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Dec 29, 2016|

Things to Watch for in KC in 2017 Bullying Felony

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1108. On Thursday morning a day with Jamie and wicket with decent growth and reform act like good morning in the mall are you. Doing great excited about a New Year's Eve coming up our. Well really are so for the football and be honest I'm excited I. And we love. Of the football of the college football player out of the chiefs have a meaningful game on Sunday. It's me give it a Christmas Day I did not I went the week before when they put the titans and it was zero degrees outside. Blast. But then I was thinking about going Christmas. Nights yes but we decided to get Chinese instead okay Uggla that later maybe or right now feel free so it's not Patrick it has nothing open on Christmas and we had done it three or four families. Are a lot of instances twin sisters friends. Fit my family her family. It's a lot of travel and then my best my best friend has birthday will Gregor on Monday. So anyways it was laws stuff and we decided instigated. You know Chinese is we are in all the family stuff. And who beat Lotta Chinese was accused the are not open on Christmas which I find weird is I feel like in most places in our man some of our better ones are so Tomlin. On Broadway and literally there was one person running the entire ship. And I bet she respects like an office so I called in and I said united martyr and she was off that phone so fast sit twenty minutes and I showed up there we set up there and there was like. Ten people on roster. Like waiting for you out and then there is she isn't even two or three tables should this one woman. Was in the cook the food donated items waited tables. It's of the care or phone. And then have bike. Brought us during Sammy was not seen instantly in our process it was for a stream that we got through and it was great that. Chinese and Christmas is kind of I think a traditional for a lot of people but it was a weird we experience as timer and more plays Hermione outside filled episode I mean he could have been a sign that separately. And on how leisure time Christmas compared to my time response was great noises. Spent some talent my parents Johnny and him and relatives is really care matches and really tall. The tying cookies like every which it different kind and in just tons of them and I have president for us now for the rest the year what's the verdict on a lot of top quartile. Lot of different types opera actually it was props in treatment but I did it. You said that three times to act are. Brought the figures yet there's not so Christmas but cookies would have been more appreciated and also is psychic he's next on. That the president Robert next time we'll play them all know what. But there's out of them. So it was fun I mean we didn't have spaghetti this year a time that we had fungus is the kids. And have a taco bar. Yeah it's not the kids love taco worse so here's. Thing about having lost weight is that now you don't get to just have everything you want now you have to decide what's more important to you so we did. And looking at the whole look at the holes brag gone on man there's just no way here. So there was ham and then Chris is that you have to kept have a day off yeah. You don't take that data off your diet you do I I don't take days off I take. Parts of days off in smaller increments that what you come back and you're not depressed that's when it comes out. So item where women so well I just run and an aren't you train for marathons yeah how have your right now. Army so there's ham and their salad and there is lasagna and that has were kind of cheese and all man is up I believe I. I nots where she's at that texture and that's not my favorite. To play I'd rather just I. If you really ties anymore and then just like regular stuff for the kids to kids and lasagna and meatballs and sausage and the numbers on the house wants out because I have a cousin that is ultimately to. Some like and then there's cookies and unaware that there's going to be cake and then we also do this frozen Brady's loss. That's all I penalties and brandy and you freeze it yeah that's right at him like. I can't have everything I want here so I got to pick and make some decisions. So I skipped the pop stuff that shows you the kind of will power have. That I skipped the pasta entirely an instead. Like thirty activities so I don't know if that was it doesn't trade even straight out of a palace at Xena roster but it advocates are out there and did not you at this point just trying to maintain. Trying to maintain and I'd like to lose a little bit more but the but the point. I've lost when I intend to lose now it's an oddity here all about this is a pure eating thing for. This does not work govern now and that's to lose the rest that I would like to come. We point our need to get like trainer like now I just need target a couple things. And so now it becomes about working. But I don't come how much weight did you lose close to 440 pounds to four. So I'm just for changing eating just it's it I'll tell you what they diesel for life it is mostly diet it really is mostly that exercise helps. But what helps more is not putting your body in the first place episode test to eighty anybody and I think. When you're a relationship you eat a lot more. There when you're single I you're going back to early conversely you're right because you don't have as positive as much control over what you're eating and did you somebody else please yeah and so. New Year's resolution like to lose 1010 or fifteen dads