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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 10-06-16 3rd Hour

Oct 6, 2016|

What's trending today? Did more people watch the SNL skit than the debate on youtube?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do it remind you why did what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood didn't feel right there on 98 point one JMB. In our producer Travis. Let us know if people are talking about in Kansas City and Jamie night trying to figure if we know what is really going up. Trent has gone on doing good area don't rates should. First on the list and obviously you know hurt you math is going on and thrown get into that but Joba. Joseph block act I read this last night Joseph klock is announcing that what it was. He claimed it was a health issue that what caused him health issue was like a virus or something it was actually. Hair surgery or hair transplant unless. Back in 2001 he was hard to lose his voice and he blamed on the virus but really. It was his addiction to hair pulled us. There's that has long taken this wanna is also speech was was a side effect from a hair transplant procedure solved. At the though you can really gotta love their blogs and if you don't remember in 2011 he got really sick where he could broadcast for a whole year. And a lot of people who lover aide block everybody thinks Joseph buckets their team and it almost in his career yeah. And a hair plugs that's the reason why he lost his I've never have any manner yes. Next on the list. Is. Blade runner. Is another movie coming out there is another movie coming out carefully around it is called blade runner when he 49. Ran it doesn't come out for the 35. But there are starting to pre production now. I've never seen a blatant movies though I've never seen neither I got nothing. Saint Louis. There was like cops that were shot yes when your anniversary now that happened. Against this yesterday yesterday morning really Elaine saint of those or early morning. Many in my late last night it was an officer was who have been shooting. Plus it would be yes they did get him yes. I've got a good in the blues greens now last night. You don't have a game when I'm sure no idea items are for I've watched a movie called eighty I proceed last night for the first time okay. I'm Micah and our winner. Played at eight. Planet of the apes yes. Is there another planet of the Arizona one when it went out massacres and there's another one coming out will be the last installment it is war of the plan today I only saw the first one the year receive the second and the third one I saw the cycle and it was really good yeah definitely so the first one was good is that. That is about it throughout the south the storm going on. In Kansas City that is it. There aren't speaking of the storm thought perhaps we spent a couple of minutes here in update. How things are gone out in Florida. Hurricane Matthew is what we are paying close attention to today. It's what is getting the news stations away from such heavy politics coverage just Austin is going back to Donald Trump is doing some town hall in New Hampshire. Yeah but hurricane Matthew is now a category four storm that means that it's got sustained winds at a 140 miles an hour. Gusts up to a 165. I dust all that I heard the latest was a 102. Most of that with it look at that TV your. That's out of Haiti and you go to our FaceBook page I'm looking at pictures yeah similar to that right now it's justice on this is just been a massive. Devastating storms so far and it is gaining strength as it heads toward eastern coast of Florida. It would scare about that is what you say it's gaining strength like it's getting strike stronger after it leaves the be the two islands there Haiti and Cuba. If you go to our FaceBook page some of the images. I mean that you're talking about of course damage from wind and rain but now mudslides right because you've. And storm surge then well. Make that even more masks. So the governor of Florida Rick Scott has been pretty active talking quite a bit today. 2500 National Guard members he would activated we've got airports have been closed we've had thousands of flights have been canceled. We've gotten millions he was fourteen million people that are under hurricane warning that's just in Florida on the witness is gonna go is it's gonna hit Florida as we get through the day today and early tomorrow morning it's. If it stays on the track that it's on it'll go up the coast affect Georgia and South Carolina a past Charleston. Get into a little bit North Carolina and that is supposed to spin back around out east. And come down kind of do a big circle based on where it is now that means that Florida's gonna get hit tonight and tomorrow morning and again. On Monday and Tuesday those outer bands are gonna get close enough to Florida they're gonna get a ton more rain early next week. And my sporting events have been canceled or postponed or they're keeping an eye on it some games you're gonna be played regardless. Miami and Florida State play in Miami Saturday night game still on as