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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 01-17-17 2nd Hour

Jan 17, 2017|

Is your confidence in Trump - up or down since election?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Tuesday it's eleven I was six coming up at 12 o'clock that you what's trending. Will be back in or conversation abouts. Race and dating outside your race at 1215 to miss that wonderful conversation we had the 10 o'clock hour thanks to everybody who got in on it bring him back in the 12 o'clock hour. On our keyword cash text this word is 7288. Wonder would a thousand dollars. State SH APE shape text that in the 78 it got seven more minutes to do that. There are a few questions out there that I think we all wonder about like what's the meaning of life. You know will I ever find love ever be happy cauliflower advertise is that his chocolate and cannot watch poured in public. If you have to ask. Isn't the answer. A question I never that we ask and the Asia yet ever with that what are the worst places where you have pot people watching porn public. We're asking mats and what history has places in the worst places most of some places you've seen people watching porn in public. Not make a distinction yeah between watching porn watching video yet because to me video with sound of the sound is up and on it a lot about it. That's probably the most offensive to other people kind of arm on the right either more experience with the that I am Doral but. Each easy example earlier today at like graphic novels. That's not as bad because there's not sound and video I think we're talking mostly about watching it on your phone or laptop tablet or whatever I could see it CI and 5767798. If you ever caught anybody watching porn maybe on the bus train playing maybe while you're waiting for something somewhere 5767798. I real issue that's because this is a store at the BBC. And it tells a long story about a guy who is on a bus with those double Decker buses in London. And he's sat down and he didn't realize that the guy next to him. Was watching port. You know it just happened to be there I didn't mean her onto the stories as I found myself looking over toward his mobile phone a few times and it suddenly occurred to me. What was going on the man beside me was watching porn even I admit to my eyes kept looking at it right I don't. Again. We eventually arrived at his bus stop it because he had the window seat and I had the Eileen get a motion needed to get out quick. And he muttered thank you as he squeezed past watching golf and walked down the street. I felt uncomfortable and in no way that I didn't do anything about it I didn't say anything to end and neither did he pick up on any of my glances or confused looks we never we never made eye contact. So I couldn't even communicate as progressive way how I felt about what I was seeing have you. Ever. Janie minus watched or found somebody sitting next to you were everywhere and there are ways. Porn let's just let's just call it is born this is the worst thing I've seen on when I. Worked in different buildings and I had the desk that was the public that kind of public dust but the dust that was closest to the studio enactment things so. If people were coming in and working on weekends that was the dust where people sacks so why would come on Monday and people would forget other co workers that work weekends would forget. And leave up. Their entertainment. And I am on a more right that's the worst I've witnessed. But truck drivers have great answers for us all yes you do arrival of that truck drivers love grating answers for this because what Bluetooth capability and date and whether it's your your tablet or your phone. I will bet. Truck drivers have gone the other higher up the rest of us and whether the window is open in or sun roof or you could just see in a I'll bet there have been dozens of stories like that somebody decided the tax on teaching nineties Europe I work at a library doll line and they do it there you worry. Yeah I'm sure to watch portable library surprised. Back I'm surprised you don't have controls. For right well those computers. But not every site you know you don't however citing us and I guess appear. Your game to go watch porn at library probably your way around. Right you don't immediately and that that you might know how to get around matters of I don't know I'm not that computer savvy but that. Stories I I watch I was watching I even know it once. Let's watch a movie on a portable dvd player that was taken the Amtrak are right there that's always take any Amtrak and it was going from. Chicago to Detroit. And I was on the Amtrak and there was a scene. Doesn't played botching the Americans and it's not like what's the Americans on FX so you know there's not it's not fully due to. But the first season has some kind of sexual. Scenes in the later seasons don't seem to have quite as many but there are some steel. I'm telling you Jamie and watch and my phone and I and the bugs that by the wind or whatever. I'll do what these old Tyler about and I'll put my hand over his I don't think anybody especially if it's at a public place. I don't think anybody wants to us especially the kids I'll cover with by hand for like an appeal weird and stupid yeah but I'd rather do that could have been a little Timmy sit over there there's. You know. There's