turn for the marathon. What's ours Marty grammar of those it's about. You know for details about forty now. I'm yes. When Mary what's waited when he turned thirty August oh yeah Leno is down now aren't while. Yeah I'm not old Mikey Jamie it's mostly diet. They're really like I need to need to start working out now in and that and now I've got the diet and the problem is is that first part when you use your hunger in time yes. So when you start like eating less. Yes and what I have learned too is that I eight and it I I will lose weight faster if I work out in the morning because that would get your metabolism up. And I wake up at five man anyway and I'm not really angels to a company earlier to work out and that's a promise my last year and I. I eat more is among us that and if I work on the morning but if you're got a knife in your eating later he's reading after a run like some time yeah schedule I can't. And transfer marathon yet its its its commitment you know it's time commitment if you run at night 810 miles of lake 730 or eight audio from work. It and you got out of that or alternate sources on central. I'm starting some new series on HBO on different channels to try to give me motivated to run through these or you run on a travel during entities. As you know that's three hours straight home just yet and for two of those are three is right at fifteen to twenty miles. Yes without a tiny train all my gosh there's one a mile away from the and a marathon. That severe news or lose let's have now this year tiger and a half marathon 2018. Or make iris is due out in close and forties and so. Does leave then that authority. Is better in the last are now you're at. Certain annoy you as. So ludicrous I'd agree Christmas I traveled quite a net drove home which was awesome on and so I will show I will do an informal poll. How items over the number listed on the express line sign is it okay to have instant at the expressly in the pressures are. That's what's to carry this is going to be fund. Tester answers now what is the acceptable number of items over the number listed on the express and sign that it's okay have. And still go through the expressly. Back that is huge yours is excellent backs me an amber another little story and well here on yours or make it looks like you click okay. Aka don't say experts on stealer and confused. The site where its not my hand. Let's say and number to go through the express line is ten items let's say numbers ten items how many items is it okay to have an estimate through the express. A picker Shuster at the grocery store gas texted that number 22 days here now but was back to the weight thing was I look downtown now the Constantine is right downstairs. And I have not purchased more than ten items Baker's story since. Like July like 2000 because you live my point is that I used to Ireland north and it's I've probably gained some weight. Because I'm not cooking and literally going that's picking up something I Constantine knows every night I produce seven days a week just about. It Emil seven days a week it's weird to me because I haven't actually purchased you know over a hundred dollars or groceries and over a year and a half its crew are so you're you're duels or you're about to ten. The ten items I'd be under every time. Yes I would in the suburbs and drive my car to the grocery store and so I can buy more than five things at a time. The tap and I spent the equivalent of a family of ten. Anger at the grocery store because I cook so much and healthy food. I spent I'm sure you talked about this impasse show with others refuse or is now word there is no registers coming about some doubts and everything. And I was thinking acting more and having my groceries delivered. Some of the things I say I'm designing ways he's being efficient days and that's not lazy you know it's the curse I love going to neighbors restore I loved that experience sometimes though time is an issue Fermi and I have to have stuck at home and ready. Otherwise I won't eat healthy and so I gotta have it there and ready to count Anna and her sister like this weekend was for example. I went home got back late Tuesday night had to work Wednesday did not under the birthers are back to town it would be nice that's upon. When is the last time you pulled into a fast food restaurant last February. It was the for a certain I've not banned restaurants and she could I prevent it once everything or. Fast food is different than eating out I've eaten out his eyes or something like that I I gave up fast food and I asked for that I might do that for months into those policies. Our so texture numbers entity to come arrow group without any common items over ten is that kaine happens to go through the express line to exercise it on you guys out here at 1118 David Jamie reckoning came easy. Eleven anyone at midday with Jamie and wicket with decent girl and for Mike what day he's giving me dirty looks. He's already. That are fine for the price so I really like like Oregon Jamie is at suspect's story and they did all right so coming up next after 1130 we will duty ten big things to watch for in 2017 in Kansas City, Kansas star. I feel like listeners are not going to be in my size based on what's come and on the tax line but it's. I am not going to out the person or the store. That would not be fair but here's what happened yesterday RI TT I zero tell me if the if the number is ten. On the number of items in the express and how many items is it okay how how many items over the sends OK to have instant and expressly. So yesterday some variety. I was gone for the holiday and I got back yesterday