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12/06/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Hollow Earth theory - are there civilizations living under the Earth's surface?

Dec 6, 2016|

12/06/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Rodney Cluff discusses his book - World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow - which supports the theory that our Earth, as well as the moon, and other planets in our solar system, is hollow and civilizations are thriving there. Plus, listener phone calls, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 6 2016. And welcome redeeming good morning it is what do. And Tuesday night slash Wednesday morning beyond reality radio Jason in GT and today at Tuesday's rate. Don't know who it was Tuesday today yet. Special conference put on it would say hello everybody out there amid a real later India institute in the tonight. We got a great we have a great show we really do tell it's going to be interesting because there's a lot of there's a lot of theories sheltered talking about how earth is a lot of big believer hollow now. Yeah it seems a little farfetched at times when you when you think about it and but if you if you think about ancient civilizations all talked about. Underground dwellers and rate down to the Greeks but arm. But also there's all these claims from people who worked heavy machinery Asian in these mine's actually in digging. Digging into the earth to hope creek underground bunkers for the US government that have Kamal and claimed. That they've in they've hit the shafts and it's opened an image come across other human type individuals have been living underground. So it's it's one of those things where I mean she Wonderwall if so then why. But. And hang on it's it's an amazing thought because it also if you look at Jim. You think all of the earth was hollow or however it may be people would sit there and say well what about the sky what about this what about that you've got more than enough room. Because you're in it's only so many miles up that you guys you've got the cloud you gut. Before you start it in the atmosphere. Our guest tonight is a 100% convinced that there is not just people living. In side the earth but he's also convinced that the moon is hollow all the planets are hollow. And that did the earth in particular has some very very. It spiritual. Significance to this senator and to the inside the core what are you wanna call it so. He says he's got scientific evidence he's written a book about it called world top secret our earth is hollow. And I'm really anxious to hit to hear what what evidence he has an end to where he got his information from because it is a fascinating discussion and topic. Well and there's different claims that there's an opening in the North Pole opening South Pole for and it has through. These different and it creatures whether it be alien life. But I know all also a lot of it goes right back to Lola. And what the guy who is famous for haley's comet for more hilly did exactly does that mr. Daly I forgot his first but palm. But I know he was a big. He was a big believer that in the earth was hollow. And so. It's really a lot of weird information when it comes down there and talking about it for years. Of course there is the famous HG wells. A movie and book oh was. Was it to turn to senator thank you very much. Invited to our league who cited cost as regular camera there but it's going to be a great topic I'm really really excited to have this conversation. Tomorrow night's gonna be another good one as well we're talking with Marc sergeant is cut along the same lines and other you know earth kind of conspiracy thing creator of the flat. Earth series on YouTube's. And YouTube which has millions of views on each one of the videos shows evidence. That supports this latter theory while he was talking about. Are in very much like we're living in in a Truman show up tight and tight environment so. You'll receive them will be your panel and I'd Jim Carey he'd spent his entire life inside this this dome and never even knew his wife was just. Event that was mean Pete everybody was watching seasonal cycle yeah exactly. Yeah so let's tomorrow night's program Thursday were gonna have a it's a prerecorded show but it'll be featuring Wilbur Alan we've talked about. So on the show of recently actually because there were discussions. But you or foes the Wilbur is a really interesting guy who has some very very interesting experiences including. His claims that he was implanted with the device when he was younger by aliens which allow them to communicate with him. And if you remember today he talks about where that they tell him where he they're going to be so he can go and photographs them. Yet and will push not just. Any anybody I mean he's sore for her on Air Force One you know I mean here is so it is dead and castles it's it's pretty important jobs so. And and we had a great discussion about actually to rationalize an alien life and and I asked him hard questions of that interview. And we had to talk after because he was a little so I think that with the and I and just explain in my Sam and asking hard questions but you didn't hang up the phone new rescue answered then you start you stuck with the so you learn that much more respect. And I think that's important. It is important you know clearly sends program we have to ask the tough questions and you know limit people decide once they hear the answers that is there's there's too many shows out there today you wanna thome bigfoot just walked to report when your kitchen and one new accepted well the you're listen to the wrong you know there's over shows we'll do that for. Exactly. Don't forget the F FaceBook page we want you to stop buying give that a like if you haven't done it all radiance is beyond reality radio on FaceBook. The chat room can be accessed or if you they happen to be out of the range of a local radio station that carries the show you can listen life on the web site. It's beyond reality radio dot com and telephone numbers 8446877669. You know what might be able to elsewhere via a theater as urgent as it's always this apparent it is nasty. I'm from bluntness move now. Not they about a oil and only saying that because sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. Europe highest level since two nests and the year 2000. It's interesting because ice self just personally and anecdotally that we've heard a whole lot about Nancy in the last few years so it's interesting that you know lose sight in Europe now or strangely Elvis sightings are up the most sense said the your 2000 not sightings are messy or at the highest since the millennium. The official Loch Ness Monster sightings of register has announced. And Gary Campbell keeper of the register with China you know literature but it whatever he says it was a fantastic year for Nasr reports which he put down on the growth of Smartphones. And webcams. That don't ruin our Connie thanks so final note all Smartphones or webcam actually. I'll dol dot com and mr. Campbell said. For the first time two of the seven sightings were photographed on the same day by different people at different places on the block. Knew who aren't I think we have to get up on Tuesday Adam yeah we're gonna have to find those phone address and also two of the sightings were by web him. Which have who are we not up to this is the Phil I need I would put a webcam feed right on the BM am desperate. Including one from an online watcher in America. It means that there are more people than ever watching. That are looking for Nancy which would explain the rise in sightings of him in fact if you go back to 2000. When there were eleven sightings for more appearances and ASEAN as a mix of sort of a certain. So far with less than a month of the year left at seven NASA reports have been officially accepted by 2016 so I guess reports have to be officially accept it. More consumed. That's the registered probably does then he the last sighting was on August 21 when Ian Campbell government worker from our goal. Hartnell with cycling along the west side of the law and with his son. In a family friend when he witnessed two creatures in the law about 33 feet length just now from the shore. On the same day mrs. and mr. Smith visiting the area also saw something very similar. He said that he and his son saw some dark or black shapes moving around the water. Near her cart castle. He estimated them to be 800 yards away. I mean in moments. That's some activity because it's been a long time and ever and I'm and we had that they guest on Tom backbeat pro I think was prior to syndication come whose father started. The real effort rhythm he was one of the first to really decide who's gonna dedicate his life. Two finding Nancy. And strange years years looking and came up with a little bits of evidence but never really was able to capture anything definitive which. When you when you look into a lot of these these hollow earth senators Jim there there's all these. So called openings under these bodies of water and feed to these underground caves Darrell cadence and and all these are things the oceans Bausley feeds into them screeching go there. But that always a possibility for true in NASA heading into these are these underground caves that are under the water and I