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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 01-11-17 4th Hour

Jan 13, 2017|

What did you think about President elect Donald Trump press conference? 1thing you did like and 1 thing you didn't like?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What I was sixteen and parched giving away an hour from right now. They will get back to Donald Trump's press conference you and I Jamie are. Don't talk and trump for the anchor is talking I haven't done we talked trump since will be listening in or talking about Donald Trump since. Odd title channel 5 this morning so and some last night just element on the rush to stories sound I happened to look at. Happened to look at the text line I don't it why this is why those days what do. Nor you don't know into a lot because you watch that you lots of right one way. I don't know but my favorite text I machine I put my life on the line for wicket and the press. So sold thirty sad that he put his life on the line because my opinion differs. Hopeful Mike. Seed and there was one line my I think it was me terminate your contract. I announce somebody else. Some think about on by artists like. If you guys are so vice like that. And I thought well if we weren't biased. AKA a dated. You would be board should know we'd be informed well now we have an hour and a seat and to be and will there be informative we're giving you are. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of president electoral I gotta say if you listen to today's show. You have to they. It. But that. Yeah so did him fair with the man it was F you you idiot it's relatively my FaceBook status and immigrant on FaceBook and I didn't get it added that puck popped up outside of the guys vote number I directed it edited it's you liberal bleeds sock can't wait that you guys are repealed and replaced like OK that's what our that's pretty funny and like we've been asking give us a positive and negative and for every positive matter. And final assault negatives. It average and a after 2 o'clock by the daily hazard and I can have any opinion about the speech at our about the news conference today at all can it play the the back and forth with to the cost of one time while I'm yes this was after the so was Jim Acosta from CNN and present electoral today may be the highlight the entire. Press conference there. I heard. I had I'm glad you are now are not patient not you give us you know organizations are looking. Yeah I can ask questions are guys are. Quiet they client was present like I had usually cabinet are getting question they'll doesn't like can you give us the quality you're rooting us can you give us a question don't be ridiculous to question. And you're not gonna give you can lose you stakeout viewers think did sir guy and you state categorically that nobody. Well Mr. President elect that's not a great. It moved onto another question self. Hopefully hopefully we're he's been able to understand or were taking opinions and having a min. Eight in part to bring you more trump coverage coming up at two no bias there it's. Really not. And marks Africa. Prominence but there is a lot of the stuff to get to including. The state of the state of Kansas apartment and I think. Are you. Need to move. Now what. But every now so it brought back to his state of the state address for Kansas last night and then at least the budget this morning and camcorders that we anecdotes earlier in the budget. Art so no secret I'm a former teacher writes yeah my little biased on that put that out there. Cause of autism and that so we do that and Matt are OK so here's what is that. Out of it now keep mine. Kansas needs money. Does it captures delayed play at any cash. There's a 900 million dollar budget shortfall in the next eighteen months. That goes up to one point one billion dollars through 2019. And I'll. Suddenly get an influx of business or something like that of current projections and track its one point one billion we were gonna need by the middle of 2019. Argued that a mine. So he wants increase taxes by 377. Million over two years. Wait this was the guy that was cutting rate cut cut cut right and generally Republicans. Trying to cut cut cut absolutely so that conservative edge what we're gonna do this proposal. Is you increase. These tax. From about 29 a pack two to twenty abide our act which Missouri had to rule on the ballot on November 8 and couldn't get one on. So that. This goes up another boxer to smoke in Kansas yes still cheaper in Missouri still cheaper misery. I he is proposed increasing the annual filing fees for nonprofit entities from forty bucks to 200 dollars and my place to go after caps go after the nonprofits. He's other things he's proposing liquidating the State's long term investment fund he's got to go after the state employee pension fund. We'd the state employee pension finding. In which is I'm from Illinois that we do we rate pension fund that's that's how we get money and. Teachers is one at least that's really enjoy that. He's gonna take six million on the highway fund over two and a half years. And no new highway expansion projects through at least 2019. Do maintenance but nothing is there anything in here about legalizing pot. Okay I sat in on the tax line all line out comes up down vote no so this is the