and had to cut and do my normal Sunday took a lot on Sunday for the week I had to do Estrich has not that we. So was Hirsch restore anti got the air and. Didn't it was one of the rare times I went with a list and I didn't need a lot and the store on just a couple lanes open. And so I didn't I just had a basket and there was one line periods wrestling was open at a time limit. And there was one other lane open that was really really really really super why and like they needed to have it was an odd time of day and rushed it. So I'm in the plane that's really really long and I see the X line is open is more open and interventional. So I've got a basket I don't know how many items I didn't count. But it wasn't a lot because I don't I don't buy a lot of one time ever that's like birthers are not so I get an outline. There is like one other person and it and there's nobody behind me for a long time. And it's an elderly guy in front and it's a lot. He's he's closed ten things at the time a woman on the sign and I didn't. How do you do I guess you do issue count the number of items in your basket of where you get expressly and that's a must make sure yeah I distance I think this is probably I just need you break the rule later. And so I got my stuff on the conveyor belt and there's nobody behind me. And she starts to ring them up and then it will. Come in behind me and there's a guy behind me. And he starts. Counting out loud. My items. Like he is clearly hurry. And policies. Probably. Fifty. Probably fifteen. On C Unser you're going to their ring iced up and I hear him he's counting out loud so that anybody can hear the mean. Fall it sounds a little like he sounds completely take dot. That I am in Blaine says items with early more like six sad like I know how many items I have because he was counting him out. And it's over the insane is so now because I have a name that people would know and that's where you don't get to to say every. So times it's those situations where I'm smiling on the outside and screaming. On the inside that I smile and I just. He's counting Eilat and at some point he's pacing orbit and speed he's gotten he's getting antsy and everything and so I didn't I counties and I get my card just like your ass. So I go through and as for whatever reason whether it was an expensive as a dancer so. I do the tar and like our what was I how how many over was he didn't Tom Hall. But passive aggressively he counted. To tend to be clear that I was ever. I was at AT now okay which and it was over ten I was overtime. They like it I either like guys here's the college like you know Joker and apples and cheese I mean it was just the staples that I needed for the week for from the days of the story so far he should not done that you're you should not ready to deal now I do realize and I got in the line that it was AT. I got to kind Jane there's no line and I got there's and waiting on me when I got an outline. The question are you were those who buys like 51 thing and count that is one I know I tell them also OK I was eighteen different I was unfair about it there's one that verification now now I count the apples as one thing because the apples were and one back. But it lives may would count as one item on receipt so no it was eighteen to be fair but. I don't out laugh. He was counting them out loud I like root key was that he play. To be and be honest detect sciences you know I can do that again you're gonna say to ten items next time you through the line. Before it's I shot to store all 95%. Of the grocery money I spend a life is that the store which some bees that was able to you should have that the item well dad you shouldn't go Friday may be one or TO. Well a lot of lines or twelve life. There's nobody. There's nobody behind me when I got mom I would yeah. And as a boomer aged gentleman here. I would be less annoyed by that that I would by the people who don't write checks. Okay yes thank you should read it's not check that Collison out of line now I just check cashed because the problem is I was using your credit card and because of that you can see mine data they otherwise they welcome to this line. Did good to register purse in the cash yourself come up for rights here or do you just want I know I just not so that was different. Because he's wrestling have 1% and the other there's only one other lane open and how people in it and I knew that I knew I didn't have fifty items like I knew that I knew it was borderline. Express line. I. Items. I got out loud the green bowl are. That guy really that's. All. That on a military school and I'm inside to me I immediately people do that. I mean he's just either but you did break the rule. I did right or wrong I know tonight Agilent over fifty so what's what's up what's the gray area there and twelve what's the to what they're all over a dozen yeah links well so I don't leeway a moment ago Jason no more than I. I guess fifteen is okay. I just as I have to use mine if you know her as well Austin and as low. Don't be like I'm over I know you're number I do share items both what was this guy getting it store oversee vine on and he a lot of great in his car and. More than grapes because tiger else out and not where he doesn't host a radio show it doesn't have that luxury. Basket full grapes. And in and he was under ten. And and you get your car so I went out to my car and I and sent there by items to see how many over you or display I just shrivel and I just pass aggressiveness is annoying and that was in hindsight I try our relationships he parked two cars away from. He comes out he's in the band two cars we saw them