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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 08-17-16 1st Hour

Aug 17, 2016|

Why are we so sensitive in 2016!

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Morning half way to the weekend with. What. Hey you don't like somebody fix the microphone. I did not do right. I had nothing you don't want to just gay I'm a huge trend that I think in the next break criminal loosen it you can still play would like captain and and execute on an act. How are you today Jamie. As the court after mountain them the top. How are you today besides enjoying your new year newly positioned microphone and it's. I'm applause after that I did I did. Yeah going to be. High strung today is that because of the copies I really good mood. I'm trying not. We had a large conversation yesterday about my family and I believe I'm now the most disliked member of my family and your countering that by being an early and I'm trying to go the other way are innocent are far too often when you have problems wherever they may be. You reject that negativity on people. I'm checking that second at the at the door when I got to work chipping I checked out of the door when I took the dog out at 7 o'clock this morning. And I thought I'm going to be in a good mood today that and our our community coffee that we have late in the kitchen area. It's particularly weak I knocked it because it's a local company I'm not even to say the company. So and I'm just say it's not copy and say it's the deliveries it's it's the system by which we bring the cup could be. Either way it's particularly weak it ET meanwhile the boss has curing. And maybe a couple of his but he was called black T hear something like that that's. It Revis and Kerry and it was like black coffee or blacks he coffee year whatever lies. And I was about bouncing off the wall half hour ago so I've gone back to the unleaded seemingly unleaded version. Of of coffee so I really good mood got a lot of energy today normally during copied or miss out. So do you yeah that Taylor Swift well that draws all the Toshiba. Cough usually the first hour and then from eleven until two. As we go over the fit the dietary data of Mike wicket. On that usually right I've flipped to the water by the way. So in response to the Taylor Swift calendar yeah it'll surprise them okay. Looking forward to this. Dissidents come into the office either way I can promise you this will Monty face it I. Face angle I asked her I will not at war paint horror highlights or its at a bunch of whatever it is. Do you deal which is perfect. But at the end this hour at 1145 why. Jamie you should be a Democrat why should it be a Democrats. Confused people like that and early on and then just NASA people and also on the flip lie I should be voting Republican. Statistically. You according to a new study. Should be voting for Hillary and high should be voting for Donald trouble we know for sure you're not a. And now. According to. Keep it doesn't mean I should idol now I still don't know who you're voting for I do not know who you voted for in the past you have tried many try many ways of getting that information out of me but proof that even little liquor yeah and I'm not gonna you know she's tight lipped. Also coming up at 11 o'clock so little less than an hour from right now. That this city of Kansas City doesn't do a lot of things that other cities do and do really well like New York or Chicago. There are there's there's a ways that we move around the city but not as much as others and this particularly is gonna relate to Arrowhead Stadium. We just we are driving city and her. Trying to move away from that a little bit. By it we are largely suburban city gap we are people in the suburbs like their cars and so will ask a couple of questions about. Public transit when it comes as a major sporting also coming up at noon something if you could go back in time and tell your college self as colleges are all getting underway. A oldies that and you can win now royals tickets at 1 o'clock I didn't play you did the job. Well I mean we need five clues that I saw the list of fourteen seed to Whittle out. Whittle it down to. But gas of course but I like I like who you have selected do you do. U I I will tell you yes it's not Eric Hosmer OK we do that to basic outlook in the you can eat your first Lou coming up at 1 o'clock here on at mid day. And you'll start with with something a little bit lighter but I think for whatever reason in 2016 it's heavier than needed to be. And our producer Travis said this to us you know back meal for five years ago when. You say bolt. Won the hundred at the London games if Ellen DeGeneres and put this picture out. It wouldn't have been so racially insensitive but now if you haven't seen it open it up on FaceBook and on Twitter. There is a picture I mean going out that Allen made Allen generous. Of her riding the back of view same bowl. Saying this is not going to get my groceries from now on the fastest man in the world carrying her to and from the ivy or were ever a. Okay so what was the first thing of people assumed about that picture assuming that people are looking for things to be upset about what were they upset about it. This pardon me for being sane and reasonable well do anything wrong with you. I I need help I think the first problem they had that was it when he sixteen. And were offended by