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Raising the Screen Generation

Sep 29, 2016|

This week our cover story focuses on children's use of mobile devices and how overuse can harm them.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This week on the can't be easy cover story raising the screen generation how much screen time is too much for a kid what impact of Smartphones have on physical fitness. And parent attitudes very toward Smart device usage. Now here's. 981. KM BZE. It's almost a given these days your child is going to want a cell phone an iPhone or a tablet if they don't already have one. It creates a whole new category for parental oversight and that is the subject of today's cover story raising the screen generation. Lot of parents worried that their kids are over using their electronic devices and then some parents. Don't worry at all I marked the void begins our in depth team coverage. Reward and her husband have five kids three stole home in Lee's summit she sees a lot of positives when it comes to her kids. And their Smartphones. If they didn't have that followed that wouldn't be able to talk to them that much or indicate that much because that did it still don't want. That's all that into it and I'm out there front lip out. Barry says it is still pretty good job of policing their electronic years they know when to put them down when it's time for homework or when it's time to go to bed. On the weekend they kind of let out in front of the computer bet. They're pretty good week to not have to be told turn PD officer and pure optical video game out. Mary says when the kids do misbehavior the electronics are the first things she takes away. I'm mark Lavoy news 981 KM BZ we also spoke with a mom who exercises a little more control over her kids electronics MacKenzie Mallon a liberty says. She needs help to make sure her kids are getting into trouble. We have our software to exterior Norton I'm gonna act how important family we're protects some problems. Going on can't sanction sanction would be going on Palin we can chat that the rating level for the sanction can also. Block certain sites so unlike social media call it what actual income beyond social media yeah. He says she also always has some former restriction on her kids' use of electronics. And that even more so. With the older kids. It's 704 on KM BZ into the text line this morning thirteen year old does not have a cellphone and only gets half an hour of electronic time during school days. And two hours on the weekends. After. Homework and chores are done a lot of folks checking in on the text line this morning as well this one says my kids are sneaky little rats. I literally had to shut their service off on their phones and change the Wi-Fi password because if I take one of the devices. They'll go out and get another one that they have hidden from me drives me crazy. That. Have an extra phones and having them hidden. Was that sound like. We're ticket money to reinstall and CNET sounds like even the stories we hear about addicts that high glitter in different places in the house seat can't find it 22980s the KM BZ text line. Other aspect of our cover story erasing the screen generation how much is technology contributing to attention deficit problems using the iPad as the baby sitter might seem like the easy option but doctors caution parents about letting the littlest kids have any screen time. Doctor Carla Alan and children's mercy since studies have shown that kids with too much time in front of a TV your mobile device and up missing other skills. Infringement when we do that we're keeping kids from from real world parties that engaged your relationships with people. And that seems to be incredibly important. She also cited studies that show kids who spend more than two hours a day in front of a screen display more problems with attention. Allen says while there's no direct link that screen time causes ADHD it could exacerbate any attention problems. Kara mark search news nine B 81 KM BZ. We'll hear from some kids it'll be interesting to see what they think about their screen time usage as well we'll touch on both of those after traffic and weather together on the minds. Kansas city's morning news with Vijay tiger and Elin sank this week. FM. KM BZ. But looking at this one from the text line. My son hides bookseller around the house just in case and found one under the bathroom sick it's part of our cover story raising the screen generation so how much time are young people spending with technology most of the kids tell us they spend more time on their phones then they should. Our intern Tricia cinnamon talked with one girl. I'll tell you on your polling and a homeowner really is it a school or anything like that guy coming our keep things probably like no in the week probably like. Six like in the whole week. According to media literary clearinghouse white teenager spent about eight and a half hours a day using screens while Asian teenagers averaged more than thirteen hours today including more than two hours on the TV and after three hours on mobile devices Jim Cunningham new study one KM BZ one of the big aspects of this of course is electronics in schools as well and we're getting a lot of feedback about that on the text line my daughter just started middle school curriculum night. I was shocked to learn the school in courage is parents who have children without phones and ipads to get done. Because they use them so much in the classroom. I've made a comment couldn't do that teachers just gather all the as the phones and put them at their front desk and rightly a lot of people are saying it's a liability issue and administrator checked in Santa I don't want my teacher responds thanks for what is think about it. At that point we don't have a lot of money on your dad thousands of dollars I get it. Of phones on the desk but I understand your point it makes sense that's why another texture says hey our middle school has a rule about no electronics. Either have to stay at home or they have to go in the lockers this phone's not a chance. Can't just say keep them in your backpack. That's why he keep the lockers they don't belong in a classroom I'm sorry we don't belong in a classroom then mom and dad can't get in touch with him all poor Wu Britain shoot a million launcher after school have boom usually white any detection kit in the middle today your kidneys to work on school stuff. There's a difference if they're sick. Or need to take medicine or something like that but it's usually I made it all the way through high school I made it through college too. Without text and phone calls and being bothered by my pretty unless there's a real emergency. Home it's the only reason to call yeah. Traffic and weather together the nine. Exclusively on KM easy. Kansas city's news traffic weather extension. 