so I did post today so I did a post today on FaceBook. Because I I got fed up and and I hate to closely that sometimes it's just you got to vent and so ice I got rid of one of my trucks about two and a half years ago and I had a six month subscription of serious and I canceled. Well then come to find out that they decided to reinstated. Just like two or three months later which is amazing to me how they can just do that start charging a credit card. And lit and the sick credit card that I really I don't pay any attention for its a lot of the expenses for when I'm on the road traveling for work and I find out all the sudden we go into give you can expense report to send Twitter for heading down to to Vegas on the striker. And there's all these charges from serious accents her sex on every month for the last two and a half years. And I call them an ice ice what you might literally spent three hours on the phone. Talking with it with different people and finally and it was it was. A customer service and part of them but it was in India so counselors term yes tough and tough enough but. And then finally after two and a half hours for a couple of people I dealt with were great they put me on the phone with the supervisor. And the supervisor blatantly tells me. You can be lying to me you you might not Snee might not have that truck anymore so I'm not gonna wave these these these are so first off hard. How do you justify charging me for something I've canceled. For two and a half years. Well you know and and that I said and not even sending the email or are hard mail goes to you told us not to send you and send you any information on on the bill. So openly talking about it I told you not to send in information an adult he told us thoughts on this. Which is ridiculous enough and I said you know I I've had multiple vehicles they have different accounts are you guys. In this is really the way you're going to do so and then finally the the supervisor said it is what it is either charges stand. So Euro lock so really so our guys put in a and email too serious complaining about this. Nobody ever got back to over two weeks I just had an article that I post the thing on FaceBook. And to see him I didn't know that it would be checked out. Why as of right now over 300000. Times. And and a lot of people on their had the same experience as well because I did that serious their main headquarters contacted me. And finally at 22 gentlemen a guy Ben and yet Jacob who. And Jacobson in Canada and Ben's here in the US. Tom were able to go back and resolve this in the top and even worse Jim I think the supervisor who told me this who gave me his name. Gave me a fake name didn't even give me his real name. He told me that he was the top dog and he made the final decision even though that wasn't true. So they were able to go back and they credited me for the last two and a half years so I don't on the track and on the tour ruin but maybe it's just it's ridiculous in they were charging a credit card that has expired. Into just charged crazy just him being charged exactly incidents and it's just it's dumbfounded. But the guy Jacob told me that I guess they can do that in the US because there's this weird. Situation wherein in time the information rolls over in the US is one of the only countries that allow them but anyways in there were able to rectify it after all this and I hold. A bunch of bad publicity but. It's just that's crazy and to see how many people had this. This happened to them and in the post that I posted it's just mind blowing. No you know that's one of the of the pitfalls of the traps of the conveniences you know putting something just automatically billed to your credit card which a lot of services now almost require. But even when you cancel for them to reinstated two months two months or three months later after you've had no guarantees vehicle that's exactly you most lose complete control of any have to rely on their. A good graces to actually do the responsible thing and they don't always do that. Now expressly when their outsourcing to a lot of those people just had that it is because you know they hear complaints all day long but the fact of the matter is I just. Then that was just horrible horrible Dona who to assign the results so thanks too serious for not screw me on. Yes and that's what two things we got to remind you of of course the FaceBook page Royce inviting you to stop by and like it is just FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. If you're listening on one of the local radio stations that carries the program thanks for doing that but also feel free to join us in the chat room. Which is rated beyond reality radio dot com just click on the listen life. But need to continue to listen on your radio station. That you can join the chat room lot of stuff going on there and we always Jason and I are always in there trying to pay attention to what's going on take questions when we can from chat. It's set and moves pretty quickly but we try to keep people put it as best we can. So I know I know we're gonna take a break in the gym and get our guest but IBM has made a bunch predictions about 20/20 two. You on here with hair like Tony Tony to just his fighters out there five years ten so it's their five in five to productions Terry. First off that number one who Bankston AIR speech will be a window into mental health so they claim that five years. What we say and write will be used as indicators of our mental health and physical well being for example mental illness and disease such as parkinson's. Could be spotted sooner with a mobile apps thanks AI calculations that are being done in the cloud. And of course the earlier we we spot these conditions the better we are to treat them on number two. Superhero vision will be possible with a guy and powerful new devices superhero vision superhero vision according to an idea how I saw him. Powerful tiny cameras combine the fast process and a processing smarts and AI mean will be able to see more than ever by the year 20/20 two other talking about us being able to see actual microwaves. An infrared images answer devices that are either in our eyes or small enough to fit in their pocket. Or clip. On the war or sunglasses. Sol and another amazing thing. Are they talk about I'm macro Scopes. On helping to understand the Earth's complexity and Infiniti tell OK mobile Kennelly satellite images and they're also cardinal labs are on chips that a raft revolutionize medicine. They're predicting you being able to diagnose in your home at a low cost to catch diseases earlier than ever. On their from their referring to it as a medical lab on a chip in your home. So full lab in the palm of your hand. So does that is that to build a lab in the sense that it that it actually. Does tests on new assignment he does and that's what symptoms and it's knows what's going out and I wish I guess it'll be able to detest send information back and forth and and they also talking Smart sensors that'll detect an environmental pollution faster than ever connected to drones and and others other things. A mobile pick a methane methane leaks although I don't wanna search journalist suffered in his own high school in the would. Funny you can't just aren't willing to sit. Ten words is ten to win you know maybe electricity but aren't even sure I want that anymore connecting your connected entities this that's the problem is that tax I don't it and it does get scary because now I'm I'm all for technology I love it. But it's terrifying it's terrifying with how far things army gives him more and more you're losing. I mean if you