the leads the two eggs from from the Americans going to and it. I'm man tell us where you've caught people watch him porn. And you do in this situation if you boarded a public bus or train. And use it down next to somebody that was very obviously watching porn. Do but just watching not anything. No actual action with the which is likely you're entertained by watching people have sex and if you don't have anywhere else on the bus to move to you know the only choices that. T assays. Deal you try to. Handle I don't. They'll I would do I'd I would make a joke announcers I would sit down Anderson the guy doesn't look like creek Perkins it's never woman now it's may now. You wouldn't watch sport but not to the rate we do and not work more on it is less socially acceptable for women to watch sports that we are doing it. I would sit down and make a joke of relate to watch it uh oh. Died of an extra add them again and we. To get them to stop watch. I don't know I don't know what I 767798. George in Kansas City you're at 91 KM BZ. Outlook in Cambodia a corpse stored back from the late eighties early ninety's there was aboard the report marketer. Then add me a patio. On the bottom to build it across the patio was probably a four story apartment though. Somebody up on the board board met with that but our big screen TV were. Just coming in to vote. And the individual. All. At TPC a TV. And the patio poll. Oh well. Patron all warmed com or eat like and why they are Saturday and remember when a lot. Am sure enough somebody ordered commenting. And you look around and report looking at the billboard across the street. And they are watching porn outlook everyone for the democratic. You and good seats and up. Up up up up. Thank you George this story is just sit there. Big screen TVs like he said was back in the eighties or whatever not the most because everybody's got a big screen TV these days thirty inches or what. And here's they're watching. Windows. Surround sound go down and lot of library stories oh I'm so sad that the libraries do you have filters but at an adult asks you to remove it you have to. Where to take a call from somebody who did see it in the library coming up next 5767798. And my favorite story comes from a guy in Vegas. We'll tell you about it because. It alleging we're going to Vegas pretty soon and I am letting man I got ideas. I think if you're too busy right now. I will I hope I'm too busy. All right it's a mid day which we like it will take your calls coming up. I'd stay keep up tiny. Keep updated at least 75. Seconds and I'll get ready willing KM BZ mid day with Jamie blanket JD not a silly Mike wickets. I'm coming up we'll get to what's trending ads at 12 o'clock before that the budget. Looks to be out for new Missouri governor Eric brightens and sorry higher education now. It costs are taken the brunt of the cuts Boone we'll get to that right now though we're at answering the age old question is it acceptable to watch foreign. In public. And where have you caught in Marin. Which is the question I didn't think we would ever asked and answers and I'll get the answers to 290. Or 5767798. Richard calls and dissect I tax. I jury duty here in Kansas City well and the man next to me was watching porn on his phone during the selection process I'm was humiliated stocks. Did you as a team public placed entertainers of the court hosts at you the court house to duty that's like the beginning of a good important. Blind I mean. That it's terrible here's another one lady got hot watching porn service. Church. Line. From the text line ideal poker at Bellagio. In Las Vegas. I was the only one day in the guy sitting next to the dealer. Had his computer setup and was watching. You're watching while I I mean I guess if you're gonna make it tough percent winter. Try to read you would know how do poker. A need he turned it off after somebody came over and complained about it. But it was a pretty awkward moment for me is a dealer in some of the other players totally an unacceptable. He even had headphones off and so the headphone. We don't know much of a poker player but yet headphones that happy to the glass like the creepy is when you could possibly look and then you're listening to porn. All the stuff you just mentioned is appropriate for poker like you watch on TV yeah that's what they do the ball cap sunglasses anything to not give your tells away. All that makes sense except for the part except for listening because like as listen to music headphones in or whatever. Listen to deport. Kerry in the next you're an 81 K and easy I Cary. I carry. Well any is argues that I first day first they sorry carried out your obvious things or hang in. And I think for my call. Yeah I wanna play of I was that art libraries where the library got that. All brand identity impacted my daughter a couple of Berkman turnaround and smack dab right there. They don't cry and scream at him get. So on the form although that place. Yet. On that on the library computer at Oakmont where they in nineteen backs and literally any keen adolescent hero well they'll go. Need that one at a were so old. I went straight to the right and I sat there and that keep you at all she don't want government. It. Well I got library employee at NASA Allen put it and that opens are not Kerry thank you for the phone call. Again works you never thought he gets nicer we don't allow porn