721 now on Kansas city's morning news' good morning EJ Becker Elin shrink along with you Laura pro bass go is a licensed clinical social worker what is on the news line this morning to talk. About our cover story raising the screen generational Laura good morning it's good to talk DO. Getting why he makes turn. How much time is enough time for screen time and kids and when I say screen time I mean all of the computers TV phones and tablets. Serb berserk. You know really I didn't show that in the year LQQ. There's no three I mean you can copy and I had never. I mean when while on our count all of that your feet. And every day he he won't really change our poll. From what you everybody on which it. Unbelievable. Because bright out. Look at Eric he's got a lot of eight to ten hours old. You know I know that the zero to two you'd think oh why would kids be watching anything at age five and I'm also thinking about the harried mom and dad that are coming home trying to say exactly stored dinner. Or get the house picked up how opinion not sit them in front is something Satan get few things done at least for a little while. Chris Serb pressure and that's what I think start tomorrow at this point that got us having heart chat screens and short to get that part. Because as a convenience and you can. Yeah it could get her leak is fault laundry we could eat at saint. I'm the EU but what we can't do you think you get what we Candiotti is rocking chairs so we can you are other options. So that we can. Keep ourselves functional. Should every family have restrictions of some kind for of for the kids and also hope. So the parents I mean do you need to lead by example. Share berserk type comes the point. You know once we start kind of their church but he needs that we are not he treats I'm. It's still an hour and he plays we really need blanking ball on the end neatly into modeling not articulate what can I think shock he turned up. I eat lunch. What. Hart are frustrated now is our school yard increase time on which educational purposes. You know functional helpful. But it also increasing their screen time I'll archived. Laura here you come from a family of social workers this is important thing you know it's in your blood. You've seen this for years how our kids different today how are they changing because of screens as opposed to. What your your mom and dad may have seen years ago. He didn't push email and more how it actually kind of arm and and thinking that track or it gets really. Getting into that fracture quake in our brain and it's important addictive eager. Bill Orton didn't work true addiction can create an addiction to phone which. On own words deep creaking Paramount actually think on the change. From whom can't be such a problem being a problem I think he can't beat each. Potential educational problem. Laura Tabasco witness on the design real quick question for your Laura what's the loss of screen time is it just that we're exposed to more information period and that can be a good thing. Pressure I think that that's got the point and if we do you like the idea that kid they're eating drinking I'm sure we need change. I'm increased knowledge and creature very cheap on that her actions that people are not to form their own little wild. I'm I would say there's been that and we aren't you boring toward the end gathering marking bench. Probably not to Purdue weren't ready underage all of that and they're really great street and on but because we're patents for a moment of restriction botnet. For not starting at a younger age it becomes this is a continued. Laura for Vasco is a licensed clinical social worker does a lot of work with children part of our cover story this morning. Raising the screen generation it's 724. Kansas city's morning news with EJ back here and Elin since. This is 98 point one FM KAMBC. Cover story this morning. We're talking about screen time and does someone takes in is a very good point. The antidote to screen time is nature. They say there are hundreds of studies that show that when kids spend time outdoors it reduces symptoms of ADHD. Test scores are higher confidence goes up it reduces stress anxiety depression all that sort of thing and I think that's. It's all about balance yeah that's right we had a programmer right and say I'm a programmer my kid wants to be a programmer. And he says but my kid also plays three different sports on Friday there's no screen time because the kid wants to be social all that sort of stuff so yeah really is all about finding a balance. Especially when you have to use screens in school. Here's something you may not have thought about when it comes to screen time are there injuries that comes from an hour bill Grady reports for young people that's a real possibility. Sure your usual phone can do just about everything and submit potentially short maybe bush and choice is a tablet how often legitimate I don't poster looking at the screen instead of keeping your group are available that could cause. By the neck or shoulder strain. Taking a break structuring ruined a crucial role can hope doctor Laura reborn under the legal. Probably actually you're in sports medicine jewels Cambridge are you those preventative measures are much better human alternative. At some point if prevention methods don't work then you can consider. Strengthening exercises. May be physical therapy medecins things like that but of course with kids. Medicines are not what we like to do. Doctor boy Padraig O'Neal should Smartphones really that we should all electronic bush is your portable reader lawyer from the accusing other specialized tools. You have to make adjustments. Gold Brady usually viewed one trio usually. I am a teacher in the Shawnee mission district I can't say where but our students will oftentimes just watch Netflix. In class that's into the text when that is not the first one I've heard the source or read this morning from the text line. And I don't know what happens when you. Go to them and say put it down yeah I don't focus god bless you. I would think if you know how do you keep yourself from picking a phone up throw it across a room is anybody teach how does and I bet you if you touch that phone the parents would come oh yeah I aged. Because you touched your child's phone this and that and I think it myself. Why did you get there you can circle aren't. Receive a one teacher said to be the phone away from the kid and when when she. I hear she took it from them there was a cracked screen. The kid claimed that she cracked she or he cracked just as the screen and the school had to interview the other kids in the class in order to prove the teacher innocence room. You know all the problems of screen time may just be indicative bigger problems have cut up. That we're all pretty darn screwed up eight is that part of its aid to. Kansas city's news traffic and weather station. This is Kansas city's morning news on 98 point one FM Kenny and easy you've. Been listening to raising the screen generation 91 came these these cover story. Each Thursday are covered stories offer original exclusive and in depth contents on a meaningful topic thanks for listening. We'll see you next week.