stern if you have a full lab in the army hands or chips. That whole RFID chipping the system. Who you it's so easy for somebody to act. That's the problem than that you know everything becomes vulnerable and and is accessible by anybody who's wants it badly enough singer we've got about thirty seconds further brake and there's a whole bunch of comments and Chad -- people asking about ghost owners and usher were specifically what they're asking about but I'm assuming it's you know again what's coming up and I know you're still. Penny in the middle of things so you know too much you. In the middle talking less than Netflix and a couple other companies Saddam and things are going very well so. Information hopefully you'll be able to be announced within I wasn't and the next few weeks and next month to Tucson left to see where it goes but I everything's going well and he'll definitely seal are coming up from us. All right that sounds good let's take a break when we come back to bring her guest and Ella hander Rojas were to talk UFOs aliens extra tres trolls. On that fun stuff it's beyond reality radio would Jason JT don't go away we'll be right back. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com that's scary con dot com and. There welcome back to be on reality radio was Jason James we don't know received 446877669. Tonight we're talking about UFO's who is it would suggest first time on our program. How Anna Rojas Colin federal welcome to beyond reality radio so great to have you on the show. Thank you very much it's great to be here. So until insists to get us started here on because this is the first time you've been on beyond reality radio with a us. Tell mostly gotten interested in the hole possibility. Of aliens and alien spacecraft visiting UFO's better known as you know what we call you apology. When and how did you get interested in the topic. Well when Alexander went out and college. I would journalism student not a open could be right yeah. From the out flat and now although I would. More science minded. Because like I native American and Mexican heritage act at at Eric. Appreciation. Or kind of indigenous IDA is an outcome biology in the paint it. Robert open to it. But I really cut cut. And out 2000. Qiyue. And this gentleman named bat. Doctor Greer put on bit press conference at national task and watch ED. A lot of very credible people people I know you know act I mean you. Were involved with the sort of thing at all. And I was shocked when the media didn't really cover lightly. Packed and it cracked at our economic this is kind of like mine. Mine. You know. What's on the cover and candidates like this information act to get out of the most are. Has been kind of journalistic fact that. And researched ID came build investigator it. The mutual Europe's own network I eventually and help them on conference today that became a PR guy. And act pandered there. Official spokesperson. And eventually got involved what I'm doing now. Well and Alejandro why do you think to the media doesn't cover the sore really doesn't put the information out there when these things happen I mean. It's been numerous times lately the ISS feeds bank cut because something where it's been in the distance or. Are some people believe there's a UFO that that's able to be seen there's something going on me and they cut the feed these are things that. Really very few news agencies cover or put out there for the public to tune now. I blocked an epic imposed not up into the post. I commanding lead eagle. And that it can't be there and and they do post quite keeping however your right. For the most part they do but it's really difficult out pork few recent. First of law. You know act and you already and Buick coast I think that there's a lot of people who. When it comes to volunteer organization. Their crack at Eric professional or care about they. Have a lot of people understand the important or. How to hold a kind of trying to pick rigor. And so. Urged credibility. And win the media goes because people ordinary use it speaking direct. Can I not Kenny Perry math and language are kind of more. Loose concept and idea and they have a harder time. Eighteen. Everything more credible. And a lot of media wanted to pictures and they want something good in needy get critique into it they don't wanna code their rabbit thing near ground. And you all the time the and it EU rap. But if you don't yet and it's something the appeal are substantial. Demand gonna go that route not simply have learned she got cute. Keeping your back pocket you know. Two good steps that arrangement would be I expect in the area at speeds there is no credible person out there. Who is an expert who couldn't saint. This is definitely something odd and the car and act check out these C. Cuban American on the field to candlelight he sort of idiots and and are considered professional. However there are military exciting. There are others out there at a more substantial. President. What do I. Anna Anna and I agree with but that there confusing thing as slick as. Has me doing ghosts and ghost hunters or goes hunting if I put a post out there where I put something out there on that I believe I caught spirit on film. And I put it out there and now it it'll go viral I didn't I can do now fifty different television stations. Interviews on them big news news stations but. It seems the seems doesn't apply when it comes to two UFO's and I don't understand that because. There's so many great people in in the field of some of you for resurgent and study. It's so and for whatever reason it just seems like they kind of put a kibosh on so much of it which which I think Sox in general but. Yeah what it's hard and Greg essentially he expert pre you example. You're short and did you take it you are considered an expert I. I you're you're very careful are you go out so. I portico spilled you've been great speech and you been able concern that an expert or the media and you do speak. More carefully you know years she used terms aren't you know you're looking or answers. So I am. In New York opened their period when necessary that person of course there's torture sucralose I've had back ancient aliens protective. Circulated show and he's been checked and charming person but are certainly do that or are someone who is very careful with their research more like you are out and. But also if you really Stanton Friedman and you also people expand free men and so many other entity yourself as well your courage and wall spoken individual. So I do I just wished that they give more credence in more. More holds open the doors more for for you and numerous people like you to be able to come on in and speak of these things. Yeah I agree but there's there's there's kind of a twofold issue. And that we are very care that we let our current congress and captured a very. We get a lot of great press coverage could Wear more savvy about how cute. What sort of information to give them. However on the flip side you have especially right now the sensationalism. Of the topics he's pavlik. A lot of UK tabloids aren't entire right can't cover you up like read. They're promoting hoax in the wild that even though pick our story a lot of my story and on a weekly not eight correct. And also spin them in a way that is an accurate making a lot of assumptions. And and met me yet except there shall. And be met interpretations. And so it it makes it really typical straight to your right and it just really hard. And a lot of people doing great work in the film because of that read earned. Shy away from the media elite and immediately NATO could be armed