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Aug 19, 2016|

Liar Liar pants on fire! Lochte apology live....kind of

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Happy Friday ninety point one KM BZ mid day we Jamie wickets it doesn't feel like different Nolan. Is dreary outside. It. Look out the window this gigantic wall of windows that we have looking out and Shawnee mission parkway yeah and it looks like a Monday. It. It snapped out of it just I mean my uncle. I think I think my problem is as I got out of bed fifteen minutes late at zealots are and it totally does and populated with fifteen minutes through all of my entire board publicly or die. And so. That did not really make you I I did not know that other thing he said at first they went in Canada didn't mean I would have been calling you saying. Sure. That I attend and help either up or cracked like a 10 o'clock well. I mean I can I usually get a little bit before seven and win the dog tells me it's time to wake up but the dog. Slept downstairs because Lee went to Vegas this morning for work. For war or call for war but she's definitely not a thing right now so all day for you to tell. And I and our sir nothing to get back to work. So she left I mean (%expletive) 6 o'clock flight to Vegas you pretty late and leg she's in sin city improbably. Sitting about three mile Moses in and probably on the slot machine with terrorize your letters on your wedding money out like god happening right now. So the dog slept downstairs so I slept until 730. And he's leading up is abuse day at seven alarm went off at 715 just in case but it. And and I take the dog out normally make breakfast and take a shower I did neither of those you're welcome mass I know not show our home. Now now I don't generally. I generally don't shower every. The ventilation and hear you shot every day now not even close. But cannot make that request note can we you can get him great actually take that back you could totally but he got collapsed. Why use everyday you're right it takes you six minutes yet but I don't get dirty. Oh you know this is I don't I don't get I don't I don't see why we use it doesn't easily get I don't shower every day. That is not okay well there is not. Sorry Jamie your business expense that's the Internet by fifteen foot studio maybe 20 X 20 but the battle is singers not that great if I didn't tell you. And here. If I didn't tell you you wouldn't know well. You wouldn't bet I generally don't stink. You can ask police I should note today I'm good price at. The pool I didn't go to the pool yesterday called that was going to be your bag that was an because once it. Hole and we are hung out with the Salvation Army now radio Thon yesterday for a little while and I'm talks have been the people downstairs who by the time I got home it was 330 in the whole pool was the water's all covered in shade mergers blockades here no there aren't Curtis says no kids. And server stringer pulled my two little kids in my building I've kids with kids at rival I think the youngest person as a full time resident in my building is probably like. Twenty you if it you know he got most immature I think and I can youngest by age. Dumps or every day we gonna have to know. As address that Travis time Travis is that. And at one to bring Travis Indian I guarantee you're trapped shower to shower comes to our average order in every morning Travis. Every morning no but every night every day every night shower yet on their area. That's not totally acceptable but that's better than not doing and yeah I generally I mean is and what I've learned is in Kansas City was 249 degrees out and learned this this summer what's the addition our agents are. Our life right now her. I don't care I got Damien stinky show that it works hey wicket as the guy that some Asean's. Well I mean you probably work a lot harder than I do you ever said I mean if you work outside or you work or. I don't generally swept do you feel better after a shower. And is that not just a good feeling having him out of the shower until two days without issue Howard appear at today's rush hour we are gonna have. It's I had an HR complain if you if it's happening you know you really should cancel it is adulation resentment and I mean it's just part of who I am. It's it's an extra six on your more. Yeah Abbott I mean I can I usually choose breakfast. Over showering and pop tarts and here's more again I was fifteen minutes late so nothing live right it was 730 I didn't wake up take the dog out feed the dog I would be totally okay. And texting me at 8 o'clock and saying I'm going to be six minutes later than usual because I'm choosing to shower. That's that's probably six minutes and it'll whole process of dressing and showering attention she redressing don't shave it is ten minutes plea I can do it in ten minutes. I can't ya I just an emotional or reject McCain and I know not the only person war. It actually wouldn't of matters on the floor I wish somebody and because we let it slip that into a contract somewhere some hit coming up we've got. A big step with the Olympics to get to including with a weakest. Apologies you've ever seen what train wreck this has become on Twitter yesterday compared Ryan Lochte to the Tonya Harding