watching in the library I just. You have some stones. To be like you know what I really and you do want some porn right now or I'm an go to the library desperate and you got a wife. I guess these gas on magazine. Stock Erica blue springs Eric you're an 81 KM BZ Eric is it okay to watch for in public. And on our. I had ever. And number you know and there. Where we were terrible and large greens. Aren't. As. Not. Only want it. All right I'll hang on a second here at Scott Glasser how did you let him get away with having the bigs it's his house put on. You don't know. Okay you're in jail. And not just how out of all of its annual. Mac only what I had to dial. I want it. There were not right. Which you can't go there get your ass kicked in poker I think it. And I'm on. In the I. And we found out the answer that Eric is no authentic about Iraq. Thanks a phone call I played a fair amount of poker in my line and I used to play when I lived in Illinois for ten years I played a game her friends and act. Don't understand you have the ability to do bulk to watch porn and be entertained by it. Keep your head in the game the same time I'm not that talented. I mean or are nothing to complain let's let's assume that we are playing and there's ported to back and I'm I'm you can't read me I guess about just both focusing on the porn I guess that's how. Brain only focus on one of those two things at a time for the record where men and the answer is no clearly RIA costly apparently. I don't want. David it's not just attended the last time I don't know her job. Blacks support I don't know don't come on man it's like cool notes from uncool. I'm coolest trying to give an honest man a big box subordinated. 976779. Day here's attacks I managing pediatricians office. A boy I'll development who brought her baby and was watching porn in the waiting room and had asked him to stop watching at the waiting room with a baby doctor at first he refused. That he complied. He's asking people to sit why do we have to watch any thing well we just set. To be entertained. Here at the baby doctor office. Here at the baby doctor office and you can't not watch porn I just make things work what it's like highlights and. Time magazine from 1984 I guess maybe it's old copies of good housekeeping and residents. Since it's called the lot which the bridal magazine. Whatever sparked a Roger. Roger you're an idea like KMB easy Heidi do Roger. I'm aren't about our. And well but you know what happened early eighties and gets hidden under the every Saturday night the new owner Brent played late lower. Line up all the lawyer up and down their people work. An artery heal lockyer alleged that the and. The it. Our. Let's just put in believing their object or somebody just taxed at when I worked that as a McDonald's windows server does while they said people are watching porn on their cars dvd player. Of those stories of people watching porn in their cars while they're driving. Or they have the dvd players and their cars you have to watch them while they're driving OK I'm not maybe I'm weird. Yeah but. If I'm gonna watch porn I don't want people around me. You know I audience I don't want a bunch of dudes hanging out with me you'll want should. You know whatever I think a lot of people think in their cars that no one's concede that they're doing is you wouldn't believe the stories are from truck drivers you asked about that LA now now I stand that you're seeing a lot of activity. In that's our ass and I appreciate dust and entertained by them but that doesn't really apply. But a lot of truck drivers also are saying how many people they've seen just watching porn on their cars is in your own right I believe that and you're not. You're you're really not to sometimes I'm the guy they'll try to drive up next to you and and I try to figure out what you're watching to see I've seen that movie you're that TV show you a lot of camera lights you've got time usually it's a car it's it'd cartoons is for the kids around Geisel. His illness. Yeah usually Stephen a FaceBook page says that's in your fearing it. That's inferring that porn is OK in any environment porn does nothing but destroy relationships and causes men to objective by women as sarcasm and out and you think. Is her time now now he also writes it's destructive addiction. Okay it can't in all seriousness for eight seconds it can. It can be an addiction because we hear that we your people that are addicted to sex and porn and activities. Yes it can be it can be an addiction side. More often than not it's just I used to supplement easily for pleasure. Josh writes what's on your vote is not my business just do me a favor and Wear headphones. Yeah that that would help from that I put. Together this given you with the headphones on I was at the people down. I. You are not advertising that you're watching sit in the middle seat on a plane aid is bust out port with with a no headphones yeah. At. And I'm. I've been on long flights sport fourteen hours and it was the longest I've been sitting in the same seat. I've never seen anybody watch porn next week but it shouldn't be sympathetic yet at all. That's situation that I would see that I can understand fourteen hours in an airplane. Currently serves movies you can watch there's a bathroom. It's more about well I don't want and I'd if you're if you're just if you're like in it for the story. If