don't know if that was some of the reports of people talked about. A long long time ago but. Miles who we gonna keep an eye on it for sure and speaking of keeping an eye on things. One of the things we talk about a lot on this program as it is progressing technology. Yes there's now an app that's available. That allows you to scan people's faces and reveals everything about them. Really. It's called blip part BL I PP eight our Middle East in a person's face in real life. On TV or in print to unlock their profile and it's an app that uses obviously Smartphone camera. Andy did uses augmented reality which people are probably most familiar with. Because of the game poke a Mon ago that's an augmented reality game but the company behind the gap. Announced that it had the facial recognition will be introduced she can scan other people and reveal their profile to billed as the first facial recognition for phones. And right now lose their profiles are only an opt in experience so you have to say okay to it meaning members of the public have to go through a process to get their faces recognized. And they can switch them on and off as they wish but the app can be used to scan faces on TV and print Orrin person. And you can look up an actor musician and they'll find basically everything on there is to find about them 70000 public figures were automatically be discoverable because they can be. Legally. From information. Drawn from publicly accessible sources unless they choose to set up their own profile that gives them a little bit of control over what information we have so many on TV throat and I think that says yeah I think that's the point. And so it there they're saying you know facial recognition is that is the new. Frontiers first technology in this area goes in you can actually. Download this app for IOS and for an iPhone or an android. And trying to. All assume that terrifies me very much he brings a call minority report type feel that anybody dealt with split. Jim we are talking not too long ago and I'd watch that show that sixty minutes stead when sale watch a show sixty minutes and I feel like my father. And remember used to sit around logically orders and I watched it was because they are talking about robotics and in things like that but and they had this computer it was it was a robot but the it would read your facial expressions. And I guess we're using it could tell you your reactions on the are also trying to incorporate into. Suicide watch. Because in the news media make him an A ten to a certain things of their artisans to remove. And it just makes me wonder how long before everything's interconnected and give people who have just things are. Are looking at you weren't thinking that you're going to do something Marie you're certain way prior to anything different happening. Think. Yeah. What you'll later criminal so we're gonna bust in our great right now the and its that is it that is a scary precedent. But this happens available Lipper it's called and you can downloaded on your phone and let me know what to find itself I think that that's so we're getting close to Christmas Jim. Yeah we honor yeah it one or nineteen days away now that's crazy I mean I'm I'm still ahead an immediate Thanksgiving in my head yet so. I now are now going on there floor you know it's Benoit late last year you use that all a dream catcher to following. And you know we we had to do another one mean to find out. Well I know you're dreaming about we have used in the wild. And we probably should because you there were some pretty generous in new experiences that came from the two times that we've used to so for. There were there are so an assertion that one last Christmas. Chris and I do appreciate this whole deal Obama well you know I don't I don't know you know I don't know how it all happened and and still feeling a bit taken advantage of here but time. Did you like it tells you do you look to tell you remember how that went. While someone in the slightly I don't know maybe we should play for folks in a place we ever recorded we should let people hear what happened last Christmas. When I used the dream catcher 3000 health care act. Are you ready for this. Anomalies. Vote TV can you hear me. Who is this this is the near you I'm just teasing and possibly sleet Jason's. The inner watched the unity and I'm just using Jason's voice because and no it touches your heart. What he's doing in my dream. I'm here to make sure everything's going well you can Jason Christmas gift. I was going to buy it I plan on it is it going to be something nice. Well I yeah I have something picked out. Is it just normal doing helmet from storm it was come to him. Now it was it was a markets that bald guys have more fun. Sister can putt. He really wants a stormy Oklahoma storm militia com 357. Dollars and fourteen cents. But in her media IE was only when to spend twenty dollars that was my care Jim your chief pastor. You're investing in the loyalty and friendship. Jason deserves this. Well he he is my best friend but 300 dollars in in me that's a lot of money to receive your best friend that you could show. Well last year he'd gotten towels. And nice towels. While they were nicely to draw really well do you know. How much they cost Jason. I was thinking twenty bucks don't 350 something dollars. Fourteen cents while those are nice towels there I should return that picketing in that moment that's number it was dot com. What was the whips it spam dealers dot com Jim it's easy snowmobile there's dot com it's just how complicated can c'mon don't make just typical. Blah out of my credit card you really show it the more you're I think that's just tell us Jason notion of institutional account. It's now it's what it's all very Claire remember very closely knows haven't you definitely get you is that again amino and going to. Okay I'm outta state moralist medicine office and but yet assume Christmas not far away and you and tiny that he fired snowmobiles. I have nots I am. And if so I got to get over Berry actually tomorrow open and get set ago because they're calling for an excessive. Amount of snow on the this year I just saw somebody's in chat room I think there's Sid it's snowing in Syracuse. I was actually in Syracuse earlier today in new York and them. And what is doing and knows there's X canonized spent looks like the snow. Is heading east from there. Last year we didn't get much now but the year before that we use when we got about eight feet of snow has fallen eight to nineteen starters too much to Ireland was too much to snow couldn't I couldn't even openness O'Neal trailer and it was Griese couldn't get I couldn't get to anything so you weird we're stuck. And no place to put the snow anymore. So for years. They've been around. Finding with their calling cosmic dust on. In Indy in areas in Norway. And down other parts kind of redeem mostly north's Northern Hemisphere may be closer to Arctic areas. But they've just confirmed. That they found cosmic dust which is the dust that's left over from the dawn of the solar system. They found it on rooftops in Paris of all places. Or carry. They're tiny specks of dust which are left over from the formation of our solar system and they've just been discovered on the rooftops and three European cities. The space debris which is constantly falling through the hamsters previously only been found. In an art Erica and in the deep ocean. It was thought that it would never be found in cities because it's difficult to detect amid the pollution the dust and grime of an urban area. But scientists at imperial college of confirm that particles have been found on rooftops of Paris Oslo and Berlin. And how about how to they they know tennis Casablanca. They say that there's a certain magnetism that's associated with those particles and just by using a simple magnetic process they can sort that dust out of just regular debris and dirt and dust. Our yeah so doctored Matthew. DNJ from the department for science and engineering at imperial college in London teamed up with a couple other scientists to sift through threes. Hundred kilograms of sediment that was trapped in gutters from these capital cities. And they determined to that says that some of it is actually from the creation of the solar system they say they've known since the 1940s that this cosmic dust falls continuously. Through the atmosphere but until now. They thought it couldn't be detected among the millions of structural dust particles except in the most dust free environment such as Antarctica or the oceans. But obviously they've gotten new ways to find it and down there are now learning that it's actually all over the place and the particles are tiny. The roughly zero point. 