treated properly perhaps it's one of those people would be. Robert in he's got a documentary out right now he's cameo. But it part of our best and one count fastball. Addicted out. Nuclear Kate. And military witnesses. Content. Coming out and talking about their UFO sighting can experience it around the bases their facilities. And you don't hear tapped that in immediately want you. To fill it quick pick it and information. And unfortunately not me do. I don't know advocate policy you're not I think he should. Do you expect to get information out Derek. You know any time get on a compromise. It witnessed it and be important and what they say and back the importance of being accurately collecting. Polished and Alexander do you think the the new media options whether it's FaceBook YouTube for one of the many others that are seem to become available every day. Are helping the cause are hurting the cause because it makes it too easy for hoaxes. You're right I think you know all epic. Techniques that have been a lot out. Especially in the paranormal. Maybe longer an independent and other reunited. And every major issue especially an arena where there aren't epic. Org and anybody can claim their Horry. And got out deck when it comes to YouTube Eric people making a living are a make whole media putting him out. There's one and chicken Eric and think of working. Guarded wind to blow people just haven't gone according UFO's and military radios. And they became so big until Biron making so much credit. Now continued. Q. More blatantly trying to trick people into believing their help and it's been accused six task and has Ers and he's been out there. You know getting media coverage act and everything and yeah it that make it that local so. You know it you have to we try to teach our public are on. Out to educate and so compatible or credible source of information. But that's really difficult to do not everybody active crime create an inclination to do that. We have about a minute before we have to go to break here but tell you mentioned. Credible sources do have a couple that you can throw right now that you would say these are good places to keep an eye on for a legitimate information. Yeah definitely speak on Huffington Post is great and I think what mine are really at one. Gentlemen Kevin Randle lap there doesn't block I can contribute and a lot of great and to me in the nation stands read it. I'm like you mentioned earlier is one of the guys app there's been doing a decade and is he's in nuclear state visits or Jacki great. Yes phenomenal guy and you've got a great cited everybody get over to open mines dot TV check canal plus. Jamie we had to take yell let's go to break here we're talking with Alejandro Rojas were talking about his experience. In the in the him Molly as a U apologist and field researcher from move font. And so much more we're gonna continue talking with him get some more about his experiences will be taking your phone calls it 8446877669. It's beyond reality redeemed Jason Teague. Beyond reality radio Jason G team talk. You're close tonight our guess is Alejandro Rojas he is a director of operations for open mind productions including a host of that open minds radio and I believe there's a television component they're also. A writer for the Huffington Post blog guy on under again thanks for joining us some beyond reality radio. My pleasure thanks for having me. We had somebody good couple callers and all I wanna go to Jamie who is on the road but has a question now welcome to the program Jamie you're on beyond reality radio. Hey thanks so much take our call. Of the show got a great job. My question is. I happily yep. Ot it's like I've seen one before but I've got a brand that Mac. He thinks. And stand but is that at one point you were younger aliens. Payment is Raymond touched his good during the build my. Question is. Do you think it is feasible based on your research much you know about alien life I don't believe that. Yeah I beleaguered bear I'm not sure Eumig contacts but when they hear your expert opinion. On on that. That's great quiz question yet Jamie and we've we've had a lot of people claim similar things ally under what do you think about that. Right that's the hard part you have. Thousands and thousands probably hundreds that. Are being direct contact. It he's. There is at this point I don't feel any evidence to support act and that you're coming down and say you know Dick it definitely. However after are and aren't that anecdotal information. And when all of that information compiled. There's a lot of similarity between what people are saying. Sprints it if it's exactly out there are. Coming to our conference next month the first time. I predict how our act together you know testimony from out that you. Howell what they're saying what are the commonality. To what they're saying attractive creature attacked and experience that are having. And he's gotten sick or you believe. That people are happy extra trash encounters. Com and at Tupelo to present and I'd approach it and make well it could be happening and I can't enact and remote patient. I'm they would be doing however when it comes to an investigation. Into got a back. And where we don't know what the motivations would be I think our. Extra trash these things are. Similar patient better app appears more and there currently are. We leaned back after no. Ability. To figure out what their motivation would be and back and it and molecular I think it would make it or pay. And yet you guys are not met technology and our crew Kinect take any 200 years were able visit under treatment and RO. And we are. And it was like you know and being ironic that intelligent guy like under. What would we do we would observe them. No interest in really communicating. Inspection we can recognize any sort Munich and nor would we really care to explain them. What we're dealing. We would observe them and their behavior and steadied them. And so. I think it's entirely our acts happening. Do you think on growing in Jason I'm sure you've got an opinion on this. That there can be some confusion. With folks who say that they've been visited by aliens and ninth that maybe it's a different paranormal. Phenomenon that's occurring to them and we've talked about the top hat man we've talked about. You know the shadow people that that standard to your foot of the bed and we've talked about a lot of different phenomenon could there be some crossover confusion there. Juan I'm a firm believer that the the possibility is there it's it's all in the fear factor in what your mind tell you. To to accept. So and a lot of people seeing the shadow type entities. And so. When it comes down to an alien beings and hand them assuming in the shadow payment fees are usually weird weird forms there. Really tall very thin and long arms and all different things like Sosa could be confused. When Minnelli and totally I would I would think they could who what about you. A hundred. I totally agree with that I think 100% act. And I think that a lot of what you're seeing a lot of that researchers are billion ilk are very much. Think that. Jenny Allen I think who I a consultant to the airport circuit protege. I attacked rat race and these are people who were in the mainstream mainstream I have and they act and that. This whole phenomena are. A lot better care and I'm an extra stroke are but they're extra sweet tech can't get and around the answer could be. Something that we can't even have him or match we be open to all our ability. What do think it would been to a historically. You've heard it Ares and the context creatures and