proposal. For liquor and bibles I went on the Kansas side and and generally just because. Go to places like with guys and things and Andy on places that are on on the Kansas cyclist Annie. They he's double in the tax on liquor. Double hole from 8%. To 16%. That would bring in about a tenth of what he needs. That we're in about a 107 million over two years double the booze to double stacks. Just really really really raise cigarette tax. Just epic like about the Packers open. Well smokers would appreciate that up there if you were up. Oh are there are fewer smokers than drilling guys are the number of people are quitting smoking anymore. I don't know that was one of the things when I first moved here we talked about what I've learned so far about that Kansas City and one of the things I learned your babies because of how cheap smokes are in. Eight in Missouri you. A lot of people around here still smoke I mean you come from Illinois in Chicago it's illegal to smoke anywhere seemingly it's. I mean they've gusting like smoking manner and its thirteen bucks a hacker whatever it is and and in Missouri it's like 350 if you go outside Kansas City, Kansas also has its argument. I would assume Jack. But Missouri doesn't it's the Kansas man out it every time I go out whether it's a restaurant or bar or just walking down the street driving or. I see people smoking what everywhere like there is seemingly no read. Maybe there's some gap but it insulate people quit smoking all around here. Our he has made clear that he would not support efforts to roll back to zero tax rate for owners of limited liability company is and other closely held businesses so some of those income tax. Initiatives that he put in place or you're not used early standing behind. Here's new initiatives that he's talking about I he is talking about putting more money in higher education a little bit early guide as a protest. Training teachers to work and rural areas we need that we need to pump money into keeping them too but first we got a partner in the first place. He also wants to offer. Offer scholarships to help educate teachers who agreed to stay in Kansas. He wants to start the State's first dental school at the University of Kansas RI RA and challenged state universities to come up with a way to provide a four year bachelor's degree for fifteen grams. Oh let's seal block that seems to be trying to wave a magic wand and hit a four year bachelor for fifteen grand and then what's it cost at a community college to get a four year victory and now that's a little three grand a year to get a community college. Summer and our how honestly renowned I mean we're talking about state universities K state. In case you obviously. If those of universities he's. For me to repeat as opposition to Medicaid expansion and we're ran into trouble with the school finance formula again which we just can't we skated straight in Kansas we just can't get our act together on it. A team following this for our for awhile you know we had a c.s at the Supreme Court saying we don't fund education up. We get this done by the end of June they've got to get and you K through twelve school finance formula done before the end of June when current block grants expires ran through this again. Governors. Lawmakers need crafting a finance formula. He said he would shift to a system based on outcomes on he said we need to measure success not by dollar spent at the achievement of our students. Teaching to the test is a bad idea. It like this I ask what we're talking about is encouraging teachers to teach to the test it means that higher out cons. Higher results on test scores means a school districts are going to get more money. And asked me on Twitter on that's not necessarily bad. Yes it is because kids demonstrate they're learning in different ways not every kid test well. And so it's not unions not the measure of how it's not the best measure how every student is doing. And it's pretty unfair and you're limiting teachers in. An unfair away for what they're gonna teach in class and so that's the state of the S. Interest being. Somebody said on the tax line I've paid for wreak 3000 a semester highland community college. So if you're talking about a bachelor's degree which is what four years that's were generally generally four years. That's gonna be great company anywhere outside it for fifteen grand seat I've got a Smart guy but it seems like it's going to be. Tough to do. I like the idea of encouraging. Colleges to make school more affordable. You also want students to have quality teachers and that requires money for salaries and that money often comes from what you're charging students. Yeah I mean. And that that's the that's the biggest thing in the education system it's. Who are we paying all the admit her repaying administrators and higher up isn't and whatnot as opposed to spending the dollars wisely on the stamps. From the text line of for all you hippies that want to legalize marijuana stop using a financial argument. If legalizing the illegal substance would fix all blows the statement that no state would have had any debt since 1933. It's it's not for hippies are right it's for the blue collar worker and it's got paid in his knee need for being out at the factory all day. It's for the kid who's got epilepsy are right that. And those people living in