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10/11/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - "Sasquatch out of the Shadows" - a documentary highlighting the search for Bigfoot, and other crytids

Oct 11, 2016|

10/11/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Aleksander Petakov discusses his web series - Sasquatch out of the Shadows and his efforts to document Bigfoot and other cryptids. Plus listener calls and more.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded October 11 2016. At. I won't be Hillary Hillary anyway chasing you in. Are you doing javy. You know I was just I was just saying that terror and buying I'm feeling rather refreshed and raring to go tonight I don't know what it is something in the water must speak. That's because it's Tuesday is odor is now Monday Mondays are always the toughest Bada. So we got a great guest tonight we Alexander patter coffee's a filmmaker who also has a history crypto zoology and he's been able to merge the two together. And create some pretty cool and pretty cool documentaries yet he's a young filmmaker. Does a lot of stuff on YouTube. He's been out investigating things like. Assessed clutch which we're gonna talk a lot about tonight away mountain yellow. Yep and he's done some stuff from Mike Massey he's also done some just kind of neat and we've called them I guess social document series like he did his. Of a short. Film about driving around North Korea and I'm anxious to hear how that experience was. And he also has a film out called. I think it's called lake living dangers or something like that but it's about real life. Dangers that we live with a every day and Demi experience to say about that Suzanne a lot of little projects throwing YouTube. And I mean he's on he's kind of a new generation filmmaker it's been interesting to Sunni would he says looking at these days. Woman tomorrow we intimate intimate the Beckley and Tim Schwartz will be talking about UFO's. Thursday we're going to be talked to Andy Henry cold now Henry talks about the a hollow earth theory in the civilization that lives beneath us and the next week we agree great week and we got married he Jones who a lot of people requested a staff on. Should be talking about many different things including quantum physics. And she's she's a sharp oh yeah at an hour and after that we don't see you can you talk. You've been there to do some little homework because. Last time do we have from the and so we're gonna stand skated to dig down a notch to C you know I can understand. Probably 34 maybe Santa. Ana on another note Jim that this might upset you heavy he would seen Ronald McDonald lately I have no one's that the heavens in a much at all well not even on television there's a reason behind that Millen McDonald's. McDonald's is keeping Ronald on the lower profile of all these clone issues have been going on this turtle. Isn't this interesting McDonald's Corp. actually says that Ronald McDonald was typical profile with the reports of creepy clown sightings. On the rise one and so. Or rock and Ronnie might be looking for a new job you know imagine that you have I don't care what your McDonald's was founded it was sometime in the thirties or forties was and in. It is getaway so they introduced this character. That becomes the feast. All of their entire corporation all of the restaurants one of the most successful restaurant changed chains of all time and and it's the only character youth out of a bunch of them it's really the only character work you have Hamburg which you don't wanna really promote that. I remiss who's this over this obese purple thing which. Again not something smells so mayor who was mayor Mick cheese and Madonna and Ritchie of the heat it NASA looked wrong repaired and what was the other the fried either some Friday there's been so many years I've either way like a burger king's McCain decorate trees via their guys just intentionally creepy if anybody should be banned it should be the Burger King guy with a smile. But I'm guessing deceived your company you you're the most successful restaurant chain of all time on and you've got this character mascot and suddenly out of nowhere. That character. Is grouped in with a bunch of creepy characters in now listen your main mask each year -- shows you can't showman TV you can show you where it is people are just gonna think. Creep preakness which I'm about that article yeah Alaska but I mean. Yet but it's it's there it's been their decision to keep him. Down low. Especially with all these Kris equaled citing sources say and they just did some weird PSA they were shown. Appeared in Massachusetts want it's a few miles from reforming. About you know the cops pulled up to this creepy clown they it's computes the awareness of world book. And when we're at some TSA now have to find it posted its appearance of it it's media public service announcement that they played on the news tonight. In the area and it's just. So what is this PSA trying to get people to do not yet it's not be afraid of clowns or would even listen to and Ireland watching too much because they have this creepy cloud. And then it's just this. Play 1010 troopers Earl stating around town circuit circling them. So the glacier it was going certainly play like they're capturing everything like that but our buddy was we'll now they look regular. There equator and issued an envoy. Yes so but whatever. Well we've got. A great show and and we wanna encourage you we're gonna try in the second half of the show the open lines up for just your paranormal stories and wanna hear you had an encounter with you know a spirit citing goes separation. EVP. Strange noises in your house whatever we'd love to hear about that he saw you a faulty and or bigfoot encounter any thing that you wanna chat about its open lines. For the second half for the show we're gonna we're gonna take those calls and we love just to hear your stories and chat about. And just before the hour tops 4 hit 1 am I'm gonna post a story on beyond reality radios FaceBook page and check it out because it they're talking about was a ghost ship spotted on leaks appear. And it's actually a pretty neat picture slash video a YouTube videos well. And there there's something there but I wanna get people's takes takes on it because it's. It's really when I sent you the story or Virginia now it's pretty cool I'm glad we're gonna talk about that to another thing I wanted to talk about because we talk about the upcoming weeks. While we're on the eleventh sort twenty days ranked twenty days for know. From net kind of moving into the twelfth or about twenty days from Halloween and we got a really cool Halloween program coming up. Aria and we are Christopher. Corn to you know lots. And eat normally no Christopher for a dog he was shown in in the millenium and owns about him and his family. And George Watson and nine. And the experiences that they had in and the Amityville house and Chris was on with us quite a ways back and force indicated. And to be opposite I think was one of the best shows we did agree it was so much information that. Was brought up that nobody ever knew well what will be how the book really embellished on a lot of things a lot of the inner workings of bullets family. Some inner turmoil that was going on as well that could have helped fuel this activity. And into some of the secret rooms and south Crist today ended up coming across one after they moved it. Yeah and I also like talking about the fact that in marine Warren were involved in that investigation of what their role was because even the whole. Aftermath after the Lutz family fled the house in terror. And then they they hired an investigator paranormal investigator to come in and he said he'd do it but only if he could report exactly what he found. They fired him because they didn't like that idea and they brought the warrants and yet to really makes you wonder if does so yet so we'll chat about that a little bit too and I'm a member of Chris and a whole lot incited into the Warren's aspect of that I mean we can find somebody who who has more intimate that. Information because that kind of changed everything in the story you know right after that the book was written. So a lot of interesting things coming up on beyond reality radio we love doing that. And on that I give the number notes 8446877669. For open mind segment little bit later in the program we'd be happy to take your calls. Don't forget the stuff by the FaceBook page right. And so they had over a FaceBook dot com slash slash beyond reality radio makes she liked the page and it's crank it right up there by. Are so we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna get our guest Alexander. Medical loss on the line. Are you listen Jason did. But there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details tourist Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. The ghost hunters are coming to Buffalo's Jason and Steve from those numbers are bringing their hit TV show live to the Riviera theatre Tuesday October 18. This interactive presentation showcases examples of their favorite evidence some that is never seen before. With the VIP upgrade you choose your seat and attend a special Q&A session took the stage with the Riviera theatre. Get your tickets now on the Riviera fox sports Hollywood entertainment inside the McKinley mall at Riviera theatre dot water. Are welcome back on programs beyond reality radio Jason on Stevie Johnson are telefono received 4468776968. 7669. Please write it down CM for the Edwards Jimmie does that say yeah I don't ever wanna try that again amateur myself. 