you're into that yet I it'd just for the story huh. Fine but how many guys like sweet remember this one copy edited it and it's the beginning because it's got a really good plots Null jurors. No pretenses there's elegant there's one reason guys are watching toward and that's for the happy and yeah. And gas where I that's what I don't lie in the seat next to me that's where I'm OK with you watch it. But that's her hands. I don't I don't want whatever comes out right next to that I'm saying if you're gonna start. Then next thing. About the go to the bathroom yeah they're right. Market least earlier lead again that we imports and avoid hits like you guys have ESP. Oscar. Host of the hour and a pickle T gonna do next if my top up if it's. It's part. Right today. It's Tuesday important it's gross out Tuesday what exactly sound at the parks have throwback to the eighties on Tuesday we have porn talk or talk Tuesday. We have this segment o'clock hour. And week. I'll get to what's trending coming up at noon straight ahead the Missouri budget is out from a newly elected governor brightens. Sorry higher education you're taking the brunt will dissect this and tell you where the money is coming from. Coming up neck that he lined KM BZ mid day would Jamie like it's. One more note about important conversation surtax we got that I saw during the break on. Over driver is watching Portland is tablet would he pick me up we confronted him he went ballistic. Why are you can offer and I've meanwhile. As the watch while driving right. Keep himself and her team weren't listening listening to it while driving I mean you know might never know what's going inspires people and and then there's the I cannot believe how much you guys talk about pork is a huge problem in our society other tech person as a normal people don't watch warrants are attending an idea outer reality that can't. Oh the amount of port and text pro I've got to adds I've poured text we got was astounding. And it is a ten billion dollar you writers that's somebody's watching that. Don't forget about our text I'm sorry about our Twitter poll going on follow the sect KM BZ radio. Since the election. On November rate how can confident are you Ian Donald Trump to lead as president of the United States more confident less confident or the same. We'll update you as we go along and as of right now. And again follow us on Twitter. At KM BZ radio and give a site Yuri answer as of right now after almost 200 votes 54%. Less confident. Last month the latest on Twitter at KM BZ. Are so governor Missouri and big week yeah he's. Big. Declared is for state of emergency in Missouri and not be an entirely necessary buying how much funding did we waste doing that. It was a lot of guys that we should know their you know there's a state that exist are you thinking sympathetic to Saint Louis Jaime on this Ellie I'm being sympathetic toward governor not practicing our I would never did OK because I kind of want Illinois house atlas but three trouble want to add to its very close anyway just. Cut that little half men over on the other side. On so how is out wit. His budget details now he has not going to lay out the exact budget until next month that's the lawmakers are expected to get expecting to do it but. Yesterday he did start out with some details of what are going to be in that budget. A couple of numbers by our right not coming out so the story as we did it for us when governor Brownback came out his budget details. So it can't just looking at one point one billion dollars and GAAP or deficit in between now and 2019. So let's say Ing cut that in half we'll call it happened 500 million dollars to say for the next year right because Kansas doesn't. A biennial budget or bi annual budgets or every two years so that's what they're within the next round so governor who is your new governor Missouri said he in the legislature will have to cut spending by 700 million dollars over the next eighteen months was a thing now Indiana next year that's about the same to balance the State's books yet so Missouri not in much better shape. Here's the money. So far we have learned that they will a 146. Point four million dollars in the state budget they are blaming lower than expected revenues and of course state economy. So Powell in order to get that 146 million. Like that more than half from the department of higher education which oversees public colleges and universities basically anything beyond K through twelve. So he's not take any money advocates while I guess that's dead. Although he has taken a little bit out of the transportation budget for the department of elementary and secondary. So the buses the buses I'm also cutting adult literacy grants and teacher development but the biggest cuts by far this is according to star. Were made colleges and universities almost 79 million dollars in spending. For public post secondary schools was cut that includes about 56 million for core funding for four years schools. And about twelve million for Community Colleges move sorry higher education yeah I you're taking the brunt of this is all on you. Boy oh I don't know if we'll end up seeing tuition increases are on the increases went on that money from. You universities have already been faced with a lot of cuts in state funding but this is a pretty big to big number 79 million for the other colleges. And I just a few other red numbers and where else they're gonna get that big number that we have to get a total to hear a three million to cut the State's tourism advertising budgets a little one million an election costs. 