other states that are and they can't get him their cat the there's there's going to be some people in this area move in Arkansas. Because of medicinal marijuana for their kids out there really yes. So 816% that was a person I got my eyes and the booze tax tax. I'm out on top up dirt on a break got bottled James of my birthday we are doing an album how much more that bottler consular miseries yes you'll stay over there Aaliyah. On but. He's addressing it and he's looking at ways to fill it but we like those attacks lot. I believe like I said before the break me the property value log state line road about to go way up to those that wanna stay in Kansas yeah. Just this redshirt on a liquor stores right on state line road yes it's it's really funny actually drag down does because it's. At least once a time it was much easier open liquor store. The answer but I'm Kansas a of any got a domestic united zero hour of the call 576 sevens and I know it's no expansion night. Well we were taken out that's their removing. 500 million dollars from the road by almost 600 million via. Old man through the next two years hopefully your your okay Kansas hope you'll hopefully roads. Are all right. All right well that's the state of the states that. Also before we get out of here we will or talk about what Barack Obama the current president of the United States. I had to say yesterday at his farewell address. And Dow gets fun stuff to gets its trump free hour yeah trying to bring our don't worry if if you hear about it I guarantee end here after 2 o'clock. Did David Jamie Lincoln we have more coming your way next prettier and anyone Kate MB easy. Anyone KM BZ humid day with Jamie linkage AB minus LE Mike Blake it don't forget coming up just before 2 o'clock. As we'll check in with dean and park you can 1000 bucks during a our keyword to cash contest we'll give you the word and you texted in his 72881. A will be that coming up just before 2 o'clock. Going over governor Brownback state of the state yesterday and some of the things that are going up some of the things that are being cut. Some of the things that are supposed to improve this one point was. One point one point one billion sees 2019. So he is looking at new revenue sources that's great on so others taking money away from place of theirs raising other taxes on other things are one of the things we didn't mention. Is that he wants to freeze the income tax rate for the bottom tax bracket at two point 7% that sounds good you're gonna freeze at this but it was supposed to drop next year. We'll be up by a lot but two point 6% which matters of the year here in the bottom tax bracket that money matters so he would freeze it at two point 7%. Is talking about a little bit more money into higher education to get teachers to work and rural areas big chunk of the money is gonna come from raising. The tax on liquor from hanging percent to 16% that would bring in a hundred million over two years and increasing the tax on cigarettes. From a dollar 29 a pack two to 29. To bring in about 89 million over two years other also would double the tax rate. On other tobacco products from 10% to 20%. Beeping products I wonder no I don't I want that locks I don't either I'd. I'm not sure he's thinking out loud. What's gonna do we'll go to the phones here 5767798. What's it going to do to Governor Brown backs approval rating. Because it now he's you know he is approval rating went from. Let's call it 50% when he won. Down to 26%. The lowest in the nation a ball governors and is this gonna help or hurt now that he's raising taxes on booze and smokes. All so it depends on and on where you hear about where the money comes from since taxes are popular. Up a popular thing to tax on just like we're now considering soda will talk about that tomorrow and they're the effect of Philadelphia doing. The soda tax on it's hard to criticize. Putting more money on things that people shouldn't be doing anyway. Criticizing it well. I don't pay double the amount for my liquor and please like the best I wonder about for things that will greatly affect people in Kansas City because it's so easy here to go to the other side of the state line. That's why that's yeah canceled more tricky. I've 767798. A socket Janet. It was out in brook side you're 91 KM BZ I Janet. My call. I yeah I'm in the garden odds are higher or brown. Public. But an outlet liquor tax ain't mean like a teacher in part we like that creepy whenever I. It in the very I'd love my pocket here and. Gets you excited that we're talking about yeah that's delivered Brooke's side and I'd buy. And say we heard the number Exide and that we happily on there. I want and a commonality excited and I found me it's really not that big a deal. Appreciate six roommates and a two bedroom apartment so that's totally behind somebody go to hell yeah I don't Wear tear and she would timber Exide. Well years ago the now I why seeing patent. A small town and out western. And today at the fact that it's like whatever luckily. And they ask me like Jack I want it to you on that might eat something your saint. Use their text but aren't their school. I'd like you and nearly everything money for you know protect. I'm like a little bit when I was so that. You know they're. What secrets penny to me but expert. Yeah I've seen it happen I mean I I've I think