KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>12/01/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Should you accept food or drink from a paranormal creature? Do so at your own peril. Also, the unique odors associated with paranormal encounters - what do they mean?

12/01/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Should you accept food or drink from a paranormal creature? Do so at your own peril. Also, the unique odors associated with paranormal encounters - what do they mean?

Dec 2, 2016|

12/01/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Joshua Cutchin discusses his books - A Trojan Feast: The Food & Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries & Sasquatch, and The Brimstone Deceit: An In-depth Examination of Supernatural Smells, Otherwordly Odors, & Monstrous Miasmas. Plus listener calls, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 1 2016. Yeah it is Thursday night. And it is beyond reality radio it's kind of our fifth. Practice book you know we you to be at 12 minutes 12 o'clock in like twenty seconds after it looked we've got to get started here's what we're just like a few seconds what was the time. Slippers and like I think it's just you and I get so lost or haven't learned our normal talks were just you'll GS and about whatever and just talk we're talking with your Christa record until it's about hanging now and January when you when I had to Vegas for rebellious ES. That it's just indexing you know you like old gym even look at start audio and thirty seconds ago whoops. Well welcome everybody it's beyond reality radio great to have everybody along with us we've got a great show tonight we've got Joshua Koch incoming nine. And Josh was the author of a couple really really interesting books that we're gonna talk about one is called a Trojan feast. The food and drink offerings of aliens ferries and SaaS clutch. And the other one is the brimstone. Deceit it's an in depth examination of supernatural sense otherworldly voters. And monstrous mean announcements so we're going to be talking about food drink. And smells. Pretty aliens and what we cover is pretty much will be an all day long but it. It's it's been funny because honestly is that old trojans feast there's a lot of these writings out there and talk about. Not taking your spouse and not cica any food from from a ferry because supposedly if you do he'll be you'll be stuck in and this. This spirit type realm and Cindy was SaaS last week and a and some of the people out there who have reported. Being abducted have claimed that these aliens try to give them this weird food and weird weird and drinks and and you wonder what via. What really is going on with the stuff. Well. Josh was gonna explain some of that tourists this is one of the first books about the topics it'll be really interesting to talk about that meant of course the other one is. About orders related to the paranormal we frequently talk about demonic type haunts her possessions and and soft so error the seminoles and burning flash yeah rotting garbage all that nasty stuff yet and there's also fitness smells and cents associated with the bigfoot sightings you know often it's like almost a sewage smell Laura Lee and thanks from something that big covered an area and near Providence and shower much you know probably government you know and and then also we don't UFOs aliens duck tees have reported odds smells during their experiences to do so -- and you you OJ that the this sense of smell is is is one of the most powerful of our senses in the sense that. We attach memories and experiences to senses of smell. That we might not remember through visual or audio. Types of contact Lloyd what smelled. You usually smell that it brings back the whole memory of your anal probing. When Europe I don't know what won't and after she viewer now. That's our offense a parent so Obama then moving on if you wow in the door at that I almost secondary ticket either rural it's calm. Iceland actually agree totally agree we can shows as well Monday we got Stanton Friedman in Stanton Friedman. If you ever watch any show on History Channel or any of those she channels that cover UFO's. Then you'll you'll know who Stanton Friedman as he knew he was nuclear physicist. The lecture them. Geez received his could be his bachelor's and his master's degree in and physics for these University of Chicago. Yeah I think it was like back in the fifties so. He's been involved in this for a long long time is actually part of where he worked with a bunch of nuclear physicists. For companies would GG EG and Westinghouse and a lot of other things in aerodynamics it was a baldness while so. We're going to be talking with him on Monday and Tuesday were talking with. Rodney Clough. He's an author of a tops. Top secret. Our earth is hollow and yes he firmly believes our earth is hollow and this according to Henry he's got some scientific evidence to back them up. Yeah including satellite photos of holes of the polar caps and an analysis and observations of polar explorers and you know stories they've told on the comeback so we've talked about this topic a few times we talk about civilizations that. A reported to be a living under the Earth's surface now and and other stock went aliens having bases under the Earth's surface and you hold. Bunch of the Iranian and an article will the Germans actually Wear padded up their for quite awhile looking in search of and entrants in the in the Earth Day today get you into the center of the earth and they believe they were firm believer that aliens were coming in and out there tonight just read. Recently or did we talk about the fact that there's been a very large Nazi base discovered in an article that wasn't previously known yeah I brought that up to you a few weeks ago and really interest and all of the information in from enemy by. On yet they'd found all these. Moment. That the buildings and a lot of other things up here what you were surprised by and the Germans spent a lot of time there related. So we've got all that coming up on the show and I'll also remind you the telephone numbers 8446877669. We'd love to take your calls now I've got to ask this question Jay and I know the answer to a but another a lot of people in Chad and listening elsewhere that don't know the answer briefs. Hugh posted you posted earlier on your FaceBook page I think was your personal page or your fan page. That you had some great things in the works in general and how much you can talk about but since you posted and I think you might wanna mention something. How are both cinema personal page on and well yeah there's honestly well there are some great. Phone conferences and meetings today and when you know jamming you know there's a lot of different talks about different things going on right now so. Against it so much body gonna be mr. elusive I wish I could say hey you know what it's one of those things where. You're the auto you know worked through all the details and before anything gets sent to you hate to say something and then you know something doesn't happen hour. Or UN a UN upon on another network vs the one you you're dealing with us now. So those things happen bottom but the good news is that there's a lot of great stuff in the works. Absolute earliest early is so I'm psyched I really am and delete view you were talking earlier earlier and at least it's just it's a lot of great things yet it is an amber and excited about it too and I can't wait to seek it started. Let's do it doesn't it we get some do some pretty interesting things talk about those some things in the news and stuff Williams honestly I am how often does your phone battery go to. My phone that while I just got a brand new phone which is because my other phone and it detergent three times today as the iPhone so that someone like idea so those that often. Actually this went so far. I ended two days that a return for an. While an amazing event that despues expletive ball that I do not useful and what benefit do you come plug these holes until the researchers in the UK announced this week they found a way to turn radioactive diamonds in a miniature batteries panel last five. Thousand yours is I don't know how they test that. So so I mean how do they know like they can go against is mathematically they can determine how much dream comes off the battery and how much power of the risen reserve there for you configure on the last again. Well at a prestigious. Annual lecture event in Europe earlier this week a team physicist and chemist from the University of Bristol and build a nuclear powered Dimon battery. Which runs off of the radioactive energy salvaged from nuclear waste. That technique represented entirely new kind of electrical generation system according to the research team. Which consult multiple problems regarding clean energy long lasting batteries in nuclear waste disposal. It works like this in in in British nuclear energy plants giant Kraft fight Biloxi used to facilitate energy production in the reactors. When those graphite Biloxi used up there removed. But they're also highly radioactive must be disposed of accordingly. But the Purcell team has found it a war a new way to essentially screw scrape away the most radioactive parts of the graphite blocked. The parts containing carbon fourteen I guess in this jam a radio active. Iso type of carbon that these are meaning graphite block less radioactive making disposal easier safer or less expensive. Bewkes currently soaring almost 95000. Metric tons of graphite blocks and ground level vaults. Which. That sucks nobody wanted to around it but can you imagine that for some five. Thousand. Year lasting battery and apple think of what they would do for. Battery powered cars and I don't know I mean he you'd do you'd essentially not not need any gasoline anymore Kiki get in via the kilowatts or whatever. Up to par and you'd just. And most animals. Potential I've got to questions about this particular topic and we probably don't have the answers but one is how much dying in a more green diamond because obviously diamonds are not cheap so that you know is that something that's. Gonna price and out of anybody's real ability to buy it but secondly if you if you got one of those batteries in say you've got to watching awareness and Ager read your arm in a glow. We're going to look like if you're so mean and nighttime you won't get a flight you'll need a flashlight holder highlight any bar on and has sold blood. On the potentially really there and now there's there's a lot of radioactive things that we deal we deal with all the time but. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to well any time it's safe blood. In any time there's this type of introduction of technology it's you know there's a lot of lot of things FE worked out but it opens up new doors and and you know the whole. Battery issue that we've kind of reached a point where unless we come up with a brand new ideas or current technology's just don't cut it whether it's from mobile phones or cars like he said. You know our current technologies are very very limited so. A look at the Japanese they they design that'll train system works works often meg mimics. I'm negative and positives and it polls and it is so which is incredible of course are using any energy for actually trading its own energy. In case you're able to create power using magnetic as well so. There's just endless endless possibilities with this and honestly if done right. It's it's almost one problem of trying to dispose of these things there but in opens a world of other thing and you know der sullen and Eveready they're all trying to shut this crap down as quickly as possible because. When you get one better last 5000 years it's going to be only better you buy yet because for generations battery that put me had doling and one of the kids stuff for parents to affordable way into a kids remote control car and get like four hours a different now I think batteries are actually. Lost power. I I think that I think they figured out how to make it so they they drink quicker so with a little more minority kids you parents should stick batteries in the freezer. Remember that David didn't oh yeah yeah plus lower. Held a robot Olympics and this was an effort to improve robot technology and we talked about it in. They have the most anticipated. Robot of the group I think its name was and a list. Was shown walking around and and lost its balance and fell over and was all clumsy and couldn't really get it to work properly and it was just earlier this year. Well it turns out they re wrote the of the software for the robot. Created new algorithm rhythms and now this robot. Built by Boston dynamics which is owned by Google called Alice. Can now trot trot and out of by Ted Leo and two feet running across any terrain. Bleeping stones balancing on blob late you know it's boards and a Catholic political balance beam on beacon jumper can move it navigate any of this train so it's actually become more and gentlemen human. Is that the woman almost looks like one of them Star Wars then yeah you know looks very much like one of those stores soldiers are version I saw that video and he tried to push it over. And it and it is young caught itself and day at one point it was knocked over and it got back up. And it was going up the stairs and another video and it's amazing how far it's comments also terrifying. Well this new software now gives it the ability to stand up after falling over like he just said he can Ron Aiken balance on a balance beam can clean including vacuuming and sweeping now give me I'll get one just for that. It can do chronic Mexican throw paper airplane or he kicked it back on its axis. If you throw paper airplane can manipulate and throw paper airplanes. And it's it's only got too close got two arms two. Home to throws on the arms. Yes it's pretty amazing what he can do now and you know we've talked about the danger of artificial intelligence on the show a number of times and other people are sitting talk about but more and more. And as we see this stuff come to fruition those things that we saw on science fiction movies over the years like you said Star Wars will eventually kills were right about there where were on the verge of having these things become reality. Do you ever you ever watch that show vikings on estrogen no but I watched it previews and wants kids work. Thanks to you watch commercials that you don't watch a show I do only because Todd when I watched personal calendar I watch it win or my favorite shows for years right parent while broke. Everything else but calm and just seeing her of course there were very Mahendra deadly deadly breed of people. It is a lot of these old myths and chick song and I talked on the theology where they talk allow me fighting again sees registered doubles. And yeah he always he always wondered if there was any truth behind didn't yeah its these stories you don't know what they're really mean. It appears we might know what they mean now gem. Because we may have some answers to a lot of history final stores. Memphis Tennessee a group of volunteers cleaning up the shores of the Mississippi River near the biggest city in Tennessee have stumbled upon the remains. Of an ancient boat in cross in the mud. A team of archaeologists from the University of Memphis rapidly called to the site. They confirmed the ship is most certainly a viking now are. Suggesting the Norris would have pushed their exploration of America a lot further than anybody ever would have imagined. Other heavily damaged ship was found music the wolf in Mississippi rivers. And lies on a private property its length as about sixteen years beam vault four and a half metres and hole that assessed the estimated. Fully capable of carrying up to 24 to 28 tons while. Notable size for this this type of a ship and our naval vessels that were built by the Norse men from month. Scandinavian Iceland for Atlanta voyages but also used for trade commerce explore exploration and warfare. During an Aaron known as a viking age that goes partially from 793. Suit had 1066 VD. And the average ship would carry about twenty to thirty man but. Think about them and they found that far. Ends so well I mean. My limited knowledge of geography the only way you can get there by voters by coming up from the Gulf of Mexico up them up the Mississippi right now I mean yeah you can and so if that's the case immunity to originally most people accepted the fact that the vikings may have visitors like Nova Scotia and and that you know that the into the northeastern United States gone into media outlets and even. But this would mean they went all the way down the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. And then up the Mississippi River. But isn't there also a way that they can get through the Great Lakes that's those wondering I don't know if I. I'm almost positive others eat it if you down and then get down into the news that was one of the big ways released duel like the Iraq Yemen FitzGerald was because they used to bring him through there and shipment now. Yeah I knew you know Lisa navigate the lakes and it just a note and it would have to look at this list of slick Eddie take a peek is can you get to the Mississippi from the Great Lakes. Without I don't Overland but calm and they believe Jerry so. Average it would take about twenty or thirty men not carbon dating of the new ship estimates. It was about 9921050. Associated with implement various Canadian sites have been found on so. They believe and I honestly think that what happened is the ship. That must have been must had an issue with the ship and it likely opinion in the shipping continued on foot. And images from past history if you look it up. The vikings were really somebody to come across that you'd come across the be like hey we're here we're here to you know connect and hang out now there and they're gonna kill you that there's there was looters and villagers and that is that's why it was that the only way of life explain a lot. With a lot of these Indian. Stories from the past that that talk about these rendered double scamming and you know by Nam. Now honestly it's just funny and again these stories from the past that you think there's just their their method that people. Telling generations just there and they're next generation and so forth these stories. But it turns out there's more to it that if you think about it. And listens but this could also fall back to that hole it was at the Kensington spending can Kensington who ruined stone that they found him Allen. Minnesota it's up there on the farm. I mean is that goes to show how far. Via the vikings actually made it across country. And it's you know continues to rewrite the history books because our understanding of it and Christopher threw it exactly it's really what it's becoming absolutely. It's just. Yeah they tonight's topic is going to be we're to talk about its food and drink offerings of aliens ferries and says question a lot of legends and a lot of discussion about the fact that says these beings offer you something to eat or drink and if you accept it. You become trapped in their world Ross gonna talk about the strange voters that are associated with encounters with aliens. Big foot. And to other paranormal type encounters and that's all gonna come up with our guest Joshua collection. In just a little bit Soviet prepare with your questions and give us a call if you'd like to Internet conversation in the four numbers. 