01 millimeters in size and have been falling to earth since it was formed billions of years ago. So on an average year how much has her past two weeks part of him that's a good question. Probably a lot. Probably from early on I mean so yeah. I'm naturally. What it would matter Erica yeah I'm not sure they can find out from the sympathy they say that the particles contain minerals that make them magnetic sold used magnetism to separate them under a microscope. In the cellar find them. It's interesting I don't know so. Well it got a wonderful O menos are you reduced if this does is continuing phones at the U mean the earth has continually expanding because. UConn costly adding. Particles. From space is in America's got to I mean you know obviously very small increments but over long periods of time. So so my dad was wrong when he said Gaza making an immoral and he is an architect a except except in Hawaii. Agencies say get in on the and I'm making any more ladies wait in Hawaii against its enemy command in Hawaii and getting snow and why it's just principles down three feet. Through FC Dallas insane my semis and why alienated by tsunami. It's a breezy beautiful the crazy place yet. It's so we again we are great show coming up in just a mess we're going to be getting our guest Rodney Clough. He is the author of the world's top secret our earth is hollow and he firmly believes earth this hollow and he claims it's back to a scientific evidence including satellite photos of polar polar holes. Analysis book of the observations of a polar explorers. And a lot more and it's just we can agree week shows and let alone next week as well Warner just awesome shows coming out. Yeah what lose one thing that we were talking but I'm pretty excited about is there's a new theory about the assassination of JFK. In his new book. Number one have the author of the book an American would give the title of the book bring now. But it it's it's got a completely new take based on some new information it's been discovered. And down we're gonna have the author of that book on next week and I'm real excited about that conversation I'm a reading up on some of that information in its amazing its campus some of the stuff he's gotten some via the claims and theories yes that'll be one of the show's next weaken as you know I said we're gonna be really spend more time looking in some of these conspiracy theories because there really fast and any in this followers. Discussion is kind of a conspiracy based. Discussion and down near the discrete topics current topics talking and then tomorrow night we're gonna talk remark sergeant east creator of the flat earth for clues series on YouTube. And really interesting topic Tom and he claims that we're sort of late in it in a Truman type environment where the earth still is flat so. Asked who knows I am form often and I'm boasts all the time zone where is the end of it. I don't fall off position imaginary looks like we're just a big square foot and pretty bad cycle aren't. Our let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in its beyond reality radio with Jason javy your telephone numbers 8446. 87766. Time and GB Johnson. Behind this happy go lucky radio voice in May be hard to tell but I recently suffered catastrophic some injury they changed my life forever. It's often said that there's always a silver lining and I found online betting group called the safety. SA FT. Support they've forgotten from international. Guest the folks at safety Bentley came to my aid could offer support to me. And my other nine fingers that's why I decided to become a spokesperson for safety and to help further their mission. To make sure that every song earns the respect it deserves. The folks at safety we play one moment. Safety first. That's right SA test team. Remember. A son this is terrible thing to test. Beyond reality radio I'm Jason honesty and Johnson. So what is safety stand it's it's. Safety stands for support. A forgotten some international. It is an international group has. They that species spokesman and him I'd you know why I couldn't agreed to do it fast enough for just felt it was my calling in life would you say that you and your friend only one person. That is the is a group with two putted very well respected group right to be able to talk every minute here there are two members who. And you know they're going to be doing some fundraising in the near future and you know out to spread the message in them I mean if you if you have got to be if you ever got your paper cut the guys. Heck it's you've lived three weeks double bird farm. They're hurt but at critical it is to ignore internally. Yes it's emotional scars for sure cart let's let's bring our guest in Rodney a club is an author of the book world top secret Al earth is hollow. Rodney welcome to be on really Rea reality radio great to have you on the show. I had to do it did today. I'll thanks for coming on Rodney this is a topic that's really always intrigued me because. There's a lot of different claims and has been around for people have been talking about it all since the dawn of time but I mean. In in the writings and so forth for hundreds and hundreds of years that they've they've actually been discussing it. Yeah so. There were those scientists in Great Britain. That. And how it comment was named after that. Opposed the spirit of how to explain the magnetic field of the earth. And there have been several scientists. Mueller was today. Scientists in Europe. Propose and Peter it was all awful. Soul. You know. There have been some. People that have would be greeted him. Pitt have supported the theory. Off. It's not generally accepted by the candidate scientific community that that today. Because I believe this paean. Kept secret from the people. Equally. And you were referring to add minute haley's comet for Amy proposed Bakken 6092. Has a ways. I'm sorry. As ways. Explaining strange compass readings that via the earth was it was hollow. Yeah he believed it then there was several layers several concentric. Pol ultimately and there are. To explain the magnetic field. And mammal is it you know. The sanctity. Explain. How the magnetic field only heard. With one part inside. Rotated different rate in the outer part. Which is like a dying animal. It generates a magnetic field. But the period thing about the narrative is that. In a dynamo. The magnate film you've aligned with the polar axis of the axis of the animal this. Year doesn't. It's. Be a Mac magnetic North Pole is let them have degrees away from the north geographic pole. So why could that why would that happen well. The Ed mentality piece suggested that the inner. Part of the earth was rotating. At a different rate can line did a different. Orientation. Than outer part. For the year. That would give will give the the the North Pole the magnetic pole different then the day. Geographic pole. Okay all right so and but a lot of theory out there when it comes down to hollow earth news and in the senator. And we actually have an internal sought. That is able to support a place that arm arm a blow correct. Correctly do all or theory is that that I acceptance. That the earth it is. As an energy on. And throughout bio hall which is 50% of the volume of the planet. Can. Structure down in the hollow is the shell of the earth rotates around in. Infancy and her son. Into his orientation is. It rotates. But its axis is it different angle than. Our. Kid or the outer shell of the earth is and that was that's what gives the magnetic. A poll a different place then than them then. In Bosnia. Rotational axis of leader of this hell. Surrounding you on took an interest in this at about age sixteen what happened dead says caught it caught your attention. Well Alan I'm I'm from a Mormon colony in the northern Q well well and other creek mowed down there and he was twelve years old with his parents. And my parents were born down there and no 11. Spraying I learned that some of the boys were getting in the job out New Mexico the but my uncle PS Brown's brother Ralph. And so I got is that missionaries. Sent. And ask if he he would army. So yeah he sent back he had beautiful hand writing welcomed me. That I could go work with the boys up there on his farm. Hand. 1 evening. Pick out what worked with was valedictorian. Of the high school that your. In my hometown. His name is Greg Bowman. And now he says he had been talking to the farm manager Sean. Who had just read the book on lowered by rim of the armed. And he commented boy is that he's would be an ideal place the order I'd Austin tribes. So let's look at my interest. Years later I saw an advertisement for a book and I cannot afford. And my name my investigations. Continued from there. In which. Written my own book about what I have discovered. This scientific is. Scriptural and historical. Evidence is for the followers. In fact. No not only are heard his poll. The hormone is called the son of well all the all those bodies and Israel bodies. So now when it comes down to them all being hollow I mean what lol would be the what would be the theory behind the and the moon being hollow there's been different theories some talk about how. It's it's actually an alien and formed creation that they're using today as a base that there emperors. Evidence of ships going in and out of it. Uh oh what's your what's your thoughts on on why would be I'll. Well I play except what is. Taught in the book called it a dork. And it was today. A book written by a picnic either join the free masons. In London in the early eighteen hundreds. He. He'd joined them at the purpose of the articles in their secrets to the world actually rule book. I bolting their secrets and for that they. Truman hadn't thrown in jail on a small bit. And then they kidnapped him out of kill and through body into the river and and claim published in the papers and it was him. Really they didn't kill and they just took him out in the Porsche. Where he threw