844687766. Now while. And it isn't usually a mouthful but it was meant was just then OK let's go to the foam on the springer guest in this is Alexander. Petr cough a filmmaker Annie crypt results allowed just Alexander welcome to beyond reality radio. I. I kimono. So we we get into any of the details about your work tell us a little bit about how you got involved and started becoming in a sort of making films. Yes I mean ever since I was kid knows interest in it and are making not. Always kicked out Prada cinema camera I'm assuming Campbell will projects here and where that tournament in two. You are going to school and and pursuing now on a more professional level. And now my children to incur to zoology and it Loch Ness Monster and yet he's not unaware my fascination for the subject came up. And where did you develop the interest in the crypt is apologies usually you know we often talk about. Jason and I saw a TV series and winner. Younger Colvin search of and that was kind of our first exposure to those topics and really piqued our interest. And I know a lot of people have some and they can Trace their interest to whether it's a movie or TV show or encountered themselves what was yours. Oh absolutely I wouldn't forget that or world and so when I was cheated you know shouldn't have looked in the White Mountain and ski trip with much Henry. And I don't you know and a toy yet. Arctic shadow box they used to make he's really hot all the toys you know the Loch Ness Monster because it can happen to be getting on her yet. My dad telling you this story you know the Indian Himalayas and during the White Mountain and story kind of hurt. And persons. I mean after that I couldn't and not a documentary you know on. Discovery Channel and search. A ball he treat all kind of stopped by a pretty much consume as much as the curtain a kid. So that's certainly where took off from this year to figure actually have to hear you right now. Now you can you were saying it he's in the what amounts are in Europe and now I know some of the recordings you've got you've recorded in the white mountains correct. I actually didn't record them on there that pursued the subject of my documentary the original tiger recorded a researcher out there by. That was recorded and you know around the area early in New Hampshire. Under Amber's colonial towns took a heck of Jimmy and Jimmy and I are up there and all the time and actually based on a hotel although bed and breakfasts up that way. So he's to be snowmobile and all through those those areas especially the highly wooded areas where to be on the senior think anything could Lynn because there's just solo home. Absolutely I mean it's just one of those areas like mountain particulars only in China. In hopes for paranormal and strange encounters and you know obviously current. Betty and Barney hill and you know our security has had Alastair Crowley actually worship there and out on mountain. Unlike your social setting back in the day and of course you know they're section on pictured because I think that area. Yeah where he went to target on the hills that was in either Lancaster a little tonight Norman but it was either way right on the road from a from aren't there again and yet so claims of there and they've been there forever so the effort for bright and per listener he didn't go to. Before we can eat and it's OK before we continue the conversation I just won the listeners who might not be familiar with New Hampshire New Hampshire or the northeast let's gonna give him a physical description as to where we're talking about because we're talking about almost the northern most. Area of New Hampshire. Pretty close to the Canadian border. You yell at silly yet says especially years in north great woods region of New Hampshire origin and once you once you get past. Yeah Africa epic secretary about. Yeah you're in the North Korea would you region and it's just it's endless woods Jim it's all it's all its mountains and its forests and you you know I've been up there we've written a syllables on 75 miles yeah -- in another person exactly vote so it is amazingly. It's really an incredible I mean it's a site from the white mountain national or in and protect its protected lands it. Lots of wildlife and the tallest mountain in the the north east or in the white mountain national forest we have now Washington which has had the ice means you don't editor ever recorded on it. I Anders and she considers a more dangerous now and striking couldn't eat you know erratic weather pattern and it'll get really cold. You know on a whim during summer months of people actually lucky that I Summers there are challenging right. Yeah. We have we have a lot of experience up their credit. And in fact will one point Jason are riding snowmobiles through the woods and we actually pulled over because we thought we saw something moving in the end in the distance in the forest. And Dallara Jason sought pulled over I stop it music did you see that I knew exactly what he's talking about because I'd seen it too. And done what we found after bad is that that's not an uncommon thing in that area there are a lot of sightings. Yeah yeah I mean it's in and around a year earlier and actually or aren't stories but lockers and you know you need 200 used to call would doubles. I and the description Wallace. Basically they released all in a skinny creatures that were you know great color hair and let out. Piercing screams and I mean that that's its most you know Mardy could descriptions to Richie. And I know they are called bill currently work at temple because they are so frightening an appearance in Q would walk right up it and and you know beat they'd turn the other way and runaway in these creatures that'll you'll be circle people so it's kind of a two split union China than initially of course. You know to forward atlas that the modern and a notion picks her. And task watched it was no more the West Coast phenomenon people really didn't know how but much for reference point here on the East Coast. We're a long history and. And it will say though that I grew up in upstate new York and again I spent a lot of time and in what amounts of New Hampshire. Well one thing I will say and I'm sure it's got to be. Sometimes mistaken as possibly assess watch but like black bear if you cash money cornea Ryan they're standing on their hind legs whether there. Rubbing their backs on trees or or whatever they do trying to get certain things out of out of trees or iPod. Yeah of course seeking give off this dislocated if you're going by quickly. Head have you found that to be a common mistake where people mistakenly see a bear possibly standing on its hind legs and and the think it's a big foot. Yeah I mean absolutely I think that that would probably explain good persons I think I mean I think. But good 60s60%. Negated all the eclipse I think can be explained by so and permit identification. A car and and a more you know person and made them and get a good look at it. You know there's there's 60000 black leaders in New England alone so you're there they're around they're getting closer to the populations that are that are moving in that suit in the dumps are and what not might do one late night T. You know big black there hunched over in the trash disposal unit innocent fashion don't get a good look at it is that you know neatly. The first becomes mine ninety big shorts so there is a good amount circuit is important to phenomenon and still not been widely reported by. People much more competent than myself in concert to be done the research on the filmmaker I'm not gonna be an expert on. On the subject but not having talked shoot what I it deems credible witnesses united. Just heard some pretty pretty consistent. Behavior isn't and treats people. Identified you know exciting news. And I and I agree with you especially with a dumpster thing are dumpster at our at the Spalding and would be outback and I remember one night helping the kitchen clean up. And I was taking garbage on the back and at night truly thought that it was one might coax because he was really big guy. Was at the dumpster of throwing something in and as I got closer I realized it wasn't him it was a big bear and standing on a tie and lays and had its front paws. In the dumpster grabbing grabbing at whatever it could. And it but it's one of those things we like it doesn't look human ash because of course standing on just two legs. Leaning into a dumpster and in the complete darkness he can't tell until you get close enough. Org absolutely an anchor is a reason you're here. All here to hear from New Jersey issued out of that Herbert managers in the claim to act scarce but others video paired. Currently only stand on two legs or culture most of the time when it's seen and it's a pretty looking to hear an injury. So it's kind of wallow around to a current. I mean I I can guess what she saw that from a distance unit in the would you like. Think you know heck you know what does that not mean you'd think blocks technically a pair. So yeah that's very possible. Alex you mentioned earlier the toy that you had that kind of inspired you to be curious about crypto zoology it was the eighty toy. Yeah what's the difference between what we know is he eighty verses of big foot. Yeah I mean yes you kind of you there was. More widely reported on before. The big trees and accept cam which started in the sixties you know out in California. But yet you're kind of something that. Described as more of a pamphlet is not so much looking like in the large human so quick to date but it's supposed to have been diaper so. Like other a studio like ranked in champs. Based on the track that looks around and I believe who has not sir Edmund Hillary you're Eric shark and I'm blown up their you know during. You know mountaineering and nationally hasn't it can cost strange traction loser and so. I think intellect yet he has used typically more. Ugly trend of encryption almost it. Center on all fours but I definitely not like here colored that's kind of a common misconception atlas really started by that Rudolph present here. It's funny you mention that as a lot of people whichever we're talking but that it's. Yes but that's about climate that's yeah that's everybody's pretty much of our generation that's everybody's so version of the yet he is the is that contrary Rudolph a. And I mean I've heard from who you know critical it's big and it's time that's just a common misconception that it was you know pretty much started. Return not a result movie and you know if you look at the the reports and yet you know there. Just like kind of because colored dark ground black