everything overtime. And so it's kind of condition change is in right now where we're argue that we. Or aren't expected he'd come here arms. I am but that might not be the case it could be much more complicated than that. What and one thing I'd like to touch on also is who our last caller when he called and he was talking about UFO's and and how he believes in your foes will. People need to and sort of separate you ruffles and flying saucers to believe in UFOs. That's just believing in an unidentified flying object not saying what it is. It to be anything but it's if it's an unidentified flying object. That's there again it could be SP one of our our testing planes that were working on or anything but. It's it's different saying you're seeing a flying saucer or an alien spaceship that's totally different saying a UFO correct. Right exactly and that one typical thing that tax. Lot of people want answers and Bryant and equipment on their larger organization. That the people. Country. Army epic attached to. Do investigator. Best case scenario if you went back in 88. Is that you're gonna labels it unknown entity airports and he's secure can't get. I skate you know spectator or something being not. Back they would market an unknown. Actors bring to it could be any is it like Caribbean coast they don't know why that time. Which is the ministry is that we don't know what lies. Yes and that's one thing I just wanted to make everybody aware of his UFO is not saying an alien spaceship it's saying it's just an unidentified flying object could be somebody who built a weird looking drones flying it. It could be a new testing man. A new airplane that the government's testing some news SP. Chip that way so it might not have anything to do list with an alien technology so but I just wanted to make that clear and everybody else. Epic great point to make an X 100 things I could still Ditka well critics have their. Double meaning to determine USO. Technically when I used it and other researchers must certainly researchers at their meeting tonight and we don't know what it is that it could be military. I could be attic Kotnik astronomical. Sort of being pumped but in the general public uses that term. Opted name means extra track gross base correct exactly and that's not what determine originally meant and that back after. It does we're talking with Alejandro Rojas were talking about UFO's senator tell of a phone numbers are 8446877669. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue with our conversation. We've got a lot mortar. Among beyond reality radio I'm Jason team. Depending on where you are asking. Country it's Monday night era it's Tuesday morning for a sexual content it is Tuesday morning approached him and I were talking and you'll floats your nose takes me a little bit to do that matter no it gets screwed up on that it's it's tough because the when the show starts even though it's a Monday through two Monday through Friday show it's really Tuesday. Then Tuesday Victoria it's so is so confusing we need to we need to have slick Eddie put signs up today is Monday today is Tuesday yours something you know. She's a she's a straight. Love that stuff. I do know are telephone numbers 8446877669. And we invite you to call an end in chat with us we're talking about UFO's tonight with side solid hundred Rojas. I'll hundreds director of operations for opened mine productions. Hosts a radio show called local mines radio he's also formerly the director of public education and official spokesman for move fund. A lot drew again welcome to the program thanks much for being here. Yeah. Tell us look good about open minds productions the radio the TV component what do quote what it's at what's it all about what's going on. Yet essentially a multi media call about Europe EQ right I'm too tired. Covering you up on news on a daily basis that we post game headline from mainstream media app. We go stories we have a great relationship but on the director Munich Asian. Exciting on our site daily including the best photos and video that they were not happened at eight. I'm and then we have multiple researcher who all of that would make Democrat. Something you I'm beyond that we operate viewed YouTube video that we view aide pat periodic. A couple of different chip at least to make it being cracked and now we've been doing them are kind of deeper investigation and we've been putting goes on mining code and a video poke mart and and we are. You show were recovered from an exciting year event and we also have a our eyes that we we have photos and tipped material. And we'll put those together videos and quick out as well. All Oakland I hope you continue. Took it out and we are ready to Europe so calm and congress which is which has been reading it's been a 26 year. It's held in February in the Phoenix area. And that we videotape goes into very professional production. And we videotaped it and what goes on mine and we have an armed Amare demand survey. Backpack you can watch code are as well so you acknowledge that I am expected. Alejandro a lot of people get involved in the search for answers like this in your case it's so regarding. UFO's or alien spacecraft visiting astronauts as an innocent. In Jason's case my case you know it's ghost hunting. And some people do it because they believe it's there are some people do because they don't known wanna find out and some people do because they want to disprove it which of those three categories do you think you've fallen to. I would say I in Q I don't know what I want in a street. And it. All of the paranormal aspect gravitated towards Europe. The days. And future and actually and I met you out and years ago an organization out I would quit bright YouTube lecture or a college. Downtown Denver. We get a at cock threatened to acute. And I remember I remember that yeah I do remember that there was a lady at what was and Kim or something that there was there yeah. I there was a good time. He had a lot of aren't so we that what. I can't act essentially you know and it would edit it right you. And where it's aren't you actually are built the you know being very negatively and it's an important thing not to be on earlier Egypt's youth. Explain everything no way up pretty much any cost including. Logic reason the most fun. Exactly and to be a fine line in what you're looking org. They true. Economic now or anomaly then. That you need to be able to look toward their route to the mat and expect what we're doing. An accurate map and matter trend that's been there they'll be. At that opted into a case where are not so I can actually they're rare bad debt app. That there are no answers and you have extraordinary circumstance it back extraordinary. Witness. And very happy you know evident. Something cherry. And that's that's how we do we'd go in the same planning to deep bunker in hopes that. If we're not able to. And I think that that's the most important thing is I'm not going out trying to tell somebody what to believe I'm trying to show them. The evidence at hand and and what we've done to try to disapprove this and what we're left with them from their I want them to be able to draw their own conclusion. And exactly. And down and you know expect that want to believe I have seen where that you're out there and you have to be careful. Not to go to their strikes at a chart Colby rejects. I elected to his crew everything. And in a way it is right addict Alex kind eco locker gig card you grew bureau on a accurate job because they cannot do that and you act and real rare it. And that's an actual or constitute. An entry and a regular basic. That