of right now allow Florida and LSU in Gainsville. Right now. Still gonna be playing. You could see the NL division series between the nationals and the Dodgers get affected. The Redskins and ravens if this thing does shift up the seaboard. Other Redskins and ravens they authority already looking to figure out what to do about those than NASCAR race. Still scheduled for Saturday night in North Carolina titans and dolphins. As of right now they're it's still on the they could do anything including move to gain the NASA bill. South Carolina and Georgia that one in definite jeopardy. And Notre Dame and C state to be played at North Carolina State that game could move gays could move back to South Bend. The NHL hockey game tonight. Between the Panthers and the lightning that's been postponed of course all the high school games canceled or post. Owned. Tomorrow night as well it is the quick update you on how severe you know everybody has evacuated out of a few friends in Jacksonville. And no one who lives in Miami. Jacksonville has a lot of it has been evacuated but there are sane lot of gas stations. In the big towns are out. Ali wow note they have to go to smaller towns to get it have both fighters have few friends there and they had to go to small town that's low on gas. That's new because the governor's are Scott scientist even a few hours or fruit went on the air that they thought they had no trouble with the fuel supply and days and six days Werth does what we've got even in Miami have a friend who works in a hospital and normally they say that their really prepared for hospitals but they have it with this one being so bad. But they're gonna start evacuating some patients because huh. And we say that now keep in mind Florida is familiar with how to handle or a hurricane so that that's not the same thing as us talking about evacuating hospitals they have plans for these kinds of things that evacuation route set up but this is supposed to be. The strongest hurricane to hit the Florida coast in ten years in fact there was a reference that it would be the most devastating going back to you. Hurricane Andrew in 1992. This is majoring the governor even the headline on CN am why as the governor said. This storm is going to tell people you need to get out and then there were surfers that were in the water style. Because they're taken advantage of the highways. Sounds. And Disneyland. Disney World is not closing until 5 PM. Mother nature cannot bring down the happiest place on earth. I don't show of providers of the people he's got out of Florida. If you got it you can't just get out of Disney World you gotta gotta Florida Orlando is kind of a confusing place to get out of ever been Orlando yeah. I bent down I mean there's it's good freeway system but it added that Disney area can be tricky and you're close to fly this weekend keep in mind. That there having a lot of flight cancellations obviously that into we have that many flight cancellations at one time it could take some time for. All of that to settle back down so flights to be affected well through the week you can always take this with you by the way grab the app it's free in Google play iTunes and of course it came easy dot com followed Jamie on Twitter GB KM BZ it's YE ME KM BZ. I met Mike quick hits up next. More people. More people watch these Saturday night live's spoof then the rich and we'll tell you about it covered up next on 981 KM BZ. Any one KM BZ mid day with Jamie in a way kids. Oh we will all. Talk about the latest Internet debates. I was so mad at last one I was literally angry about the last one and I get angry about I just adds this kind of an argument. A guy with the we ask you what color is the handbag it play that game era and a we're gonna put a spotlight we just got an announcement in the building to during the re ran the restaurant. And I had we just got an announcement. This is our real thing. We're about they just make it doesn't re about to lose the Internet. For her. Well I'm hoping they bring it back with a time. They just made the announcement the Internet is about to go down as a wife or Internet and Internet that's a bigger problem that all lines why why that happens all the time true I don't know why we. And delivered on but. I don't routine. It's because those that are OK I just put the picture up all right the back. And go to our FaceBook page tells what color the baggage hospitals to get a point in time hold on this is meet typing. In Trenton try is now focusing think we're gonna lose the Internet so I can't get that spurred discussion and are able look you. Let me talk at the united baby for a second goal. Lighter later I write to heads up on Ayers did he beat her a break. So this came out of the Daily Mail. And I'll stop laughing because it's actually kind of say add more than a little tragic so. I've never seen this picture and had to be real before but this picture is out in India there was a baby boy. Who was born with two patents all described as a mere call two ads that are. Out fused pretty close to the collar bomb but they accused him next also so on. And they are