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12/07/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Flat Earth theory with Mark Sargent

Dec 7, 2016|

12/07/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson- guest Mark Sargent discusses the Flat Earth theory and its implications for the human race. Evidence and debate are both offered as this controversial idea gets brought into the spotlight. Also, listener calls, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 7 2016. That this big guns. Members of the senate. Republican representative. Yesterday hype. Being somebody's seven. 1941. Home. They basically prove them. In the bin domain. United States of America. Was suddenly and deliberately attacked. Brian label on them forces. But the empire. To put out a welcome. Eon reality radio Jason and javy and now at Pearl Harbor date Jim December 7 he had. 75 years schism with the spam and 911941. And snow and yes. They to 75 years and and fifth anniversary him and you know we we in our. Generation we obviously very familiar with the tragedy of 9/11 and you know when that happened. It was frequently compared to Pearl Harbor people said you know it's most of the biggest loss of American lives since Pearl Harbor. And at the time Pearl Harbor was you know as such. It was if these American soil hadn't been attacked since the war of 1812 by a foreign nation of the then you know there's some there's Spanish American war there some skirmishes but. It was a it was a it was a major attack by a major foreign power and it just changed. America forever and obviously. Brought us into World War II. And it was them it was a bit as. As FDR said it was a day that will live in infamy because it did change everybody it changed a whole nation. And Demi don't have a really personal story about it and now I think it's pretty neat in in and I wish my grandfather was still around to tell the story himself. But in a win. The Japanese. 011 when America was gearing up for war before the attack. My grandfathers are so many Americans did volunteers went in and listed in volunteered. And joined the he joined the army air corps. And you know they asked him where he wanted to be stationed to and he said I wanna go to why don't abuse and Pearl Harbor. And as so he was working on setting that up and my great grandmother his mother. Had a dream. And in that dream she saw an attack on Pearl Harbor in the Swiss and a good a year before the attack. She saw an attack on Pearl Harbor and she saw devastation and death and told my grandfather go anywhere but do not go to Pearl Harbor. And so date based on their dream he told his his recruiter Harvard worked back then that he changed his mind he did not we didn't wanna go to Pearl Harbor. And he ended up being stationed elsewhere and may eventually in in Europe. But it might Graham my great grandmother's dream foretold of that attack. And and in change my grandfather's mind he was so convinced that she was right about it and turned out she was so. Immigrant father told that story with tears in his. As frequently. Walton is a powerful story it really is thought. And when you when you look back at history I mean. He had 12147. Americans are rewarded 2402. Americans killed. And it's sad to say but it's it's it's thought to be one of the biggest government cover ups and in the history of our via the country. Well there's a lot of talking there's been a lot of talk for years about that and down I mean do you know OJ have they ever done a serious investigation into the quote unquote cover up of that. What I've actually spent a lot of time looking into it as well throughout the year Somalian via I'll give you a quick break down of its own and so you tell me what you think activist Harry. So one year prior to the attack from Pearl Harbor. And there was a report published a it was a memo by a lieutenant commander Arthur McCall and it list actions that would provoke Japan into committing an act of war now this was a year prior to us being attacked at Pearl Harbor. Are at the list included. Moving the Pacific fleet to Hawaii to putting a trade embargo on Japan. OK while you think about that. And it was a year prior for the summer of 1941. Just months prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor president Roosevelt moved Pacific fleet to Hawaii. And the US ended up putting a trade embargo on Japan you sole right there was the just a little fishy with that I mean if you're. There's claims that what he never read the memo but I I don't I don't know I really buy that because there's a lot of things that fall. Fall into place to pull story. Yeah I wonder what the intention in the memo was because in one way you could say hey here's the things we can do have to force this attack therefore get us into the war intentionally but there's also a someone who could turn and say hey this is just days list to say hey if we do these things we need to be prepared. For something to happen because it's disclose your trigger. But Japan had already put out information on and then being assumed power in Denton and being needed speed and look debt. And a certain way and not to do one of the reports was how. Eastern power and not the far eastern power by about. So there is a lot of things acknowledge that but I'm. But after the attack actual actually the presidential candidate Thomas Dewey. Believed in planned to claim that Roosevelt. Had prior knowledge of the attack now how goes on is. Supposedly there's a general George C Marshall that persuaded do week. Not to distortions Marshall was the was the was the five sir general. Each. Chief oh what's that well it's where you think given the moment. The lead that this is. The lead general of of the armed services and tournament within a day column c'mon Saudi gentleman at all and that's a problem with them and America's Catholic thirty say here's what my answer but arm and he he. Yeah actually. Ask doing not not to believe this and I mean not put that out there. Because he felt that it would reveal that the US had cracked the Japanese military coats. Nothing so supposedly we had we had known. In the mill the Japanese military to its prior. On by the time they got to the six investigation which was like November 15 1945. In Pearl Harbor they found out the US military had been monitoring the Japanese secret diplomatic codes months prior to detect. So if you if you break it all down and you'll and you look at it. And I hate to sit and try to throw conspiracy in into that but it truly looks like it was all put together because. It look like Roosevelt. And his team deliberately buried the warnings and all the information on that. Because that the US public was unwilling to get dragged into a war that would eventually lead to a war against Hitler. And so looks like it was it was this big. The thing that was just wrapped all together to sort of put us put us in that predicament where we'd end up communities in Mussolini in Italy and proceeded Adolf Hitler. Here's a lunatic as well and the whole thing with Japan sell arm. We all know how that ended I mean August 6 1940. 45 we dropped an atomic bomb bomb on Hiroshima. August 9 1945. Which followed up with a number atomic bomb on Nagasaki. And September 2 in Japan Japan's surrender. Sound. It's just there Estes so many things that tie in. And yet you can sit there and say well parts of the government don't communicate with the other parts of the government by. And I love it seems to be a lot of information that was that was known I mean if you're if you're if you're military's cracked the coats. And they're getting all this information don't you think that they'd share that with with the president and everybody else. One thing that's important point out is that the government the federal government was far. Less complex in 1941 than it is in 2016. There were fewer departments there were fewer people. And so communication was slightly easier actually can they should've been able to communicate a lot better and and I've heard the story you know for years since there was a kid dead FDR knew of the attacks the the you know that those in the know in the federal government knew they were coming. Didn't do anything to prevent it because they didn't want that trigger. So that they could go to war and their primary objective was was Europe and Hitler they wanted to get involved. To save England and safe France and and support Nazi Germany. Well you know I think this could be a whole precursor to the whole project north woods set up related vein had literally written up a whole plan. Q I attacked America on American soil Americans wrote a plan to attack America on American soil. In order to gain support for a war against Cuba because they wanted to blame an on. Cuba. And it is so and then you have the and the whole Bay of Pigs scenario action you know inoculated into Bada. So yeah so they were looked that they were literally children and the owners and that didn't go through is John F. Kennedy. Denied that. Shut it down but the fact of the matter is are talking about attacking their own people and making it look like another country did it. So is there has been time and time again. The US government has has done these things in order to gain support. Four for war but at the cost of American life so I mean is that's insane. We sit there and think if you knew this. You know you lost 2402. Americans he had another 12147. That were injured I mean you're going to let your own people. Fall like this is just and it's insane it's it's insane to me. It is into play devil's advocate a little bit about that conspiracy theory I mean the DEU post that the Pacific fleet in the United States was crippled that day. And if you were about not not just the loss of life but the loss of ships and material I mean it was crippled like it was a eat battle ships were sunk to mean something something unbelievable. And done you know I would think. Again playing devil's advocate against this idea of a conspiracy here is that a mushy Justin under didn't realize how devastating the attack could be. If if you were getting ready to go to war you wouldn't want an event that was gonna basically eliminate. You're needy in the Pacific theater to start out with and as so you have to wonder you that they were really just not paying attention. Or they didn't expect it to be so devastating. Well either that or also they figured the amount of people