we yell at a Greek and like that really interest at a book written. And energy are. And I are great it is great it is not an. And pac ten you know even at Anke is military at the US military and its conclusion is mapping. Actually not true. A lot of the researchers did go to back to gauge it believed that something. We've got a couple military act will be out pack. Not only that if you look at the actual record in the Cadillac and I think it being our. You'll see that excuse used generic document to countless story what they do about your editor. You'll find that regardless of what paired PR department as saying in the PR department and now we don't do that. We take you to that you. Instead you'll find these incredible. Circumstances where they have done reports. And they have investigated the case and the record company dude at the age when an act. Epic epic in its common op treatment rep read reports added it if you have a title and college entry or illegal opera three. Lakers straighten up our excellence in their aware of the situation. Over the years we do you documents that show you oppose situation can be used that term mile. Europe I overs. A gracious actually elect. Nuclear bases. I have warranted an opt rectory report. Until attests. It's now a hundred do you believe that as an investigator and do you believe that the United States government is hiding information or. The proof of alien existence. You know what that's why I can't answer that. I cannot say that they that we happen. Crew that there's there's now a wide spectrum corporate and we haven't gentlemen it's going to be speaking mixture and colonel John out there. He went and army intelligent and actually tactics that are either brand in American college agent. They decided were gonna go find this organization net hiding this information. However what they badly that they went org and he should not that big and Alex have an armed and electric. It somebody in Europe though. They get embarrassed I can't really wanted to do anything exit against pilot a record and debt and anywhere. Or get too early investigated. And he goes there should be a more concerted at least there are legitimate. Big east you go through in cop and being. They just don't do that. Any act is when people argue and because people you know to strike the military in the government. He can't say you're talent needed to the military and government in our carpet at an actor same time it. You know I hold on secret tactic and it league's great years and nobody at oak many decades. And it can't have it both ways and I'm not utter gone. And yet and you do people who do feel there are people who are are looking at pension termination and and median oversight. Organization that is holding onto it should cremation in dealing more ballot expecting that. You know when we look at waiting reps really courts go to art and harder to find ready go. But there have been organizations. And I know are better. Groups that are very quiet and discrete you don't know of Eric this continent react act but the reports are going back so what these guys doing you the answers. Act what they're doing it even worse there are times when they denied these organizations dirty or even make X. When we go again they've given them to. Come show. That lead to believe there is sent bigger mystery even Monica and rob as well. That the first record came out the first time. You know I would be good photos where they are showing that whether compete in the general Iranian and rot at. Oh is used to weather balloon. And an air force report that came out in the nineties ticket while actually buying it or not going to be called project mogul. But a lot of people still project mogul is just another loan so that didn't hold true either. To what happened in practice person occurs intelligent capture on the scene and brought it. You know what and that's not what I got. And back so a lot of people we still don't have the answers to what went crash or maybe what she. Why is all of these years later why haven't people. Well and and what you were saying earlier disorderly sort of these hidden companies within the government so it's a government switching governments which as it is crazy but. There had been with with these so called UFO crashes and there seems to be these huge leap in aviation technology that happens. Within Aaron you know a year to ten years a decade after. These so called crashes we seem to make these huge leaps forward with the with the act aircrafts and so. I think they're in their past three some truth behind it because. We can't just be sitting at a level where we are at one point whether technology and then all the sudden supposedly a spacecraft landed in them within ten years we've got these incredible devices. Are these incredible machine or alta. Well one of the most exciting stories from a year income com along leads in Europe when he Q. And you've been saying that tactic government in Packard telling him that we act in your knowledge. You know it come on Corsica and edit a it and act. When knows. Black in the conduct. Email Ricky and Matt. There are actually east extreme your email Oscars job could expect Hillary Clinton Campaign marriage. I. People are X. It's one of my car story. Have a little trouble with your with your lives in connection here I'll hundred nearest tenth. There are yet to pick it up to the Podesta researcher and a Podesta. They'll in the WikiLeaks app rates than they used one of my story out an attack. Being anti Europe goes to show the history. There in interest in Europe vote will go in pregnant and Nat and jump active email. You conversation to protect our researchers including Tom de La. And then actually at a meeting Thom Hartmann. Days general in charge of these rat Wright Patterson air corps. A jet and general who is the exit and to. The commander airport they can compare it XP command. And I also invite president. Scott works which is the group that. Created area 51 for the CIA and still operate. Our area that you wanted built spacecraft out there joking had a meeting with old people and Tom. After the meeting Tom don't want that it would have been attacked. Our nation. It's actually called me at lap mark and we create a group that and that byters. On FaceBook a few months earlier Tom Golan at at. I met with a general who may create this group of a fighter and told me there is an alien body. That the military have recovered any surge you know it is all part of the project where he can get information out on it though. We should be hearing more. About Pittsburgh Tom lock them on we've had a little bit at. A group and and and we actually interviewed him or. That's weird. To act currently generals. And you know big campaign manager Q I have been president. Speaking with the rocks are essentially. Sole purpose right now. It's super true that the government and act engineering. Alien technology. Like activist I it's just can't go. So many industries. Yeah I need I need to take you back just a bit the question I asked and we opened up the live the segment. I don't know which category you fell into as far as somebody who is. A believer in looking you know and and and approaching from that perspective someone who's just trying to find answers or someone who's trying to dis proven you Cindy and in the middle they're trying to find answers. Does that mean Paula hundred that you haven't had any experiences yourself. In all your research and investigations. That have convinced you. I have had experience it and ending. Couldn't be in the current tally to coast are also in the pack at batting cosic spirit. Back I have act