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Dana and Parks 09-09-16

Sep 9, 2016|

Interview with Myrtle Anderson. She was 14 when Pearl Harbor was bombed and still remembers the exact moment

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You can't city eighteenth and play it right over the our American bridge. Swing a Biden can be an honor we would love to hang out you guys have a beer with your. Great city and missed our city spotlight this afternoon. Here in North Kansas City. And care what you tell me it's 4000 people a night out here up. It wasn't his data were the people that live here okay. Deregulation swells during the day you I know you guys on the businesses that they're Brothers here. 25000. Population here in the awful. 4000 at night Audi 5000 during this hour. There snow. Welcome back we're we're thrilled that you girl here and if your imminent it we have to treat me this hour. We had a woman reach out just yesterday since my birthday I'm bringing my mom up tomorrow and we have been talking about 9/11 yesterday as the anniversary is coming up Sunday. We were talking about Pearl Harbor. And say you're gonna wanna talk to my mother. Myrtle Anderson because she remembers. Vote and myrtle we are so thrilled to have you join us here you actually went and graduated high school here in North County. I came to know I think on from my senior year at that happened the year. And then I graduate. At reliant. Ovary cancer. And so you remember 9/11 of course idea and you remember Pearl Harbor I did you were fourteen. What do you see as the difference between the two in how we remembered them how we teach them and what we remember about them. Well for beginners I would say there. Learning. The oh Harvard thinking it is by hand. Battery operated radio back and notes that it and the battery would last only so bluntly it's very intermittent. But you also. That it looked at it does not take things. That take away. All of our young men. It's the whole country. Gathered together and the young men have to go to war. And now our researcher very. Very small at that time. An Iranian man may come on quit. Nine elevenths I think they're watching on TV. And saw the plane hit the though. But here again you're not runs either back that this isn't suicide plane. Like Pearl Harbor three five yelling yeah. You don't know how right into it it's going to be. I. Being able to see it that visualized it. With a great you know different than it is here and mathematically. A world like that had wanted to. Things that you mentioned in Scott I think this is fascinating. Is that you actually song. The lost with respect to harbor it's not that we didn't feel the loss with nine elevenths that you saw in the empty seats in the classroom. Right it was thought it was a loss that you felt physically every day. Right. Right that we may have let me empty seats that marriage and people going to war I'm not into our plans. Our own lives searches. It's erupted. That my friend and that the farm. At that time came here to this city. To work in the lower. Our lives changed dramatically. With 9/11. And the equipment that they made. It possible. Was saying. Earlier this week that for the first time if you wearing high school freshmen this year if your high school for the first time. 9/11 is being taught as a historical event that none of them were warned. To CE. And one of the things we talked about yesterday is why it's so important to keep teaching kids about nine elevenths and Pearl Harbor and and why do you think that's the case. Why it's more important it is to teach them both to to still use them vote. Yeah well. Our world is sound. Chaotic we don't know what tomorrow will bring. It may be nuclear bombs. Please tell that to be the plan. Desire on the news last night I listen to me Anna and them they they tell us that. Korea. North Korea and authorities that make it got Bob it's on the so. That those incidents we know our. Things that we can we expect. Him. In your life which ones that you looked on him at the Oscars most yet. Which one was the most impact. Well. Considering. It's again pertinent time the need. Pearl Harbor. Would be. In line at that that it please. Everybody lives. Lives out. Leave it to them lightly it. Young men to war. Their. Elsewhere were color. And I'm. I. The. Susan without a doubt Pearl Harbor. Would be idiots. Would be more it. And at and it's not to minimize the importance or the I'm eleven that's what I I think I got because you and I are are you know forties and we don't remember Pearl Harbor of the but it was how was not she was absolutely we were forty years or thirty years away from me how the week. I think it's interesting that she's pointed out there was any physical laws that he every town in America now. With those young men went off to war and not that we didn't lose people to war in Iraq and Afghanistan but certainly not in the numbers you saw. Here that's creative and war with rather important it at that time. Even now it with us on the view of World War I. It only intensified. Her and creating greater changes than what was your brother went over it was strapped to apply to the united. Yet present for both and they. And all of our friends have been me that. Anybody can use hope when. You're. So. There weren't any young man for me it even find they. Just found out listen I'll definitely. Have a thing like Hitler you yourself. Yeah. That little girl I've I'm heartedly appearances. At night they don't ever come home. I've been. You. Won't mind. Well with their nobody would like your. Own well. There aren't. You know Paul Lawrie. Yeah. You know you'd art don't want. And an audible again. I've been hit. Now it. Well colonel when you're glad you're here so much for staggered to worry about an hour an ambulance you know. Will you be my grammar yeah yeah oh yeah I. Don't think he's in the market. She lost for Ramon. Need to do Ramone would you be program on my army. And again unsettled weather conditions continuing for the rest. That's different airport but out of crap I tried that. Ankle. I will be intimate. And colonel. Ours like match maker yeah I think a lot less than Hillary or are you have to make needs right oh. Myrtle can you make beat static beats. Yeah. Yeah like beat the U. It. Looks more boy you may be. Gonna figure them rule that is an app and make the rules enforcement.