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Lou Ferringo visits Dana and Parks

May 19, 2016|

The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferringo, stops by Dana and Parks and talks Planet Comiccon, fitness, and narrates an arm wrestling match. Original airdate: May 19th, 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Art what an honor it is for us this afternoon and for anybody who grew up watching. The incredible Holcomb on TV during those five seasons from 7882. I'd I swear in this business. I'm always amazed at who walks in the door and when I was a kid not to do the I group on new thing but. Somebody said when I was little and Anchorage Alaska. You're gonna interview that guy on TV Sunday that would suit your crazed laughter. Well it was but that was in the RAR. Department and a lot and it's beautiful I would want to live there forever people don't like sun. It's it's I don't like sun oh it's cold as hell can go anywhere. There's a Bobby. North only to cool don't know I mean we're talking about being approached BO. Everybody. I mean what time I want to pay heed my wife and I. Way down the middle of the Pacific Ocean they don't he views of Boca for a great time and who can come up that. Left. Go by they'll give it up there will be cute fifth attempt couldn't I acted too if you country in the world that you. As you age of South America here. All you think in Asia very. Yeah I mean your big anyway any of or overthrow the character because being departed from the right so it immediately show you quickly people recognize these elements aren't there where local Velika harper. I have a scorpion just hard to start for us right looks like to. Hole with a beard now what will we were gonna have exact armor solution or nobody just got would you work out an hour and a half already did that yeah. So he's sore. And so we're gonna do is I'm gonna take lose place. And I'm gonna arm wrestles at our watch you armrest. But he has to do the play by play arguably the refer. The commentator. Okay you do the play by play occurred right oh I can't wait to see it is. Our north cheating. Are here. How. Are on the character through. Want. To. Let it go go out tomorrow. You're there are perfect arm okay. Art Smith who all prepared to go figure it's prepared to bust them what to what. Month. A lot. Job. Hey. At least you do that if you put a script by Bluetooth and instead of professional hockey player although one that writes. No wonder would come on roughly an effort to get what coming want to upon for the competition unfortunate though. It was a guy in April 20 strong big guy whom he had to have on reference but the guy can march period you have a fourth front fourteen and charmed this came. Skin color warmth embarrassing white because of the commitment from the start that by hook up ignore the technique and the. When you're the draft pick up popped a blood vessel brave little what's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you. With fans what's the weirdest thing the funniest thing you get sick well. But it did beaten to a market but it lights and okay. Your came up to meet two years ago to root for our action. Here are 20. It should cut you off with might be. There how big picture there partner or look going to be recognized my. That's an orderly developers to write compared to report attitude and hope our tools are under way on her legs yet both of them got through and I hope apocalypse. The thought both written for Rick you don't talk to take a picture. Has anyone ever like a cost did you like physically got you into this it. Two I did I asked OK. I need to win crazy. I mean I mean this week to outperform from would refrain from the wanna poke from the hole and prepare for you've had some one saint. I feel partially. Why oh yeah. Yeah hope because the fact that I first realized like if there are you sure you know funny moment of the need to do it. I mean users have an agreement or herb or Britain even the kids get more. I remember a lot of mothers are things kitco musical people now grown up. They tell me what the mother he'd beat the infield part one that's cute because you can hold a share the sure way in the house. You know one of the things I remember about that show almost more than anything is that it was scary. As a child but not scary enough you could watch it right but I was still kind of there was still kind of a feared there but I read I watched that show that degree. We look at the sensitivity. That's that's who drew the hope that people look for hope we're going to see him these many things look and with the sensitivity made commission right they're prepared. How when you turn into the hall you're sure it always rip off but not your pants to recruit Phoebe just a dislodged just deducting the keystone vote for me. Got a lot of is that true that's true and yet and they change the name proposed benefit if a private group whose Arabic news is that they sent him out there. Interesting that throughout the whole. That was the reason they gave was that sounded yes like. Homosexual neighbors that because of this hour to get it whether or with people that I mean it's just a but the question that approaching the past. Arbiter. I'm Lou for Adobe incredible hole and I love him on the description in here under your name. It just says V incredible Hulk right. It's gonna be a comic con this weekend and get your information here overs are confirmed the people you are also involved in any movies a hawk you're correct I want to without a doubt and bring down barely he's gonna be there tomorrow Saturday and Sunday all three days. If you're looking for Lou for going to be a boost 28. 