had. Experience is acting. Like connect catch that are not that you who didn't we should not have done however. I can't take immediately what goes where. It did prove to metres and commentary do you let oak Nauman. I'm credible witnesses have have also spoken and that and recruit some sort. Phenomena export finding what the answer I'm not being knocked it in that I get. And astute and all of that. You know he's figured it out you know fortunately. A lot of my heroes and the educated and tours. Outlived their old life. Looking actors trying to figured out people I've got better and I have. And I. Haven't been able to figured out so. All of the information is closely at our well get good data out there and hope that. Maybe one day at some answers but maybe not. I'm. Out of meat scientist kind of standard actually there's where. At this group coordinated. National institute of produced every track is where that. Robert Bigelow who actually are real estate mogul I don't lack bigot you know act. Bigelow aerospace Internet component app on the diet correct it's playable. Module out there and keep doing big step. You would really anti US. And see at these guys it's so true it's ecstatic Kirk and you'd how are just a kind of odd phenomena happening cattle mutilation. I'm you know incredible force in coming in and out of oral. All of this strange stepped these scientists out there I think ever repeated attempts which is important when it comes to science. And quality anchor left feeling they came and giving we're gonna figured out we're gonna pick it carried. Out nature of what's on your. But they all laughed saying we don't know what back up and seeing it outsmarted back. Every time it seem to be polling went back. It knew that we were gonna do you and they were left apple to open it something there. But they weren't going to be able figured out they gave up essentially. And that kind of in a nutshell. Go like. How a lot of it paranormal investigation now. Yeah we have a couple minutes. Before we go to break again but I wanna take you back to our. How or where the caller had talked and talked about an experience a friend of his head work he felt as though he has visited. During the night by an alien of some sorts and you said that time you know you you're not convinces enough evidence to suggest any of those types of stories are. Legitimate release can be you know taken without any serious doubt are there any. Alien human contact stories that you heard that you feel you can take without any serious doubt. Eight Eric Eric some better more compelling Alec or open I can't remember him come. 100% however there are couple. Phenomenal cases and they include multiple win a great and Travis Walton. And a guy who would have locker MD and imminent bargain by any sort leaving other than an Arizona. I listen and the movie fire in the sky was based on the current. Exactly. That movie branded app which track everything. Experience. I'm pretty happy expect it would fire in the woods echo there and eat it. Apps hammering in the it Travis Walton and the youngest of the group being kind of tactic to politics out box or stepping ER Adam could come back. He stands that. And get beaned by some sort of course and why aren't in my twenty feet. Eight freak out directed him to make a cop. After a little while they counter offensive and directly critical Ito. That we got to be dead or like it added that bit ago actually got. Because the police and they report it and dad there's a man hunt. They police venture to be it. Co workers killed on a must adapt so mark eight Q. Polygraph tests which they act. And eventually Travis I think later come back thinking he was only gone a few hours. I laid Iran and that is what the movie which aren't you remember if you were being on the app. And virtually can happen a little character with big and an exact kind of he reached out and she's in and week out that way. He walked around any kind of crafty he can teach human like people. Aren't they escorted into another room but they're not talking on. They need quick something over eight and then you wake up on the street. He's a crap about imminent art two way. Our big our country well in that I you know Travis Germond there's out I've simple. Occasions are being brought out witnesses and I at pebble connected to question. Gawkers and are to find out the country they were grand were workers and I and and. Great I mean when you know because you'd let me just -- right there Alexander we have to go to break and pick up the story when we come back. We're talking about UFO's with a alana Rojas and we will continue on beyond reality radio and Jason team. It can't stop talking about things that the government won't admit. Two and suddenly the desk it's disconnect. I always. That little. Let's agree thing that comes down like our online community can we and we are on numerous stations around the country and it's and that list is amounts literally explode but we also have a very in very huge online community and online chat and and very interactive. And it it's great when Manhattan when some like that happens and I and I get a message on in the chat room from Al Arthur who think that I got disconnected the committee if Hillary reconnect at this moment there's nobody go outside estimation there are no one black helicopter circling and either the studios are under a salesman just I'm sure sound remarkably the back. Yeah we do a lot of us are you about that when we know and we never know who to blame Dick X. Right cheek. And but while the Mets not so mysterious. But we again appreciate you being on with us and you had mentioned that with open mind productions you. You post every day you keep on top of current events as they relate to UFO sightings or reports. And there were couple recently that have made the rounds and it's kinda wanna get richer your take on them sure you've either seen them talked about them more. Heard of them anyway but there was one minute a Chilean navy. That. Kind of kind of made the circuits did you see anything it was a video. That was certainly would what are your thoughts on that. He had outlined. Well it posted by a group out. There actually. An organization that big government you bet shortened so. There are few countries out there that you'd expect a going to be posting electric and lack talk about all these groups. Chile is an important when compared to the biggest one in South America and make out. Our Cree other one to other countries. And here lately came as a researcher respected journalists to outright without even post and I'm right at their cases go to mom Huffington Post so are able to interview both those guys at eight suspect's story. And band the next day it went viral when all of the situation. Chilean EEB. Helicopter act tracked an object using Eric in a red system that they couldn't identify that subject not on the radar. Com eight you know what at what it should have been no point in the area. As art and palaces that they released recently they did say it worked with the current organization. Are actually at the actual you know organization. And Eric Eric sister I beat aeronautical engineers aren't exit side. Those guys said that it's a claim we don't know well you know may not have been I'm radar today but it's an airplane. But the navy said you know we looked everywhere and it should not have been in the area. Out well it turned out of work. And let that he did write a bubble story on that one thing actually work with them under investigators. Including. I can't answer director restrict or move on. And they can't determine that it looks like it was a rain