the heads are the faces are exactly the same. The baby boy I was born Monday morning local time to his twenty year old mother in northern India wait about five pounds seven ounces. The doctor there are sad everyone who heard about the miracle birth wanted to catch a glimpse of this baby unfortunately. The baby was born and a healthy state they say it was the couple's first child which explains. Why they did not see a doctor during the pregnancy. And take extra precautions. The mother complete her pregnancy full term. Was doing well post surgery that the baby suffered breathing issues and they debated about whether to operate on the baby. And separate heads now looking at the X ray. On its two bodies together it's not just you had that there are two spinal cords and then you've got one massive rib cage in the center. And then two arms so it's it's two ads in tune to senators and then two arms on the sides on. Sometimes they say they can do the surgery we hear about this at conjoined twins a lot but here they say it was nearly impossible. And the baby died 32 hours after birth. And there were two pairs of all the internal organs but they were trapped in one body so again iris is one error. And arms and legs and you cannot separate children it's frightening. Does not necessarily starling. It's amazing. You read the story it's absolutely amazing and it's unbelievably tragic. I could imagine being a parent going through some. I'm unable both the up and down and to not. It's not see a doctor through the course your pregnancy from and yeah. But there must have been hope that the baby would have lived. For awhile after birth. Probably sound. I'm about out knives. One of those pictures that you just can't era they just Tweety can check out the story KM BZ radio if you wanna see it read it look at the pictures are amazing. Again amazing and tragic on the high and the low. About what can happen in this world. And those medical mysteries medical miracles always fascinating America and we had a lot of those lately about conjoined twins and success or not in separating. This this wasn't conjoined twin us was just one body. One body into ads and I can read it again it's not a FaceBook page in a little bit of just up on Twitter as well right now. There are a lot of people to cut cords from watching cable television that just you know Ellen watch on line or whatever Jamie you're one of the view all of the U watches is generally online. I do not my TV at home is not even play again it's not even connected to your TV. I don't know I don't know TV size I don't know when you're standing it's where it is until. It is not as large as yours out thirty times its size not matter not tiny size matters its stance on my entertainment center fills the law and it's not blood and it's not like Dan it's there is a laptop my first laptop 1215 years old was sitting there. So on the off chance I wanna watch Netflix sitting in my living room can connect to the big TV but that is not happening us and you heard that I've banned in the plays and and now. A lot of people watching things you know watching replays or whatever and now with all the platforms you can watch things like these. You know the debate presidential debate on the line. And you can watch on YouTube the presidential debate and people in eleven million people watched the debate between president and president. I'm Donald Trump and and Hillary Clinton by your time I wasn't I'm not her. I don't know the voting for either of these two but. It was. It was a watched by eleven million people on YouTube meanwhile. The SNL spoof has been watched twelve point three million times with. Kate McCann in an Alan Ball with more people watched the SNL spoof. On YouTube and watch the actual debate. On the line. On YouTube now they'd watch SNL necessarily they just watched the clip on you to. Is that we don't Alan Baldwin is coming back for the rest of the campaign thanks bye weeks well. LO what they well assumed they would say agreed to do the next five weeks because there's going to be fresh material now every week they've got out of pocket VP debate now. If the end of that little rumor that popped out of the trump campaign from CNN yesterday isn't at all true and right now even if it's not that's actually a storyline that trump is upset because parents did sell air quotes well yeah. That this decade they can turn that into his best a spoof in which they can write that up without. A source citing that out. Hopefully we'll see more of this come this weekend okay. Jazz man I've got a very presidential answer to this. Our jobs are fleeing this country they're going to Mexico that are going to jag now. I've stopped that if you really knew how she would have done it already period end of story I won the debate I stayed calm. Just like I promise and it is over but not enough I. There's still 88 minutes left. There's a ninety minute debate. Not like if honestly. She broke it with Obama Chia Obama's still my Nikon. They took my microphone to Kenya and they broke it at notre. It is picking up somebody sniffing your. I think it's her Smith's. She's been sitting on my attention. Testing. Jack I not. We have to get all of that it makes you laugh every time I don't know why and then him calling him Coltrane. As other than a mile every time because that just so casually thrown in there but Il's missiles. Name and this man as clear lane unfit to be commander in Jake Long the end of the show that he's stuck. Are her movements you did. Climate change as a hoax invented by China it's been a judge in that. He hasn't released his tax returns which means he's either not that rich bloom not that charitable loan mortgage never paid taxes and applied will alert. 