on this Olympics American Eagle that far but it's a ticket now. Now it's it's close we actually have rare audio of Ryan Lochte. Apologize he talked to the media we are the OK MB ZTV only if we have exclusive Ryan and locked the audio. All right we're gonna play that in five minutes from right now exclusive Ryan locked the audio. Also I think there's ever sentiment with the Olympics. People got on Sunday again here. It's act it's. We're not we are not watching it here as often as we work I think the big rock stars or die you know Phelps has done using bull it would not you sampled is done in all things had gotten. Believe they don't big rock stars left. Besides the handball team in the sink and it got really the only rock stars left. Team USA basketball that's really you know your area got a basketball thing you don't care but if you are a basketball fan. That's going to be hit the that you're close that one right what's that you opposed that's why not you know I'd ask Bonnie Illinois like basketball on the Olympics like that you didn't like to sports that you can play elsewhere like I still like the sports that already have international competition. At all. Tennis soccer basketball does now and gives eggs only in the NBA are an ad that's I know there are. League's all around the world but the guys that I watched LeBron is a Kevin Durant staff Corey. Those guys are only in the states so I'd I've no problem with that whatsoever being in the Olympics possible we'll get to that coming up as well plus. Week in preview for you next hour and I'm gonna learn about Jamie in the next 24 to thirty hours about this ridiculous. Irrational. Fear I know rationally fear that you now I am not every. If your monitors rational theory is Christian vote those boats waters he's finally here. It's in it's I'm not crazy every time we talked about it I'd I know I have a lot of company out there are also hurt in the the office today and that right. Does that sit there and enhance AB DB and I like I think is one wall and Jamie is over by a back shoulder facing what would that be perpendicular. That yes sir we're not peril or vernacular at each other so. I ice you know Jamie says of working on the working of the whom I today and then. Right Michigan study here that speaking and the little snicker and it's yesterday's it's typical. Cult. People got it after the fourth out well clue that you can get after the second Clinton we double royals tickets for you to win and also ticket city traveling Baseball Hall of Fame your first chance your first clue I actually eleven I had the relax and I haven't seen the clues. No I didn't look at yeah I will during the break but I did not and judge it and yell and violent shall judge the bad audio yes and before we go any further a gigantic. Thing. To this this area to Kansas City to Missouri to Kansas to wherever you may have been. Listening yesterday. Because of you. The radio thought it was a smashing success you. 146000. Dollars from the people donating we can't think you enough we couldn't do without you and it was my first time you've been here for a little while. It was an unbelievable day yesterday. Yeah I can you really. Again until you get the chance to go over there were lucky not a lot of people have had a chance like we have to go into were the shelter and talk to the people and talk to the south and spends his time with Aaron by it. I appreciate people who donated even without the perspective that we had of really can't simply where that money goes and and all the stuff that kids need. On you know we got to see the closet room where all their clothes Gao and an all of that nasty furnace all the uniforms. And the kitchen where they make food for twenty different kids with twenty different pallets. All the bedrooms and and all the toys and everything in the transportation on the money is gonna go a long way and we really really really means. I mean you bring up the kitchen I don't know how hard it is to cook for let's say to kids that have different wants and needs like cancer picky at that age and you saw he's the letter from the mom the dad put a putter FaceBook page a few days ago how she was born out for a girls weekend and the that the I guess the differing children and a once in their needs in the spoons there. For twenty kids for a Max of thirty days and in the L flip. And twenty kids with you now aside from just everything a normal kid needs twenty kids that have been abused or been neglected or been taken out of their homes in the middle of the night and suddenly they are around strangers. So it's not just the daily needs that they need but it's the environment that they need to you and and they are doing. All of and we can't say thank you and up for the massive donations totaled 146000. Dollars. On a great job did by EJ and Alan Dana and parks the Jonathan we're show it was. Awesome and thank you again. Coming up rare Olympic audio. From Ryan Lochte and his apology that's next mid day when Jamie wicket 98 point one KM BZ. Happy Friday 98 point one KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicked JB minus Ali my quick it with you can always stream us Kate MB easy dot com or get the free open Google play. Or an iTunes we are now podcasting. -- miss anything