long bearden and they came put some chemical plant in the turning. This is skiing and all ring equally and made him look like an old man. And and it took him back to his life wouldn't recognize things he says that his kid died in a group of women died in the river she believed the story from from the newspapers. But. What they did it was that they they. Cocaine. And condemn them to a journey to the hall alerts. Through a cavern and and Kentucky. It's the guys that the line between make some guy that took him down there. To this cavern was met by and then turn our current guys that took him. From that point in that cavern. And cleared of all our ten. As he was taken name on this journey he would explain to him. How does the earth was hall. And he says that the earth. Is based. Was formed as a spiritual. Based mobile. To begin when. Upon which can accumulated spaced us and space rocks until they formed a shell of the planet. And so that's now. I basically. Pile all the appliances informed they sort out this spiritual bubble on what you dust accumulation. And rocks until. It forms say. The whole plan. And well and it ends when you break it down honestly. The the earth news. While just to the senator is almost 4000 miles according to mathematics. Equations. So from one point Javier directly through would be just about 8000 miles so it it's not too. Too much to really conceive that because it is it's only so many miles when you're looking up into the sky Ewing and you're seeing view the clouds and and eventually at the atmosphere and and go home. So you've got more than enough room that if this was was truly a you'd have more than enough for him to have another world down there. Looking towards the center of the earth as their stuff. Oh yeah. That pin in a painful and I am Norwegian fishermen and Olympia and that's all there. They were up finishing. Aren't the pressure is building plan and not. You say yes to his father is dead. You don't need him I'd probably go. Into the north where our ancestors have told us is chosen ones so I live. And so they will be defended go for middle of the venture. And they they did annoying thing that there was a poll opening and it took that lead into the hole or that they did this lead. Actually led right through that poll openings and they spent two years incited all or. He reported there is one forward. Auction Nichols from the north to the south. Polar openings. And the rest so that is one continent soul I made a calculation and came up up at the emotionalism about 4000 model in lip then the rest of the would be. About. 161000. Or twelve hours Stover kicked in camp members likely took an initial ones put this huge. I have actually more more land and now lower than it than we do on now where her. We're talking with the Rodney close author of the book world top secret our earth is hollow we're gonna take a break more of our conversation when we come back it's beyond reality rating. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Beyond really reviewed chasing and. Changing our telephone number 8446877669. Hello to everybody in check great to see some new new names in there and I Jane it's much people shown up there. Yeah I've been always great to have a new people joining us and it's getting involved with the via beyond reality community our guest tonight is Rodney. Clough author of world's top secret our earth is hollow. And we're talking about the whole hollow earth theory and Powell many people believe that there's civil stations deliverable admirable or feed the Iraq and you started to looking into this at about 816 you took an interest in later on you bought. A book you read your first book it was so one that did really got you started on the path. How much evidence was presented in that first book you read verses what you of accumulated sense. Well he had. Dennis summary several books. He'd Buchanan like you know something from each of those books. And started out with the places that were beyond the poll. Panama. There's one book the idea. And the deal be an easy and I. He had claimed that he had. Radio contact with admiral Byrd as he was flying beyond the poll him. Came to open ocean and can. Land Kahuna Bergen. Prevented patient even man wondering on the terror aim a little and then Manning says he was later visited by. Intelligence from the and in the United States navy. To shut him up. Till the I. Have read his book and all the book idea. Referred to him and and gun further research myself. Coming up with additional. Scientific error scriptural then. And historical evidences the that are is truly hall. Well India I'm happy you brought up the admiral. Birds fly in the back in ninety it was 1947. Correct where. He flew over north. All the Arctic and was talking about com. And opening that was a leading end. In my correct effect. Well his first flight 1109 and 26. I think was when he flew from this Gergen. And he was given competitions and months and I'm Norway. Who has gone in as there are people that. You get up there and flew around a little bit and obviously in. Men. You know I have read some of these books especially the one by mark big gardener. Now which he challenged the governments of the world vehicle check out the polls to see if there's an opening up there. Am the and and then the heat sub was not only did other flights. BP on the polls hands and and larnaca and then an Arctic. Can the one that he flew. From the and that the Arctic. Was there and made a quaint and well with a retired colonel Billy Woodard who. But as the PP. Served for eleven appears to an area 51 and in The Who has been Turkey as a follower file there and he says that he flew have a bird. And that record that he had. Except that you move from number. Hillary Rodman in northern Canada. Towards certain coordinates and flew right through boot into. All the work. To a poor opening. And there's believe there's belief that there is an opening in of course. Then the north and the self to that you can gain access to in two feet inside the the earth current. Yes yes they're not aligned with the poll. The geographic pole because. You're apparently. Has been bypassed by landslides comets. One at the time analysts plug once there it was tipped over 26 degrees and it's been granted to combat the morning or an out. And at the time the it relates. Did directed at out of these two there was bypassed by. And the planet Venus according to Emanuel go look out in his worlds be in his the book what he wrote about the the cut cataclysm some in the history of the Jews. Pianist originally recorded into the account the end commerce. That you wrote about in his book. Was pretty comment that was. They connected the head of Jupiter. Now if all the plants are all in the giant planet council. Is it possible that plant could be created inside the other planets and kick it out to their all the opening. So because analysts observed by the company and astronomers. And then that it it came around the club like look at comment. Bypass he heard the constant. Almost played of the Egyptian. Exodus of the Jews. Is a lit room and he just. Rod meet the donor eggs from the just took a step back and talk about a birds. Trips again and you know when he was making those voyages. And witnessing these things did he get any any kind of physical or photographic evidence of of the opening or anything that would support what he was talking about. Oh yeah. There were slow the guy that was riding him today. Magazine called appliance on Q magazine. Whose name brand of paltry Palmer. Payment Palmer he. So dead he remarks and one of them. Article in the editorial. Back in the twenties. And it's probably from the Tony ninety and one in nine trip that what were to commit. They showed those films that they cook on that flight. In the theater all across the United States that people pluggable. When they would go to the show. In those days they would passed on news that. That would happen in. And Belinelli one of the things that they he's actually off the Eagles. This film but bird took as he was flying in through the pull open man and I'm looking down and saw this mammoth wandering down on the terrain below. While we're talking with Rodney Clough about his book world top secret our earth is hollow and run either our whole bunch we have to go to break in just a few seconds here but their whole bunch of things. That you talked about being. Found is if you were actually be able to get into that how lower civilizations things like the garden of beating and the political kingdom of god didn't. And much much more a moment come back from a break of like to talk about those things a little bit. And maybe get a little more detail on that we can get into some of the evidence. That you've discovered over the course of the years that you've been researching the hollow earth series it's beyond reality radio would Jason in JVR telephone number is 844. 