everything. It's just unable like the first week. Somebody yelled picture is culturally offensive and insensitive. I find it offensive. This is from another person on Twitter racist or not Ellen's show was in poor taste I don't think it's cute or funny. Cairo. It's just a picture. And bolts of friend of hers who has been on the show before. And he re tweet it helps idealize. Her personality. You know it fits her style of humor. So it's received it's funny it it is I mean you've seen the right. It's her in the back of you same bolt he's look at his he's blowing by everybody. Within the this then the the big race earlier this week a hundred a hundred meter dash I mean. It's funny. Show. I don't know what Ari honestly. Prior I don't see why people I need someone to look at the picture and tell me what they're kind of buys and if you've seen again open it up on FaceBook and on Twitter I'll do that right now. But if you've seen it. Answer why why what is wrong with it I just I can't figure it out meanwhile using ball. Doing what he does. And. He wants them right out of the lost gatlin lady now clearly. You sign at the way. I mean that was on the Olympic radio network and and just what he has been able to do has been flat out amazing now if you saw. The Michael Phelps mean did you receive the Michael Phelps means. Offended by that and it's at a public mr. Palmer deserted on an island all he does Michael Phelps a saddle. And a stick with a gold medal hanging off and I'll get off that that violently that's all you really need like should we be offended by that there's nobody wants to ride the back of Michael Phelps. Now. Now are we just your reasonable are we just tearing thinks. Receipts show an elected term bought her I got. I just but it where again. This country everything is not. Offensive. It's funny joke funny yeah it was hilarious and I lines it's not offensive to the person who's in. The picture and whatever the joke is that I think that's where we have to leave it. I think you're right and it is does that kuril racism if the person who was in the joke it's a B bush aides are saying should be offended like using ball. If he's like I think it's hilarious is that squash any racist conversation it. Should but it doesn't just like we talk about those whenever schools. Especially like elementary schools from take steps to and they go overboard and wind not to offend people like they cancel holiday celebrations are something like that because they don't want to offend somebody idea that might not celebrate Christmas. We criticize a lot because they don't ask the people that in theory would be offend. Before they make rules like you know first asked the people that might be offended before you to start affecting everybody. Do we do birthdays anymore that I hear that right so where we don't do birthdays and school and our. Birthday celebrations have changed and you no longer bring this is a whole separate issue but you no longer bring treats because of kids having allergies. So you have to bring an individually packaged little goodies kids with allergies because peanut allergies are such a big deal. When Nate they were now we Orkut never before have witnessed the Pete is the peanut allergy new like com did it's more for analogy is bigger deal. I could have talked about either honor rob fair all of a sudden. Late peanuts have been around for a lie ill write down. We can't under a lot as a kid. But that does can get an if somebody with a peanut allergy is get their reaction is you have to do it every can't avoid that so on the school canceled. Halloween celebrations. And it can't you know date now it's they don't call it Christmas break anymore they call holiday break and a chance they're going to offend somebody will do a story. Also today a North Carolina yeah how about. How they're changing what they're calling their kids. Out of sensitivity to particular group of students that may not even be. Changing in a certain way. Egypt and Allen were chatting about this thing or person of 2016 you know build time magazine will have their thing or person of the end of the year. Sensitivity might be the right answer that Travis is ideal Travis thank ray guy that was very intuitive about about what or reacting to this year being offended might be the thing of 2060 it's. Think to it it's that thing to be on it it's kind of it's a little form of activism. It is ridiculous. Coming up we've got a couple of stories about McDonald's including one at the Olympic village and what they're doing to. Keep the big Macs out of the mouths of some of the the athletes love it. Straight ahead more bad news in the city of Milwaukee especially for the police officer. And also will light is a police situation generally lead to more and more trouble another example coming up next Escude Jamie wicket midday ninety point one KM BZ. Ninety point one KM BZ. Good morning mid day we Jamie wicket as always attacks line 229802298. Cyril on Twitter. Jamie is at Jamie KM BZ OJ a YM CK MBZ. I did my quick hit two tees in wicket follow us at KM BZ radio and I need to baseball lives you can watch Jamie play with a microphone and happened and it's like a cat. Screw right there if I use a disaster I know I just before I got I think it was going to do it and Kerry came in by Kara from the newsroom will join us at 12 o'clock hour notice yes ever spoken with her. Because you hate something that most women in July and