over at KM BZ dot com or on the app. Still to come your first clue to win the some royals tickets. Given away first clue for who mine is at 1106. And also Jamie and I could have very old moment. Coming up. I love it I love this list you've never heard of the Beloit College mindset list there are group professors at Beloit College in Wisconsin that. Cannot list every year for their professors to understand the cultural references that their college freshman are aware of not so that they're using examples in class that the kids are gonna know. We're gonna run by Travis because out of us he is the youngest and most recently out of college to see how many of these are true even for him it's a really great to figure sixty items like tweet at this morning which it doesn't look down I know that I'm gonna feel real old so I already feel old Marty Marty having a moment and this is really it's really fascinating. I'd like eagle back in time like and read this if they did this in 1999 when I graduated high school and C with a list would be we should go back and I yeah. They don't have a hard time yet they do I don't know how under the adamant that will be very cool in an expert take a look and say to know what. You know what people our age back in the and in the mid ninety's early ninety's thought oh my goodness they have always had. You know whatever since 1981 whenever I was yeah but I was born. To the Olympics. Are you bored I mean are you for the Olympics. I know you don't like it's. No because it's the the back story that is banned increasingly they're just spent a lot of these stories so to speak out of it between me you know the controversy over putting your hand on your hard earned nods and you'd Alan Michael Phelps and the looks on people's faces and and just the other controversies it happened and then. This with Ryan Lochte. So even knows the story by now Lochte claimed he got beat up the Olympic swimmer. Claim that he got beat up and and robbed at gunpoint and as it turns out he and some other swimmers or drunk. They were drug AP hill overstuffed. Security guards. Made them pay when they were in the cab blah blah blah two guys got yanked out of the line they were trying to fly back one day to pay like 111000 dollars to get back to the United States. And Ryan Lochte being a 31 year old. This is nothing new I mean this is a guy audit data you know this Jamie this is the guy who once lit dog poop on fire in a bad. And put it on his girlfriend's two front porch. Acer and yes. He is that he's the ease of an eighty eternal frat boy do you wanna know we can say duke should Oslo yeah he's a do should not did we know that about him before the aspects yes we did did we care I didn't know all about and do we care as much or or judge it as much as we are now I'm going to be honest I didn't even know he was going to be at the Rio games and the big stories Phelps obviously for the on the men's side. I didn't even know he was going to be at the games because the last I heard of him was a failed reality show. How we effort that you know your yeah. Failure failure life when your too dumb for your own reality show because people watched it and it was like this can't be re like half millions of people watch the card dashing it's done. That's how bad the Lochte reality show had to be for people to say this is too dumb to watch cheers so much about does that bothers me that I feel like. The unfortunate part one of the many unfortunate part is that it's taking this is that really great Olympics the United States are had a lot of really great success stories that like hero stories out of the Olympic medalist Dominique year we've ever had yeah. Actually China is right there with us and in back in the day Russia we are blowing everybody. Out of area out of the law so this takes away from that. Which is unfortunate for the people who have gotten a gold medals and done really well but it also makes the United States looked really bad. And that's saying a lot compared to reddish hair out given how much we mocked reopened for the Olympics but that stinks. And it was just awful what did was just the epitome of frat boy awful guy behavior it's true if your hated so everything. This is back it's an ugly American story now he doesn't the problem is is the world will look at this. And think well. Just typical ugly Americans being ugly Americans where. You've got all mean we have got me cat get the number total write a hundred medals won so far 35 gold 33 silver 32 bronze we have a hundred metals. Were in the next closest is Great Britain or 56. And this guy eight is the bad apple that spoiling the bunch of stories and talking about. Everything he did it I mean let's describe some of what he did in his gas station allegedly ended on top of everything else that he yet. You know it's when he did it is bad enough but just how character and fess up to the fact that you got drawn. You announce your body and cause trouble because you didn't think you're cop and we should be talking about and we are Michael Phelps Katie Hideki Simone by goals we did we did but this is the story that. Unfortunately a lot we Simone manual. Down first black love but black females were ever to get a medal as a freaking a massive store. You know all the