500000 dollars from the State's contribution Amtrak. And that we just got a little bit here and there. Just just everybody's gonna take a little bit here and there. I'm guessing that the one that might upset you is engaged you'd love and I I didn't discover more of the state and but the three million dollars in the State's tourism and advertising budget it was only three million dollars were outside about thirty million dollars talking about three yeah I can't imagine that's very that's. I have to assume that's a pretty big piece of the State's tourism advertising. So what's your overall budget is by it and yeah I you know I'm I'm the queen of the day trip out of the city and that applies to both sides of the state line but beyond just meet personally. Tour brings a lot of money for the state and we've got competition from other parts of the country to get people here. That's quite an advertised that's you know. Does campaigns easier on TV all the time of one minute ads you know all the all the great parts Missouri those the kinds of things we won't see it and but tightened on the other hand I see got to get the money from somewhere right frankly I'm more set of higher education taking such a Big Ten. Eighty million yak. Eighty million dollars and I they the Amtrak I didn't realize that the state was funding Amtrak all that much alluded there the railway will lose what 500000 dollars I think all say it's taken some money in I don't know how much half million as and a grand scheme where is I was last when he took an Amtrak I never taken and really I've never been on Amtrak and I've taken your rail taken rail overseas I've done. And I've done a lot of public transit when Eric Ben and bigger cities I often do that but I've never been on Amtrak. I used to take a lot because when you when I lived in Milwaukee was a quick shot down a Chicago. Rather than paying for parking or night aegis you know get on the Italy of the Amtrak and find your hotel or whatever or it was better than the snow and heat the drive to Michigan when I would go see my family I have taken from Chicago. To Kansas. An idea that last year's prize plea talent that seven hours. You could drive and all my from an Amtrak but then again I couldn't app. In the car you could multi I couldn't watch porn I couldn't I couldn't now I couldn't have a cocktail he can't write you get to get. He could see part of the countryside to animate some very interesting people including the most evil human being I've ever met in my life. That later on that off the air. I love take an Amtrak I do I like a lot I wish there was one from here to DeMulling which kept actually go around. To get there I. Never Donald I thought about a lot the trip from here to Herman Missouri which is where all the wineries are well I never I never I've never done her misery. Not a big white Weinberger and that's that's a really big area for termite lines but I heard at that wet white matter that trip is William against white is pretty equal to deal out of town for. Caremark a tea qualities as apple. I'm a very important point I got is that I don't get anything out of that. White points matter. There and a. And when it is. And this other one that was on here you and I had discussed this earlier in the may be last week we were talking about the future of aero had it on in the royals and the chiefs. The state is going to hold on to more than a million dollars in tax revenue from the athletes and entertainers tax okay that we got to explain muscle but because the story just says the state is going to hold on to more than a million dollars in tax revenue from that tax which we talked about that last week. I didn't understand where that money goes by you re sort of like we said last week when. Let's say you know Ben Roethlisberger in the Steelers who won on Sunday and Errol Andy after okay. Non resident taxes in the state of Missouri in the same thing goes for every state when athletes come in. They have to pay non resident taxes and every state to go play whether it's football baseball basketball the NHL whatever. The same thing goes for entertainers. When Bruno Mars. Comes here next summer or when Mariah Carey Lionel Richie come. They have to pay in state taxes and then that gets distributed. You know different ways to the misery arts council the Missouri humanities council. On the misery public broadcasting. Missouri State library and Missouri historic preservation office. It's a lot of money and basically it's like forty million dollars in there to take a merely adds not a huge number. Oh accurately and say oh boy here we go. An avid fan of the arts I get upset when we cut our findings arts funding to school but it really is only a million of the forty million. I'd take more I take more I think or yards or more. Ratings that rate the that in the last was forty million dollars and 24 million went to the misery arts council four million went to the misery humanities council the same public broadcasting in the library. Now the preservation office so everybody loses about 200000 dollars. A big chunk but still in the grand scheme a million bucks Donald and I. I appreciate it'll several of you on a tax minor upset