you in July and I enjoy what you're doing it with Kara this can get weird. But you're doing it with care this weekend and we have to find out to get to the bottom of this. We'll do that at 1215 also you can win net. Royals tickets that's coming up at 1 o'clock hour we'll play who am I. These situation out of Milwaukee is going from bad to worse I mean not from a standpoint where there. Annan. Numbering down more buildings more police people are getting shot. What do kinda got scary yesterday as the name. Of the police officer. That shot the man on Saturday afternoon in Kansas City. His name and picture. Are out and social media is to blame. For that he's receiving death threats. There are. People that are you know posting the picture sharing the picture there are people out there that. Are trying to find this guy and have him killed. One comment. According to Milwaukee journal sentinel knew that the big newspaper there 3000 people have shared the FaceBook photo and comments include now you'll see his face. It be seen anywhere in the city. Drop him. Wow scary. Yeah. That's frightening. Was Giuliani and were they in Milwaukee last night. Donald Trump had a town hall yeah in Milwaukee last night I did not watch it I was out at dinner and then watching the Olympics so. He just it was weird to hear him. Given what we talked about yesterday it was weird to hear Rudy Giuliani talking to keep on locking by very stress I mean is ironically yeah. The 9/11. Forgetting it and he said he used some kind of verbiage that America which I've never heard that excuse. Now if you hadn't heard this audio yet this is from Sharell Smith she is the sister of the guy they got shot and she had this to say when she spoke to the Fox News. A local affiliate in Milwaukee about. What happened really. On Saturday. And that that while. Was he can't see it more into my brother praised him from high school. They know each hit. You know exactly how hot weather where they can shouting kill them if not ready be ahead is gunning. If he's got a little out why not go out with a fight. Why not go out with a Big Bang. I'm sorry that wouldn't sell anything. Why why is that the answer. You genuinely asking readers that a rhetorical are just asking you acted I mean when you hear that what goes through your head mean. For a day like it's it's should be broken up into three parts the first part. That the black on black crime why is is a police officers shooting a man who had a gun that was raising it to him black on black right. I don't think it's crime I don't it's not a crime it's it's. Unfortunate and it's sad and something we need to work on but it's not a crime the next part. I'll. Let him have seen is what I know my brother praised him from high school. They know each hit you know exactly how hot weather where they can shouting Cuba. So again and in her logic because you knew him. Because he was a criminal. With a long record. B which you would say he didn't know when the when the guy fled and shot him but apparently she claims he knew him sleep probably knew of his criminal record is what he's implying. You knew who he wise how does that make. Does that not justified. Does that go against what happened I mean that the logic here is money bought. Yeah. Who's as per she's just this is the sister of the guy that we shot on Saturday moloch. A pace that she is reacting partly out of grief. And partly out of shock and not the most objective person to ask. About I am so oh but she isn't she's entitled. She's allowed to have an opinion on the east she sounds more and more like an idiot and then she gets into this part of it. It did not ready be headed gunning. Why not go out with a Big Bang. Basically what she's saying she's the cops should have been shot that's basically what she's saying you do my Brothers he shouldn't shot Menino idiotic gonna shoot a shot a police officer that's what Sharon Smith was actually saying on Saturday when she was interviewed or Sunday when she was interview. Aren't so we had. Cash hate every play was called but we had several weeks ago on a show on when actress here we have a caller is prelates means that trees and now. But it was after one of the latest police shootings and we had a caller that called in and basically said. What you expect basically saying the police had a coming. That that Ford. I where the shootings on south basically police had to come and the police are going to you know police should be careful. In dealing with blacks because police are going and upshot. Iran not. What James said is that. I think it's. Listen I'm not part of the black community so I don't know what it feels like to feel like you are targeted them. So I think a lot of that is frustration and a lot that is. Wanting something to change and summit is just being an idiot some of it's just ignorance is justice. She also had this to say about taking the violence out of the inner city. And putting it into the suburbs where well on display Cheryl Smith this is the other sound bite what did you hear. And. Yeah and arc again. Basically saying we need the we have gold burned down the white suburbs. Okay I don't I don't understand it. I talk to people Milwaukee this weekend you talked your friends or anybody to see what the I actually haven't you know that's really strange marriage actually have not I probably. I'm just there are holes to go on what people who live there outside of that community