others that are in the woman. That the I don't know her name the shooter who is pro you know NRA making titans ahead right that we she's a huge story. But we're talking about AD baggage in Ryan Lochte and that's how unfortunately. Every other country is going to look at us. And say up. That's the America we know yak and any apologizes. For it soared well because this is rare audio. I think this is exclusive. To us because everybody has beat them the print of the audio we actually have the sincere you can hear this sincerity. In Iraq are genuine in Iraq in lock these voice only Jamie wicket here on ninety point one KM BZ how Ryan Lochte. Full sincerity. Apologizing here's part one. If it'll be like if it up in my play all that build up. To better it is all that buildup. Don't blame that screen and radiator losers that's why it did something I didn't do anything wrong I don't think ideally track take. Two I want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and Kenneth in how I describe the events of that early morning and from my Roland taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams and participating in the Olympics I waited to share these thoughts until it was confirmed that the legal situation was addressed and it was clear that my teammates would be arriving home safely. I mean the sincerity and launch these voice right there Jamie just feel the American spirit do we have a whole statement urging you just talk about here's part two race it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with the language barrier and have a stranger point again have you and demanded money to let you leave but regardless of the behavior of anything I was runs on it. I should. It is dramatic to be out with your friends there foreign country where you don't spit adult language and here to get a sort of dollar. It's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with the language barrier and have a stranger point a gun at you and demanded money to let you leave but regardless of the behavior of anyone else that night I should have been much more responsible in how I handled myself and for that I am sorry to my teammates. My fans my fellow competitors. My sponsors. In the hosts of discrete event. I am very proud to represent my country and Olympic competition and this was a situation that could and should have been avoided. I accept responsibility for my Roland this happening and have learned some valuable lessons. Do you believe. Talent aside. Do you believe a single word of him being genuinely sorry taking responsibility for anything that happens Ryan Lochte isn't said he got caught gas he's only sorry that he got cotton is not sorry that he did it Ryan Lochte isn't set that he got caught. Ryan Lochte is of setting I call lying that he committed this that he peel over gas station he's of said he got call lying and you don't lie. Because it's gonna cost him money right weather is in a legal fees idol they're gonna extradite him I don't know huddle that all works does the endorsements he does crack you know he's he's a vote on the table now gone down gone. He got to wrap it appears the final. Final portion of Ryan Lochte statement exclusive audio here on KM BZ. I'm grateful for my USA swimming teammates in the USOC. And appreciate all of the efforts of the IOC. The real sixteen host committee. And the people of Brazil who welcomed us to Rio and worked so hard to make sure that these Olympic Games provided a lifetime of great new memories there has already been too much sand into many valuable resource is dedicated to what happened last weekend so I hope we spend our time celebrating the great stories and performances of these games and look ahead to celebrating future successes. Aviation appeal over gas station just just thrown out now I don't fault him for getting drunk I don't all done I don't fault them out as bodies. But the fact that that he vandalized it it just it's the entitlement part of it. That bothers me it's that he acts like because he did well the Olympics because he has who he has that he. Can you hear me it's traumatic to be out with your friends with a language there. Okay. It's dramatic Ryan Lochte is never a problem getting a meal on the table. Debbie to feed your family as traumatic. Are right not being able yeah. GAAP you know keep a job or battle addiction to poorly that's dramatic. Being hammered drunk in a real and not speaking Portuguese. Is not dramatic and also not an excuse for what you did the federal included that in his statement makes it seem like. That's his excuse for doing all the things wrong that he did and it's not. It's traumatic to be hotly with your friends in a foreign country with the language barrier and have a stranger point a gun in the UN demand money well. Shut out for things yeah. She should design and Peter on the gas station Bradley thanks to our producer Travis for finding that audio forget I mean that's that's amazing. I don't know how we did it but I'm just cannot ask questions happy birthday Kara marks are is that. It's. Knew nothing about happier there but I so we kind of forgot now and the mayor's Mossad knows her that was mark is the mere block by their hearts on the window is that blocking it's blocked by the fact that I'm five feet