6877669. We're gonna take a break in just a minute. Absolutely it's FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Head over there may she get the soul ache and then now you go to beyond reality radio dot com you can find any of the many many great stations we air on. And you find station in your area if not don't if we're not one in your area don't worry because come January we're gonna be loading at least another hundred channels on their. And you be able finally your area at that point but you can click a listen libel and right from the website and check to sell life so you listening. Jason to be right back and. Listening we welcome you win thank you for joining us on beyond reality radio tonight we've got a great show going tonight but tomorrow night we've got another one rule exciting lined up we're talking about flat earth series. It's a bunch of videos that they discussed the idea that maybe we're living in a Truman show. Kind of world. Which oh and honestly when it opens a semi endorsed just hasn't government officials talking about how Le. We lived in sort of armed matrix type set apparently and you have some other individuals bring them up well also. I don't a lot of phone weird there is coming out there then wonders mixture really wonder where the evidences to support. Thursday's show will be pre recorded but it is going to be a great one we have vol Wilbur Allen rejoining us talking about his experiences as a basically a lifelong photographer. For aliens. Yeah and he also worked on Air Force One for many years was a moon very involved in the government so our. Just a great guy and we will and we had a wonderful interview and it makes you tune in check it out. And allow us to great stuff coming up next week but tonight we're talking to Rodney clothe author of the book world top secret our earth is hollow. And Rodney before he went to break we are talking about some of the things that you list as being. Part of this world beneath our world when he talked about them a little bit tell us what he thinks down there and maybe we can get into some of the evidence that supports that. Well they're the book called the smoking gun but we'll look at hand via Sheldon book art of French still the man toward the north east. And accidentally just went right to the North Pole roll into the earth and this is. When they arrived there data went up the river heights nickel. Which is one of the river that flows out of the garden and even he was. By. An inert people via their language and after a year they were taken. Overland in a monorail train to their capital city what is. Situated around the original Gardner beat them. Were our first father's lemonade were pleased by god. This is confirmed by a read re tired or nobility and wondered. Well working in that area 51 they broke in 201 of the whole word files. Underneath it area 51 and a they contacted the people from all learned in that tunnel and they requested dollar people requested. Billy Woodard defense. As represented in local or military to there there capital cities as he went in the tunnel train. To their capital city in which actually immoral that's where it was located under the circle the planet. He says well it's a little bit it's he's got a might be under Arkansas. Well I believe it's actually under Missouri but that's not too far from mark Arkansas. That's yeah the highest blood plateau in the company reported by now hello let Jensen. And the location of the original you're going to be done. Well they spent a lot of a lot of reports of people being using machines to date. Tunnels for underground facilities being. Bill by the US government and hitting crevices that open up to these these openings. That and running into human human other human individuals that are underground and in what we're talking about earlier with. Admiral Byrd and back in 1947. He was talking about oh approach it now approaching the spot news flying over and he does seem a mountain chain have a bird flu over and he saw what he claimed to be forest rivers and meadows. Annals or is resembling man mostly you said earlier and also he was talking about seeing weird flying machines. And this city would buildings built from rock crystals. And so if if this is how I mean if this opening special area up there in the North Pole is is is so largely to talking about. Why is it something that. Hasn't been. Investigator hasn't been brought to it to the public why is something that seems like it's sort of not being talked about oh. Well it is slow all our theory is little or this girl is that there at all by Alberta. Is world top secret people in. Tiki shut shut up about it that he just can't. Come on people also we usually find people that eat up you. One person not open some he would have been Alaska. I met a guy you went up there in 1981. And non he he was. It is name was done on day view was. I'm radio announcer and on evening and was out. This embodies what the canyon and then I saw if you don't blow. It up above the mountain page you know in this space so he brought it up on. Could you shall ask can them. Anybody has seen that youthful on the weekend then includes shortly after that. Related names civil Carville came into his office and told him she was. Close friend of level Byrd after his flight into the Arctic he had confided in her but it found out there. The government debt on him and tell us about it was that. There is Apollo there's opening up there goes live within our world and the next week. I'm excited by. Clients concert played crap that took control of nuclear plant land him in inner city and that was taken in. And interviewed by one other government officials and had a message he won they wanted to. Him to bring back our government and that was that they pay. No longer wanted to use nuclear weapons in need this. I blew up a couple of cities in Japan at the end of World War II. And ever since then. We and we had a good their client sponsors. Prevented us from blowing up the plant would put the atomic weapons. The doctor's treatment period. Several. Expert witnesses. Testified. And flown you know post. And shut down their missile silos they have not missile the air that they sent up oh or Pacific. And now local colonel in games that. And has a mobile Internet. Similar kick his feet testify is that at one point we were going to have a nuclear war when Russia when. Videophone just shut down the whole thing and they couldn't name. But shoot off their missiles. Well I'm going to support now and but even the Germans were firm believers that there was. Then that there was an entrance up in the North Pole to head into the earth and they spend quite a bit of time. Exploring up there trying to trying to locate this area. And supposedly make contact they believe that the aliens and alien life forms were using it sent to stand ahead in the amount of but why we are with it with everything's gone our burden I understand it being said to be top secret and so forth. But I meet talking about it now and just just the fact that it's out there. Why have why haven't may be TV cut a production crew or something headed out there to try to a document any of this. Mom well. The comptroller of the world on a promo bit there at the Apollo is. That would upset their economic system based on debt. And also oldies that government. The political government of the political. Can amount got a status and are all or go to Kapalua in the end not. The cardinal lead and then. The world powers. Here in days they've just think that the theory of organic evolution that cut back then everything is at a by itself. Because they they don't want people to believe that they have right the that the right. They don't god doesn't exam then we don't we can't claim our rights from god and that. And dollar rights come from the state which they control. The more I believe that the is the comptroller of the outer world there. Be creating a bomb on church that. Just talked about in the book of revelations them and no one did control. That churches would do excellent order of the priests. This is a they established. Villa monotony. And only shop in. Seven so on and on and on main first 1776. And he was just what priest. To. Bring all the rich people and to do so secretive organization. Which they used to control the world. Hezbollah today they don't want close certainly don't want us to lose. They don't want to lose less their slaves who were indebted to all there yet monetary system. Like all their lives that the. Pulled but I mean but it. The NC bluntly I time I am a TV I'd made created TV shows and also the stuff I mean there's other people like me. I would just think that you know I would hope that somebody. Who doesn't answered anybody who doesn't give a damn what anybody else thinks would be willing to you know to invest that time of that effort to go up and get to seven instance support this and to really show. Because there have been no I don't wanna be world changing. Well why do news in when you actually did. Mount. An expedition. The in all of our exposition and later was. Found with those six brain tumors and Emma. He'd been here he says that on they have the masses. Injecting you with food. Catch yourself just under lock it down through an airport one million old Polly want those injections things that they vaccinated our soldiers when they do cinema. War that is they right through there there are pulled. And in my diet and vote 62 brain tumors just a few days people who wanna do on overplay it over the Arctic to pinpoint the location of them article then follow that by. An expedition by saying we want to. Turner Russian nuclear rights sticker. In all and and our subsequent. Fixed position later he was. He was the starting in this electric car company. And that the major stockholder of his