colored errant. I mean I send Ridder Indian mutated in their religion. The kind of I don't discredit it is a monkey gong cult under mob and if you look at images it kind of looks like you know monkey man it. Is so. Some people have speculated needed it and what do you idiots. OK when we come back from our break we're gonna play the audio that was captured in the white mountains of New Hampshire. That's part of your short film serious and I think the series is called so ask much out of the shadows but we'll talk a lot more about that get more. Of that the places you've search the creatures you've searched for in the evidence that. You've collected. It's beyond real ingredient to loosen. Hey welcome back. Jason in our guest is Alexander had a cough filmmaker. Crypt is lulled and you know crypto zoologist or analyst Jesse study group who's knowledgeable that and yeah and we're talking about. About big foot through white mountains and so for Jimmy you know we have some audio yeah that was sent to us right. Yeah well wisest of this is stuff we actually a grabbed off of YouTube. I know Alexander you and pressure if you released the the short film yet or if you're still about Toobin and you did a little promo for it and teaser. Your audience with the Saudi owned and let's play it just so people know what we're talking about this was captured where again Alexander. Captured in you know Britain or to the white mountains and Eric or per hour. Technically it's kind of the northern edge like mountain that success strange it's candor in that area you know I. Not a specific spot at the research here and keeps that putt on the down low and in of an adult relationship trusts and so shortened attention in that area you know any of the circumstances about how the audio was captured. Yes so this researcher eat basically. Kramer on union and worker or. Nine months going into an area where you believe it. If you sound them pretty much from the elite and you'll at least be short on or these small recorders come. Talked an auction in other areas and our users under knocking native American Heritage so he kind of approach lack cultural viewpoint. Just seeing where you would you leave tribute in warm root for you know op. There are creatures whose alleged bomb so that's kind of how he perched in these recordings secret work particular night so. Com kind of you can hear some horse down an immunity and you sound in an album are out. You coated in those. Pocket or let's go and play it now this is the audio those captured north of the white mountains in New Hampshire. Is Alexander had a come of SaaS clutch out of the shadows just wanted to share quick sneak peek of an upcoming episode you'll do a check on this channel and few days. OK so that's the audio. I don't know if that's all of the audio because this is just or a teaser that you did for the program that is the film that you made it is there more audio then that that was captured. Yes yeah there's more here in the episode I did release is Peter goes actually just featured in any on news story in New Hampshire. I just yesterday I'm on an age when musically but I really get such a year ago and you can go. On that channel which come on it's a Webster's and added you can't call out out of the shadows. You can go on there and there's three episodes so far and that you would be the third episode and others as few audio recording what the problem. Well it was up. What young researcher alerts to the creature was mimicking. Bird cults I mean others those two kind of bird all in between these. Strange you know law and very loud growl and you're clicking that he had not like. Predator or something that's a peopled described as a sounding like. Erica and act is so. Where if the if he's been able to build some sort of trust with these with these. So called big foot and you know he's putting her quarters Downey's leading food for them. Why hasn't he been able to catch some sort of pictures or videos of them. Right right so she bill this contraption kind of like seek law. Adults and countless styrofoam kind of material on paper shape and can you know artists election are counted. You know all the artwork consume you can see at salt and I am. Really made and so it is pretty cool state brought. With like a land on Greek he'll stick a camera on the side. And his reasoning was an acute court. Pop is sick rock out there disassembled it you know so that. He's trojans get used to seeing it regulatory Cameron never had noticed. Whenever you betrayal cam out there who would never get touched. I'm gonna get no audio so it was basically the only time or got the audio was adamant and natural Ken. And now there's there's quite a few different types of audio that under there is one thing about it. I'm one when it was first play action means the birth church were actually so loud that I was your peers and you do all you created numbness. In that goes according to absolutely incredible I'm in the mood growl to churches in all your piercing which means that whatever well. You know fairly close to the recorder. Or you know it was as producing. You know quite on sound and Conning you know some major has been exploding on your coworker and peaking so that's like a little bit distorted because. So loud. Now if I understand how use set the sub correctly you said he placed the reporters he wasn't present when our when the audio was being recorded repeating here himself. I don't believe so he has heard. In if you watch the full episode there's also another audio which are as arts. Reclaimed a quick talk language that eats. I'm an account almost like running water but like rocks being together and it. It's really weird I've been to the spot and there's no river right there and you know you'd he said those recordings from. On now you know when they went wasn't reunion he has a lot of that town which users are set it's strange kind of organic. Water lakes around com. So that's that's when the other sound and and is one rich sound like an argument com. Q nine kind of monkey is sound and some pure and it sounds like the samurai chatter of last year sound. You know I don't we use the judgment up to pure you know I don't like compose myself and it all ages. Present information that I've been Japan and and what you're such insults. So Alexander as an investigator filmmakers say do you do you truly believe that bigfoot exists. She I take my ain't seeing much skepticism you know what you look like to believe it. I can Tibet council in reserves will be two or state and you know a physical creature you know it's either going to be real or not not so much leading. Knowing that it's real you know having crew I'm I've never seen a long iron out some strange experiences. I've heard you know strange. Localization now word that scene. In a strange structures you know there's this core argument going on and between world let you know there's history structured its old nuclear associate it. Hum but it's it's you know it's hard sailor that human or not I don't know where it hurts a Edwards melt along. But I've never seen anything so I really can't say workers and whether or not. I know they're real but something is going on that aperture. Well I am I'm in the same mindset as you I wanna believe and there's been so much else there. That really I I believe that there's a good possibility that bigfoot does exist. But I think what takes me down a notch is the fact that in all these years. We haven't really been able to catch. A decent picture or decent video or as something like that was of course she got the Paterson footage. But he also a lot of other people who made footage and and has been proven to be. Not true but the fact of the matter is where we are now 122016. And people supposedly can get and they know we're big foot so are they go up to on the set up these cameras they set up these microphones. They're only to get able to get digital and audio recordings. Not a decent picture or or any other solid evidence that would really. Make the world go wild there is something here. Yeah absolutely I mean the bottom line is I think it until science at the body that they are able to. Coke and brought I don't think that you know and you video. We're not talking about you know it's huge so they're chimp or in other able to find the video like the recent interpret the bonobo which you know. I don't want anyone can criticize you know I know it's a chance at a time at Sony. Army noted some video it's very elusive animals this creature and then. Sable for centuries so it's really your ticket body which I think enrages a lot of books because there's a Childress is no kill and not. Attitude in the researcher community. Otterhound you know sciences and seen all the hopes and there's a lot of that out there. I'm you know there's a lot of typical kind of traumatized and need it and going to for profit and thinking you know play excite you shall bigfoot I'll make a million boxer but hoax it's it's kind of unfortunate occurred it. It doesn't dampen down Nia. New enthusiasm for it and you know people really take it seriously this subject. Happened at the witnesses don't really feel comfortable with coming or. I've talked to very credible witnesses. You know I know reasonably good day here lying near and now. It took complexion you know like they would make a story you know it is a torture twenty years or ridicule their life now. It didn't seem like you'd be worse it. So we've talked to a lot of folks who. Have either had their own bigfoot encounter most of them have been researchers or investigators are searchers adventurers are you wanna. Label them and they've been out and they've been looking in the have been trying to record in one of the things as seems to be a pretty common theme is that most of them feel. That this this speech this animal this task watches bigfoot creature. Is far more intelligent that we may give it credit for. And it's really really difficult to outsmarted now you mentioned that the trail cams. These things seem to recognize what they are and stay away from them. And you're trying to trick it into. Excepting. A fake rock. And being able put a camera in there. But