tall. That could be his camera we'll have a happy birthday happy that daycare at her fur for Kerry's birthday marked the day off didn't. That is. But she got a cake. You did balancing it all for the cakes around and it's have to wait on all if you wanna bees it's just it's money I'm gonna do it any big plans for the birthday hourglass. I questions for you about this but I'm not gonna ask money there out of respect for a lot of are you going on who are you going out with outlast my on my husband. Okay not the people that wanna do go to about them tonight. You adamant talking about now there's a question about mother. When. Oh and other immigrants and OK yes that's the plastic there was inserted his announcement tonight the mother in law. Saturn has. And eight point one KM BZ. Jamie we can mid day. And Jamie money selling unlikely kick your first clue for the 11 o'clock who have high coming up just after. Our next update in the newsroom legally royals stick it ended tickets to see. On the traveling baseball hall of fame and will also determine how old we really. Are you really are eating like a fourteen points ain't going to be pop tart next an okay yeah next to the coffee I had an apple. Did you I had an apple aren't well I guess that's so I also had an ample guns more I need to I generally how of for breakfast eggs toast bacon. These days it can we make breakfast right for Lee Aaron and some fruit. Pretty healthy most regretted only pop tarts and take in front of me this doesn't yesterday it was tea cinnamon rolls at a pacer yeah. I was really good and cookies around his. Do you think people want to have healthy discussions anymore discussion about let's for example just say politics. You thought you mean not about help you right out not O'Reilly and uptight about cholesterol and indeed do you think people. And and I know that we kind of joked about this yesterday social media is the worst place to have any sort of political discussion because. In the history of FaceBook and Twitter all social media know what is ever been convinced by someone else. But I'm wondering even in real life like you and I. I think we're pretty aligned politically let's say Scott parks and and and I sat down and do you think parks is interest in hearing my opinion do you think people want a healthy discussion now. Because your eyes that you have to be open to genuinely see just adds to overseas and somebody asked about yet to be opened to genuinely wanting to see someone else society you know if you don't agree that you have to be okay. Was letting someone else tell their side of the story and then not reacting to and we'd like to re. Or at least your odd to me a Rea I mean you can question it you can Friday inning knives argue with brightly I mean again I am and I'm a Democrat. I voted no for robbery Sanders in the primary here but. I enjoy a nice sit down with by at least. Open minded and conservative friends yeah because I do like to hear what now is. It becomes name calling in slanderous and all that and I'm I just shut down here because I just feel like that's what's missing most. There's you know that the trump story home and a four resigned nobody's really surprised by that after he reshuffled the top of the deck. But it it just seems to be that no one's interest in having a healthy discussion from B to B because the second anybody says anything on the other side. It becomes. Your live guitar or Yuri neo con and that doesn't help anything. And we don't we don't really wanna understand the other side if it comes down to we'd rather talk and listen and and yes we are means. We are the example of that we well it's like political discussions are not always fun even their necessary sometimes. Because you I'll talk about stuff and maybe it's all of my years of working in news that I pretty objective. I like I would probably agree with I you know less objective than yeah yeah yeah it's I I can take an opinion or I can just kind of stand outside look at all of it. But I will look at the reaction that we get from listeners we have conversations like that and it's. I just think people don't wanna see the other side I think you're right. Out that I think there are a lot of Democrats double back. Maybe not Hillary right now because he's got so many. Questionable questionable ethics who her ethics are in question but I think there are a lot of Democrats to back President Obama no matter what he does it matter how many rounds of golf he plays or. How he's not going to Louisiana or hasn't been there yet. And I I think there are plenty of Republicans who will back. You know maybe not Donald Trump but somewhere back Donald Trump regardless beat even though. You know he's got a lot of issues as well and there's just not a healthy enough conversation going on. Mean the two parties or even unified within ourselves. Much less the nation and it's getting worse. Yak it's sun all that conversation inspires in people is anger and hate and on. And we don't we don't try to listen the other side because we want our minds to change. I swear you're right I mean you or your so right because look I I will never vote for Donald Trump. I would have considered voting for for John case that even though I am ready the left side because