about the higher education funding thing because I think we got to connect those doctoral click on. You want people to go to school in the story you want higher education to not have to raise all their tuition and fees public. Public higher education Boone you want because then there's a better chance they will stay here. There's a better chance of those people go to school at the zoo or UN Casey and then you'll stay here and so that's that's just good for the economy and and he's got to cut from somewhere. And everybody's agreement on the text line we'd we'd we gap ads coming in and not with the governor on. Not with us not I don't administrate I don't believe every Republican is anti we'd like you deal. Because it makes financial sense and if they're talking about a budget it would be great in great its first two years to balance a budget. And let's debate let's say conservatively than me twenty million dollars in tax revenue off of either medical recreational marijuana he would look like the guy. That balance the budgets I think more states have to do it for Arkansas did for government Islamic one that's great but I think more states and Canada firms are well. And I and candor is canceled never happen we'll Jason candor proved they need to get the signatures on the ballot I don't know that will happen but if it's about dollars and cents. It may. And money leaving the state and Arkansas or go to Colorado or going to Ohio or what do I feel like that's a bad on that's a bad. That's not the right word but I feel like if Republicans are going to be in favor. Of legalizing pot. They're gonna take the route of where will we don't want our citizens who have kids that need for epilepsy leaving the state. They're not gonna use money is the reason to make it legal it's just not this is not good right now I think he might. Gold they actually might go that way I don't know we'll we'll find out what happens if Missouri is able to get enough signatures on the ballot but. Boy a 700 million bucks over the next eighteen months has to get to cut us to get cut Missouri. So anybody was bragging Heyward got bracket this. Yeah pretty much on par with Kansas. You're pretty much on par with the Kansas I get your daily dose of politics did you know. What Mike Pence has coming his way. This is interesting. But like that it's good to PVP it's not bad to be the vice president the perks of being VP plus. How do you think ticket sales are going on the secondary market for Donald Trump's inauguration to become the president of the United States does they're going pretty well because it's big event regardless of who is becoming president is I would think it's the equal to go to I have the answer for you. And we'll tell you next midday with Jamie wicket in 81 came easy. 981 KMB easy the day with Jamie wickets looking up at the countdown on CNN three days until the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States. And we will have coverage on Friday. We well we will carry the swearing in ceremonies and also the speeches whatever big speeches are gonna obviously Donald Trump and I'm Mike Hansen. After the big speeches this kind of keep an eye on today it's fun to watch on and I'll be as I'd never really paid that close of attention. And so President Obama on did his first inauguration and errors first election. And it's a really cool day you know on and we got some their problems are groups that are going to be marching in the parade and just to see. It's quite the production and will be really interesting to watched. I think ticket sales ago. I. Think greats I would think regardless of what you feel about the person that's going to be taking oath of office that it still a monumental event at two. Not so much really I know the Donald Trump is as tweeting out that the bikers for trump are coming. But there's a couple of stories including this one I read that. Ticket sales are not growing great on the secondary market. And it means you know legal brokers are stub hub or whatever. I'll once or Eric there was a guy that bought two tickets for 700 bucks he can't even get face value for why cell he and believe after Enola gay closer to be somebody will buy them but. Secondary market ticket sales not knowing. As well as some would probably hope. It Earl would would you surprised at that what would you pay if that was your dream president regardless of who lives would you pay like 200 bucks to go what does Kepler is that the day care what you get you can go to for 200 bucks is it's that there were just regular people you need to be there. We're making a quarter million dollar donations are needed to have dinner with Mike Pattinson listen to a briefing. Spends a hundred bucks at a bucks. More for games. I'd spend more to be closer up front but I get the feeling. The ball to the people are going to be certain way back in packets a lot others are reluctant excrete out there are a lot of people though that are super jacked go see Donald Trump be sworn enabled him will pay top dollar you're witnessing history. You know just just for that. Now to go to the balls let's talk about back. Yet now I might get in the 100000 dollar I saw last night like 100000 dollars get you one tier 700000. There's a million dollar donation to sixteen holes right now but this is the big one. As the big one the million dollars in needed to have dinner with with trumpet and Sydney get