that I'm given what the idea what you do and he's a big fan. Now justice and prepared a big white it was a big hand in this. So cool aren't so let me look at Texas Manchester ZR. An aegis that was the first sex and looking at so. The ten tons of them come and that's why you but I am less limit is not a limit it's a suggestion. And it's more like kartsonas line baskets or less in this line I was basket. I was many parts you know those little those those have carts. That have like the two baskets. I'll leave the top basket used so I'm out on these guys maybe next time should pay with pennies. That's. Yeah and are so what I was born. I Jimmy Howard Isaiah cashier at IV when school yeah that is the store from barrier we built that we started that story and and IE I enjoyed that experience but yeah it would be kind of annoying you somebody walked through that it's in line with its one year more or close to doubling I was caught. I was over admittedly but I do it in the line knowing that I had that far over it I said. Eighteen nobody and all I mean rules Jamie. If you gonna break from Brigham by one or two items. And was gotten by thirty and this guy you made the right decision in your profession that is to school mode I most most people would say some. And Edwards in there're there are people in the line at the grocery store that annoys me more like the person who's that with technology technologically. Right Jack is Il browns don't know I don't know how to operates a subject. Yeah it was just can't figure it out they annoys me. Are not given me any contact Angela you have got look if you are well pretty rarely seen Jamie pretty tough year. Like people. Saying it's ten items or less people are saying it is not suggested. And it says Ted items last stick to the again anything over not allowed. I sold each account of how loud. Nobody says that that was not that was jerk growth although people are saying it was dirt moved me over that procedure don't count him out loud. I've done that situation tonight's. So I've made a funny I I had a violent personality I would not but most of my friends that yeah those dollar gas manager Tony for seven I can see I could see some people in under and that that. But this just does this mean. You're having a rough day like I say good times and bad day. Every afternoon I mean this was evenly peak after work time this was the store is not that busy. And thank you for letting me every time BC grapes I think this guy every gas and next time I see that expressly like I'm Michael back in that store. It is like and App Store. I hope that guys following you again he's behind the next time you have groceries I don't understand. I hope I'm behind him next time I can count. Just to visit a 1136. Midday with Jamie and quick on his 91 K and be easy Jason Carroll is in studio for the vacationing might like. It's gonna be yeah I have it aren't you man I love people on the tackle it and thank you I get on any given gazing gauge Wednesday's incredible thanks for thanks for listening thanks for joining us today and for engaging show Lovett. Elected people ours that we are talking about the experience yesterday at a grocery store. I admittedly got more than ten items and went and expressly shoot me I've been doing grocery stores my entire life I'm sure I've done it before. And the guy behind me it's so Chicago's via tick count out now the number of items that I had to indicate that I was over ten. Yes you weren't back eyesight responses of people are saying elections and next time he a lot of grapes and what it is a big fan of the show and that's the that's like insane and. That's why I mean for a lot of I didn't like I'm sorry you guys again now in now. I love your shows you a great person that's why sorrow misery do you would have a great story it would then it would be great if you'd just not. Edwards in the first place he was passive aggressive. He was just. Trying to make a point and showed that he was in a hurry and that was how he made itself. Any gas and gas to the people I certainly back now as possible he was trying to be funny. Maybe by. If so that was up for interpretation. As to meet you act like Hewitt is in a hurry and ticked off from met me so. Art so we went on in the next hour is the person you refer to. To explain. So we've got the 2017. In out lists the things that are in and that things that are out. I got our attention because Kansas City is on it as something that is an international story residential story telling but it replaces what Kansas City is in in what's out instead but. There things on earth that I need help. Explaining on their new relationship terms I didn't know we did yesterday so that's that. With Travis coming up after 12 o'clock on but the Consumer Electronics Show starts in two weeks in Las Vegas. Is hot in January every convention. Really is in Vegas I mean a lot of the fashion industry conventions products associations. See ads you know all of the text stuff happens in in Vegas in January. Partly because I think of the weather up their bit. It's a crazy time to be in Vegas and and fun fact I will be going for the first time for what it's planning I have no I missed it and not apple that's a whole other show. It is that your they're gonna love ya gonna do I don't think you're gonna like it too much home knowing you I just don't think you will. And yeah it's. There's I I've never bend and because I really enjoy poker used to play when I lived in Illinois I played an active and I poker when I was five or six because my grandma taught us all you really are Italian gas AM to roll the dice to be right back and say that hasn't