8446877669. Yani 446877669. All right let's see you got one more thing owner dimension before we had to break. I'm not even sure this is appropriate for our our show Javed is thought it was after starting story last Tucker that's true but it or ethnic you know I I if she is. A funnel more about him and his wife's relationship and then I entered into and out yet. Well Charlie Sheen who we all know is a good and a bad boy of Hollywood and was diagnosed with Eads. Much no ongoing year ago two years ago whatever. He's been participating in a clinical trial of a new medication that turns out has suspended his aids infection. And this is a phase three trial which means it's the last phase of a drug before it it's ready for approval for general use so I guess the news here is that while Charlie Sheen. Has met success has been no side effects of this medication for him. And he's basically not cured but cleared. And so I guess there's good news for you for people that are suffering from that time and that ailment and anytime we have a medical breakthrough like that it. I think it's worth talking about mentioning. Yet that's that's huge debts are it's amazing and and hopefully me. Did you figure it out interest and that cancer I mean there's so many things would be nice if we just totally rid this world a com. And also I want wondered do they ever find his his accent there was some penalties solvent in the news like a couple weeks ago his exit shown up in a bar. With the kids and also a nanny in the gun and a nanny and her gonna find you know they called the Thompson that Brooke took the kids and disappeared. They were they're looking at the cops were looking for her. In the kids and trying to find out if are pretty safe they haven't found anything outside pitch and you two looked it up and see if they found. And all right let's go to break when we come back we'll bring our guest and we also some folks waiting on the phones so we'll try to get to the listener calls it's beyond reality radio. Would Jason in TV don't go. Yang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Welcome back to beyond reality religious and extremely old ladies dancing singing it Jason and that he did this. I get a you know I'd be afraid now to look at my video aren't the best Supertramp song vote every two logical song you know it was it was phenomenal then 123. If you integrate into our before we bring our guests and let's we do have a listener call Lou when I take hear about. Comment that we made a little earlier in the show this upon from Kansas City welcome to the show. Thank guys could talk and began. Have you ever heard of booklets called Hitler Oklahoma. From now I've been Oklahoma twice. Episode and I had no. It. Just to show you how far vikings can men that they didn't just get commitments and couldn't Beale street. Today can't rents towns all over Oklahoma. There is today a place called into Oklahoma literature going across. I think it's like some moron turnpike people in the air and they've got all of this Scandinavian. Room steps. Rune stones its server up and field and step they they've come away into the midwest. Must who was so why isn't that something ensues and widely known or discussed. Audience. Just not like you guys. Wouldn't let you anyway so no it it's discussed with the McKinnell Oklahoma right. The happily eat it ER oak hall. What some when when were these discovered they've been. Known to our coral long or I would Jason's saying and what you know and I feel the same way it seems as though you know there of the of the raw hole revisionist history thing is just now happening I mean. It was no longer are we your own school and they weren't teaching this back then. So well what's this. Look up were extra round which are you in ES teal and yes it Oklahoma. The courts we know the revisionist history who wins. Rewrites the history. I got to break it for and that's after Apache. And he calls site given you know blacks first day. Send me a map that says America votes or illegal immigration and that is just about Indian trucks. You know yeah yeah the one that I was the first illegal immigrants in view or Barbara quickly if you don't find her guess let's talk about market today. You know. And am now appears today. Now sound needs chains sit decked means righteousness. King of righteousness in the book it produced its said that he get no mother no father no beginning no chance though it was not shelved. The son Noah. It was Jesus Christ reincarnated. But he did make its statement the data that the net not kids decked out that is not true it was a labor camp. Well I'd I don't now I don't remember exactly what the comment was and Scott he's not here due to respond to that that's what blacklist against like crap like pre. I appreciate that on the net Salim called collapse. Yeah we talked it's had been took its scroll back to Jerusalem and that's what they called the bill would crotch was. Crucified on golf outside. Because it is these scroll on Goliath of the spirit in this it'll. Interest in that's a great. Great comment and a nice addition to our conversation and hope you'll you'll but X and we have Scotty on new call won't have this conversational more detailed. Well I tried again and had just hit a little bit difficult these were ordered to just say I'm a hooker next guest. Exeter. Thank you thanks so much yeah I think that I think tornadoes put those rhinestones and Oklahoma. You think they're lifted up prominently from Ian and with a 50000 community in the air for I think I'm not I console until Chris Perkins from taps family change and she's got to get out of there. You know it's I the people there are phenomenal I gotta be honest I'm model of the people that kernel quality great personalities just. On earth straightforward on. Terrifies me on the weather and reveals a get out there my gosh another you know earthquake cells from his post I'll deal that hurricane any day over tornado and I'm artist could org. A slandering her guest in this is Joshua collection Joshua is the author of a couple of books we're gonna talk about tonight one is a Trojan feast the food. And drink offerings of aliens ferries and SaaS watch in the other is the brand stone debt deceit an in depth examination of supernatural sense. Otherworldly voters and monstrous. You know Ausmus welcome to the program Joshua great to have you on the show. What the great players to be here thanks so much for our. Having me and enjoy you on the first first evening of December to a. You know you're you're the first on the mention that I meant to say that earlier world we're in December now this year has just flown by it's. Crazy. Didn't you particularly interesting the way that that be but at the camber of everything around because of changes on December everybody workers in the old ways and everybody sort of you know expect would be interested more rustic saying such. The wonderful wonderful place to be your night. Well definitely a big thank you for coming on and should be interesting topic that we talk announcement. Yes a Telus Joshua first of all how you got interested in any of this and an under your path as I was reading more more about she seems to really focus on the world of music and it seems to be year. They were either you're is senator if you universal least part of it how did you get invests in arrested in the a paranormal stuff and start reading these books. What interest thing you know I ended up focusing on musical more but Crowe won my first actions really works for you on our household where. A discussion horror interest in the subject slogan to amber just urged. So I mean reported to have to have to reopen their kids. I'm sort of fell out of my interest and that's not be a big way and pestilence loose you know would still washed up on TV progress all that you can get a return to a net and when we turn it actually really pursue any sort of information. Sort of fell out of for probably about a decade. And then the belts hoagies but it's not probably four trying years ago. I made. Just had a sort of up for political reasons I discovered the world over are more internal podcaster unit really rekindled my interest and a lot of these subjects. And sites like really doubled down and just became really quite admiration switch consumer external media like good. Yeah so back up to speed on all the treatment that you interim. And I actually. Loose. But it was so excited gotten back remember distinctly and gotten Amazon gift card from my sister all. And I want to buy it up a big cookbook urgent recommendation belt OG Robert Kelly Regis that's watch which is conducted book in there to pick it up into. It's basically recollection assess Portugal's long southern coast of the last. And he you know this of that particular in the elect. And I remember reading a particular facet that said that the that is certainly not first nations lower if you accepted feed from the book looks. They're version of war never you just watched. That you would be tracked into book was forever. And it's interesting little tidbit really. Really. Look look look Little League light bulb go off from my brain because blah and it shouldn't struggle worker locked away imperil the future between. Trichet each and you know modern alien abduction. Lower and elbows aware of during certain amount of well included 200 exchanged in billion more and you know very keenly aware of the fact that so. World traditions worldwide hold that if you church three or green from the street shall be trapped victims forever and as a wonderful moment. Hey wait a minute that there's there's there's a connection and put it surely talked about so. It was one of those things were like can also incredible arm strength so a couple months and related to somebody in here on the day. He finally had to sit well I get to know what real political outlook. And bushel at my name with that you're here are. Well and that that whole thing about food from the ferry now ferries I I heard that especially when I spent some time over in Ireland. That was something that had been talked about you never accept and you never accept anything from them. Because by taking a gift you you opened yourself up to being stock within within the realm. Yet to really interest instrument. You know in the resolution to be a good way out of this official offer you something Red Cross when he recharge where people offered sweeping by the faithful were aware of this particular. Chad do. And they didn't get a declined the offer me actually and being blinded her comfort zone usually the only way to to get out of the situation like Greta he mortified yourself from the stories and carrying the circle and they offered through burger. I'm would be to have you know sort of employed some