I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. If I have to choose between Hillary or Donald Trump and I options or Gary Johnson who's gonna get 9% of the vote. Just well beyond Twitter yesterday by now the official account of Gary Johnson and Soledad O'Brien. Parent and I picked up some know there goes by too heavy hitters right now it'll eight and I'm madam I probably will not vote for Jill Stein global law put. It's it's like you can't sit there and conversed with someone these days especially. You know when it comes to specific. Candidates and I don't know it's like I don't think people want to do that I think you're right I think that rather stand by or person. Blasted the other side. Use four letter words called names as opposed to saying what's your opinion on this like appalled and a fourth on what you mean. It's an interesting move made by Donald Trump or all of a sudden if you watched trump on Twitter he's become attain human being these days. A lot of tolerance for people who. Just on who can't argue their point I don't I don't a lot of tolerance of people that just take aside but don't really understand. Why date have taken that Stein I don't I don't. People don't think critically anoint me I'm OK with you having an opinion and I am okay with you taking aside. But understand why you've taken sheriff. Think through to make a knowledgeable choice about it. I used to so for awhile I dated a guy that had the totally opposites couldn't we could not have been more different politically spoken at that time I was probably more extreme in my views. Then I am now not as I've gotten older got a little more toward the middle as as you tend do. On but he was definitely on one extreme and and really serious and so those discussions mattered and initially it didn't bother me. That we were so in opposite ends of the spectrum but she loves to argue about it you love you. And I don't have a lot of time a lot of patience for his bores me after awhile when your. When your arguing for the sake of making your point and not for the sake of understanding the other person whom I lose interest and that really quickly and an initially didn't bother me a whole lot. But over time I said this concerning to me about costs and about you yet the fact that we are so drastically different. I mean whose doctor James Carville. Oh yeah it was easy area Matalin and their console the opposite sides and they may and they make it work but I think there are a lot of friendships probably Lotta relationships. And I know on FaceBook and Twitter gets horrible. But I mean a lot of stuff gets broken up because I don't think anybody wants to have a healthy discussion act it's really frustrating and it's side Sox. And it's making a selection in I'm counting down days in and everybody's doing that. 81 days I think until the elections are like that. It did it it's not like it's gonna end. You it's not gonna end I mean. It'll be yeah she is up in every Wednesday right now I mean that's one poll that can stick would you Kosher by what you see the -- the interview with one of his campaign guys. When the the anchor on CNN. Said you're you're losing and every poll. And they got says says to. Says soup and she says everybody. Everybody it's a geeky art techniques to just don't accept the premise of the question right and and lifting the problem is it's like. When we had. To President Obama then Senator Obama going up against. I Senator McCain and then governor Romney. It wasn't like after Obama lawn twice. Things ended outlook got even worse it got even worse down and no matter who wins whether it is. Secretary Clinton or is cultural it's not like one side's going to be. Rhetoric hope everybody just got a law and it's what's gonna or girls and I'm gonna have people who are gonna day. Okay this is who we elected him majority support it now let's support dispersant right gonna have one side's going to be screaming about it for four years that's which gets us nowhere that's. If favorite part of election whoever loses let's all rally behind president whomever. Yeah let's all rally behind and the crowd boos. And that person is asked to give their concession speech they say well. You know for example governor Romney let's everyone get behind President Obama any heat had been at there's no he means that it would go the other way as well. I don't think. That anybody losing is like out. Let's get behind that even though they're politically opposite of me and everybody get behind because. No and once even from DC down nobody wants to read reach across the IDC. And our FaceBook stats not and you know. And that's not gonna change and right social media has totally. Fired more of that ire now. Nothing else happens nine discussion on social media nothing down and other night I just I asked the question on Donald Trump on FaceBook. You know how is dear you is this new gentler Donald gonna changeable his supporters continue because like you said before. People that are trump trump orders like trumps brash. And that and that's fine that's your opinion but these people. Because I so I don't think it'll be it'll resonate well and these women are rushing me on his book is that. Looking for healthy discussion. And maybe being this way if we did have two candidates who