who would stand up and say you know what screw this we're in involved. And the amount of people who would join in and started don't sign up and patent send me I'll let money payback. Is his way upstairs so. I don't know it's it's it's a shame about. Well we have DeWitt to find somebody I know there's been some books written on the topic we're gonna bring somebody in who's who's got some information and can share some real details and and get an expert opinion on this whole thing because it is something that is plagued. Mol played Roosevelt played America for 75 years now. I'm soul and you know of course there's. Conspiracy missed out there who who really go way over the top and everything's a conspiracy. Which who knows maybe it is spoke at. And you know. I do I tend to really try to look at the at the the real information and and try to dig down deep and yeah I think there's there's a lot of things that that were not told there's a lot of sneaky. Secretive stuff that goes on in the government. And and to sing something like that are really looking and anybody can take up this information that's not mean I'm just telling it what it is you can although I'm looking up front and put the pieces together and I'm sure that you're gonna sit there and and be like wow and this truly does does look like that I was talking to in a mine executive producer from Dole's senate. And Mike Nichols and Mike says DOJ does. Believe that yeah the government knew all this information and it was to pretty much ample net via. That the people to to go to war. So I guess it's becoming more more I think that the mainstream that people believe but it's just it's scary it's scary to think that they would do that to their own people and different for and harper. Well and then you've got to similar series that have popped up since you mentioned a few of islanders series about the 9/11 attacks. Every time we have a tragedy like this is there is reason sometimes most of the time. Two I take a hard cold look at the government and look and see if they're complicit or involved in anyway. Especially when when it comes to 9/11 the part of the building in the Pentagon that was hit was it was looking into you know what do 2.3 trillion. And dollar what do what. Isu name me a book madame there's a bunch of files were. Being destroyed deleted who weren't supposed to be booked in there so there's a lot of weird things happened and that as well. So but again and let us in the war I mean he's. Do you attend zone but it was weird that they found. Well one of them and one of the 9/11. One of the in the terrorist they found his passport. Somewhere down in New York City so it it's survived a plane crashing all the fire amazingly. And the news new knew exactly who was within minutes and after I mean within hours after the point crashed and on Sunday and there's there's a lot of weird things. Kamal that when you when you dig into it Malone some of the buildings collapse locally controlled and some of smaller buildings collapse that look like they are controlled demolitions. I'd like to wrap up this conversation by offering might. Was sincere and heartfelt thanks to what I do considered to be America's greatest generation the men and women that fought in world war two and and didn't hesitate for a moment to enlist and travel overseas for years leave their homes their families and put it all on the line. Win a war that was there one point and thought it couldn't be one. They did it in two theaters they did it in Europe they did it in in the Pacific they then they came home and they continued to. Build a country and way of life that we're still bending benefiting from today. I'm soul and we know we all the almost gratitude and respect to until all the troops. Everybody here and a past and present in the future. And here's their the ones who allows to us and answer to rest in peace stood to feel safe and that's most important thing. To see what I'm I'm not ready to rest in peace here just so when I can't imagine him seriously with a with that thumb I thought well ideas that's why I came real close and I know that I know that I'm not ready. But I do have to say though. One of the best things in the world happened to me on December 7. My daughter Samantha oh that's right yeah me my oldest Christmas no big shout out to my daughter Samantha and you know she she was born and so it it brought a lot of positive ness to that day for me. Yeah K I'm we haven't mentioned yet tonight we our guest is a Marc sergeant we're going to be talking about the flat earth theory and talk about on conspiracies this is another one. And down according to mark. He you know he never believe any of this stuff and then one point he started looking into it inserted to see some evidence that made him think Kenny here or there might be something to this theory I mean for. Most of mankind's. Awareness and scientific knowledge it was thought that the earth was flat in it was it was kind of recently that that theory we changed. To a globe. Theory and down you know. And that Syria existed for years as mark we'll explain without any real evidence because it wasn't until nineteen months 5758. Did we even have. The technology to put a rocket into space high enough that. The earth could be viewed from space so. It's it's a very very interesting theory and I know a lot of people are saying oh yeah well there's this minimum that's Columbus or whatever you know there's a slap blah blah blah well that it mark marks gonna. Present some evidence can be pretty compelling. I hope so because I'm a little loss of that hole that'll subject that I might fly drones and sometimes put them up there and legally further than I should. And we've really gone way up their Kendall my camera guy and I and of course its way Allen and on deserted areas and so forth there in 7080 miles from airports. By the and we put him up 567000. Feet. And when you get up that Heidi you see the curvature of the earth here your way up there. Yeah. That's going to be a great question Asmara and how do you explain that but some. Tomorrow night just a reminder tomorrow it's going to be prerecorded show we are gonna have a great interview with the Wilbur Allen though it's well worth listening to. Will brow and of course. Claims that he was implanted within a chip or some type of device from aliens when he was a child. And he is sense been able to communicate with them they let him know where they're going to be and he goes on photographs them. And will blur or Wilbur Allen isn't just and somebody making these these are laughable claims I mean is this guy it was. He worked for on Air Force One and he definitely has some serious credentials aren't as names this year tune into the show tomorrow and and we asked that we actual or some some hard questions. And he's he's stayed right there with us which I was surprised and I mean he earned a lot more respect from me on that. And of course next week who got a week full of great programs as well. Let's see we don't forget the telephone numbers 8446877669. We haven't mentioned yet the FaceBook page we really want you to go there were looking to build numbers on that page like if you can chance FaceBook. Dot com slash beyond reality radio. And yet give us a call it specially VNA questions for our jester if you wanna bring up anything that was just brought up Michelle. Talking about the Pearl Harbor and you know on to sadness and Americans all conspiracy theory that. That comes up with that so. But. And it's just so much sicker that's and that's on the Genesis and its mind boggling when you really get into new abusive Bakken and dig up some I don't know you just do some research. We up. Hum I didn't wanna talk about something that I actually found in the news today found to be very interesting and that is. That he this this guy's been doing this for years there's a gentleman in on a server suburb of Cincinnati. Where for the last few years I guess he's a Walking Dead fan or something he's decided that he's gonna created nativity scene but instead of using traditional nativity figures he's gonna make them all zombies. So there's a zombie Marion zombie Josephson zombie baby and you know diner about the animals I assume their konduz on the side. As well. And last year he was sued by his community. Since to take it down in the community says that time it was a nontraditional. On display and had to come down while he ended up. Not being sued they drop the case because he just claimed this was in a religious freedom and he has a right to put it up that way if he wants. Well it turns out he put it up again this year and it's been vandalized. Those prices are went from horrifying. To horrible because the vandals beheaded Mary. They took the baby Jesus threw it in the middle of the yard they say that someone damage to the two most all of the animals and basically everything that he put out there. And he has tried to repair and he says he's gonna keep rebuilding a but he tells. The local TV station that this is the first time since he's been doing it that somebody's actually intentionally damage the structure. You know I have a question and probably give me hated Miami many religious individuals out there but it is Jesus came back from the dead and ten cents. Yes what was wild oats and Susan would that make him the first on the I yes. Two minutes of that just I don't want to and I I want you to answer and I wanted you don't answer that earlier on on the radio or not this ethnic a ethnic group in the just nod your head for the I won't tell anybody promised. My its wave line now it was that was the yes and I know I I can't make them really. I say hello we're gonna go. Break in just a second here we're gonna bring our guest Marc sergeant and we are talking a flat earth theory tonight and we encourage your phone calls and your participation in the conversation. The numbers 8446877669. It's beyond reality radio Jason yeah. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com nets' Derrick content. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Call girl markets beyond reality rating would Jason and JP. We're gonna take a break here GA but when we come back we are going to be talking about flatter theory with Marc sergeant. Really realize I've said it before and in the saint again and stick your knees to besides if we can't I'm all about it this time I know is that Jason JV the phone it was a 446877669. And 844687766. Right. Radio talk it's Jason JPM beyond reality radio we haven't said our nightly load everybody in chat but a load everybody in Chad good to see they're all there they show. It's everybody listening online. And listening from the chat room just tuning in off the website or listening on. Any of the many many great stations we are on across the country and we're not erring on a station in your area yet be prepared because come January. It looks like we're gonna jump up another another hundred plus channels if not you well more than that. And most likely will be will be on one within within your area and do you negev shortly after that what Geneva and overseas trip. Yeah that's who that's who were planning that's the do but the were being told and we're working hard with the additional syndicator so that we can get stations. All across the country and the world sore excited about that I didn't wanna mention jetted during the break we had a caller. Who didn't wanna go on the air. Who wanted to have just mentioned that they had heard. That so even the people at Pearl Harbor. Were aware of the impending attack non I don't know how many because they know a lot of the soldiers were taken off guard but he said. That time he'd heard reports that any you know a lot of the Japanese they're residents or people Japanese descent had left prior to the attack is though they knew it was coming. I don't know I I haven't heard that before but I wish she would have gone on the air with a suit could chatted a bit but. Lawyer and heard reports a one point that they from the Japanese had said preakness and something similar light yet the people should get out because some you know some African. And but. And essentially it was she'd come on and actually share that bit of information about you know what sort of dismiss any perspective but. A K let's let's bring our guests for the night in this is Marc sergeant mark is the creator of the flat earth. Clues series on YouTube. Mark welcome to beyond reality radio we've got a lot of people lot of questions we'll be happy to have you on the show and hey guys thanks very much for them. Price for coming on we look forward to talk or. Yes so before we get to do too involved in the in the clues in in what you do on YouTube only presented explain to us exactly what the flatter serious first. What are her theory which has seen quarter revival since the beginning to tweak it teen nick Eden basically saying that we live in an enclosed system. The easiest way for anyone to visualize this would be to look at the 1990 Truman show. Which was done and I don't know exceed a twenty mile wide scale and imagine that expanded all the we outs who you know top 10101000. Miles or more. And that we'd literally lived in a giant Hollywood studio that's that's basically one in the short of a. So I mean I I keep hearing two different things in please just tell guide me so I understand it would. One part of this is actually up that the earth is not a blow but it's actually spoke of tough it's flat. Like you don't get people pre Columbus were thanking. In the other part of this is that there's there's an entertainment component in that if you're comparing it with the Truman show you're saying dad did this is kind of a staged at were kind of performing on. For somebody's benefit. Well you know that's what it because we could piece sort of like that I mentioned the Truman shall we because it's easy for people relate to. As far as the actual reason why were in you don't could be a giant snow globe or shallow sports stadium. It's really anybody's guess but yeah I mean that default aspect of it being underneath this thing is that it's Latin you know that the provincial wasn't a giant flat structure. So that's that's where we're we're coming from now. So Mark Penn just. And just so I know 100% beyond a doubt you know new do you firmly believe and you firmly believe this or is this just something you're looking into where you firm believer of. Oh no no no I believe Liu and accuse and I I apologize to your chat line. We when I say this are probably gonna block they're not article and now. Because there's a lot of hostility out there toward the U gotta wonder why it. I never wanted to do I mean I abused played video games for a living and taught people text supports. Are we where we way to really good time huddle I get a job playing video games from I want that job today because you know I'll sign on right now any openings or perhaps four or again are you. I got I got a lot of that people that phobia IE I got into would be cut by one they are computer game tournaments that you're years ago and the company that produced a game hired him rigor. And then I went around you know Mac world need to re in and Deborah giving conventions and a game better than they work. Well I I love what I do it and win this thing came along I was kind of conspiracy guy off the outlook twenty years. And when I looked into this thing nobody Google I did not wake up 1 morning and later latter aggregate sentence like Brett. I woke up and I said okay this single piece of crap are being note why are not sure I'm into the bucket. Everybody that's in the community right now start out trying to debug it. And a warning anyone that listening you know if you wanna stay away from those things don't look in the box do not looking pandora box because I did and then. I've worked on a per about nine months and then on his gave up an agent you know what. I'm gonna go the other way and February of last year or create your video court about their call clutter Luke. Honestly thought some signs his restaurant his sister astronomer would just blow this thing out of 12. And not only did he not you dad Boyd immediately I surrogate subject matter expert go calling DC you know from different different aspects of the communities. Every year I think you're onto something. Surging interviewed get a book gotten you know podcasts it re out I didn't ask for any of these things. And use it and you guys contacted me in your hand but yet to sort that long roundabout answer for me think yes. I absolutely believe. That he you know it may not be perfect week lacked in technique the snow globe model you know of the community doesn't we don't all agree on what's going on there. But we have what one we absolutely greeted not a globe speeding through space. We've we've leader Helio centric model and used just gone it's not there anymore it's geo centric all the way. I soon and not speed I'd I'm just I'm on my mom my little mind along with the whole thing because and you put it out they're very very professionally and passionately where a lot of people we talked to. They sit there and you know whatever okay the inner earth theory and and hollow earth theory and in all the all these things on and be put it out the very passionately and professionally and I look forward to listening to. Do you explain to us. Eight and it by the way I used to be about that was really what got into I was kind of looking and all the work sick let out of interest and and when I was looking into what it looked up a guy not Volvo can secure court. Look at a guy named Richard. Ever over these type of all over here. And then I'm reading a good week why is everything pointing down to Antarctica and KeySpan basically we've got the latter part of his wife 1920 all the way it will definitely keep 57. In Antarctica. Looking for something and then he found whatever it was in. Operation deep freeze nineteen did you try to keep it six the world changed. And everything started moving the that the governments the world are making weird decisions and they altered one of the same thing about how I kind of build the close by I believe me I try to you don't think along the spine and then plummeted you know we did we wait we actually find out it was a global. How did how did we know how did the person it's looking right now you don't want the globe. Because everything else we can taxed in Indy mortgage increasing but a pretty simple statement. You know fire burns waters where you dropped something all the ground at a pure gravity. The wind calms tool. In lieu of the universe and solar system that's in your whole. And not just on the new coal fired by everybody it started out with the American government more specifically united states military. National part of the DOD. Always has that and their uniquely military book at you know by Google or other they are dark. I know got their questions were. Oh yeah first off let me just for everybody out there listening when you're talking of now when you're talking flatter now you're not talking. Where he married a long time ago they used to think that news it was pretty much quicker square you'd fall off the side don't you're your talking more like complete late. We played our hub yachts and. So so yeah so it's not like it's not like the old version weird you know it realty pitchers you know the sale book falling up yet but waters optional side. This appears to be more like Utley did you know flat dinner plate although you know some people initially stated it's kind of sheep Kawika roulette table but I'm not of the city roulette table in orbiter yet on the number elected that took 666. Another sort plus. I'll look at. It I don't write I was told not ever bring up roulette table again. Because I mean just having all really out of who have it is Jimmie and I can never sit down and have coffee with your I think is the world would change so let's go on dollar. OK so. And so what he's if you into our own vision it you know imagine again go to the Truman show sorting clothes you know that might take on it there's other people on the in the community it's a well know or may not be Unicode and it beat up the apartment. You know it's an engine did in Genesis. Like what if you have a globe and you put your hand on the North Pole flat and that cut around the edges. Into the North Pole be the center of this dinner plate. And the comments would be spread out and organically from the center. The only continent that would really not feeding in that you know that doesn't look anything like the map and Antarctica soldiers being echoed what we're we're ever get in this case will be Antarctic he's actually not just this Cochran who looks kind of like Australia. At the bottom it actually is giant is we bigger than than people think it's spread around mean higher Ed did this