I know which where she's talking about. Eight it is amazing that that's where we're at right now we're asking for your change at a restaurant. Began. It's unbelievable. So yeah the budget that is out today. I will pay special attention to it happens at school finance formula. And then words out brown Lowery who works for the restart eagle tea made with a tweet that he is looking at merging school districts. Now he's looking at merging school district health plans. But that topic always comes up about saving money by putting school districts to matter and that's overly sensitive we talk about those early areas because the school districts are where the community is. And they don't wanna lose that even though conceiving a tremendous amount of money. From the text line fun people smoke and drink fun people don't vote for Brownback. A and the southern Texas great to Kansas people are about to sober up after this new tax increase realize that the governor beliefs. Let's go to done interior in 91 KM BZA done. A virtual stronger to support transport you shall look forward to actually get on that and are you know while it may all be expenditures from the state available to the general public in a magazine type form. And the public also check and I did you buy these campers for help clients like new asphalt we're out front what UK and I don't think they waters to know whether buyer who contractors give them their engines. Never talk about sending its own capturing or more it is more mature the primary but launched her. It's your curriculum you get that will be w.s. Are even went from Iran are we did discussion about stopping the public revenue reports yeah there was a one point lead their governor Brownback and that's one point. Only one date I think he may have done it didn't let the public to know is there bad because it was going so. Having done do you want to know is ignorance bliss or deal and know how bad things are going. On one and I'll I'll bet there you go harder I was it all over the world leader not not good geragos. And so I want to know what you all are. Now I think the phone called on appreciate it. And over the the line for you at 576779857677. 98 can also text and 229802129. Able revisit what happened last night in Chicago. When President Obama gave his farewell. Anyone KM BZ May Day with Damien wicket Jamie mother Sally like wake it's odd day in and park having your way at 2 o'clock we'll second before and give your next keyword to cast a thousand dollars. Now we missed it first time around today because trot thanks to hash tag thanks strolled. Look at those viewer asked as far right that are I felt that a lot of people. That are fans of Donald Trump. Are probably not fans of Barack Obama and if your fed the president elect he probably not a fan of the president but. Last night was. It was it that this there was some serious symbolism in the fact that you had this. For re easy ask bombastic. News story about Donald Trump and hotel rooms and all this other stuff. They were all still we all still should breathe and see if we can figure out if things are true or not they're they're not. Not confirmed it anyway. And meanwhile you had. On the democratic side of president going out giving a fair world farewell speech that people were waiting delighted. To fourteen hours in freezing cold weather in Chicago here. And there's just some odds symbolism about that I thought that was either artistic or there just it was just amazing. Just amazed it was a lot. For your brain to kind of handle at one time that it's the story about the indictments and arrests happens late in the afternoon and your processing that and then. Get all weepy over Obama's speech side did you cry I did it you really let Lenny guest on out yet Abbott this was a really doesn't really emotional. Mold for height just it it kind the only time I keep in mind I'm not proud of much from being on either I treated us last night. He was especially working media for so long I have comfort him as a as a journalist for my entire career he was a state lawmaker. Before he became a US senator and and I I've followed his urge your senator and then he became president so. I just have known him for so long I've interviewed him I'll never forget and I thought about the last night. And was texting with a few friends of mine back in Illinois that on the big. The big charity event at mile radius station did every year and Alan I was relay for life for the American cancer society and there was a year the year that he was running percent it. It was it was like the hottest summer that Illinois ever had it was 105 degrees or something that Friday and the event just wait for hours and he came. And it any sweating and it's it's just gross outside and anybody else would have wanted to blow lost and that he came just met with Costas met with the members of the radio station. And just I never thought that he would've run for president a few years later but just I have a lot of memories of hand from Elena. And and last night. I know that it's if you like your city your fan of the president you not a fan of president elect and vice Versa. I thought him the overall message the meat of yesterday. And the farewell in Chicago and while I think it was a bit over the top and arrogant to have a concert like atmosphere. I don't have a problem present