done yes and love craps Uggla went islands and island Ly I played in a poker game twice week every Friday and on a play poker and so I really liked it and I thing. I will power not the greatest and I worry going to Vegas and it's one play you're going to be in the casino like five days and it someplace tonight acting gambling and to call my financial advisor on you know that money in the ire I need that. I like about eight Zacks the first time I've been. Fifteen times the first time was like 2122 and I won like 700 dollar program this year called my parents know so pumped out. I've figured out how to play relent until and it has asked that all the same night that was look at toll developers figure like down Vegas. See right of highs and lows so that's why I've never ban. Also is an I want them when asked you do if you don't play nightclubs and which news on. This is a big deal that's people watching that's right break my all healthy all the time roll the Somalis say schools Anderson and isotopes a I don't I can not and hotel as wedding is so anyway I've never men and to me that's not a good trip to do alone. That's not a good solid guy stripper girls for rights right it's not it's a needle marks that this is fun if you like to gamble on sports so. The first and it's four days which feels like a lot of time wait too long for Vegas but his weddings on Thursday evening. So he's got to get their first anchor Wednesday night which I will answer your mental state rituals on. Where I think I'll be okay anyways I think the thing that saves me is what does that one month it's may force his wedding it's forty hot here it's better when it's cold out there so it's a lot as how many people from the Bollinger going I don't know while they invited but it will be some people there fund. We found a part US I saw I think that's leukemia at C. Is that I'll have people that other equities debt which is. We'll talk about fair odds and suggested Hillary Clinton also -- say that on the you're gonna have a blast and speak to time but my friend got married in Vegas. Couple years ago under the royals a play up front and a fun team so. We got to watch the way playoff games and he awaiting his second when he had a casino and hotel it was beautiful. And it was fun for every CO plus it'll be time. It'll be especially because the people and I can't imagine the wedding involving my which is not going to be the most fun I've ever had a wedding ever so I'm sure it will be. It was so that's that's that's Sony created dates of the sport hopefully. The big mid mid 2000 jobs not here's why because that decision Marty had to be made about the room situation so I in order to say because I'm for four days they deal maple of your life. There is an edit edit that it. Biggest pool party. It be funny I met my real husband and I work husbands link would that be would that be urging us. Are back to the story here that's the stories of the Consumer Electronics Show gets under way in two weeks in Vegas which is always fun to watch we did some returns yesterday. So that CNN did tech products that we lost in 2016. IPhone or even I onion. Okay signed ball and right so you can Anderson's meaty iPhone headphone Jack. Yes so islands now do not have a Jack. For music CQ I'm listening I'm popped him with my happens here in the studio to hear you on on with my headphones here and don't have them anymore they arrogance that they're not tees now. Yeah and it looked really weird in their like 200 dollars a pop from her remembered it. I have Bluetooth headphones now for running in upgraded in his little weird to think about Blake. Not having headphone Jack but I think at overtime people used to it you'd have that for the Bluetooth headsets now not like the ones that we see where. They're kind of a knowing where people walked around their coach Bluetooth headset a tough talking it's knowing that. Further running Lindsay taxing now the ones I have you can talk so bodily and running. Turns out I do it's not my right is is that you can have the teachings in your ears and it looks normal doesn't crazy and you can talk. Without having like puts them in buyer face so I think that will be a turn that will continue. Crank and so we know the Samsung galaxy note seven and is gone and they almost won his last VCRs. To VCRs and yes we forgot we did a story. The last VCR manufacturers Japanese company through an I electric ended production of its VCRs in July work where children VCRs we are I had we I it's not mime and a bargain and give back at my house. Tee to watch old high school and do you renters around Christmas time you can watch -- the isn't news to him it's gonna fund do you watch TV and dvd anymore even. Are you I does own I have watched I don't watch I don't have time by Alex sports and CNET I just give the last my dvds my mom to watch it the only thing that I have a dvd player has a laptop. I wouldn't even I don't mean on the dvd player mark. Some VCRs have gone away hover boards we lost last year literally we've lost them well. Because number now or catch on fire and retailers and stores because. Fed's deep icing rules say shall see those all the time. We we I think that's that's. Negotiable on the outlook bank are. I'm of the pebble the pebble yes. One of the biggest kick starter projects of all time the bubble watch so we talk resolutely yesterday because I sad for Christmas for myself and debating about whether by myself eighth it I don't own fitness tracker. A gallon right now OK so then it's and local company miners unfolds it and here is that. And those are the Garmin OK a lot of the garments are really like himself. I'm