are you the sense and is your researcher friend of the sense that these creatures are highly intelligent and outsmarting them as is. Is a very difficult thing to do and I mean they're still very Iraq. Together so really as a as a means of communication according to. The investigators out there. And so it's just it's hard to believe on that aspect and I agree with you Jim where. You're sitting there thinking well okay these creatures are so Smart they know our cameras they know this they know that. They know how to avoid all the stuff but they're banging rocks together to communicate back and forth. Right right I'm I don't be too source and the subject put on and whenever. Whenever a lack of evident there's always a million. Reasons to answer why there is no evidence over nurture Kemper auto picture Smart you know they know they can see infrared monitor whatever. I'm you know it cannot be too harsh splintered they're always seems to be some kind of an excuse. Well but you know my researcher Ernie does believe that these creatures are highly intelligent and I I would imagine cute that you apps to be. Tutu have remained as elusive and you know. And avoided detection all these centuries because you if you have a whole or in the native American tradition you all across North America. You know from the cultures and Asian mentioned Rick. Hindus and you and Paul Eaton Tom. Alms orders are kind of the traditional narrative has been their for centuries. You know people of these stories of these wild man her she would doubles as they're called in this area of Burlington and Sherrill worked mu a pin and look at Todd in which are described these creatures that. Among key addition lit up. But now America guard into the mountain arms or you know others there's a lot of air but then again that question some kind of you know cultural phenomenon where we project. Some kind of human like and Turkey out in the woods because it. You know it's one of those things it creeps us out these areas that you don't really go into. All right hang on right there when we come back we'll talk a little bit more about your film it's beyond reality radio our guest is Alexander Petr coughed. With Jason team. Ghost hunters are coming to Buffalo's Jason and Steve from ghost hunters are bringing their hit TV show live to the Riviera theatre. Tuesday October 18. This interactive presentation showcases examples of their favorite evidence some that is never seen before. With the VIP upgrade you choose your seat and attend a special Q&A session took the stage with the Riviera theatre. Get your tickets now on the Riviera fox sports Hollywood entertainment inside the McKinley mall at Riviera theatre. Donna war. Back to be unreal and radio chain saws and Jeannie Johnson great evening tonight we've got Alexander pattern off filmmaker encrypt a zoologist don't forget and our second hour. Will be opening up the lines open line 8446877669. For you to call in. And I'd tell assure paranormal story can be a ghost story can be encrypted story new uranium to be put your backyard we've had a few those calls to it was kind of before. Maybe had a UFO encounter may be it was something else I would love to hear about it whatever one's. Depending on where you're in the country some that you might run in the bigfoot you back there and it can be you her neighbors so well. And don't forget we've got some great shows coming up Janet knew yet we do I'm life through a two meals president. And it's dead tomorrow night we did Timothy Beckley and Tim's words will be talking about UFO's. Thursday we've got Henrik role. He's we're going to be talking about the hollow earth theory. But I howls there's possibly civilizations that that live below us underground and that they have been there for an extremely long time. And then we've got some great gas coming up the following week to Mary. Yes good week of programming had a good week this week we've got a great guest tonight it's Alexander had a cough Alexander again thanks for joining us on the program. And I wanted to ask you about some of the other things you've done because big for it's not the only. Re search slash film on the you've done. Well I mean they could kind of what I decided to focus on now and currently are with this. But this went series but I'm not done also documentary in the Loch Ness Monster which you can check mine. On YouTube channel Alex had a car bomb. Which you know again will also born out of his desire. You know exporter we're in the unknown or mysterious places to squirrel. Are sort child with a walk mass. Two years ago now and you know until Gartner ducked out of recently. Greater greater offense in not in Ohio and armament current set. It out of order. Oh absolutely yeah we had a great conversation would set small town monsters him. Yeah I mean you do great work and he just mobbed her a monster day. Event in Ohio and uniquely this episode. Stirred up so that's what you shattered and a lot council which is really neat arm but you know the way he's doing is is still there are great because their car. You know looking at the small town America on aspects of a lot of these monsters you know it's. You discount broker a country that have my own commutes and legend mother monster on how something really eager to cool coach and a remarkable little what I Q company's stock. But it works. Yet now you're saying you know bell block this arms did you actually had over there and spend time investigating or where you've just dealing with other parties who had investigated. So I was only there for two days I was on a trip to Scotland and nurture. It's complete archer a lot you know especially if your secretary at all. Problems over there for two days and it is critical to offer it I was. So maker. Kind of learned to live through Atlanta. You don't multiple devices on you look at game time whether it's a camera our owner you know whatever. I just film so I managed to talk to Steve Altman who is he. To this poker world record longest Nazi hunter. In America her. 2526 years on the shores of lac maps. And kind of one of the up almost figures like you say you need. In her messy research arm just doesn't air you know living right on the edge of the lay it out there. Not it is a strange body of water. And he's the one who just just retired did to me just say he was retiring in that he thought messy very possibly could just Pia. While the walls. Catfish. I'm not sure I I don't know if you retired army navy you governments knew that I how are now Oscar. And one that unarmed he did union rep Sonya Hebert state and critics are no longer part is that it's you know well captors and those. Person should get absolutely you know monsters. Or should not concede if he saw the matter. Accurate look at what did you want you know which swimming towards you turnovers neat like appearance. I eat you know he's not had a Pepsi had water on. Plastics long warn you could easily think well that's that's a monster. Should go lighting is correct but. He thinks that you know that's as expert and a good amount of sighting but not all that lingers. There's tons of weird and law suit well I'm members along the COLT and supernatural history now well Crowley. And how there content strange you know a satanic warships in the house recently earned down. Arms Missouri there's a whole other side while our side from the common kind of yes he is monster's story this kind of choose. Two different tales and speed round against. Don't do when you were there did you have any experiences did you see anything. Or was a more just to get a feel for the lay of the land onto Agee and do your interviews. Yeah I I didn't experience and I mean I was I was there and I'd have to recede in you lose. It was only which is strange for you and aren't usually you know our hearts are agreeing. And so what it didn't get very ominous feeling her armor and all was little mogul walks and look at very your beautiful place and it's. Most visited location for tourism in Scotland. And of course at Loch Ness monsters in it frost and you wonder. None that are element of locals and the propagating that too. Bring tourists you know I'm sure there are but there are definitely story you know that the monster there isn't cited for centuries and you on your side and haven't. Experiences but I kind of got a feel of the area are posturing to relate it to swim in the lake I mean I. Person I guess excel and it's you know it's so cold I ran right in jumped and got out complex. It is good too cold assuming that that is. It's funny how. Times have changed and I don't know how long. The lock nasseria has embraced its tourists but I do know. That like Roswell, New Mexico. A Point Pleasant West Virginia with the moth man oh yeah there's so many places that are now not embracing their paranormal history. Legend story Salem Massachusetts is another example whereas before the candidate or they can attack is tried to shy away from it they felt it would hurt their commute even now. They realize it's actually something that a lot of people share an interest in. And it attracts people. And they also look as a financial benefit from those areas it draws such huge number of people in enemy sees area's tourist attractions. When they really don't Lou and I didn't have much to offer prior to. Not nothing against what is. Rhetoric I mean I was just recently in quite pleasant West Virginia. For the mock meant that there Maria your current Bill Brock remain. Also occur to launches and shown her channel. Complex near downer and so and it was actually masks. And thousand people thank you. Most attended block access your fiftieth anniversary. Rituals in the back. 1966 Sonja who opted to years on Napster you know these strange creatures and or tragic news older British. A that you know yeah yeah this festival that brings in so many people or cross. Country in the world to this is a little town in West Virginia and send it grew up her whole lot site from it so it. Yet that he's a big offers and small town and they can. Tribute a lot of that to the to the film that Richard Gere was and the moth man prophecies I think was the name of it which really. Oh yeah put a spotlight on that story and brought it to a lot of people's attention. We're gonna take another break when we come back we'll have our final segment with a Alexander Petr coughed. We're talking about his films and his interest encrypt his apology it's beyond reality radio we. Jason came from. We're really happy to be here on eight Tuesday night. Sacramento where broadcast news that a great I guess I don't send your critical. We've been talking about big big foot. And we China changes topic to the Loch Ness Monster I will I mentioned that. I'm in just a little bit it will open our phone minds up it'll be open minds can talk about anything you want to 84467. 