company went through all of my opinion because he was then in our. Embolden our expedition leader. So that's. Monetary black now. And then only. Another guy that we. Every commitment and I am Greek Alaska that we the range with them do well this Carter his. Keep playing and and fly it into the poll opening. There's where we've got to work and makes me to find out exactly where was. A year later he. Flutie is their plan dilemma and kill him on board include the other. And his little birdies and all they. Was unity chain because he was not an excellent and good plan. And not in all the retired. Air Alaska Airlines pilot. So I'll witness now that we haven't try. We are. And CNN to make it. The whole word and find that poll opening. And I talent anybody else they get up there and hand him complain that opening. We. Them not to look back now was our leader less expedition leader he. Finally count on the company in new York and then. Offered to. Make it their pros and their project for the coming year and 2013. And at the front of the big in the area called them up and says those kind of put down. The because Obama Russian nuclear and speaker can do do or expedition and they're. Full of disconnected. Toll sent somebody over there and offices are cleared up with no or in hatteras. Is just disappeared. And Rodney you don't so you don't think this is by happen chance do you think that these these expeditions were sort of supported intentionally. In some cases right. Well up under me. It is the people who control in our world they don't wanna move their slaves that mean that the paradise now mayor. Other people live around her including years without an thickness. And you know when your all the people that live there those that live hundreds of years as these just humans just like you and Ryan are just they happen to be living in the Europe verses on the earth. Oh yeah that that I believe firmly that for the last ten transplant in the Bible on the boat that they can't do. This if god drives you out into the out most sparkle to have them. It says right there and dances. Well that followers of now most parts of heaven because in her son who is the location and have them on the third it's sometimes called paradise. Through the in this here world but yeah people live there there are sure remains there or lost the Los tribes. There are lots blanking the is that the colonized Greenland and then. The migrated north in the end of the whole world the name and the follower there's a journalistic escaped. On the circle Warren their submarines and we even have the letter that was sent back by one of those. It escaped to the hole or the inner shrubbery and after World War II. This couple for Obama let's say you can read it. And what is sun. What's the story of right hold Schmidt did we talk about the had that yet and don't think we did. But you know that range wins and understand fell because he's migrated from. Chairman hand low. Los Angeles. And Monday was created in the book but it francs goalie all about the plant saucers and then. He says he received blanket telepathic. Meant message and his mind. Two to go outside the city and park his car in the Bakersfield wary. And he waited there all afternoon. In the afternoon. To debris flying saucers flute the guy. A guy got up hand. Emotion timing is you wanna go look and then he certainly did that's what do you think they're more. He got them plant cultivate and drove this car inside the plants close your and they look into the Arctic. And they flew through them oracle opening piece solving international and all the compliment him and it was taken on a tour. Flying. Tour for five days and then he was brought back it would Bakersfield query yeah. Can you be said that it is the people that took him. Were large in stature the political left pin from that the people he met in this smaller countries would all work. We're larger center they have a blond hair brown hair blue there north European panic people hate white people. They did everything growth slot large insulin at all or because they have ideal conditions the OK even. Trees grow thousand feet tall. The colon cancers. Turtles that worked twenty feet long mentioned feet all day from now and a that we're terminate by Pete Pete called law has some of these. Paula some of these Diana terrible that we can't find here on neck exterior surface of the planet. But yeah they're they're just regular people that have immigrated to the home or years ago. Dude did you elect me not to. He only have that one. Opportunity to tour. The hollow words wins of the folks on this particular craft it was the only contacted by them one time. As far as I know here now. And there was never really into our. Was or ever really an explanation as to why he was chosen for that. Not that I knowledge sitting but you know he he was that we. Me and all on actual. Respectable person. And he understood from. The people that were on board that was not actually women also include that we're all. And science compared you know tall they're do we have there were no doubt there. The people followers who have reportable stamps or from eight feet to fifteen feet tall. That's just embarrassing because we recently had to a guest on we were talking about giants come being found to throughout the earth. And without much explanation for why or where they've come from and then that's another possible connection where they went through right. Yeah my my brother was going to the fair campaigning there Obama and I have been on display of their books. Skilled and local woman that was actually twelve feet on home you know and so these people. Deadly inside there there there are people that are great. Probably because they have lived there long because it went 1210 tribes. That went up there are 2500 years ago. You know have been there. Then playing time for them to develop that kind of that stature over the years. Now with with your you're writing stuff especially I'm late on your book earth this hollow. Knew you claim that it's backed with scientific evidence including satellite photos polar holes. And so forth what scientific evidence and we can we look at that would support via the inner fear. Well you can I have several photos from other planets well. The one from our planet are kept secret the U paint brush out the the totals of the polls that. They. Every once in awhile satellite from. And photos come from other planet shown they have all opening. For example mars' north polls open in as hopeful by. NASA of this by this state so Hubble space telescope. In shells like a crater at the North Pole of the margin you need to see down in the polls open in a little bit and cultural round and there and then. The European. Union sent a satellite to Venus and on the sound hopeful we can see where your. Allowed her come Hersh. Or a rotating in and going in and people opening. And you can see also the same thing happened on Saturn where. On the South Pole. The error of relocating and going man. Could there goes them one poll income not the other. So on one pull the easiest hole in and the clout. And there's. Blood and evidence. On here on our heard. Just this past. October 2000. Look at Spain. The team feud and made me. Laboratory. That does Imogene. And oracle are hurt. She showed some and now mullah. Readings. And a certain places. Calculated move that place where I think it is a memo reading Herschel England or or opening vocation. That. 84 point any form or honored on my knees. They showed. A location where it was lower. Seed circus camp. The reason she serpent. Salinity. There was several problems that readings pan out there with a higher temperature there. There was little left side there was some good size thickness. In this salinity and the and hold him. From several different images. That they published on their web site. Which it indicated they either that or the polls open as men others say an image from NASA. Going in right up there in the middle of the night in the very same play. In 2016. A hole. There's a hole in the eyes in the middle of yeah I mean. And so that and indicate to me is that we will oracle open is located we did these numbers though there are. We're talking with Rodney cloths author of the book world top secret our earth is hollow we're gonna go to break more conversation when we come back it's beyond reality radio and Jason. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. If you're interested. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched the serve you better. That's right go to the web sites caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood. Arab magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say I. Action beyond reality radio Jason Hans Jeannie Johnson will be taking your phone calls says the program progresses 8446877669. Or guest tonight is Rodney Clark he's the author of the book called world top secret our earth is hollow and Rodney. Again thanks so much for joining us tonight. And I this sport get a a better sense of how the flying saucers and the aliens play a role in this whole thing because it seems a little out of place given the other things you've talked about how does that work. Well. Who have traveled bird flu there are up and made eight cent with the masses of Washington that they. Did not approve of there are used to nuclear weapons anymore and they sent the plant saucers out to prevent us from blown up the plan. Well they don't want to come out and he would shut down by our military our military's. Not you know well over fifty be influential authors there and taken in my underground kind of reverse engineering and technology. Well twelve day build android's. And they. Two. Do do do the dirty work to prevent it from them blown up the planet. So you know of one was knocked down by our high powered radar and Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Came out to. You know do surveillance on that plane because that's where you the United States at that time and stuff almost there and nuclear weapons. And you know indie we're actively. Trying to. To prevent it from blown up the planet. Knew what that was picked. Well I heard this name. Renault man. He he says. He understood from what they they told him that they they consider and so. Of the guardians of this planet from the creator. Well I think what Jimmy was asking was where we're talking about me your time on the garden of Eden thinking or god. We're words and morals talking about Hala. All these people ended up down there. How how did the aliens play in wit with that with the the human race it's that's. Supposedly we're in the inner planet. Well all the plants are a hall law and I picked up and about people from other planet should aliens. Among most people think about eight little green men that's what I am Ellen you are the android's at all or people build. That apply their clients officers out here but it does the news. Surveyed. Do surveillance on our world that people from blown up the plant with new crew went good they. Share the same atmosphere with us through the full opening of their world to. But there are people from other planets we attended the you full conference in 1990. In Phoenix are gone that there were a guy. To contact the Howard manager. He had a displayed their own home. Model. Client subsidy that he has this. Felt that our military build homeless from the from the contacts he had from when he was a little tiny boy without land about a year old school there in the forests in New Jersey. And. He met this lady that came and our client side for Venus and she says that. Things he wanted him to help them. And when he grew up in all to help them all and certain things and and later on in this line is he explains in his book. They came from Venus and that he would can help them. What are customs and help on playing jobs and they and they would go up into the kitchen of the world. And he would help them mama. So much time. He says well you know I felt because a lot want to do them for me it could be going into the mode. And so this is okay may mean it's not in the country that certain place midnight and neither was there and the other plaintiffs were there in these. He doesn't mention his name but he. They'd fit into the model on the far side of the moon as you know only one side of the moon always seems to your. And on the far side of the mode there's and Nady and basically what they can do. You can you can look it up on. And the disclosure policy by. Stephen Gruner and which should come to an expert witnesses. And they. Who testified that the people who believe they brought back from the moment Apollo missions on this item on. For us father based on the part last month. You've landed there and he says. That he met people from all the planets in martial system date. It happens you know Bubba and buddy list and on the other plans we'll claimed they don't Obama Robert Schuller who tickets. There's no matter who called another planet except our own. They they live on the Internet poems. And let's go to a listener question in this is Chris from Boston Chris welcome to be on reality radio you run with Rodney Clough. Radio and a great group won't emotional. I they're the question of you say that people wouldn't of lived down. And we heard about it although it. What does the atmospheric pressure of Europe still you ought. They remember reading on wed. Quote opt for all worked so point five mile deep that they built earth. And at that point it beat 350 but if we are. Are you surprised. That you can expect that a mile that ought and it yeah district fracture at. I think very mild to kill any human being. No interest in question did you hear all of that right Rodney. Yeah. There are there are certain places where there is activity. Volcanic activity with in the Earth's. But it is not everywhere. The caverns. William Morgan took. Displaying them in Boca. As DARPA and Kentucky. You went down ten mile span they could see there was light the that the population below. And then but 200 miles now they candidates giant lake. That was six album on the crops and they went farther and they jumped up this crowd. And they went meltdown and has Kravis past the center of gravity now scientists will millions senator in the center of the earth. But there in this small and gravity and international. Most of that gravity and there it is it is in the shell of the planet because. 50% of the volume of irked. Is contained in the 800 miles from our servers so inner surface. And so there as a center of gravity and that there you know. And it it was reported by the end are guided and headed to a but the bestseller gravity has 700 miles now. Because there you go down there is greater. Density. So as you go down toward the center of gravity which is proven by the Ayatollah experiment. And not Greenland. Which is included in my book. That they discovered as they were going like have a metered alcohol that. And the acceleration gravity decrease last year. And at the center of gravity was in on her errors which means that the senator Graham vehicles are in the circus. And that's because there is a matter of gravity in this film on the planet. Can make senseless talked to Jay from Florida. Hey guys OK I had it been too much time that people would use still doubt there's new world order George Bush senior talked about. New world order if we're successful in we will be. The evidences to astounding if you don't wanna take the time to do your own research is not a conspiracy theory okay. I didn't know if he was aware. Or has that studied up on him the recent developments suspension Antarctica where Obama went there recently. The Pope went there a while back it may have been September 23 I think I bought up before house September in the 23 of the very. Significant historical date and things have always happen and and also the Pope met with another religious moral leader for the first time and I don't have my notes impress anybody it's it's a long time it's either decades may be hundreds of years. I believe if there's any of those lost tribes and nations down there than they are not still serving the most tight creator. They've turned to the dark side is pull themselves up to Lucifer if there's people that hauled down there than those of the Napoli and so there hybrids so they're evil. I don't believe there's nothing good down there and what we have historically people talking about. The super race that the Nazis for virtue when you go into the Germans because it's got back to at least that tying with an article with. If vivid double murder whoever I fall where they were showing different interviews there's lots of videos talking. Talking about that and what he and his encountered an experience. And met down there I believe there's nothing good about it at all. And this may be. One of the locations for one of the road to which we have hell obvious scene where they are but further and and that's what you did and now and to the heat at all they are going to another time for the different things we have about health. All right thanks to escape so let's get run news. Take on all that would you think running. Under the lord Jesus Christ told Luke beat on the cross worker guys a lot of confusion as to date now shall be Whitney and her eyes. Kidd told the conspiracies because even as. Don't know who street they didn't mean night in the belly of the well it was social outlook on the man beat three days in my heart of their. NN feet and separate quarries as before crisis and in to have an actress encryption the pro. Descended into the lower parts of the your soul talent here OK the devil appeared to have enough. The wicked abominable church is on this surface of the planet not an inner sure that. They've gotten lost 1010 tribes took pity inherited throne of David. And and they were guided by a prophet of god through the North Pole open to the inner earth where coalesce camps and met. The green dye creation overall the land the king of the world. Am there there they testified to him that in our club is the wrong do you hope. Which is the location of paradise in the spirit world of this or so when people dying. There are taken home to that guy who gave them life. Is Jesus Christ. And then that's their rice is there except that in the paradise which is theaters on. And if they're not there cast out into outer darkness which isn't shell of the planet where. Clinton has been well dumb down him. Shell of the plan. Rodney were basically out of time here thanks so much for joining us to tell people where they can get more information about your work in your book. Well my book it is global paper and as an e-book and it's available mine let's say our whole or dot