in them are feeling. About and and reactors anytime there's a shooting anywhere else yeah you seem to have the T factions of people that are talking against each other. What it again it goes back to this not fitting into the normal narrative the police officer who shot the man. The slain victim. The guy with a police record cop was black so what would go I mean I just eight it is. The fact that the first the first couple cuts are reclaiming its black on black crime when it's an African American police officer shooting. An African American felon. The fact that she doesn't understand why the cop would do such a thing because she claims that he knew. Her brother while in school so does that make his crimes or raising it got the police officer justified. And then why not fire back. And create more loss of life. This is the the message I think everybody regardless of whatever color skin yet if a cop says don't run don't run if a cop says stop. Or Topps has put the gun down pit stop put the gun like it you're not only a year. Yak on the just not. However I have never had to have a conversation with my parents about. Why it to do in particular time stopped by police I was never taught by my parents to. And it you have to be more aware. Of what a police action is going to be in a traffic stop because it's colored mask and itself I I I just have a lot of compassion for that for that point of year. I don't think we did it to mean. You shouldn't really have to have a sit down conversation about the mean to me out it seems simple enough where you should as a kid learn right from broaden and you should know. If a cop says don't do something when you get pulled over or what ever. Don't run don't you know every of your hand put down whether exit you know a Tootsie Roll or it's a Glock whatever it is the cops has put it down. Don't raise your gun at a copy especially now. Cac legislation now tax at 22980. There this is one black prince is a taxer this is one black person's opinion. Talk shows and media need to stop applying some opinions to all I realize a lot of people are acting out all black people do not agree with those comments or actions thank you for pointing that out I agree I don't think it's us that are applying those opinions all. I think we're just pointing out this is one person's opinion right. I think we've played the comments of Cheryl Smith because it was the comments of Sharell Smith not of the entire black community. I think look there's some comments we can play of racist white people that are not the comments of the entire white community either. But I don't understand and look she's not alone there are other people that feel this way I mean Jamie I was watching videos on Sunday morning of people in Saturday night where. The were worth of people in the black community were going after cars that had white people in it smashing their windows pulling them out of the car and beating them to a halt. The car speeding off. And endangering lives with the speed they were taking off that in these public streets yeah I just it I don't get it. And that I see is story at a Louisiana with all the flooding in going on. People are getting arrested for looting. Because all of a sudden since the police efforts are taking care of the flood victims now the stores are wide open and people are going after all the goods answer all the goods inside stores. I did see some people get arrested for that which is good to see it in there at least paying their crime. Here's an idea on as we got several people that are texting and saying UN iiroc base are we we don't know the problem on if you can call give us call explain it I think that's how we. That's a we broaden this view of this until 57677. Nights a phone number couple particulars saying. You're clearly black in and you think rock base and we understand the problem and then please educate house arrest does. Colin and and tell us what we don't know because. To say you guys are radiates or don't know doesn't. Help someone like me wondering why this girl ranked saying why I'd wish my brother would have opened fire a police officer allegedly. Because in justifying or saying that he knew my Brothers and therefore he should have been shot or that black on black crime but it's a police officer shooting a black felon. I don't understand that black on black crime. Please explain as opposed to just saying you don't get it 5767798. We'll get to your calls to Jamie wicket mid day ninety point one KM BZO. Like eight point one KM BZ mid they would Jamie wicked Jamie I need some education apparently. 5767798. Reacting to the sister of the on man who was shot in Milwaukee last weekend Sharell Smith. That's the black on black crime while. With the Tennessee. Is more into my brother praised him from high school. They know each hit. You know exactly how hot weather where they can shouting kill them if not red and he had his gun in the heat why he shouldn't say it. If he's gonna go out why not go out with a fight. Why not go out with a Big Bang. Here's the deal I did not grow up in the black community I didn't act or I broke a smaller town in Allen a lion outside of of the worst urban areas I did not grow up as a young black man. It doesn't mean at that conversation can't happen though in this forum. It means that those of you who know what that growing up is like better than we do need to call and tell us what it is like instead of throwing