thing. Like ordered giant ice all for lack of better term. I don't know nothing although the edge because. Yet articles on which is really really unique. Slope so 200 feet right up the beach you know good mole the case there is no beach. And the lengths they go to the altitude really are climbing up to about 141000 feet right away plaque over 141000 Jeep. More civilian others noted that what. Plant life no animal. Like what's interesting about it is. Is that there's a treaty in place that we put in after operation deeper when admiral Byrd went down there like that the art. Team by the late senior that Ben Allen radiation belts were announced. Mother aunt and play executive Narnia Antarctic treaty would put in place. It's is that no corporation anywhere in the world no matter how much one you have you know it would say when you got don't oil companies you wanna go down there. You're not allowed to go down there ever any and ever and mean every country to come on as an economic powers forced to science and and each not even a provincial twinkling won the longest treatable and it's the only one has its unilateral lead. Fight fight every economic power no one contestant. Nobody even argued that part you think you're like the president of Exxon run or pay Japanese in the New York Times you know for every month. And I'd be great excellent good adequate partner. Never never gonna happen that you're not even want to talk about anything of what that are different you know Antarctic and everything that's not true admiral Byrd. He went on television look this up on YouTube you know public public knowledge. You're gonna art show called the long genes on Moscow in 1954. Just before he went down you know for operation the reason he says oh yeah at her with it and it out of money. Unit entire mountain region met at a coal consume the entire world for years there's older uranium there's you know there's at least a dozen quite Martel and their. I get market get a study just for seconds we have to take a break when we come back we'll continue the conversation it's Marc sergeant were talking about the flat earth series and beyond reality right. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right duress and when you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website is taps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code and beyond and check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. There are magazines again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say. Feeling that no mindedness on what I thought. When you're absolutely do in the know look we have solutions I honestly I we can never duplicate television showed together. Like if I ever had you on my MIT V show I it would have been cancer we wouldn't I would never made it eleven sees a moving canceled after two. We have to do we have to go HBO so clearly understood that. Don't welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason and javy before we bring mark back in action wanna go over to the phone lines because we've got Ralph from Florida and now apparently we met we didn't get the information quite Roy right about the Pearl Harbor a commentary Ralph walking the show. Thank you France on thanks for Coleman went almost leapt from out on the shell in a bullet there. How are you stay on point on I am very ignorant no don't be don't be rules. I got back what comes to talk to move from a month. On within a third and I was actually born they have and an annual late in the piece here and but anyway. Vote total ought to sank but not I have a lot of written anything economy but it. About two weeks before. The attack on Pearl Harbor. Bulk carrier force worked loot out. Pearl Harbor or hopefully one of our extra side. And offer credit to Australia. And and Adam look that included. You know tender. Destroyers. Like creatures. In everything that local cops fishing in at the same time all the ambassador. Japanese ambassador. War also. Exit. And now I'm not talking about Japanese look who's doing on the island. But Japanese ambassador. All shook your vote and let you know what then was it means and they left. Immediately. And like you know days before the attack. And and they did it very. Very. Split. In. I mean it's all there it is it's fair for anybody that would not to really read about it it is solved there. Well that's what that's what I wrote up earlier and that's why there's just so much evidence now when you look back. There's so much evidence to support that we knew we we knew I had a time about the attack on Pearl Harbor. And that it would it was more of just used thrust us it's it's sort of get the in the public to agree. And it just out of anger Buick and enough is enough of it let's let's get involved in this war zone on yet there's just a lot of different things where. Ralph thanks for sharing that with us and and calling in and setting the record straight we really appreciate that we get it with. Let you go because we had to get toward guest give marked back here Marc sergeant. Craters these flat earth clues series on YouTube mark you're. In the middle of talking. About two you know some of the early information here and I'd I cut you off abruptly if you try to pick it up for all of. No word. No and on or. So in and that's what I. Let me let me back it up to go a little bit and that is what I win at this thing I again. Total global. Toll bull you know believe in everything believed in that the American space program raw Rocco team. And you know you science fiction fan huge spiritually guy. And when I went at that I kind of treated like it's like a court case and I noticed that when it seemed Q all the conspiracy you know there was pros and cons but looking water that was science. Verses you know basically silent defendants. And soul you know being a dummy that I haven't curiosity took care act you know I'd look basically I I just kind of rummage around. The science site briefcases. You know. It batters he. And when I was looking in there everything kept pointing back at NAFTA because you know a lot of people including people are checked all don't do it we don't test and what you right now and everything. It went back to match you know going okay. How can you program scientist at this in the debate a few months ago I should hand you rule. Europe is a globe from the ground you can you can you prove it because they can't do it from the and I says why not because he is can't you can't you can't prove to welcome back you have to go to states like OK and equal to globe without using the word national. You know and any anywhere in and I'm I'm during naps and any other stations in absolute first they were created like here. Because. Like like everyone else it's that old national got all the info sold big got to be correct in ordered. Big big should have content on Sunday volumes oracle of information. And I started going through it and of corn wheat about it. There's really not much here and you're going to boxes and boxes and boxes of metaphorical information and there's nothing there I'd give it a couple perfect examples like. Most people don't know that there was only one. Old you know blue marble shot picture taken of the year. From 1970 Jews of all we've all seventeen but Activision on the way back. It couldn't take any other pitchers are all the way through politics being configured. But Apollo seventeen all the way until the middle of last year. There was not a single. But do we want shot taken of the year ending note that opinion and we don't we've all seen it you guys probably recognize sure. But you don't let it wanted to show the bottom part of Africa. And then be entire continent of Antarctica. It was really odd that the only good continent you're going to show in its entirety is an Antarctic entered US space for one I showed the other North American. And we confirmed this. Because during the middle of last year's the second one more shot was taken supposedly from million mile away from the telescope 43 year gap. Irwin and you know what like to get it takes a long and of course that we look at it as you know currently being angry white syndrome. But you can't you can't give it flowers after document is flour or forty years in Syria Americans say. You know you you only do we shall the second shock and we have to wonder what the picture for a 43 here. There was no video. Of any of the irked rookie out axis. Until last year literally unchecked would almost within a month of that sort but that still shot that was taken. Like the only shot that didn't actually even partial legally claimed it was the 1990 Galileo footage which shall we are rotating for 24 hour. The problem lies with the weather didn't work we're doing change on that image for 24 hours so what the heck happened. There's no footage of any rocket leaving or entering Earth's atmosphere. With the camera running to admit that doesn't stop in orbit unedited footage you know that the Caribbean regard you could go probe working camera I'm already. There's no no there's no what did you. Talk about it will throw one more there's no. Video and any astronaut. Taking a 180 degree or better and outside of the spacecraft. From any nation from Mercury all the way or the other there. Even now you know he was thought like you turn on the cameras in or out on the moon turn the camera are currently are there has never happened. Never never never have a goal here that would happen and we by action. A lot of kind of. Notable real real quick is where we got to take a break in in just about 32 spot. I if I play a lot of drones I put in sometimes we had notes areas in 8000 miles away from airports I put them 456000. Feet up in the air. And I get the old herbal I get a rounded shape that appears I just think of that. Before him because we gotta we gotta go to break but we come back I'd really like your theory on why I would get. Sort of rounded shape so one where that Ohio but you listen to Jason and javy we're gonna take a real quick break him we come back. A lot more questions from mark on this whole flap. Johnson and we're talking with Marc sergeant. And mark actually does the flat earth clues which delves into the possibility of our human civilization actually being in senate Truman show like enclosed enclosed system. And how it's been hidden from the public since 1956. Now they should hang in hang with a Smart. Yeah nobody's said so before I went to break I was talking to you about the drones I use a lot of drones and you know a lot of times. I will headway out to two deserted areas far away from airports and and try to run them to their match skip them up as highest possible. And you know I probably shouldn't be saying this because the FAA wouldn't appreciate it. But. The highest we've ever gotten we've got up about seven about 7200 feet. Intervene where I can still see everything going on running goggles and that are being project that's the image projecting back down on. No when I get up that high you can see you can see sort of the the or richer of the earth you could see the roundups. Now how can we explain that when it comes down to is the flat earth there. Should. About all drones. And the longer high altitude research projects not all of them but some of them would use up these Shia or we're all sorts of people lends to give you. A bigger perspective. And so when you're looking when you're up there and obvious example here like a did you record haven't check up at Red Bull jumped that happened recently fairly recently the guy that Yemen and have children yet. I got. Same sort seemed sort of thing. So we got and we we we got that question because we want. Which used in the Red Bull jumped shall a severe curvature of the Europe which we weep and all of you could occur or your second. But I can also assure you portage from weather balloon and a hundred who won the 1220. But doesn't red bullet think about 130. 