giving a farewell address they all do it and I'm share in four or eight years Donald Trump do the same thing. But I thought the meat of the wise. And I really liked win he brought up the president elect. And he brought up Donald Trump and people began to boo him and he said no that doesn't help the democracy to do that. Now. That's also the same rhetoric we get out of a candidate when they lose. You know weight when Hillary says we off to get together and get behind this president or Mitt Romney for years ago or what. We all we all heard that before with the meat of this was that message of you know whether or not you're a fan. There's nothing good comes about from from whining and crying in bitching and. Donald Trump is not possible to be optimistic about the future and support Donald Trump and also. Support President Obama is not possible to say why now you know 'cause of the house last night you got the image of him as a family man. You know he talked about his daughters and and then being raised in such an odd environment and he talked about his wife and you know his his brother who was VP Biden how that was its first investor or is he really was very human last night. Is not possible maybe two to do both on the text line is tell you I've seen some of the worst ugly I scenes and that's saying something that you just turned the text lineup in the last shipment to act like turnoff and I dropped. I'm I mean it's wide. Why hate him so much. Why is that why is the vitriol against President Obama so bad and then you criticized people who don't like Donald Trump. For also having that view why is okay for you to be so against one president but you don't like others were against I'll try and get. I just feel like in the last. Ten years years ago. We have seen a change maybe it's because of social media. We've seen a change in the way media covers things like. The president or whatever. And and maybe it's because these two guys right here the current president and incoming president. Are so different than anything we ever had I mean there's there's a lot of parallel. Between what happened eight years ago. And what's happening right now I mean we went from traditional. I'll be honest traditional looking president's traditional policy president like Stan. To a black guy who had a completely different idea and now we're going from big government and you know Brack Obama being more of the traditional. Presidents to someone who is absolutely different. Absolutely different than it. Any of the other 44 presidents we've ever had as a matter of factly and it ended it it. The bottom line on that Jamie is it stinks. That people are so. Angry. About the other side whether you're a Democrat in your angry about Donald Trump or your Republican in your angry about Barack Obama. I I just. I I I worry that it's gonna get worse before it's better I don't know it's gonna get any better. Gosh I just would like our focus to be on one president for awhile on it is getting old you here. President elect Ron mentioned president Obama's names so much and that's one thing findings are current president but to mention Hillary seems a much. It it'll just be nice to. B and the current presidency I agree with you. The mystic about what but Donald Trump's going to deal. Mean I was optimistic about what Barack Obama was going to do is optimistic about what George W. Bush was going to do and I was optimistic. In 92. When I was eleven. At about what Bill Clinton was going to deal. I mean. Maybe I'm just glasses always half full kind of person. It had some of the language on the content intact like right now about Barack Obama. You and I specifically. Being set that he that he left. It's it's too bad you feel that way we are still mad about it but I wouldn't be mad at you. If you were happy. For the eight years that George W. Bush gave us as press. Right just like I'm not in now and I'm not against you for supporting Donald Trump and for being against President Obama I think it's one thing to. Stand for what you stand for somebody just experience no it's not possible because they stand for completely different things and then you're using four letter words I can't Sandia. But is it not. Can you not to support it can do without being earth can you do it without ski can you do some civility. Now it doesn't seem like it and that's really sad it's it is. And and I I hope that people treat. President elect Donald Trump. You know with respect. I Dido what happened from one side. Mean I will try to and I will do my best I'm on the side. That unfortunately is going to be. You know the tolerant left and then there's fights and there's the you know the the set ups. It's gonna happen it is it justice. And and it just as the hardest part about all this and I just had a conversation with a with. With one of the guys in the office just before we came on the air. And he said. The racial divide is greater now than when Barack Obama took in the office. And I said he believes steroids are being used more now in sports they were twenty years ago pretty think we just know about it more. Do you think about that I believe that the racial divide is no greater than it was. Eight years ago we just see more as EU to write as if FaceBook because a Twitter. I don't believe that that divide. Has grown. Under Barack Obama I just think there's everybody's