out what you donors inner stand. I accept that teach me and I shut 67798. Education we will listen to it without judgment. Let's go right to the phones and hear from Steve in the northwest and Steve Euro ninety point one KM easy tasty. Are you guys this morning. Cup saying. I think Mike bring a lot of political. Things that weren't there before idol I wonder what. About Ricky got worker will open or Eli. I would neutral thing but it if you go back. This the sister was the one that kind of ruled out on the fire Gary Cooper multiple clips or. Talking about Howell. Brother did not have a guy on and was shot in the back out again and and battle became. Not true after. All report came out so she was out I think that the people and gotta put forth a lot and aired to start from a variety. And just to go back earlier with these guys. I think when you talk about tolerated and you talk about people being in the senate they almost beat the other. And I think that. My commute the Democrat party at the blade is pretty there are powerful and they agreed. Thanks a vocal appreciate it. 5767798. A stock to Al in Kansas City Al here on ninety point one KM BZ. Good morning well first it's one of Sam member of that African American community and just have my own opinion about. What's going on leagues and first you know first I think the comments that the sister made are probably take the granite column I mean by Jane I think you mentioned that she's grieving. There's some ignorance and Bob and that I just think it's. Go those aren't very realistic comments you know but they're they're coming from a person that that's clearly suffering in. And that I think in my opinion has kind of you know broken understanding it to what's going on here. Get a comment I want to make is that. I think that there have to be their conduct to come we had to come to a point. Well I think that both sides meaning African American community. And the police community have to understand. That that we need to make some changes on both sides. I think that the African American community we have to come to realize that look we have. A broken situation here that we have to make a lot of changes then. And I think the police who also in just give you a little bit of history about. I think is broken situation. Many people might say well look you know if you wanna use slavery as and as an excuse as to why. There's some cold roll you know issues with an African American community people they would Indian 1865. We have to do we have to look at OK we yes slavery ended an eight to 65. But Rican works you need. You know Jim Crow basically existed until like the 1960s. And so that was assist them I think it. Bet the African American community hasn't really had a time. To develop into. A natural you know American culture the ways that other immigrants have in this country and so. In this sense I mean we're still we we have still had is broken situation. That we've never been able to really recover from and I think that has existed until in some cases even in 1970s I mean because even here at Kansas City I mean there'll impart. Which will be an amusement park in Kansas City a lot of people didn't know. Up until the 1970s. You know blacks were not allowed to build this park except on certain days and I just it's that this saying. That those condition of oppression if you will have been advocates in this country for a long time I think when you hear the outbreak is type of comment that may come. From the African American community that which I understand. It's difficult for you guys understand that to relate to because it's like it's something that. If people can't really you know Atmel relate to I think those come from a broken situation it that a lot of people haven't really been able. To recover from if that makes an accountant that. It out I don't know where that leaves us or how to fix that but your right you know that's that is how we got here I mean they're. I will never know it's like to girl opened again. Well and I grew up you know middle class. Detroit suburb I could go to Detroit and I didn't live in Detroit. Like I'd been river market here in Kansas City I will never know it's like to growth in the ghetto and neither will the people that complain. That you know it's it's this part of the ghettos falter this part of to get us Alter whatever. You don't know you have no idea. Maybe John in Lee's summit knows John you're on 98 point one KM BZ I done. More guys out on. I article comments are first the volleys that are. There's that you know it and understand the mindset or yours coming from where it starts from the top. Some talk in the government of talkative our administration you got leaders about their outlet that actress or racism and the cops are so against all the black. What do you expect the mindset to be so this is a call. A lot of it one before Obama took office. And yeah that would crimes were Robert Black on black the black or white popped up. It was everywhere it it was every way or if you don't believe if you don't like that then you must have not known anything about the eight U Celek eager and older gentlemen older than I am. If you if you believe. For a fact that he violence in the in the African American community. Op began. When President Obama took office I've finally had to be interest. That's a lot of science are what I'm saying Asia didn't understand the mindset of the young lady. Generation