were so incredibly polarizing just like we. He's the most candidates in recent history and a presidential election I mean you've got people think that Hillary should be in jail there's probably some reason behind that. And there are people think that Donald Trump is completely un electable and there's some reason behind that is well there's nowhere for moderates to go now in this election there's nowhere for regional beat reasonable people to go except Gary Johnson was gonna get 90% of he's not Italy via. And Jill Stein who's now on the ballot in every state. Just get used to saying President Clinton again. Or president trump wanna detail as we you're gonna have to that's it the last straw polls just a mass exit which I don't know by the way happy 72. Birthday. To President Clinton Bill Clinton's per day. Are right. There's something weird going on in North Carolina and Princeton. Gaffe and we're to combine the two of these because this is maybe it's Jamie with its PC moment of the day. But neither of Jamie Norah I could figure this out we both scratch their heads of anybody coming up next a ninety Betty eight point one KM BZ. Meeting with Jamie wicket just lost a listener. Just lost a lot Jamie which they are. I try to have an open discussion a guy called a brats are back you are kind of a brat from I just asked about an store report trump and and it turned into. I'm not interested in your liberal opinion. Europe brat whoever hired you for this job as an agenda I'm no longer interested and so I am I problem I have that's G that. Exactly the problem and that's exactly what we are talking about all I asked for was a healthy discussion and she wants nothing to do with down. Don't ask Torii you're not gonna get all the credit toward tax on yeah. That a lot of people are agreeing with you and I there's there's a reasonable now is happening on tax because you got FaceBook warriors Twitter tough guys and detect controls but it sounds like there's a level headed this on this stuff. Well of course although we've got a few you know I'll like to hear that and I and I thank you read out loud it's a Dutch acre. It's a belch I hear what you believe and just be ready to argue I'm in and just discussed it yeah. And don't think because I know we said you know the person yells a lot was when the when the argument that that is not the way when the argument you screaming at me the most is not gonna get you agree with I agree with that. Also freshener FaceBook page Malia Obama likes to party. She shoot Shia. Didn't when they were her grades you know eighteen year old Malia Obama apparently at a party that got shut down by the cops on Martha's Vineyard I'm sure it was her fault it was her head and heart and Alan. Mean that's stressful than an White House for cell line at her gap years can regulate what Ryan Block I hear it. 360 thought in DC and the Secret Service agents federal irons are actually the White House good luck good luck with that so on have said before that I may be some times. I'm not easily offended enough on we don't we gonna talk recently I'm what are you genuinely offended by an ice and it'll Whitman texting about things that there are offended by OK now I am I just a little more go with the flow it just takes a lot really gets me or try and try to do that by 2 o'clock. I understand. Why Princeton is taking the step that it's taking the university yes. Irony in being so gender neutral and getting rid of a lot of the meal leaning language from officials school material. But I do not generally offended by some of the things that they feel like they're taking out in order to be more respectful of women. Give me a list Oca is a four page memo that. Right now. On the call from Princeton's HR and office of communications filled with examples of gender neutral terminology that must now be used. An official school documents and I've got a laundry list. Phase I'm guessing that tax line will not be as level headed. Help me I had sued to ninety zeros the tax line are there is that you actually agree with aren't so. There will be no more references to a cleaning lady but instead an office cleaner I am a cleaning lady. All right an item as a woman yeah it's two women. Yeah that is how it's either one woman for two hours or two women for one hour new students are no longer freshman but rather first year steal a shot that's just. Cumbersome. The word actor should be replaced by actor error we talked about it yesterday because an actor old will be the word for everybody. Cameraman is now camera operator shot out. Waiter or waitress will be replaced with server we do that now anyway sir advocates for our servers kinda common now from yes I'd be the worst. Doesn't like either one out of it there to either Canada and nothing is ever to be done for the betterment of mankind. But instead for humanity he kind of people. And an average man is now an average person ordinary person on the list goes on and on phenomenon as a are you offended by any of the owned. The way they used to be I'm easily offended I guess right all lady I don't care you don't. Your kid can we get some women on the line at 5767798. Of those terms before apparently prince and is now outlawing it outlawing them. We wouldn't really offended by being called