and that what it's Ike meta. Also determined. On what green it could have been using some. Historical data from like tracking tools. So unfortunately they they did figured out now I. It is really interesting comment I art something that you can't see it there have been in military IR video at. Gotten popular pat been on explain. This Robert how the current current. Research firm move on also investigated. And video that was captured by Homeland Security in Puerto Rico a few years ago. That would never determine nobody figured that one out at all com. And dad and there are some people who believe it balloons are birds and their experts are the type expert at CNET tech. Don't agree with that they don't know what dictates and app and other exciting and issue words. Police helicopter. Outside of whale ordered ankle thing happens. They captured in not to comment emperor rent that they couldn't I and I I that are. Can they even tweeted that. We don't know what it is what you guys think that that salient question mark a little alien being the only submitted a piece second of that video. But that it's an object that strange case and they couldn't figure it out unfortunately. They said they turn that. Pretty over to the police and they're not sharing. And of course yeah or Richard trees one attic and look at it try to figure out what it is. But the emperor Brad seems to be you know it to technology that capture objects we. Are different in each. And it and eat cake they captured. Objects that have a different but he better not registering. On. Radar unfortunately in the Tulane case he's going to spit registrar record they were just further out and petroleum expected these crap. And you're talking about the the one that was caught actually on the slur camera. On the security camera from England. Yeah I took this actually went Arctic. OK yeah Eric. But yeah and then then it's definitely nice when you have you're having these solar thermal and and also the these are cameras skis you're able to to catch so much more of that. Patent now most people wouldn't be able to but you're referring to a couple of these these groups now these are government say sanctioned groups in these in these other countries. Yeah. Pop off it and Chilean group we've actually had that general who's in charge recently re tired arm. Speak at a conference in twenty well. This group is under the PGA EU which is at their level in RF AA. Just imagine RF AA having your organization. And the United States the days when it burst group when it comes at bay Eric Mueller they don't talk atom at all. An optimum deny experience. And in any one think Casey Carter after reek and oh yeah we did it reports the there. But that they are also overseen had a chilling in. Air force that they have total cooperation. With every agent in their entire government and back. Enacting a meeting where they brought together on the agency to military at. To talk about Europe goes in the motivations and Eric there. And it's eating their trying to determine. Do they pose a threat. And cap or a liar and director of international air. She was one of my interview couple weeks ago and I've talked owns about I'm. I'm out here and he kept it all came to this meeting with the idea. Back you up close our port our exit the comment that. So what makes academics are out due date pose a threat may determine ultimately that they could not. The biggest step that they pose is when their parents to distract. I'm looking at an otherwise they'd determined these things do not seem to be aggressive. Any close calls or acted panel seemingly and that it features seem to be monitoring or or not concerned let. You know Matt inlet that's essential to determine that it's gonna pick a meeting. Well let's be honest I mean if they have the technology to get here if they wanted to be glad I don't think it really be that much we can do. Yeah that we would be in a lot of trouble if that was the case I sat. Perhaps another expecting and a bad day at their group around for a long time and Ali they are very conservative kinda try to iron under the radar be it. They get a lot of scrutiny from the scientific community out there. But other group is called upon. And act it is under that ENE tax which it airspace agent or where they're kind of like an act. Department that was looking into you that and they've got many exciting that they look back. There's only ample that they feel are legitimate. Bet that even hands of course it's pretty extraordinary. There are let's so we've have been kind of a derelict and and who is attending to the phones here but let's bring caller and this is Doug from Kansas City Doug welcome to be on reality radio. Compared to sell. This. Has gotten an umpire expire later and it. You know shorter summer movie I actually believe trap us all and what he talks because and 1986. Year contract. I was a little more like looking up at this guy but he warned that aspect that he elite top. I'm looking guy. Pan. My expert Michael he built and how and it's going to be a good thing goes jury can drop the guy he and it looked like a rock area that they had it looked like something like corporate rock it was rock underneath. Brett line. And urged it looked like watched what was in the movies by a guy. Mike franc came out I was shocked ranking job. And he dismissed an elite college that's where it's drinking diet fish. Well yeah yeah there. I don't know what the time it's all of the stationary object to articulate a bit. Away and somehow survive like benevolent. Fifty more years before it got its abrupt. It. It's. So did anybody else. You see that object on the same night were there any of the reports. I would I would I would totally here's what really don't watch and you can bet I. I'm an eight and the area of the city that it went strictly on the door you're the Dow added. And it's winter garden Michael Jackson concert. A an arm you're about what I think go to my objective copter. Let my grandmother and I just got back called a drag and Pete and all how start to vibrate and the windows start piper and I go out practice I'd. Our bedroom went out and hit it now that's almost like by explode and it went a bit but. But there's this huge thing about the type of a book ball build with these lonely like I'm five character for a large crowd might. It wasn't who will look at the blue collar white color I would call white but it would like we'll call it was really weird. And interesting under what do you think of that. Yeah I mean there's days of course. And meteorites violent atmosphere they break up then I got to make very extraordinary. However urged there are any of being passed on a bigger basically the back. They can't explain it keep preferring to move on and earlier I. Organizations Bowman Richard and mutual UFO network. Made kit outside to 600. Citing reports. And a month. Throughout the country mostly in the united. And some other country go. There's a lot of people's scene really got thing dead and many Indies. Beaten let's say conservatively five to 10% are never explain. Right hey Doug thanks so much for the call there we've got go to break when we come back we'll give suns will give our guess all under Ross had an opportunity to tell folks. Worry they can get a hold of him and find out more about his work it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason GP. Fast. Really I was just saying he's got him I didn't turn my Mike on abstract art to. I'll move and I don't think it's only really but I mine now and then into the especially 19 and when you're covering a topic like this and that Andrea let's say you're you're just a great