whatever name was spelt vault and you were breaker that industry part mindset is because they've got to present a United States that there. Say in this Department of Justice ministers. The yellow line rule. Now put in the conference and I'd put on hold saying one. People pop statement what to expect everybody is saying well I'll. To top percent one problem. Club people the top saying one. What they've been saying all along like lightly tremendous problem. That the top surrogate black community black present one I. What were white privilege I mean all that out. The. I don't I've never President Obama say that IQ I'd that would get our attention I think he did I think it's easier I think it's easy to throw blame around politically. When it comes to things like does I've. Never heard President Obama used the term white privilege. And I think what a lot of people that are not fans the president don't wanna hear is President Obama bring up the fact that racism still exists as it is due yesterday. We are incrementally further along in terms of race relations in this country since Martin Luther. It is yes Ingraham we we have not president at a mean anything. Kerr and you are talking Ethier a little bit I I it made this analogy before about Hillary Clinton being a one and it is not insignificant in this campaign that Hillary Clinton as a woman. And part of that. Really makes me sad because we may be electing our first female president and part of me is encouraged by that because it shows how far we have come from that is not significant that she is a woman at look at President Obama the same way. When it comes to him being black. It was it was a big deal that we elected a black president but we're treating him as if he's not black yeah that is an accomplishment also. I I guess that makes any sense I mean. Look there are people. That there are plenty of people that look up at the presidency a black man. There are plenty of people look up and it seemed as a main and there are people who are gonna look at Hillary as a woman. Probably free why. But. You know outside of history being made when she accepted the nomination couple weeks ago. I don't know the tart is being made of her of it like in the first female presidents. Because it idling is what it should be about to get jail in Kansas City. 98 point one KM BZ. America. So who. And a little perspective got this morning I'm right now tonight it girl ago okay. I went to the very diverse school all the way through elementary school to graduate school. I am. What I see as the overall or maybe underlying. Next I had friends. That bird ever sent our friend Asian currency unit that. Made different decisions. Should pop culture and so that's free. Okay. Glorify. Some of the actions that we keep the ball. We're at such violence or drugs or things of that nature that of the underlying problem in my opinion that actually. The perfect example is what I talk much sources. Perfect example is beat the black culture makes his choice went to the same school as a young man shot. And that young and also made his choice and we'll quirky what. And a pop culture galore aren't all of these things and then what's cool is when people make decisions to either be gang members order. Make bad choices in life. Or. You make those sources to do something with your life and future so out of the general actually the beltway friends on both ways. And ultimately it seemed that the black community has the crime problem needs to be addressed. In the least change a thing you're there yes affecting your world issue right now fortunately crime problem. That we people talk about that we don't want to address. Because it's not. It's not okay to talk about it because we don't understand that we don't know will. I am because we sound racist if we say that. If if we say there's there's a black crime problem we sound racist. In saying there isn't a crime problem in the black community I don't think that mean there's facts are facts and money just might just text out because to me this is the best point that's been made so far but he I appreciate the black perspective I still don't understand how killing each other's going to move your cause forward. Yeah we we don't get anywhere with more violence that doesn't accomplish. And we'll wrap this up and flip the top of the hour but we'll get the last couple of calls and next because it brings a really good point going back against what somebody who called earlier blamed on president and I'd. Can I don't believe that the people the Milwaukee. Were thinking. Thanks President Obama is now we can right. I don't believe that to be the case after a couple of calls to get to that is Jamie Monticello in my quick at mid day ninety point one KM BZ. 98 point one KM BZ media would Jamie and wicket. Let me read this text syrup are here okay. How is that we elected a black president and it doesn't mean anything in race relations in this country I need this explained to me just as you and I were talking about was after your mom to the person can't blame President Obama and saying that real race relations have gotten worse under president Obama's tenure. Here's I think it's happened I think we elected a brat a black president. And we had high expectations for that it was a big victory and we thought this is going if if nothing else can help race relations in this country. Then fur sure having a black top executive in the country