7669. If you've been on hold please says please stay on hold we'll get to the all the calls as soon as we can't. But in the meantime Alexander I just wanted to on go back to the Loch Ness conversation a little bit. Because we did ask you you know what your thoughts were about the whole big foot idea as far as whether you believe it or. You remain skeptical or an arm I imagine your answer for Loch Ness monsters can be the same you believe in it. Yeah similar onion of course I'd love her to be a dinosaur you know previews or remnant of resorts aren't living that late but. And I just think that's that's unrealistic it's wishful thinking small setting up our beliefs. Arm I do think there's probably something going on there's been all kind of strange experience yours and well virtually all embedded inside in the late on photos puppets are just beg the question and how did they end up there. Com because you know freshwater lake Anna bury it kind of low blow. Fish populations so it's a very conducive for eating a large large animals. Com you know again I eat and that there's a lot of legitimate site and there. But that is I don't know but I can that easy source probably out of Iraq. You know out of the question unfortunately and as much and children. Now and I and I totally understand and agree with that too it's especially something that large. And we just think that we would've. There would have been some more solid evidence on that by at this point nine no lock is. They say when your only wait to three feet down a so marquis in there you can't see you and Freddie phase and that creates problems from trying to do sonar. Sonar imaging podium. And and things like that but. You'd also think that they would have to be for it to be there as long as it has been there would have to be numerous. And there are breeding and today it just keep keep that species. I. Yeah I mean that's exactly right and then in there it's so I'm real our researchers that had you know experience back in the sixties and seventies. Album the creatures have gone extinct somebody. There's a blue monster course choke years ago today. When trying to kind of body preserved at the bottom off in two Nobel man you know of course you will only be heard coach store announced. But what I will say that I do on interest in that. In you know weeks across North America and a in Canada and much Lake Champlain here in the United States which are champ which is kinda. American law that is. A lot of these links Norton and this year that were former glacial lakes are you know linked up to the ocean at some point increase history. While all these late and how some kind of a monsters or uninteresting that. Easily two particular tend to be in the warm and have these stories and you've got them all over the but typically these. Could have been usually. Formed in strange ways and now all under the normal he's gone on there. So that underfunded interest and and community promised and yeah perhaps one deeply stimulation and that's something. Erica he knows a remnant of a well past time I'm in I don't know and I'd look surges to keep. Betsy king that's kind of what keeps me going it that. No one's there you know where people. Seen. Though especially when they find creatures they found out what salmon in Lake Champlain right Jim that was thought to have been extinct for 40000 years you know some human done so just so obviously they find these things like panel times so. Double interest. So Alexander you are crypto zoologist and a filmmaker and youth. You've you've got a web series. Based on the search for bigfoot you've done a documentary on the Loch Ness Monster what other quick kids have your eye on them. Until we outsold. I'm I'm I'm mark and are having been cute point Clinton recently knows markers are there. During speaking one might think for the moment I'm kind of speaking to bigfoot stuffed just because I think there's a lot history in England that people aren't where. And there's a change will be in the climate community go to California. On their back in marching willow creek which because capital world. You got passed owned and administered a breakthrough and are going to talk about it. In order culturally accepted him. That's kind of the subject of my first episode of the origin of that included in a modern day you know it from the sixties and Paterson to. New England has you know pretty rich history as I mentioned some of the oh or harmful or in your native American stories and you know I wanted to host or I just got our own credible witness yesterday. Who in the Austin. And I have been up there in the seventies and this girl and can draw. And they came across this strange structure me out of stacked stone and Micah actual room. Were injured on branches he says you know they saw this neighbor they what the heck this is an area are armed. I'm a mountain and above that area. And inside he should and so he discarded in certain terms of the creature with a pack turned them and look are almost like carpet he knows very. Three long hair cut very very strange looking creature in the dog at the moment side. Certain growling at this creature and the creature and some kind of strange it is acting. Easily could you describe them but I treat them out so that they are out. Arming unique public purse or back up there per year. Period. Even arbitration to shelter he's a hitter precise or rocks what are its tactics. Asked earlier what you speak so that occurred where there's some kind of structure at all. I'm into and then history Oprah actually found an account. Rapture that in that same area where in the late eighteen hundreds somebody in the cabinet unit target stocking ice. And some kind of a tall eat at all or creature came out of the woods. And pick the dog RBIs and retreated to the world in general areas now. And stuff like that accused the interest it and really wanted to put New Hampshire and New England a little bit more it couldn't happen in gay people tell these stories. Alex I don't know how yours set for time here we've got a bunch of callers who want to share some stories with us. Do you mind hanging on in case or something that we can we can get your opinion on. Oh yeah absolutely okay great let's go to our first caller this is Nina from California Nina welcome to be on reality radio. I gave thin nice to dvd guys I'm a huge fan. And it goes standard definitely get in the league guys run five it. But I had a question for you and Alexander. All. I gate and I aren't your beyond reality radio on FaceBook profile. I'll post that used. EU they showed everywhere and about mermaids and I just had a question for both you guys if you. Believe in and then burn is there a vandal proof. That you found only at all. Hartnett and I think it went. I think with insert Nina but I think where you're referring to is there was a week of body that washed I was either. That's what I thought I was just wondering if I would hope Turkey believed in it or not. CIA IE and that there I believed to be a hoax just because the person who I guess supposedly found the body Jim weren't they involved in some me get them it was a special effects such lyrics for film companies we have the technology in the resources Taj has it's not uncommon for him to do he's done things like this in the path so would that particular one I think we're going to be somewhat. Skeptical for good reason as for MI a believer all I can tell you that there is the ocean is a huge area and I spend a lot of time on it. And you know out there with the boy in my bullies and and everything else fishing and there's home. I would love to believe that there there is I'm not serve if I believe the full fact that it's you know three quarters of of human and with a Erica fish tale bullet. You know possibilities there I mean we're talking about such a huge huge area. And and there's been everything right down to a UFO's spotted under underwater in the oceans so. GC FA figure that Alex what do you think any any experience with mermaids are SpinRite stories. Yeah I mean not I mean we've all you have seen her Little Mermaid and of course a story. Looked into the subject and not. Know whether or not consistent citing attorney. Anything that goes artistry he knew noted that you'd be program Discovery Channel which. Nine and was kind of thought to trauma so when exactly truthful but. That photo I'm looking at an outdoor and look like he keep our no more somber and that you know the timid mermaids so I think that median in a marsh. No net early in did you give a particular reason that mermaids interest you're just just to carry out. I have I'm an actress. And I'm. A model and an artist act. Peace love and art studio here and poker California. And I would I just finished playing and aerial drink burial on stage. At studios to the past month and that I'm. The key in this is the background. And some. In history or four folklore. And mermaids send I'm and then that popped up buying your profile on how well liking. Did a lot of hoaxes lose one duplicate the. Yeah well I I think we'd have to err on the side that that when was a hoax so I was disappointed to clinch the well thanks for the Carolina yet thank you need for calling and let's let's go to Cecil Cecil from Utah welcome to be on reality radio Cecil. They got a disconnect wriggle himself and I had just yeah definitely entrepreneur and hopefully you remember my name I now not only. If I am excited about certain people that you guys can go back to cut the definitely