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Dana talks about buying a treadmill...

May 16, 2016|

Dana talks about buying, assembling, and using her new treadmill. Original airdate: May 16th, 2016 on 98.1 FM

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I tipped. The furniture delivery people you're supposed to. I never knew that. Hope and this weekend I get nice that aren't you know. Does how much first of all what do they bring to the house. What did they bring the bill. We just love what you bring summing up the ghost. We decided to. To make some space in our downstairs area. For a work. Our highs this intense so. What I didn't realize is when they brought. My treadmill I'd translation expensive clothes collector. When they brought a treadmill. They don't tell you that it comes in a box. And I thought well it's just it just is a piece like a refrigerator a pain they bring your refrigerator you don't expect that put anything together it's right. Us. Box. Big box it's like I take it out and I'm like what is this. What is this the score and not. At all start right. Chris what's in it says honey you know percent to five dollars that would put that together and I didn't see check this box percent to five dollars and would get eight to one instance of five dollars and put together on a treadmill. Did the treadmill it took two hours my daughter help me for two hours. There are parts and pieces that I don't even know what to do it washers I did museum. Screw screw in the white washer. This group just goes in the hole. And thriller to so do you like what we do of these analyst. Kosmas. We did you know the direction so then Chris says to me are you sure if I go on that treadmill. It stable they don't know what brought that. If I don't. I will tell you this it did it does work will be plugged and I told her I'm going to break down in tears and and curl up in a fetal position in a ball on the floor. If we turn this blank blank thing on and it does not ask or not he could be running on that one day. And handle. All of a sudden it's gonna come off his hand FYI I added that he's gonna be unconscious in your basement you want these left. Hand rail if you will and I would if I were Chris I would lean more heavily on the right hand and I left and here's why. This crew would not go in. It. Older without the watchers are not gonna stay. This. Constant. There's space shuttle. Crystal on all the times are in the world and imperfect place. Did you not see breakfast club. I'm telling you why we're being ball they're not coming on I think they would put. Washers. In the box or if you're not supposed to use that they're the most useless piece of equipment I can you tell me that a year when you come in with a. For my treadmill I have some extra bars looked over at the end of the alignment is. In an airplane and from the text line don't go too fast on that treadmill looked at regardless. So I did it and when the guys brought the boxes down. I have cancer care against Crist has exposed to them. Andy's has I did so able to is when you know how well so he gave measly dollars as there are two problems they have split. But data the screws will fall out under the vibration and impact of people running on it they do shake loose. They're in their hard I mean I mean. Said don't use. Like a drill to put these in they want you can score. Which I am not doing I got his and I drills hurt and data plan. Honey. Take care whether you as a drill or my hand to screw ups are. I don't even know the that says to me honey should we call them back and maybe they can come out and make sure. That you put this together correctly. You didn't put it together correctly you didn't use the launch does indelible. I just went down those egos it. The treadmills and reflect Golan presumably you. Went yeah. At and I and I got a cheap little rush hour and I'm in a rolling now so I I'm rush hour all had to be put together on that thing was the seek. That was it to screw the C on and I had two aspirins and that's it I'm get ago. They tell you when they sell this you know right before I got divorced she's on to the bought. Sean about a tread. Do you know. What it's used for today it's still up in the room. Oh my kids leaves the GE is gonna test your kids are not going to use a treadmill that use the when it does all the you don't wanna use a treadmill tank. Audio channel and the don't know without the washers. If make more home. Like right there are quite like following is Scott and what kind of ground did you just have installed in the basement. Three it's huge but it is harder and her home. Or they'll be fine could be good news washers. I didn't I chose not to him because they're stupid. My auditors to you need visas a year you don't the people that don't use watchers they're stupid why they just why this ruse come the watchers on the why they separate. You don't want to screw combo that you only have one piece to deal with institute. From the text like Dana have you increased person's life insurance. And it tends to spot. Regular bill is going to be exercising Matt is the cleaning lady when she dials it. Up. So I think here's the problem we are going to exercise as a couple together starting tomorrow morning. How long do you think that last year I'm telling you doing it I talked this morning that I need to be on board the past four days four days you see you're giving it till the end of the week. Friday is the last day of the regular work. It's Saturday it's not gonna happen is they're gonna sleep and if you know what I now on this and my seat people Monday announcing that people buy treadmills. Because they think that they're gonna start working on I am doing. Yes. There is nothing more boring in the life. Then running in your own home. When you could run outside of the TV set and tried staring at a wal. It's it's facing a wall I saw the pictures we would have to hook cable and there I mean and then you're talking like. Silly. I'm not hooking I I'm not even given four days two days top so. It's over Travis. What do you say Travis. Until the tread breaks. Might so bring in who's out at 340. I got on my daughter got on it it works fine now Chris. These billions of hurt. My odds of Tim talent around you is why this stuff. Tried actually did use it liar. Liar right guy I'm telling you my ex husband and the kids use that treadmill all the time you have to put it. In a conspicuous. Place. Like facing a wall the basement of a hard floor. Where nobody will ever find it I will roll out of then. Go down those years how much very quickly as we get a good to try to relax. Hotter by any officials on the other side.