332833. Four Lou for a no after a comic con isn't the Borough hall. In downtown Kansas City there hours tomorrow are from noon to seven Saturday it's 10 AM to seven. And then Sunday 10 AM until 5 o'clock and people just lineup but the Booth. Yeah to say hi to get autographs. Yes bit by pictured on a prayer posters for your workspace so often put through to Q&A. But his fellow professionals for. We picked fiction or professional studio is great and if there's if equate. A I've never end at comic con I have to be honest. He's got what property will be here. And Stanley. Mainly be used for. Wow main street and hear more and different reports that there are a lot of shows every year so you see the same kind of cast of characters between two digit. Are you difference with any of them like any other superhero people. Well you have. Anybody here I was very narrow our part I don't know about where ya but the standard that was Daniel. It's so not to go geek on you but that's what common council about who's it's and it's the geek fest of course it. Which when you first approached in the seventies to breed the incredible hole. Did you think while we've got a huge hit on our hands or did you think this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my knowledge. Hope there. It would make it to toe with the typical of the film to partner I was hoping to get paired up with investors. And questionable but after our viewers remember hope we're not the guy named Richard Kiel who preach northwestern bonds different there they be elected for the pot. The evolution with the whole pilot McCormick on recovered as repair or part of the next day. But with the part of famous new. Anticipating when to Brooklyn apartment where if there went on the air and America picked up a Christmas card reader. Appetite filming in North America and post and from embarrass myself. What do. I do my cleats get up giving up missed the lipstick content which are mostly due to win the idea yeah had look in the mirror shirt dark. We put my soul you hope it's character makes it. A big leap of faith. Big leap thing. Yet used. But I thought the neighbors want the short term opportunity and it has vitamin before with Americans are proficient overhaul refers. To are full. Marvel character the record that when you went in for your screen tested they ask you to use. Everything Erica made a green which are you know like I wanna do you detect the movement on the most yeah. And I went home that it was a Corbett to compare the studio and into this weekend. Between immoral means and human emotions. Mark the fifth of that if done right clawing and everything so. Wow them there a few records. And says you are now become the next day of filming sixteen hour day. When you get mad now do you ground. I can grow and mature grown. Which is fine. I love the former student went a little. Mash. Are your record or government. Can get a mortgage question under a we win you're filming at first in 1970. Did you ever think that 38 years from now and you'd still be talking about it but it would have had such a I don't think it's a cult like because it was a huge hit so let's not even fair but yeah that you would have such a hit on your hands. That thirty years later people would still want pictures you would still wanna talk about it. That's who took what you a long I stay active. Being a champion body Bruton and being in the public aren't that kept the show going. Back that I kind of performance are effective for five years you're developing how difficult the first or street reform on the way to start. But just wanted. To save me a commit another hundred film Apollo would be active fire with a carrot to scrape all well acted and if you're here. Are you you're involved and halt the movie. Got divorced for different did you get attached Robert Downey junior I haven't seen hippie who you can afford to overhaul America's unit mean. I met him more or armored car and failure to commute to dig out. There or via other school that was great and in the or and more because they were cute and of course they you're quite right no I don't. Let's work together junior cash on hand. We've been accused. The barber shop and foreign department of animal and human behavior while being in the hall. I remember doing the kids are here to get. But it shows of course went back up how many million or filler predicament as familiar as specific as I'm sure you've grown or the characters are well prepared to. If you would stay another couple minutes I also would love to talk to him about fitness apparent we have in here and the kids and America and all that stuff have you gotten the couple minutes and I would love to talk about the fitness and things just for a couple minutes we can art. He's being very generous and this time we appreciated and advance Lou Fred know he'll be at the bar all convention center. Downtown Kansas City all three days for comic con which is in town and you can find him at booze 2833. Want to because we've got hit many celebrities in this room. If Booth regulars is nice in real life as he sounds on the air. And the answer is without a doubt yes can somebody asked is ruined this nice. We just had two little kids coming and with their mother and they wanted to picture with with Lou. And it was it's it's fun