person have gone to talk with and you know it EU and you know your stuff I think that's important. Acting am accurate and I'm involved in it every day so X I use. So much information when you get rich electric correct it. One again and our laughter. Well we certainly do could you we could gone another couple of hours and kept talking about this so we'll bring you back for sure Mattel folks teller listeners where. They can find out more about your work follow what you doing. You know appearances whatever you've got going on. Yep pretty much open might actually be an eclectic Elena and or are hard at coming up next aren't you oh congress dot com. And toward Mac. It can only until the end of the week you get it counted right on line. Otherwise. We won't be telling any exit timeline you'll be able to get at Matt tour edited the biggest impact it's tight and that's where I'm living with right now to do you know giving back again and anywhere and there are at it I think exciting. You are or worse we're. Where do you hold the event where is even helped. Aged just outside at Phoenix. And it got caught a week apart resort to. Beautiful resort casino area in the debt very not everybody. Knows that there are better better. Very pretty actually a but it does not it. To Tikrit dragged them away from. Here or there and vinik and we've got I do it exodus from the at which it's only eight till Sunday. Which it then nineteen so called elite speakers. Out lately are your current market opening. Night at. That's great about it at that we have more researchers not to be better off so I competitors. Org has come. Coming to watch the speaker because it's a one time where you can get. Act two and apparently legal every one of the disk around it like I think you are dealt out. And not told Ers select the Arctic air and here I hotel that tram exit really unique event. And that sounds fountain hills Arizona so. That exit. And a zillion people to check out UFO congress dot com Summitt she had opened there. Bruno will thing that we wanna say thank you very much for coming on hanging out with us and like Jimmy was saying we gotta definitely have you on again and talks more. I would love that it's. It's been a lot of fun. They showed. Break I am on you again. I thank you very much and I look forward to talking you again. Thank you solid ala under Rojas. Again it's already nine TO open minds dot TV. And that's three and going and keep track of what all under is up to but you know this is a conversation that says. You know there's never conclusion to it because. There isn't a conclusion to the whole concept I mean. You know we've been looking at the sky is we've been analyzing information we've been talking about Roswell we've been talking about in a fire in the sky type. Episodes and reports. And you know if there's enough compelling information this that you're scratching your head and we just can't find you know the smoking gun. All of I think that's that's gonna come with time I think that weren't and we're eventually going to wind down only deal mine CB it's it's a great. It's a great web site set up nice it's got all the the most recent information news coming and and and they do they do well but it's people like Alejandro and so many more Alter that are trying to get the word out and hopefully. In the near future our government will will accept it sort of like those sanction groups in Chile and in France and I think it would be just incredible that's done but I think ours is covering it up more. In hopes of being able to reverse. A reverse and technology and I'm a lot of via the site. So you think it's more of we have an advantage by not released in the information reverse technology because that knowledge is the power. And if there if they're able to whom keep it private that they've got and they have these things. In order to reverse and technology that Tom. I think I think the that they look at that as a military benefit you know of course because they're able to edit excel like we are saying make these huge leaps in aviation technology. Two NG US citizens top top air force in the world think about that. I mean and I think a lot of graphs to do with lists. With alien technology that's. Probably been found. Well that's certainly an interesting Syrian news there's certain lot of compelling evidence to support something like that many how many people that we had on then that talk about UFO's who talk about that how the government does to that people who worked it through it within the government. Jeff sent several would've told also started as a wearing light little Air Force One and employees and and again and nuclear physicist you name. I think we have time in jail for one quick phone call here from looks like we do this is Jonathan from New York City each Jonathan welcome to be on reality radio Greek championship. I know you can't do you had a question for all hundred we've let him go so something you can ask us. Oh. Has been aware of our armed. It comes some happened in my in my arms and my mom's house foreign. It was a weird because like I had to argue with micro credit we relate car like hustling felt like that. Some. But she like afterwards and really every effort might well become yet they. It would get or so and reflection of ourselves fall. But dissent seeing right you know liquor like average life like her womb and when the species silica. Reflections from. Like a person of like oh well we'll woman. It. Not a one runner like com. You know like when you look into the report just like heroes cellphone. And you seem like just like it. A plain white dot org it whether the white dot elect like an outline of the a couple of person. Strange okay. Yeah yeah and what would happen even straighter like later that that are evening. I looked like an issue our hands down. There are strange thing happened like the F power away at all but in the bad perm and in the kitchen. And I was those sort scare our economy you know what not to scare but bomb goes. I can elegantly don't probably just like a little Powell. But come should shortage. But. Old thinking I don't cook wake up and thinking about like different religions up like that those weird. So a quick cold out and my girlfriend or I'd go that you like well like we were playing a trick on me. Sure that there are sure the sweet and bed and god he got back from doors actually close. But slowly it was a it was a it was a very strange sight frigate like at their run elements human growth of plane trip coming. You run on its own wasn't. Okay. Yet been. Well I don't wanna check via the circuit breaker box from it but nothing what was played ripped. And then later that that evening Akron a couple of the boat is miraculously went back on. He has just yes are we get it we gotta touch up there isn't just simply at a time invite you to call back in Jonathan you can -- share more of your story with us yen makes you tune in tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Josh hello Warren very good friend of the show has been on a couple times in the past great investigator the big shout out to all under a row house for coming on and hang out with us and talking about you up close tonight. If you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page were consciously keeping information up there. But until tomorrow it's Jason javy beyond our earlier radio have a great night. And it's produced by its. Scenes we Johnson. Conrad now don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just like in say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow along were you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.