to. You know ask whatever you want having late part of the cab it sits with you now wow I eat right some bag million dollars I think I read ninety million bucks for this whole thing. As that. More or less than and the pastor Renault because he already was gonna scale back dated. They did not he made a big deal will be pay for the swearing in ceremony Donald Trump has raised for the trump found the trump campaign whenever. They raise the additional funds we always paid for the regular. Swearing in ceremony as US taxpayers aren't he'll Mike Pence gets to know more about this because I'm. Clearly curious about the behind the scenes stuff for the White House he gets to ride in air force two and I. If so I am forced to be believed it's is on helicopter Joseph Biden sent the plane over the pence is place at the governor's mansion in at Indiana. Also picking up the family the rabbit Marlon Brando and Mike Pence is two cats Oreo and pickle. Donald Trott is the first random facts your Donald Trump is the first president. In decades to not bring a pet to the White House so you know that. And that's got to a point and just a couple of cats move and I don't worry. The stories actually from the mouth of Dan Quayle which I think is pretty interesting because obviously he was he was there are now. His race he goes 1111000 dollars as governor to 230000. Dollars as the the vice president. He will have access to travel on military help helicopters. But the good thing is able whole air force he didn't realize that you're three helicopters. They can be from the lawn it could be on the ground free within minutes is an oral whatever. Helicopters go with the president though he's on Air Force One of those assets do not travel and BP is on air force to. So yeah. The helicopters the military helicopters and a bagel the president. He's on Air Force One told the president traveling. Military helicopters go with the president. Air force to doesn't get that if it's you know if the two flying a different place it's got. If that's the case. He has to get his car drive when the plane that's. So you but the lately in getting XR intense he's not driving anywhere the next warriors news he's not opening a door for the next four years air force two is smaller. But it's not just one plane. There's more than one identical plane used not just by the VP and the secretary of state secretary of defense and the First Lady the plane takes on the same air force to win the VP is on board I was gonna say that that was early in the same thing is true for our president elect trust what ever airplane he is line is called forced yes regardless of whether it's the designated -- -- that's his point. His heiress or trump one become air force or worse that's the cut. Depends is due home as a nineteenth century queen and style on the grounds of the US naval observatory to about three miles from the White House it's at 33 room. I'd be grateful of embassies just up the street from the Hillary Clinton's how's the three room the is. Old enough that he's not bringing kids and what. 33 rooms. Have no idea. If I'd be having parties and people over I guess yeah I guess hunter and people over. The home was used by the chief of naval operations to the cost of providing sect a security for the private residences of the VP became too expensive. If you his office will be fifty feet. That from. President trumps Oval Office. That was a date that dates back to win no Walter Mondale. As a I did that I didn't know that the vice president's office was so close to the threatened. And the last thing is true. It up. He's opposite seems like is it a different bill. So organizers applause the vice president's desk was first used by Teddy Roosevelt back in 1902 it's been signed it. By all of the users all the VP 1940s. The vice president's. As president of the senate also has office space there. But few aids work out of the senate even though many are funded there's enough rate of those about to reject any. Interesting at this the kinds of deacon out this week. Few minutes ago yet. Well can I just kind of a designated as a writer and so on between the west and to my knowledge to be on but can imagine how difficult it is to fight your way on the west wing initially. I think. Bill I era this building an avenue for six months it's doesn't show that designated survivor when on Tom Kirk menace first sworn and and he's he asks the first person who sees it to the last thing. In typical you know I think finally get her to this building that I never and old out so. As I'm. Sure they give. An hour early in the big tour he's finally somebody bread crumbs GPS you are here there's maps he gets it he takes the tours like the rest of us do everything takes it. Since you're like there are a little bit bigger tour. And we better Twitter question up a right now since the election how confident are you in Donald Trump to lead as president of the United States. I'm more confident less confidence or the same and as of right now at the minute update here over 200 votes 53%. Less confident 26 the same and 21% more confident Alec is Texas came and what do you think charms code name Albany. Arab that's Bible he's down on them are huge. Hit a wall. Aha is be Walt. If that's the aren't attracted to pull you we. We'll give you a what's trending coming up also Jim Bakken or conversation about dating outside your race after what's trending.