debating that are Microsoft's sudden rise app. Webber does a calendar app known for its social features and sleek design of the less than a year later. They've blended features in outlook instead. FaceBook ever heard of these things from where they're dying which is based in Ametek person Facebook's paper app yes I unique beautifully designed approaches Laing both articles and status updates in your news feed but it failed to get a loyal odd because Twitter. Right you don't need that are Apple's cinema displays. The thunderbolt display went away which is the only remaining standalone monitor. But hadn't been an update since 2000 and so I never heard of it the Google the cost of that this is the predecessor against organized went away. And a couple more here motor roll yes Lenovo killed off Motorola the name. Now it's moto I Lenovo that's what disturbs. Art or more a Google's project Aaron they are day. The Arab phone which I've never even heard of. I was expected to ship as early as the fall league and every the last one because it held a special place in all of our hearts I think if you grow up. Your child of the seventy's or 80s90s. The bullet the Blackberry found out fighters on your to get a Blackberry phones died on no longer liked politicking and still have liked to why that it's just like the motive communications for view of our government. Old school communications in other words they just I mean eyes pretty much I think the president has like fairy. I'd I know that former presidents have and is the a lot of people that work on the mile wipers. Aren't while they dance though they're gonna to get an iPhone it's a pirate. Our Siemens and the president nicely done by the way because we. Normally do politics and it's the only time I let wicket talk politics is an attendance at 11 o'clock hour everyday. You're here and I know that's that's about it some don't argue and background and ot so we'll do a look I've won the politics story today. That we will delve into you could you know some background we've got the figures on how much President Obama is. Vacations have costs and I and it's a big number. And you're going to try to justify it or not gonna try to just about and educate. OK so what we'll do education. It's a big number now it's huge missiles are at their next 1146. They're damaging in what it would days in Burlingame easy 1150 midday with Jamie and wicket Jason girl in form likely that we will get you what's trending coming up after. Ought to also remind me just now something that I learned about a couple of days ago on a third season of a show I really. I think has bank relied Edsel talk about that after twelve as well. And we will go through the big an out list for 2017. According to the Washington Post. Our Jason Earl former Missouri State lawmaker you'd been an advisor on politics you know you're staying with Pollack's does the giants were over the years this is normally when I let wicket have ten minutes to do as many politics stories seeking cram in this time it's only got wine. It's interesting political story so here is a number for you okay and am well will do some back on so Starr at the story. Out of Washington telling us how much money has been spent. On President Obama and the first family's vacations over his eight years of being in office. So let me give you a few numbers and then Jason all you line jump in here and and defend and it that I just I think there's we just there's more to it and as the number do you gaffes aren't so. I 85 million dollars or close to ninety million according to judicial watch is what the president's President Obama and the first family have spent. On personal or largely personal travel during his eight years. They can get Merck and all but hired because they don't have been public figures yet. Let me do a couple of comparisons for compared to pass pretty easy comparison on money or comparisons on time off by house. All right and anything. Morse is currently time here's the here's the bottom line with President Obama compared to president elect trop and past presidents that we've had is that. President Obama chooses to vacation places parlay from the White House. And he does not go back to Chicago to vacation where he RT would own home. Unlike present electrons who refers to vacation at his own properties that's going to cost last. And George on W bush who spent the bulk of his vacations back in Texas so. The number's going to be higher for President Obama because he doesn't own his own Han. But at the vacations but. And and the other side of that the actual vacation days the president Obama's take in as far less than President Bush and some people are going to say well that was last managed at a cost plus why did it cost so much if he's found a terrible we'll point out that the president elect trumps recent Thanksgiving trip to his own property Umar elect a seven million dollars. Yes arts so let me just reduced our story orbits a published report saying the trans Thanksgiving trip to Florida. Cost seven million dollars on Palm Beach County says the county spent 250 grand. For security support for trump during his four day visit over Thanksgiving so now. That also makes the point that even though you prefer to vacation your own properties doesn't mean it's gonna cost less either sell. As far as the number of days President Obama has taken 28 vacations spanning parts or all of 217 days. By comparison president George W. Bush made 77 visits to his Texas ranch. That spanned all or part of 490 days they also did eleven visits to Kennebunkport Maine. That told another 43 days so President Obama took a lot less