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie blanket. Did we. Add extra agrees to the doorway. Why hurt for 2 o'clock. Why. Hurt worried about new. You know they wander right. These aren't you know Dana and park's wandering. So yes. They jails for an on air. Congratulations. To your data and parks from being that was the best radio show or best radio hosts I don't know exactly how it was title but they won a big best of award from the pets so congratulations best local radio show Dana and parks beating. Double down the ball. There have Tanzania onboard their eyes and I. Skies. Flight data had not soupy ridiculous now and best radio personality. Scott park oh I he had also that's even now there either I mean she was most influential rights is on the list of 39 and he was a little annoyed nag him his number forty. Didn't make the top 39 some are interesting best place to meet for a cheap date first Friday it's good I'm with a pitch gets all this together and you can find it can easily easily posted online it's a real comprehensive list of really great ideas for things I mean will that through this ultimate tomorrow once we. Once we see a thing was left off. Best place to meet single man. Candy and asked I've I've known Clinton clearly number three missy bees or opt out number two team. And number one Westport where you looking for if you're going I mean some of those places and penal piano Milligan for what's right. Do you feel like you you get out that what you but I apparently yeah apparently more than you. What turned thirty. And that was that was several years ago. I hinted that the key house I don't. Dallas'. That. Once I turned thirty I felt like it was not appropriate for me to be in power and light after say 10 o'clock I don't think that's the third he is I felt out of place after turning your old ass hole lot you are an older soul. Would you agree I. Yes. It's just kind of environment at least in the live block I look I felt like I after midnight. I'm kind of done with being in power line the line block yeah sure but after ten Jamie you're still hot you're hot commodity. Start coming and attending you know into the mine and I still like they should be sending me to the plaza at 10 o'clock evidence your cougar now don't. Is Cheney a cougar and not leave it there at 22 year old guy who now be careful here to assist me about lord together I mean you viewed area. OK I can track and your effort by the years yeah it's a decade gap that Angel honor. I am on him so this discussion before about without injured and was he. JJ presented yesterday and he thanked at the jail ginger. So we discussion before the definition of a cougar. I don't know if I'm right or it's just mean not choosing to believe what everyone else things is true but I do and I had maybe because like it back to real housewives. That car is the woman that was. You know Mary for fifteen or twenty years first and had her kids and now she's single and she's kinda limit up and away. That she can get to do and are Taiwanese. I've that I've never been on that path so I don't think I don't I'm gonna get through your status. Let's see here really got the actual definition now according I don't know urban dictionary great a cook is an older woman who frequent clubs in order to score with a much younger man well. Well I don't. It's none of what you just that mr. And the definition for cougar an older woman seeking a sexual relationship with the younger man. Find older. Well I honestly Citic has Mel's parents call her my cougar could she's older than me how easy she's. When he was shot now she's 28 was Jesse's figured have ordered the mean now what a difference need to be I think she's got ideas of partners plus she's got to be authority. I she's got a before and there's got to be a fifteen year deference of his of fifteen years yeah. All right so it's a 22 year old I would never date a 22 year old sorry just now if it was an old soul doesn't I told you. Mine never last week on the tax line. Somebody sent in during asked Jamie lick anything. How does a guy get a date with JB and I responded I don't think emailed me I sat on my dates have to be approved by what he did. It is. If it's a if it if it goes well wicket benefits the only out here today and it it goes horribly and it then it's gonna make his life helped him. Though he emailed me you told the beginning of that and they said you would not respond I haven't yet I need to know like. Qualifications. Like what is what is it you want and well I'll