sort of deception and make a local Q accepted even but he didn't. We're just turn around around. What are. So can we get into any of the details of with these stories are and what the consequences are whether it's fair is assessment if you were to encounter one of these beings and except they're offering. What's the consequence. Will be termed the most commonly heard consequence that eating a rebel especially in inferior or is that he will be quote unquote track with a series were trapped in fairyland forever etched on. This is a particularly intercede. Consequence the cars it's one of those things where obviously. You know even if we take something like here or at face value to happen at all from the cut we didn't have any stories about people tropic action. And he's got to look at that a couple of different ways around. But the sort of backed up all but I think took to return to give people an idea of what's. Oh series hole or the belt was not about my talks people sort of get a little. Extreme Clinton's on. So we normally see give cheery news being news you know small. Should shouldn't. Little you know Trixie with. The Disney Disney version as well tends to come to mind for Americans anyway. Exactly exactly and that's sort of corruption of what will blow our tradition our our group traditionally worldwide although there are certain element to steer sort of body. Aspects of the landscapes. And these were often not only you know all the time they are short stature but there are often you don't regular human rights Domenici and a variety of shapes sizes. Descriptions and you know problems are considered Europe and the series kicked Peter consider turn this series all these things really rely on the street category inclined. For the tradition of the woodlands which of the hall Jerry while men on quite like past and this year he's brought Specter in terms. Well now Josh one time when I spent time in Ireland they're talking about the stories of the ferries over there are lately we're saying now where Tom. And the easings would come in they would obviously kill off villages in these rafts and then they would crawl into the tunnels on the ground were people would store their goods. And the thought was as you're walking game ferry would be under the ground waiting for your foot fall to poll now we're being told this by by. Hire an Irish people who had generations of this this tail running running through their families in or their culture in general and then. When you get over here again like Jimmy was saying it's very Disney Disney ish. And you can almost tracked that to really a lot of this spiritual list movement where the took on this whole little friendly either as positive positive side now is positive side to them correct. Yeah that just general you know it'll be PC parts of the time I'm really it is just sort of out of its way in the terms of it's sort of foreshadowing a romantic movement in the idea that Jeter is something QB. You know respect it's a very beautiful thing on the peaks and the link between artworks were at one of the sixties element Ulster simple and that being a little bit more. On welcoming in other stories about them waiting to see you grab your feet do hurt and that's who we are. Oh it might well hey I was told this by a bunch of Irish people as I'm standing in an old rail arraf. And were were walking around were there where they used to be a village and you know. And we're being told about the story of these villages there and it would create these underground tunnels where it's stored goods but it also go and and hide wall. If if another village attacked them so these two women and children could go underground. And that these things are common in just kill off everybody in the village and the movement the things Democrats say yeah of course it's a terrifying story when I'm walking around 3 in the morning. In this in this wooded hurry OK so right so let's let's quickly run to break we'll come back when Joshua cuts in this. Young reality radio Jason Jason. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right duress and when you need to subscribe to taps her matches. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that tabs apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps Karabakh dot com that's captured her match dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say. And welcome back to beyond reality radio was Jason Hawes and TV Johnson and big hello to everybody in the chat room thanks for joining us there are telephone number 8446877669. And our guest tonight is Joshua collections were talking about his book right now a Trojan feast the food and drink offerings of aliens. Ferries and SAS much in these fairy stories I mean. Again you know there are most most Americans. Think of Tinker Bell when they think of fairness here but these are nasty. Mold malicious. Creatures. And it's funny had been sitting there and do you know having three daughters of course there're there are older now but when they're younger I used to root rooted Disney movies. Because they'd be said the man they'd have a ferry and your fairy godmother in the united Arab course yet I have to tell you know cast. There is these fairy godmother took they have on here there and they're not really supposed to be like they're these mean little trolling creatures that one on you know and tear you apart. And of course traumatize my poor children but. And but that's really the the true stories behind it just right. Anything brilliant and number is increasing because he's he's a lot of beads beads so or fears that used to have as human kind. I'm really echoed a lot of literally wrote that and a lot of daily production or if you look at. If you look at the stories that we look deep hole you know. On meet the you know look the mortars and that's the story that we truly terrified suburbia and held it really be looked very symbol arm you have. These shortly into being you. Are unaccompanied by bright lights. You know taking people have great perverse. Obsession with our reproduction. Armed and at the series is to leave the exist field eighties and lead chi Ling and they're basically carried eighties you know modern Abacha can keep our. When and he's a leader making cute. And you have occasionally about these all sort of also bleed over into the distressed report to be. They're all three alien trees and that question big or ankle underground. And all three you know also have this. Also have this year contentment as well which is the idea that. If if you if you treat students went back regional partner specifically an alien abduction or so much but there are what you can where aliens or people who didn't drink. And and they and they except that I can criminal literature between you really period and that's all these stories of all of food. Coming both ways both from witnesses treaty and keep them from your feet to the witnesses. On the patent really begin to emerge and sort of demands a lot of surprising consistency between them are true story. Do we have in your research as you're writing the book do you have many. Firsthand accounts of of these types of encounters. Do we have people that have accepted the food of fairies of the drink. And returned to talk about it or or or aliens or Boris task like for that matter. So it's quite actually because you have to look at army vehicle look at. It'll Blogosphere work through. Mythological weapons and while there are plenty of stories of people who have seeking student and track insurance works. Commonly have Easter convention people while living. Masterful on the famous ones and sort of unique military policy this irishman. Walking home he can keep the party needs to deal to be committee for eight years by fear and castles and walk and slightly awkward at home more punch and before you drink she notices that neighbor recognized as an attack label actually beer straight back. What are you do you deal at all either at all. We'll be structure for a person will supposedly important somewhere clash between us. And picture. But as things like these are people others were traditions that. Actually we are all you have sort of district consequences that are evocative of the not coming weeks on development aid well. Scandinavia. Release beautiful woman would sit so when the country cross certain by nice to partake of it ultimately combine. And the knights took the wind and it reckon they were actually able to return to their destination but a little longer after that a year to return to develop they were your Cuba to turn back for so. It's the bulletin that perhaps some time for these cases that via. The offerings were changes usually can't go home and sit in the sense that he can return and waited he wants work or some sort there and occasionally find people. Except these two drinks are often broken bat by the desire she returns there aren't a lot of variation on a particular cheeks Ali you know. But even when it comes down to things like even Ingrid meant in Greek mythology they were the sirens and yet they'd be indeed him sort of learn the sailors and everybody else and went. With music and and other things voices but also they would offer them food there would offer them drinks they. They would do things of that nature as well so this goes this goes way way back. But it it certainly doesn't make a lot of historical connection disputes and initiatives. To mrs. Clinton decided and keep you agree with some sort of their and we trapped on the tablet earlier world talking about. Rebel. Easy ones the Americans. These nor parents out there. On all across your messaging via all circle and certain different legends have these stories adults. Sure it was a careless driver all pursued in decline and are yes patrons staying in order other world or to actually go. They actually do except proceeding actually track here on a lot of it apologists will point of the story you look. Feature intercepts and I'm percent but he was the daughter in nature loads stroll into the underworld hades in there. And and we should have actually done. Which is actually released by a by