just kind of sit back and watch because you could tell these kids are so large size rock. And they walk in the room and eyes go down. And they're looking at the floor and that they don't know maybe go to shake Allegheny it's a negotiators in the Michael. But now and and Lou you're perfect gentlemen and thank you it's it's nice and it's cool. To know that. That people who are recognized the world over. Don't just go on the air and make an act out of you know where your opinion whom were promoting my thing for this weekend and I'll be nice to human and in the commercial breaks. Right. You know so it's it's. You made those kids week. If you go to C in the article is what what point over them. Orchestra secular government if American hero here is that we're given a ticket to circus workers have and how much it means event occurs the child I films from. That's cool but we came back listening to a little bit of Michael Jackson would you mind telling us. A little bit about your friendship with him your interaction with them. Well we've been friends from optometry him and offered one year for kept secret. But I look mark with passion for music and so much after the fifth that the torch to you because we can't Mario gym to work out. It was like 10 o'clock and managed ultimately to proceed with me because of the time together because so you know. Nobody on the planet could equal what he's done with special focus on. Is that the young group of particularly young kid. You just have this young cute and even with Seymour permanently. And took me to a room McCormick you look at just the kid Jordan made right Brett mutual mute hard drive around ago. With with the mouthpiece for the glove arm everything. That was a different status for corporate David repeatedly used to music and more but. Take a close because so much bigger. Want to ask about fitness I do and I and I and I enjoyed our conversation off there I just think it's important asking you spent your whole life and that arena we have a problem in this country you're in that arena. Especially with childhood obesity. How how do you use your voice to to help and and what do you say to parents struggling to. You know keep a job and get healthy food on the table and all of those things that play into the socio and economic factors at play here. Well fast food you have with the kid playing video games and they're expecting and to not be an active work and our own Jim. You know or for the plane to figure came so did open an arm but he should be a concern to go to Jeff. These are perverse more cures for firmer to do with your parameter European born Robert prepare prepare parents. If if you fit or don't like being content foreign food and our understanding you can proper food. Solar electric of our soldiers pop you hampered with dictatorship sitting around just. Not paying attention respect yourself. But part of the parents for what would be to these changes affect our more fields is fair market value of fitness. Are the American Barbara sports is something that order him on the part of sport for two from perfect but the card that urged. It's something and you may you wanna go down that route what was that when you were you when you were little well our own bullet in my whole life and are upset with power spare. Because there are difficult to speak compared them or sort of hearing factors so. Also slipped out of the crowd and then are due to your comment might buy off or. Who premier power but when there discovered America ultimate. Question of while this is that mr. universe and you found a muscle magazine via broad and also the movie came hours B visas Hercules. Rise to a point two pillows which is likely that that's more powerful here. And go after more arms to. There had to point to all other guys have to go to. It's amazing though because when we first started flexed her arms and everything and I asked how old words 64 is your you've looked. 1520 years younger than you do with particular super worked out where you a scrawny kid Lynn. Yes you are scrawny I well yeah. Eyes when I was kid you know talk to the dark there obesity but our secure our thirteen usual fourteen. I don't care for Dario are out of chocolate cake every morning. But to grow through the door open for go to school and other key forms sleeper cars are at another sphere the proper nutrition but funny that I could gain real artists are. Tourists are working Americans are old Finn that could work counts are through the finish your credit score 5850. When it's been. I always ask for for men who have achieved this and fitness for US scrawny kid because there's little kids listening out there you have feel like they're not big enough and they're not strong enough and they're never gonna. Put the hair on their chest and and and you can make. You're happy for the years of thirteen to do Kara senator Christopher chin up are through the ages thirteen to produce these two are we can return. Thirteen. Lou for ago which has been honored and junior. We album and I don't know if he's not gonna rally. Well. Lou's going to be at comic on this weekend and they got some great folks Barbara Eden is going to be there German Bullock everybody remembers him there always that Stanley thank. For a forget a Stanley of course is going to be their Lou will be a boost 2033 will be there Friday Saturday and Sunday. It is at our hall in Kansas City enjoyed Kansas City as much as we've enjoyed you banker parishioners are absolutely ridiculous.