be your screen LB like Travis is on ask wicket I mean anything tried again in the studio of classic I am only estimates of job title and this is being that a little bears him but only pulled the email Republican on fire like no reason at all. Our on track at an entry it's bad now I'll take it. Now doesn't it doesn't imply it will delay lenient I've. Somebody like Arianna McCain BZ like bachelorette. I don't even mean I was gonna say we could do the dating game time out. Do you accept let me go to Ireland to get back. On our weekly TV in the studio I would put a curtain over the window and then during Nancy exactly in the we have the the guys have been here with me in the week we go through questions. His email lies and again I'm not gonna out guy beyond down. I was listening to your show this afternoon there was a mention have you be the one asked tried as GB out I'm curious what you like to know. I'm not the best selling myself on line but I'm more than willing to answer any questions you may have your old dale. Look them up its first restock on FaceBook in his last name I got it OK so so please do the basic you know case that searched the. And Google search and just make sure we're not dealing with somebody that. Has a wife and kids and another state to the extent that we can find out what he has excellent personal history that's fine and at the age now where. That's kind of candidacy Matt enormous time. On I think we are not listeners asked questions. Of what I. Just should we be asking that we have to speed and the us as a group we have to go through those questions we will and pick the ones we like the most about what should matter what you put it's your duty while I will pick from those classes apparently I have the final decision now obviously we. The screen these questions to some of your of course are gonna go low brow and disgusting lie for this guy that wants to ask Jamie outlet should. What should I ask you I'll I'll respond to them after I've disappointment tonight today than after I get done well clearly blew by Mel. I'll also sort of an email to your. Zero I'm gonna go through your questions and some of my own an idea some basic. That's a basic stuff I look I could ask him four or five we're asking him is not going to be yesterday Dana had a 71 question form to fill out for her site now. You're shrink here's what you do you ask some of the. The major questions that deal breaker is type questions and throw in a few others for conversation starters I would be like what do you do for living gas. Would you vote for know what you do for a living do you smoke you ask them on behalf of Mina on behalf of your data right actually I should bribe them who you voted for this election not. And I'll get you through the that's what matters like Portland who not voting for yeah the better now. To be like are you employed give kids do you smoke. Does pretty critical questions on an I would. I asked not just arguably the wind out of it does it it's not a deal breaker necessarily but it tells a lot about a person to ask for income bracket or anything but I'm curious to know what you do for Enos a conservative talk show and to peca. No I've no idea but as I am and I always and I asked credit score. About it but that does actually come and apple global ideal that we talked. He better not. So it's zero because wicket gonna respond sometime tonight. Listeners this guy listener that's algae that's how he knew this outfield frequently and I want questions that we should doubt that I'll look room. I'm definitely well why all three patent and I would give that this year proved. I only want five. And Milan Italy give the guy homework I appreciate your asking whether it's a smoker. One of the few real deal deal breakers I mean that was about to be a deal breaker between alien. Can use yes for fifteen years did you quit because of her lover cigarettes gas that's it. My parents are chain smokers and I can't McCain handle being in the same with that so now that's that's a major one from beyond that. I would be curious about kids if he's got him and I wanted a little more about that that's not a deal breaker I can only as good so. Well saying ask about finances. See a lot of the first eight or for the screening but it's. Well depends is gonna take QBs gonna take it down to you know taco John's that's why hackers but it matters a lot because we did a story recently that says so many couples now get divorced because of differences over money that and it says a lot about your responsibility. Credit scores mislead. Because you can have a low credit score because you've never had death as well that's that's good financial yeah management. But your credit score to reflect actor so. I I don't know how you ask that but you can ask are you good with money idea a lot of debt. And what Canada does what kind of car do you drive. I don't care about your. I don't care about that I'm in cars and doesn't makes no reference to the best place to meet Siegelman by the it was Westport apparently on goes on year is apparently that's the best place to meet single women. Number three west or ill