cleaning lady or waitress or act to these I mean RR to protect men and oh yeah also world super super and beyoncé mankind we say you're kind you know we can and side of this is to protect. The transgender community that is emerging more than it used to be. Less or in percent if it's another case of we're not asking the people that could be offended before we become overly cautious about stuff like that's down but it seems totally unnecessary to me. It's at eight Avalon it no you're not I think and again I'm not a woman so I don't know if it's offensive to be called an actress horror you know what avert the mean it. To me it's not everybody is offended by everything that so others that. And then we'll and yet that the North Carolina story yes this is ridiculous. I got a great. Teachers in North Carolina have been warned against gender specific. Pro downs when referring to students. As it may offend transgender children there's a 57. Page trading manual for teachers and classroom assistants. That Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have urged teachers to take care would addressing their students' big school district rather act so if we're talking about kids in elementary school or talking about what age is like six that eleven is that about right. Is that about. Forgive me do you know your transgender when your. And that's the problem and an end. Shouldn't we necessarily be encouraging that in schools. Or or not. Discouraging. In schools. At daddy it's like isn't that more of a conversation that you haven't home. Then bam protected in school but are you look at this the jet. Unicorn. Are there any story there unicorn well my. Yes where today this must be like a poster that they hang up. Can we get a copy of this gender unicorn poster put up in the studio Brittany Allen they'll Lyle line they addressed gender identity gender expression sex assigned at birth sexually attracted to you and romantically emotionally attracted to with an option for. Male woman. It's easy female woman mailman and all of car. 57 page. Training manual that's a law. On to address again how many kids do kids are transgender and schooled us right at North Carolina and kids don't trades gender when they're eaten they don't you know you might star and so I've never identified than any other female down now. Maybe start to have those feelings when your young. But it's extra for share. And you're not an adult yet so you can't start making some of those decisions. I just and this is not. There's no please Anderson school in the Carolinas they just lose the NBA all star game yeah because of the law to Louisiana yet that that state is lost so much money because of their their laws. There's just sit there by half a billion dollars there is a place in schools to be sensitive to average I understand not. Posted. But make sure that it's that who you're being sensitive to you was actually represented your school population for right so now in Carolina boys and girls are not boys and girls. And you can't really use gender definitive man or woman at Princeton. Great he had and a few kids are going to the school what do you think about this star Ashley now Ashley leavenworth is on came BZ your truck driver actually I. I am attract drivers and I am. Ticket that's cool. Let's hear it that. It does not matter what that would and it does not matter that because you like gentlemen I don't know what ever. You'd get out. Out there gave that back in on that you can think just because somebody can't you call it a fireman or. Mailman one amber doesn't mean that they're looking down on. Obama an enemy action kept it. I get called all the time what that keeping track for a little I'm just. Maybe half an hour I don't get up and I didn't go out there improved anybody I can't do it. I can and that's what everybody's been you know it. And deal with that and go on about short day. Awesome thank you for the call Ashley Atlanta if we if we get a gold star to a caller Ashley would get at that yes Ashley would. Sore right extracts are Jamie's gonna stump all of Kansas City once again within incredibly different cold caught a batch of clues that you'll never figure out and you gotta do let's figure out who genie is if you want to give clue number one right now here's oh we give you. A level one included time. It'll be you know I don't know how he got there Scotty you're gonna need a lot to get this right let's see here. Are you can hammer and a all right all right I'm looking at it right now ankles and you get one hour right now I all right that'll that'll narrow down the pool all right if I can't OK I think I know who idiots are I I think I know who it is right what's gonna happen is Jamie's gonna give you glue you to GB is 57677981. Person to get it right. It's couple royals tickets and also. Tickets go to the traveling Baseball Hall of Fame also coming up next hour hour hold we really are at least as woods who number one click. 1 is I am a frequent host of Saturday Night Live earth I am a free earlier 'cause of Saturday night library 5767798. Who is it. Is that chimp is she in the news we're rotating anchor is tomorrow all is it is the week of mark they are we you and you party may care man made and it Karen you might have made here I'm Manny.