130000 feet but other would've looked forward with a standard land it's flat as a board. And I put this challenge. Outs to anyone in you know last year and I did look because some people all in all like to the curvature would be tricky about Archie plane. You know I've talked to an air force pilot and army pilot. Flight instructor Iowa. Helping out flat board that. Bush our height of the child victim looking anyone seeing exceed curvature in any thing you know we we. Would you take a guy you know you're not electrical pro land on you know take a picture of it. Clear your laptop straight edge up to it. It you see curvature out there while I mean you know entity email you know quick letter right now. And I bet Chela has put out on all your and a half ago. And it's and it's not there now to be fair though. It'll YouTube address place and who came out against this being in January of this year after you beat that Grammy nominated rapper made on an album about quarter. And you grass types and try to wipe them up on Comedy Central. Nielsen to basically you can never get high enough in any thing that is at NASA could curvature. And on site site. And I you know what I I'll I'll go with them on the the world with a very very big place and you would have to get up buried her height should see the curvature because the curvature you've only. Eight inches per mile square and to W her was mean and I'm not trying to scare you get it would winning your net here that you need eight inches hard each mile. Hundreds. So a two mile this two times to just 432. Engines. A street in street 927. I Q when he gets you know more severe more severe to where at what they hundred miles you to bow I don't know just under 7000 feet. A curvature. Which means easel outside the target market you'll see much because we can only see you know from right and left to right at them according Barack. You should yield to see you should build a measure the collar and fuels we won't argue watching votes you know that we're in the hole both point out yet but it's not O. Bought into the distance heavily from the beach and it disappears over the right in airports all over the curvature. I'd go yeah it could have gotten away with that maybe 1520 years ago but most recently especially with. Really high. Zoom cameras that are out there. You can pick you know that but both should be gone you look what you get her binoculars at the dark and figure out like we're those Coolpix 900 Englander who would it wouldn't like seventy X zoom. You zoom in. Apple they're again. And it should be long gone and we to the point where now we're seeing it's open I put the challenge of the science. I don't a six months ago and now Michael why you object on the other side of the body of water and achieve level water. No exceptional weather. Why you object the other side of that water. That we can't seat. And they'll give you an American example imagine Mosher was your listeners or American other Chicago skyline from the other sort of league machines but it miles away you protect. And Greenwood would be you look at you know on the beach and you know you can you can look at it if you mile away fifty miles as you know after he constantly on. You're talking a little less than 2000 feet a culture. That's orange beat all. Should be not bear to be also well don't two you know it's not collusion that's where fractions where real culprit. Here yeah. But I'd I'd see our team time laps twelve hours from our very book you know very beach this Chicago's skyline room. You know goes to light and darkness and inclement weather hitters are going through you know that this thing doesn't waver when it gets to darkness you know the resolution's good enough inaccuracy cleaning crews working their way out the point he's it would seem objects that shall be on the other side. Of the hill. Are you one more example one of my subject matter expert again you need people call me up completely on respect I want a different guy. The one the first one that was brilliant huge our navy missile instructor ten years in untrained people experimental system they go to any egos. You don't fully on board with Betsy you know he gave his name will be monogamous. He goes worm when your you sparrow missile system you're going to ship to ship and you go look we can fire you probably request to part. Star who warned don't ship to ship in about sixty miles you know fifty nautical miles in 86 land while. And he goes we're painting that target you know when you're an experimental system your pain you would've been great art are to be great. Yeah that is where you can get we're going to ship to ship. Would you you know right there on the water. You've got things should be long gone over the Kirk now unless you're telling me to get gravity here it didn't seem that being radar perfectly so we can get our ship every time a lot of people who can incur. Because I'm not buying it using using the gives you we don't calculate that in there are no we don't calculate the curvature the irked when we're doing it more do you gonna calpers behavior on the white North Korea also. And that's when all the you know I had a lot of military guys called me you know artillery guys hey guys. Air force. Date I got older engines and they also had the same thing that it no matter what your shooting. You don't care to dislike her all the way at we will you know sixty mile missile or Camden. YouTube do not account for the Orioles with you just don't do it because. You mentioned you know each each one would think it's like Owen ever would club made but not when you do it in a nine to five job mom won one normal. What one moral core netted a surveyor. But I hadn't called you know. Our industry types of servers up the world there's a cleaner surveyor energy your critics or player survey are handled 95% of the projects that are out there. You're the leader egos. When you're at it it's called a plane or Serbia because you read the world what you absolutely lack. And as a rookie he says it will wait a minute don't have to count the curvature of the Adori is larger project come about flying you don't have to take into account. And you that is an accent because you're building a city you know twenty miles wide you're dealing also are different things that are boarding up lower north south east and west. You don't like putting crackers on a basketball like Wheaton but a basketball. You're gonna get into an arc and bought up perfectly against each other because these projects occur with what he does. He never used in real life everyone's heard about it. But you know when you. Mark we sir I don't like you know like it credit it's great we've got a lot of questions and we've got some phone calls who wanna go to as well and we're gonna bring Ralph and from Boston actually East Boston Ralph welcome to beyond reality radio. Doing great thanks good look in the show. Mock additionally say you one of my heroes pal. I've been following a lot of digital wasn't so the clues. I would have never gonna introduce to the platter there. How did you how did you know I would on this show tonight I didn't even announced the anywhere I I listen to would have entered. Now well and all they also larger rooms thanks a lot mark for not announcing the enemy was a period the. Try to play I think you've got to be kidding because every time I mention that to JJ GG. For some reason my phone call gets cut short. Among black or something and boarded up except. I don't know I don't remember that these chemicals and remember that you don't look. Thank thank you very much at stake you dig deeper for losing everything I've done so far and I'm clutter. Well just. Every time like among these conspiracy things all the time when you zoom in it always pops up recommended for you. In your wish you and of course they're rolled my eyes and laughed and I'm like all right ten minutes debunks. Two days later in the period there was a flatter them in effect I couldn't sleep that that's how much it affected me. But. You were already stole almost no Pope with doing on in terms of Antarctica and I didn't. In. I you know if I was of the guys they viewed sharing. Ropes even more violent ever to behave like you know. Now mabus fall out of all you guys in the round. Things are there any advantage. A K you're very welcome and and is much appreciated thanks thanks for her for supporting. Yes thanks for the call let's go to Rachel in Washington Rachel welcome to be on reality radio. Hey how I had a good look this up. I am front side effects they Jason hi EUR. So why am I watched him go country at all the time. Wanna hear or ever. Well thank you very much I appreciate it and we had fun eleven years I mean it's who would have thought that showed us ticked off so many you'll just kick started a whole genre of television. Oh my god I'd do I I swear I can track you probably for hours about several occasions that you guys are gone do. I can't receive