don't hang up on me tonight. I understood without consistently denied a couple comments when they put it well. When I was younger and administrative. Secrets behind psychic. He sees solid earnings are you talking using Nazi steaks and did do that rates Cecil you're talking using a headset. He's talking using a headset or somebody gives you really mall general broken up. Why don't speaker doctor much better saga it. Now. Basically the story which I believe duplicate from the church channel. Around a tape at this wedding date he could cassettes before CDs and dvds. And he gets said that experts were extremely psychic and big art. Different doorways on you know if the sides of the Earth's. Polar seven doorways so all are covered with mountains. As some more open. And warm with black Russia China border want that though Oregon Washington border. But basically they're puts job. It's dead was to lead you away from the doorway because you're a man in your body form you would walk through these store waste your life. You know your existence with Stahl. She stability and it's funny how a man time whenever they cubic foot footprint or something you know we follow it. And the whole thing is it's Leo way it smelled usage issue a mile away it's been ginger since. And only like a small child or deer or something what's out scene and could sneak up on bigfoot but that's her job they find her dead. Will never find don't. There are. They know you're there you don't know they're they're they're always watching you restore your revered there watching you how to do it we can never speak up on them they have an extra sensory perception. Given to them for a certain reason. So they put we'll get that table. Because before way before you can sort travel yet before you continue Cecil sees all I'll be Cecil a month before you continue I just wanna get to Alex's take on that. Any any did you come across any stories like that or any. Anything come up regarding that in your research ox. Oh yeah absolutely and I've heard that story that so it could fascinating story but you know there's also like oh. Be a researcher in the league but there's more paranormal. Something it's more an alien connection and understood international current economy and to. In this kind of division and flesh and blood verses more Wu kind of stuff are you ought person are never experienced and a and you can that would indicate that unity international stuff you know again I don't like to call. It was discreet about that you know we're talking a person I've I've heard a lot of story that people say you know they can do these campaign. On speak but come. You know I I don't really know where it stands so to speak Matt Matt's object. Okay this will reduce Cecil hold on don't go anywhere we're gonna take a quick break we come back we'll have part two. A ceaseless questions it's beyond reality radio Jason G. For this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Well back beyond reality rainy with Jason Hawes JB Johnson thanks for joining us if you listening to us. Online great if you're listening to us on a radio station in your area we thank you for doing that as well don't forget though if you're on listening on radio station you can still join the chat room. A lot of great comments insight. And discussion going on in the beyond reality radio chat room all the time. Actually get to said to be honorably radio dot com and click the listen live a connection to the chat room you to listen to the show there. Or if you Wallace in the show on the radio and just chat with us feel free to do you can do are also from your phone your tablet. Anything you got to get on line. Yup and our telephone number is 8446877669. Our guest this evening Alexander Petr cost filmmaker encrypted zoologist and we were in the middle of a a conversation with a caller Cecil from Utah OC so go ahead with part two of your question there. Okay what Augusta about the big social going to make it makes cents we would've found by now. With all the technology we have and that goes now the Loch Ness Monster champ than. Dinosaurs. They don't they can't live for a 100000 years so but they have to have civilizations. We would have spotted. You know double or something by now. They they can't stay you know hidden the so it's not so there is no dot source. What about the idea OC so what about the guy or some you know what about the idea that there in two dimensional creatures and they're in error or extra pressure on some way and when they're just you know we're just getting glimpse of the molecule briefly. But they're not here all the time a source orbit. And anybody any of it there's been discussion than any or all of that is as is inter dimensional nature. Well if there are doorways I believe it's possible that big so it just has a bigger play in this whole thing and we could possibly imagine now we're human beings what book were spirits. Living human existence. Over wryly. Very spiritual were entities were working so god. And he created us. So were part of you know. I do believe in religion I believe that man created itself. But there's got to believe that Jesus assign I believe that Lucifer was the devil and I believe that aliens exist but they can't interfere in our suicides or side. There won't didn't go like that. This world was different that's what caused the war and haven't. If you believe in religion. Basically this is the world that was given much towards Jesus said no that this will have a choice to come back to God's merciful Ers say he didn't want like caddies like Porter wanted to just. A tight ship despite review all the other world. These well know that Jesus died for this planet they cannot interfere at the moment we have to look. With saints and the Bible that's what he died and they're not gonna just come down and say hey this is meaning of the universe and and immediately erase what alien races in the other world that can gear would wanna let humans off this planet. Well and I and I don't want it I don't wanna jump subjects too much as we're talking more about crypto zoology aspect instead of religion and aliens but. I and I understand what you do what you're saying there. Yes and I just wanna polls backed the topic that they embrace of the cold Cecil yes thank Cecil what your thoughts Alex. Anything when ads that. Yeah I mean it over again there's something to consider and well you know urgent would always creatures of the biblical or not. And you know I think up until this arbitrage is kind of a lot of speculation computer art really art facts and cleaners. There's some evidence but a lot of hopes and well so it's just an ardent city. Now dear Dijjer film work as a relates to bigfoot or locked response or any other feature projects you take eight. A middle of the road approach to it or are you trying to prevent the yet evident to present the evidence to support the claims of these creatures. I it's and taking sort of a middle of the road because I really don't interject my own opinions are my personal belief I want to be on the percent of what. The witness certain researcher. In the skeptic welcoming her you know I want them or you just kind of contribute to the whole conversation and you know create a documentary series really aged subjects you're in the people who. How did experience in the regular research and you know arrested and you might kind of opinions or actions. Fair enough now. You've also done a couple of things that are non crypto zoology related when you tell us about those. Yeah I mean I've done all kinds of the films you know throughout college. I'm in North Korea did kind of short documentary about it. I was one of the more mysterious race of planet so it goes oh. Noah and then turning him during these places their little bit uncommon. Searching for uncommon subjects like crickets or you know the most closed off country in the world North Korea. Com and you know I could I could talk Eric but it I'm the worker pinned tonight. Travel pretty much my whole life so that was up to play highlight. What did you find mysterious about North Korea and then you know it's mysterious note in about that's pretty mysterious outside looking in. But when your inside what makes a mysterious. I don't know I mean it's the kind of the odds of the security that you. Coddled and a tourist in the tour group on our government propaganda Torino being acknowledged elaborate. You see him Bernstein he's six foot on statute of the late leader and a super surreal and I'm machine that's kind of the best way to describe. It's like going back in the eighties and eat in Soviet times but a future it was kind of envisioned in the eighties so. It's such a strange manager kind of go out. Different you know culture and the Asian aspect of the Korean culture and in this hardcore Communist Tokyo so it's a very strange mix thing. So what do you have in the works for after after bigfoot have do you invest in all the time and effort into the mix of Phnom. Brad I mean I hate doing it short one now on its. Uncle looks. I.s from version of the law passed cobol longer slot worm answers and I and I. Stop by there and a included you know biodiesel a little short film arm but you know I. Keep my doors opened and he subjects and you know have witnesses and other people. I want to talk to me and I can build welcome back then that's right with the speaker series that took the door wide open. You know being able to build on that and can keep on going because like you want to be recurring series on ABBA. Really deadline in mind but. And look to tackle a kicker to it like champ then nine nation off man commune some at some point down on the road and ago. Although that kind of so. I Alexander where can people go to actually check out your videos. Would website and. It's not my web site. Had a com media are ma and PE THE only media dot com there's links to enormous social media. Armed greater Omniture and Alex had a column armed and on YouTube channel which is Alex critic of the well and and this kind of threat series is also on YouTube told sat watched out of shadows. No just declare I'm just to clarify Alex is not spelled the way we probably used to it. No now it's. Eight OK s's actually slob expelling them Alexander I'm not Serbian origin operations donuts. Just how we spell it our culture. Great well we appreciate you coming on the program ensuring that with us and wishing the best of luck as you continue your hunt for bigfoot another crypt it's. You guys are out your order right thanks so much. Alexander Petr costs are going to be opening a phone lines and 8446877669. Beginning at 44687. 