Haiti's armed Haiti's BJ precursor Parker exceed. Being nurtured consumer. She left Haiti and what she did you actually tracking under or early or current circuits want to year a lot of anger also want to visit Serbia beat her nest. For a lot of these she tepee stories but. It doesn't quite. There are part of that permit humorous. You heard being deported because other departments that she didn't that there is some sort of defused culture that signified they worldwide exploration. Or did it prior to a remarkable to issue or. They're saying they're completely objectively true about the way we interact with the other well one of the others sure the governor refused to believe that. This particular desk at the fuse strong. Greece all the way to sort of you know. Andy's. I could despite despite work Mel. Well I know we've only LE a minute we're gonna take quick break but. If the whole thing of fear fear for drinking and food is use use through pretty much the entire culture of the human race when it comes down to because. Right down to you know a zombie says there and eating and eating you had an entry he would mean vampires drinking your blood all these things it. All seemed to write down to the opera you know goat sucker sucking the blood out of the creatures so the fact of the matter is it's it's as if food and drink is used throughout the entire human race as some sort of a fear factor. And it's just it's blood and all these others these other things including in the ferries and big foot and a criminals. Yet and won't need to you have to have a lot on exploited like but mutilation subjects it's uncomfortably close to this particular topic as well. Yeah. Paris. And Malia and Jim Allen we will your take precursor yeah let's go to break now and that way. Welcome oval take phone calls 8446877669. If you wanted to get involved in this conversation when we come back. We'll talk a little would Joshua about his other book as well the brimstone deceit in in depth examination of supernatural sense otherworldly orders and monstrous me Ausmus it's beyond reality radio would Jason NTV. Oh. And welcome back to the show it is beyond reality radio with Jason cause JB Johnson a lot of great chat going on in the chat room if you haven't figured out where that chat from existing Cisco and the website beyond reality radio dot com. Click on the listen live there and even if you're listening on the radio station and your airy and so participate. In the chat room lot of fun. It's always busy disagree community we are going and gets bigger and bigger every weeks are yeah. They before you bring a Joshua back and let's just go to our phone lines here we've got. Religion. They they are with billionaire. I'm here. To okay. Well I want to get it talked about anything associated with this civic gets but I can kind of provide if you wanted to puke but I tend note she was to prevail or so. After the get that you were taken. No other guests distill the guest is still low with us we're just gonna let you have a chance to take your calls seated to win and also along. OK so I can talk about whatever shirt you've. Okay how long I don't know what you know when you talk about. Well can't get every Joshua back in and many years to get a couple minutes. Okay. I hate touched on this a little bit before but I want to elaborate these sort of a lot nations and tribes. Of Israel for lifting carefully every want had any part. No matter how small of your bloodline lineage shared his ancestry has its. Negroes Puerto Ricans Cubans Jamaican the west and be Mexican and Haitian. O line that's Samoan Seminole Indians. Panama to Colombia Brazil Argentina dominicans and north American and again you are the law nations and tribes. Israel also known as the keepers. And it's real life. OK next. The mandate for the week even the days of are we kept taken or origin but one that I do know Monday at the moon today. Sunday it's Sunday. They'll backers two Wednesday at which is based Thursday adapter. The pagan god or. Five Wednesday it was rodents day. From the gut wooten. To look at that and I turned out it was which are so and so at every turn to a what's the point out there for a blue yet do here with some point. I don't want people to realize how much are short and they're taken all the holidays. Christianity what's supposed to actually you know that's attached to it all about. But the thing that makes the drive them out yeah well and we've beaten and who do you or Christian he got corrupted. I've taken at the and I'm sorry go ahead. Now I don't just mean everything to me traffic contract that when it comes to religion and eat anything and everything to return expected to paganism was pretty much the oldest religion. Well I wouldn't. State be written. Any type audience around fire anytime you do answer on a fire for good kill any time you're doing. You rituals tour for some sort of thing falls under pagan religion. So I mean it yeah so it all that falls under paganism. Which it would be viewed the foundation of all religions. But then a lot of that we get into where with the Greek mythology. But whether that they agree god to the pagan gods whatever. And that's why it says no god before me and hire Scott. Ever you're talking we're talking about something that was written along you're talking about something that was written thousands of years after me him. After the heat human kind words human species was on this planet. I mean we're talking about something if you're if you're looking at the dawn man the dawn of humankind. We're talking a wave hitting a long time before any of that. Where there wasn't there wasn't a Bible that wasn't something to read from that point. So unity and I think where we're coach trying to create spears or are hammers out of stone and Angela hunt down animals I mean. And then we're looking back to me you know two years the origins where Perry's in a fall to pay. AJ thanks for the call we got to run we had to bring her again aspect in the we will always appreciate your insight Joshua thanks for being so creation on hold their. We wanna get back to talking about. Your books and wanna switch to that topic loaded talk about via the second book. The brimstone deceit and in depth examination of supernatural sense otherworldly voters in monstrous me announcements. Tell us about some of these sense that are associated. With different types of paranormal encounters. Definitely what an attempt to try and see if there was any sort of club strong pattern and emerge from a lot of these owners that are. Sound and a lot of these different to supernatural curse compliment and are long and he really intrigues me arm wasn't. The the problem smell sulfur a lot of these are stump and enough to be clear or anybody jumps to conclusions. I'm you know the name like that burns conceded that some are capable of really Christian. Sort of agenda are so great at that we're not the case I'm not one he people who that's true chocolate retrain and eternal ought to a demonic activity your drink. I really want to sort of look at that sort of prevalence of the shall order. Removed from a lot of the dog Monday and chew and also really engaging some of the fire that governor terms. In terms of exactly what the younger can mean so while I wouldn't hesitate strongly to send the majority of supernatural powers in this old or younger. I definitely think that it all along the lines of being a morality meaning of the word. The largest chunk of voters that I do from this shall first serve quality. I'm glad you multiply that you overriding burger with a book that has a subject that Duke's broad peachy you know late really be. Entirely. Inclusive in terms of what you cervix if you look at spear carriers all the time you'll find or to smoke or orders of perky or. You know. You know lavender Turkey murders of flowers. Bomb and a lot of really carried to find out getting older you'll find not only. A voter. Shall I hundred missile fired the rockets in order that we normally associate whistle for. But all social dioxide which is more good gunpowder or fireworks Icrc. You'll find musty odor to find some New Yorkers. And the court of bigfoot it's like you know replica smorgasbord of on a lower Serb voters re trying to that we are serious you know that he could. You know body odor let dog. Again an ammonia sort of urine smell fecal smell. And again. Surprisingly persistent and this. Occurring under a hundred missile but they finally get to well. Yeah and you definitely you know it's just some of the nasty is a sense now is there any belief for any researcher any thought on why. Well the other couple hundred schools of thought I'm Europe are true you can see the country here. Natural phenomenon. Can not be noticed they literally could not to pick a more. It appropriates longer just election and pencil or record and all around here extremely. Incident as human beings shall cocktail or not Siebert apple is. Are sensitive and high credential slide is that the portal and one part per billion to put in perspective which. If aren't CG in the league dropper. And draw one draw a peek into the back of a tanker truck. Well water they'll literally that would literally be like concentration which we can detect a missile or there are so it's it's it's it's a startlingly. Well. To startlingly. Briefly she now people definitely noticed that struggle. A lot of people will point to certain biblical interpretation belts. On. Perhaps ago. Demonic forces knowing console her but there are plenty of careful about it all is well look at the possibility that perhaps some extraterrestrial life forms accused of these jurors might have a vault has social burglaries being on in in terms of the vast selection of conundrum you have to look at perhaps maybe your environment and elegant party urged. Austrians. On I personally action to take mortgage can turn more urged the world to me and I suspect. That. Perhaps and this tighter missile plot that are actually played a series specifically distinct role on. There are some research we can a few years ago that illustrate that. Speech on that church will be