housed number two in Al. And number one sports answer. Our car is at the singles spot was less pour your name a really big neighborhood around and I wonder for why. Age bracket because Westport used to be. A much younger an area that attracted a much younger age group and now that's a place that I hang out and more than ever. S Harmon knows that west where there blind date went are opposed blah. Tell us your night. And that's that's all at the end today and years later you're talking about proposing all it took was dollar Beers so what is your asking people wanted. Actually questions the united I won't get a more of like people saying that. The questions I'm single. We need this this does that protect slide may be read a couple of days to set the subtitle to the dating game for Jamie. And maybe people date this is of the we work on this weekend we will full blown plan next next week. Our aim for whatever people you'll give a quick example amen nonsmoker I am a social drinker and a deputy share. I. And that's husband material. Yeah Wright's error lately where. It. Looked that way Arabic it's a social. It's interesting. It's interesting too because people are showing on the tax line how much they listen and how much they know we get hurt is. And you know because I talk about my affection for whisking him act and the thing about it you don't drink every day I am actually on my haven't changed quite a bit. Frankly doing some light because the only way I was gonna lose weight when Steve scaled way back yeah my parents also is not what used to be so. The guys. It. Nadal green lie I used to be electric and our girl likes to be used to be fine now it's wondering every 20 goodness is now he's sitting down. All kinds of violence. Is slated to get it on my and every area of my personal if so. We what we need to do we'll have to do something like this and whenever sponsors to like take your pick you up in Lago and Guber a limo or something and they give you you in the date go to dinner alone Ali well. You're out of a limo driver that would that we could work at New Hampshire reconfigure we had all this together they'll seem. We have one out there and now aren't there on the back for maybe they would walk in my. If we should put this together for next week or just start this whole process. I'm getting new new boss and on this picture he's cool he's sure not care if your late today by the way. You ever hear from an hour and a half and we finally saw market due to bust. Assume that he's not homeless and a great job sugary icing exists everywhere and sure got a full studio thing in his basement coming over to the winners of the best local radio show according to the pitch Dana and parks award winning programming coming your way to. As Scott back after a day off up next as the cat at reeks amenities. Oh I would lessen the battery seventies. Also beat top hundred newspaper endorsements. The list came out of the biggest 100 newspapers. In the country and who they have endorsed. Now what number is and his problem bother a lot of our listeners but the other numbers are any better. It'll tell you mean coming up next and whether or whether it matters to you as much as it used it's such a 1980s. Thing yeah if you feel he is. All that's coming up next at mid day with Jamie and wicket your questions to date Jamie on air next on 91 game BZ 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie blanket. Let's see I think my favorite question to come in. Fareed gate. Our question asking guided a Jamie are the sheets in the of your bed tucked in or loose and just assume there's not a metaphor for opening up. I'm just gonna make sure that that's not a metaphor I actually think that has to do with the sheets on your bed but what does that tell you about. What's the difference. Lee and I are completely opposite of that what does it. She has to be talked in like the bit around the corner where her PR. Has to be talked and I can't stand. What does that tell me about your two personalities I have no idea I kicked in a lot of my sleep so I think. Not mean she I think. My type she is not tempted I am down I have a down comforter and so that changes your whole sheet situation out. So now I honestly don't. I don't now a guy just offered you bottle whiskey eagle and they wouldn't I don't I asked is that are you offering it was a very odd tax denies that he offered a skier days. Eddie's of whiskey and happily married seven years ago. No I you know I I'm new to the whiskey game's single nonsmoker adventurous firefighter in calendar shake me I'll apply any new applications wicked. It's it's open enrollment right out SOA and thanking him easy dot com this green alternates do use nor. I don't think so I'm a very light sleeper and I don't think I'd I nightly iced earth actually the few times you have. Let's just say taken a nap at our our our personal note I said. And responsible and yes I. You don't not taken the chance to drive home and stay out yet you don't snore I don't. That's a good idea I know I didn't back out do you don't score. You know who the big question here and does he Wear flip flops