7669. If you haven't seen that video via. Thing I've put up on the mean ghost ship that was spotted. Take a look at beyond reality radius FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio. And and deathly it shouldn't get the release takes on and what they think about it. Who will be right back after these messages message admit that try to get messages you'll listen adjacent UV on the on relatively. They welcome back. Please. Our I guess it was pretty good guest Alexander I think was. It was instinct talked to him about the whole bigfoot phenomenon especially the experiences that he's been. You know he's been documenting upn upn New Hampshire Jim we spent so much time and him. The end of one thing one of the things are really like about talking to like documentary filmmakers about any of this stuff is that they they tend to go with that with a very neutral frame of mind they're not. Biased one way or the other some of them there are some of them going with a biased tried. Trying to prove something but but yet I think Alexander took that that I'm just gonna gonna gonna present when I find and let the viewers make the decision. As opposed to some of that though bigfoot hunters that we have on I mean clearly they are very very convinced and they are very very. Eager to tell their stories but you know some of the evidence doesn't always. Make us believers because they don't missile we have great evidence. To share with us. So I like that neutral approach alike to hear how a filmmaker whose real trade is making films not necessarily hunting for big foot how vapors people that. Yeah. And especially when they're going in and not being bias. And any direction I think that's important and it helps you get really. Takes from all sides have a side to support it really has. It is it's it's it's agree waited to approach the topic I'm anxious to see what he does on the moth man we've had a lot of people in chat. Mentioned moth man in morning us to a program on that and it we're going to we've actually been talking to few moth man experts. Because that of all the encrypted stories that I'm really familiar with that one intrigues me probably the most. I love the story it's got so many angles it's got scripted it's got alien it's gotten men in black. It's gut. You know all sorts of government conspiracy. All sorts of angles so that one story. Plus the tragedy of the silver bridge I mean the whole thing is just an amazing collection of paranormal stories. And you and I are also working on getting all their phone small boat festival which analysts. I think it'll be it'll be fun nom because review and I've never I've never been a once I wanna get out there and checked it check it out to see how it is. We definitely have to try to do that my note that the organizers. Have been in communication with us and I mean it's going to be year because they just had their 2016 event. But that you really cool actually broadcast live from from mom pop Point Pleasant West Virginia. During the moth man festival really cool going to be phenomenal depth. I don't forget the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna share a paranormal experience. With S we have we've got Cecil back on the line apparently we didn't let him tell us a paranormal stories are about that Cecil we trying to move through the program here oh. Yeah here's your chance which paranormal story. Okay dates and basically a year ago hybrid factions solitude you tallest order here and left months after I was born parents they're. Payback for work and it's it's a big year I've had a religious experience. There's the least. But Mecca say about what's happened in the eyewitness several miracles. All rented a room sugar and the lady wasn't LB yes. And the bishop came from a local charts bluster or else after seeing the step by captured. On video and has sat down it looked when they did they yield me. My neck my soul of our rotator cup I just went to the doctor he says I need lots. Of rehabilitation. Several reports on the week. They know how long it would take to fix music through. And outfield instantly. And I was stricken. With something called religious or adult via. I didn't never know what her DiLeo was there anything that basically question divine. Images and some not so divine in my intuition it jumped up a hundred. So are on so in other words where you're saying is that a gentleman they healed they healed a year. Your issues you had and in doing so also opened you up gave you the ability to do see things. Yes thank god they do I think it's stigmata. I mean that about but I can laps. I'm trying to used to it now there really could easily hole like remarked exit if I'm a normal guy understood average American. Joke. And not a single dad and I believe being a good person and it and graciousness and compassion for people and and there's a target you're human beings are saying it was yesterday I try not to let you to separate. Your diet that you really had my accident was put what I try to keep sit down. So on. Yeah I'll start seeing stuff well basically I've video the Angel. And what I seen I didn't even though assists was in my video a postage and not FaceBook friend and other states that I need to go back and look at video appeared. They could tell what this thing for me to tell them when I looked icing demons. The once they're attacked UCL a attacked twice in this lady's house I've seen coaching music I have a heart and soul of the time to solve. Elect the same policy in the books and done I believe in yourself or something and collapse Malone's. And I went to take a breath and I couldn't birdies. And a little ahead so palace just look at record yell from liberal or to watch me petitioning to doubt not one question itself and it let me go. And I got my breath I also attacked me in the middle of the night what saw you know somewhat stabbed in the head into my bed. You just tell me is let me go I'd double barrel old seat kicked my girlfriend. Buy up a bit out by the star she hit the wall hit the floor were screaming at each others that I heard you. And overlook our guy attack against reboots it was Slater. But in this video you see the demons there in smoke in everybody's giving a hard time about him being in the smoke I can't help that there and smoke. The net and saw the smoke but what I do know. Is that the archangel Michael he told me his name. Even took control of our CP and said Michael when I asked is name who was protected me and he saved my life thirteen fourteen years ago. 12 later he'd get. I'm not seeing these does not witnessed this angels say in my life fourteen years ago he told me captain what to do. Just to stay alive and I did it stayed alive okay. So now today he heard his voice again he said Michael that he took control TV when Michael in my group and we would look into other air stood up. And so what started resurgent and took but couldn't figure out what to stick figure was. The Souza in the big deal it lands on the stairs well and I knew that an Angel Lago could keep. Flew through the ceiling and in this stick figure followed. Sort couldn't figure out what it was and that's why at this bank. He told me the names are started researching Michael you know commander God's army cat stayed out of and then. But these are into a fire one of the sport angels over the or elements. Or he Safire Angel and to manipulate fire and smoke. So he used to smoke to manipulate himself so we could see his spirits. And every angle under we're seeing what some oxygen no statute they have wins a major. They have wings probably know they're not angels is solitary check out my picture out there and I didn't have wings I would you know listening to. So. In spirit he has links wouldn't it take off will also I don't know. So little celebrity and elaborate. Is journey but what is your. Year issue with the I mean you know whether people are tired talking you know negative or positive about your video. What does that matter to you is if you're George video and you know you see there why care what anybody else thinks. And Hebrew Bible and Judeo christianity. That say that he has a symbol and if you ever are visited by the archangel Michael. He will be accompanied by this simple and what I've seen the simple idea here is the exact things that landed on the railroad. Him and don't that is so that I saw birdies and I Cecil who would just listen hang out. What I was saying announce you heard me was. What is it a year and you're talking about how people. Voters responding negative or whatever to your video but. If you juror video and you know you see lie and why the hell do you care what other people think about the video I mean asserted Soviet. Okay it's it's important to me because I think that the so for any. Let's field entertainment contacted me wanted to sign me to a contract to do so for eighty. And in the small grant they keep all the copyrights in security for everything that I captured on the or to see about awards. Michael also support please salute leader of the lead and apply the spirit ports that you try to capture and show wolves they're here in right. I don't I don't try to I don't know much. I don't try to capture or herbs on the show we're trying to capture things it amid their lights usually and it's decent stuff nothing personal but I'm I've never been a big corps gas. I wanna be have an ego battle Leo I lost my ego along time ago. And but it and it's also hard to capture because we always heard about them in the Bible and the stories of angels fighting demons trying to protect. I captured the video of him evicting demon that attacked the out of this woman's house. Okay what is better than that in an Angel with wings that worked at Coca. Know all