is going to help fix it. And it didn't really it eat it and they may not have gotten worse that they didn't get dramatically better I think we have really high expectations for what he was gonna do for race relations. And it did not happen. I think what happened is the racial divide became more evident. Because we elected a black president and those that are still not fans of the African American. People in this world became louder and then. Yet is that apparently I think that is fair and it terms of the the the crime. I don't think it's any greater or any worse I think what we have now. Is this right your loyal attention I got this phone right here I can angle I can be a news reporter. And goal lies whenever I want I can walk anywhere Ingle live with it are more videos. I mean we upload a hundred days worth of video to YouTube. As a as a you know I was a person. We ask that every year out we ask this after killed Schwab was held at slaughter on death. Which will be restored to three stories of the week about amusement park problems we act you and I asked each other that question is this happening or are we just doing more stories on it because we had one crisis. That let asked you to question how the whole system marxism it's possible that's what hat that's what's happening with police shootings and violence if anybody. Like to the gentleman called up from Lee's summit it was blaming blaming in all of this violence on President Obama. If you don't believe there was violence in the black community during President Bush's reign. Reba President Clinton. President Bush before him. President Reagan if you don't believe that there's been a crime whether it's black on black crime or white on white crime if you don't believe there's been violence. The entire history of this country especially in the racial team of racially motivated manner. Your head has been in the sand you see it more there are more channels on TV YouTube is everywhere anybody can be a reporter with their phone and FaceBook. And as several techsters are planning out to bring us locally now that we have a black mayor and a black police chief here. And is as listeners of morning out having to black leaders in this town has not helped the violence problems here either so why do we expected to happen nationally. Let's go to Ralph's and Casey was held us up to 576779. Date route here on 98 point one came BZ. I think it happened mean. Yeah I'm not black and Hispanic. And pan. I grew up in Idaho and that in Idaho and then can't chances. And I have experienced the right school. I divide between people let I think it is more to what you choose to make out of it than what it actually is. I don't agree. Wit that anybody trying to to a political party. Or accuse somebody trying to switch you down I think it's what to try to make them yourself if you point and at a cop. You should expect that happened EU doesn't matter who you are and everybody's way too sensitive. To. Anything like you were saying earlier. But that passed the bill back to everybody individually. You can't claim that aren't on the front on the on the hunt Hillary's campaign. Is an individual. And people just could you girl up in the general doesn't mean distinct there. Yeah in his community yourself. You can educate yourself and there's great opportunities to just make yourself shine let it. And individual. That's on every individual to strive for and to make it happen. You don't have to stay and get out. There are anchor eight you know grateful call Ralph thank you very much for that because I I it's not. It's not one particular pop political parties fault or the other it's not the democrats' fault it's not the republicans' fault. You should be taught from a young age eight not to steal. It's in the ten commandments I'm not a religious man by notes in the ten commandments thou shalt not steal. You should be told not to steal not to harm your neighbor not to harm anybody else. Thou shalt not kill I mean there are I mean it shouldn't be a democratic view or Republican view it should be a common sense view of don't commit. Crying. And that gets us into a topic that we can spend four hours on out about and and frankly the former teacher in me and somebody who has tutored in Kansas and Missouri schools. It comes back to families and it comes down to having a male you know a male leader in the home to be good example comes down to teaching kids that. It is not okay to just go and commit crime but you have to give them boundaries and you have to give them standards for themselves and expectations you have to give them hope. That on whatever happened to their parents or her life to grow up and they're not stuck to that saves exit absolutely. That's a community one on one issue. You're exactly right you can keep your tax roll into 2980 on Twitter at KM BZ radio. Osgood once to read we are going to lighten up a little real day care are we're talked about Arrowhead Stadium. Like. A lot. I lie is so difficult to get there and would you maybe not wanna pay that forty dollar parking which maybe not wanna pay. To market airhead but we've got an idea but we're not quite sure why don't I only either. It is either. Go to that but up next are also coming up at noon. Go back in time we'll give you a Delorean. And you go talk to your pre college self. One point at which you would change if you Google back in time we'll do that given up ninety point one KM BZ.