monitored. Malcolm hydrogen sulphide actually repealing being NC based Dayton suspended animation so I wonder if you look. But a lot of the things that people armor Portland me charities so fourteen. Agencies anomalous and that poor or that sensation of to you to Wear the sensation of you know being paralyzed or written to the spot and I wonder if perhaps there is some sort of and current normal force. That utilizes this this breach along. Prevalent theory Percival compound. In a way to sort of helps facilitate interaction between since sponsor or other intelligence. On this is what many had dividend kicking around the complex. I don't mess joking there one exploration that it's all the different smells the government. There and especially when I'm dealt with the with priests during criticisms impact and things like that. They've always told me that I didn't have they believe that the smell is. It's just it's sort of embedded into these demonic type entities that it's the smell that. They have for me where they are and it's just you know it's it emanates from their pores and Aaron and all that so. And of course that one of those things reset their annually he had on the offer really buy that but cut. Nobody you know you get that smell. Something that I can't really pass any sort of looking and so both the origin of why we associate or personal that Walsh is our home. Is that actually a lot of you know. Classical literature a lot of you know Asian order church you'll find that this developer and stay council irks. It actually work closely associated with the department of instrumental brimstone missiles hurt so we'll look calm and anti Putin to the medical. On both the medical substance and even today we have acting medication that actual fights we take schools aren't as well should you Fargo and personal outside especially if not you know you break. Actually comparing Barack cleansing rescue me you know age eight breeze of Britain's. I'm when he got smooch Solomon the more he raised fire and burns on what happened. And this connection was a stronger it will actually be the worst in Greek or. And zone and working buying our insurance every five say oh sure you have a divine and Shia are. For a bruised arms so there's this association burned into the divine truly make you go why indeed fine and so are associated lists. You know demonic activity well. The way that makes the most sense is to frame of the casting of sneaking into the lake of fire like in the you know and in the Bible. Eddie and a huge troop sure our state so it that are thinking you know clung demonic activity as a sort of smiling and happy to cut their equal it makes more sense choose to pick and has. An attempt or a great failed attempt by the divine Clinton. Evil very evil nature and. Yet does it makes a lot of sense and you know weeds we often become accustomed to these things just under tradition and we and automatically associate that's. Those smells with the evil when when you know we've I don't know anybody's taught us that is just kind of what we associate and not to get too gross but I mean even from a psychological standpoint of the human race. Human waste I mean at album you know over periods time especially. No Celtics who are are you tend to get a very similar smells you associate all that width. With just the bad things being gone and that Beckham recycle psychological area. It doesn't you know there's there's certainly not out you know. Well every U universe sort of put that there's a ton of psychology degree and looked you know our our sense of smell religion where you mentioned earlier warnings substantially. A billion total solar gust or be aware he had something or stay away at something case of the support tiger and pull or as warnings to. Stay away from you know racial he'd bio basically. But you have to look at you know you have to monitor on. Smell it is very. Distinct we try to emotion and I commemorative period in voluntary way in the connection so strong all our patient actionable or diminish and to smell. On so he'd have to wonder if and being sort supernatural forces which chins to. Interact with wouldn't not a very personal level. If they have that ability and they were aware of the fact that we should be manipulated by using access wouldn't they engage units were deliberate deception. Yeah and but you'll soon have to wonder if from a spiritual aspect we. Are turned off by that Stan because of him because it's a sort of it's a warning signal for us just like. And like I said from psychological aspect. Now the smell coming from a sewer receptacle or something of that you dig down deep enough yet stagnant while away any any of those things they give off that smell. Give a warning sign to a cents a you know because these are things that. Ken can be harmful can be deadly to us expressly win. You're dealing with a waste and waste things of that nature so it could be a warning thing given to us spiritually to let us know that this thing is of a negative. Type thing we don't wanna deal with it. We shouldn't deal with action to shoot off should avoid. I think with a distinct possibility as well yeah I'd I am it's really actually because you'll find a lot of all factories psychologists who claim that there is jokes sheer. Smell that humans reviled by the if there is if it was they had put their finger on one. They would definitely side or cancel it was in that sulfur compound just. Whenever you have were getting mature Brittany down yet and the law which he. And it's one of the most common supernatural voters as we mentioned. We're talking with John true Joshua Koch in in a telephone numbers 8446877669. Josh I don't move to. Focus on to have more on an alien or UFO kept encounters particularly voters that might be associate with that is there a pattern and all that has been reported from people. Who've experienced these things. All the foreign via. I'd sort of over you are murdered or really Christine correlation between much people are reporting on musty odors. All of the one of the most famously carried some reporting what you order was what eastern recording that in order as were reinforcing his mind extinct that he was having to suitors he asked actually. Smell the the lead in the that are submitted in the smiling like park or you'll find the sort of cardboard description. Up. In a lot of and a lot of different counters when people claim to be taken aboard. A more structured crack. What that mystery to me is that. There are certain. And they're certainly not tremors along wish. The quality in jars or mass president of the smell it and you know it is for patent. Last look at choose the student breaks if you think about you know in that it is leading art in general. The camera and brick and counsel I like to call deduction experiencing contacting. The TriBeCa experience is typically. When the from the first character people spoke we have extraterrestrials and if you sixty with a very positive experience voluntary. He or. You know generally attribute in volunteer. People it's been two very unpleasant experience when people are given shooter in the charitable Forsett. And what increasing and that this all started perhaps not surprising that the smell these elderly are responsible as a doctor association. Out. People who are. As sort of contact the experience and I'm very close spiritual reporting. No flower person or people you're in induction charger or must be nasty car or. You know well. You also have. I've also heard reports of people. Claiming the smell of as if they were at their grandparents of mothballs. Thing and things like that. I'm sure you've heard the claims well. It's sort of problematic issue when you look at smelled in general because there's actually a phenomenon that. Well factory scientists actually called to put the notes about the play on the tip of the tongue tomorrow about where. Human beings have a computer recognized. Since. More often and they can actually perplexed as to who they are so do a lot of interpretation you have to. Sort of sit through cigarettes and pleasant people to have the musty smell or that actually all of that locker room smelling feet sort of all righty that's similar thing Syria as well. Yeah which. So just trying to. Yeah and then then that's the thing and Jimmy will you had your own. Personal experience right with. And harm items towards you with a hole in probing thank you gonna go there and I want this and they gave me an opportunity that. So the you know when we get into these that it that it just the sense of smell and generally often. Think it's probably one of our least. Appreciated and least respected. Of the five senses and as you mentioned Joshua there's a very very close and tight connection between. From our sense of smell and our our ability to remember things and in fact. It's very very common. That sound you know and it's a scent or smell will remind you of something. Before the does seem visual well or something we've heard it's really that powerful isn't. Wonderful story that I really. Awful appropriate in. In the grandstand seat where a gentleman by the name of David. Was and actually. We create he claimed that he was a driving trip to lump. To Cincinnati from Portsmouth Ohio at one Latin 1960s when his car was forced to stop and wrote because there's a bright elliptical metallic crap city people wrote. And they're he's bringing into play being that escorted him and and each complete creatures he supposedly. Arming. Actually you know about to conclude home medical examination rural and he saw a dead girl and two people. Between goes into draw on the table and he just eaten. That she was dead you don't know how he usually but he shouldn't get equal police forgot that expert anti clintons until Ali multiple years later he was sitting at as the kitchen table and some cigarette actually in Tehran as our. And he actually look pal leave you memories flood back to her own arm from this one experience and actually about that is that in. Late political late nineties early 2000 foreign mutually and works. Circuit actually discovered that one of the