time. He died he took more because it was awful right President Bush chopped treason and drew pictures and proper and up. It I've just saying these are just saying when your playing golf more often odd it has the it looks like you are not working but yes he's probably are if you're dolphin with people that are important are so. A caiso. Yeah I mean it's a lot of money the reason is because. If it's in the lightly he says but what I think people need to understand is is that if it's a working trips like he had a working. Appearance right gathered today in Dow why. It was for Pearl Harbor yet so so he was out there and so at that point it becomes a working trip sure president Haiti's. For his individual cost yes and it's not involved with the work. They also app first family also pays for housing went on vacation that's part of the problem is that. They say V cable that where they stayed in Hawaii rents for anywhere between five and 101009. And it's also gonna cost more for Secret Service that kind of thing because Danny and I. I'm on I've worked in advance and these. What people don't understand there are cars they have to torrent. For all the staff all of the traveling press. And that's going to be true no matter who the president as the advance for it yet so and then you have since there is a work trip involved others you know staff there security users. All these different cost the villages staunchest. You know at that point where recess in and so that's the cost Air Force One isn't cheap. Playing Air Force One I believe every hour Kosovor 100000 dollars. Which is it was the same with the President Bush he's flying for there to why they rank on this Texas. So there's all these costly it's it's. He does hey they do you pay for their actual. Signed during that's not 85 million dollars in tax money that's just 85 million dollars total for. Presidents normally aren't off. So like yeah I assume they were icing on the clock Tony Faris you know I doubt president Weber the president isn't going out we're talking a fairly. Dawn on how to get time as they're all about that always have to wonder. What's gonna happen I mean if war breaks out the terrorist attack. Ever since it usually I mean I can't imagine your relief actually ever on vacation even though technically. You're getting vacation and it's right on Jimmy Carter for instance point to 79 vacation as well below President Bush. President Clinton didn't take them mania don't believe in global President Obama which is interesting because. I think people would assume that the President Obama and President Bush and President Clinton we look back might have been a better president who knows. It's this is not I know a lot of people really care about those that's why it's story the numbers the numbers are interesting but I think and I hope. People like to make it a political issue and that's why the numbers or other desperately we're talking about it but I yeah I assume that the president can never get drunk. Because what if a hurricane hit somewhere or what if there is some unplanned you know big natural disaster. What does somebody set off a bomb somewhere in the world I think you've always got to the Geiger wits about you all the time and so because of that I don't care the president goes and plays golf for three hours and after hand and and to the people were gone off on the tax line as as predicted you'll never find fault anything President Obama does. Isles don't care if present electron teased work from Florida instead of the White House. Just like the first family staying in Lonnie and parents staying in New York City for awhile some people are making an issue of that because that is costing more. Secret Service and cost the city of New York City more to protect them because they're not together. It's easier just achievement White House it it's easier to protect everybody and cheaper is given. To change of scenery. We only changed his senior year they're giving out the same school if you were working in the same place and living in the same place and being in having the stress of the president's. You wanna get out of the house are that the golf trips and south ads for a few hours to play golf. We all do it at some point you know. I believe I think most people no matter what political party would would would agree that the president has a pretty disease it. Or artwork via hasn't mattered the president is or what's going on so I mean. When you hear the not a vacation days yes me junior for over 400 for George W and over almost 300 for President Obama kennel like. While I have identification analogue time. And that kind of affects people but you know the stressful their job is pretty high. Yeah and there are other slogans security updates they're still getting you know military advisors travel with them right Haitians advisors transportation assets are trapped for traveling presses with the all the cars rather he knock life for Christmas how excited are rather to stay in DC you feel easier. There are. In the next hour we will go through this 2017. In Al list that the Washington Post put out for 2070. Isn't isn't the list which is kind of cool tell you what city is out and were getting more of these relationship terms. I knew ghosting ghosting is out. Benching is in now and I didn't know what buttons idol benching that a notice and a ghosting is Travis educators because I refer to Furl all the hip information they need an we will go through in 2017. What may or may not happen here in Kansas City as malls all that is coming up in the next hour Jason grow in for the vacationing my way and and Dick Cheney went and came easy.