things like Michael and it's all the action almost sixteen chapel. And they've really most stories that like angels what we can pick up for some kind of source. You all folk tales and big in big soot and there's some truths. To it and I I can prove it that it's Michael. OK so he touched me he blessed me I don't see dispute stricken wife she'll reach. My pain and then give me a curse it's not a first it's open my eyes. And that pitchers that I see really you know the big key is the only person not complying on the Internet that it had religious per adult. He retain an interest pitchers he would say something else in his speech and you see something. But he sees something else and even use water colors and all. And X rays or I'll sign up he points to pitchers. That's what I have. So Arkin are Cherokee Indian some in my bloodlines and I've never seen anything in a cloud in my life. Now I see the greatest things ever. RC's Ali do me a favor don't get a give out your your YouTube address so everybody listening to show condolences and vote looking at videos. Per year mad desperately need it just all like chests and talk some like duke and illiterate because what I believe mistakes can happen. I think I need to get off my chest because that thought that the way to the world. On my shoulders. Well unfortunately season now were just at a time we have to go to break so we're gonna have to cut you off. Comets beyond reality rating GC TP. Ghost hunters are coming to Buffalo's Jason and Steve from ghost hunters are bringing their hit TV show live to the Riviera theatre. Tuesday October 18. This interactive presentation showcases examples of their favorite evidence some that is never seen before. But the VIP upgrade you choose your seat and attend a special Q&A session. Took the stage with the Riviera theatre and get your tickets now on the Riviera fox sports Hollywood entertainment inside the McKinley mall at Riviera theatre. Don war. All are welcome back to beyond reality when you wouldn't case and laws and TV Johnson thanks so much for joining us tonight we appreciate you being along with us tomorrow's great show. We're going to be talking UFO's. It's Tim if the deck Lee and Tim Schwartz both of them UFO paranormal pioneers were talked about all sorts of interesting experiences. Out of body. Abduction all those things plus as a photo journalists I'm Tim Schwartz has traveled extensively investigated all sorts of paranormal phenomenon all around the world. From places like the great pyramids in Egypt to the Great Wall of China in of course China and then Thursday's and be ruinous to ensure it. Thursday Henry crawl expertise is in clarity studies biology physics and stellar orbit. And he's one of the individuals who talks about the whole hollow earth theory. Which is really intriguing because they talk about this whole civilizations that moved underground you know and Jim there's a lot of history when you look back like they'd just recently found. The place in Turkey. The guy who is doing something and remove part of his wall and found a total. That led down into this vast city that was created underground they can hold up to 40000. People headed out doors and in places for four animals and an endless things so it's not a far fetched reality. And also when you look back it is all these claims that when the government's boring to make a lot of these underground. Facilities that the use that there's been times at the board in two caverns have had. These people standing there so the government supposedly knows about than men. And there's been a back and forth communication. But there's also been speculation that in 2016. Or early 2017. They're supposed to be some sort of then coming out and introducing themselves to us which I think might be far fetched. It's funny how these stories always have a government secrecy component and I guess that's only government is his secrecy of his name. But also the government has a lot of leaguers and Laver miles and and yet you got what's is Julian Assange hacking into government computers a little places like some of these secret dealings could compete. Able to be kept for very long and it's all thing I'm I'm dying to have somebody on who can shed a little more intelligently about the JFK assassination in the conspiracy around them because that's another one that fascinates me. But my I always go to the fact that you know of this many years leader somebody along the way if it was this massive conspiracy somebody would have spoken up. I mean the head of the would have been a heck of a lot of money in somebody speaking up so you think the somewhere along the way some would've done something to two but the real story. But. Well maybe him but then again some of the people who try to speak up suddenly have you love and that got us on how that's zoos so you know and then. You'll see and I think what somebody does speak up. How quickly before their shut down army to look like Canadian coalition from the government we had people on here who've been. Who worked on Air Force One. Talking about experiences with UFO's. And innocent thing it's like you can get the people out there to talk about it but. In the government in the media has taken so much time and effort to really. Sorted just need to rail any any of these claims you know itself. If you've been waiting on hold we appreciate we're gonna try to get a return everybody's phone calls we only have a few minutes left and there're couple things we did need to talk about. One of the things was that. There is a of a video it's actually a film. From the Apollo ten moon mission that has. Been reexamined. By UFO hunters because they see lights darting. In and out of the creators of the moon and they are convinced. This is extraterrestrial. Life and alien spaceships. That were fleeing as our moon Lander was approaching. And that's it's funny that you bring that up because there is a whole thing we're just talk about the hollow earth theory. There's a whole thing about the moon hull moon theory in how the moon could possibly be an alien base. And if they break it down to. When he play you know when we've sent people to the moon that only went there once and and never went back lol why. Now almost as if they found something that. Really. And made them realize that we weren't we weren't supposed to be there so you know. You know. Let's go to the phone lines we've got a good friend of the programs this is Jay from Florida. Hey good morning guys I was thoroughly enjoying. People's phone call at that part of the first occurred. Are the second one there. Yeah that's what Pink Floyd dark side of the moon is all about aren't you go body music there's doubt there everywhere. I eight did want people to be where. Because I felt or reported that more research of about that galactic federation of life. Is double Lucifer. Elusive bird even has his own archangel Michael. The but it's very important when you're praying. And if your game way to do deliverance or excessive rain like Depp make sure you're praying and things saint archangel Michael. Repeat that would Gabriel. And rob failed in the others who aren't the real thing archangel names because they've now corrupted it. And there's even YouTube videos of people of these I believe Beijing so names or that are actually outlook to period cursed Hanik. Angels would June the deduction is only gonna get deeper. At that time goes on. On another note do you believe play what Jimmy was it's armada earlier do you believe that aliens are are using the moon as a base. But unfortunately I I missed a lot of the show tonight job that something's got the dark side of the moon oh yeah. They say they haven't made base say they have a matrix there to trap souls few had but one guy calling there. Well someone to spend and be aware of this project blue beating blue beam project. One and the same with the stake wrapped sure. And wherever you live it's where. So for America is going to be the white Jesus Christ. The real messiah as why he would Palestinian or black. Keep group Israel light the real Israel lights and wrote keepers are black they Haitians the dominicans and Filipinos. That is quite said the revelation it refers to. You what say you are Jews but you're not here at this synagogue if they are a synagogue of Satan. And then the incident but I just Jews not now are Jews are synagogue of Satan but there's the Jews for Jude Judaism. And the one they actually practice. The real original Hebrew religion. But it the bulk of the towel on the had been met as up to the United States and not the tore the amount. Well you would talk the way above my head hurts so. But it's we're out of time so we appreciate you calling in and day adding some comment and insight to our earlier conversation. Tomorrow night again we've got to we're going to be talking UFO's with Tim Beck Lee and Tim Schwartz and Thursday night it's Henry crawl. We talking about the hollow earth theory and may be either civilizations living below our feet inside the earth in the next week begins McGrew Herman Julia Marie DG. Jones on should be talked about quantum physics and just so much more and she's been a lot of fuel their requesting us having her on since Jimmy and I are we gonna have to Saudia throughout his beautiful but she's only knows her stuff but again a big shout out to Alexander had a cough for coming on and talking to us tonight about big foot and and just has his films has been putting together on the subject and the different things he's been covering throughout the years. They should tuning in again like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com back slash beyond reality radio. And stay tuned for more information two miles ghost hunters night so. We'll also be talking a little multi episode on the show some achieve column with your questions elicited Jason NGV you can chill monuc. And media systems. I have hearts and hope perhaps by Alexander Graham Johnson for Entercom radio we don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie can say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you like to be guest on beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.