question tonight is is it okay. I kinda like to think and pretty open mind when it comes to things like that I'm you know I'm just wondering like about. We went but it would like to corner of the parents like like how how do these things not exist like if the world to try won't we when and how like. A core of the earners and how would things are helping stave weather's supposed to be I I just it just doesn't make him to be at the world. I. I'd love to answer that one. And I don't and by the way the open you guys I don't actually now and I'm gonna due anybody's show and grant I I would tell them. After the fact ago I go go to this channel and with and you know all the stuff like I do I don't know I do it's it's not a prom and all we and so I was only joking with the Sonoma are okay. I attribute all you know these guys are good but it. No it as far as what would your question though actually made a clue about that. Because why that was one of incredible debt because the deepest hole ever riddled. It eight miles. And I thought oh it's kind of weird because you don't we'll grow you know grown up through school we don't know the cross section of got a stopper you know goes from Orange to yellow to milky white center. You like center. And as cool wind of it happening you that it's 4000 miles the center of the year. How did they know what they're killing drilled down eight miles. And it did make it or digging through some stuff even the Wiki entry you know what that is kind of like she told around the things that well work hard strapped in speculating based on what comes up from volcanoes and stuff. So what I'm saying it's yeah core core the year they don't know what the court to hear it but so you wonder why. Like why when your doctor textbook wide across section a year to have a big question mark in the inside of the that's because science doesn't like doing that sign each question marks. So they will you know they'll say well we think that and eventually they'll dispute what people assumed that. You know that perhaps we are to ensure. Any journalist. Mark writes I find that point very very interesting because there are many things were taught from a scientific perspective that it's really our big question marks and I don't wanna go into it now but even the Syrian revolution. You know is is something that we're taught as fact and it's still is still some uncertainty as to how it all works and I'm. And there're so many of these things that are preached his is scientific gospel. Yet and an IQ I Olympic Segway that in Q. The question will eventually come up and chat or someone to call up or take. And we levee called anger into why why would they hide it why would they are hard. And the big reason is because of what you just sit there it is because there would be a massive paradigm shift in science would be called into question. You ordered to forget about the economic and in this virtual site necessarily. What the academic side would dispute turned upside down did you people will be looking at sign Snooki. So you were wrong about shaping years and you're talking about rapper 500 years. What else are you blog about the evolution thing what's going on their carbon dating and what happened here with a big day you know I mean these Dirk and then you know you look at the religious side and you know then it it will bite you couldn't religion broker so you're right about this. An aspect of one of my people communities get a website called testing the globe dot com which talks about strictly Christian point of view. He just you know quarter reading the Bible. It's amazing I mean it's. And. Oval where it would Leah what we get a question from one of the live chat room people who was asking during a lunar eclipse the shadow of the earth that is cast on the moon is round not flat. And then just wondering if you have an explanation. Oh yeah no no different than a planetarium and again I know people are gonna want you know they're gonna or fight this tooth and nail. But when you Google planetarium I checked I peoples they won't know IQ the moon of Jupiter you know what what might what might run binoculars or telescope like OK our Google planetary but I know that speech nobody goes partnered up the bureau planetarium and and you look up. Take their binoculars which you. And looking at Jupiter the binoculars make it more or less real. And this year what does matter is your side you know planetary Michael yeah who's to say when you walk out of that one worked in a bigger and circle back to your question. When it comes true that they move the whole waxing and waning think. Or but the blood know what moon should you don't exist because there is no word between us on in the Mo. Yeah when it comes to anything in the sky you were just looking really good giant display it's no different literature I'm not a good bit on kind of accommodation planetary contrarian. Wildlife preserve whatever you wanna call but everything this guy is it's what you are very good one. The art Yassir let's bring in Steve from Florida Steve you're on beyond reality radio. Yeah thank you think my call I am first off America that you get time. On nutritionally error and I caught retarded or retired so I'm like I speak my mind on very prestige up. B I was pattern. Other subject matter about the moon beer around agricultural organs bit sun around your you know you can watch when you force seven all of these are live video. But he just made a comment about everything and that eight. Whatever the planetarium order. And rovers on martyrs right now. So let up on the spot open guys and it is real into diesel a real saying everything is around. You know you also. Like I tolerated come from inside and both parties to appear flat. Are you generate your magnetic Philip protect. Great question on Steve recollections are quite. But they're not particularly good I'll outwardly at about one with pay up poll question was a big market thinks and or limited time which is the van Allen radiation belts. Deadly thing chipotle ever announced by NASA employee you know trigger that Ellen back in 1959 the same here that they announced the Antarctic treaty I don't leading coincident. How did they get through them that Allen said himself that if you try to go through these things you know if they're completely leaked will be humans. And yet Apollo aged 10111230. Board is having an effect on the latter what sticks me round trips through this thing. Nobody died nobody got radiation what you nobody got cancer. And yet when US nets you try and it will pay what she'll be did you. It to stop the radiation. And they they won't answer maybe you'd get get air. Because you can only do we all know you know there's tripping because appreciation wanna let we Wear those standards are that's been very doctors' offices. And the awarded gold which happened to be trivia twice since it led. The last thing you're gonna do is put an anchor on pop rocket so the question is what she'll being did they used to get through the bells. You know they they will not talk but no one ever addresses that he never come up in any massive documentary ever in America act opera one more it or no wind. Which used at what happens on its secret information. Go to the NASA website and look at the video of Ryan trying to like fire you right project also known them art project. Where it's like a seventy minute video which I think aired on television some point. Where they were seem to be we'll have to send unmanned capsules. Through the van Allen belt because they haven't figure out how to get through the radiation and they are very specific about that will reap what you talking about are why would you. We need you can't address again the belt yet went ruling in the sixties. And nothing ever ever went well so why are you having problem with it now why you know used they're they're kicking the mark things down go on the road because. They know they can't take. Well and they you know art machines. Will we we just talked to the for our friend Stan Friedman who's a huge UFO UFO. And aren't I understand opponent and we shall we say ask him about that the whole radiation because I know he worked he was saying that he worked on. The actual panels to and to block it so com. I spot I asked him that question I I expect I got I got to be because I was pulled the debate some scientists negate these entry. And keep unity you know I had some great discussion but what I mentioned Iran and trial by fire think he was. Wore this W would be an oil edged up there now we've done on the button and call it video October 24. Well so how are they can you know. Why don't want a public art him but you know it's a no no Brodeur and effect. Although the Mars rover for example it that your caller mentioned. Mark over of Roanoke on batteries work especially car batteries you know the big charge discharge but eventually they will die. What a car battery dies it dies forever there's nothing you can you can cook Hoover Dam to not gonna come back the white. That Mars rover battery should guy shivery years ago should've been gagged to the world and they just let that thing you go. One more that China principle we have to move on the moon right now so we've been there since 2014. What's taking pictures and apparently helping people actual footage of it because what I. The wanna warm vessel in the supposedly has broken down due to the actual moon dust and as far are okay well it but it is broken down briefly Nicole but why why didn't they put it into the sea of tranquility. You know the only thing interesting if you believe you Apollo program which you know what the first thing our community have to give up. And by the way that was what that would look at things thank god letter came along because it was something had been blogging meet the longest aren't open to go to the net and put that. Market big market. America's hold on because we got to go to break in we've got more callers more questions and a lot more discussion to come we're talking with Marc sergeant whose creator of the flat earth clues. Series on YouTube. It's beyond reality radio Jason JR. Time and GB Johnson. Behind this happy go lucky radio voice in May be hard to tell but I recently suffered catastrophic some injury they changed my life forever. It's often said that there's always a silver lining and I found online betting group called safety. SA FT. Support they've forgotten from