land and that's the the deal breaker. Where flip flops to war. Who I don't care if you Wear on the beach and act here but I'm not gonna get upset about that but do you Wear it and to your regular job like scenery station markets did the hypothetically. Hypothetically she. We're everyday unless you are a lifeguard. You Wear them to work everyday. I sometimes feel like you and higher verbal lifeguards were saving every Wednesday from tended to. That's what really deal are is that really that's what we're really I don't think. Let's go and think about the ticket that's seriously take you brought the questions will look at a ball and will see lights. We'll see what we believe come up with effort will put our heads together get with new boss. Bullet Travis contributes to a lot of people are asking. To throw travel questions and there ooh good point out that's our. Yeah but that's just ask the question is it's not do you at least have an interest in it on my goal is not travel alone for the rest of my life on the highway. So it's it's there should be some interest there should write that book. I'm it's so here's the deal with the bucks it's. Somebody asked yesterday during asked him implicated. Have you written a book about your travel experiences or would you them. There is why it was kind of started when I traveled for a year alone I wrote a lot of blog posts that I never published I sent an email every week most people want to know I was still lives and so in my mother wanted and I was alive. So there's that has been started there's a binder that's probably got a hundred pages and it of the Bullock. Sometimes you should write that I'll I'll finish filling gaps do you ever go buy a newspaper endorsement for president. Are you ever influenced by a newspaper endorsement I am not. Especially because I choose to believe the media is not biased and so the liberal media out that that liberal media. The 100 biggest news. Papers so USA today Wall Street Journal New York Times LA times New York Post Mercury news New York Daily News up everything. Saint Paul press Detroit Free Press the Oklahoma and Kansas City Star. Mean the top 100 newspaper's endorsement there's a list that's out. Donald Trump has zero newspaper endorsements and that includes some very very conservative areas. For their example the Arizona Republic in the history of the Arizona Republic they've never endorsed the Democrat in the presidential race and they have. Donald at zero right now including the USA today whose endorsement is not trump it's not for Clinton or anyone else it's not trump. Gary Johnson. Actually has three. Endorsements. From newspapers who is it. Well your hometown of the Chicago Tribune. My hometown of Detroit free press. And the Richmond times dispatch. Should the Chicago Tribune. Endorsed. Kerry Johnson and didn't endorse Hillary she claims Illinois isn't over nine home states it's a big Democrats stay in Chicago maybe the rest of the state that south of I eighty maybe it's not but it's a car definitely has the Democrat territory. So okay. If if you do the math you would think are at it's it's three for Gary and zero for trumpet she must have ninety's some. Endorsement she seventeen. Joey is seventeen yeah OK so to listeners. Feel free to Texas and are called current rate is I'm curious to know if this carries any weight and RT pay attention it's it it's so so 1980s to have a newspaper influence. Who used it to have influenced you I think in terms of you're going to vote for. And what does that say where we've got twenty of the biggest 100 newspapers endorsing either were or the third party. An eighty others have not yet picked a candidate. Less than five weeks from the election and it should tell you something that newspapers like the Dallas morning news in L out of Republican Texas Hillary dollar salary to me that's more talent it's not. The number of newspapers it's which ones so does the Houston Chronicle. Very conservative area engineers and republic San Diego union Tribune the San Francisco chronicle the saint Paul pioneer press Baltimore's on. There's seventeen for her. That's something she should Beagle in about. Now and she should have 75. I mean you now or shortly let's say fifty and fifty right let's just say fifty and fifty she's got seventeen and they have five weeks to figure this out obviously. For a comparison. President Obama. Receives 56%. Of the endorsements in 201244. For Mitt Romney. And 73%. Of them endorsed President Obama in 2008. Then Senator Obama as opposed to John McCain. Sending its open 73 to 56%. Of the endorsements from his first election to re election. And right now Donald Trump is at zero. Gary Johnson is at three and she's at seventeen. That got her act you know what if you don't have those endorsements by now your packet again. The problem and it's not gonna change between now and the election I'll take your calls on it plus give back to our conversation about blacks own the being available to. Over overturn heroin. Heroin. Problems. Overdoses should be available in Kansas it is a misery we'll tell you more about it coming up next on 91 KM easy.