got a folder camera to the world. In their pocket and I got mail YouTube channel no use it very much. You know we all of FaceBook live now some gives a rat's behind about who to do but if you just address. I'll need to channel it's on a loop. Up to me at address idle loop but you know I mean like I I just. When when I was in my last actually about this job here when governor Brownback was sitting right there. Governor Brownback glistening as to know. That I am not a fan of the man's politics I am in no way a Republican. But. I respect the man it was very happy to have him in office he gave us a great interview fantastic I I shook his hand I took we took pictures with him. I did the same thing with Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Five times. You know there's a respect factor for the office and I don't know if we have enough of it. Don't you know enough of it let's talk to mar lean in Kansas City I'm mark lenient on 91 KM BZ. Yes hi I. I don't love it yeah action Trout. Went every answer all right have you listened to the cement work. Let me Marley aren't I am Arlene Arlene Arlene have you listened to the show today. And I. Now I don't wanna listen to. From Arlene you should give us a chance because. If you listen to the show today and you could actually go back. And listened to it came easy dot com if you listen to after president electro is done speaking today we were trying to be fair about things we liked and did not like about his speech. And way to beat LaMont bank map and talking about how. But that by between blacks and why. Does it no more than it should be. Eating it. Yeah I'm off the trend. Because. I don't like Barack Obama and I think eight get everybody for and now Hillary. Uranium. You know whenever and everything OK. You're right. Do you lost a friend because of President Obama. Yet I got a brand because I disagree. But they're October. Obama we'll see yellow. Well it can't blame you would've friend disagreeing. On the policies of the president. For you guys you're you're fresh ship breaking up. That's on you and your friend. For saying well we can't be friends because you're liberal in your Republican and it. Most ridiculous thing ever. And you know I've been criticized. The current president sometimes and that is not the same thing as bashing I think we're pretty fair today. And it's a it's just you know wicket even if we weren't fair to say. I think it also would have been okay for us to have honestly sad of that's what we thought nothing good came out of it today because that's a week but that's why we ask you. You think TO rate mean mark legal backing so listen I I've got sure you'll find or more a little more fair. Then what my screen says here you guys are never fair about to. Then you're here what you wanna hear talk to Rachel and south Kansas City and 91 KM BZ how Rachel. Murray guys. I'm the man and you insane and I think part of the problem is how we lost the respect of the aisle. Yet it would threaten the united. You get angry with and do well like what they stand or even actually in that. They had it. You brought me back the opposite everything that it did that all the men came. What a 1000% agree with you Rachel. Oh and now it's it's it's totally fine it's just I mean. I don't know if you're a fan of of Donald Trump or not but I mean if if he were around I'm guessing you would shake his hand and wanna stealthy with them and you would glow to your friends they got to meet the president of the United States. Why don't sell it. And I need him and Matt and that would. People and actually. Shaking. And could be a program. I don't agree with. Me back they'd done a lot of art and now we can agree that what the country. If we all agreed in the show was four hours of us freezing Donald Trump. We'd be bored and if it hat if we have done that today you wouldn't believe. It oh but we you say you guys line you don't relief you know I really believe that. So what's the point in that went more to real quick Mike in grand view you get the final word here today I'm 981 KM BZ. Yeah. I yeah I agree with weight stock about you guys one side there. He would. Say it fair but yet. When you talk about trump he got that liberal wing in your voice you know we're here where you just. Not mean accurately say. Eight that it. You know Mike I can guarantee you this you mean I like my opinion or Jamie's opinion or Scott parks opinion or Dana writes opinion or anyone. But what we say is our true feelings my friend why would we lie about. What that DO. Well but back her is. Media that immediately it's always knew I. Up at six yeah at all that Ollie do is lie today I think. I I I and the year has conjure more left that I am I am bleeding heart left little. Eighteen years of journalism puts me more now on. This job would be easier to take some days of I was a bigger term supporter and I down it would be easier not to have the that I DO. But that would you that would be. A sort of like what. You just said was incorrect. And was a lie. Straight up. Because what Jamie says is on her mind. Or opinion what I say is on my mind in my opinion and I mean I can't I won't speak for anybody else on the station. But I'm never going to lie to you with my opinion. Think of a liar. I I couldn't. I tried to the times is that's a good job at play devil's advocate sometimes it just