international. Guest the folks at safety Bentley came to my aid could offer support to me. And mine the other nine fingers that's why I decided to become a spokesperson for safety and to help further their mission. To make sure that every song earns the respect it deserves. The folks at safety we play one moment. Safety first. That's right SA ST I remember. A son this is terrible thing to test. Or it's on to its and a reality radio and Jason javy we're talking about platters Syrian it's generating a lot of comments and she had a lot of phone calls and a lot of questions yet and it's it's really to benching topic I thought we weren't talking by officer earlier Jim has like we're going to be talking about what. How how is this if the owner of Philip to how we unifil two hours and and now wondering who they were running third here but mark K real quick another question for you go. Is how can we have done these things were people do you know people flying around the world of sailing around the world I as a bowl guy. I I work and so is really close with my GPS but you know and I'm also very familiar with with voting spent most of my life on most. So I know that with fair fight if I leave New England I had straight across and I ignore him and now I'm gonna end up. I know that if I keep on going eventually I'll come back to the you know to the the West Coast of the United States. How how does this work then for people who were flying around the globe. All no no words and and I and I know these questions by art. Guitar I've gotten them literally and people thought I was creating last year. Beyond when it comes to sailing around the world are flying around the world. You are 22 things to two aspects different. One is when you move your finger in a circle of powder around the dinner plate. You are going around the dinner plate. Does that make you better play this year note is not. But when it comes the GPS system which is also very curious could more dug and that more real Michael smoke you talk about a matrix reference but the GPS works for the system. The GPS was designed by get United States DOD back in the ninety. And no yeah it's helpful in some ways but it also can work for them in showing you where they want you to think that you lock. When it comes to long distance flights. So. And I get a clue you know like I I I don't want on its engine because I'd been a mystery questions critical of the GPS but look up the clues. There and I conclude on this one is called the long haul. And the other one called the magic show work shows how the GPS system completely drops off when it comes to playing about a 150 miles offshore and doesn't blink back on again until you get about a 150 miles. We seeing that beyond your destination everything else goes into proximate to or estimated mode. And that range happens to be coincidentally about the same distance as maximum land based radar. We're seeing the GPS system really is and satellite based it's just but you'll read system with a different wrapper. At that. But let's go let's go to that in Louisiana was a question Ben welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. Hey guys it's it's a beautiful night down here in the south Louisiana hope you guys Evelyn to. My my question there like it's more about observation. I'm I'm an aura I have been in. Oilfield telecommunications. Were all of their interest up about six years now and now a lot of that involves. I frequency radio. And I heard you speaking earlier about you know munitions guys not taking into how curvature of the earth they hit targets but it. I mean just didn't practice. If if if I'm doing a long range radio shot at C you know 24 gigahertz. It in order receive and transmit standpoint that you're you're shots about sides of the dollar and if I don't account for the curvature of the year my radio they're not only go up when it comes to set not the elevation. For them so I'm just. You know. Partly. Serbian special argue. No it's okay and I believe you indicated to anyone up there look I'm not trying to convince you in in whatever to ever show. All I'm trying to due Louise you know create reasonable doubt four of the global. Leno went when I wanted to eighties things like I do not plan to walk out when you know chanting flatter flatter walking on the street. So when it comes to your review prickly Pete are you bouncing off of any atmosphere layers word when we doing that you are you getting up Thermo org I. The artist's urine. Know that that's self actually started in a bit bold. Super long range stuff that that country itself before it started getting into this field but I'll talk and just you know about thirty mile. Radio shot if you don't account for that for the curvature you can't you can't just set this up in a street nine degree angle it's it's never gonna link up. You know I absolutely can to make these things point down. Sent it to reach out and touch each other. Now in Europe and harsh UP. And I'll go ahead go hard. How would I am and I'm talking from a purely I've physically done this myself. Standpoint you know I'm in doubt about had my hands on these things for awhile now. So I'm I'm and and you know up. I gas still have the same argument our former around. Foreign expression around the globe you know several times over the course Amal my work and troubles. So me and out of her dream you know some of that but I'm curious from a physical I have a piece of equipment. And I put it at a ninety degree angle what country now. Is not going to speak to the other piece of equipment that is pointing nine degrees straight out it just doesn't happen I have to physically meet these things. A towel for even a very slight over a distance of very slight curvature. Email email media equipment pitcher using because all I can tell you all the guys that talks Hugh. You know from from electronic guys are talking to him he's got to use some pretty PP equipped equipment. They're what they're doing street shots so old I don't know what to millionaire you know then I'd have to look more at for. Yet then we're gonna it will put you on hold then and and Alex or a slick we'll get your email address and then you can communicate with with some mark directly and. I entered tied her record great Edwards curious you know we want to keep an open and so among live and let live guy I don't like it or. And don't let the delayed because I. I want our address is second thing about the plane flight so I don't a lot of business travel lights I'll wind you get up to cruising altitude. And eagle and you're going you know you you're set it cruised. You're the big thing when it comes to planes right so you're talking in a hundred miles you're talking about 7000 feet curvature and yet I have never been in a plane recruiting they'll do good we can all the network human being batted it hurt it at will do motion. But we can tell you think did the right can you get 500 feet even a commercial aircraft. Al over swallow hard you're gonna notice it. That plane actually be adjusting for the curvature. All the time. And he you know indeed I don't care how good an auto piloted it you'll going to fuel some and it. You know even if it's if it's 7000 feet you know plane a commercial jet and a couple hundred mile. Quickly you know you know we'd you set up instrument on really long flight and little things don't even watch everything from sophisticated iPhone instruments. To just a bubble level with a it would Campbell. And got suckered never move you know when you get up to cruising altitude more flying perfectly absolutely level. I encourage anyone looking into the gyros on plane to get to read it and violence. And it you know not to be looked like an actual pilots they all had the same thing that they instrument stated lack. Well not and I'd have to do I and I understand we sang as a friend who I am I have friends who are pilots and and I've been on their plane and swooned when you were up in the air. I mean if he if he's at 20000 feet. It's Alex yes to keep Mon. You know adjusting to stay at 20000 feet so I icu is what I see what you're saying their yeah definitely it was curve T what you would he would have do. Yeah but I'm yet it's on the I guess I'm not sure enough when he if you work the line pin and so forth you know exist in hundreds and hundreds of mile I've who were talking. Owner that's at so many thousand miles around so. It's gonna be hundreds of miles before he needs to really adjust on the book. Were work and we're quickly running it on hold on mark a sardonic okay were just running out of time and we're trying to get all of this and we've got says Jay has been on hold for awhile from sorted Jake. Iran with sub Marc sergeant. Hey guys OK so once again SOL's. Best W they are now argue. To get a lot of truth about a lot of things people have questions. They confirmed that massive ball lies. I don't remember what does this set about all the to open up I want to point out it is dawned on me get the whole Christopher Columbus thing we know that that's not true. About. With the Indians and how they say he discovered America all of that well think about flat earth was tight in all of that and I would just say that right then and there. A liar conspiracy wasn't developed then or even. Even before then. It's argued that evolution that is a lie of state and you can see if they haven't taken them down there's been physicists and scientists. Did admit that that was completely made up including prominent and the of course they're global conspiracies of all government that's what are you get the globalism. Global it's cremate the balloon knotty. Yeah order UN council foreign relations Trilateral Commission build a burgers is that there. What I I was curious is this your guest has done and any thing to do concern amble out they have been what they've been doing with the permanent and cracking the shields and if you knew any it's because. Back in this Purdue anyone else had. With scriptures in the Bible or any other religious text of manuscripts such as. That these global. To not accept to it and and others like ever remember people would be a woman's body hinting at it with their shows and movies. Under the dome the CBS show that was based on the music he's good now had done. Alien pod taking over. An invasion storyline yeah. Wanna give mark enough time to answer your question Jean because mr. Obama is not a good outlook we I'm just over a minute. A perfect. Oh yeah when it comes to get you brought an interesting point which you the American government and the Soviets after again after the the 1956 of all the discovery of this thing. Which was that the American and Soviet starting from 1958 to 1962. All Lee did was fired nuclear weapons straight. And some of these suckers really big high high altitude make it comes I think they were trying to it being like guy would do it like Barea or their civic buster. That didn't work. How it ties in with his question. I think after that they're going OK Brooke forces and working well yeah I got our acting work with frequencies. That not doing too much maybe beautiful weather market and what else you got. Abouts were you we can just create a hole through this thing. I don't know what you're concerned. Super suspicions to I think it's part of that in some way you like I think if we're all we're all still trying to let's keep this thing some people are I I absolutely believe in that and we'll let you forget brick. Yet or yelled at the UN flag. You know everyone knows what looks like (%expletive) all the content on a yup there's some dignity and he went flag is Antarctica Antarctica it is not on the UN flag you gotta wonder why. Interest in there we're gonna go to break we're gonna keep you through this break as well marked. We have enabled it to all the questions but I've been on the million dollar question moment get back it's beyond reality radio Jason's yeah. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and connect to be reiterated Jason is Jimmie Johnson again. I spent more sergeant we've been talking about the flat earth series had a lot of great conversation and I've got two questions mark one is it's been in the chat room few times. Is how do we explain. Tides in the moon is responsible for title activity on the births are good and not let me ask that question him. Cracked. When it comes the moment or our country into this that trains on the law. What a content type of these things artificial then the moon cannot be good thing that this directly affecting the type everything. Down here has got to be detected from down here. And that means everything from the jetstream system you know the upper atmosphere that's gonna be like jet air conditioner the underwater conveyor system which it down and you know the ocean currents. Which also worked very very efficiently and in a circular models programs here. And the same thing with the tides and everything that has to do with gravitational. We've sold the moon because at the U. You can't be 200 preacher about miles away and what are couple mock croc. It's got to be you know it's going to be much much smaller and their pork you know you're knocking at. If you're gonna build this thing you would wanna make that thing you know like a direct gravitational lens. Up black. On the on the being part of the moon not get up and too much of attention look into moonlight being cold. And by that I don't mean that colder at night. Are you look at moonlight is actually generating. Hole. Like a cool leader we can do this now what technology recruiting to twenty years ago netted error when no 100 degrees on it like ninety degrees machine but. If you are in the moonlight recklessly it's sixty degrees in the moonlight. If you go to the moon shade. It's actually warmer. It's actually you know like seventy in the in the mood treated we've seen up to thirteen degree swing which should not be possible for a physics standpoint if the sun is reflecting. Some of the sun at the moon reflecting on the sun's rays. That the last thing you do you certainly wouldn't see a generating cold lake I would look for people suggested this part of it could somebody I didn't that this the community it. And I have war you know usually on take a magnifying what can pick meg going wire problems aren't you can burn paper answer whatever you pick a magnifying glass to moonlight. It actually gets colder and you know been been normal normally is that it's fantastic anyway sorry I don't. In the million dollar question. Is let's assume for a moment that. This is all true. There's a dome over us. And toward the earth is flat the question is who built the dome and why. That'd number one question. And I don't one of setting religious people don't wanna downplayed it any religion because it can only be one of you saying you're either. In advance civilization. A big ones and everyone knows about your clothes why not you know or it something divine. You know but then again or talking about an event civilization you know how many layers you have to go to you before you get the dark and like seeing is the hand print of god am I mean this is intelligent design. Unity and not necessarily put you know there's a lot of people that have been looking into its you know along those lines and like you know is this proof of god which is of course why the region. You wanna hide because it's one of the rule of power you're not or to break and that it never admit that there's some pretty stronger than your cell. If you're a certain level power play the airport never said never gets your vote you look older better word fighter or. You don't control the sky is you don't control the sky arts same thing with respect. The you don't want to admit that we won't bills you know because that would imply that there's a creator. You know somebody built it and whoever we're total. Mean that they're more than that you. And the general population property comptroller general population if you know if that is true soul that's when apparently it or bike and play that it is brought a lot more people who spirituality in general. I I'd be one of them you know I'm not I'm not being hypocrite and say otherwise there's a lot of people it is it's the only conspiracy I know to get the message of hope. And that is that you know that there could be you know. You know that we may not be alone there may be something it's been looking over our shoulder all the time will tell someone go to Twilight Zone episode but. Our inspection one thing we're gonna. My market's been a fantastic conversation and great discussion would just simply at a time I think we asked fifty questions that we probably have another that's 250 to ask if we have the sun and doubly we have to have you on again with some point. All right edit you have to do whatever what's the website in the YouTube channel people can check out some of your work. You know the easiest way I could rattle off about doesn't just go into any browser whatsoever and hyping flatter clued you will find me and one warmer in other words the nor the precise subscription but the podcast the ball whatever you will find it. One you should I should throw in before we go and that is what you typed in any surgeon you'd type in earth is. WGC nowadays because didn't you say her whose black. You're welcome that's what we did recently. There. Are Clark thanks so much for joining us great great great discussion and we appreciate each time. Thanks guys very much and it took him Martin sergeant and agree conversations in light and I meant that I mean we asked probably fifty questions but they're probably than the 20300 questions we could test it's it's well you say he's willing to take any and all. All question yes there were asked apartment and again I've I'm big on the whole if you're willing to stand in there and and take it went when somebody's asking hard questions and and you willing to take it not at all defensive that shows the kind of person you Margaret shows your conviction in what your year talking about what you're preaching. And day tangible your belief and a and and he did that parents are getting him credit on that and to be honest with you he. And he seems to enjoy what he's talking about he's now he believed the session usually had he believes that he can he can tell you. Answers for all for all of us and I'll and I'll tell you that you know I mean I went like Q I went in very skeptical of this conversation but some of the same points things she points out make me want to earn money do little more research and learn a little more about it. You try to find him or I'm gonna go see if I can jump off the end of the world you'd like that would mean. Back back back and I don't and there wouldn't have to hear by your thumb anymore but I thought it would be a very sad for. Don't forget tomorrow night we've got to prerecorded show but it's going to be a good when we we and highly encourage you to Prudhoe listen and participate in chat. It's with Wilbur Allen. We're gonna talk in about his experiences with US foes he claims there's been implanted with a chip by aliens and he communicates with them it's a very very fascinating conversation. Then Monday we are Ronald Murphy he's ten books in the paranormal ranging from historic studies where rules and mermaids to big foot and vampires. Disorderly talking with him on a lot of different soften to Syria and John McKay. And experienced evidence shall psychic medium who is highly sought out throughout the US Canada and other parts of the world. And no real bunch of great gas coming up again. And about a month we're going to be adding a ton of more stations to to beyond reality radio mex so. Mean she'll looking for that because different not in your area yet it appears that we most likely will be in the near near future. Yup yup so stay tuned for more information always check out the web say we have the latest information there and as stations get added in music as we get new affiliates. That'll be posted there so. I personally saw bigger again a big shot on a big thank you to Marc sergeant coming on tonight if you haven't liked the FaceBook page head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Because a lot of great information their personal subject of the senate be unreal reiterated dot com play station in your area listen online join the chat room although all the shows lies and and challenge us and connect with us and ask questions from there about a big shot on a big thank you to everybody you me all day. Tune into the show tomorrow's prerecorded show tune in tomorrow and we'll catch you all Monday have a great weekend. And it's produced by sticky 88 minutes include music Alexandria Johnson for. Conrad now don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow up on or you like to be cast on beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.