most common no I don't people remember from their spinach is what the smell or hear sort of the natural niche you know that smoker or you're burning on the arm and bring that it's arrogant or actual actual. Yet one signals are very very powerful with that. And I know and we got to take a break in a minute but I'm also and just think about this during the break. Especially the paranormal investigator of the I've dealt with claims where. People have been suit in terrifying situations buys smells one situation them to bring up was. I'm Amanda experienced that what appeared to be announced he has house a few Mel on Tuesday. And initially was terrified. I was overcome with the smell of perfumed flowers. And it sort of brought him back to a peaceful place in in the way he wished he told me about it and he said you know initially use their fight until that spell kicked in. Many felt OK out this this is gonna that this is this is OK there's there's something else going on here it was comforting. It was an and that can be that can really take a terrifying situation and make it comforting for a lot of lot of people and in the situations. Just like the other and it can make it terrifying. Back happily and block do believe that Sheen being. On our choir in the is that you know bill factor people who is wired directly into the nickel which control a lot of these you know and bought your reaction we have. OK well let's take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation would Joshua collection. The telephone number is 8446877669. If he'd like to be part of our program and our discussions beyond me. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary con dot com that spirit con dot com and. Welcome back to beyond reality radio chasing cheesy. Phone numbers 8446877669. Before we get back toward guest tonight let's say just take a quick look at what's happening next week we've got a great. UFO alien show for Monday night. Come area Stanton Stanton T Friedman. Number watched show about aliens or UFOs and you've probably seen as Stan Friedman. So most sought after guests when it comes on your foes. I use a nuclear physicist lecture and received his bachelor's or master's degrees in physics from the University of Chicago went in 1955 in 1956. Com he's worked for GE GM Westinghouse and also. Mary was. Yea where he worked for the Errol Errol jet general. New new comic sort of political. But just phenomenal just one of the most in depth people when it comes down to UFO's and action pressure he actually has a a petition thing to try to get the White House to come out and open up while all this information aren't on UFOs and aliens are. The readjusting and then Tuesday we're talking with the Rodney cloth. Author of world's top secret our earth is hollow. He is a firm believer that our earth is hollow and it any claims it's backed up by a lot of scientific evidence including satellite photos sent. Polar holes and a lot of other things and it's a story that it's something that's always intrigued me especially with. Not too long to them finding that. That underground city and in Turkey Jamaica and that house 40000 people away and home stores places for them to put cattle. And to send us thanks so if it's not too far fetched. And also his discussion will continue talking about the evidence from the scriptures and history that the lost tribes of Israel. Are now found within the hollow of our earth now. Isn't that would or college it was just talking up lost terms of Israel condemned Pannemon resting on coincidence there's so I will be talking about that. Tuesday with Rodney club so I'm really I'm really excited about both those set Monday into his nature has been grip. On that and then after them Wednesday we've got Marc sergeant. In 2014 he looked into one. And is no doubt the most ridiculed conspiracy ever called flat earth theory right and has so. There's a lot of if you ever look into it there's information that talks about our human civilization actually being inside. Sort of like a Truman show right type things so which doesn't fall too far from a lot of claims and one of the politicians actually said not too long ago about. How people who were really were not in in this real world were in some sort of Dimitri asymmetric situation you know which I think that's insane. You know our guest tonight is Joshua cuts and we're talking about his book the brimstone. Deceit and in depth examination of supernatural sense otherworldly voters and monstrous. Mean osmosis and I just with thanks again for joining us sort of a right to the phone lines because we do have. It listener on hold here once shared an experience with this this is Scott from Missouri welcome to the show Scott. Yes thank you I don't really know them and find out here but I have had. And extreme. Feeling of deja there to witness well and a selectors leak. So personal escape big. And almost to the point of panic I had it tacked on so. Word is this happening to you know is it happening in any one location or is it just happen randomly every candidate. Trigger quit so that that's now. And it's them like it down can now own bakeries. Soon reached types you know. And Activision about face that I. I see is familiar bit. Can't picture it. OK so you when you. Encounter this smell the so what are you got a sense of deja Vu and then you have a vision of of a face that you can identify. All right. And events I can send it up the first few times that happened I mean it like attracted reached her several hours afterwards our news. Like my senses. Of ballots. It was strange. How long neat thing about go ahead yards consultant how long has this been going on for you. Actually several years I can likened same Allen actually chat and I can almost breezed through it. Work myself through it but first three or four times it happened it affected me for hours sometimes they're too. Well I Joshua any thoughts on what might be happening is happening here Scott. Perpetrators exceeded credited sort of need to look at its sleek yet apple freaks melt there are. Yes. And I mean in deja. You know and let all the mixed and attached to attract. You know anybody who has an ever had you know an ex lover and not their perky or normal healthy and they had a horrible relationship will remember them so like there's a possibility that it could be he mundane but I'm I'm I'm. There's also popular that it should be completely rule that stranger on the sort of description understand like sort of sweet but also it's sort of unplug and sort of reminds me of the manner in China. Gentlemen can actually these very prominent. Order a lot of supernatural spirit kitchens are often times as Asia Turkey at least perking increasing about Japanese that there are certain components in the the actual voter group Leucadia gentlemen. That are the same compound that are found PCs that are the component that are called castle and illegal. On if you actually have too much. Of stressful and illegal in the jet and since election tortured the to the belt of yogurt is sort of a war in certain species. Source well. Some wonder perhaps you're not running into some sort of unbalanced jet and a quarter which again. The very calm and under the fire and a lot of long. A lot of supernatural powers. What do you think guys Joshua of the of the deja Vu factor that seems to be the thing that says Scott is a little more concerned about. We know there are there are any out. Is get what these injuries and indeed there are certain. Or so hotel where people do you have. Under the and didn't memories that are that are from Athlon actually reclaim our past lives. That continent through smell so perhaps it's somehow I had an of that though that you want to or anything like others. If we hear religion no location where this happens probably the closest thing markets ago. Yeah this done market alleged jubilee downtown like a downtown. Kansas City types smell you know and it's usually in my vehicle legislation near downtown area. Scott have you had any other paranormal experiences yourself and any other bit that you might not a silly tied in this particular situation but it. That we might not known that it that China. It all comes. I just happened here you guys on the radio criminal late or box blank arches and elect our. Yeah well I wish we could have offer offer some more donations for a bit thanks so much for sharing historian and okay a phone call appreciate it. It Q I mean you know it could be and you know we don't wanna jump to any conclusions here for sky was so it wanted to do frighten anybody but some. You know it's these voters are are are most commonly associated with some type of demonic or. You know. I don't know I'm not possession necessarily but certainly maybe attachments on the could there be something going on like that it's only triggered when these when the orders present. Yet it's. Is this week shameless sort of mystery apple and I think you know it was just a really straightforward like it all the rotten eggs or smoke like you have gone traversal works ability your commute I put my finger on but you know introduce. Terms of having a weakened heart as well I'm not really sure to make it. So when and if you're other people share experiences like that where. They have a periodic. And we use use Scotts where deja Vu or some type of physical reaction. To a given smelled that you've actually been able to then traced back to some incident. Only thing you know at her picture on my research I don't think I ever really quite. Came upon me to decide stuff where people have memories that come back too long after like production pictures that common problem. But in terms of something that is. Fresh memory of those who then I'm gonna wanna cripple repressed memories being brought back. Through voters will usually something more. Monday. Dated date sort of Batiste harsh climates are they today were experience. Now do any of these voters. Act as. A warning and I know we've said that the the actual sense of smell is kind of a warning signal fruit for humans but. Do you have anything where you would say hey listen if