cults but aren't you. Passionately argue something you don't believe. Like we got. Four hours here there's no point if a lot what do lie political on your intelligent everything that was great about Donald Trump's press conference but I didn't think. I think at one point ice and a lot of good things let's move on. We'll check in with Dana and parks also give you the keyword cash either a thousand dollars coming up next to 151 and 91 KM BZ. 91 KM BZ May Day with Jamie lick it it's one of 55. We will check in Medina and parks coming up and just a second don't forget I can always follow us on Twitter. Pick up a few followers today as a matter if it's actually surprising and usually I lose appeal. I don't look at that just doesn't notify you knew his followers is on again. I did my quicken Jamie's at Jamie KM BZ involve the station. At KM BZ radio. On story here for second loved ones I just saw this one on Twitter following through those but this is the funny stories that people are getting into it. Is out through the slime Korea up bizarre new Internet craze where people are putting their bodies on the line by acrobatic diving on to tables and breaking. Table breaking is the craze sweeping our Internet. You run jump or even the run into tables people risking serious injury and even death to break the table. The FaceBook group the tape breaking cloud is dedicated to the WWE. Inspired trend right. I'm down with the sale last ice bucket challenge a bodily years ago we didn't do a man can challenge on the show but I'm down with the mannequin challenged. I split we stand up here Jamie can you say you know I'd like wicket. I am not. Down with the break it tabled challenge how about if you lay on top of the table your front jump on you know Travis people are doing Nancy you are not jumping on top of me on a table just so we can break it. After today I need to. Maybe that's Friday's back to. If there. For the Packers scalp is it. Keep you all body parts to break the table with Paxson bottoms seem to be the preferred breaker but Greg tabled by using their. The tables which are more often not their plastic they break quite easily but some worst tables do not break. And caused quote extreme discomfort of the participants. Yes it is the world how he lived in. I mean look if you thought the rules that it and over the last two elections yeah. That NL. The world we live in is now it's the break containment challenge what does he hasn't followed it on themselves duked it out that you're so I hear it's not gonna try 18. Dumb are we kids are. Is that happening no lawyer here. Tables are intact yeah. At Scott is not in here because I know you guys wanted to talk about one. President elect today I want to talk about another great presidents he I watched Jackie last night at all. All the movie with Anne Hathaway. Machine Natalie Cornell we've Portman excuse they say will house your fine via hot block hybrid that yet nailed it she he. Nailed it he gonna win the Oscar I Crist last night and I said. Was that accent. Warns that up up up up because I'm honest talk a little later today. If she. Was the First Lady today. She would be skew. More. I mean it's just a year no word what the White House to our. People's hands I mean re talking about Jackie Kennedy would be skewered as soon as the first ladies for spending the money she spent to restore which was great. But run not walk. It is solid and Natalie Portman its performance is. Spot. Better than Star Wars yeah I'm gonna go with. I'm gonna go she's she might get the Oscar for this went because she's so completely used so completely believed she's Jackie Kennedy and yes. Multiple scenes are shot with her and that pink suit what I mean it is grow our raft they she describes in graphic detail. Remembers every second of every minute in graphic detail of his assassination. What. When he he's not talking about today's got. Under and true now. I went out to talk about Jackie Kennedy for four hours you talk about whatever you want to I'm not talking about that man got that text today. We got to leave that I had Gloria care and data breakdown the chiefs to her game Cole like only they can. And the big breakdown do you now you know who they're playing. Yeah and a they got the name to Pittsburgh name to one man with a very unfortunate vehemently be on. Us yeah. I it's not lay beyond that laid up all the titles I saw that I was like oh honey. Hole that you named two Steelers about woman in the. Strive to name any time interning with art Oriole I was like. Ben Roethlisberger can you name to that degree course ever they've had some great players are Steelers players. In the history of the Pittsburgh Steve okay the guys that they brought that that it can tell us about at the very beginning. That they found in the truck and went around and doesn't know his name yeah out that. His name is not that guy in the movie he did god rest his cell. Let me let me give me three names are quick to yams metres at. All. Our. Perry yet have a great deal to name three piece of white determine which one is the Steve. Ready Roger stalled. Tony Doris that John Stoll. That died at Mark Wahlberg played in the Disney news. Let's hope to acquire any ended up being a football player and that's that. Islands that sit right there that need it was it was Tony Dorsett. Wright was a great quarterback.