com. Or you can buy and Great thanks so much for joining us runny fascinating conversation very interesting topic. I thank you. There have been. Rodney clothe the website is our hollow earth. Dot com we're gonna take a break we've got more beyond reality radio your phone calls and 8446877669. Time and GB Johnson behind this happy go lucky radio voice. It may be hard to tell but I recently suffered catastrophic some injury they changed my life forever. It's often said that there's always a silver lining and I found online betting group called safety. SA FT. Support they've forgotten from international. Guest the folks at safety Natalie came to my aid could offer support to me. And my other nine fingers that's why I decided to become a spokesperson for safety and to help further their mission. To make sure that every song earns the respect it deserves. The folks at safety and leave Glenn one moment. Safety first that's right SA ST nine. Remember a son this is terrible thing to test. And oh yeah. Yeah chase NG Vietnam. And that was the that was an inch to an hour and half the. I mean you know like we've talked about there's a lot of people that so dead that have different versions of the same theory but. I really founded in interesting connection between the giants that we've been talking a bound and the fact that to lift clean and empty and the reports are that the folks living in the universe are. Giants know that generous in connection. He and I I was lost the minute they started you know saying them Bible verses. Nothing personal it's just I'd just not enough an error sent time spent at a time Obama focused on but it as it being. In the garden of Eden and and I don't I don't know about the is that the possibility that there is some sort of in inner earth type thing absolutely. Yeah I just don't I don't think it can be kingdom goggle that's fine. I guess that's the mystery of it all. On the telephone numbers 8446877669. And am if you wanted to call and chat with a spent any of the topics that we've been talking about or anything new that's fine but in the meantime I do want to. Bring up another story that that came to my attention that those permit pretty interesting there's a galactic gold rush going on Jay and there are companies. Mostly tech companies that are making plans now. Two mind asteroids. For. Precious metals and minerals and in the resources that we need here on Iran's. I've seen us and it's amazing to me and it's all these private companies that are actually trying to make this rush to be one another. And I think the possibilities of that. I mean that's in the asteroids are full of those mean these different. Different things we're looking for by. It's in it is wild when you really think about it China and me being able to what we just recently had something that I actually landed on an asteroid so. And a sign of the by Arafat. It's too it's true and I think there is there are movies of science fiction movies about this that and and Norton yet known no longer looking like science fiction but. There's a company called moon express and it's become the first private company yet to actually received permission from the federal AV aviation administration. To land a craft on the lunar surface by the end of 2017 plans to launch. An exploratory mission to the moon. And begin preparing for the possibility of mining the moon from minerals. What you're gonna get permission or Anonymizer owned by any I thought that was kind of interesting to the FAA has jurisdiction over the moon I don't know. That's us predict it seems that lie to me. But he's not owned by anybody and no country can grow and a number well there's only one flag on the moon and it's the American flags of may I. Ask what goes on clay that's rhetoric that falls and of that hole moon landing oaks. So but you know I did it it did. They talk about basically an unlimited supply of these natural mineral resources on whether it's the moon owner passing asteroids or whatever happens to beat. You know. Gary when you make you would because it makes it sound like we've pretty much taken haul the stuff off of this plan telescope screw up some dollars. And kind of incidents plan. It's. To be interesting to see when that starts happening is a lot of them the scifi movies were always based Thomas mining other planets are mining these in the you know Lisa older an asterisk and so forth for. For minerals and things things like that so. I guess it's not too far before. In you've got a mechanical labor force obviously that can survive in conditions that are human couldn't that can actually do. Much of this work on video news. I mean division him too they still get what you made our day in the major charge the batteries on the net and on and how that works is they give vacation time. Any of that but to be in our. And see how this plays out seems like the stuff is just sport and just do progressing so rapidly and in some like every day. There's new information and advances and in the step technology which you have. A lot of other companies out there that are really getting involved in business who is SpaceX who's been a launching the rockets and a and landing them on small platforms and middle water related it's just and then. Landing them again vertically it. It's it's insane. You know. That's gonna continue to to move and I'm wondering if there's any connection here. Well I have items are good yeah I was just gonna say the Euro also. Some incredible aerial time wants photographer photographs that are showing how area 51 has been expanding over the last thirty years saw there and it's and it's it's blowing up out there there as they're adding larger and longer runways more mysterious building and flying saucers come straight down and on the program. Remember the plane just coming to an escort from the different owners at their stuff I exit a fan but these new buildings that are just gigantic look like the hangings of some kind lot of stuff going on an area 51. That isn't obviously being reported publicly but set my short tax dollars that were answering. And less tax dollars at work like that 125 billion rupiah or pentagon the men know right. Micah so they're people is Chad suggestion that you and I need to go to the North Pole and he wouldn't find the opening into the universe and do little investigation. Into that when stone pillars. It's it's that's that whole side you know I'll I love your old drive but that's it that's trip for not gonna come back from you hit that's the problem I mean we're not going to make and if we do find paradise and what I we're not combatants are and it suggests that. I'll send for the family and you know what we ticket Moscow it would be it would be I can even imagine being taking that kind of trip mean to lure new and. I have been some brutally couldn't new bureau that one time it was minus eighteen and remember our masks of frozen on the insight supernova river. And we had a right back. Then Graham Greene was all of a sudden determined. And all the the water in our eyes actually froze it was freezing on our eyelids and as a corner isn't it but I do got to give a big shout out to Rodney and Clough for coming on today analogous to nine talking. Eyes again he's the author of the world's top secret our earth is hollow. Is a firm believer that earth is hollow he believes that there definitely is a religious connection to that. But he would definitely check it check out just check out a site check I was Biloxi is who would you think you'll draw your own conclusions it's our our hollow earth dot com. He get over it was site check you know. Yeah we've got a great show lined a free tomorrow and I'm Marc sergeant will be joining us he's the creator of the flat earth clues series on YouTube we're going to be talking about this whole idea. Then tell world basically a stage play. That'd be a little scary in and out Thursday night is so prerecorded show but it says. Great interview week we did with Wilbur Allah and talking about UFO's he was him who worked on Air Force One. And all the the government connections so forth so you need possible individual and a great guy and I enjoyed talking to them we have a lot of good question Foreman. And he answered some hard questions cause we and I. I hit him with a few good ones that night you know. And he eats he hung in there this. But we've had a lot of requests for. Ode to the and fingers so I think chase if if you're says it will close the show with the RA hey everybody thanks to listen and I can't show tomorrow night's Jason javy and here is owed to the Tim from two. And finger. No little one you're not a finger and nay you're not as tall not as obvious and off to the side. You were cheated out of an additional drilling more could change. You stand their quietly still licking your stance unable to understand but ready brass and all my little un fingers my friend my opposable. When you meet with tragedy your value becomes known for. The four digits that share your hand or become effectively useless and then a short little one finger. Your power becomes clear. Rest well little one. Rest well it's fun. And media is to discuss its include tunes and Alexandria Johnson and a. Conrad now don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be has gone beyond reality radio emails too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.