you're if you smell this particular odor. You get out your house or or or run the other way or don't look there is there anything that visits that dramatic. You know picture saying there's sort of this loose correlation in excess watcher or where. Whenever someone observes assess clutched that doesn't appear to realize that being observed. He usually is that the smell. Where are a lot of times people will be an arrangement that's what they're real order be Washington's staring back at somebody's election all the well or answer. You know you're in a blip in the unit suddenly it's something that is just like in absolute wall Chanel room in Q. I can point that you could almost bigger hand in and out of that yeah. A bigger point would be on the turn implement that little bit more to implement a little bit more. You know. Spiritually based in terms like. The smoking rooms and how the increasing again at drinking at street really localize that juror we all. Armed. But so we want to make sure he's cute because you have mutual recruiters want it should be eliminate all the possibilities like. We solution calmed our original trying to limit all the responsibility where each creators to require that here. Well on this right down to a lot of people don't realize that and there's he traps. Under under their sinks in the showers and everything else in the whole idea behind that. Is it holds little model water and so they gassing gases from the sewer and where your septic or whatever can't come back into the house it's it's sort of that barrier between. So for. And it loses the water will then you're going to get those spells are going to come right up to Sewart reducing trade. Whatever it may be so. And you see you need to you need to remember that as well saw Leo. So yeah that's another common commenting Dmitry take care of before you start automatically drawing the conclusion of a demonic entity. Yes I do you know any deeper to be further hurt pragmatic and meet people figured how old cooking gas smell but it actually doesn't those are actually compounds that are cult files which shall Carl Albert attitude. A lot of natural gas. I don't parallel yes or pronounce for your own safety and then yeah it's natural gas and seven has no style to it com. But yet you're you're totally correct me add that to it so we can spell it for your own safety's home of course she you don't die from breathing in him that much. I. Okay Joshua we're gonna we have to go to break here and when we come back we'll give you chance of Letterman in a way to get all the books and find out more about your work. It's beyond reality radio would Jason NJV don't go away. There's more. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right dressed in. When you need to subscribe to taps permanent. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website its taps Karabakh dot com that's capture paramedic dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. What your radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say I. All welcome back to. She knows chase JP as we get ready to wrap up another night and it's actually the end of the broadcast week for us. When we get to have a nice three day weekend and get ready for a whole. Next week of great shows him get a lot of great stuff coming opener. Guess tonight's announcements Joshua correction Joshua before we legalize it was gonna what you. Give out to you know information your books and stuff like that we do have a couple of calls and in the spokesman weaning. Pretty patiently so before you go let's take chuck chuck you there from Missouri. Yeah yeah yeah we on the Toronto knob beyond reality radio chip. Harry Rahm putter I call screener. You know that god I think order is also a Lugar. That have been less sweet well I got that good or bad it out. What a year ago and are more it's being anyway Michael server sort. Walt didn't kitchen. My wife and popped out fully but right now it's so mind. And I walked intelligent. My knowledge neighbor across the street which was probably about seven you're resultant washing machines. She turned around I go bowling. Really don't you turn around look them may owe us well like. Chocolate chip like chocolate chip cookie bake in India about. And I and the ability to Iowa so patient you know I'd do that turned around openness Manuel. And finished at Hilton at all. And flew out and if they get an idea. I was just. And they're not anything that happened in that house. We never saw her again after we got rid of the told associated views and she's been dead for 25 years. I would Wear a cross street that night and a lot but I just went off the deep and and talked to bill and her she well fast double what we will have a catcher. Bill hawkish collector. Or Brandon neighbor that tied 20/20 five years earlier in that same else. And did what they elder last year. Have a government that's still don't know what made an install. And what you guys and we're big guys coming out of my pressing. 12100 pounds. At least so they and so and both present and NATO guys bigger me and it was always indicative and it's something despite a net. And I think we've got in the all who was called off scraps. And they're he he got up there and it all kind of problems. In net saying it it will go into pressure. And it. So don't happen that really bothered them. We need and then minutes notably what that question then he would never talk about it. And was suspended. In the air one time. We being and and then well. And there's something another. Opera in met and yet it. And it felt now I think I don't think it should want unity. Let them plaster walls and no where else. And in the sudden. Thought ma and I'm literally felt this sense that people. And Alton or outfit called it and should rocket a Matt took everything down expert athletes. On the law and that. It seemed a bit beta Tibetan. We have practice in which across the street. It just gets better miles. Perhaps. He had no idea I appreciate you sharing with that we Italy to go I checked as we we get it one more call and we get a letter guest goes so thanks so much for calling and we're gonna. Let's see here we are going to go. I think we lost the other caller. I'm so Joshua that particular. Story. That's probably not too uncommon. Shocked. Noticed a notre at the same time he was soon witnessing an operation. Yet to receive a much and so well a lot of ultra tricky crew court. But you know that they got ghost Xperia urgent and Kara are one of the few cases where two people where people don't operate. But no bigger portion but to see your network it's certainly not lecture them. Visual confirmation you know is that what and he sort of a spirit agency. No sooner got her own common hardware and charge or people small. Lieberman assure Beijing nor even temperament. Actually a huge area. OK we have we have this other caller chuck from Kentucky back and I we lost in their search chuck we only about a minute but welcome to the shot. Good real quickly I just basically have a question or something. About twenty or 25 years ago I was in living in Louisville. And it was wintertime and I was while. Three flights of steps that we're in the outside of the building. And it smelled roses. So strong. That they actually closely to form in my imagination. I don't want to get a good feel on this but it I actually pictured the blessing rather. You know like camino. You know I wasn't saying that you know it was so. Perk doing it good I'm just curious you know. Yeah not that's that's area and nothing sound strained on the show from Atlanta shows about the strange so so what what about that what about Tim's smell some might be associated associated with their religious hesitations or some type of spiritual you know. Whether it's the blessed mother or. Something along those lines. Chan now almost every aspiration and are organs suitable urgent area some sort of war odor. The majority of the time definitely like a rose or there's actually a big. Actually can't begin operation in France where the entire. On these are siding ministry and the church and so that was all sort of centered around curse you all roses that actually let this young French girl was that church certain. So yes it was. So chuck story is a makes a lot of sense than thanks for that call chuck. I'm Josh we got about thirty seconds here. Working people get a hold your books and find out more about your work. Well I think I can say that what president that partial exception dot com jailer situation CT CHI parents. I'm well books and what triggered cheat and a broad indices are available from As well Barnes and it will hurt you at all books. And you can hear you on any sort of biweekly basis. The my podcast radio show a word of the Roca Wear it repealed. What Josh thanks so much for Conning in all of this and he was a great talked and I look forward to talking Meehan in the future. IQQ. All right so agree conversation there were any ready for next week where we've got some great guests coming up business Monday night were talking UFO's Jim Stanton Friedman will be on hand if you ever matter wash Schobel aliens UFO's and you know you've probably seen Stanton Friedman. And and it's going to be just a great talk and then Tuesday were going to be target Rodney Clough. But he's the author of the world's top secret our earth is hollow book. He firmly leaves earth is hollow and he claims is back of scientific evidence topic that's always really intrigued me Jimmy and utility and I have tea numerous talks about the so. But is going to be a great week a big shot Alter everybody listen tonight to AQ. How big shelter many in the chat room and make she'll like FaceBook page of FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality Maria. And keep you up to date with some big things will be coming up soon so he'll listen to Jason and javy you'll have a great weekend we'll catch a Monday night. And need distance it's. Includes news and other scenes. Jobs aren't. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be a guest on beyond reality Rio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.